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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tried or were involved in a plot to kidnap her. but you heard her story and you can take a look at the charges against the iranians for trying to put her on a boat, get her to venezuela and take her to iran to do god knows what. what a story. >> incredible interview i would encourage our viewers to revisit, john. cnn's coverage continues right now. ♪ ♪ good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. new vaccinations dropping. the delta variant is surging. and misinformation, sadly, on the rise. the nation at a pivotal crossroads as new coronavirus infections jump across the country in 46 states. the rates of new infections this past week are at least 10% higher than the previous week. new cases per day doubling over the past three weeks nationwide. despite the staggering rise in cases, just over 48% of the u.s.
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population is fully vaccinated. daily vaccination rates are down about 50% since last week. >> it's having a big impact, a real world impact on our children who are not yet authorized to get the vaccine if they're younger than 12. in mississippi, seven children across the state are now in intensive care units. two of those children, we're told, are on ventilators this morning. and as the school year approaches, a cnn analysis finds that at least seven states are taking steps to ban public schools from acqurequiring vaccinations for teens even those eligible to get them. let's begin with medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. health experts are worried and children are the ones paying the price for adults choosing not to get vaccinated, but also, let's be clear. it's still really rare for children to get seriously ill from covid, right?
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>> it is. it is very unusual for a child to get a terrible complication from covid. but, you know, i say to you, poppy, as a mom, i'm a mom. why would you want to risk that with your child? i have pondered this for a very long time and i don't get it. why would you want to say, kids hardly ever get sick with covid. i'm not going to get my child vaccinated. i'll be honest, that's just bad parenting. we should be protecting our children. the vaccine is safe. however, covid is not safe. your child could end up in intensive care like the children you just mentioned in mississippi. they could end up on a ventilator. they could end up with long-haul covid, and have neurological symptoms for months, if not years. it is happening. it has happened. we can point, unfortunately, to many, many cases, yet people are still choosing not to vaccinate their children ages 12 to 15. let's take a look at the number -- at those numbers for childhood vaccinations, for
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vaccinations of children 12 to 15. only 25% of children 12 to 15 are fully vaccinated, and those numbers are much larger for older groups. now let's take a look at results -- take a look there. 25% of children 12 to 15-15 the way on the left. that's not much. that's one out of four. that is not enough. the numbers get bigger. it gets up to 81% for the 65 to 74-year-old age group. and so what we want is for those younger groups to look more like those older groups. now let's take a look at why this is happening, so kaiser family foundation asked parents of eight children, what are you doing with your child ages 12 to 17. 34% of those children have gotten one shot. that's good. a third of children ages 12 to 17 have gotten one shot. 8% of those parents -- other parents say they will get a shot for their child right away. wait and see, 18% say they'll wait and see. they want to see how other
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children do. spoiler alert, they do great. only if required is 10%. 10% of parents say they'll only get the shot for the child if, for example, their school requires it. definitely not is 25%. that's a huge number. one out of four parents of children ages 12 to 17 say they will definitely not get the shot for that child. that's just awful. they are putting their child at risk of death. i can't understand why you would do that to your child. >> listen, think of all the other vaccines children get regularly for measles, for polio, and often required, right, to go to school. >> right. >> yet this one is being politicized. elizabeth cohen, thank you. >> thanks. to florida now with miami-dade is seeing a surge in covid patients in particular in their 30s and 40s. most of those being admitted to the hospital, we should note and the pattern we're seeing across the country, unvaccinated. >> and so young. let's go to lili santiago with
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the latest. 30s and 40s, this shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: right, young unvaccinated, that is the issue. where we are right now, the jackson health system says over the weekend, they saw at least twice the number of covid-19 patients than they had earlier in the month. so i went straight to an infectious disease expert who works with the world health organization and clab rates with c -- collaborates with cdc and she said many of the unvaccinated people are following the cdc guidelines for vaccinated people, and that is why we are seeing an increase in the number of cases compared to june. but she also was quick to say that the u.s. and florida jumped the gun, she said, wanting to believe that the pandemic is over. but, of course, you guys know it, it's not over. >> if we don't heed the fact
