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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  July 15, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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good morning. we have reports from haiti, london, los angeles, kabul and the white house as only "early start" can. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm polosandoval. thank you for having me again. >> and how close did the u.s. having its democracy overthrown earlier this year? that's right, closer than we ever knew according for a new book. excerpts show a parade of terrifying momgtsmoments, many d on general mark milley. >> we saw parallels between trump's rhetoric and adolf hitler's rise to power.
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milley was shaken of the gospel of the fuhrer and was worried that he would try to stage a coup. and here is jamie gangel with more. >> reporter: we're getting a new glimpse into how unhinged the final days of the trump administration were. the top u.s. military officer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley was so shaken by trump's attitude, the big lie, after the election that he might possibly attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal action that milley and other top officials planned informally what they would do to stop such
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a coup attempt. this is according to excerpts in the book, general millie ey spe to top officers and lawmakers about just how worried he is about the possible threat of a coup and he is quoted as saying they may try but they are not going to fing succeed. you can't do this without the military, you can't do this without the cia and the fbi. we are the guys with the guns. he was really afraid after january 6 that there might be another attack. and this section of the book is as he is preparing for joe biden's inauguration. and the city's on lockdown but the day before he is really concerned about another attack by violent trump supporters. and they write, quote, milley says here is the deal, guys, these guys are nazis, woulbooga
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boys, proud boys, these are the same people we fought in world war ii. everyone in this room whether you are a cop or soldier, we'll stop these guys to make sure that we have a peaceful transfer of power. we're going to put a ring of steel around this city and the nazis aren't getting in. we covered that day, we know that washington was on lockdown. but again, hearing this from general milley the top military officer is stunning. christine and polo. >> just stunning indeed. thank you for that. turning now to the coronavirus where it is a race between the vaccine and variants. case counts are rising driven by the delta variant. patients are younger and almost all unvaccinated which is why a teenage pop star with a monster social media following was an i deal messenger.
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>> hey, today i'm at the white house meeting with president biden and dr. fauci because it is so important that we all be vaccinated. >> only a quarter of kids are vaccinated. in mississippi only a third of the population has been vaccinated. state health officers there saying that seven children are in a mississippi icu with covid including two children that are currently on a ventilator. >> it appears that the delta variant while being more infectious is also causing more children to be ysymptomatic whether that is that it is just more severe or more prevalent so we're seeing more symptomatic
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cases, we're not sure, but it is probably related to all of those things. >> all those covid patients in los angeles county hospitals are unvaccinated. here is one woman who lost her unvaccinated husband. >> i think rob thought that he was invincible. i think that lot of men think that if nothing else has taken them down, that nothing can. and because of my role at the hospital, i know he that he would have -- he never said i'm never going to get vaccinated. it just wasn't of the right time. and i didn't ever push him. >> new research shows that the delta variant makes more copies of itself inside our bodies more quickly. scientists found delta viral loads more than 1200 times
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higher than earlier strains. and now some are calling on the justice department to investigate governor bill lee, they want to know why the state's top vaccine official, a respected pediatrician, was fired this week after sending a memo noting that teens can get vaccinated without parental permission. that is the law in tennessee. >> in the name of partisan politics, he is acting to suppress vital life-saving public health guidance. firing our state's top vaccine employee just for doing her job. >> tennessee department of health is currently halting a alledall ed adolescent vaccine outreach. and one expert says that could result in preventable outbreaks. >> best wave to save millions of tennessee ans is encourage vaxations, make it easy and not buy into any rhetoric that
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vaccinations are problematic or there is anything bad about them. i think the politicization of vaccinations can truly have a really negative impact on tennesseeans and people around the u.s. >> currently the tennessee department of safety and homeland security telling cnn that they are investigating a dog muzzle that was sent to that now fired official who encouraged vaccinations for teenagers. it is worth noting that new data shows that 17 million children around the world missed routine vaccinations because of the pandemic. >> an amazing story there. we all should be encouraging vaccinations. the first payments of the expanded child tax credit have hit families' bank accounts, guaranteed income for the year for low income families pep eligible families could get as much as $3600 for a child 6 and under and $3,000 for older children. parents will receive monthly direct deposits unless of a lump
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sum at tax time. more than 35 million families have already been sent their payments. this is critical forredis isddr income inequality. most families don't have to do anything to get the payments because the irs already has their tax information on file. families who haven't filed their returns need to register to get the money. the expanded credit is temporary. president biden's american families plan will continue those payments through 2025. biden and democrats are pushing to make the credit permanent. now the latest on the pandemic's silent killer, drug overdose deaths. more than 93,000 people suffered fatal overdoses last year hitting an all-time high. that is 30% spike according to the cdc which reflects a deadly proliferation of fentanyl and opoid crisis. more than 900,000 people have died from overdoses in the u.s. since 1999. >> the pandemic was really
