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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 15, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome to our viewers joining us here in the yunited states and all around the world. just ahead on "cnn newsroom," a stunning revelation about donald trump's final days in office. a top general fearing the president would try to stage a coup and the steps he took to keep that from happening. big win for britney spears in court, a judge grants her the right to choose her own lawyer. and as u.s. troops leave afghanistan, the president who put them there speaks out.
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hear what george w. bush has to say about america's withdrawal. we are now getting a better sense of just how unhinged the final days of the trump administration were and how much worse they might have gotten. among the examples coming to light, the nation's top military officer rallying subordinates to protect the peaceful transfer of power and perhaps even head off a coup. just one chilling scene contained in an upcoming book, i alone can fix it. and cnn has obtained a series of experts. in one general mark milley
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reassures his deputies about preventing a coup attempt following trump's election loss. he is quoted as saying they may try but they are not going to fing succeed. you can't do this without the military. you can't do this without the cia and the fbi. we are the guys with the guns. cnn's jamie gangel spoke about the revelations with anderson cooper. >> milley was so shaken by trump's behavior that what he did was he got together with the other chiefs, the navy, the air force, the marines and they planned -- they believed there really could be a coup attempt by trump. and they write milley view trump as, quote, the classic authoritarian leader with nothing to lose. and then milley is quoted as saying this is a rife stag
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moment, the gospel of the furor. we've known people were concerned that trump wouldn't leave office. we reported that. to hear general milley say this, it is clear when you read the book, he cooperated. there are extensive quotes. >> and he comes off looking pretty good from what i understand. >> he does. and let's remember, he had his la fayette square very bad moment. >> which he apologized for. i believe he was in combat fatigues walking with the president from the white house to la fayette square. >> very bizarre moment. but to hear general milley say this is stunning. >> and there has already been strong reaction to the revelations in the book due out next week. cnn's county terrorism analysted aed a this take. >> people like me and the cia
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and fbi particularly the military, you are trained from day one, we are not elected, they are. we support them. that is what we do in this country. so for someone like general milley with that level of experience to say i have questions about whether there will be a peaceful transition and clearly questions about the president's mindset that can't simply be paranoia. what we're missing here is the fact all backdrop about conversations he heard, interactions with the president that led him to believe this was so. let me close with the up side. the fact that you have a military that says it is not our job to intervene here, we'll resign before the military take as frontal role in managing government, to me that is heartening. they weren't going to stick around if they saw something unconstitutional, that is the right move. >> general milley remains joint chiefs chairman in the biden administration. the white house is busy coming up with a plan to combat
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misinformation about covid-19 vaccines. last week at least 15 states saw more than a 50% increase in hospitalizations largely driven by the delta variant. a senior u.s. official says that it is the direct result of vaccine falsehoods. one of those states is mississippi where the governor says unvaccinated people account for more than 90% of new covid infections. >> if you are unvaccinated, best way for you to protect yourself against the delta variant or at least any other variant that has come before -- that has made it to the united states, best way to protect yourself is to become vaccinated. >> another one of those hot spots is florida, cases are on the rise and doctors warn deaths could soon follow as the delta variant spreads. cnn's leyla santiago has more on the startling new trend miami hospitals are starting to see.