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that people need to be more cautious than what they're being right now, we're going to see more deaths. we're going to see more cases, and we're going to see a lot more long covid, which is really, really troubling for the younger population. >> reporter: now, in the state of florida, roughly 40% of residents are fully vaccinated. i go check in with the governor's office to see if there is any plan to change any of the strategy moving forward to combat the rise in cases, and they told us there is no plan for any future closures. in fact, the governor has ruled out any possible lockdowns. >> leyla, thank you for that reporting. >> joining us now to talk more about this, dr. chris pernell. good to have you back. you have called this a pandemic. you are seeing spikes in places
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with lower vaccination rates. explain that, and explain the consequence of that. are we headed for a tale of two countries here, right, in terms of the outbreak? >> unfortunately, the american story has far too often been a tale of two americas, two different countries. and now we're seeing that fault line along vaccination. look, it's very concerning for me. it's concerning that these deaths are all preventable. the nearly 200 deaths that are still occurring. these cases are all preventable. nearly 20,000 new cases that are occurring, those children that are hospitalized, those children that are ventilated, it's preventable. we have to do a better job and hold our elected officials accountable for not spreading misinformation or disinformation for folks to get vaccinated. >> does the delta variant, doctor, put children more at risk when we're, you know, six
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weeks away from the start of school, and there are seven states that are working to ban mandating vaccines for kids in schools? are they more at risk now because of delta? >> i want to make this clear for everyone. anyone who is unvaccinated is more at risk because of delta. the delta variant is more contagious. it spreads more easily. because that is true, whenever you are indoors or whenever you are in crowded poorly ventilated spaces where you can't appropriately physically distance, the delta variant has a leg up. it has an advantage on you. so i didn't agree with states who said that, you know, we wouldn't require masking indoors. we'd leave it up to the choices of district. we're too often falling back to human behavior thinking that people will do what's in the best interest of the most. but that hasn't proven to be true so far. >> dr. purnell, one relative
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constant is children by and large are safe from severe disease. i don't want to discount the cases where they have gotten severely ill, but statistically as low or perhaps lower than a typical flu season. is the delta variant fundamentally different in terms of the threat it poses to young people? >> i would say this. whenever a variant is more contagious, that means you're going to get more cases. whenever anyone has an increased risk or susceptibility to getting a case, their incidence for being hospitalized goes up. then their chance of having severe disease goes up and unfortunately deaths can follow. so we don't want to take that chance. we don't want to play that game of russian roulette with our children, or with anyone. >> we don't, and we should remind our audience you lost your father to covid-19. i am so sorry. and for you to watch this and people willingly not getting
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vaccinated when they can, it must be impossible to see. >> yeah, it's difficult, poppy. i will point to a bright light. the kaiser family foundation just recently released data that showed that those back in january who said they were very eager to get vaccinated, well over 9 in 10 of those persons went ahead and got vaccinated. those who were in that wait and see category, about 54% of those got vaccinated. and those who were in that definitely not or only if required, about 24% are vaccinated six months later. we can make progress, but we can only make that progress if we speak with a singular voice and politics does not interfere with the science and the data. >> we can do hard things. that's what those numbers show us. dr. pernell, thank you. >> thank you. still to come, a cnn exclusive. congresswoman cheney speaks out after becoming the only republican so far at least on the january 6 special committee.
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that's next. plus, an alleged international kidnapping plot here on u.s. soil. four iranian nationals charged with planning to abduct an iranian american journalist in new york and take her all the way back to iran. the details of the case stunning, alarming. the journalist is speaking out this morning. also, the group behind many of the recent ransomware attacks on the u.s. has suddenly disappeared from the internet. why exactly? and who is responsible? ♪ it's grilled cheese time. ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ [music and sound effects played in reverse] our shot. the covid-19 vaccines are ready.
