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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪ hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. just ahead here on cnn "new "newsroom" -- italy crowned europe's new king of football, crushing england's hopes in a nail-biter of a match. but the euro 2020 loss has some english players facing racist abuse online.
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we will have details and live reports from london and rome. later, millions of people are under severe heat warning in the western u.s. the extreme temperatures are fueling wild fires across nearly a dozen states. a celebration more than 50 years in the making. italy is once again lifting the trophy as european football champions after their win over england in a dramatic penalty shootout. thundering cheers from this crowd in rome as they claim the first major title in 15 years sunday and their first european championship since 1968. those celebrations repeated in cities across italy from milan
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down to naples. england fans left wembley stadium in london, they hoped their team would finally end their lost quest for a major international title. it was not to be. and we are tracking all the but first we head to "world sports" alex thomas for more on this dramatic final. good to see you. what a game. talk us through the highlights here. >> rosemary, it was 55 years between the two times that england's men's football team have been in a major final. the 1966 world cup, which they won and now the 2020 euro final delayed from last year by the covid pandemic. so no wonder tens of thousands of people flocked here just to soak up the atmosphere, the kick
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off 8:00 in the evening local time. giving fans hours to drink and be mary. but as far as inside the stadium is concerned, where 75% of the 90,000 capacity were allowed in, so well over 60,000 watching luke shell score the first, and then luca equalizing for the second half. to decide the title it went to a penalty shootout. england missing three successive kicks. all three had their penalties saved in the goal or hitting the post. misery for england in a penalty shootout again. although credit for them for getting this far. a joy for italy and their coach
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who has revived their team. manchini admitting he didn't want it to go to spot kicks either. >> translator: it was quite unpleasant to have to go all the way to the penalty shootout. i think we would have deserved to finish the game earlier than that. but we're happy for italians. italians living here, all over the world. we have given them a wonderful month of success and joy and we are happy about that. >> italy european football champions for the second time since 1968. they are back on top of the soccer world. credit to them, they go back to italy for celebrations later on monday. but the one sad note i mentioned earlier, was the behavior of
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some england fans. yes, a minority but a few of them here and around the tourist hot spots. bottles being thrown, abuse, fights breaking out and many tried to get without a ticket, some succeeded. the authorities initially saying it wasn't a big deal and then later saying fans had got in and they were trying to identify them and throw them out of the game. lots of stories on social media about small children being scared. and we saw on street level the carnage by fans who had been so joyous during the day. but the atmosphere did get on the side sunday. >> many thanks for bringing us up to date on the game. appreciate it. as alex mentioned, italy's victory played out in front of
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60 t 60,000 spectators. police say they arrested dozens of people for a variety of offenses and they're also investigating racist and social media comments directed towards members of the england team. let's bring back our team in london and rome. let's talk about how england fans are coping with the crushing defeat. but also give us the latest on the arrests made over racism against players and then the shocking and vile abuse that was online. >> reporter: absolutely, rosemary. you have three players as you heard, they did miss those penalty kicks and those players are facing disgusting social media abuse right now. soka is 19 years old, something that's trending on twitter right
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now, hashtag, he's only 19 years old. that's how some england fans are responding. we know that racist abuse against sports player is nothing new. but what is new here is this england team. i'll tell you why, they have come in a sensitive moment and taken a chance and use their platform. at the beginning of the tournament, the manager penned a letter essentially saying i want my players to advocate and fight for the causes that are near and dear to their hearts and that's racial justice, social equality for many of these players. south gate wants the team to represent a sense of nationalism that is inclusive. there was a honeymoon you were seeing pictures with the
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players, hashtag choose love, this team can't exist without immigration. and now you wake up seeing the backlash against the black lives matter movement. this country has faced a huge backlash to the black lives matter movement. these players were booed at times when they took a knee. a lot of groups warning this morning to be careful, cautious because they have seen threats not just against the players but against people of color, a sense of marginalization. the question now, yes, the players did lose the match but there was something greater that they were trying to win here, they were trying to win acceptance, a sense of fairness and equality in this country that would not have been won
