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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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unrest in cuba, the governor said this. >> this has been a long time coming. they are protesting communist oppression. that's what they are rebelling against. i think it's a noble cause. >> that's the opposite of what he said in april when floridans dp flooded the street to support black lives matter and justice for george. >> you're driving home from work and you have people shutting down a highway and we worked hard to make sure that didn't happen in florida. >> okay so glad nor the clarification. if it were for black lives free from violence then they get arrested. i'm so glad he's giving us this clarification. sdpl >> the law makes it a felony to plok the roads and giving civil immunity to people who drive
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through the crowds. i think the governor told his truth. i think it's a noble cause. it's whether he agrees with the cause whether the law will be enforced or not. >> he's right. it's a political cause. >> it is. it is. >> i appreciate that he clarified it. next hour starts now. it's a brand new hour. >> unvaccinated americans are reversing the country's progress in the pandemic. they are driving up cases and hospitalizations. here is today's math. all but four states are seeing an increase in cases. doctors subscribe the patient who is they are seeing as younger and sicker than what we saw in the winter. here is an example. in mississippi, the state health officer says 7 children there are in intensive care. two of them are on ventilators. as for kids who are eligible to get the vaccine, only 25% of
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those who are age 12 to 15 have gotten the shot. >> the white house has enlisted pop star olivia rodrigo to reach that group and young adults. she visited the president. she recorded videos encouraging vaccination. health experts say if people continue to avoid vaccination, young children will keep suffering the consequences. >> if you can vaccinate all of the adults and all of the addlesadd l addless he sents, we know we can slow or halt covid-19. it's what's not going to happen in tennessee and mississippi, arkansas and now marching into deep south. transmission will continue to accelerate and what we'll see and the ones who will pay the price other than the unvaccinated are the little kids who depend on the adults and add he addless sents to slow or halt
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transmission. >> elizabeth, where are the companies, where is the government on emergency use authorization for those children under 12. >> pfizer and modernr are studying this in children. they're doing with children as young as six months old. these children are unprotected and we want to protect them because children do get sick from covid-19. they die of covid-19 and can have long haul symptoms that have neurological issues for months, if not for years. let's look at the when part of this question. when might we see vaccines for children under the age of 12. if you look at ails 5 to 12, pfizer which seems to be ahead of the game, they might be submitting to the food and drug administration for emergency use authorization in september. we have seen it is a matter of weeks then for the fda to consider those kinds of
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applications. in other words, this isn't happening for that age group probably until later in the fall. for ages 2 to 5, we're told they could have data on that group. for the little ones, ages 6 months to 2 years, they could have data. for 5 to 11, it is possible that maybe we'll have a vaccine some time this fall. it will be a bit later for the others. if you wonder why, like i've got a 10-year-old who is a big kid, weighs 110 pounds, why can't he or she. the reason is children are not small adults. their immune systems are not as great as adults. you give a child too much, you may give a side effect you had not anticipated. you give too little and the vaccine might not work to
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protect the child. victor. >> that's why it's important for parents to get vaccinated because you protect your children by not carrying it at home. thaupg very much. let's look at how politicized the vaccine has become. it's top vaccination official. >> we have learned today that tennessee department of health is not doing any adolescent vaccine outreach now for any diseases. the state senate minority leader is blasting that decision today. >> not just embarrassing, it is actually dangerous to aour livelihood as a state. it's hard to imagine what it is the department of health used
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admission is if that doesn't include communicating about basic life saving vaccinations and immunizaimmunizations. it makes you wonder where the grown ups are. >> martin is with us from nashville. tell us about this new investigation some are calling for. >> reporter: things have really escalated in the state when it comes to what is perceived as a political attack not only on the coronavirus vaccine but on all those who apparently are attempting to message and encourage people to accept that vaccine. front line doctors are now speaking out. these are physicians who have been battling covid from the very dark days and now face what is this new assault coming in the form of the delta variant. they are very outspoken and demanding an investigation by the department of justice into the actions that have been taken by tennessee governor.
