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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 14, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ i'm john berman with brianna keilar on this "new day." disturbing new evidence that younger, unvaccinated people are behind the surge in coronavirus cases across the country. plus, breaking overnight, a major deal to advance president biden's agenda but will all democrats get on board. and just in, the taliban responding now to cnn's disturbing report that shows militants executing afghan soldiers as they surrendered.
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we're live from afghanistan. and a new warning that america could lose its perfect credit rating because of political polarization and the on going assault on democracy. ♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, july 14th. u.s. democracy in peril this morning, and that is according to the american president. president biden is sounding the alarm on voting rights and efforts by republicans across the country to restrict them. >> we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. it's not hyperbole, since the civil war. confederates back then never breached the capitol, as
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insurrectionists did on january 6th. i'm not saying this to alarm you. i'm saying this because you should be alarmed. >> the president also blasting restrictive voting laws enacted in state after state describing them as 21st century jim crow and pushing for federal voting rights legislation. also, he's calling out those who spread dangerous conspiracies about the 2020 election. >> the big lie is just that, a big lie. in america, if you lose, you accept the results. you follow the constitution, you try again. you don't call facts fake and then try to bring down the american experiment just because you're unhappy. that's not statesmanship. that's not statesmanship.
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that's selfishness. we ask our republican friends in states, cities and counties, to stand up for god sake and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our election and the sacred right to vote. >> beyond the big lie and the whitewashing of the insurrection, the u.s. is also experiencing an increase in deadly anti-vax nation rhetoric and it's having an impact. daily vaccination rates are down nearly 50% since last week, even as the average of new coronavirus cases jumps 97% across the country, and it's influencing not just the coronavirus vaccine in the wake of the firing of tennessee's top vaccination official, the state's department of health is halting adolescent vaccine outreach all together, so all vaccines. in florida, physicians at a miami dade hospital said they treated about fwies as many coronavirus patients over the weekend as they had been
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treating earlier this month. and that cases in 30 and 40-year-olds are accelerating faster than for those who are over age 65. cnn's leyla santiago is live in miami with more. tell us about this trend that they're seeing there, leyla. >> reporter: given what you just said, brianna, what the jackson health system experienced over the weekend, seeing twice the number of patients, i talked to infectious disease expert said florida is seeing 125% increase in cases since june, mostly unvaccinated people and a few breakthroughs. she told me part of the problem is you have unvaccinated people following the guidelines, the cdc guidelines for vaccinated people. and she was quick to say, we jumped the gun, referring to the u.s. and florida, wanting to believe the pandemic was over and of course it's not.
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>> if we don't heed the fact that people need to be more cautious than what they're being right now, we're going to see more deaths. we're going to see more cases. and we're going to see a lot more long covid, which is what is really, really troubling for the younger population. >> reporter: now, i did talk to the miami dade mayor's office. they are aware. they are monitoring the cases. and weighing their options. i should mention that according to a state report last week, miami dade specifically seeing 73% of eligible residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, but here is the thing, remember back in may, governor ron desantis signed a law that basically ties the hands of a lot of local governments not being able to implement their own restrictions when it comes to covid-19. >> yeah. very good point, leyla santiago live from miami. thanks. >> local governments in miami
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can't enact vaccine requirements in any kind of way. new this morning a sign that at least in some places these vaccine requirements do work. a record 1.3 million french citizens booked coronavirus appointment monday after president macron said anyone who wants to visits bars, restaurants must show a health pass. after his speech, the french booking site crashed amid a rush of people accepting the getting vaccinated is the only way to return to some version of pre-pandemic life. so one minnesota woman suffered more than 400 days of debig tating ailments after getting covid, and this morning she is preaching the benefits of the vaccine. melissa jones joins me now. first of all, melissa, i'm so glad you're feeling well. you got covid in march of 2020. i can hardly remember march of 2020 at this point. how sick were you? >> good morning, john. thank you so much for having me.