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troubling for so many people. a scathing watch dog report says the fbi botched the investigation against larry nassar and failed to promptly interview victims which delayed the investigation. and also made false statements and failed to properly document complaints. rachel was the first victim to publicly accuse nassar. >> i don't know what accountability there will be for these bad actors. law enforcement can't be held responsible to the dozens of little girls who were molested after they knew what was going on, so accountability is not accompanying the answers and that is a problem that we deal with continually with law enforcement. there is no accountability for bad actors. >> the attorney for more than 150 of nassar's victims is urging the attorney general to criminally charge the agents
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voluntary invitations for questioning by the prosecutor's office leading the investigation into this assassination. one of those through men is the leader of a unit tasked with protecting the presidential residence. and we were able to speak with a close friend of his who says that he is innocent and any suspicions are politically motivated. >> the president getting killed on dimitri's watch, why shouldn't he be a suspect? >> i'm not saying that he should be a suspect, but the main thing is that he should be questioned and potential suspect yes, but the chain of command does not stop at dimitri. the chain of command goes much higher than him. he has bosses and those bosses have bosses. i don't see any of them being fired or being questioned or for that matter being detained. he is the only person until right now that is being
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detained. >> reporter: so it is unclear as to where the prosecutor's office goes from here. but what is clear is that this investigation into the assassination of haiti's president is far from over. >> yeah, the investigation still has a long way to go. and i know you'll be there every step of the way. the cuban government are temporarily lifting restrictions on travelers bringing food, medicine and hygiene products into the country. customs duties also being waived for now. this is after days of violent island-wide protests were triggered in part by chronic supply shortages throughout the island. the cuban president concedes that the government does need to do more to improve conditions. and angela merkel taking a bow in washington. why she and president biden have a lot to discuss in her final official trip to the white house.
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get started with internet and voice for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. angela merkel on the american leg of her farewell tour will meet with president biden later today. what key issues are on the agenda for the two?aitlan colli house. >> reporter: yeah this, could be her last visit to washington. president biden will be the fourth president of course that she has sat down with in her over decade that she has been in power, but she is not running for office again meaning that this will likely be her last official visit. and so of course there will be those moments where you are
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seeing thm talk aem talking abo but they are saying that this is a working visit after she starts off her day with breakfast with the vice president. and she will come to the white house and there will be several issues at hand. one is that russian gas pipeline nord stream 2, that is the company that president biden waived sanctions citing national security reasons but there are been many concerns about it especially in ukraine. and the white house says that it will be something that president biden brings up with per merkeln they meet. they don't expect any resolution, but they think that the fact that he waived those answers will give them, quote, diplomatic space to talk about that. and of course they have differences on china. that emerged at the gc7 summit where he talked about putting america back on the world stage. but there are serious differences in the ways that united states sees china and the way several countries in europe see china.
2:23 am
so those will be topics that come up. the afghanistan withdrawal could certainly be another one. we'll get to ask questions of them when they hold a joint press conference later on in the day after she makes this visit which could be her last official wit one to the white house. >> and a lot of topics of conversation there. and next week as well as president biden will be joining our own don lemon for an exclusive cnn presidential town hall. catch it live wednesday 8:00 p.m. only here on cnn. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand.
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the west is baking with a dangerous wildfire situation. red flag warnings are in effect through tonight and a native american tribe in washington state in the area for at least 14,000 years since the fires threatened their livelihoods and there are evacuations. the red apple fire is forcing vaks vaxation of 1500 homes. >> every part of our state is under attack. every person in some way is under attack from the combined effects of climate change that is today ravaging our state. we have to recognize this. >> in california butte county is facing a new wildfire after being devastated by the camp fire in 2018, that was the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history. officials say the dixie fire has now grown to more than 2,000
2:29 am
acres, 0 containment. en would of the largest medical centers in the country says that it will not administer controversial new alzheimer's drug. the cleveland clinic says that individual physicians can prescribe the $56,000 a year dug from bio again biogen, but pati have to go elsewhere to receive it. mount sinai health system in new york city also decided not to administer the drug. and johnson & johnson advising customers to throw away any bottles of aveeno. there was a cancer causing ingredient found in the product. "early start" continues right now.
