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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 14, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome to our viewers joining us all around the world. i'm rosemary church. just ahead here, democrats strike a multitrillion dollar budget deal with other democrats. but still not all of them are sold on the high cost. britney spears' conservatorship case heads back to court, find out what is at stake. and the u.s. wildfire season is off to its worst start in a decade with california already breaking records.
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good to have you with us. in just a matter of hours, u.s. president biden will sit down with senate democrats hoping to win over skeptical lawmakers when it comes to spending trillion. late tuesday democrats agreed on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution, but the plan would go beyond traditional infrastructure and tackle other key items such as medicare. >> every major program that president biden has asked us for is funded in a robust way. and in addition we are making some additions to that. most important something that senator sanders has led and
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convinced america is so important, which is robust expansion of medicare. we are very proud of this plan, we know we have a long road to go, but we'll get it done for the sake of making average americans' lives a whole lot better. >> it is unclear if the proposal will earn support from moderates. schumer has promised the legislation eventually will have the 50 votes it needs to pass the senate. the infrastructure agreement followed a fiery speech from joe biden on the important of protecting voting rights. his speech in philadelphia came amid pressure from progressives in his own party to speak out against restrictive new laws in republican controlled states. >> it is a threat literally, i've said it before, we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil
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war. that is not hyperbole. since the civil war. the confederates back then never breached the capitol as insurrections did on january 6. i'm not saying this to alarm you. i'm saying this because you should be alarmed. >> at least 17 republican-controlled states have passed at least 30 laws to tighten voting restrictions since biden won the 2020 election. texas lawmakers are in the spot height right now, most of the democrats in the statehouse traveled to washington this week. their absence from the capitol in austin prevents a quorum and a vote on the election bills. president biden took aim at republican efforts to make it harder to vote. >> in texas for example, republican-led state legislature wants to allow partisan poll watchers to intimidate voters
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and imperil -- impartial poll workers. they want voters to be in a position where they wonder who is watching them, to intimidate them, to wait longer to vote, to drive a hell -- excuse me, to make it harder to vote. so inconvenient that they hope people don't vote at all. >> the texas lawmakers got a warm welcome from vice president kamala harris who traveled to capitol hill to meet with them. she told the group defending the right of the american people to vote is as american as apple pie. >> i know what you have done comes with great sacrifice. both personal and political. and you are doing this in support and in defense of some of our nation's highest ideals. >> the texas democrats also met
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with senate democratic leader chuck schumer. one option under discussion is creating a special provision in fill puibuster rules to allow f senate vote on voting rights. more now from ryan nobles. >> reporter: the lawmakers here in washington said that they came to d.c. with a very specific goal. listen to how they lay that goal out. >> we have a short window here as was previously mentioned, this session ends august 7. and we can't hold this tide back forever. we're buying some time, we need congress and all of our federal leaders to use that time wisely. >> reporter: there is just not the energy right here in the federal capital do something drastic like carving out a special provision in the filibuster rule to pass voting rights legislation. the senate majority leader chuck schumer was specifically asked if he would push his fellow senators to take that step. and his answer was that everything right now is on the
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table. >> the texas democrats admit that they can only hold off republican voting restrictions for just so long. governor abbott says when the lawmakers return to texas, they will be arrested and held inside the dacapitol until they do the job. >> i can and i will continue to call special session after special session after special session all the way up until election next year. >> republicans in the texas statehouse are furious with their democratic colleagues. they say that their reforms will not make it harder to vote especially for minorities. >> i want to be a little bit more clear on the election integrity bill. there is no suppression. that is a lie. they are lying to the citizens of texas. i am a minority. my grandmother took weeks to get to the united states in the
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1930s. from the middle east. and there were people on her ship that died, that perished coming to the united states. so the idea that i would support suppressing my own vote is ridiculous. so literally the texas democrats have no foundation. what they are doing is based on lies. so you need to come back to texas, honor their oaths, respect their constituents and get to work. the delta variant now accounts for nearly 58% of all u.s. covid infections, that is according to the cdc. new cases in the u.s. are on the rise, but vaccinations are not keeping up with the trend. here is erica hill with more. >> reporter: despite millions of shots in arms, the u.s. is
