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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 13, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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man mancini an inspiring performance after his battle with stage three colon cancer last year. alonzo would become the third player ever to win back-to-back derbies. six home runs more than 500 feet, which is a record, he's going to take the field in the all star game as the american league's starting pitcher and lead off hit. "new day" continues right now. i'm john berman with brianna keilar on this new day, the u.s. surgeon general joins us in moments as the coronavirus variant spreads as do conspiracies about the vaccine. the former tennessee official in charge of vaccinations says she's afraid for her state after she was fired for saying it's okay to vaccinate children. plus, the author of a new book about the final days of the
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trump presidency joins me live. why he says that trump was crazier than he thought. and gloria and emilio stefan join me live as the cuban government cracks down on unprecedented protests. welcome to our viewers in the united states, and all around the world, it is tuesday, july 13th. the pandemic, it's not over. new cases rising 47% over the past week. the more transmissible delta variant is exploding, but not all communities are being affected equally. about a third of the nation's cases come out of five states, florida, louisiana, arkansas, missouri, and nevada. in all five states, the percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated is below the national average. in some cases, well below.
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hospitalizations are ticking up again. nearing 20,000 for the first time in a month. an emergency medicine physician in springfield, missouri, told me yesterday that his sick covid patients are all unvaccinated. >> as they are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, they are unvaccinated. that is the absolute common denominator amongst those patients. i can see the regret on their face. we ask them because we want to know, you know, are you vaccinated. and it's very clear that a lot of them regret it. >> earlier this week, dr. fauci told cnn that he supports local vaccine mandates as does the white house, but the biden administration opposes the idea of federal mandates on vaccines. let's bring in the surgeon general of the united states, dr. vivek murthy. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. we know na fthat federal offici
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meeting yesterday with pfizer as pfizer came out and talked about a booster certainly before the federal government said that was necessary. the federal government saying it's not at this point, but i wonder how far off are we from the federal government recommending a booster shot for vulnerable americans, people like cancer patients or transplant patients who may have troubled immune systems. how far off are we from that? >> well, it's good to be with you this morning. what i'll tell you is we had a good conversation with pfizer yesterday. it's always helpful to see additional data that companies have, but i want to make clear that the data from pfizer is one part of a much larger puzzle, if you will, and we have to look the at data from multiple sources, laboratory data, clinical trial data, real world data from cohorts and look at just not from countries but the united states and other countries. all of that together will go into the decision about whether or not to recommend a booster. i think it's possible a booster
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will be needed. what we're looking for is clear evidence that immunity is waning and that's consequential in terms of more breakthrough infections. if and when we see that, i can tell you there will be recommendations made, and if boosters are required, we will have the supply to provide it to the public. >> will it be recommended for vulnerable americans before americans who are not vulnerable when it comes to their immune systems. >> it's a great question, and that's certainly very possible. we know that there are some groups of people, people who are immunocompromised, and that's a broad group, in particular, people who may be on chemotherapy or may be on drugs that strongly suppress the immune system, where sometimes they do need, you know, some additional help with building immunity. we are looking closely at the population to see whether or not a third dose in the case of mrna vaccines will may be required, and again, as soon as we see data that's compelling, that indicates it is, and we'll make that recommendation, but that very well could come as well.
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>> when will you know? >> we don't have a clear time line yet because it's driven in part by the data. we are constantly looking at the data, and it tells us there's a decrease in immunity, and at that point we'll go forth and make the recommendation. it's hard to predict because it's driven by what the data tells us. >> france right now has decided not to allow health staff to work if they are not vaccinated. we have heard anecdotal cases here in the u.s. of people say that they did catch covid from an unvaccinated health worker or an unvaccinated nursing home employee. we've heard that that has happened. should the u.s. be following suit and not allowing unvaccinated health staff to work? >> well, i can tell you this, having spent many of my years working in a hospital, we had
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mandates around vaccines, specifically the flu vaccine, that health care workers had to take that, you know, each year. that's part of how wie protect patients from infection. patients coming into hospitals are often vulnerable. some hospitals include a covid-19 vaccine in their requirements. i think that's a very reasonable thing for hospitals to do. i think that health care workers have a responsibility to protect the patients that they're caring for, and getting vaccinated to make sure that you don't pick up infection and transmit it to your patients is one of those ways that you can help protect the people you're charged in caring for. you will likely see more hospitals make that decision, but again, that's a decision of the hospital, of the health care institution. that's traditionally how it's been in the united states, and i think that's what we're going to see in the months ahead. >> will we see a recommendation, do you think, doctor, of people who are vaccinated needing to still get a covid test if they
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have been exposed in light of this new delta variant? >> so this too is the data driven decision. it depends on what we see in terms of breakthrough. right now, the data that we have assessed so far that the cdc has analyzed has led them to conclude that if, in fact, you are fully vaccinated, two weeks after your last dose, that your likelihood of becoming infected is quite low, which is why they made the recommendation that, you know, sort of exposure testing and quarantine is not required for people who are fully vaccinated. but again, we are constantly following the data, and if there is a case where we start to see more breakthrough infections, you know, in individuals who have been fully vaccinated because some amount of time has gone by or based on other circumstances, then we'll change the recommendations accordingly. at this point, the cdc is continuing to keep its recommendations as is, which means f you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to be tested if you are exposed.