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>> reporter: we're at jackson health system and they saw double the amount of covid-19 patients over the weekend than they did earlier in the month. and they are pointare bepointin surge in the 30s and 40s age bracket. and i spoke to one infectious disease expert and she was telling me that part of the problem here is that you have a lot of unvaccinated people following cdc guidelines for vaccinated people. she was quick to say that she feels the u.s. and florida have jumped the gun because she believes that they wanted the pandemic to be over but of course that is not the case. >> if we don't heed the fact that people need to be more cautious than what they are being, we'll see more deaths. we'll see more cases. and we'll see a lot more long covid which is what is really, really troubling for the younger
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population. >> reporter: so for experts that we're talking to, the big concern here, the younger population and the unvaccinated. here in the state of florida, roughly 47% of residents are fully vaccinated. so i did check in with the governor's office to see if there are any plans to change strategy or implement any new measures, the governor's office tells me they are encouraging vaccination, they believe that it is safe and effective, but that at this point, no future closures are being considered. in fact the governor has ruled out any potential lockdown. in miami, leyla santiago, cnn. meanwhile florida's governor is take being a dig at the top infectious disease expert. the team around ron desantis has rolled out a new line of merchandise with the slogan don't fauci my florida. you will of course dr. fauci had urged states to take a very cautious approach early in the pandemic, measures the florida
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governor was reluctant to impose. tennessee's health department confirms it has stopped all adolescent vaccine outreach telling cnn the issue has become polarized. a spokeswoman for the department says the pause is to evaluate their messaging and make sure that it is not hurting vaccine efforts. dr. fiscis was tennessee's top vaccination official but she says she was fired in a dispute over parental permission for vaccinating children. and she also told cnn that even before she was fired, people found her opinion unpopular. >> the week before i was mat terminated, i received a package that contained a dog muzzle and at first i thought that was a joke and contacted a few friends and then when no one claimed it, realized that that was something that was sent to me as some kind of a message i suppose. they obviously didn't know me because they sent me a size 3
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which is for beagles and i'm obviously a pitbull which requires a size 6. >> the department says they don't think a pause in communication will have an impact on child vaccination numbers. we're now hearing for the first time the terrifying calls to 911 immediately after champlain tower south collapsed in surfside, florida. some of those calls from disbelieving witnesses, others trying to escape the doomed building. >> what is going on? tell me exactly what happened. >> i don't know, there is a lot of smoke going on. i can't see right now. got to get out of here. >> sir -- >> where are we going? >> keep going. >> hello? >> oh, my gosh. >> hello? >> yes, i'm here. >> what are you seeing? >> i can't see nothing but smoke. >> seemed like everything exploded down at 8770 collins
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avenue. >> oh, my gosh. >> ma'am, the operator is asking if anyone is injured. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> just horrifying to hear those calls. and three weeks after the disaster, emergency workers continue removing tons of broken concrete and debris from the site. officials say 97 bodies have been recovered so far. eight people are still unaccounted for. this year's wildfire season in the western u.s. is already so intense the national fire preparedness level has been raised to its highest point. it is the first time in a decade that level 5 has been declared so early in the year. officials say firefighters are battling almost 70 major fires fueled by drought conditions, high temperatures and gusting winds. so let's bring in cnn
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meteorologist derek van dam. and it is just horrifying, isn't it, when you look at some of these temperatures and then of course the resulting fires. and there is so much fuel out there. >> basically what this alert means for our viewers at home is that there are a number of large fires taking place in many different geographical locations, very complex fires and it has the potential to completely exhaust our wildfire fighting operations across the western u.s. as you mentioned, it is the highest level this early in the season in over a deck add. so quite an incredible thing. nearly 70 large active wildfires burning out of control over the western u.s., this is amongst the back drop of an extreme drought exceptional drought for many locations. 94% of the western u.s. under some sort of drought conditions. and even though we aren't burned the same amount of acreage to
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date as last year, but we are still on par for a record number of fires to occur this year. of course time will tell. about you here is another day where we have another round of potential fire hazards for much of the western u.s. from oregon to washington, nevada, idaho. even into portions of montana as well. the other thing about this is that it is spreading poor quality of air across much of the northern half of the united states. check out the smoke forecast. we'll have very hazy conditions stretching from the west coast to the east coast right through the weekend. so be prepared for that. some good news, we'll take what we can get, we have the potential of monsoonal rain that will bring much needed precipitation to the four corners region, flash flood watches in place, such a dry ground within this area, you get a significant amount of rainfall that can lead to mudslides and landslides. so a series of threats going on over the western u.s. on top of the drought that is ongoing. >> thank you for keeping a close
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eye on it. a potential game changer in britney spears' fight for stream. a judge has agreed that she can hired her own lawyer. she appeared in court by phone and was heard at times sobbing as she described her conservatorship as fing cruelty. adding if this isn't abuse, i don't know what is. i thought they were trying to kill me. and went as far as saying i would like to charge my father with conservator shship abuse, want to press charges against my father today, i want an investigation into my dad. adam streisand is brittany spheres' former attorney and he spoke with chris company hoe abou
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cuomo about what comes next for spears. >> i would expect a petition immediately to be filed that this conservatorship should be terminated. and keep in mind conservatorship can only exist and should be terminated unless it is the last possible resort, the only means to be able to help somebody. and there is no way given everything that we know now that there aren't other ways of helping her if she needs help to function in any way, whether financially or with her medical -- >> a psychiatrist battle, what happens next? >> so first of all, you know, that is typically the way it goes that we have a battle of the experts to say whether or not she has the ability to be able to function. but it involves all kinds of other evidence and doesn't even necessarily need to be a psychiatric evidence. hey, show that she is able to function and that she is able to make decisions. and if there are other ways to help her, that she has got the mines and resources to get that
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help. the man known as joe exotic just had his prison sentence vacated. but it doesn't mean that the tiger king will be roaming free anytime soon. an appeals court on wednesday upheld his convictions in a murder for hire plot against animal rights activist carole baskin. but they found that the district court miscalculated his sentence and should have lumped his two convictions together, meaning that his prison term could potentially be reduced. he will now, resentenced at a later date. africa is dealing with its third coronavirus wave. and it is the worst one yet. we'll hear from the w.h.o.'s africa director on the situation there. and then what is behind the soaring cases in the uk? and will they affect plans to reopen england? we'll have a live report after this short break.