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but sometimes you gotta refresh be fresh. welcome to the eat fresh refresh. refresh where there is so much new, some say that it can't fit in one ad. i say... ...we're talking a new all-american club, deli-style oven-roasted turkey and... oh, that's the new steak & cheese. oh yeah, i knew that. that's the one with the new... ...seasoning. and that was the new mvp parmesan vinaigrette . right. which makes a next level foot... hold up. the subway logo? wait i'm out of time? well, developing this morning, a key first step for democrats to try to pass their own infrastructure plan through
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reconciliation later this year, democrats on the senate budget committee say they reached the deal last night on a $3.5 trillion proposal. it is separate from that bipartisan infrastructure agreement that focused a lot on traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges. laurenne fox is on capitol hill. laurenne, this is only democrats. schumer says when you add in the bipartisan one, you get to $4.1 trillion. he says it ticks all of biden's boxes. is it a done deal or where does this leave us? >> reporter: hardly a done deal, poppy. look, this is just the beginning like you said. democrats in the beginning coming up with this agreement for not just a top line number, but really a broad and far-reaching infrastructure bill or reimagination, really, of what infrastructure can be. we expect the democrats are going to move forward with the proposal that expands the child tax credit. you can also expect the democrats may try to make changes to the immigration system. this bill will also include changes to the u.s. tax code,
6:17 am
and if there is an expansion of medicare so that for the first time ever, seniors would be able to get dental and vision care with medicare. so obviously a lot of big changes coming down the pipe, but this is an effort at this point to try to sell this to the broader democratic caucus. this agreement that was reached is among democrats who are on the budget committee. and while there is a diverse group of democrats on that committee, it doesn't include people like senator joe manchin or senator kirsten sinema. key votes, that's why you should expect today's lunch when the president is expected to meet with democrats is a big deal because that is going to signal to all the democrats in that room that joe biden is supporting this plan. the white house is backing this plan and everybody needs to get in line. poppy? >> easier said than done even in your own party. laurenne fox, thank you. jim? >> this morning a cnn exclusive with congresswoman liz cheney,
6:18 am
the lone wyoming representative sounding off since becoming the only republican named in the select committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. melanie zanona, you reported cheney not even on speaking terms with republican minority leader kevin mccarthy. mccarthy still hasn't made a decision who he is going to appoint to the committee, i think the ability to appoint five. what does cheney think he'll do? >> liz cheney doesn't know. she's not on speaking terms with the minority leader but she has strong thoughts on who should and should not serve on the committee. i want to read a portion of her interview. it is important we have those willing committed to the rule of law and i would hope the minority leader would be guided by that as he makes his choices. so, in other words, she does not think republicans who are continuing to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election or downplaying and whitewashing january 6 should serve on that committee which, of course, applies to a wide swath of her
6:19 am
house gop colleagues. she also said she would be willing to issue subpoenas and call trump and mccarthy to testify if they determine that testimony is warranted. >> listen, two-thirds of her colleagues voted not to certify the election result. it shows you where the sway of the party is. so she's taking a big risk here. it seems like she's sort of settled with that, right? tell us what her selection of the committee by the democratic house speaker, what does that mean for her own political chances back home? she is like every other member of congress, she'll be up for election in the next cycle a. >> she is facing a pact primary field. i asked her about this. she said, look, i can't be concerned about the potential political consequence. when i agreed to accept this choice to serve on the committee, it was a decision based on the fact that it is such a dangerous and dire situation with the president, former president still out there making these false claims about the election, that incited violence. she felt it was important. she had to put the political calculations aside. the reality is, jim, it could be
6:20 am
an issue in her primary race. this is likely going to spill into next year. you can imagine the high-profile hearings with herro opponents seizing on clips of her sitting with the democrats on this investigation, so it could very well be an issue for her. >> her, kinzinger, other republicans who have stood up to the party line, it's a commonality, they may see what the consequence are. i'm sure they're hearing it. melanie zanona, thanks very much. >> thank you. coming up next, the taliban now responding to cnn's disturbing report that showed militants, taliban militants executing afghan soldiers as they were surrendering. we're going to take you live to the region. we are also moments away from the opening bell on wall street. take a look here. futures opening higher in the major indices this morning. investors watching closely. testimony that is about to begin today from federal reserve chairman jerome powell.
