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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good to be with you. six mob months, the fencing around the u.s. capitol is about to come down. there are still big questions of how to protect that building and
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lawmakers against new threats of violence. capitol security forces are facing severe money problems with the house and gsenate no closer than reaching agreements. rye wran n-- ryan is on capitol hill. >> reporter: there's a real concern by the different security forces charged with protecting the capitol that they will run out of money as soon as the beginning of august. in particular, the national guard sounding the alarm with a long list of funding projects they will have to put on hold if they don't get the funding they need by august 1st. they could cancel august and september trapi training drills.
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the capital police is concerned about their funding issues. they have skyrocketed since what happened on january 6th with over time and furloughs. they are worried they could run out of money by the end of august. at issue here is a supplemental security funding package thaes been passed by the house of almost $2 billion that is stalled in the united states senate. when the senate and house get back, they have a lot of work to do and this security is part of that process and right now they are at odds as to how to move forward. this comes against the backdrop of the last remaini ing tempora security structure put up after january 6th. that's the fence behind me that wraps around capitol scare. ta will be working through the weekend. when lawmakers return on monday, that fence will be gone.
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that comes as a relief to many people that come here to washington, d.c. to the area. it allows the free flow of public traffic through the capitol square. it's making people nervous about what the security holds that still exist when that fence goes. there's still a lot of anxiety here even though there's progress moving past what happened. there's a will the worveg that needs to be done. in a new tiling released today, officials say that donald trump's delusional claims that he will be reinstated as president as soon as next month could lead to more political violence by his supporters. >> cnn evan perez is digging into this filing. evan, what else does it tell us? >> this is the claim that the president has been making, as you know, it's having some real consequences for some of supporters. it's a case against alex who is facing charges for the january
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6th riot at the capital. the justice department in a court filing says the following. the former president trump continues to make false claims about the election insinuating he may be reinstated in the near future without another election and minimize the violent attack on the capitol. prosecutors said this in the court filing. what this means, we don't know yet from the judge. the judge has not ruled on this request that he's made because he wants to get rid of his gps monitor. he's wearing an ankle bracelet as a condition of his release from jail while he awaits trial. what this means right now is that he's still paying for this ankle monitor. he says he can't afford it. the justice department is opposing that request because it's citing this danger that there could be violence because
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of the president's actions, the president's comments. >> all right. evan perez there for us. thank you so much. some conservatives will be together this weekend at the cpac conference in dallas. you can expect to hear a lot of people selling and telling the big lie. the event features speeches from the former president, his son and other conservative stars like south dakota governor. a lot of the cpac seminars are aimed at amplifying the false claims about election frauds. spare the fraud, spoil the child. the future of american elections. >> what does that even mean snp. >> who knows? >> at the texas state capital, the first committee meetings start tomorrow as they try to push restrictive voting bills through a special session of the state legislature. our next guest is leading some of the protests against that
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voting bill. what can you do? it sounds as though the governor and the state republicans are going to get this done. democrats in texas broke quorum by walking out the last time this came up, but they can only do that so many times. sounds like the majority wants these restrictive voting measures. what can you do? >> black freedom factory will continue to amplify the vois of organizations on the ground that have been fighting this fight. the governor's principles and priorities aren't straight.
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the power grid failing during the recent winter months killing hundreds of people across the state or the delta variant, multiple variants spreading throughout texas. if he was keen on helping texas, these would be his top priorities. not silence and suppressing black voters about our history in this country which we know a lot about. >> let's talk about the difference between the bills they are discussing now and what democrats were able to block during the regular session. what they are discussing now no longer has limitation of sunday voting, no provision making it easy to over turn the election and removes the criminalization of filing the provisional ballot of someone ineligible to vote. are those wins for advocates like yourself? >> no. it's not a win. at the end of the day, this entire bill's goal is to suppress votes. we need to be improving voter accessibility. texas is one of the most difficult states in the nation
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to get registered to vote and maintain being registered to vote. what does that mean? this is a step in the right direction if the removal of the two provisions happen. at this point in history, we need to return towards broader, sustainable methods of voter empowerment and turning out at the polls. there's no documented evidence of widespread evidence of voter fraud in texas. even the republican secretary of state has said so. there's no reason for this bill other than to suppress vote and help republicans cling to power in texas. we're tired of seeing this happen. >> president biden will be speaking about this on tuesday. vice respect harris, this is one of her projects she's been tasked with. what can they do to stop what we're seeing spreading across the country, at least 17 states have already enbasiced more restrictive voting measures. >> what they can do is tap into the networks, grassroots networks across the country with
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their boots on the ground like black freedom factory move texas and black voters matter. fund working to empower and uplift the voices doing the work. they can extend their privilege of the white house and all of the office privileges that they have and help us and amplifying our voices such as cnn is doing right now by having me as a guest. i really appreciate it. sgl >> do you get discouraged? >> i do. being a black woman in america is a discouraging experience to have, but the fight is something that our ancestors fought and it's a baton that we have the privilege of continuing to pass. this fight is marathon. it's not a sprint. with this kind of momentum, we know that change is on the
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horizon. dr. martin luther king junior said he saw a promise land and civil rights activists see the same promise land. the mountain is steep, but it's not impossible to climb. >> thanks for talking to us. we'll talk to you throughout all out of your activism and efforts on this. >> thank you. still ahead, the cdc puts out new guidance for how to reopen schools this fall. a reminder of the real dangers of failing to get a vaccine. you're going to meet a woman who lost her brother to covid months after he was eligible for the vaccine. we are live in lake mead, nevada where temperatures will be above 115 degrees this weekend. the extreme heat is putting a strain on power and water supplies.