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five day lockdown again. melbourne will join sydney in the latest restriction as part of an effort to stop a fast spreading outbreak of the delta variant. it is the fifth time of state of victoria has been put on pandemic restriction. the move means some 12 million australians are under stay-at-home orders. the of a cafrican continent dealing with a third wave of coronavirus cases. cases have gone up for acseven weeks in a rule. last week was the continent's worst since the pandemic began and things look even worse thousand. as you can see, varccinations ae only about 1.5% of the population. the w.h.o.'s africa chief spoke to cnn earlier. >> i think we're in a
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frightening phase of a rapid increase and it is rather difficult to predict when the peak on the continent will happen, but we're continuing to see an increase because we have -- if i think about reason why we have these variants, it is present in over 20 countries. so we're seeing that. and we're seeing a certain level of fatigue by the population in terms of wearing masks and keeping distance and practice position the hygiene required. and thirdly vaccination rates are so low in africa still. europe is also seeing a
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major spike in cases. the red and dark orange countries are dealing with the biggest increases. authorities in belgium say infections there have tripled in the past three weeks. almost two-thirds of those cases are from the highly contagious delta variant. and the netherlands is dealing with a 500% spike in cases in a single week. the prime minister has apologized for easing restrictions plea mrematurely. england is still on track to reopen despite a surge in cases. phil black is standing by live in essex. so not everyone is on board with this plan to reopen monday amid surging cases. what is the latest? >> reporter: it is still
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happening but it won't be the big bang freedom day. the message has become more sober over the last week. yes restrictions will list, but they are asking for people not to change behavior quickly or dramatically to maintain the same caution and many of the same methods of behavior that they had been doing even through the darkest days of pandemic. take a listen to the health secretary explaining how the government wants people to behave going forward. >> it is so important that everyone act with responsibility. for example everyone should return to work gradually, they should try to meet people outside where that is possible and it is expected and recommended that people should wear face coverings unless they are exempt from crowded indoor settings like public transport.
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>> so there are concerns about how this will go and no one knows for certain how this will turn out because no country has tried this before. it is unprecedented. no country has tried to lift restrictions while in the middle of a serious wave of cases as the uk is right now. but the government hopes that this is possible that it will work because of the advance nature of the vaccination program here. more than 66% of the adult population has now had two doses. but cases are soaring, more than 42,000 cases reported yesterday. the government expects that number to go beyond 100,000 in the coming weeks. and so now it does come down to how people behave say the scientific advisers. if they don't change their behavior dramatically, then hopefully you will not see surges in hospitals that will be
1:25 am
equal to what has been seen here during the previous serious waves. >> all right. phil black joining us there. many thanks. former u.s. president george w. bush is warning the u.s. pullout from afghanistan is a mistake. just ahead, what he predicts life will be look for women and girls under taliban rule. plus south africa is planning a troop surge as it tries to get days of violence and chaos under control. we'll have a live report. wet dishes? residue? spots? it's not your dishwasher's fault. simply add finish jetdry 3in1 to rinse, dry and shine your dishes. solve 3 problems at once with finish jetdry 3in1.