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i remember march 2020 really well. that is when my daughter and i were both diagnosed with covid. and we were pretty sick right from the get-go. we had a lot of the chest symptoms, chest pain, chest congestion, incredible pressure on your chest, like someone was pushing down on our chest as hard as they could. a runny nose, sore throat, some nauseousness and eventually some brain fog and incredible fatigue. >> brain fog and fatigue. and for 400 days this plagued you in one way or another. what lasted? >> so, the chest pain, which was centered right over my heart was one of the things that hung on the longest. the chest congestion was there. the wheezeness and the brain fog and fatigue were the ones that were there the longest and the hardest to deal with in a lot of ways. >> so, when you got vaccinated, what happened to all these
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things you were suffering? >> well, i had my second vaccination in april, and initially i had the moderna vaccine and i got pretty sick from it for about three days. and then that cleared up and i felt how i had felt for, you know, almost 400 days at that point. and then at about day five after that second vaccine i was walking through the living room of my home and all of a sudden i became aware of the fact that the chest pain that was centered over my heart almost the whole time was gone. and then another couple days went by and the chest congestion seemed to clear up and as the days went on, the symptoms just sort of went away. the last to go was that brain fatigue and -- the brain fog and the fatigue. and it was maybe a couple weeks after that second shot where i realized everything was gone. and i feel as healthy as i did before i got sick. >> what would you say if i said
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to you that the 400 days that you've endured of brain fog, of chest pain and other things, if you could have avoided it, skipped it completely, by getting a couple shot, what would you say? >> i would have gotten them right away. i wouldn't wanted to have gone through 400 plus days of feeling the way i felt and not being able to keep up with my children or enjoy my life. so i would have gotten the shot immediately. >> so what's your message to people out there who might say, i'm young, i'm healthy, covid is not going to kill me. i don't want to get vaccinated. >> you know, i don't understand that. i really don't. we've seen the evidence that covid affects people of all ages, all health. i was in perfectly great health before i got sick. and i think about what is important. every decision i make in my life is important to me. my children are the most important thing to me.
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i fought through covid so i could stay there for them. and if you're on the fence about getting a vaccine, i guess i would just ask you to think about what matters to you? what's important to you? and then make sure that you do the things that you can do to be there for them and be healthy for them? >> do you feel as if the vaccine has given you back your life? >> absolutely. absolutely. i am -- i feel as great as i did before and i felt really great then, so i'm not going to say that it's exactly what cured me, but the correlation is there. i felt miserable for months. and within a couple weeks of getting the shot i feel the way i did before. >> listen, melissa jones, we're so glad that you're feeling better. >> thank you. >> so sorry you had to go through what you went through the last 400 days. it's been tough. it's been tough on everyone, but it sounds like it's been really difficult for you. so best to you and your family. >> thank you very much, john. i appreciate it. and to you, too.
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>> brianna? >> really amazing interview. senate democrats announcing an agreement on $3.5 trillion budget resolution, trillion, that's right. this includes spending for president biden's sweeping social agenda. it would be a first-step toward unlocking the ability to pass their own infrastructure bill later this year for democrats. the effort is separate from a bipartisan bill on traditional infrastructure on roads and bridges and lauren fox is c covering this for us. this could be a way for democrats to circumvent the filibuster. they wouldn't need 60 votes here. >> that's exactly right, brianna. there's a lot of moving parts on infrastructure on capitol hill right now. the biggest one this budget deal that came together last night. this is just the budget committee democrats agreeing that they all support a 3 $.5 trillion price tag. that means that every committee will go ahead now and try to write their infrastructure bill with these what they're known as instructions. so that's sort of the next step
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here. now democrats will still have to pass this on the floor and that's a holdover. remember, they have a broad coalition of democrats. they have people like bernie sanders who identifies as independent and people like joe manchin who is a moderate democrat and made it clear that he's not for a bunch of new government spending. can they convince him to get behind this $3.5 trillion framework that's really unclear at this point. now, i think a very important message that schumer is trying to send and he sent last night is there is democratic unity and nothing is going to be clearer on that democratic unity point than joe biden coming to the senate democrat's lunch today. that is something that is clearly democrats trying to signal to their rank and file members this is what the president wants. but, democrats are still trying to get somewhere on their bipartisan bill. people like manchin will want some support from other progressives in order to support this democratic-only bill. so there's a lot of moving pieces. this is going to be a long july.