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overnight. >> i believe there will be comments for that racist abuse online and elsewhere, of course, at the game. thanks for that. and italy's fans, of course, celebrating their big win. what are they telling you? >> reporter: you know, the excitement of last night has just, you know, turned to national pride this morning. there's a sense of accomplishment, a sense of togetherness. you have football. soccer is really part of the italian dna, it was events like last night you see that come together. we have to listen to a couple of -- listen to what a couple of fans had to say. >> an infinite joy reminded us of 2006 when we beat france and in the penalty shootout. after 15 years the penalty shoot out is always more magnificent. >> reporter: that's how everybody feels watching this, there was silence after england
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scored the first girl early on. and when the game finally ended in penalties, there was an eruption of national pride and celebration in this country. that's something italy has needed after the pandemic and it's needed for a long, long time since they didn't qualify for the world cup in 2018. i think we'll see this pride carry through not just on the soccer fields but i think it'll translate to the country as a whole. >> it has been a difficult year. this is exactly what italy needed. many thanks to you both. one small step for a daredevil billionaire and a giant leap for space travel. richard branson had been the first to reach the edge of space on a craft made by his own company. it was an exciting moment on cnn as unity attached from its mother ship and roared high
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above our planet. rachel was there and spoke with the newly minted space travelers himself, richard branson. >> reporter: the company saying richard branson's maiden flight was flawless. and no one is more excited about that, than richard branson himself. i had the opportunity to speak with him after the flight about the excitement and energy of it. >> i had dreamt of go to space since i was a kid. i've always pictured what it would be like. and it was just far more extraordinary than i could ever, ever imagine. from the -- from going 3,000 miles an hour in seven or eight seconds, being pressed back into the seat. the roar of the rocket. to arriving in space and the
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silence. and, you know, to look out the window and seeing how glorious the color of the skies. to unbuckling and now floating, the spaceship is upside down. and seeing these three float around underneath me like giant fish. get out of the way, i want to see the earth. and then, of course, when we came back into the earth's atmosphere, the shuddering as the spaceship comes back in. anyway, we had an extraordinary day. >> reporter: but luckily for him this was not a dream, it was reality. and space enthusiasts around the globe are celebrating. that's because they hope this
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fourth manned space flight will usher in a new era of space travel. the company saying they expect to start commercial operations in early 2022, that's when people like yourself and i could potentially one day hop a flight on their vehicle. it's going to cost us. right now those tickets selling around $200,000 a pop. a cost virgin galactic said might go up before going down. now branson hopes his success will encourage others who are dreaming of their own moment in space. >> to all of you kids down there, i was once a child with a dream looking up to the stars. now i'm out in a space ship with wonderful other adults looking down to our beautiful earth. for the next generation of
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dreamers, if we can do this, just imagine what you can do. >> come on up. as the delta variant prompts concerns of a new surge of covid infections. drug maker pfizer is set to brief officials on boosters yesterday. last week they reported lowered immunity among people who received their shots awhile ago. but top expert, dr. anthony fauci, said there's not enough data to support a third jab yet. >> there are studies being done now, ongoing as we speak, about looking at the phfeasibility abt if and when we should be boosting people. this isn't something we say no we don't need a boost, the story has ended forever. there's a lot of work right ghouing on in real time to
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determine if we might need a boost, but the fda and cdc, we don't feel we need to tell people right now you need to be boosted. >> infections edged up over the weekend. the highest reported number in the last two weeks. while vermont becomes the first u.s. state to fully vaccinate two-thirds of its entire population, administering 838,000 vaccine shots. >> and earlier i spoke with dr. del rio from emery university school of medicine, he said the important thing right now is to get as many people vaccinated as possible before worrying about boosters. >> i think with the delta variant, again i want to stress this to people, you have been fully immunized you have nothing to worry. if you have not been immized, you have to worry because this is highly transmissible and
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spreads quickly. we need to get more people vaccinated to protect ourselves from the delta variant. the problem is there's not only people who are hesitant but there are people saying i won't get vaccinated. i think hyper targeted marketing will help, go to the community, talk to them and understand what the issues are. you need to work with trusted members of the community, such as churches and others. and it's important for the fda to give full approval for the vaccine soon. as long as they're under emergency use authorization i think a lot of people will be hesitant to get vaccinated. we are seeing a rare outpouring of rage in cuba and now the united states is weighing in.