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the u.s. is welcoming home the general, scott miller arrived at joint base andrews wednesday. and mark milley and lloyd austin were on hand to greet him. in a statement austin said scott miller was the right leader at the right time, not only did he plan and lead the complex withdrawal of millions of tons of equipment, thousands of personnel, his team did so with the understanding that speed was of the essence. back in afghanistan, taliban fighters are now in control of the key border crossing with pakistan. witnesses and pakistani officials confirm the militant group captured the site without resistance. a government negotiator says she is concerned afghanistan could spiral into civil war. >> what we are worried about is
1:30 am
this negotiation which started here in doha. it hasn't come to a state that would help the country not go into chaos. taliban are the reality of the country. yes, it was a mistake that they were not part of the conference and yes, we will have to live together. but not like that. not push the country into a civil war. i think if we don't have to a political understanding at the negotiation table, it is very tick difficult to avoid a very bitter civil war. >> the u.s. president who launched the war in afghanistan predicts the u.s. troop pullout will have dire consequences for afghan women and girls. george w. bush sent american forces into afghanistan after the september 11th terror attacks. a reporter for the german news
1:31 am
outlet asked if the u.s. withdrawal is a mistake. >> i think it is, yeah. because i think the consequences will be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad. i spent -- laura and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and they are scared. and i think about all the interpreters and people that help, not only u.s. troops but nato troops. and it seems like they will be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people. and it breaks my heart. >> but the biden administration says that it has a plan to get those interpreters out of afghanistan. it is called operational lies refuge. the details are being kept under wraps. oren liebermann has our report. >> reporter: for general scott miller the war is over. but for thousands of others, the fight to follow him is just
1:32 am
beginning. on wednesday, the white house finally announced its plan to evacuate afghan interpreters and their families who helped the u.s. during 20 years of war calling it operation allies refuge. >> our objective is to get individuals eligible relocated out of the country in advance of the withdrawal of troops at the end of august. >> reporter: the flights are set to begin next week but the white house won't say exactly when or where the flights will go for security reasons. president biden promised a place in the u.s. for the afghans who wanted to come. >> we'll stand with you just as you stood with us. >> reporter: but the u.s. has processed only 2035 special immigrant visa applications since the start of the year, less than biden's claim of 2500 and there are still more 15,000 whose applications are still being processed. something that typically takes two years. complicating matters, some of the applicants are in remote areas of the country, not kabul. >> all the major highways and
1:33 am
checkpoints have been taken over by the taliban. many of the airports have already shut down. >> reporter: association of wartime allies spoke with one man trying to get his visa as the taliban closes in on his home. >> i'm very worried about myself. they will kill me. >> reporter: the biden administration has faced criticism from both democrats and republicans for its lack of plan to evacuate those who helped the u.s. >> as the taliban moves toward threatening kabul, the biden administration seems to have no plan to efficiently process special visas for the afghans who helped us. >> reporter: the entire process is under pressure. the withdrawal will be finished at the end of august and already more than 95% complete and that leaves little time and protection for the thousands of apbegans s afghans and their families who also want out. and there is growing concern
1:34 am
about how the taliban will treat women in afghanistan as they recapture large parts of the country. and i spoke earlier with human rights lawyer and asked if the return of taliban repression is inevitable. >> we have a hard gain achievement and today we have ambassadors and also women in security forces. so it is extremely concerning that we actually will lose all this achievement for the sake of taliban's regaining the country. and we have unconfirmed and confirmed reports from the taliban control territories atht taliban has reimposed their aggressive laws against women and they have banned women from going to work and from education as well as leaving the house for just basic commodities and basic needs. so it is extremely concerning that we will lose all these achievements if the taliban will manage to actually capture the
1:35 am
biggest cities. >> and the u.n. says hundreds of thousands of a b of a bfghans h forced from their home. and the mystery surrounding the horrifying assassination of haiti's president is growing. head of security is now in police custody. an associate tells cnn police told him the order to hold him came from above. a concession from cuba in the wake of unprecedented protests, restrictions on travelers bringing in food, medicine and hygiene products will be lifted and custom duties waived for the rest of the year. on sunday cubans packed the streets in protests frustrated by the economic crisis and a lack of food and medicine. cuba's president has cracked down on protestors, but has also said the government needs to improve conditions in poor
1:36 am
neighborhoods. after days of looting and arson, south africa's national defense force is calling all reserve members to report for duty thursday to help quell the violence. although the protests were triggered by the jailing of ex-president jacob zuma last week, they have evolved into an outpouring of anger over the economic inequality in the country after the end of apartheid. shopping malls are being ransacked but residents are now arming themselves to protect their property as the violence continues. david mckenzie has more now. >> reporter: in the end after the mayhem, there is nothing left for the looters to take. it is almost in-comprehend sensible what happened here. its like a bomb went off. everything is destroyed and taken.happened here.