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spe specifically, the firing of the state's vaccine manager and the reports they say of internal documents from the tennessee department of health shows they have been instructed to suppress important public health information. c cnn has seen the information as well. >> i have several folks in my icu with life threatening covid-19 infections. one of them was crying on my shoulder wishing they had the vaccine before this had come to pass for them. now they are facing the possibility of death from a preventible disease process. i'm pleading with the justice department, launch an investigation into the governor's recklessness conduct that is endangering the lives of tennesseeans. lives that me and my colleagues took an oath to protect. >> reporter: we requested an interview with the heads of the
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tennessee department of public health, they turned us down but they did put out this statement to say, to be clear, our vaccination efforts have not been halted or shuddered. we're taking this time focus on our messaging and ensure our outreach is focussed on parents who are making their decisions for themselves and the family. it's the messaging at the crux of the issue. the department of health reportedly now due to documents we have obtained has been told they cannot outreach to adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17, which had been standard practice in this state for 34 years until now republicans and anti-vaxers says that usurps the power of parents. it was upheld by the tennessee state supreme court which is why many see this is politically motivated. vaccination rates are low, 38%. right on its boarders are missouri and arkansas with the
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delta variant is spiking dangerously. it's just a matter of time and rates are already rising here. >> martin, giving us a picture of what's happening in tennessee. let's turn now barry brawn junior. he's a parent of six and several of them are teenagers. let's start with your story. i thank you for being with us. you had covid. you were skeptical of the vaccine but we know now you are vaccinated. what changed your mind? >> hopsnestly, i had a conversation with some information. i lended my ear to people who had the right information. with all the disinformation going on social media, i was very skeptical. i had a conversation with miranda from the health department here and listening to people like dr. stephanie walker out in nashville speak about the science and medicine behind it.
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it kiennd of became a no braine. i was making the church available, the building available for the health department to come in and do the vaccinations. it was during our recon when miranda came and checked out the lay out that we had a random conversation and it answered a lot of questions that i never asked her. it brought some comfort to me. >> what were those things that were the elements that convinced you? >> probably ones you already heard before. things like the science happened too fast. this is the mark of the beast. mow may still be surprised at some of the stuff i've heard. some of these things were legitimate concerns for me. for pre,me, the mark of the bea wasn't but it was the time frame the vaccines they were came up. it seemed like it happened too fast. >> what did the health department tell you? >> sure. basically just kind of told me how long, the research had been
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going on for the types of vaccines that were available at the time. she told me, i had the johnson & johnson vaccination. s she said it's like the vaccinations we had for years past. i did 12 years in the military, dpod god knows what all i had been vaccinated for. it's 2021, 2020, how long should it take at this point for us to come up with reasonable science, reasonable medicine that works and we have all these technology, elevated minds, smart people. how long should it take? >> those one-on-one conversations are crucial to convince people like you, potentially people in your conversation and your congregation but they are a little difficult to get to to get to that point. explain that. >> a lot of times, when folks
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minds are made up, they take away that vulnerability that will give you to actually answering some of the real legitimate concerns. a lot of people i talked with have a lot of legitimate concerns but they are not always based on right information. they are not always based on the good info. while the concerns are legitimate meaning they feel this way about them, the information they receive is wrong. getting to place in a person that will allow you to have this conversation in a way they are interested. they don't feel like you're trying to sell them propaganda. being a trusted individual. social media has become a trusted source of information because people are believing what they can find on facebook, twitter and instagram over real science. >> that's what the white house announced today. they will try to combat some of the misinformation, the
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disinformation. we know that the white house has started this plan, this initiative to send people door to door to give them information about the vaccines. do you think that someone coming from, sent by the federal government, coming to kingsport front doors knocking and saying i'd like to talk to you about the vaccine would convince that, by your estimate, 30% of your congregation still not vaccinated? >> i really do not know the answer to that question. it probably would depend on who you send to what door. that's a matter of that trusted individual. one of the reasons we had been successful in this area especially initially with the efforts that we made is because we relied on the personal -- i didn't really realize it. i can't really take the credit for even the success that my church has had and almost 70% of
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our people being vaccinated because a good number of them were vaccinated on their jobs. they work in medical field, education. things of that nature. some of them had health issues which kiennd of put them to the front side. we did our first drive in march. a lot more were vaccinated then. by the time i did the first interv interview talking about this, it's about right. we're right at about 70%. most of those who don't have, don't want it or can't get it right now. >> quickly, before we go. you're a father of six. we know the state has stopped its outreach for vaccinations on covid and other things to minors. do you think that's a good or body idea? >> i'm really curious about the wisdom that they have behind this. that's a really bold decision to
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do something like that. i'm curious. i almost want to hear the arguments. i haven't had chance to do that yet. i really want to hear the conversations about why that was the decision that was made. my prayer is there's some wisdom i just don't know. maybe it's above me. >> all right. i've enjoyed the conversation. thank you, pastor. >> thank you for having me. >> certainly. >> i enjoyed that conversation too. that was really interesting. >> when you consider that he was setting this up for his con agree gants to get vaccinated and still had questions of his own. it's good to have those one-on-one conversations. >> for sure. next, a journalist was the target of a kidnapping plat right here on u.s. soil. four people have now been charged. we'll detail how this all unfolded. the top senate democrat introduces legislation to legalize marijuana. does it have chance of passing? machine
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(phone chimes) this is onstar. we've detected a crash from your phone. is anyone injured? i don't think so. good. help is on the way. is there anyone i can call for you? my dad. okay, i'm calling him now. . four iranian nationals have been charged in connection to an alleged, brazen kidnapping plot. unsealed federal court documents reveal their plan was to abduct and iranian american journalist who has been critical of the regime in tehran. new day spoke to that journalist this morning.