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>> thousands of protesters marched in the streets of several cities, including havana, the capital. they say they are angry over economic conditions and the way the government is handling the coronavirus pandemic. police used tear gas to break up some demonstrations. the white house national security adviser tweeting, the u.s. supports freedom of expression and assembly across cuba and would strongly condemn any violence or targeting of peaceful protesters exercising their rights. we'll have a live report coming up on cnn's "early start," that's the top of next hour. part of south korea are facing the highest levels of coronavirus restrictions. the prime minister said the next two weeks people in seoul and
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neighboring regions are advised to stay home as much as possible. the country reported 1,100 new cases sunday. only about 11% of the population has been fully vaccinated. in australia, new south wales is reporting its highest jump of covid cases this year, 116 cases on sunday, all in sidney and so the lockdown is scheduled to stay. a rising number of covid ininfections in tokyo with the olympic games set to begin in 11 days. authorities are asking restaurants, bars and stores to close early. and later, ioc president, thomas bach is scheduled to welcome arriving delegations. crews to work tirelessly in surfside, florida in the search
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for more victims. after the break, the latest on the recovery efforts at the collapsed condo. that's next. and dozens of wildfires are being fueled by an extreme heat wave across the western u.s. when will the dossier dangerous conditions let up? we'll check in with our meteorologist next. it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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well ten more victims pulled from the rubble of the collapsed condo in surfside, florida has been identified. more than two weeks since the disaster, crews are dedicated in their task of painstakingly sifting through the debris. cnn's natasha chen has our report. >> reporter: 90 people are now confirmed dead. 31 people potentially still unaccounted for. the search teams have removed 14 million pounds of concrete and debris. they have heavy machinery lifting the pieces so delicately we're told they found an undamaged bottle of wine and a ring, other people's haeirlooms that mean so much to the
1:24 am
families. they brought rabbis on the scene to understand what may be significant objects. here's the police chief talking about that effort. >> it could be the smallest thing that to a common person would be a container but to many it means generations. our officers are learning so much about culture, there's so many dynamics here with the sadness and the sorrow. there's a unity component we learn about each other so we respect that and honor that. >> he said there's a database families can update items with the significance they're looking for. and as teams find things we're carefully cataloging it and at a later date they can connect with families to reunite them with belongings. the israeli defense forces left sunday and the virginia team is also on its way out. but the fire chief did say the
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number of personnel throughout these two and a half weeks has remained about the same and this is still a 24-hour operation. natasha chen cnn, surfside, florida. more than 24 million americans are under an excessive heat warning right now as unusually high temperatures stretch into a new week. the extreme and unrelenting heat wave combined with lack of rain in many areas is fuelling dozens of wildfires right now. authorities say more than 11,000 firefighters are battling those flames. some places are under evacuation orders, the national fire interagency center said there are at least 55 wildfires burning in 12 states. one of the newest fires ignited sunday on the route to yosemite national park. and for the latest we want to go to meteorologist tyler molden.
1:26 am
any relief in sight? >> reporter: there is a slight relief coming our way, but nothing to write home about. it's still going to be hot. this long duration heat wave is going to wax and wain up and down the coast. we'll go from the southwest to the northwest to the plains. we'll deal with this for the foreseeable future. we have heat alerts up for everyone here in the pink and the orange. the pink is heat warnings, heat advisories in orange. you can see that temperatures are going to be ten to 15 degrees above average this afternoon. once we get into tuesday and wednesday we see the temperatures start to cool down and no longer are we dealing with record temperatures but we're still dealing with above average temperatures. in palm springs we cool down to afternoon, 109. in las vegas instead of 113 we'll be at 108. instead of ten degrees above average we'll be about five degrees above average.
1:27 am
with your morning lows we'll still be oppressive in the morning hours. in las vegas when you wake up tomorrow, you'll be waking up to 89 degrees. we're in the low 70s all the way through thursday when it comes to your morning temperatures in salt lake city. the record heat does wane but it stays above average for us southwest and we see the temperatures shoot up across the northern plains. salt lake city 104 for a high today and cool off to 97 come thursday. 86 in sacramento by thursday. it's going to continue to be quite hot for us all the way through midweek. and rosemary, we have the heat, we have the drought, also. 94% of the west coast is in a drought.
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you combine those two together and it's more fires for the west. >> thank you for keeping a close eye on that, we appreciate it. election lies were a big hit at the conservative political action conference but will that work with swing voters if donald trump wants another run at the white house. we will have analysis on that just ahead. plus as haiti confronts a political crisis in the wake of wednesday's presidential assassination, police say they have arrested a master mind behind that attack. back with that in just a moment. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature. most bladder leak pads were similar. until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. with two rapiddry layers. for strong protection, that's always discreet. question your protection. try always discreet.
