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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 10, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at u.s. health officials seek to clear up confusion. we'll explain what the two top federal agencies have to say about whether americans need covid booster shots. president biden issues his russian counterpart vladimir putin a warning. the u.s. will hit back if cyber attacks continue. we'll look at his options. and the western u.s. braces for yet another dangerous heat wave this weekend. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to all of you watching us here in united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." ♪
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well, the last thing anyone in the u.s. needs is more confusion over coronavirus shots. according to the cdc, less than half of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated, but confusion is what we're getting after pfizer announced it's seeing waning immunity from its shots. it announced will try to get emergency authorization for a booster shot. well, that caught u.s. health agencies off guard. the cdc and fda put out a rare joint statement, reassuring americans that the coronavirus shots are working the way they're supposed to by stopping serious illness and dr. anthony fauci is offering his own clarifications. >> nothing has changed with regard to the cdc's recommendations. so, we respect what the
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pharmaceutical company is doing. but the american public should take their advice from the cdc and the fda. the cdc and the fda say if you've been fully vaccinated at this point in time, you do not need a booster shot. >> the world's top health agencies also agree with dr. fauci 'athena jones has more on that and the worrisome spread of the delta variant across the u.s. >> reporter: confusion and concern, as pfizer announces it is seeing waning immunity from its vaccine and plans to seek emergency use authorization for a booster shot next month. the company citing a statement from the israeli government to back up its claims but not releasing any new data of its own. within hours the cdc and the fda saying a rare joint statement, fully vaccinated people do not need a booster shot at this time. adding fda, cdc and the national institutes of health are engaged in a science-based rigorous
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process to consider whether or when a booster might be necessary. >> it's troubling that there's such a lack of coordination on communication between the companies. and the federal government. >> reporter: the world health organization also saying there's not yet enough data to say if boosters will be needed. >> the israeli data conflicts with other data that actually showed that immunity may last for years. >> reporter: all of this a new warning sign in the battle against covid-19. >> this is a defuse, beginning of a wave. >> reporter: 29 states now seizing a rise in case numbers, new infections per capita particularly high in fewer states where people are vax nature like arkansas, missouri, louisiana, nevada, utah and wyoming. the seven-day average of cases per day up 11% nationwide. hospitalizations up 7%. los angeles county the most populous county in the nation now seeing exponential growth in covid cases. up 165% over the past week as the more contagious delta
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variant becomes the dominant strain. >> a couple weeks ago we started to see a trickling in of coronavirus patients. but in the last week, i've seen a significant rise. >> reporter: the surging case numbers also come as the cdc releases updated guidance for schools, emphasizing in-person learning is a priority, while also promoting masking, physical distancing and vaccinations for those eligible. still, california which has seen at least a 50% jump in covid cases week over week, apassed a bill requiring remote in the fall. we're here outside of the javits convention center, one of the three state mass vaccination site that's shut down on friday. it's part of the state's plan to allow for greater focus on local vaccination in areas where the rate are below the state average. athena jones, cnn, new york. so if the delta variant becomes the dominant strain in
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the u.s., the nation is looking at other countries to get a sense what may be in store. in israel, daily cases have doubled since the variant was first detected but its death rate remains relatively low. and while cases and deaths have increased in the uk, infections there have climbed exponentially faster than deaths. experts say vaccines are critical in preventing the worst outcome. both countries have inoculated more than 50% of their populations. and as the discussion about possible boosters intensifies the european medicine agency is weighing in. for more on that let's bring in cyril vanier who joins me from london. cyril, so what are they saying on the booster debate? >> well, the european medicines agency which has been asked about this, says it simply doesn't have enough data, at the moment, to decide whether boosters are needed. you know, pfizer is the head of the regulatory bodies both in the u.s. and europe on this which makes sense, kim, because not only did they invent this
