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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  July 10, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you are live in "the cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. today, a little over six months after the u.s. capitol was stormed and smashed into by a violent pro-trump mob, the final section of security fencing has been removed from the united states capitol. according to justice department officials at this point, the bogus conspiracy theory about donald trump retaking the presidency next month and trump's only continued lies about 2020 could inspire more violence from trump's most loyal supporters. but this weekend that type of far-right propaganda has a home. and it's the premier conservative gathering of the
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year, cpac. the agenda is littered with boilerplate big lie nonsense. one of the biggest applause lines so far came from someone in the crowd. >> the big lie! [ cheers and applause ] >> trump won! >> the phrase, "trump won," has become the rallying cry of a movement that has tried to hijack america's peaceful transfer of power. the doj just released more body cam footage showing what that looked like. the assault you're about to see is graphic and it put the officer in the hospital with staples in his head. [ yelling ]
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so when speakers at cpac downplay that day or insinuate the 2020 election was stolen, that, the brutality you just saw, is what they are excusing and inspiring, potentially. let's go to cnn's donie o'sullivan live in dallas at cpac. donie, it's clear that donald trump and the big lie still control much if not all of the republican party. what else are you hearing down there in dallas? >> reporter: hey, jim. it's really quite remarkable to hear just pretty much from everyone we speak to, almost, here and also, you know, in ohio at a trump rally two weeks ago, everybody buying into the big lie but also the insurrection which was only just six months ago. so many trump supporters are convinced despite all of the evidence, all of the indictments, that it wasn't actually trump supporters at the capitol on january 6, that it in some way was a left wing plot. we were speaking to some trump supporters at cpac in dallas
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today. have a listen. who have you seen speaking? >> today? >> reporter: or just this weekend? >> trump. we would like to see him run again. he's got the right message and the right policies. uh, he's done wonders for the united states, the four years that he was in there. and, uh, we've gone in the opposite direction towards socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it. >> reporter: do you think the election was fair? >> no. they told us tarrant county went blue for the first time since 1962. >> reporter: jim, i asked that couple, because they genuinely believe that the election was stolen. unlike some folks we meet along the way who might shout us down or are very aggressive, you know, they seemed like pretty regular people there. and i asked them, it must be quite depressing to believe, to truly believe that the election was stolen. and they said it was, that their
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losing faith in american democracy and weren't entirely sure they'll trust next year's midterm election results. finally, jim, i want to mention the point you made in the introduction about this warning from the doj of this ridiculous talk that trump could be reinstated to office in the next few weeks. most trump supporters we've been speaking to haven't fully bought in on that but some have. as you know, it only takes a small minority of people to buy into something like this for it to be potentially dangerous. it will be very important tomorrow i think with this trump speech for his base, what sort of message he sends. will he play into this idea that he could come back soon that conspiracy theorists are saying, or will it be more forward-looking to 2024? >> he certainly has played into that diluelusion. it's fascinating what you're hearing on the ground in dallas, that some people are buying into this, but some are skeptical. in charlottesville, virginia, two confederate statues were
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removed four years after they became a flashpoint in a deadly white nationalist rally. he knew -- evan mcmorris-santoro has more. >> reporter: charlottesville as a town has wanted these statues down for a long time. behind me is what's left of the robert e. lee statue that stood in this square for nearly a hundred years until 7:00 this morning. the city council in charlottesville voted to remove that statue back in 2017. they were taken to court, they were stopped. and then of course that horrible battle with the alt-right in august of 2017 where a woman was killed in a battle over these statues. well, the virginia supreme court finally ruled in april of this year that the city could take the statues down. they never stopped trying to take them down. now they can take them down. this morning, they did.