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moving in the wrong direction. >> this is primarily a pandemic of the unvaccinated. and we need to be very clear about that message. >> reporter: daily vaccination rates are down nearly 50% since last week. average new cases jumping 97%. and those are just the ones we know about. >> even made people are thinking that covid is over, why do i need to get tested. and that is particularly in areas unfortunately where the vax nation rates are low, which is exactly where we want to be testing more. >> reporter: states that have fully vaccinated more than half their residents are reporting fewer cases. but even those bright spots are surrounded by a sea of red. at least 46 states now seeing a rise in new cases over the past week. >> we have a solution to this, for this, and the solution is vaccinations. >> reporter: as more states work to ban vaccine requirements or proof of vaccination, at least seven passing legislation aimed
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at public schools. >> when states make that move, they get in the way of good and effective public health. >> reporter: in tennessee, 14 to 17-year-olds don't need parental consent for medical care including vaccines. the state medical director shared a memo saying that it resulted in her being fired. >> i've not done anything wrong except inform our physicians of where the guidelines were around vaccinating minors. the people of tennessee have been sold out for politics. >> reporter: the tennessee department of health told cnn it can't comment on personnel matters. >> our thanks to erica hill for that report. since firing the doctor, tennessee has announced the state will cease all adolescent outreach for any disease. and if the state health department has to issue any vaccine information, they are not even allowed to use their
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own logo. she says it all comes down to politics. >> i was told by some folks within the department just this morning that that includes infant immunizations as well. so it is any kind of outreach around the importance of vaccines for children, around the importance of covid-19 vaccine for adolescents especially has been halted even going so far as to cancel events scheduled well into the fall for flu vaccination within schools. and this is -- i think it can only be explained as our leadership's attempt to placate the legislators as she has made it clear that she has political aspirations for run for governor, senator or get a white house cabinet appointment as she explained to the tennessee newspaper. >> so far the department of health has not commented on the
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matter. people in france are clamoring to get their covid shots after the french president warned many popular ps times will be tougher to enjoy without proof of vaccination. some 1.7 million people have since signed up for their vaccines which is a record. and that crashed the website used for bookings. emmanuel macron also secretaryth sugg sug suggested if cases get worse, vaccinations could become mandatory. melissa bell is joining us live from paris. so tell us, this seems to be the strategy that works, doesn't it. just tell people get a shot and you can have access to cafes and a whole lot of other fun things. >> reporter: that's right. essentially anything that you might enjoy doing you will need to show that covid pass. basically what it involves is it shows on an app on your phone when you are vaccinated, or have a pcr negative test, but you
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will have to start paying for those tests this autumn and i think that that has helped. i'm just a block away from the military parade that that has gotten away. and here they have been closing the gates for the people to get into be amongst the crowds. because it was an event of more than 1,000 people, the covid passes was being checked, not just the bags for any weapons, but the covid pass is being checked. a bunch of people were turned away because they hadn't had their second dose in time for it to count. but even access to restaurants, bar, cafe, you will thonow have show that app. and really the idea in macron's speech was to convince people voluntarily for the time being that they really need to get vaccinated. but what countries are coming up
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against, more and more now that the problem of supply has been fixed, that wall of vaccine hesitancy here in france something like 40% of the population has been fully vaccinated, the french government wants it much higher than that and as you said, they might have to consider if all else fails mandatory vaccination for not just the health care workers as he announced monday night. >> many thanks to melissa bell there in paris. not long ago australians were free to move about the country with the covid situation largely under control. the greaeater sydney area lockdn has been extended and many are wondering when it will ever end. stay-at-home orders were supposed to expire on friday but will now remain in place until at least july 30th. tho that is after 100 new cases
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reported on wednesday. less than 10% of the population is fully vaccinated. authorities say a deadly hospital fire in southeastern iraq appears to have started when sparks from faulty wiring caused an oxygen tank to ex explode. the fire then spread to the icu treating covid patients killing at least 92 people. here is how one witness described the scene. >> reporter: the front door was burning and the back door was closed so people couldn't get out. before the fire broke out, some managed to get out and others were stuck inside and the ceiling fell on them. we managed to take out some but they were suffering and they were burnt and died. >> and some of the bodies were burned so badly, they will require dna testing to identify them. according to reuters, one head dick says the facility does not
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have a sprinkler system or fire al alarm. three days of mourning will be observed starting friday. still to come, new details about the american citizen accused of orchestrating the assassination of haiti's president. plus police in south africa are struggling to contain violent protests, some of the worst the country has seen in years. we'll have a live report. ♪ ♪ (sounds of car doors closing) (screaming & laughter) ♪ ♪ (sounds of car doors closing) (crash sound & tires squealing) (phone chimes) this is onstar. we've detected a crash from your phone. is anyone injured? i don't think so. good. help is on the way. is there anyone i can call for you? my dad. okay, i'm calling him now.