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vaccine, of course, but they were the first to have a vaccine marketed in the western world. and now they are just starting to get real world data from the first six months of vaccination. and even then, it's only coming from the handful of countries that started early. so the uk started vaccinates with pfizer early december. israel also. so, now, you have those six months to start seeing, okay, well, how does the vaccine fare six months on? and does the immunity weaken? well, the regulators come downstream from this, kim. of course, everybody here is concerned about the delta variant which is going to become in the next few weeks the majority variant in europe, but the regulators simply need more information before they will allow a product to be injected in the arms of otherwise healthy people. and that's why the european regulator especially took time to approve the vaccines that were made for the european union. and i'll add something else,
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kim, it's that right now, the eu is not in a position, really, to be considering booster boosters, like a third jab which is what pfizer is proposing six months after people are fully vaccinated. right now, the eu's main priority is to just complete the full vaccination schedule, only about a third of adults across the european union, for now, are fully vaccinated, kim. >> yeah, good point. quickly before we go. since you're in london. i want to ask you about reopening in england. you and i talked on the growing pressure on boris johnson not to drop all. restrictions for reopening on july 19th as planned. i understand the final decision will be made on monday. what's the latest there? >> that's right. the government had allowed itself a tiny little out by saying we will look on monday, july 12th at the last set of data. and that's when we'll make the final call for reopening or not fully reopening on july 19th. but, look, barring a major
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turnaround in the next 36 hours, the uk government will stick with the decision it appears to have made to fully reopen. that means wearing face coverings, social distancing, any limits on gatherings, all of those will be lifted july 19th. there is a debate raging here, especially when you're told by the government it's no longer mandatory to wear face coverings in enclosed places like traveling. for the government, it's a matter of personal choice and not legal requirement, kim. >> thanks so much for the update, cyril vanier in london, appreciate it. police in haiti say a manhunt is under way for five suspects still under investigation for the murder of president jovenel moise. that brings the total of those allegedly involved to 28 and as their fragile makes falls deeper
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into turmoil, dozens of haitians gathered outside of the u.s. embassy on friday. some carrying suitcases hoping to flee their country and its uncertain future. haiti's government is asking the u.s. and united nations to help with the investigation and send troops to secure oil ports and points of entry. the white house said it will send officials from the department and homeland security as soon as possible. as we mentioned three assassination suspects killed in a shoot-out with police. and five on the loose, people are concerned confrontations like that could happen again. cnn's matt rivers reports from the site of that attack. >> reporter: this is the building where one of the shoot-outs took place between some of the suspects and haitian security forces. just by looking around, the damage here, you can tell how ferocious this battle was. look up here in the ceiling. it's a concrete ceiling. and there are multiple bullet
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holes. there'ses sdozens like that acr this building. and look at this detail, as the bullets pierced this metal window frame. if you step back, this was an entire wall of windows and frames now basically just on. this kind of damage extends throughout this entire building. walking into this room, you can see lots more bullet holes in the concrete ceiling. and in here, more damage. windows just entirely blown out. more bullet holes. and here's the thing, there are still suspects on the loose after this assassination. so it makes you think that could there be more confrontations like this one in store over the coming days and weeks. >> earlier i spoke with haitian journalist and activist monique clesca, i asked her what she thought about the calls for troops to go to haiti to help in the latest turmoil. this is what she said. >> absolutely not. we do not want u.s. troops, u.s. boots, u.s. uniforms, none of
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that. because haiti, haitians have been traumatized by the occupation of the country during 34 years by the united states. we do not want u.s. intervention or troops or anything. and i think it is a really a miss of the government to ask for u.s. troops particularly when they have been contested for the last three years. so that means that this is a government that is not legitimate. and the international community is complicit in what is going none haiti because it has not heard our cries, has not provided a certain amount of solidarity to the point that sometimes, i have asked, do haitians lives matter. >> clesca says the current
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situation in haiti is a nightmare, but the right solution is a haitian one. coming up, the u.s. tries to draw a red line from moscow over ransomware attacks believe to be coming from russia. next, a pushback from president joe biden and what may happen if it doesn't work. plus, key border crossings in afghanistan fall to the taliban. we'll have the latest on the group's rapid advance, as u.s. troops exit. stay with us. it's dry. there's no dry time. makes us wonder why we booked fifteen second ad slots.