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good morning. this is thursday, and it is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm polo sandoval. >> and an explosive new book documents the first time in modern u.s. history the nation's top military officer prepared for a showdown with the president. why? because the chairman of the joint chiefs feared a coup attempt by then president trump after he lost the november election. "washington post" reporters write that milley and other top officials informally planned strategies for stopping trump. and they even thought about resigning. one by one rather than carrying out orders they considered illegal, dangerous or ill advised. the authors explain that general milley was concerned about personnel moves that put trump loyalists in positions of power at the pentagon after the 2020 election. according to the book general milley said of the possible coup
2:31 am
attempt they may try but they are not going to fing succeed. you can't do this without the military. you can't do this without the cia and the fbi. we are the guys with the guns. >> let's did hg deeper and brinn retired air force colonel scedrc lay ton. you read these revelations and you say they are unprecedented, especially the fact that top u.s. general feared a coup attempt by the president. you served in top levels at the pent gone. what is going through your mind when you hear this? >> good morning, christine. you know, in some ways i'm shocked because these kinds of very revelations are what you expect to see in another country, in latin america or eastern europe or asia. not here in the united states. and the very fact that we hear about these revelations, we saw
2:32 am
what happened on january 6, and then we see the role that general milley who is the top officer, top number one uniformed officer in the yind, that he had to step in in the way that he did is really, really unprecedented. >> general millie owiey drew a comparison between trump's election lies and hitler's receipt tore rec. and it is rare to hear someone speak like this, but he seems quite sure that members of the military would stay loyal to their oaths. is that what you take away from these excerpts? >> absolutely. and the very fact he made that gamble shows how much he trusted the men and women in the uniform. back in the '30s military had to swear an oath to hitler personally and that waved the way to all the abuses of power,
2:33 am
anti-democratic aspects of naziism really came to the forefront at that point. and what you see here in the united states with this is really an effort to not only make sure that the military was loyal and milley made that gamble and succeeded with that gamble, but you also see that general millie ey knew that he could actually leverage that and use that to his advantage and protect the democratic institutions of the country. >> and house speaker nancy pelosi spoke with milley on safe guards to prevent trump doctor fr using nuclear weapons in his final days in office. how noteworthy is that and what does it mean for the future and other possible threats to democracy? >> well, it means that not only was the speak arer paying attenn to this, she was very concerned. as far as nuclear command issues are concerned, it is very important in the military and civilian leadership to demand that those command and control procedures are ironclad and that
2:34 am
nothing can happen where somebody takes unilateral control of those weapons and puts us into a situation that we don't want to be in. and i think that that would be the key takeaway in this case. >> it really does paint a picture of an unstable president. thank you so much as always for your service and for your perspective. >> all these books, the president sitting down for some of these authors as they try to piece together the last year or last moments of this trump administration. to the big eye in business now, inflation is the down side of a hot economy. demand is coming back faster than producers can keep up. last year it cost over just $26 to fill up a tank of an average 12 gallon tank car. today that same trip is about 38 bucks. federal reserve chairman jerome powell reiterated wednesday that inflation will be temporary. >> inflation has increased notably and will likely remain elevated before moderating.
2:35 am
inflation is being temporarily boosted by base effects as the sharp pandemic-related price increases from last spring drop out of the 12 month calculation. in addition, strong demand in sectors where production bottlenecks or other supply constraints have limited production has led to especially rapid price increases for some goods and services. which should partially reverse as the effects of the bottlenecks unwind. >> he makes a good point that there is a mathematical quirk. remember the whole bottom fell out of prices last year and now they bounce back and so it looks more dramatic. but temporary inflation is still challenging especially for low income americans whose dollar needs to stretch farther. families earning less than $15,000 a year, every dollar is gobbled up by the cost of the basics and they have to go into debt just to make basics. restaurants say inflation could force them out of business without federal help. the price of grains is up nearly
2:36 am
9 94% in june. and rising gas prices means that it costs more for restaurants to transport food. and in the netherlands, they are rein-stating work from home advice just weeks after they lifted it. there are concerns about the europe big reopening this summer amid the covid pandemic. phil black is live from the uk with more. this is just one of several measures put back in place. >> reporter: yeah, you are see being dramatic steps by european countries. for example this week restrictions announced on the unvaccinated. including no cafes or restaurants unless that you can proof your status. the french president floated the idea of mandatory vaccinations. you mentioned the netherlands, they are reimpose being the restrictions that were lifted at the end of june because of a five-fold increase in cases in just one week.