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at last 72 people are dead after days of violent protests and looting in south africa. police have arrested more than 1200 people, but struggled to contain the chaos, some of the worst the country has seen in years. the wave of violence erupted after jacob zuma was jailed for refusing to appear before an anti corruption commission but the chaos has devolved into opportunistic lawlessness. david mckenzie is joining us. what is the latest on efforts to control the situation?
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>> what you are seeing behind me is the mall and the people behind me are not police or military, they are private citizens that have banded together throughout the night, they say that they were protecting this mall. one of the very few here south of johannesburg that wasn't targeted by looters in a very pad co bad couple days of looting. the leader of this group behind me described how they actually had to exchange fire several times with organized looters trying to get into this mall. one of the first and most prominent malls of this kind that showed how the area was becoming something that people
1:21 am
could be proud of. but they are waking up to the harsh reality of a huge amount of infrastructure being burnt and looted over the last few days. >> a lot of those business owners really struggling too. david mcckenzie, many thanks. in miami they are supporting shows in could you ban after a food and medicine shortage. more than 100 people have been arrested or are missing since the protests. and one person has reportedly died after clashes with police. cuba's government has cut internet access to discourage anymore demonstrations. despite that, videos are still appearing on social media claiming to show the protests and police crackdown.
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cnn has not confirmed the authenticity of the videos. cuba's government blames the country's economic troubles on u.s. sanctions with some of the toughest measures being put in place by the trump administration. here is what the current administration says it is doing. >> even before these protests started, we are looking for ways in the midst of covid and midst of the otther hardships that th cuban people have endured because again the corruption and mismanagement of their own government. progra perhaps the indifference of their own government. we are looking for ways that we might support the cuban people that is consistent with our interests and our values. >> according to state media, raul castro took part in a high level government meeting to discuss the protests. the list of suspects linked to the brazen assassination of haiti's president is growing
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longer. haitian police are now looking for ten new individuals in connection to the attack. officials have publicly identified three of the new suspects including a former haitian senator. so far 39 people have been tied to the murder of jovenel moise last wednesday including at least three u.s. citizens. that list of americans includes christian emanuel sunon, the man accused of orchestrating the assassination and several other suspects reportedly have direct ties to law enforcement. matt rivers has more. >> reporter: this site has been sealed by the port-au-prince magistrate reads the note on the door at the com pound where authorities say that he helped orchestrate the assassination of jovenel moise. and they found him at the house just across the street from the ngo along with lots of
1:24 am
ammunition, holsters and shooting stargets. authorities say he helped recruit and organize the americans who carried out the killing. we're told that the amount of activity at this compound over the last month or two really started to increase and they saw men going from that compound to this one where he was arrested. they said all of the men were foreigners that were, quote, muscular like bodyguards, sometimes with camouflage pants. no way to know for sure if those same men are among the suspects, suspects that he claims to have never met. he is arguing that he is innocent according to a source directly involved in the investigation. cnn spoke to that source over the phone and agreed to conceal his identity. the source says that he is a pastor, his wife and children live abroad but he's been in the country for about a month and didn't know the ammunition was
1:25 am
in the house. this is what he said since the first day. he appears to split his time between south florida and haiti and has been involve for years in medical charity work and a long long time critic of the haitian government saying this in 2011. >> where is the leadership of haiti? nowhere to be found. you know why? because they are corrupt. >> reporter: he is not the only american allegedly playing a key role in the assassination. two more seen here have been detained as suspects. and cnn is also reporting that several other suspects in the assassination have direct ties to u.s. law enforcement as informants. the dea has confirmed at least one of them worked for them in the past as an informant. the night of assassination, you can hear one shout that he was working for the dea but
1:26 am
authorities say that that was a lie. haitians are showing up asking for visas, some desperate to leave an island where corruption is chronic. assassination just the final straw. matt rivers, cnn, port-au-prince. fighting between the taliban and government forces is pushing afghanistan to the brink of a humanitarian crisis. the u.n. refugee agency reports 3.5 million people are displaced inside the country forced from their homes during years of conflict. and that pace is rapidly accelerating. more than 2 million have fled to pakistan and iran. civilian casualties are up as well as reports of extortion. anna coren has more from the afghan capital. >> reporter: as the security situation continues to deteriorate, the french embassy here in kabul is calling on all
1:27 am