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remove the 30% of makeup ordinary cleansers can leave behind. your skin will thank you. neutrogena®. for people with skin. ♪ all right. i want to share with you some video of the u.s. capitol insurrection that's just been released an cnn and other media outlets sued for access. the police body cam footage shows the moment three officers waded out into a mob to save a pro-trump rioter who had been trampled. a warning, the video and the language used is graphic and disturbing. >> fuck you.
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>> and things, believe it or not automatic even worse seconds later as the attacking mob started to drag the officers. have a look. >> oh! oh, god. fucking traitor! >> oh. >> hey, no. >> no. >> no. no. >> the officer you see here was hospitalized and needed staples in his head to stop the bleeding. the medical examiner says the rioter the police tried to help died of an accidental drug overdose. a warning to moscow from the u.s. to ransomware events blamed on russian hackers will have to stop. recently, some american companies have been targeted by cyber attacks which among other things led to temporary gas shortages and shutdowns of meat plants. jeff zeleny has more. >> reporter: president biden
2:18 am
drawing another line in the sand with russian president vladimir putin on cyber attacks. they had another hour-long phone call on friday. of course, coming after their summit only three weeks ago in geneva, switzerland. cyber attacks front and center in that meeting. now president biden urged vladimir putin once again to take more action against the russian companies that are involved in the hack. we asked president biden about that phone call on friday. >> how did the call -- did president putin respond to your call? >> i made it clear that the united states expects when a ransomware operation is coming from his soil when it is not, not sponsored by the state, we expect them to act on investigation who that is.
2:19 am
secondly, we've set up on a means of communication on a regular basis to be able to communicate with one another when each of us thinks something's happening. >> you said there will be consequences, will there be, sir? >> yes. >> it's unclear what consequences president biden nas mind. he later said he would consider going after the software company, the servers of those involved in the hack. one thing is clear, the white house is increasingly stepping up its pressure on russia. the question is will president putin do anything about it, will he respond to the push from the white house. there is a meeting next week between cyber and russian officials as well. an open line of communication with vladimir putin, it was the point of that summit in the first place, is key to this but it's also clear that this red line seems to be closer and
2:20 am
closer to being crossed. jeff zeleny, cnn, the white house. >> joining me from washington, d.c. is john herbst, he's the former ambassador to ukraine and the eurasia summit. thank you for joining us. you wrote on the line being drawn on the line with the thread to russia crossed it and there isn't sufficient u.s. response. you've written, if biden fails to act than his attempt to rebuild cyberdeterrence will be an order of magazine future more difficult and putin will be further emboldened. the question is how. what i'm asking what do you expect the administration to do and what would be the appropriate response? >> well, we don't know if the administration is going to act. i hope it is, but we don't know. the point is, at this stage, biden laid down a clear red
2:21 am
line. putin crossed it, and biden has not responded. and the statements coming out of the white house, ever since the attack which is now a week old, have been rather weak. we don't know if putin will believe biden this time, since clearly he did not believe him last time. what should has been is there needs to be an american cyberstrike back at russia. and perhaps we'll see it. perhaps it will happen. >> well, biden says -- biden says what the u.s. does sort of depends on what action russia takes. he said there is a means of communication now on a regular basis to be able to communicate to one another when each of us thinks something is going to happen in the other country. so u.s. officials say they relayed multiple specific requests for actions on cybercriminals through official channels. i'm quoting them there. the kremlin says it hasn't
2:22 am
received any requests. so, do you expect any meaningful cooperation when they can't even agree on that? >> well, certainly, the kremlin saying that is not a good sign. but my point is that, again, biden said -- in geneva, he said if there are more attacks we're going to strike back and that has not happened. there's just been a series of nasty attacks. and what biden means this time, let's hope this time. >> we've heard a lot about successful cyber attacks against the u.s. we don't hear much about the successful countermeasures the u.s. has made targeting individual groups, even russian infrastructure. so take us through what has worked. >> well, you had an instance, you had a couple instances in the past several years where the united states took serious offensive actions, but for defensive purposes. against russia. it happened around the time of our 2018 election where we went