1:37 am
its like a bomb went off. everything is destroyed and taken. the president vowed to arrest and prosecute those responsible. he called for calm. but few listened. in did youdurban, a city center gutted. in this food line, they are only allowed to buy 15 items each because there just isn't enough. >> they have failed the people and all these government workers including the army and police have really failed us. it is so sad to see the communities having to protect themselves. >> we see no to looting of our own establishments. >> reporter: describe what it has been like to try to defend this mall. >> it has been these guys have been shooting at us. >> reporter: they battled armed attackers through the night to save the mall.
1:38 am
>> the men will unite and come together and make sure that the business, the communities, women and children are protected. >> reporter: protected but now forced to buy bread from a truck. >> otherwise we will end up not having food for the next coming days and weeks. >> reporter: they were forced to pick through the debris to salvage anything from her pharmacy. but there was nothing left to save. david mckenzie, cnn, south africa. china's economy is growing but not as much as expected. we will look at the troubling signs ofoff recent months. plus the european union gets serious about climate change. but turning that bold vision into concrete action won't be easy.
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the numbers are out. china's economy grew almost 8% in the second quarter compared to a year earlier. that is a lot less than what china reported in the first quarter, a sign that its economic recovery from the coronavirus is losing steam. kristie lu stout is in hong kong and is joining us live. great to see you. so what are the experts saying about why china's growth is slower than expected? >> amid the pandemic china is maintaining economic growth but the rate of that growth, the rate of its recovery, is slowing down. earlier today china announced that its economy had grown 7.9% in the april to june quarter compared to the same period one year ago and yes, that is much less than the 18.3% year on year increase it posted for the first quarter. that was when china bounced back from the initial shock of the
1:43 am
coronavirus pandemic. economists point out that second quarter growth is being fueled by primarily two things, strong exports as well as a strong revival in the services sector inside china, but they also point out this -- that the chinese economic growth story is slowing down. take a listen. >> i think really the story here is that actually because the chinese economy recovered very rapidly from the covid-19 downturn, it is basically fully recovered. in fact it is above it pre-virus trend. but there is just a lot less room for it to continue to grow rapidly so it is hitting against those constraints and that is why we're starting to see the growth rates weaken quite considerably. >> china's economic growth is facing a number of speed bumps including surging commodity prices, supply chain disruption, tension with the united states. the trade war, the tech war, sanctions on chinese companies, as well as covid-19. there have been a number of
1:44 am
covid-19 infections, flare-ups, most recently at the border with myanmar and also at a port city. as a result economists point out that really weighs on household confidence in china, that weighs on domestic consumption, and it also is a global supply chain disrupter. that being said, anyist economi point out that they will be on track to meet or exceed that 6% growth target for the year. >> appreciate that live report. and the european union has unveiled an ambitious and detailed plan to cut emissions on the continent by half by the end of the decade. with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. but getting all 27 member states on board will be a huge challenge. anna stewart has more now from london. >> reporter: if europe is to become the first climate neutral continent in the world by 2050,
1:45 am
a massive overhaul on climate policy is needed and they are calling it the european green deal. it is a package of policies that will have huge implications for industries across the block. the cost of using nonrenewable fuel could sore for businesses due to higher taxes and also lower caps on carbon emissions. to ensure that those businesses aren't made less competitive than their non eu rifles, they a -- rivals, they are calling for a carbon border. cars and vans are to be emission free by 2035 which means banning combustion engines and putting hybrid cars on the endangered list. aviation and shipping are set to be taxed for the first time and i asked the association representing airlines and they say that taxation could destroy
1:46 am
jobs. so there is likely to be pushback, also politically. officials have told cnn that actually getting the eu commission to agree to the deal is a struggle and this will need approval from the u.n. council and par 34riment to become law. decarbonization will be more cost will i for some member states, they could oppose the plans at the eu leader level and in the eu parliament, some mps say that it goes too far and would make the eu uncompetitive and others say they don't go far enough. and there are other devivisive issues. so this is an ambitious plan, time sensitive if they are to become climate neutral by 2050, but the plan could take years to be negotiated. anna stewart, cnn, london. the olympic village is beginning to fill up. athletes from around the world are arriving in tokyo for the summer games hoping a spike in