its citizens to leave the country. the french government is organizing a special flight on saturday to take the entire french community back to france. the embassy says anyone who is not on that flight, they will not be able to ensure the safety of their departure. it comes as the taliban is making sweeping gains across the country seizing more districts. there is intense fighting going on in kandahar in the southern part of the country as militants try to claim that city. the ministry of defense says the afghan national security forces are launching operations across afghanistan and have killed more than 300 taliban in the last 24 hours. but it is the civilians who are paying the price. there is a looming humanitarian crisis on the way. more than 270,000 people have bean displaced this year so far. and cnn has learned that high level delegation from the afghan
1:28 am
government will be flying to doha to meet for peace talks. this is the first time since september last year. anna coren, cnn, kabul. ahead on "cnn newsroom," the new books painting a clearer picture of donald trump's behavior in his final days in office. plus britney spears could soon have a new lawyer as her conservatorship case heads back to court. a look at what is expected this today's hearing. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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president biden is defending the voting rights of all americans in the face of restrictive new laws in more than a dozen states. he says this ongoing assault on voting rights is the most dangerous threat to american democracy since the u.s. civil war. his remarks came during a speech in philadelphia the birth place of american democracy. he also slammed donald trump's big lie claim that the 2020 election was stolen. >> the big lie is just that, a big lie. 2020 election. it is not hyperbole to suggest it is the most examined and fullest expression of the will of the people in the history of
1:33 am
this nation. this should be celebrated. the example of america at its best. but instead we continue to see an example of human nature at its worst, something darker and more sinister. in america if you lose, you accept the results. you follow the constitution. you try again. you don't call facts fake and then try to bring down the american experiment just because you are unhappy. that is not statesmanship. that is not statesstatesmanship. that is selfishness. >> and while president biden defends voting rights, the department of justice has released a new video showing january 6 rioters trying to disrupt the certification of his election victory.
1:34 am
the footage shows trump supporters pushing their way through the u.s. capitol building carrying flags and chanting treason. and this is part of a 3 minute video clip being used in the doj's case against 16 members of the oathkeepers, a right wing extremist group. they face charges for their alleged roles in the insurrection and two members have already pleaded guilty. the footage was released after cnn and other news outlets sued for access. we are learning more about donald trump's final days in office including his response for the insurrection. three new books reveal disturbing details about the former president's state of mind following his election loss. brian todd breaks down the new revelations about trump and his
1:35 am
administration. >> we were robbed. >> reporter: chilling new accounts of a president who in his final days in office caused concern among his top aides that he was unhinged, obsessive and dangerous. three new books paint a portrait of donald trump desperate to cling to the presidency. in his book titled frankly we did win this election, the inside story of how trump lost, michael bender chronicles a sobering moment in the aftermath of trump's defeat. quote, the crazies have taken over mike pompeo warned a colleague, that mr. trump might be more willing to engage in an international conflict to strengthen his political argument for remaining in office. >> mike pompeo becomes very concerned about the national security of the country, domestic unrest and what it could mean internationally. privately he sets up a call with -- daily call with the chief of staff and mark milley the nation's top general in order to try to keep
1:36 am
temperatures down. publicly what does he say? he says that there is going to be a smooth transition to a second trump term. >> reporter: cnn reached out to a representative of pompeo's for a response. he did not comment for the record. another new book, i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final year, by "washington post" reporters t depicts rudy giuliani pushing trump to forget that fox news called arizona for job. just go declare victory right now, giuliani told trump, you have to declare victory now. giuliani's interjection of his just say you won strategy infuriated trump campaign advisers. >> these two old guys pressed together trying to determine what is really going on in the world, and they don't get it. they don't get what is unfolding around them. >> reporter: rudy giuliani did not respond to cnn's request for comments. another book by michael wolf
1:37 am
portrays a president isolated right after the election. quote, by the friday after election day, there was not a single white house aide or trump campaign official or trump polster who believed that the vote count could be reasonably or effectively challenged. >> he is a man alone, his lawyers are saying we're not going to do this, we're not going to fight these cases. >> reporter: and wolf writes that as the attack on the capitol raged onnen d january president seemed to not be grasping the facts as they were coming through. these people were protesting the election he was still repeating as late as 2:30, protestors wanted pence to do the right thing, these were good protestors. a statement was released saying that they write whatever they want to write anyway without sources, fact checking or asking whether or not an event is true or false. frankly, so many stories are made up or pure fiction.