2:23 am
after russian hackers in a large way and we thwarted main their deterrence in our elections. and before the 2020 election, we also put in place certain malware which we could have activated had the russians intervened in our 2020 elections like they had in 2016. and both times, america's offensive operations for defensive purposes seemed to work. i'm not a cyberexpert. i know a bit about russia. but my understanding is we have the best cybercapacity in the world. i know that the kremlin demonstrates power and if they demonstrate an effort to use that power, they will back off. we need that now. >> and you've sort of compared that to the red line that president obama drew about syria. and that didn't go anywhere. so the cost of not doing enough, if that red line is crossed, you argued this might not just mean
2:24 am
emboldening russia, but also other countries like china. why is that? >> correct. look, both russia and china are pursuing revisionist policies designed to change the rules of which the world order has operated since the end of world war ii and the end of the cold war. and the unites has been the principal power standing up for the rules-based system. and if china sees that we don't respond to kremlin provocations, then they could say why in the world would the united states respond to our prov vaocationspd we know that china is casting an eye on thiaiwan. when it crosses that line, it weakens credibility and stability. and biden can establish those warnings. >> a lot at stake. we'll be watching to see what if
2:25 am
any response the u.s. has here. ambassador john herbst, thank you very much. the taliban are seizing territory more rapidly in afghanistan now that almost all u.s. troops have left. two strategic properties have fallen under control. anna coren reports. >> reporter: the taliban makes sweeping gains with iran. the militants took control of the western province where millions of supplies and fuels cross. t taliban boarding turkmenistan, the government says they're attempting to recapture these key areas. it comes after president biden vigorously made a decision to withdraw u.s. forces and end a
2:26 am
20-year war in afghanistan. it says they did not come here to nation-build and it's up to the afghan government and security forces to defend its people. meantime, a delegation meeting in moscow gave a press conference. stating it had claimed 85% of afghan territory, a figure denied by the government. it also said that humanitarian groups should keep operating, that schools and hospitals must stay hope and that the border crossings and customs offices which have been seized will remain operational. but attempts to contain the islamist group as a governing body is not convincing anyone. the fighting continues to rage on the battlefield with tens of thousands of people being displaced while those who can plan for an exit strategy out of this country. anna coren, cnn, kabul. coming up, the final sprint to the olympics. we'll explain the changes organizers are making to host safe games during a covid surge.
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♪ welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world. the biden administration is making good on its promise to send covid vaccines to countries in desperate need. on friday, the u.s. was to send some 3 million doses of the moderna vaccine to indonesia, one of the administration's largest single shipments yet.
2:31 am
it's expected to shim another 1 million doses soon. country it's like singapore are also helping out as you see here sending desperately needed supplies of oxygen and protective equipment. the delta variant is surging across indonesia. on wednesday alone, the country reported more than 1,000 deaths and 35,000 new cases but the u.s. probably won't be sending its excess astrazeneca vaccines to north korea anytime soon. intelligence courses say pyongyang is refusing to administer that particular vaccine. cnn's paula hancocks explains why. >> reporter: it may surprise some that north korea may be picky about which coronavirus vaccine it's received. but this is what south korea is claiming at this point. now it's important to note, this is not coming from pyongyang themselves. they have not mentioned too much about vaccines. but we're here in this think tank which is created with the
2:32 am
intelligence agency of south korea saying on friday that north korea have not received any vaccines at this point. also said that north korea is rejecting the astrazeneca vaccine, fearing side effects. now, according to this report from the inss also saying that north korea is hesitant to import the chinese vaccine due to mistrust. and also would like to be offered the russian vaccine at no cost. again, this can't be corroborated. and we know since march, any citizens within china and russia have been receiving vaccines themselves from their host countries, but there have been, at this point, no plans to import them. now, north korea have been planning to receive the vaccination from covax. it was expected to be under way.