12:21 pm
>> the islamic republic was allowed to follow an iranian-american citizen. i'm not scared of being dead or executed but what scares me is the whole world kept silent about such a regime and allowing them to have such an operation in the united states of america. >> it really is remarkable. what do you know about these suspects and the charges. >> there's a fifth person, a woman, who was arrested in california. she lived in california and it appears she was a funneling of the money for this scheme. this four men are still on the run. one of them, the first person you're seeing there is an iranian intelligence officer and these other men are part of his team, so to speak according no the indictment from the southern district here in new york. what the indictment said is they
12:22 pm
work together to come up with a way to kidnap that journalist. her name is not in the indictment but she says she was the target. it started back in 2018 where they approached her family and said, will you help us lure her back to iran. when that didn't work, 2020 came around and they started hiring a private investigator to take photos of her, her family, even strangers. people coming to her door and literally, fbi went to her door, she said this morning and said you've been followed for quite a while and we need to put you in several safe houses. it didn't stop there. they also looked into hiring, renting a military style speedboat to bring her all the way to venezuela and possibly iran after that where they say who knows what her fate would have been. this was an elaborate plan the the fbi foiled. thank goodness she's okay. it's believed she was the target
12:23 pm
because she has been outspoken opi. she has millions of follows where she tells women send me photos and videos, i'll post it out here. looks like it got her into a lot of trouble. this iranian government said this is not first time the united states has undertaken such hollywood scenarios. they say it's not really worth answering and the white house commented on this. let's hear that. >> we're not going to weigh in on the specific allegations in the indictment. overall, we condemn iran's dangerous and despicable plot to kidnap a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil. >> that's a real concern here.
12:24 pm
>> thank goodness for good police work. just incredible they were able to foil it. >> thank you very much for all of that. with us is a washington post columnist imprisoned in iran for 18 months beginning in 2014. he tweeted this is further evidence when it comes to dissent, the islamic republic h has zero regard for international law. their plans are intended to terrorize. jason, tell us what your thoughts were when you heard about this alleged plot? >> i think when i first read about it yesterday, my thought was, i hope that she's safe and that the fbi are continuing to keep a close eye on what's happening around her home and her family. this is not the first time iran
12:25 pm
has tried to do this sort of maneuver in a third country. this is first time we're hear about it in the united states against an american citizen. under that regime who continues to get threats from iranian people around the world and do other iranians around the world who are critical of the government, write about it, talk about it. i think that going after somebody that has so outspoken, but also so high profile is particularly shocking. >> if there is this plot to
12:26 pm
ki kidnap, is it your expectation there's plots to kidnap others? >> they did it in france with the journalist who was the operator of the head of a website that reported on a lot of events inside iran that were censored in the country. he's based in iran. he was lured to iraq where they took him back to iran, put him in prison and he was executed. another iranian german citizen who is being held now. uncertain what his fate is. it's not the first time. i think we should expect that iranians are being targeted in different part of the world. it's astounding and incredible they would be able to get that kind of surveillance on someone so high profile here in the united states from where ever they are operating out of. >> yes. that's for americans is
12:27 pm
chilling. as you say, the audacity. the audacity of getting that surveillance and the audacity of thinking they could pull off a plot like that in the u.s. is there larger message about u.s.-iranian relations and what any of this means? >> we have to really stand up and protect the rule of law and prosecute the perpetrators but also go after the people within the iranian system who ordered this. it's a system that's not known a lot of regard for sper ninterna law when it comes to its most outspoken critics. it can't be allowed to get away with this behavior. we have all covered similar events. we covered the murder of jamal khashoggi when they orchestrated his murder in turkey. this is chilling because it's taking place on u.s. soil.