1:38 am
brian todd, cnn, washington. and one of the authors mentioned in that report spoke earlier with anderson cooper. michael wolff has spent time at mar-a-lago and he describes the in-r intricacies of the country club and how donald trump spends his days. >> there is this big room with sort of hunting lodge or, you know, renaissance this kind of design themes in violent conflict here. and trump sits in the middle. and there are these series of couches and this is where all day long republicans from across the country come to kiss the ring. now, if you are a mar-a-lago member, you can see this, you can sit in, you can hear this. >> fascinating. >> it is all on show.
1:39 am
>> that is really -- >> weirdest thing in the whole world. >> do you think he will run again or just talk about it and hang over everyone's head and then make a dramatic decision? >> i think that it is the thing that you cannot predict what trump is going to do because there is no plan, there is no strategy, it will just happen in the moment. is it possible that at some big rally he thinks that he will get a big response by saying that he will run for president again and that is the decision? perfectly possible. >> that was michael wolff author of landslide, final days of the trump presidency. britney spears is expected to phone in for a court hearing later today as she fights to regain legal control of her finances. the pop star is requesting new counsel for her con sfsservator
1:40 am
case. here is more on where the legal battle stands. >> reporter: it has been three weeks since the bombshell testimony in which she said that she was forced to perform, take lithium and remain on birth control against her will. now she faces the judge at the los angeles county superior court once again to ask to retain an attorney of her choice. for the last nearly 13 years, samuel d.i this. gham had been her attorney but he put in his resignation. a source tells cnn that former federal prosecutor has been in talks with the singer to represent her, but he had no comments. there are other things on the table including the resignation of the trust which is the co-conservator of the estimated $60 million estate. there have been other resignations including her long time manager larry rudolph after over 20 years resigning just recently. but all we can do is sit back and wait to see what is britney
1:41 am
going to say next. extreme heat is fueling wildfires. is any relief in sight? the latest conditions from our meteorologist, that is ahead. plus boeing stock takes a nose dive after the company reveals production problems with some of its new jets. the issue that is keeping the planes grounded. tony here from taking to the streets to talk about credit. can you repair your credit yourself? yes. -great. how? uhhh... how long does credit repair take?
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throughout the western u.s. and canada, officials are preparing for the wildfire season to be one of tof the worn record. schools of large fires are burning right now, many out of
1:45 am
control. in the u.s. the flames have burned an area nearly five times the size of new york city and oregon and washington are moving to their highest fire readiness level today. to the south, california is especially hard hit, fires in the state have already burned more than double the amount of land scorched in the same period last year. stephanie elam reports severe drought and human induced climate change is making the fire season even longer. >> reporter: all of this comes back to the fact that we're dealing with record heat, we're seeing super high temperatures really early in the year in year. they were starting in the springtime. and that led to some meltoff of the snow bacpack and that is wh we derive our water. and because the ground was so parched, a lot of that water went back into the earth and didn't make it down and then with the high temperatures we're seeing evaporation being a huge part of the problem for our reservoirs in the state. so that is affecting it.
1:46 am
and when you get really dry earth, that he hadleads to more temperatures and more drought. and everyone i've spoken to making it clear that what is at play here is climate change. >> tyler mauldin is joining us now. of course the big question has to be, is there any relief in sight? >> i'm not seeing any relief in sight anytime soon. at the moment we have 67 large wildfires scorching the west right now. and the west is under a severe drought. much of the west is under an exceptional drought. in fact 94% of the west is under some sort of drought. you combine that with as stephanie mentioned the record heat that we've been dealing with for weeks now where we had hundreds of all-time record temperatures set, well, you combine those two together and you will get some fires. just the ingredients for fire alone are in place.