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robert e. lee came down, stonewall jackson, came down in a matter of hours. what you heard around you in the crowds was jubilation, a lot of cheering, people really happy to see this finally happen. it's not the only statues coming down here today. ch charlottesville is using this opportunity to take down a lot of statues. there was a statue that native americans didn't like, the city council voted to remove that statue as well, that statue is also gone. what we're seeing today is charlottesville trying to flex its muscles, do the thing it's been trying to do a long time which is to tell its own history the way it wants to, jim. >> evan mcmorris-santoro. it's important to note that statue of robert e. lee was not placed there during the civil war or anything like that. it was done many years later, after the civil war period ended
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and during jim crow as the south was tryi joining me now to talk about this, cnn political analyst and white house correspondent for the agree eeo, april ryian, and for the bulwark, amanda carpenter. it seems like it was just yesterday that president trump stunned us all by saying there were very fine people on both sides in charlottesville. now four years later those confederate statues have come down. what's your reaction to this moment? >> as a journalist the reaction is that a black mayor of the town took those statues down after charlottesville became a verb. charlottesville, a very sweet, quaint town, liberal, some may say, with a wonderful main street of shops and merchants, became a verb. it became a verb of hate, because we saw what happened to
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heather heier, we saw the klan, white supremacists marching through the streets with tiki tor torches, to send the world a message that they weren't going to stand for the statue coming down. then the death of heather heier. as a journalist, it took a mayor, a black mayor, to take down those statues, to change the word charlottesville from a verb of hate to a verb of action, of peace. >> it is an incredible moment, i agree with you, april. amanda, i want to ask you about cpac. the agenda has trump's big lie written all over it. it features election-related panels with titles like "how to collect evidence of fraud" and "spare the fraud, spoil the child," if you can believe that incredible title, and then of course all the trump mentions. let's listen. >> what was donald trump right
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about? >> everything! >> everything. >> our movement will stay true to america first policies created by president trump. >> and in 2024, trumpism will rise again. >> amanda, is that just so bizarre, even after january 6, six months after january 6, and cpac is just a trump love fest? >> i sort of see the two events, the statue coming down today in c charlottesville, and what's going on in texas, together. i saw the video, the statue coming down in a peaceful way, people clapping, a moment of unity in a town that needed it, it felt good. then i realized that the people who marched that night didn't go anywhere. they're not in charlottesville now but they're showing up at republican rallies all the time. charlottesville was a pivotal event in republican trump politics.
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you don't get charlottesville -- i mean, the people that were marching in charlottesville organized. they went down to the senate georgia georgia races for stop the steal. if you look at cpac now, you see people showing up with proud boy hats, oath keepers' founder, walking around unafraid. i really wish, matt schlapp, if you're listening, you should make a statement right now and say they're no longer welcome at your events. the people that participated in the january 6th insurrection should not be welcome at cpac events. but, you know what, i don't think he's going to get there because he welcomed members of congress who white washed that event to the stage. >> he's rolling out the red carpet for them, no question about it. in april it would have been easy to say it's just cpac, that's donald trump jr. and kimberly
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guilfoyle throwing red meat to the base. but that base is what drives the republican party right now. >> and it's so interesting, listening to donald trump jr. talk about freedoms. when he spoke to the crowd, matt schlapp's crowd for cpac, it's interesting, they're talking freedoms, they're dealing with issues of the border right now. they're right there at the border in texas talking about border issues. they're right there in texas talking about voting rights this weekend. and the people at cpac are talking about their freedoms. what about the freedom of all? and that's, once again, going back to this weekend of the confederate statues coming down in charlottesville and then in the face of voting rights issues in the state of texas, that's already put in place some restrictive voting rights laws and now going further. and then you're talking about issues at the border which still, immigration is still an issue that has to be tackled. this is a conference of unity
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that is coming together on the basis of hate, it seems. the basis of us versus them. it started with the verbalization from sarah palin and then became actionable by donald john trump. >> and amanda, i want to switch gears just a bit, cnn has learned a top adviser to top house minority leader kevin mccarthy tried to rehabilitate the reputation of congresswoman marjorie taylor greene by setting up a visit to the holocaust museum and an apology for her remarks. fast forward to this week, greene is comparing vaccine workers to brown shirts under adolf hitler. again, i've asked this before on this program with morniarjorie taylor greene, what's with the nazi talk? i just don't get it.
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>> it was pretty bad when she essentially stalked a shooting survivor who went to capitol hill to advocate for gun control measures. that was before she became a member of congress, and still kevin mccarthy welcomed her into the poll. she went and did her little museum tour, laughed in their face and doubled down on the nazi references. this gets down to not so much marjorie taylor greene but the fact that kevin mccarthy is such a weak republican leader. they laugh in his face. he can't stop marjorie taylor greene from invoking the holocaust at the most inopportune, disgusting times. he is a republican leader in name only. the only reason he is there is because he is a proxy and a figurehead for donald trump. >> it sure seems that way. and, you know, getting back to what you were saying about matt schlapp, it seems he and kevin mccarthy have the same problem, they cannot control what is going on in that party.