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i think we're going to see things ebb and flow before there's a final resolution. >> joe biden said i don't want this -- i don't want to sign this bipartisan infrastructure agreement without getting this budget passed, basically, this budget proposal, this other chunk of change, let's be honest that can go to infrastructure. how do republicans feel about that? they're part of this bipartisan deal and yet there's also this going along on the side? >> well, i think this is where nuance is going to be really important here because a lot of republicans knew that even if there was a bipartisan infrastructure bill on roads and bridges, there probably was going to be a bigger democratic-only bill. what they do not like is the idea that these two bills would be linked in some way, that pelosi won't bring up a bipartisan bill until she sees a reconciliation bill or democratic-only bill right alongside of it. that will be a problem for republicans and that potentially could hemorrhage gop votes. but if democrats can get the
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messaging right here and say we're going to pass this bipartisan bill in the senate and pass our budget, but we're not going to hold anything up, that probably is less of an issue for republicans. look, we'll find out today because it's all hypothetical until they saw a $3.5 trillion price tag for a democratic-only bill. and republicans, who are reluctant to support that bipartisan bill will be more reluctant and point to say why would i support a bipartisan bill and turn around and see democrats pass way more government spending i don't want to agree to at all. >> they might see as an end run around what they're doing or essentially it becomes one bill to them, right? at least is test message. lauren, great reporting. thank you so much. just in, the taliban is now responding to cnn's disturbing report that shows the alleged executions of afghan soldiers by taliban militants. plus, unhinged and unglued what the on sought of books reveal about donald trump's final days in office. one of the russian hacking groups that attacked u.s.
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♪ republicans have long railed against injecting politics into sports, but during last night's major league baseball all-star game, they injected politics into sports. >> this was supposed to be atlanta's night, but we were robbed. democrats stole our all-star game to push their divisive, political agenda. to democrats, it's just a game. but we're the ones who got played. >> so that was an ad from the republican national committee complaining about the fact the all-star game got moved from georgia to colorado because of georgia passing the restrictive voting laws there, but this is a whole chicken and egg thing here, right? >> that's right. they've said over and over they don't want the politics in
3:19 am
sports, but now they're participating in it. >> shut up and dribble but we'll run a campaign ad here. >> the message was very clear. this morning, a series of brand new books, frankly we did win this election by michael bender and landslide by michael wolf, they shed new light on the final days of the trump administration. brian stelter has the details. >> i alone can fix it. >> reporter: from 2016 to 2020 -- >> frankly we did win this election. >> reporter: donald trump went from deceptive to down right dangerous. >> we won this election. and we won it by a landslide. >> reporter: and three new books using trump's words as titles underscore just how ugly his final days in office were. >> everybody knew that what was going on here was abnormal and dangerous and on top of
3:20 am
everything else, ludicrous. >> reporter: in michael wolf's landslide, trump is portrayed as incompetent and alone. >> it's just him and rudy giuliani. >> reporter: wolff writes that no one in trump's inner circle believed trump actually won the election. >> they literally stepped back. so they're not helping him. >> reporter: but outsiders like sidney powell took over and told trump what he wanted to hear. in michael bender's book, frankly we did win this election, former secretary of state mike pompeo is quoted as saying the crazies have taken over. bender's take away -- >> is how dangerous the people who are closest to trump thought he was for the country. >> reporter: bender says come pay owe tried to intervene. >> privately he sets up a call with -- daily call with the chief of staff and the nation's top general, in order to try to keep temperatures down. >> reporter: but in public, pompeo weirdly appeased trump. >> there will be a smooth
3:21 am
transition to second trump administration. >> reporter: next week's big trump book continues the theme of aides trying to manage trump's emotions. i alone can fix it describes trump boiling over as his opponent joe biden pulls ahead. with an adviser calling gop strategist karl rove and saying, he's in a meltdown. can you call him and tell him all is not lost? >> save our country. >> reporter: months later trump is still in denial about losing and he's denying some accounts from these books. >> he's attacking this book because he knows how many people i talked to him, people who don't normally talk to journalists. >> reporter: these new releases are filling in the first rough draft of history, describing democracy under attack, and the role of the military. a retired military buddy told millithe chairman of joints chief of staff, quote, you represent the stability of the republic and that then defense secretary mark esper told his deputies he wanted this election to be clean and clear and feared
3:22 am
that anything less might give trump some shred of a reason to call out troops. esper, the authors wrote, wanted biden to win for the good of the country. >> and we are learning act more of this now because almost six months have passed since the end of the trump administration. more sources feel more free to talk, but they're still mostly speaking only unanimously. it will be important to see some of these officials and aides and advisers start to speak on the record so everybody has a full accounting for history of what went wrong at the end of the trump era. john, brianna? >> thanks to brian stelter for that. we should try to book some of these authors. bring them on "new day" to talk about their books. just saying. >> that was like your book report yesterday. i enjoyed your book reports yesterday, though. they were excellent. fascinating. >> my best book reports always had an accompanied diarama. >> i love them.