2:37 am
the dutch prime minister apologized for an error in judgment. it does all point to a grim difficult summer for europe and why everyone on the continent will be watching what happens here in the uk very closely in the coming weeks because from monday here in england, pretty much all remaining legal restrictions on people's freedoms will be lifted. despite the fact that uk is dealing with an already large and still accelerating wave of delta variant cases. the government's hope is that it can deal with vast numbers of infections without seeing large numbers of serious illness because of the advanced nature of the vaccination program here. but it is an unprecedented experiment. no other country has tried to unlock society in this way. and they have critics who describe it as reckless and dangerous and even the government's own scientists say they don't know how this is going to turn out. >> yeah, delta variant making a tough situation even worse. thanks to phil black there. and to venice now where big
2:38 am
cruise ships are banned from sailing into venice beginning august 1. residents and cultural organizations have been fighting for this ban for years. it will cover the lagoon base near saint mark's square, the most eiconic landmark. and the ban applies to vessels weighing more than 25,000 tons and long he the weighing more than 25,000 tons and long he tr than 590 feet. and still ahead, we'll have the great defensive plays and all of a sudden the nba finals are tied at two.
2:39 am
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welcome back. the battle for afghanistan between government forces and the taliban seems to be
2:43 am
intensifying as the u.s. withdraws. one of the country's peace negotiators says she fears a, quote, very, very bitter civil war if a political solution cannot be reached. she spoke to cnn from qatar where peace talks are ongoing this morning. >> yes, taliban are the reality of the country. yes, it was a mistake that they were not part of the conference. and yes we will have to live together. but not like that, not push the country into a civil war when there is a chaos, bad doers will take and have their homes in different parts of afghanistan. and they will have a right in their own hand to do whatever they like. >> u.s. ambassador to afghanistan under president biden agrees and thinks that the slide into all-out war is happening faster than we
2:44 am
realize. >> i'm very worried about a civil war. in fact i think that it has already started. we are seeing the images of the taliban on the move as you've noted at various parts of the country. burning girls' schools as they go. so the war is on. the only thing that has changed here is that we have opted out. our decision no longer to be a major player in afghanistan doesn't end the war. it intensifies it. >> anna coren is on the ground for us in cab pull. >> reporter: christine, polo, the taliban continues its surge across the country seizing another major border crossing, this time in kandahar province. this is the fourth border crossing to fall in less than a month. the taliban is targeting key infrastructure in an attempt to choke the country and pressure
2:45 am
the government. and the taliban's attempts to discredit cnn reporting of the institution of more than two dozen afghan commandos who had surrendered has been rejected. the u.s. state department has weighed in describing the horrific actions as an atrocious act and cnn confirmed with five eyewitnesses that the master took place. and the biden administration has launched operation frsallies ree to relocate thousands of a begans who helped the u.s. military. not known where they will go, but the white house has corn firmed that the flights will begin by the end of the begin by the end of the month. and here in the states, britney spears says that the con s
2:46 am
se con serservatorship was fing cruelty. and saying that i feel gratitude and blessed. stephanie elam is live for us in los angeles. >> reporter: britney spears is one step closer to regaining control of her life. this as the judge in the case did allow for the resignation of the wealth management firm that is the co-conservator of her trust along with her father and her court appointed lawyer, both had petitioned to leave her case and that was granted. what is important about this is that is exactly what britney spears said she wanted the last time she was in court and she already had the lawyer right there on tap. former federal prosecutor matthew rosengard was in court to represent spears and he made it clear that they will be aggressive about getting her father removed from the conservatorship. >> pursuant to bright her
2:47 am
instruction, we'll move for his removal. the question remains why is he involved. he should step downle voluntar as that is in the best interests of britney spears. >> reporter: we did hear from britney spears in court, she called in by phone and she was very emotional, sobbing at some points while she spoke for about 20 minutes and she said that she has an back donement issues and she wants her father charged with conservator abuse and she doesn't trust him and most of what is happening her family has watched it happen. and she said if this isn't an burks i abuse, i don't know what is. i thought that they were trying to kill me. and she wants conservaator of hr person she wants her to stay on and help her transition back to normal life. and she also said that she is not willing to be evaluated again to get her father removed
2:48 am