2:33 am
we heard from the intelligence agency earlier this week as well telling lawmakers that appeared to have been delayed. and saying it was due to negotiation issues. but not elaborating on that at all. now, we know that the u.s. has offered to give certain countries some of its excess vaccines. we know that north korea would be eligible. but we have not seen any movement on that at this point. certainly from north korea's point of view, accepting vaccines from the united states, when there are no ongoing talks or diplomatic efforts between the two, would be quite a step forward, shall we say. and we know also that south korea would be keen to try and use vaccine diplomacy to push things forward. paula hancocks, cnn. russia is mounting on olympic organizers has tokyo
2:34 am
2020 is two weeks away. with fans banned around the capital because of surging covid infections. cnn's blake essig is in tokyo for us. blake, take us through what banning spectators will mean for the olympics. >> yeah, kim, the olympic games have turned into a tv event.the buzz and excitement that typically comes with the olympics doesn't exist. now in the buildup to the games and without fans it's hard to imagine that changing. while the biggest impact will likely be felt by fans who are excited about seeing the games in person and for the athletes hoping to feed off the crowd's energy. financially, the impact is minimal. revenue from ticket sales would only have totaled about $800 million. big profits from come from broadcast rights and sponsorships. 75% of ioc budget comes from media rights. so it should come as no surprise with billions of dollars on the
2:35 am
line that the games will be held despite safety concerns. for now, we've talked about how unpopular the games have been with the general public and medical professionals. while holding them without spectators is generally seen as a good move, the fact that they're being held at all remains say point of contention. tokyo has been living under a constant quasi or full state of emergency since thursday. and lasting until august 22nd. now, this decision was made at the time when tokyo is experiencing another surge in covid-19 cases, largely driven by the delta variant. and just today, cases reached its highest number since mid-may. and the vaccine rollout is still moving incredibly slow. only about 17% of japan's population has been fully vaccinated. now as a result, organizers announced events in tokyo and several other prefectures, including fukushima and hike
2:36 am
c hokkaido will be held without spectators. and places will allow venues to be filled to 50% capacity or 10,000 spectators. despite the ban, there's frustration among the people here in japan regarding the olympics for months, kim. businesses have been closed and people have been asked to make sacrifices to prevent the spread of the infection yet the olympic and paralympic games are still being held. kim. >> all right. thanks so much for the update, blake essig in tokyo, appreciate it. american tourists finally back in paris, even with lockdowns which started a year ago, few travelers could make it to france which is obviously a disaster for the country's tourism industry. our tourism correspondent melissa bell shows how it's trying to bounce back. >> reporter: versailles the home of french kings.