3:23 am
waiting for this one. >> next time. is an american pastor behind the assassination of haiti's president. the latest on the investigation on the intricate murder plot next. plus, new cnn reporting shows taliban fighters executed 22 unarmed afghan special forces soldiers. the taliban issued a response and we're live in kabul next. ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions.
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. growing violence and unrest this morning all around the world. in haiti, ten more suspects are wanted for the assassination of the president and cuba crackdowns protester es kating and south africa, protests and looting intensify and afghanistan the taliban is denying cnn reports that they executed nearly two dozen afghan
3:28 am
commandos. cnn has reporters in all four locations standing by around the world. >> i'm matt rivers in port-au-prince haiti. up until now, only foreign nationals have been officially listed as suspects in the investigation into the assassination of haiti's president. but that changed on tuesday afternoon when cnn got confirmation from a government source here in port-au-prince that ten haitian citizens now officially been added to that suspect list, all ten citizens remain at large at this point. the government officially named three of them, including a former senator from here in haiti. that means the total number of suspects in this investigation now sits at 39. >> i'm patrick oppmann in havana, the cuban government is continuing its crackdown on the protesters who took to the streets by the thousands demanding change, according to one activist group, at least 100 of the protesters are either in jail or are missing. and according to the cuban government, one protester was killed after clashing with
3:29 am
police. the biden administration has called on the cuban government to let the protests continue. but the cuban government says they will do whatever it takes to safeguard their revolution. >> i'm david mckenzie, the people you see behind me are private citizens trying to protect from leaders after several days of unrest in two parts of the country where more than 70 people were killed and many structures destroyed. they say they exchanged fire with potential -- these are overnight. the military is on the streets trying to restore order, still sporadic looting as they try to tamp down the worst unrest this country has seen in decades. >> so in afghanistan, the taliban in afghanistan just responded to brand new cnn reporting and video evidence showing taliban fighters executing 22 unarmed afghan commandos as they try to surrender in june. this is a portion of the evidence. we do want to warn you it is
3:30 am
graphic. anna coren live in kabul this morning. so what's the taliban saying, anna, about what we just saw there? >> reporter: yeah, john, the taliban is on a pr offensive to try to discredit our reporting, saying that the footage is fake, that this is government propaganda. we contacted them before the report went to air, but after our story was published, they said that this was just false. they issued a statement in various languages saying that they have never executed commandos who had surrendered. now, for the record, cnn spoke to five eyewitnesses on camera
3:31 am
about what they saw in that market in that province, and all of them said they saw the taliban pointing their guns at these commandos as they were surrendering, walking out with arms in the air and then the taliban shot them. these are people, john, who didn't have to speak to us. they are risking their lives by talking to us, speaking out against the taliban. the ministry of defense has said that these are war crimes, but it's not the first time that the taliban has executed the military or innocent civilians. and embassy international described it as war crimes and cold-blooded murder. this evidence suggests that the taliban's persistent claim to changed their ways are predicated on a lie. and completely undermines their claims that they will respect human rights in the peace process. the fact of the matter is this is a pr nightmare for the
3:32 am
taliban. you have the political wing that is about to hold peace talks with high-level delegation from the afghan government in qatar in the coming days. you have a taliban that is trying to present itself as this alternative, legitimate governing body when in actual fact what this video shows is that it is still the same, brutal, prime evil group it has always been. >> maybe a pr nightmare for the taliban but an actual nightmare for the families of those who apparently were executed and maybe the people in afghanistan. anna coren, thank you so much for that reporting. >> and let's talk with jack murphy, a former -- an army ranger and green beret retired who has been deployed to iraq and afghanistan and also the author of "murphy's law, my journey from army ranger and green beret to investigative journalist."