12:28 pm
>> jason, always good to have your perspective. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, guys. next, another chapter in the battle for britney spears freedom. we're live at the california courthouse to explain what decisions could come today. e ec. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. mr. clean magic erasers ♪ mr. clean magic erasers
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in about an hour, britney spears will take part in another court hearing. she's trying to end her 13-yearlong con ser vor torship. she said she had been forced to perform. had bp given lithium against her will and is being prevented from having children. >> what could the judge decide today? >> reporter: today is arguably the most important hearing of britney's 13 year conservatorship. her attorney of 13 years recently resigned and now britney spears has asked the judge repeatedly to allow her to pick her own lawyer. the judge will be deciding that that afternoon. there's numerous petitions about another resignation to address. wealth management firm that has been serving as the
12:34 pm
co-conservator but not for very long. also as you know, britney's long time manager of 25 years has resigned. there are a lot of thing ossen the table today for the judge to be deciding on and britney is going to be expected to attend virtually. the audio feed has been cut off and i'm going to be in the courtroom. the free britney movement is in full effect. reporters from all over the world. there's always the chance that maybe britney could appear in person. i did see matthew rosenguard and i reported he's been talking with britney to represent her. he had no comment. it's going to be interesting to see if britney will be able to choose her own attorney. >> quickly, do you expect we'll hear from her while in the courtroom? >> reporter: yes, we are expecting britney to be calling in. we don't know what she's going to say.
12:35 pm
we know she has been in these conversations with matthew. i saw him. we do know that britney will probably say, this is what i want to represent me. it could go south. the judge could say, look, i'm going to appoint a guardian ad litum to help you meet with other counsel. it might not be the answer that britney has been wanting. >> thanks so much. >> let's bring in mena. she's a probate attorney. thank you so much for being here. in your experience, what do you think is going to happen in court today? >> i think the most important thing that will happen today is the court will be looking for that 2014 order that determined whether or not britney has the ability to make her own medical decisions. that's going to change a lot of things in this case. i think it bears a lot on her ability to make decisions regarding her iud, regarding the
12:36 pm
ability to take medication or not take medication in this case. i think that's going to be the primary item on the court's agenda today. at the same time -- >> i just want to interrupt for a second. that was one of the bomb shells when she called into court the last time. she says that she was basically forced to be on lithium. she said this is why she doesn't want another psychological analysis because when she gets them, she's not told what the outcome is and then suddenly she's forced. she said three days later after i said no to performing in vegas, my therapist sat me down in a room and said he had a million phone calls about how i was not cooperating in reher sales and i haven't been taking my medication. he immediately the next day put me on lithium. he took me off my normal meds and lithium is a very, very strong and completely different medication compared to what i was used to.
12:37 pm
today she might be granted the power to control the intake of her own medication? >> that's correct. in probate conservatoriships people who are under 65 years of age don't have dementia k not be ordered to take medication against their will. that's another type of con ses conservatorship. this is not that. >> why has this been happening? >> i'm not sure if her therapists have told her she's not obligated to do that. lithium is a pretty powerful drug. it's given in very exceptional circumstances to people. i'm not certain if her doctors had prescribed it but whether or not they did prescribe it, this court cannot order that she be forced to take that medication. >> i have to assume a lot of this is about money, if not all
12:38 pm
of this being about money. so many people around britney are controlling her money and paying themselves. i know that you have looked into the court documents. have you been able to figure out how much her father has been giving himself for a salary or how much her personal conservatory has been getting? >> yes, i have. i had an opportunity to take a look at the court documents and it looks like before the court today, there are a number of figures. some of those figures are that mr. spears had requested $16,000 a month and if you add that up to annually, it's $192,000 a year. the request by montgomery who the temporary conservator of the person is approximately 221,000. >> a year? >> if you just had those two figures. >> the people that britney
12:39 pm
doesn't want anymore to control the decisions, to control her money are making basically $200,000 or more a year. is there any way that could end today? >> well, it would -- her father would only end if her father is removed. he's the only game in town because bessermer trust is seeking to leave the case. he's still many that position. it is possible that another conservatator of the estate may come in. lots of this has to do with out of the totality of the money that she's earned per year, what is a reasonable sum for o conservator. this is an all consuming event. once you become the conservator of someone's estate who is show business practically all of your time is taken up.