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april ryan, amanda carpenter, thanks so much for being with us this afternoon, great to see both of you. hope you have a great weekend. coming up, clearing up the confusion over coronavirus booster shots. pfizer suggested we needed them this year. but the cdc and fda say nope, not yet. so what's really going on here? the answer is next. you're live in "the cnn newsroom." air wick our essential mist transforms fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth.
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do you need a covid vaccine booster? well, it depends on who you ask. pfizer came out this week saying it's working on a covid vaccine booster and would seek emergency use authorization for it from the fda next month. but then the fda and the cdc pushed back and said, wait, americans don't need booster shots just yet. dr. anthony fauci tells cnn the ceo of pfizer apologized to him for its abrupt announcement about boosters and fauci offered this advice. >> we respect what the pharmaceutical company is doing. but the american public should
12:19 pm
take their advice from the cdc and the fda. the ceo, who is a really good guy, got on the phone with me last night and apologized that they came out with that recommendation. so there is no -- not apologized about the recommendation, apologized for not letting us know he was going to do it ahead of time. >> with me now is the former baltimore health commissioner, dr. leana wen, who is also a cnn medical analyst. dr. wen, great to see you. what do you make of this back and forgth? the messaging was not clean on this. >> i do think there was some unnecessary confusion here. pfizer is smith an emergency authorization application to say if at some point we need a booster shot, they want to have that on hand. we may need a booster, one, if immunity from the vaccines begin to wane over time, or two, if there are variants that develop to which the vaccines may work
12:20 pm
less effectively. so i think it's fine for them to submit the emergency use authorization. then that way we have the booster in case it's needed. what the cdc and fda are saying is, right now the booster is not needed. but let's look at the data that pfizer is going to present and it may well be that for a segment of the population, for example for patients who are severely immunocompromised, they might benefit from a booster shot first or older people may need a booster first. but for the general population, the bottom line message is that you do not need a booster right now so please do not go and look for a third shot when actually the two-dose mrna vaccines or the one-dose johnson & johnson vaccines protect very well against the delta variant. >> that's the risk, that the confusion could undermine risk in the vaccine. yesterday the cdc released updated school guidance saying vaccinated children do not need to wear masks but that unvaccinated children do. but california will require all
12:21 pm
students and teachers to wear masks at school. what do you think about that, is that a smart decision? >> i think that if there is no way to verify who is vaccinated and who is not, then indoor mask mandates should be applying for everyone. because otherwise, you're putting the onus on school administrators and teachers to figure it out. how are they supposed to know, especially if we have classes for people over 12. so people under the age of 12 should all be masked anyway because they're not eligible for vaccinations. what about middle schools and high schools, are they supposed to say any time a student is without their mask, are you vaccinated? how do you verify that? if there is no way to easily verify proof of vaccination, i do think that indoor mask mandates should apply although ultimately what we need from the federal government is some assistance with vaccine credentialing. i think it's fair to say, if you're vaccinated, you don't need to be wearing a mask. let's allow that process to happen. >> right, and cdc director dr. rochelle walensky told cnn that
12:22 pm
anyone who has upper respiratory symptoms should be tested regardless of whether they're vaccinated. what did you think of that? >> i think that in a way it's a good thing, because it reflects the protection afforded by the vaccine. if we're able to convert covid-19 from something that causes you to become severely ill to something more resembling the common cold, that's wonderful. the problem, though, is then anybody who starts having a headache or fever or fatigue, even, then they need to be tested for covid. and i think it's going to become really difficult this winter when we have all these other respiratory pathogens, rsv, normal colds, influenza, in schools in particular, it becomes really difficult to sort out who has covid and who does not. i think we have to have a lot more testing going forward. >> we're all getting together again, there will be a lot of stuff that makes us sick, not just covid. let's listen to what republican congressman madison cawthorn
12:23 pm
said this week about vaccinations. i wanted to get your take on this. >> now they're talking about going door to door to be able to take vaccines to the people. the thing about the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that massive of a thing and then think about what those mechanisms could be used for, they could go door to door to take your guns or go door to door to take your bible. >> what did you think of that, dr. wen? >> i'm kind of speechless. i mean, i actually am -- >> me too. >> i think back to the old days when the family physician, your local, trusted family physician, is the one who visits you in your home to provide you with medical care. i think about all the individuals who are homebound or who otherwise don't have access to health care, who actually would benefit from home visits. i mean, we're talking about something that's actually about caring for people, providing health care services, providing information. we're not talking about somehow the federal government coming in to confiscate your belongings. i don't know how you draw that