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former president george w. bush is now openly criticizing the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. >> he says he is sad and very concerned about the consequence, especially when it comes to afghan women and girls. here is what he just told a german news outlet earlier today. >> sadly, i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm. >> this is a mistake, the withdrawal? >> you know, i think it is, yeah. because i think the consequence are going to be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad. i spent -- laura and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and they're scared. i think about all the interpreters and people that helped not only u.s. troops, but nato troops and they're just -- it seems like they're just going to be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people. and it breaks my heart. >> former president bush launched the war in afghanistan,
6:27 am
america's longest war when he sent the troops into afghanistan following the september 11 attacks. this morning, for what it's worth, the taliban is denying the alleged executions of 22 unarmed afghan commandos as they tried to surrender in june. this denial comes as cnn obtained video of those killings as they happened. the taliban claims the video is fake. we want to warn you, it's alarming to watch. have a look. >> our anna coren joins us now from kabul. anna, your team was in touch. you were able to get into communication with the taliban. what did they say about this? >> reporter: yeah, poppy, look, it's really important that we address this because the taliban is on a p.r. offensive to discredit our story. they say that the footage is
6:28 am
fake, that this is government propaganda. they published a statement in multiple languages after the story went to air, saying that this was false, they have never executed commandos who were surrendering. so, for the record, we need to let everyone know that we interviewed five eyewitnesses in that district where that massacre took place. these were interviews on video. these people spoke to us, saying that they saw what the taliban did. they saw these commandos surrender. they saw them with their arms in the air. they saw the taliban shoot them in front of them. so this is not a fabrication. we have five people who have told us that they witnessed exactly the same thing. the ministry of defense has called this war crimes. they said this is not the first time that the taliban has executed the military or innocent civilians for that
6:29 am
matter. and international has weighed in calling this cold blooded murder. let me read you what amnesty international said. this evidence suggests the taliban's persistent claims to have changed their ways are predicated on a lie, and completely undermines their claims that they will respect human rights in the peace process. now, for the taliban that is about to engage in peace talks with a high-level delegation from the afghan government in the coming days in doha, this is a p.r. disaster. they are trying to portray themselves as this legitimate alternate governing body that has modernized and evolved, when clearly from this video, you can see that they are still the same brutal violent prime evil group that they've always been. >> right. >> to your credit, you spoke to eyewitnesses. this is yet one more of these, don't believe what your eyes
6:30 am
show you. in that video, you see this happening. is there anything that gives you question about what that video shows there, the video itself, in addition to the witnesses you spoke to? >> i have no doubt in my mind that what we saw is what happened. we have seen two versions of this video. we have spoken to the father of one of those commandos and he showed me the video, he showed me which one of those dead bodies was his son. this was a commando who was educated in the united states, who had an american fiancee, who was due to get married next month. this happened. there is no doubt about it. i mean, we have gone to the taliban staying we're seeing atrocities on twitter. what do you say to that? they say it's fake, it's all fake. everything is fake. so that is their line. >> the universal answer, universal answer now to upsetting or damaging
6:31 am
information. it's fake. >> anna coren, thank you, to your team. you, your whole team on the ground, because it's your reporting that brings this to light. thank you. anti-government activists in cuba say more than00 pe100 peop have been arrested. kub cuba's president says protesters are not violated. the video shows a different story. multiple videos on social media does show violent encounters. >> cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of these videos, but they were posted by multiple social media users who say the footage shows protests in cuba. cnn's patrick gutman is in cuba. you know how this government handles dissidents and those who stand up and challenge the government. tell us how they do that, right, and how that fits in with what you're seeing and witnessing
6:32 am
there during these protests. >> reporter: absolutely. some of these videos are chilling. i can tell you from our vantage point, we have seen heavily armed police and certainly heard from the many cubans i know of police going into the neighborhood sometimes late at night looking for people they say had thrown rocks at police, and it's just important to point out that there really is no middle ground for the cuban government when it comes to people who call for change. fidel castro said if you're within the system, that's fine. but if you're without the system, then you're just -- there's nothing for you. and we've seen that from the government saying these thousands of people who took to the streets in really unprecedented protests are the employ of the u.s. government or they're traitors. so there really is no dialogue going on. what's going on is a very harsh
6:33 am
crackdown. and you heard cuban officials for the last several days saying it was time for the revolutionaries to take to the streets. often groups that are not official groups necessarily, but they go out and enforce order. they keep people from leaving their houses, from being able to protest. the internet still is very much limited today. again, some protests going on, but it's much, much less, much more controlled now. >> patrick gutman, thank you so much for covering it. we're going to keep our eyes on events there. new this morning, sources tell cnn that the biden administration is working now to set up an emergency hotline, a red phone so to speak, with the chinese government. >> similar to the so-called red phone between the u.s. and soviet union during the cold war, this is kylie atwood's new reporting. telling us what does this mean? >> reporter: biden administration officials are looking at the possibility of
6:34 am
setting up this encrypted hotline between the u.s. and china. this is in early stages, these discussions. this idea has actually been mentioned by officials dating back to the obama administration, and some informal conversations with chinese officials. but it wasn't actually formalized until this idea was put into a classified flainto a national trump document. they are looking into the possibility and how they could technically do it. sources tell me if they were to integrate this possibility, they would actually do it as part of a grander effort to reduce tensions, to reduce the possibility of conflict between the u.s. and china. now, the key here also is that china would have to buy into this, and there have been tremendous number of troubles getting in touch with chinese officials over the last two years on a number of issues. that's because china is really top down. but what this tool would do is allow president biden if it was
6:35 am
set up to exsend encrypted and immediate messages to president xi. this is under consideration, but it would be useful because a lot of messages from the u.s. often go unanswered by china. >> kylie, thank you for the reporting. really telling. we appreciate it. still ahead, an alleged international plot to kidnap an american journalist from right here in new york city. we will have a full report ahead. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother alice and long-lasting gain scent beads. part of the irresistible scent collection from gain!