12:40 pm
>> is that reasonable? $200,000 times 13 years of this, is that reasonable that's what they have been extracting? >> i'm not sure for the entire dur duration. that's only the amount he's requesting now. assuming that is the case, if you are dedicating your entire month to the britney spears business ventures, i can assume that's not an unreasonable amount as far as the conservator of the estate is concerned. >> it's great to be able to rely on your expertise with this. we have so many questions. we'll have more after today's hearing. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the more i learn about this, the more fascinating it becomes. all the different elements here sdpl . >> i agree. who is making these decision and
12:41 pm
why can't britney? we'll see what happens with that. next, majority of the american people already support it. will congress pass a law to legalize marijuana? senate democrats are giving it a go. not all 5g networks are created equal. when it comes to 5g coverage, t-mobile is the best thing on the menu. t-mobile. america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network. this past year has felt like
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we're getting new information about when the first hearing will be held in the january 6th select committee and who will testify. what have you learned? >> reporter: the house select committee designed to investigate the capitol insurrection announced they will
12:46 pm
hold the first hearing on july 27th. they will be hear from the law enforcements officers on front lines that day. this something the chair of the select committee benny thompson has been teasing for some time saying he wanted to hear directly from those impacted the most on january 6th and we also know that some of those capitol police officers and metropolitan police officers are very been asked to save the date to appear on july 27th. this is significant they already announced the date because we still don't know who the five republican appointees from the house minority leader kevin mccarthy. he's yet to name his five panelists to this committee. that remains an open question. maybe that comes next week. regardless, this is a sign that democrats are ready to move forward even if mccarthy doesn't make that move. >> about two weeks out from the start of that. let's talk about what's happening today. chuck schumer getting behind plan to legalize marijuana. tell us about that. >> reporter: this is really
12:47 pm
significant. it's first time you've seen someone as powerful in washington as the senate majority leader get behind the idea of decriminalizing cannibas across the entire united states. there's a patch work of laws right now state by state in dealing with recreational use of marijuana. this would be the first attempt to decriminalize it across the entire country. it's still illegal at the federal level. one of the things you heard chuck schumer talk about was not just the decriminalization but going back and looking at the sentences and the criminal convictions of the millions of americans who had been convicted in marijuana related crime and how it disproportionately affects people of color and they will try to do something to fix that as well. this is the first step in a very long process. victor. >> thank you. still ahead, added to the
12:48 pm
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the anti-government protests and arrests are continuing in cuba, and haiti is adding more names to the lists of suspects in the assassination of its president. let's check in now with our correspondents around the world. >> i'm patrick oppmann in havana where the government protest, people who took by the thousands to the streets are calling for change. it's unclear how many people have been arrested. one activist group says they know of more than 100 people who are either detained or missing and there are possibly hundreds more that have been arrested. the cuban government confirmed that one man died on monday after he tried to confront police. there have been videos uploaded that show heavily outfitted cuban police carrying guns and
12:54 pm
riot gear going into people's homes to arrest them. the cuban government says they have the right to defend the revolution and they will do whatever is necessary. >> i'm matt rivers in port-au-prince haiti. up until now only for everyone nationals had been listed as suspects in the assassination of haiti's president. but it was yesterday evening that cnn got word from a government source here that haitians have now been added to that list as well. ten haitian citizens officially added to this suspect list. that brings the overall number of suspects in this case to 39. we know all ten of those haitians remain at large at this point. the government officially named three of those ten people. one of them is a former senator from here in haiti. the three officially named suspects are also accused of murder, attempted murder, and armed robbery. they join the 26 colombians and three american citizens on that suspect list. >> thanks to our correspondents there.
12:55 pm
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"the lead" with jake tapper up next on cnn. here's another example of the dangerous fallout from this pandemic. the cdc just reported that drug
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overdose deaths rose by close to 30% in 2020. that's the highest number ever recorded. >> more than 93,000 americans died from an overdose. the primary causes were fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription pain medications. if you or someone you know is struggling, call the national substance abuse help line at 1-800-662-help. and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. one state reaching a whole new level of anti-vaccine insanity. "the lead" starts right now. with young and unvaccinated people fueling this new explosion in covid cases, the government of the state of tennessee caves to anti-vaxxers and ditches all vaccine outreach to kids, not just for the covid vaccine. how deadly might this ascientific move prove to be? a ticket out as th


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