3:33 am
thank you for being with us, jack. i know, as you served in afghanistan, one of the realities was working with afghan soldiers. and i wonder how you are reacting to seeing this video. >> yeah, it's incredibly painful to watch as i see that, it really reminded me of the experience i had in iraq and in 2014 and 2015, how we saw isis sweep across that country and the areas we fought for and the soldiers we trained were sort of just swept away seemingly almost overnight. it's extremely painful to watch for a second time essentially. >> you expected this? >> frankly yes. i'm sad to say. it's not unexpected. >> it's not unexpected. and you know, one of the things you've said is that the central premise of the american invasion in iraq was wrong and that this shows that. that, you know, it isn't necessarily that afghans think the taliban is illegitimate, as
3:34 am
america does. and that the local and regional governments are legitimate. so how do you look at that flaw with what we're seeing now? >> well, i think that's the basic premise that we go into these counterinsurgency campaigns with the assumption that the government that we're trying to prop up is legitimate while the insurgents are not. and yet we have to contend with the reality that government troops, for the most part, are not standing up and fighting for their country. where as the taliban is certainly willing to fight. why is that? we have to ask ourselves some really painful questions about why we were fighting for a country that so many in afghanistan themselves seem like they're not willing to fight for. >> what was your experience with afghan forces? and how does that inform what you are seeing now about their commitment to the fight? >> well, to be clear, i served in afghanistan what seems like a
3:35 am
million years in 2004 and the situation has undoubtably changed, but were training local troops in afghanistan. and it was a challenge. but we were all incredibly hopeful that they would be able to stand on their own two feet eventually. >> and certainly we're seeing the challenges with that. jack, thanks so much for being with us. jack murphy, we appreciate it. >> thank you. america's perfect credit rating on the line thanks to the on going assault on democracy and the worsening political polarization. plus, the chamber of commerce expressing alarm over inflation as prices keep soaring. new warnings about the u.s. economy next. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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♪ developing this morning, fich ratings warns that the
3:40 am
perfect credit rating enjoyed by the u.s. is in jeopardy because of the on going assault on democracy and worsening state of politics. matt, it turns out assault on democracy is bad business? >> yeah, exactly. this is a big deal. listen, it's no secret that america has racked up a mountain of debt under both republicans and democrats. but what's so critical here is that fitch ratings isn't just worried about the financial health of the united states, they're sounding the alarm about the political health of the world's largest economy. and not just talking about the political polarization and gridlock that has gripped washington for the past dozen years or so. they specifically said that governance is a weakness in the united states. they cited the january 6th insurrection and the chaos around the 2020 election. let me read you a key line here. they said the failure of the former president to concede the elections and the events surrounding the certification of the results of the presidential election in congress in january have no parallels in other very
3:41 am
highly rated solve rens. countries that have perfect credit ratings don't do that kind of stuff. fitch warned redrafting the election laws and u.s. states could weaken the political system. listen, here is why it matters, credit downgrade could set off turbulence in financial markets what we saw in 2011 and raise borrowing costs making it harder to refinance that mountain of debt. >> just looks bad. just looks bad, too. >> looks terrible. >> when you're buying merging market bonds one thing you're concerned about stability of the government. now people are worried about u.s. stability. >> we're supposed to be the grown-up and acting like children basically. >> romans, in addition to that, inflation. we got some really eye popping numbers yesterday. >> yeah. essentially inflation means your dollar is not going as far. i think everybody has felt this. at the gas tank, every time you go to fill up you're noticing it costs more. i'll show you some of these numbers. used car prices up 45% in one year. gas up 45%. even washing machines, your