12:24 pm
line. but really, we need to be telling the truth here and the truth is this is about information, this is about health care. >> it's about caring for people, no question about it. dr. leana wen, great to see you as always. thanks again for those insights. hope to see you again real soon, appreciate it. >> thanks, jim. after the collapse of that building in surfside, some residents nearby, where they were told they had just 15 minutes to pack up their lives and get out of their homes. we'll get the latest, next. you're live in "the cnn newsroom." but i wasted up to 20 gallons of water every time. now, we just scrape and load. finish quantum works without pre-rinsing, cleaning your dishes to a shine. join the millions of americans skipping the rinse to save our water. [♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. this shot is our shot. the covid-19 vaccines are ready.
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mayor of surfside, florida says crews may clear the rubble
12:29 pm
from the site of the horrific condo collapse a lot sooner than many expected. this news as the number of confirmed deaths has now reached 86. the number of people still unaccounted for and likely buried in the rubble now at 43. cnn's natasha chen is in surfside for us. natasha, what's happening at the collapse site now? >> reporter: there was a brief stop at 7:00 a.m., because of a lightning strike. but they quickly resumed thereafter. they've been really working around the clock, the shifts of these workers. we see them changing shifts from time to time right here by the media staging area. there are two simultaneous efforts right now to find victims in the pile. also, though, to remove the rubble from the demolition site that happened just a week ago from the remaining part of the building that was demolished. that is going at a faster pace than expected, that's what you were referring to. of course this is also taking an emotional toll on the search and rescue teams that have been working around the clock.
12:30 pm
here is one of the rescue workers talking about the type of things she's finding in the pile. >> i feel like i'm physically digging, but i'm also emotionally digging for more strength to continue. i think the first time it really hit me was when i found a passport with a baby in it and i found the entire family of passports as well. those are the moments that i -- whew, i take a deep breath in that moment. >> reporter: she says it's the families' need for answers that really keeps her going. of course some of the questions they now have relate to what the condo association and cnn is finding as far as documents. you know, the erin burnett "outfront" show obtained a
12:31 pm
report from about a year ago, before the collapse, showing the condo's reserves were deeply underfunded, that there were urgent structural repairs needed. that report showed there were zero remaining useful years of life for part of the building including the entrance deck and the garage t, that the facade a concrete deck had deterioration. the issues were clearly identified before this happened, jim. now it's a question of who knew what and who was prepared to do anything about it. >> and natasha, we're also learning that residents living in a condo building down the street only had 15 minutes to retrieve any belongings they could grab after it was evacuated for safety concerns. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: jim, you can imagine after this collapse a lot of buildings in the area started taking a close look at their structural integrity. crestview towers in north miami beach, that city requested all
12:32 pm
the buildings doing 40-year recertification to quickly turn in paperwork. this was paperwork that was delayed. it was turned in after this collapse but it was dated from january, showing that there were structural and electrical problems. they immediately evacuated that building about a week ago. and then yesterday, or late this past week, they allowed residents to go back into the building for just 15 minutes to grab everything they could. the north miami beach police are launching an investigation into possible misappropriation of funds with that condo association, jim. >> very sad and an alarming situation down there in surfside. natasha chen, thanks so much. next, the pretender in chief. a look at the unusual ways donald trump is acting like his presidential term never ended. and another brand-new cnn original series is coming, "the history of the sitcom" is bringing you all the stories behind your favorite sitcoms, the classics, the mega hits, and
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so disturbing. and now the same man who gripped the stars and stripes won't let go of something else. the idea that he's still president. just look at the press conference he held this week, the flags, the columns, that vaguely familiar seal on the podium. of course that's not the white house. that's trump's golf club at bedminster but it looks like some kind of potus potemkin village with trump as the pretender in chief. yes, he seems to be spending his post-presidency playing president. and as always, he is playing the victim too. this time claiming disinformation is being directed at him. >> if you say it long enough, hard enough, often enough, people will start to believe it. >> yeah. and with trump, projection is always part of the performance. and over on fox news, his gandi.