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about his election loss at the conservative political action conference in texas, and it seems to be paying off for the former u.s. president. he won the straw poll of attendees when asked who they would like to see run for president in 2024. sara murray has details from dallas. >> reporter: donald trump lapped up the attention from an adoring crowd here in dallas on sunday he delivered a speech that lasted for more than an hour where he ran through his greatest hits, of course, the election of 2020 and slamming the biden administration. >> we were doing so well until the rigged election came along. we were doing well. but today that heritage is under threat like never before. who would have thought this could have happened. even bernie sanders is saying, i never thought this could happen. he's mild by comparison. in a matter of mere months joe
1:33 am
biden has brought our country to the brink of ruin. right here in texas we are the epicenter of a border and migration crisis unlike anything we have seen before. >> reporter: of course you heard the mention of the rigged election at the top even though there's no evidence of widespread fraud. it was appear the crowd was in former president trump's corner. they did a straw poll here that showed that 70% of the folks at cpac would vote for him. the closest person behind him was 21%, ron desantis behind him. normally cpac is a big moment for up and coming republican stars. we didn't see as much of that this time around. everyone is waiting to see what
1:34 am
the former president decides to do. he didn't give them an answer during the speech. he said he knows what he wants to do but he's not going to be announcing it, sara murray cnn. i spoke earlier about cpac with ron brownstein, i asked if donald trump could win over swing voters. >> midterm elections turn out to be about base, so it's possible that republicans can have a successful midterm election without really testing whether this kind of trump-ification of the party would be more for the swing voters than 2020, the reason is, for joe biden, around
1:35 am
the metros, they voted democratic. and the republican party continues to place their relationship with the voters at risk by buying in to so many kind of the trump tropes, especially the idea that the election was stolen. i think we're not going to know the answer to that until 2024 but there's a lot of reasons for republicans to be concerned about what their continued subservience for the former president means for their votes in the republican-leaning white collar suburbs. >> he also told me he thinks around a quarter of republicans are still uncomfortable with trump. haitian police have arrested a man they say helped orchestrate wednesday's presidential assassination. the announcement came the same day fbi officials came to assist
1:36 am
in the investigation. >> reporter: we have an update on sunday evening from haitian authorities after they held a press conference giving updates into the investigation of the assassination of president jovenel moise. authorities holding that sunday evening press conference in part to announce the arrest of a 63-year-old man they say was born here in haiti. they allege that man helped recruit and then organize here in haiti this group of clolombin mercenaries. upon raiding this man's home authorities say they found boxes of ammunition, shooting targets, pistol and rifle holsters. meanwhile the political situation here is tenuous at best with leaders saying they
1:37 am
met with a u.s. delegation here in port-au-prince to talk about the political situation, talk about who should be running the country right now, and to talk about elections that should be happening at some point in the future. not only to elect a new president but also to elect new members of parliament here in haiti but based on those public statements it's clear no consensus was reached at the meeting and when there is political disagreement in haiti that can lead to protests that can sometimes turn violent. that's what we'll look for over the next few days and weeks as haiti tries to grapple with the assassination of its president. matt rivers, haiti. we are hearing from haiti's first lady for the first time in the attack. in a tweet she encouraged haitians to persevere.
1:38 am
while cnn has not confirmed this audio, officials say it is the first lady speaking. >> translator: tears will never dry up in my eyes, my heart will still bleed but we cannot allow the president die a second time. it's true i'm crying, with you we can't let the country go astray. a taliban offensive is making some countries make choices. india is recalling its staff from kandahar, saying the situation is temporary. but as the u.s. withdrawals, the taliban is not just gaping ground near kandahar. this video shows them fighting in tacar province. most of that region has already
1:39 am
fallen to theal taliban. a court has handed down a 15 year sentence to the former chief of the royal court. the trial is linked to a bizarre incident that saw the king's half brother detained. we look at the alleged plot. >> reporter: behind the walls of jordan's state security court, a trial like no other this kingdom has ever seen. some dubbing it jordan's trial of the century. it focuses on the sedition case that sent shock waves across the region and beyond. >> i'm making this recording today -- >> reporter: it started in april with this. >> -- to try to say what happened. >> reporter: the king's half brother telling the world he was effectively under house arrest. >> i'm being cutoff.
1:40 am
>> reporter: and lashed out at the country's leadership. >> i am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance, for the corruption and for the incompetence that has been prevalent in our g governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years and has been getting worse by the year. i'm not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. >> reporter: more than a dozen people including a former royal court chief and financial minister were rounded up. in a letter to his nation, the king described the crisis as the most painful he's ever faced. telling them, quote, the sedition has been nipped in the bud, it came from within and outside our home and nothing compares to my shock, pain anger.
1:41 am
jordanians have been told very little about this alleged plot, left to speculate amid rumors and leaks. the prince pledged allegiance to the king in april and was spared prosecution. most released were left by the king. leaving the rest to face trial. this trial has been shrouded in mystery. the men have pleaded not guilty to charges such as incitement against the state. they're accused of conspireing with the former crown prince to promote discontent in the country to present the prince as an alternative to the king. many question the fairness of the speedy trial where the man at the heart of the case has been absent and the judge rejected the case for witnesses. jordan's leadership hopes the end of the trial wrbrings an en to this stage in history.