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wait until you hear this developing out of new york this morning. four iranian nationals have been charged in connection with an alleged kidnapping plot according to an unsealed federal court indictment. their plan was to kidnap a u.s. journalist and human rights activist who has criticized the iranian regime. brynn gingras has the story. the plan was to forcibly take her back to iran. this happened miles from where we're sitting now. >> reporter: right, in brooklyn. what we have to keep in mind, what is alleged is the iranian government backed having this kidnapping happen in new york city. those four part of the intelligence agency, not clear where they are. there is a fifth person of iranian descent living in california. she was arrested and pleaded not guilty to the charges. she is not part of the
6:41 am
conspiracy charges, but the men have a number of conspiracy related charges. kidnapping, money laundering, wire fraud, just a whole host of them. it is an insane detail that is in this indictment, 43 pages long. essentially, what the u.s. attorneys in the southern district of new york are alleging is these men hired an american private investigator to surveil this woman, this journalist who was on "new day" this morning, take pictures of her, take pictures of her family. in a fantastic interview with john berman, the pictures she was shown by the fbi of her watering her plants in her garden in brooklyn. not only that was she being surveilled, and having to move to different safe houses by the fbi, but they also, according to this indictment, tried to look into military-style speed boats to kidnap her out of new york city and bring her to venezuela which, of course, is a country that is friendly with the iranian government. so it's just an incredible
6:42 am
scheme that they were plotting and that the fbi foiled. >> i think we have some of that interview, right? >> we do. let's list tone what she said and some of the details. >> i cannot believe that in new york, the islamic republic was allowed actually to threat and follow me, an american iranian citizen. i'm not scared of being dead or being executed. but what scares me, that the whole world keeps silent about such a regime, and allowing them to have such an oppression in the united states of america. >> wow. >> and the reason authorities and she believes she was targeted, she has 5 million followers on instagram. she uses and asks for pictures from iranian women, send them to her, let her post them to give them a voice. so that is the belief, for several years that the government was targeting her at this point. so i mean, it's just incredible. she's still currently being protected by the fbi. but quickly, i want to get to
6:43 am
the denial by the iranian government. the iranian government said this is not the first time they've taken hollywood scenarios is what they said. we're expecting a news conference at 2:00 today. we should hear more. in the statement they said the biden administration will continue to call out and stand up to iran's human rights abuses and will support others who do so both here and in iran. so we'll continue to follow this, but just an incredible story. >> thank you for the reporting. we're glad she's safe. we'll know more today at 2:00. brynn, appreciate it. right now a notorious cyber criminal gang that was behind several high-profile ransomware attacks has now all but disappeared from the internet. experts say that revil, the group behind the attack you may remember on jbs foods and major i.t. software vendor, has mysteriously gone dark, offline. this as the white house prepares to brief on ransomware threats
6:44 am
today. notable timing. cnn's brian joins me now. two questions, how and who. how do we believe they went offline and do we have a sense of who might be responsible? >> jim, to your first question, that's fairly easy to answer. essentially all of the websites that revil uses to list its victims and collect ransom payments, all those websites have now gone offline. the why is really the bigger question here. you know, whether it was a u.s. operation or russian operation or simply revil saying we're going to take a break for a while. all of that is still very much unclear. the fbi, u.s. cyber command not commenting on this matter. the russian government this morning saying that it has no knowledge about these events, so neither the u.s. nor russia seems to be weighing in on this or claiming credit which is leaving cyber experts very concerned or very confused about what's going on. >> which is really the norm with cyber activity that the governments will not comment.