3:42 am
laundry machines up 30%. air fares, hotels, all of these are rising and you feel it. but they're rising because last year at the same time it was utter catastrophe. the lost summer of 2020. and now yourself bouncing back. air fares and hotels, yeah, lot more expensive, still less than they were in june 2019. so some perspective there. the question is how long will this last? is this something to freak out about? people are feeling it everyday, every time they go to the grocery store, but we're still hearing this could be temporary as the economy sort of evens out after this big bounce back. it is a challenge, though, i think for the white house and messaging because you look at the front page of the new york post today, this big black incredible shrinking dollar and listen to cpac this weekend, it was our straight reporting about inflation that was ominous and this is biden's fault. it's not joe biden's fault. the economy reopened here. it's what policymakers do from here on out that i think is important. >> look, and fears about inflation can be a
3:43 am
self-fulfilling prophesy. how people feel about inflation literally can drive inflation. and that's what i think the white house is most concerned about. >> i think so, too. look, if you bought a new car last year, you could probably sell it for more this year. that never happens. used car prices $26,000. are you kidding me? used car price $26,000. so you can see that actually the auto part is a big part of the inflation story. a third of this gain in inflation was just used cars. that's going to work itself out. >> we also have to remember that high inflation hurts low income americans the hardest. and those are, of course, are the same ones really hurt by the pandemic. >> got to keep our eye on the wage numbers. a lot of americans will be willing to take some inflation if it means their wages appreciably increase. >> some of the eating out numbers are higher because restaurants have to pay more to get their workers back. >> great to see you both. thank you. coming up, we have brand new reporting emergency hot line the white house is considering setting up with china. plus, a hacking gang that
3:44 am
attacked u.s. companies mysteriously vanished from the internet. so where did they go? and who might have gotten rid of them?
3:45 am
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♪ new this morning, sources tell cnn that the biden administration is considering setting up an emergency hotline with the chinese government. this would be similar to the so-called red phone that was established between the u.s. and the soviet union during the cold war and kylie atwood is with us now to talk about her brand new reporting. that red phone was to avert nuclear calamity. what is this one for? >> well, i think it's same idea, generally speaking, right? we have seen the chinese military be more aggressive in recent years. this has caught u.s. officials and chinese experts kind of in their back feet right now. there isn't a way to get into direct contact immediately with
3:49 am
the top levels of the chinese government in the same way that we have that capability between the u.s. and russia. as you said, that was established during the cold war. so what the biden administration officials are doing right now is examining this possibility. it's in the early stages. and the reason for that is because this has been discussed for years. the discussions date back to the obama administration, but this idea wasn't really formalized until it was put into a national security memo during the trump administration in the final year. and that's what launched u.s. officials to start looking at the technicalities here. could this actually happen? now, my understanding is that the biden administration would only really use this if they developed it as part of a grander risk reduction strategy between the u.s. and china. but the problem here, of course, would be is china actually going to engage? because there have been problems in getting in touch with china at multiple levels from the u.s. side. there's actually already a hot line, a few hotlines established at different levels of government.