1:42 am
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♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ in the coming hours, thousands of people are expected to participate in northern ireland's 12th of july parades. the festives have a long history of spiking violence. but this time there's added tension due to frustrations over brexit and new customs regulations. nic robertson joins us from belfast. despite the anger violence appears to have been averted so far, but what risks lie ahead? >> reporter: this is a day traditionally of parades, celebration, fun to the protestant community, loyalist
1:46 am
community, they'll be marching down the street here. you can see the flags on the street. but they do, as you say, feel under threat. they feel the new protocols mean a border between northern ireland and the rest of the uk and that makes them feel less british and that's what their cultural identity is all about and why the tensions have been so high this weekend. a narrow escape, a metaphor for a weekend of pro-british northern ireland tradition, historically crime, irish protestants celebrating a 331-year-old victory over irish catholics. >> this is just what we do. we see them every year. >> a good family event. you can see there's family, kids here. it's part of our culture and we'll celebrate it every year. >> reporter: mostly families having fun, teenagers getting a little drunk.
1:47 am
but junderlying the festivities with the brexit protocols they feel threaten their ties to the uk. >> it's all one sided, the peace protest, it's all one sided. enough is enough. nothing else to give. >> reporter: the 250 bonfires to be lit over the weekend, police say only two or three are contentious, in recent years tensions around this annual event have been subsiding but this year frustration underlying everything are high. a peaceful parade through protestant neighborhoods, all part of the same loyalist commemorations. families line the road, haunted by a common perception, pro-irish catholics are making
1:48 am
gains at their experience. >> i don't know if it's going to be resolved. hopefully it can. i would like my friends to grow up in a friendly context. but in the meantime you don't want them forgetting their heritage. >> reporter: brexit and the protocols are straining the peace. that bonfires went off largely without incident this weekend is significant but it's not by chance. behind the scenes organizers have been working hard to defuse tensions. the concern now until the protocol issue is resolved, another flash point is just around the corner. >> we saw very serious violence, and spill onto the streets here this year. and yes, there's every chance that those type of things could return again. >> reporter: a bullet has quite
1:49 am
literally been dodged this weekend. a source told cnn guns were being readied to stop police moving this contentious bonfire. local organizers deny the claim but the worry now, guns could come out again. so 100 parades today. expect streets like this one here just off the marching root to fill up with people. the concern is that boris johnson, the prime minister, is expected to make announcements about the protocols. that's what we've been told. if it doesn't go far enough to address concerns, they say there's the potential for violence again. this weekend calm, what happens next depends on the british prime minister. rosemary? >> with we'll keep an eye on that, as you will be. nic robertson joining us live from belfast. thanks. pope francis made his first
1:50 am
public appearance since undergoing surgery last week. the vatican said he's getting back to work gradually and his blood tests are normal. >> reporter: we saw pope francis for the first time since his surgery on sunday. the pope appeared at the balcony of the hospital together with three young patients. he thanked people for their prayers and talked about the importance of health care being accessible for all people and he made a special appeal for haiti following the assassination of their president. the vatican has been keeping us up to date throughout the week on the pope's progress. they say he's been up and eating, even had dinner with doctors and nurses in the hospital. the expectation is that he will be released on monday. delia gallagher, cnn rome.
1:51 am
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milwaukee bucks look to get their first win in nba finals. patrick snell has that. >> reporter: as italy's footballers celebrate, one of the players is coming to terms with defeat. no disgrace in losing to top ranked novack djokovic, who won in four sets to make it a 20th slam crown and he's now level with rafa nadal and roger federer. here in the united states, the bucks have breathed new life into the nba finals after winning sunday night's game three. giannis, 41 points for him. the suns lead the series 2-1. arjen teen's footballers are
1:56 am
back in home, they return to the delight of their fans after saturday night's 1-nil victory over brazil. the first piece of silverware that lionel messi has won with the team. congrats to them. summer blockbuster movies are back. >> at some point we all have to choose. who the world wants you to be who you are. marvel studio's "black widow" rocked the box office this weekend, bringing in more than $215 million globally. "black widows" estimated 80 million north america take was a record for films opening in theatres and online, it is the biggest opening weekend since 2019. thank you for watching. i'm rose mary church.
1:57 am
"early start" is up next. you're watching cnn. have yourselves a wonderful day. (sounds of car doors closing) (crash sound & tires squealing) (phone chimes) this is onstar. we've detected a crash from your phone. is anyone injured? i don't think so. good. help is on the way. is there anyone i can call for you? my dad. okay, i'm calling him now.
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