12:39 pm
>> i was struck by the presidential presentation at bedminster, the throngs of reporters, the entourage in the background, the only thing that was missing was the presidential seal on the podium. >> and it looked like the white house. >> i forgot who was president all of a sudden, good to see him back in action. >> queyes, because it's all jusn academy, you might say his second act. trump hopped on a plane to the texas goveff border, met with t governor and house republicans, and gave instructions about the wall's paint job. it was like old times, as trump revived his wishes to paint the wall black so the hot border sun will scald anyone who tries to climb it. >> they have to paint it. if they don't paint it, bad
12:40 pm
things are happening. the best color to paint it is black because if you paint it black, eiit's so hot, nobody ca even try to climb it. >> all that was missing that day was trump promising mexico would pay for it. also on hand, the architect of trump's immigration plan, stephen miller, and former acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf. what's next, another stop the steal rally at the wall? he might find some of the oath keepers and proud boys are in jail. cpac earlier this year put on display an enormous golden statue of trump with gold shorts and a wand. there's no wand that can change the election results. >> you can see he lost the election. but his supporters, 73 million -- >> he did lose the election. >> he can say that he lost the election. >> he did lose the election. >> yeah, yeah, but i'm
12:41 pm
quibbling, of course he lost the election. >> makes my brain hurt. they'll need more reminders because trump keeps making the rounds to florida, north carolina, ohio, where some of his followers have convinced themselves he'll be reinstated. >> do you genuinely believe -- >> he's coming back. >> -- that he could come back as soon as -- >> before the middle of august. >> what if that doesn't happen? >> we're going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taken. >> even the conspiracy loving congresswoman marjorie taylor greene sounded a note of caution about that wacky theory, that trump will return to the white house in august. >> i want people to be careful in what they believe. it's going to be very difficult to overturn the 2020 election. and so i hate for anyone to get their hopes up thinking that president trump is going to be back in the white house in august because that's not true. and i'm telling you as a member of congress, that's a very difficult thing to make happen.
12:42 pm
>> it's not just very difficult, it's impossible. there is no constitutional mechanism that would allow for it. this is the land of the free, not the land of the make-believe. but trump loves to play pretend. remember this old act at his rallies? >> it's a lot easier to act presidential than to do what i do. anybody can act like a president. ladies and gentlemen of the state of florida. thank you very much for being here. you are tremendous people. and i will leave now because i am boring you to death. thank you. >> trump actually had it backwards. it's a lot harder to act presidential and exit the stage with dignity and grace. and perhaps some humility. on that note, there is something
12:43 pm
i would like to address. a couple of weeks ago i compared trump's comeback tour to the circus full of sideshow acts and clowns. i later got an email from an expert on the circus industry. this person pointed out that comparison actually was not fair because unlike the chaos of trump world, the circus is carefully composed and organized. that's a great point. comparing trump to a clown is most definitely an insult to clowns. he's more like one of those mask-hating customers at the grocery store. you've seen them. a karen, or whatever the name would be in trump's case. you can almost hear him saying "i want to talk to the manager about the election." "i want to talk to the manager of twitter or facebook." and the american people are kind of like the store manager. we have to explain, well, sir, you lied about the election. you incited an insurrection. you're going to have to leave
12:44 pm
the store or we're calling security. please take your fake white house seal and go play president somewhere else. coming up, the legacy of former attorney general bill barr. what will it take to repair the damage he left behind at the justice department? [♪] are you constantly cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom? for an easy solution that lasts, try microban24 bathroom cleaner. simply spray and wipe away to easily dissolve soap scum,
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former attorney general william barr donald trump's hatchet man? a new book takes a deep into the former attorney general and the way barr used the doj as a
12:49 pm
political tool for the president. the author of that book joins me now. the book "hatchet man." i was just out in california and i saw it on the newsstands out there. in the book you called bill barr a liar and an eager political partisan. those are strong words but i think they ring true having covered the administration. but as a lawyer you have to back up proof when you make that kind of claim. >> i hesitated before calling him a liar. that's a very serious thing to say one attorney to another. i think we're reluctant to do that. as i went through this book and i went chapter through chapter and all the scandals bill barr caused and created no way to put it. i started with the mueller report. i argue in the book, saved donald trump's hide with that lie up through and including the
12:50 pm
election fraud lie. bill barr was one of the perpetrators of that lie and many times in between that have got enforgotten in the midst of these scandals. >> you criticize barr for using the doj to promote a political agenda. can it be okay for an attorney general to consider politics and what made barr different from other ags before him? obviously people talk about eric holder. when he was barack obama's attorney general referred to himself as the shield for barack obama. this is not robert -- kennedy was the attorney general for his brother the president. this is not unheard of. >> two distinctions. one never okay for the attorney general to let politics interfere with the prosecutorial function. what you cannot do is let politics get into the prosecution game.