3:50 am
one is at the pentagon. and senior official at nse curt campbell said that phone line is known to ring for hours and hours in an empty room in china when the u.s. tries to use it. so, there could be issues here. but the bottom line is that this tool would actually allow president bide on the get in touch with president xi or those around him in an encrypted way that was immediate. brianna? >> sounds like some kind of hot line at the pentagon. i want if you can stand by for us, i want to talk about another story the intrigue, sudden disappearance of one of the biggest online hacking gangs. cyber security experts say the ransomware who hit meat supply just went dark on tuesday. brian fung is with us on this story. so what happened? was this -- did putin intervene? did the u.s. go after them? what seems to be the case? >> look, it's certainly a possibility, but right now cyber security experts are still just
3:51 am
guessing at what might have happened. you know, overnight these -- all the websites that this particular group uses to communicate with its victims, to list the victims that it's hacked all of them went down and now has gone completely dark, as you said. it's certainly a possibility that the u.s. government may have been involved, but the fbi, u.s. cyber command aren't commenting at the moment. other cyber security experts said it's possible that there may have been some sort of planned maintenance going on. let me just read you a little bit of some of what other cyber security experts are saying here. you know, cyber security experts said this outage could be criminal maintenance, planned retirement or more likely the result of an offensive response to the criminal enterprise, but we don't know. and that's what's so troubling right now and what cyber security experts are really scrambling to figure out is what are the -- what happened behind
3:52 am
the scenes? let's remember here now reville is a group gone after jbs foods the meat packing company, one of the biggest meat packing companies in the world, reville collected some $11 million in ransomware payments over the course of its history. and so this is one of the most ruthless ransomware gangs ever to have walked the earth, so to speak. >> you say this possibility of a planned retirement. i'm picturing the 401(k) a cyber gang might offer, right? this is obviously a huge significance, kylie to the u.s. government. >> yeah. and we've heard warnings from the biden white house in recent days just as recently as late last week saying that if russia didn't act on these criminal groups that were partaking in these attacks on the u.s. that the u.s. was prepared to do so. so, there have been some signals in recent days saying that, yes, we're looking at this possibility and they also said notably a senior administration
3:53 am
official said that they may take action that is visible and in the public or they may take action that is less visible. so they may or may not actually claim responsibility for this, which sa which is an interesting concept to consider. >> thank you so much. rhetoric that kills. we're going to take a close look at the deadly escalation of anti-vaccine messaging in politics on television and online. plus, liz cheney speaking out for the first time since becoming the only republican named in the select panel investigating the insurrection. what she says now about house minority leader kevin mccarthy. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations
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3:58 am
back after being cancelled last season because of the pandemic. andy scholes with this morning's bleacher report. this was really, andy, we can all agree the red sox show last night. >> yeah. maybe so, john. but last night's mid summer classic was originally supposed to be in atlanta, but was moved by major league baseball because the new voting laws in the state of georgia. so instead the fans in denver getting to enjoy this year's all-star game. instead of players wearing their own uniforms for the game they wore special all-star unis. fans were not very fond of these. some on social media saying they were the worst uniforms they had ever seen and this was just an awful idea. as for the game, shohei ohtani continued his record-breaking season by becoming the first ever to start the game on the mound and bat leadoff for the american league. he did go 0 for 2 at the plate, but he pitched a perfect first inning and ended up getting the win in the game. so, ohtani, once again,
3:59 am
impressing everyone who was watching this one. the third inning is when we got some explosive action in this one. vlad gur rare row jr., a massive home run to left, the game's mvp, 22 years old, youngest ever. so after back-to-back losses, team usa finally getting a win against argentina last night in las vegas. kevin durant and bradley beal each got 17 points in the 108-80 blowout. team usa only playing with eight members of the olympic team. jason tatum was sitting this one out with knee soreness and chris middleton, drew holiday and devin booker playing in the nba finals. game four of the finals tonight in milwaukee. the bucks trying to even that series at two games a piece. "new day" continues right now. ♪
4:00 am
welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, it's wednesday, july 14th. we begin with a deadly escalation of anti-vaccine propaganda in politics and on tv that is risking and costing american lives. >> 45 states are seeing a sharp rise in new infections due largely to the delta variant. 10% higher than the previous week. in a 34 states, new cases are up 50%, 50% higher than last week. officials attribute that to the unvaccinated population and the rise of the highly transmissible delta variant, 99% of the people dying from covid right now are unvaccinated. more than 99%, in fact. emergency room doctor told us this week that all of the sick covid patients he is seeing are unvaccinated. all of them. and yet to some, this is just a show. a deadly show. >> it makes yo


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