1:47 am
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a scathing new report is blasting the fbi's handling of sexual abuse allegations against larry nassar who is serving decades in prison. the justice department's inspector general found fbi officials made false statements, failed to properly document complaints by nassar's accusers and didn't respond with seriousness and urgency. the bureau says those responsible no longer handle fbi matters. the attorney representing dozens of victims believes the fbi agents involved should be charged saying, quote, the fbi betrayed generations of olympic champions, it betrayed hundreds of children nathanassar savaged those responsible need to be help to account with all the
1:52 am
laws the force can provide. olympic hopefuls are making their way to tokyo for the summer game whichs. and one group not there is the team of refugees from different countries. the ioc announced that the team would not arrive this week after an official tested positive for covid-19 at a welcome event in g qatar. and will ripley is joining me live from tokyo. good to see you. so just over a week away, what is the latest on arrivals and preparations? >> reporter: well, so far according to the latest numbers, and this was yesterday, but around 8,000 foreigners including athletes, journalists, 8,000 people have arrived in i don't pan for the olympics so far and just three of them have had a positive covid test. i've taken seven or eight covid tests since i've been on the ground and i'm fully vaccinated
1:53 am
and yet we are still under quarantine if we want to leave you're hotel like we did earlier today for an interview, we had to get that travel plan approved on paper, our driver had to actually submit his own separate paperwork just so that we could take a private car because we can't take private transportation. but in reality the number of people testing positive is relatively low, but the numbers in tokyo continue to be at the highest levels they have seen in more than two months. and the numbers have been climbing consistently over the last three weeks. so the big risk here might be to the athletes coming in if they have contact with unvaccinate japanese. because statistics are that around 80% of the athletes are believed to be vaccinated. but where the judo team is staying, we've confirmed that eight hotel staff members before the athletes even arrived tested positive for covid. so they are testing not even the people arriving but also the staff members who will have
1:54 am
direct contact with the foreign visitors. nonetheless the ioc president is focusing on the history of this event. >> they will be his tore rick for the way how the japanese people overcame so many challenges in the last couple of years.the way how the japanese overcame so many challenges in the last couple of years. the earth wquake and now the coronavirus pandemic. >> reporter: so of course the ioc wants that to be the legacy of these games and not that the tokyo 2020 olympics turned into a superspreader event with a new dangerous delta variant spreading around the world. >> all right. will ripley joining us live from tokyo. many thanks. it was a pivotal game four in the nba finals. and now the series is truly up for grabs. here is patrick snell with our minute in sports. yeah, we'll start with the
1:55 am
nba finals as giannis and his bucks look to even the series. 26 points on the night and with just over a minute left, how about this, outstanding crucial block and bucks go on to win it, sear i raries level at two a pi. and in the aftermath of the country's euro 2020 final defeat, sancho saying that hate will never win and to all the young people hold your heads up and keep chasing the dream. and hero for italy in that final heading to paris with a five year deal agreed. and in cape town, it was a thrilling contest, the host 17 points to 13 winners.
1:56 am
lions series starting july 24th. and with that, it is right back to you. >> thank you, patrick. and thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. be sur to ce to connect with me twitter. "early start" is next. because of the research that i've started to do on ancestry, with documents, with photographs, i get to define myself through the scores of people who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
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good morning. we have reports from haiti, london, los angeles, kabul and the white house as only "early start" can. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm polosandoval. thank you for having me again. >> and how close did the u.s. having its democracy overthrown earlier this year? that's right, closer than we ever knew according for a new book. excerpts show a parade of terrifying momgtsmoments, many d on general mark milley. >> we saw parallels between trump's rhetoric and adolf hitler's rise to


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