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one clarification i should make here for everyone out there is that the cdc's guidance does very clearly say that if you have symptoms, regardless of your vaccination status that you should get tested and we know the systems of covid-19 mimic the symptoms of the flu or cold initially. it can be a runny nose or fatigue or fever or other such symptoms. in those cases, it is important for people to get tested. the reason i want to emphasize this, brianna, we have seen that many people are not getting tested around the country, even though they have symptoms. many people are thinking, covid is over. why do i need to get tested, and this is particularly happening in areas, unfortunately, where the vaccination rates are low which is where we want to be testing more. i want to encourage and remind people, if we have symptoms, please get tested regardless of your vaccination status. >> this brings us to an interesting case study, i guess
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you could say. bubba watson, professional golfer, he can't play in the fourth and final major of the year. he's vaccinated but he was exposed to someone that had coronavirus and now because of the strict rules in the u.k., he is being told he has to sit out. he does not have symptoms, to be clear. is that necessary in your view? >> again, you know, every country is going to make their own determinations based on the data, the determination we have made here in the united states is that if you are fully vaccinated and exposed that you do not have to quarantine. that's a decision we made here in the u.s. i recognize the u.k. has its own agencies that make their own decisions. i won't comment on theirs. i can tell you how we would operate here in the united states. >> right now, if you want to fly on an airplane, you have to wear a mask, right, that is the rule. but there's a bipartisan group of lawmakers who are asking the federal government if they can review the mask mandate. they're not asking to get rid of it, but what they're asking for
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is that in light of where we are in the pandemic, and in light of what we know about spread of covid on planes, if this is something that should be looked at. what do you think about that? is that something that is going to be reviewed here in the near term? >> i can tell you that the cdc is constantly reevaluating its guidance as new data emerges and that's how science should work is that we shouldn't be static, but we should change based on the evidence. if the evidence changes we should change. the cdc will look at that, but the determination they have made to date is that masks are required in those settings, and to be clear, what the science is telling us about people who are fully vaccinated is that the chances of both getting infected and transmitting infection are low. there are some circumstances people may choose to keep wearing their masks, if they're in settings where many people are, in fact, developing
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infection, and vaccination rates are low or personal circumstances, they are immunocompromised, with people unvaccinated. i have small kids who are not yet vaccinated. people will make decisions in that case that they may want to keep wearing masks and that's perfectly fine. what the cdc was saying in the guidance roeleased a month and half ago is people have a choice about what they do. they didn't say everyone should no longer wear masks or everyone has to keep wearing masks. they say if you're fully vaccinated you have a choice. some people will choose to continue wearing masks, and that is okay. >> yeah. i love my little kids, but i refer to them as my little vectors for a reason. dr. vivek murthy, thank you so much, we appreciate the updates on some very important topics here. >> of course. thank you so much, and about your kids and my kids, i should just say to all of those out there who have kids, one of the most important things we can do to protect our children who are not able to be vaccinated because they're under 12 is get
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vaccinated ourselves. if we get vaccinated, we build a barrier, and that barrier protects our children. do it for yourself, your community, the children, get vaccinated as soon as you can. >> all right. mr. surgeon general, thank you so much. john. former president trump has long insisted that the 2020 election was rigged. so rigged by whom, exactly. author michael wolf asked him that exact question. here's a dramatic reading of how that conversation went at mar-a-lago not long ago according to wolf. wolf, so who rigged it. trump, a group of people within the democratic party working along with big tech and the media. wolf, some names? >> trump, i can't give you names now. names are going to be revealed. how about where the lock boxes show up days later, in other words, they're supposed to be picked up. they shouldn't even be there. that was done by zuckerberg, but it was picked up and it comes days later and most of the votes in the boxes were for biden. you know, in areas that were