6:45 am
it is notable, though, that president joe biden was asked last week. he was asked, will you consider taking revil off their servers or block their servers? notable timing. >> and not just that, but president biden has, in meetings with president putin, expressed grave concerns about the russian government's seeming tacit willingness to allow cyber hacking to occur from within its borders and saying, you know, there are going to be consequence if you allow this to continue. so the biden administration here has taken a very strong line against the russian government, saying this is an issue that we're very concerned about. we're just not sure whether or not this revil thing is connected. >> will they comment about it. the risk is always these groups find ways to come back. the internet is a big thing. we know you'll stay on top of it. brian fong, thanks very much. well, texas statehouse democrats are on capitol hill again today, trying to push for federal action to protect voting
6:46 am
rights. senator joe manchin, major player in all this, is already signalling he will not support changing the filibuster, which is really the only thing standing in the way right now. that and also questions about whether or not the biden administration has democratic votes in the senate. we're going to speak to a texas democrat next. en crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪
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texas democratic lawmakers who left the state, at least temporarily, to block republican efforts to pass new restrictive voting laws are expected to meet, and this is key, with west virginia senator joe manchin
6:51 am
tomorrow in d.c. to push for federal national protection of voting rights. >> the best hope to get that through, obviously, is to end the legislative filibuster, but manchin has made clear over and over again nothing is going to change his mind on that. let's bring in texas statehouse representative claudia ortez perez who, if anybody missed it, is one of the 50 members of the delegation who flew from texas to washington so you would be able to break quorum and you wouldn't be able to get enough people there to vote on this. i'm sure you saw what manchin's office or manchin said yesterday when asked what would change his mind on the legislative filibuster and he said nothing. is it all for naught? >> we're planning on meeting with him later today. i know he's anxious about this meeting. texas democrats, a few of us were here a few months ago when
6:52 am
we first broke quorum. we'll be here to talk about specific points on why this piece of legislation is incredibly harmful, one of the most egregious across the nation. it's an attack on our freedom to vote, not only for texans, but these policies are being rammed through these legislatures across the nation. we certainly need the support. >> president biden, as you know, gave an impassioned speech yesterday defending voting rights and attacking new voting laws likes the ones you're seeing in texas. i heard those words, and i didn't hear in that speech -- and others have said this -- a plan to pass legislation at this point. have you been disappointed by the president's efforts and by congressional democrats to get something done? >> you know, we had a meeting with vice president harris yesterday, and it was a very
6:53 am
positive meeting, and we did ask those tough questions. we are risking a whole lot to be here. i know the filibuster is something that's common, that's happening in d.c., but it is not common in the state of texas. this is the fourth time in texas's history that democrats have done this. the last time was over 20 years ago. this is a tool we don't use often. so we really stressed that with the vice president, and she assured us that her, along with the president, they're here, they have our backs. they're in communication really with senate democrats, and those communications are going to continue. they certainly gave us a sense of hope that they feel good about the coming days. >> you talk about times that texan democrats have done this before. i think about 2003 when democrats in the texas legislature fled to -- first it was oklahoma and then new
6:54 am
mexico. and then governor rick perry was calling special session of special session to try to get this redistricting legislation through. the bottom line is it got through. it took longer, but it got through. is the lesson from that that you can delay but you cannot deny what seems to be the inevitable in the republican-led legislature in texas right now. >> you know, we take so much pride in the state of texas that we're not as polarizing as washington, d.c., for example. we work across the aisle. we take a lot of pride in that. and, you know, this go-around, it's been a very, very different story for the state of texas. they called this special session. there's nothing special about it. they have a 24-hour hearing and they rammed this bill through. usually they take amendments to somehow make the bill not as bad. they didn't take a single amendment. over 400 people registered against that piece of legislation, and they still rammed it through. that's why, you just said it, we
6:55 am
don't use this tool often, and that's why we have to take this fight to our nation's capital. the timing is right for that. we need that support, because if not, our freedom to vote is under attack. >> the governor says he's going to arrest you when you come back. are you prepared for that? >> you know, we're going to take it a dayality a time. i was telling poppy earlier, we just found out on sunday. i didn't even have time to dye my hair. i still had damp clothes in my suitcase. we're taking this a day at a time. it's incredible to see over 50 democrats, and there's more coming, that are arriving today and every day. we're really in this together because of how important this is it's a really scary time in the state of texas. >> texas state representative claudia ordaz perez, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. coronavirus is surging again
6:56 am
here in the united states, but there's a significant difference this time around. 46 states are seeing a sharp rise in new infections, and most are among people who are not vaccinated. more coverage next. everyone. everywhere. where everyone is included. where everyone has access to information, education, opportunity. ♪ ♪ ♪ when everyone and everything is connected. that's really beautiful. anything is possible. good morning. cisco. the bridge to possible.
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. very good wednesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow. across the nation new coronavirus cases, vaccinations and disinformation trending in the wrong direction. 46 states are seeing at least 10% increase in new cases since last week, and across al


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