2:37 am
home of french kings until the revolution, and until the pandemic, a favorite destination for american tourists once again open for business. historically for us says the president of the chateau, americans have always been the most important foreign tourists. in 2019, they represented 60% of the tourists who came to versailles just behind the french. in 2019, american tourists spent $4 billion here in france. but then for more than a year, from the start of the first french lockdown in march of 2020, until june 18th, when americans vaccinated or not were allowed back in the country, the splen splendors of france were much quieter than usual. in fact, for six months over the winter they were entirely closed. side the louvre you could have heard a pin drop. but even in between lockdowns, the streets of paris, one of the most visited cities in the world were hard to recognize without the foreigners. a disaster for france's tourism industry which represented more than 7% of the country's gdp as
2:38 am
of 2018. now, with americans allowed back in, there is at least hope. >> there are about 25% of our passengers at the moment which is encouraging because we didn't expect americans to be so early back in paris. >> reporter: but many have rushed over, making the most of the opportunity to travel abroad and with places like the champs-elysees still more quiet than usual. >> so beautiful. i'm enjoying everything about it. it's so different than the united states. we're enjoying it. it's so breathtaking. >> reporter: the eiffel tower reopens a week from now. american tourists are back already. >> yeah. it's the first time we've been on a plane in over a year. and the flight was great. though the flight was full which was interesting. it took about an hour just to get out of the airport but yeah. >> once you're in, you're in. >> reporter: with a chance to see paris as few tourist ever
2:39 am
get to see it without too many other tourists around. melissa bell, paris. workers continue to search through the rubble of that condo collapse in florida, hoping to give families some closure. and now officials are inspecting a nearby tower to determine if it's safe. we'll have the latest on the search and investigation. plus, we'll give you an update on a huge fire in a factory in bangladesh where these kinds of deadly incidents are far too common. n was no lon. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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♪ another victim has been found in the rubble of the condo collapse in surfside, florida. that brings the confirmed death toll now to 79, with dozens of others still unaccounted for. cnn's randi kaye has the latest on the recovery effort and the investigation into what may have triggered this catastrophe. >> reporter: major progress in the recovery mission at the
2:43 am
debris sppile of champlain towe south. and it continues around the clock. >> the pile that originally was approximately four or five stories is now almost at ground level. >> reporter: at least 13 million pounds of concrete and debris now removed. and the mission remains the same, return loved ones to their families. meanwhile a new effort is under way at the sister tower just a few blocks away. a detailed inspection of champlain tower north to make sure it won't suffer the same fate. cnn got an up close look at the process as inspection teams wentunder ground using x-rays for salt residue. >> we also did a scan of the thickness of the slab here. see how thick the slab is. we're going to be doing that again today with a different device that can go deeper in measuring the thickness of the floor. >> reporter: just a few miles away in north miami beach, residents at crestview towers
2:44 am
who were hastily evacuated a week ago, based on a report that showed the build to be structurally and electrically unsafe were allowed back in the building with a police escort for just 15 minutes to grab any personal belongings they could carry out by hand. >> they told us that we have just 15 minutes today to take some stuff. personal stuff. just 15 minutes is nothing for us. >> reporter: cnn has obtained video from this woman showing inside the parking deck at champlain power south which two engineers told cnn shows corrosion. it was shot in july 2020. it is not clear if this damage had anything to do with the collapse. back at the pile at champlain tower south where the rescue mission has officially become a recovery mission, the first responders aren't giving up despite the personal toll it takes on them.
2:45 am
>> i'm physically digging but iams also emotionally digging for more strength to continue. >> reporter: amid the strength, one good news coming out of surfside, rescue workers found binks the cat alive near the pile. the investigation says binks belongs to the gonzalez family. it reports the mother and daughter are in the hospital. and the father is still missing. binks has been reunited with the family. now the broward county medical examiner is sending in teams here because the pace of finding bodies has quickened so much, they are going to help onsite. also we're understand from the fire chief that they are using schematics and floor plans to try and find more of these victims. they believe they're in the master bedroom since the collapse did happen at 1:30 in the morning. but we are digging in all areas of the pile and they've made a lot of progress. digging in the pile, they now
2:46 am
have reached victims on the second floor, and the third floor and made their way in some areas deep into the garage. randi kaye, cnn, surfside, florida. police in bangladesh are investigating an enormous factory fire that started on thursday. and according to officials killed at least 52 people. firefighters finally got it under control the next day. >> reporter: clouds of black smoke billow through the air of this multistory building has firefighters struggle to put out the flames of this massive fire. it started thursday afternoon at a juice and food factory located just outside of bangladesh's capital. it burned into friday afternoon. according to a fire official, the fire started on the ground floor. workers tried to escape to the roof but many would trapped as the fire spread to the stairway exits. >> if the workers could have reached the rooftop, we could