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good areas. wolf, this is a big thing that happened. somebody must have been coordinating this, no? trump, it's a coordinated effort, and it's also cancel culture. joining me now is michael wolf, author of the new book, "landslide, the final days of the trump presidency," and michael, i wanted to start with that because at the very end of the book, you basically publish a transcript of the conversation you had, long conversation you had with donald trump at mar-a-lago, not long ago. and i wanted to read that because one, it's a very simple but important question, who rigged it, that he couldn't answer, and two, this entire discussion feels completely untethered from reality. >> completely. it's in the loop. you start to talk to him, and you go, whoa, and it's curious because when i went down to mar-a-lago to have this conversation, and i had spoken to people around the president, and they were sort of feeling me out. and i was asking them kind of
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how far i could go, and the clear message was if you challenge the president on this, he will end the conversation. so as a journalist, that puts you into a kind of weird thing. what am i going to do. so i thought, okay, i'll just go with it. okay, the election was stolen. so tell me how. and he was entirely unable to do that, and he just sort of fell back on this weird math that he has. someone told him there were votes here, and on and on and on, and it escalates, but what you'll find yourself in is the conversation with someone who has, who lives in a separate reality. nothing about what he says is subscribed to by anybody around him, is believed myby anybody w
4:15 am
knows anything, is trusted by anyone who has literally spent time with him, his closest advisers. >> okay. and that's what's terrifying, perhaps, most of all, is he was surrounded in the white house in the campaign in a world of people who you say knew he was wrong, knew he was borderline crazy, yet did nothing about it. you write quote by the friday after election day, we're talking early on, by the friday after election day, there was not a single white house aide or trump campaign official or trump pollster who believed that the vote count could be reasonably or effectively challenged. they knew it was nuts. >> but let me step back here because it's not that they didn't do anything. it's not that they were complicit in this. they literally stepped back. so they're not helping him in a way many of them in the white house, in the campaign, in the republican party are actively trying to put the brakes on this
4:16 am
or undermine him. he is a man alone. his lawyers are saying we're not going to do this. we're not going to fight these cases. these data people are saying this is -- we just don't have the data for this. so he's a man. from november, within days of november 3rd, he is absolutely alone. and he is fighting this effort to overturn the election. this is where it really gets cr crazy, which would be one of the biggest legal efforts in history of american jury jurs prudence, is most of the time frankly drunk. that's what's going on here. we're in the land not of a new
4:17 am
despot, of a new, you know, of american politics going in some horrible direction. we're in the land of absurdity. >> and i want to get to giuliani in depth in a second because he is the second central figure in this book, i think, beyond donald trump. but i just want to suggest, you say they're islands unto themselves, giuliani and trump, and other people were fighting them but it was behind the scenes. any one of these people could have come out publicly. justin rimer talks about an e-mail where he calls trump's effort a joke. >> "the washington post" were lifted holy from my book, news thieves over there. >> let me read out loud what you reported in your book. this is justin rimer who now says the trump efforts were a joke. he said rudy giuliani was in a restaurant, right, near rimer, the mayor sitting in the restaurant but in full battle
4:18 am
mode with a few drinks in him damn well got rimer himself on the phone, who the f do you think you are, how can you be going against the president. you need to resign, and resign to want because you're going to get fired. >> and he calls the head of the rnc to pursue this, and rimer is not fired. everybody goes, one of those things, okay, we'll just let this pass. one of the interesting things about rimer, and the post made this a legal issue, and what he was saying to his colleagues in the rnc, this is a crazy thing for us to do. why should we fight this election challenge. we should be fighting democrats, not this cooky stuff. >> all i'm saying is that reimer and others could have at any point said i know this is a sham, i know this is a joke,
4:19 am
publicly in addition to just the e-mails. let's transition to giuliani here. this is serious stuff that you write about and you're alleging here. you write of rudy giuliani that he was a pariah in some ways within trump world. staffers believed giuliani was buzzed, nearly all of the time, that he had significant memory problems and lived in a vast world of data and technology disorganization, and indeed that he was one of the root causes of the trump administration's failures. >> many more than one person very close to the president would say to me that this -- that it's on rudy, the failures of this administration, the absurdities of this administration, rudy was the toxic center. i mean, i think it was rudy plus the president. but yes, it's these two men, both of them in their own way
4:20 am