from the conservatorship. she has been evalue natured enough times. she is not perfect but not crazy. >> and just a remarkable story, researchers in california say that they have successfully tested an experimental emplant that translates brain signals in to words on a computer screen. so thoughts into words here. they actually attached electrodes to the head of a man who lost his speech due to a stroke and recorded his brain activity as he was observing some words that were imaged in front of him. according to researchers here, the team says that they are accurately identified -- or the team was able to accurately identify about half of the words that the man was thinking to say. they do hope that this device may help other paralyzed people able to communicate. and let's get a check on cnn business. markets around the world, mixed
2:49 am
performance in asia. 1% gain in the shanghai c comp composite. china's economy degrew almost 8 compared to last year. take a look at wall street, futures you can see narrowly mixed. stocks were missed yesterday after the fed chief jerome powell said that inflation is high right now, prices will ease as supply bottlenecks get worked out. powell testifies again today. the dow closed up 44, nasdaq fell slightly. the latest jobless numbers at 8:30, claims expected to fall to the lowest level since march 2020. the pay gap between ceos and their employees grew last year despite the pandemic. average ceo of an s&p 500 company you were earned 299 times the average worker's salary in 2020. the highest paid ceo was chad richardson of paycom and also at the top of the list ceos for
2:50 am
gone electric, hilton, t mobile, nike, microsoft, netflix. many top executives said that they would take a pay cut or forego their salaries all together at the start of the pandemic, but giving up pay might not mean losses. pay is only a fraction of their total compensation. often it is tied up in bonuses, stock bonuses for how the company performs, how the company performs and stock performs is often how these ceos are compensated. the bucks rallied past the suns in a nail biter to even out the nba finals. >> and there is no place like home of course. milwaukee needs to figure out how to do it on the road now after dropping the first two games in phoenix, milwaukee right back in the mix to even up the series in a pretty rugged affair which led to a very intense fourth quarter. after scoring a combined 29 points in games two and three, chris middleton came to play in game four. middleton pouring in a playoff
2:51 am
career-high 40 including ten straight down the stretch as dominant as middleton was in the latter half of the 40s qfourth quarter, most dramatic play belonged to giannis antetokounmpo with one of the greatest plays in nba finals history, a huge block with just over a minute to play that would shift the momentum in the bucks' favor who went on to win by six. >> going down the stretch we kept believing in ourselves, kept rebounding the ball, kept blocking shots. so we wanted it bad. and the team showed it. we have to keep getting better, got to keep getting better, got to keep taking steps forward and keep playing good basketball. >> the series will now return to phoenix for game five saturday night. bucks need to win at least one of those games there. in the meantime richard sherman is due this court later today after allegedly trying to
2:52 am
break into his enl in-laws home. >> and it is as a result of occupants and mr. sherman not because he physically assaulted anyone, any family member or significant other during this event. >> sherman also faces charges of resisting arrest, driving under the influence and hit and run. police say his suv crashed shortly before he got to the home of his wife's parents. cnn has reached out to sherman's representations for comments. in preparation for the tokyo olympics, usa basketball women's national team faced the wnba all-stars last night. it is usually put on hold while player represent their countries during olympic year, but this time around, the league made an exception and the all-stars showed out. wnba won 93-85.
2:53 am
sue bird going to her fifth olympics said that the squad learned that they are not a team quite yet. team usa has a little bit of time, they are seeking a seventh straight gold medal when they begin against nigeria on july 27. and while kansas parker didn't make the olympic team, she is still making history. she is the first woman to appear on the 2 k video game franchise. and she said that she is extremely honored to work with a company that is investing in women. and it speaks to how important visibility is. she called it a benchmark for women's back and it certainly is. >> nice to see you, thank you. and finally this morning, a good samaritan says he didn'tic crashed into a home in salem with kids inside. driver who had been drinking hit a mail box that catapulted into a home and severely injured a
2:54 am
5-year-old girl. >> the father came out of the hoist screaming that he just killed my also girl and i saw the blood squirting out of her neck. so i knew she was still with us. >> they were the ones that saved her life because i was in complete panic. >> i don't have the most inviting appearance sometimes, but, you know, heros don't always wear capes i guess. >> an awesome beard. >> and amazing ability to step up. that unlikely hero likely saved had young fwgirl's life and the 5-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. >> you can imagine being in your house with your kids answer the car just crashes through? and thank you for joining us on "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm polo sandoval. "new day" continues. including p, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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