2:47 am
have saved them like the 25 people we rescued with our crane, if only they reached there we would be been able to save them. >> the few that were able to reach the roof jumped off. at least three died according to the news agency. the cause of the fire is unknown. according to the fire chief the highly flammable plastics and economicals inside the factory made it difficult to contain the fire. distraught relatives of the victims surrounded the factory waiting to hear back about their loved ones. >> translator: my son called me and said, oh, mother, a fire broke out. after a while, his colleague called me and he said he's no more. how could he survive? >> the bodies recovered were charred beyond recognition, a fire official told local media. the rescue units wrapped the remains in white body bags and piled them into a fleet of ambulances before they were transported to the hospital for
2:48 am
dna testing. in 2013, more than 1,000 people were killed when an entire garment factory collapsed in bangladesh's capital, bringing safety standards for the country's factory workers into the spotlight. but since then, blazes and other disasters have been all too common. and i'll be back right after a quick break. to gelato made from scratch. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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♪ more than 30 million across the western u.s. are under heat alerts. the region is bracing for another record-breaking heat wave this weekend as temperatures are again poised to reach well into the triple digits fahrenheit. and to make matters worse, the area is parched because of the historic drought, a perfect recipe for wildfires. already the scorching heat has aggravated many large fires in northern california. for more on this, let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. derek, some of the numbers we're seeing, extraordinary and frightening maybe. >> yeah. extraordinary. that's a great adjective to
2:53 am
describe it. you know, we don't want to sound like a broken record, but when we are flirting with all-time world record high temperatures we have to put an asterisk. we have to discuss it because it's so significant. let's talk about death valley. what happened there yesterday. 130-degree official temperature coming out of that region. this is in california, of course. and it has only reached 130 degrees two other times on record. this, of course, death valley, california, has the world record temperature for the hottest temperature on the planet recorded reliably at 134 degrees, back in july of 1913. and august 2020, that's still a preliminary high temperature of 131 degrees. so still some wiggle room there. but temperatures there are incredibly, incredibly hot. there's the 30 million americans under the excessive heat alert in place for the great basin, that includes phoenix, s
2:54 am
sacr sacramento. and what happens it produces what is called sinking air or substantive. and acts like a lid and traps the heat. in this southwestern portion, last month, end of the month, we talked about the pacific northwestern and western canada being the heat dome. well, now it's the southwest. we have a chance of breaking 100 records peaking. casual, 117 degrees in fabulous los angeles. that was one degree time of their all-time record high. if you look at the forecast high temperature for that location today, 118. there again is another example of us breaking all-time record heat. incredible. this is all set amongst the backdrop of extreme drought, in fact. 94% of person u.s. under drought conditions. look at that dark shading of red, kim. i bring that to your attention because that's the area where we're looking out for
2:55 am
exceptional drought conditions. and when we have heat, that's talking 115 plus. and the extreme length that it goes for, of course, that is only going to make our drought conditions worse with lack of rain in this forecast. kim. >> yeah. and those fire conditions, as we mentioned. thanks so much, derek van dam, appreciate it. billionaire richard branson wants to go where no space tycoon has gone before. he hopes to fly to the end of space in a ship built by his galactic company. if he goes, he'll start the billionaire space race, jeff bezos is set to launch his rocket nine days later. branson posted pictures of himself with crew members saying he's not racing with bezos. >> whether i go a few days before him or a few days after
2:56 am
him. honestly, it doesn't matter to either of us. what we want to do is do something extraordinary. and we'll both do something extraordinary, incidentally, in the same month. and opening up space, hopefully, for thousands of people in the years to come. >> branson and bezos are developing commercial spaceflights for tourists. well, that wrap this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is just ahead. for everyone else, it's cnn special "tech for good."
2:57 am
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♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ welcome to your new day. i'm chrissie paul. >> i'm boris sanchez. as the delta variant causes covid cases to surge there is new guyedens how to prch schools. and questions about those vaccinated may soon need booster shots. >> six months after the january insurrection the fencing around the capitol is coming down. why officials say there are some skurpt concerns still. >> plus recovery teams continuing the round the clock work at the condo clollapse in surfside. there is as new effort


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