having departed reality, who are at the center of -- who have been at the center of this country for the last four years. >> you write of giuliani, you mention of giuliani in other places, what do you think it is that drives him, i have heard you say it's desperation. >> i think to be at the center of attention, to be, i mean, i think this is a man who can't stand the fact that he was pushed out, that he's, you know, a non-player over the hill. he didn't become president. his career, petered out, and because of this he was willing to do anything, willing to say anything. i mean, the secret to getting along with donald trump, it's a very simple secret, merely to say what he wants you to say. if you do that, he embraces you, and even knowing better and trump would go around saying rudy is drunk, rudy falls
4:21 am
asleep, rudy is, you know, should be put out to pasture. but it doesn't make any difference because if rudy was the only person, in many cases he was, the only person saying what the president wanted to hear, he's back in, he's running the show. >> in your opinion, in control of his faculties. >> rudy or the president, in my opinion, neither are in control of their faculties. >> listen, stick around, michael because there's a lot more i want to ask you about election night itself, and also about what's going on in mar-a-lago right now. >> great. >> don't go far, we'll be right back. brianna. the governor of texas is threatening to arrest democratic lawmakers after they fled the state in an effort to block new restrictive voting laws. ♪ ♪ oh, focaccia! ah, there's no place like panera. enjoy the toasty, saucy chipotle chicken avocado melt on freshly baked bread.
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back now with michael wolf, author of the new book, landslide, the final days of the trump presidency. we were talking about rudy giuliani and the role he played inside trump world, almost as a pariah, in some cases, almost as a circus freak here. >> literally everybody in the administration and in the family is trying to keep rudy out. >> you write, almost everybody left in the white house was fighting not to overturn the election but fighting the band of odd balls and irregulars that the president had enlisted to fight the election. >> everybody knew that these were crazy people. everybody knew that what was going on here was abnormal, and dangerous and on top of everything else, ludicrous. >> all right. you also write extensively about election night itself. and there's across journalism, people who point to the moment arizona was called by fox. something flipped a switch by trump. he was upset when arizona was
4:27 am
called by fox for joe biden. you suggest that it was rupert murdoch who ultimately made the decision, the final decision to make that call. you write he got his father on the phone to ask if he wanted to make the early call. his father with a signature grunt added f him. fox disputes this. they say the account is false. fox news media president jay wallace was called into the control room. any other version of the story is wildly inaccurate. >> they just lie. i am rupert murdoch's biographer. i have spent more time with murdoch than any other journalist not in his employ. at this point in my life and career, i know what rupert thinks before he thinks it. there's no question here. i don't suggest this, i know for a fact this is what happened. there is no possibility that rupert murdoch on election night
4:28 am
is not calling almost every shot. this is the day of all days for rupert. >> again, i did read the fox statement so people know what fox says about it. you say bill hemmer called the trump campaign to tell them that fox was about to call arizona for biden and hemmer says that never happened. it's completely untrue. >> right. and the person he called, jason miller, says, oh, yes, that happened, and there were many people around who heard it happen. there's no question here. i mean, they're just disemablers and liars. i want to talk about mar-a-lago today because you were there. >> i was. >> you write trump is not just a former president living in a florida country club, he's also the greeter and tumbler pressing the flesh. he and melania dine behind a red
4:29 am
rope, like zoo animals. >> as i thought about this, because everyone's clearly looking at them, but in a way they're more like a bride and groom every night. they're the wedding party at the head table. they don't really talk to each other. they just spend all of dinner being greeted. trump is going on, dehis conversation is interesting because it's not toward one person. it's like this conversation and then he can just move it, and it just keeps going, it's like a spread, and melania. she's very gracious. hello, hi, thank you so much. yes, yes. i mean, this goes on, and this goes on every night this is what they do. >> so one of the former president's obsessions over the election and life seems to be how the supreme court wasn't there for him after the election. he seems to think that the justices that he nominated owed
4:30 am
it to them, particularly brett kavanaugh, he says he feels betrayed. >> it is a very clear quid pro quo. he put them on the court, he defended them. therefore it is their obligation to defend him. and indeed, throughout the election challenge, giuliani would say to the president, as they lost court case after court case after court case, giuliani would say, well it doesn't matter because we're going to get to the supreme court. he would even say it's good we lost this case, we get to the supreme court faster, and of course the supreme court will decide for us. they are in our pocket. >> i want to leave with this question here, so where does this go from here? what does it mean that there is this person who you think is untethered from reality and borderline crazy saying these things? it clearly has an impact with people who follow him.