1:47 am
fuel, heat, and then you get a little wind coming in, allowing to breathe. so, yeah, we are definitely seeing a ripe atmosphere, ripe environment, for wildfires. and today we have a red flag warning up for the areas shaded in pink. that goes from northern california all the way through the spine of oregon on into washington and portions of idaho as well. i don't see any rain for these areas over the next five days. and the climate prediction center isn't forecasting any rain for many of these areas on into next week. below average rainfall chances for them. down south, a little bit of a different story actually in the four corners. this is an area that is really dry. so we need the rain, but a lot of rain in very short order which is what we're dealing with now with the monsoon storms here in arizona, that has led to a flash flood watch for arizona today. we could see in some areas up to 4 or 5 inches of rain. and again, with the ground so
1:48 am
dry and picking up this much rain in short order, that is the recipe for some flooding. and also right here, i want to show you that across the midwest today, we could see a significant severe weather setup later on this afternoon on into this evening, there is a level three out of five ring, and that includes madison, wisconsin. we could see very damaging winds later. >> thanks for keeping a close eye on all of that, tyler mauldin with that. and if you are feeling pain at the pump or in the pocketbook, inflation is likely to blame. over the past dryear, prices ha skyrocketed. the cpi was up more than 5% annually last month. and gas is up a whopping 45%, which is programs not all that surprising after so many months of empty roads zs and lower dem.
1:49 am
but the president of the federal reserve bank believes the surges will be temporary. >> we know that as the economy goes through this first rapid shutdown, you saw prices drop precipitously and then a rapid reopening, there are a lot of adjustments that will take time to work through. a year ago we couldn't get toilet paper and now it is everywhere. lumber prices went to skyrocketing levels but are coming back down. still high, but they are coming down quite a bit. so some of this we know will work its way out as the economy reopens and businesses adjust. but we need to pay attention. pay attention to what is happening to workers, pay attention to what is happening to wages. not just short term moves but over the long term. our eyes are open, we're on the case, but right now most of the evidence that i see suggests that this will be transitory and short lived. >> and the markets didn't slide too much over the big jump in inflation. but did end the day down on tuesday. right now u.s. futures, not a
1:50 am
lot of movement going on, but we'll keep an eye on where all of that goes. boeing is hitting some turbulence with production of its new dreamliner jet sending the company shares sliding. boeing was down a little over 4% at tuesday's closing bell. and that shaved more than 60 points off the dow. the company says that it has to slow production and postpone dream lliner deliveries after finding a structural flaw with the plane. pete muntean has the story. >> reporter: the latest pocket of turbulence for the 787 known as the dreamliner. important to note that these issues were exposed on aircraft before they left the boeing factory. the faa says that there is no risk to flight safety right now, but it could order inspections and fixes of planes already in the field if new data comes to light. these issues are with a critical bulkhead inned forward area of
1:51 am
the fuselage. inspections will take weeks and that slows down production. united airlines just ordered 200 of the once troubled boeing 737 max and boeing just recorded its busiest month for deliveries sense before the pandemic. pete muntean, cnn, washington. roger federer has made a decision on the upcoming summer olympics. will the 39-year-old tennis icon go for gold? we'll take a look next. fragrance essentias infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! one of the greatest tennis players is sitting out the tokyo olympics. patrick snell has that and more in our minute in sports. >> thanks so much. another famous name to add to the growing list of tennis players who won't compete in tokyo, the swiss legend roger federer citing injury, the 39 saying a knee set back led to the decision. and fallout after england
1:56 am
football received. hundreds of people gathering for an anti racism demonstration at a mural dedicated to one of those players. the very same mural defaced earlier in the week. at the all-star game, much attention on shohei ohtani who was credited with victory. first ever named as both a position player and a pitcher. meantime his teammate got mvp honors. and with that, it is right back to you this wednesday. thank you, patrick. thanks for your company. be sure to connect with me on twitter @rosemary cnn. "early start" is next. -hey. -hi.
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president biden getting a boost from senate democrats a multitrillion dollar deal to move forward on his agenda, but what could stand in the way. and coronavirus surging in 45 states, hear from people who didn't get the vaccine but wish they had. at this point we're in the preventable stage of this coronavirus pandemic. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we have reporting from capitol hill, kabul, istanbul, the white house and port-au-prince. i'm christine


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