12:51 pm
here bill barr staefd donald trump, roger stone, michael flynn. i think that cross as line and goes way beyond anything that any other four ags, republican and democrat that i ever served under did. >> sounds like bill barr is on a rehab tour. he refers to donald trump's lies as b.s.. let's remind viewers of the voter fraud lies he peddled. >> there are several states that only have mail in voting including -- >> this is playing with fire. we're very closely divided country here and if people have to have confidence in the results of the election and legitimacy of the government, and people trying to change the rules to this methodology which as a matter of logic is very open to fraud and coercion is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire. >> what do you make of this attempt to rehab.
12:52 pm
sounds like he has gone to the same crisis counselling -- >> and others. bill barr said, sitting in this chair and gave that lie to wolf blitzer. look how assertive he is there's a huge risk of election fraud. he did that while attorney general. one of the most powerful people in the united states. what's backed is the credibility of the justice department. he said no, but i have common sense which is bogus. so he did that two months before the election. if bill barr came out and knew it was b.s. he should have said so then. he could have done a lot to prevent this from spreading. instead he spread the fans. this book is written because i don't buy the revisionist history. >> what can the doj do to rehab its image with the american people. the american people are critical of merritt garland on the left. he's not going far enough some
12:53 pm
are saying on the left to say protect voting rights, not moving fast enough. >> domg has a lot of work to do. bill barr left the doj in a bad place. ultimately doj comes down the line prosecutors, what i was, people in the trenches, trying cases. i talk a lot in this book about cases i tried and experiences i had. there are policies and laws we need to pass to help doj establish their independence. so much of a quality prosecutor comes down the quality of the person. the quality of the person's ethics and personality. >> the book is "hatchet man." please make sure you check it out. i got my copy now and reading through it after the show is over. it will be out in bookstores. out in bookstores now as a matter of fact. thanks so much for coming on. great to see you in person. a rare in studio performance by
12:54 pm
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that question was recently posed on the website reddit. one new jersey man shared how he donated a bicycle to a child through one simple wish. the organization found by cnn he h hero. they flooded the one simple website to fulfill all 220 wishes. . >> somehow it just blew up. there were thousands of comments of people relating to the foster care experience and it was this one after another of people saying, you know, we should just clear the site, grant all their wishes and then it snow balled. eventually they cleared the site of all the wishes. definitely given all of us a renewed sense of energy and hope and it certainly does remind you that there's so much good in this world than anything else. for more on the work on
1:00 pm
danielle's organization one simple wish and to nominate someone you know to be a cnn hero go to you're live in the "cnn newsroom". i'm jim acosta. washington has concerns over growth of the variant virus and will vaccinated citizens need a booster shot. pfizer is seeking emergency use authorization of a third dose in august but then the cdc and fda said hold on americans don't need boosters yet and may not ever. dr. anthony fauci tried to clarify the situation. >> we respect what the pharmaceutical company is doing but the american people should take their advice from the cdc and the fda. the ceo who is a really good guy got on the phone with me last night and apologized that they came out with that recommendation.


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