4:31 am
>> yeah, no, and i think, i mean, there are these two interesting sides. all of the people closest to him completely reject almost -- i mean, they acknowledge his delusion, they reject his delusion, but we have a good part of the country, 25%, 30%, maybe 40%, who is totally in the thrawl of this man. there are two questions, what does this mean, where does this go, and how did this happen? maybe the how did this happen question is the one that we have to answer, and my answer to that is that donald trump is not a politician. he doesn't care about being a politician. he is a performer. and that's the thing that moves him. the thing that moves him is the attention of other people and he has so connected a line that he
4:32 am
will do whatever he has to do to sustain that attention. >> michael wolf, the book is "landslide," i appreciate you being with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. just ahead, cuban american hit maker, gloria and emilio esteban join us live. and could democrats pay a price for being too woke. we will ask a top democrat on the hill. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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its military after days of violence, and looting. what began as protests over the imprisonment of the former president has spiralled out of control. at least ten south africans are dead, and more than 700 have been arrested according to authorities there. cnn's david mckenzie is live for
4:37 am
us in jo hannesburg, and the president is calling for calm as he's deploying the military. what effect is this having on the chaos? >> brianna, the chaos has been just all across the country, particularly where i'm standing. you can see the military behind me. they're on a patrol. if you just join us here for a short moment, wait there, sir, the military has been trying to stop people from looting malls all across the city today. earlier there was just signs of complete impunity, people looting, taking what they can for hours. no real presence of the police until the military came in. there has been at least one instance of live rounds being used that i witnessed and as you can see, this would normally be a vibrant part of south joburg, it's the armies out here with the automatic weapons trying to restore calm. the president said he wants calm to be here in the country but really they haven't listened. this is all stemming originally
4:38 am
from the imprisonment of a former president of south africa, jacob zimmer, which kicked off this violence and looting and you get a sense its criminal elements that are taking advantage of the situation. we've seen so much chaos today and yesterday throughout the city. this is sueta, one of the shining lights of the area, completely gutted, and it's very tragic to see that this country in the midst of a hideous wave of covid-19 there are even vaccination sites that have been stopped from operating the last few days. the military is thin on the ground, despite what you're seeing behind me, and there really is a sense that calm needs to be restored now in south africa. brianna, john. >> well, the scene is really just unbelievable there. david, we know that you'll keep an eye on it. david mckenzie, live for us in johannesburg. the government of cuba
4:39 am
cracking don on dissent. cnn reporters covering the new hot spots on america's doorstep. >> i'm matt rivers in port-au-prince haiti. the more time that goes by, the more we learn about the suspects, my colleague evan perez, reported that some of the suspects have direct ties to u.s. law enforcement agencies as informants, including at least one suspect who worked previously as an informant for the drug enforcement administration, the d.e.a. admitting that in a statement but saying at no time were any of these suspects working on behalf of the d.e.a. during this assassination. still, the longer that time goes on, the more links between what happened here on the island and the united states seem to be appearing. >> i'm patrick ottoman in havana where cuba's president has said that the thousands of protesters that took to the streets to call for change are criminals.
4:40 am
he has called on supporters of revolution to take back the cities and towns where we saw these unprecedented protests, and throughout the day on monday, there was a heavy police presence. there's also been widespread internet disruptions as apparently the cuban government is trying top prevent cubans from posting pictures an d videos of the protests on social media. >> that is cuba libre, the title of this 1998 hit by gloria estefan, and her husband emilio written as homage to their homeland, a cuban american singer, song writer, actress, and businesswoman, and immigrated to the u.s. from cuba in 1959. emilio estefan is grammy award
4:41 am
winning producer, and businessman who fled the country as a teenager. gloria and emilio joining us now from separate cities here at the moment. i am so eager to talk to both of you about what we are seeing in cuba. i know that you left when you were just 2, gloria, but being cuban american just defines so much of your art and so i'll start with you, gloria, if you can just speak to what you are feeling as you have been watching these protests and this crack down unlike anything that you have seen in your lifetime? >> absolutely. you know, we were raised on cuban water and soil through our parents because the plan was always to go back. they never thought they would be here this long. of course this amazing country opened its arms to all of us, a lot of cuban americans that have thrived here, and what we want for cuba is the freedom that we enjoy here, and throughout many parts of the world that have been frozen in time for a long
4:42 am
time, and seeing these things is bittersweet because we know that it's necessary. we know that what they're doing is what needs to be done. this has to come from the cuban people. they have to raise their voices to say they have had enough, and at the same time, we know the repr repressive measures that the government takes over people. they are shutting down the electric, they have isolated them from the world. of course the minute social media came into play everywhere in the world, we knew this would be a big opening there, and it would be a big danger for the government, so i think we're seeing the cracks in this system that has been able to keep them isolated so long, but through the advent of the internet and social media, it's just getting out of their hands and i just hope that it's with as little violence as possible because it's a very repressive government. >> we're seeing, emilio, the government respond by trying to shut down social media. there's only one telecommunications company in cuba, so this isn't particularly hard for the government to do.
4:43 am
do you think those limits will quell the protests and quell the discontent from many cubans? >> absolutely. the worst thing that happened to cuba right now is technology. so many years, so many people died, so many political problems, prisoners, it's been so difficult for people. even i was thinking this morning, we're only 90 miles from the united states, 60 years, so bad for everybody. >> gloria, i know that there are many things about this moment in particular that have cubans v extremely frustrated, driving them to the streets, there's a lack of medication. there's a high covid rate. there's a lack of food. you have sanctions from the united states that means cubans aren't getting the help that they might ordinarily get from family in america. what is it to be cuban at this
4:44 am
moment? >> well, you know, for the cubans there, it's very difficult, and i have to say i personally don't agree with isolated cuba from their family members. i think travel is crucial, and i think that's one of the difficulties that they're experiencing is for many years, the exiles were the gross national product of cuba, well over a billion dollars a year going to the island, but going directly to the families. the embargo, the u.s. embargo, what it does is sanction the government, and the biggest embargo has been from the cuban government to its people because they have well been able to buy goods from anyone else, china, the u.s. buys a lot of goods from, all of latin america, yet somehow they end up in the tourist shots being sold to tourists at prices that cubans can't afford. the embargo that needs to end is the embargo the cuban government has on its people. they have the goods and they don't give it to them.
4:45 am
it's a very difficult situation. and the easier it is for family members to help their family there is only going to help the people. those sanctions are very difficult for the cuban people there at this moment. >> emilio, what is your message to protesters. >> i said, you know, we bring life to cuba. i think we're really getting close because technology is showing the world everything that we have been doing for so many years, so much pain, so many prisoners, so many people die trying to come, i mean, it's so difficult for the families. but i see even the old generation, how they feel so happy, what is happening, it's about time. i mean, so close to the united states that we just ask the world to look at this, and to help us, you know, to pray for this. >> and gloria, your message to the biden administration? >> to the biden administration, they need to open their ears, try to find what ways we can help the cuban people. when i was in the u.n., i was a
4:46 am
public delegate in the united nations in 1992, the year that the u.s. lost the embargo vote for the first time because of the tourist act and the cuban democracy act that punished third countries or u.s. companies in third countries from dealing with cuba. we need to find new ways. they wouldn't let the embassy that the u.s. sent to check on cuban rights and jails, they wouldn't let them into cuba. this is a rogue government that doesn't listen to anyone, that doesn't care what sanctions or what may be put upon them. they're punishing the cuban people for speaking out and saying the things that they need to say. i think this has to be a world pressure on cuba. other countries in europe are in there. they have businesses there. france, italy, spain, i would ask all of these countries to support the people that are speaking out and they're trying to, you know, express their
4:47 am
desire to be free, and this needs to be a world event. there is not one government or one thing that can be done that is going to sway the government, in my opinion. so we have to give as much support to the people that are speaking out and try to get organizations in. i don't know how because it really has been impossible even for the u.n. to do, so but to try to support these people that are now being jailed for speaking out, and the more that we spread that word throughout social media and throughout any way we can, the more difficult it is for the cuban government to keep a lid on what's going on there. >> yeah, this unprecedented moment in cuba that we are witnessing. glo gloria and emilio, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much, brianna. and up next, do democrats have a wokeness problem? we asked a chair of the house democratic caucus. >> and what former president trump wanted to do to leakers, new revelations about his last months in office.
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democrats control the white house, the house of representatives and they're clinging to the slimmest majorities in the u.s. senate. some democratic strategists are worried the gains they made in
4:51 am
2020 could be erased. here's democratic legislator james carville. >> i'm tired of people being woke. after the pandemic they want to go about their lives, they want to enjoy their friends. they don't want to be nervous about how you address them or talk to them or anything. and, you know, that's just where people are. >> joining us now is congressman hakeem jeffries, democrat from new york and the chair of the house democratic caucus. congressman, thanks so much for being with us today. it's not just james carville. it's eric adams the democratic nominee for mayor here in new york city. democrats can'ting so idealistic that they can't be realistic. what do you think of that? >> i think the most important thing president biden is doing, i think eric as mayor will do, is to solve problems for everyday americans. i agree the people that i represent in frepredominantly bk
4:52 am
neighborhoods, bedford/stuyvesant, they don't use language woke. they're concerned about housing displacement, gentrification, educating their children, quality of life issues, a rise in gun violence. i think what is going to continue to be important and we're seeing this leadership from joe biden, is for us to solve problems in anestthese ar and if we do so we'll continue to be successful politically. >> people want to receive money for child tax credit. the way david gregory put it on our show yesterday, it may not be fair, but what he suggested is the way that some of this stuff is being used against democrats could be harmful to democratic aspiration. so how concerned do you have to be about how certain things are being used against democrats, whether it was defund the police which was last year, most democrats don't want to defund the police anyway. or the argument over critical
4:53 am
race theory even if it is being created by the right? >> this is an issue the result of the fact the republicans really aren't a functional party right now. in many ways they're just a cult of personality relative to donald trump. they've got no views. these are people who are supporting the insurrection, by and large, and abandoning democracy. while at the same time, democrats are fighting to crush the virus, to provide direct relief and assistance to everyday americans as you indicated, we're going to do so in a phenomenal way, child tax credit payments begin this thursday, july 15. that's transformational. we're going to build back opportunity in every single zip code. we have issues we're working on and republicans don't. so they are always going to manipulate, attack and try to confuse the american people. our challenge will be to continue to do the work and to get our message out. >> you talk about the child tax credit. $3600 for children under 6,
4:54 am
3,000 for children 6 to 17. this is spaced out over time. the first payment july 15th. this at least as of now is temporary, it's a one-year thing. you talk about it being transformational. how is it transformational if it's just one year? >> people are struggling now. president biden and the democrats were very clear. when we emerge from this pandemic we're not going to go back to normal. there were challenges pre-pandemic. almost half the american people reported that they couldn't afford a sudden unexpected $400 expense, and so we've got to create a better situation for middle class families, for working families, for low-income families. that's what the child tax credit payment are going to do beginning this month and continuing through the end of the year. and then certainly as we deal with the end of the year spending agreement, we're going to have to work to extend it. >> you talked about the select committee in investigating the january 6 insurrection. the former president has i think
4:55 am
even beyond whitewashing, which was the criticism before, has entered this new phase when he discusses the insurrection. listen. >> you had over a million people there, which the press doesn't like to report at all because it shows too much, too much activity, too much, too much spirit and faith and love. there was such love at that rally. the crowd was unbelievable. and i mentioned the word love. the love, the love in the air, i've never seen anything like it. >> first of all, he's wrong about the crowd size as usual. but love in the air, is that how you see it? >> you know, i was there on january 6. i was on the floor of the house, and there were individuals who were there to assassinate speaker pelosi, hang mike pence, hunt down members of congress, more than 140 capitol police officers and metropolitan d.c. police officers were seriously injured. some have lost their lives as a result of the events of january 6. it was an attack on the congress, the capitol, the constitution, and is shameful
4:56 am
that the former twice impeached president continues to perpetrate the big lie. what's even worse is that house republican leadership, kevin mccarthy and others, continue to provide aid and comfort to the big lie. that should frighten the american people because they are working overtime to try to take back the house of representatives and move this country in a different direction. >> people need to think of the word love and look at the video we've all seen from that day and think about that for a second. congressman, i appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, john. president biden preparing for a major address just hours from now. we're going to go live to the white house. >> and tennessee's top vaccine official tells us why she was terminated. ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪
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