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if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones. and now get netflix on us. it's all included with 2 lines for only $70 bucks! only at t-mobile. we have some new details about an out yn break of covid in central oklahoma that inif he canned 47 people with the delta vary yants. the cdc says a gymnastics facility was the link. most of them were not vaccinated, including two people who had to been hospitalized. the cdc has not named the f
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facility but cnn has asked the state health depthartment for n mfgs. jill biden has been on a tour trying to convince people to get vaccinated and to avoid those kinds of outbreaks. >> she said i want to thank you for what you're doing. what your husband and you were doing for getting people vaccinated. she said, four, four of my family members have died from covid. i said, what's your name. she said my name is jackie. i said, jackie, my god. she started to cry. she said i went out and i personally made sure to get over
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140 people vaccinated myself. >> only 35% of the population in wyoming is fully vaccinated. that's where 68-year-old ross bagney lived. he have eligible in early february. he did not get it. he died june 4th after spending more than three weeks in intensive care terribly sick with covid. his sister joins us now. your brother was 68 years old. ran his own business. he was a very bright guy. why do you think he didn't get vaccinated? >> i just think based on my communication with him, he sent
12:19 pm
me an e-mail in mid-march that he was really sick. he had never been so sick. he had been feeling dizzy and not remembering things and i said, ross, that sounds like covid. maybe you ought to get tested. he hasn't probably been to doctor for years and when i talked to his neighbor, he said i tried to get limb to get vaccine. he said, you know, i rarely go out so i'm probably -- i don't think i'll get the covid. that's how he stated it. i know he had his neighbors that he visited with and people he loved to have food delivered to his door. somehow in those minimal encounters, he caught the virus.
12:20 pm
>> we all know folks who don't go do the doctor and don't know who their primary care physician is. i understand that. there's a generation of men who are reluctant to go to the doctor. do you think he was aware of how bad covid was in wyoming where he was. i know you said to him, you need to get tested and he didn't know where to go to get tested. when he was sick maybe he got the covid.
12:21 pm
then he described how sick he was. i think at some point he was just so weak and so sick. >> you had an interesting experience because once you got to wyoming, you and your other brother were wearing masks and how were people responding to you there? >> it was crazy. i live in a city that's 90% vaccinated. my brother is in a high vaccinated area too. what happened is in the hotel room, some guy came up to him and said, you think that mask is going to protect you and just
12:22 pm
kind of like accosted him. we were like totally taken aback and then we were being really careful because we were going to the hospital and we had to wear the mask and the shield and the whole thing. we were driving, we had our masks on in the car and somebody driving by, i think they were driving by, i can't remember exactly but they flipped us off. we just thought, this is crazy because the masks are going to protect you. even though we're both vaccinated, he didn't want to carry anything home to her. >> by the way, it's your p
12:23 pm
perogative to wear your mask. that's remarkable story. when your brother first got sick and e-mailed you, mid-march, that's the same time the governor of wyoming had basically premoved the mask mandate. i believe he did encourage people -- what do you wish that public health officials had done for your brother. could somebody have gotten through to him? >> i really believe if the messaging in his state had been more clear, if they said, like in my state, wear masks, wear masks, get vaccinated, i truly
12:24 pm
don't believe he would be dead today. >> karen mcnight, thank you for sharing your story and your brother's story. we really appreciate talking to you. we're sorry for your loss. >> thank you so much. next, the extreme heat that is gripping the country is to blame for 200 deaths across the u.s. that's a staggering number. now the national weather center is issuing the highest level of heat risk warning for some parts of the country.
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relentless heat continues to grip the western united states. more than 30 million people are under heat alerts. >> take a look at this. the expected high temperatures this weekend and focus in on california, arizona, nevada. death valley up to 126 degrees. the death toll from last week's record breaking heat in the pac pacific northwest is close to 200. >> one power grid operator is asking people to conserve energy to avoid rolling blackouts. cnn national correspondent is in lake mead, nevada. what's the situation there? >> reporter: first of all, it's about 111 degrees at the moment and the worst is still yet to
12:30 pm
come. the problem is that this severe drought just gets even worse. first, let's talk about the power here at lake mead. we're told that hoover dam is generating about 25% less electricity. it's only operating at about 75%. in term of water, all you have to do is look here behind me. take a look at the high water mark. it looks like a bathtub ring. officials are telling me that every single day they are having to record a new low in water levels. as early as next month they will be declaring a shortage of water. that's what they plooef will happen. as a result of that, people in las vegas or arizona will likely be getting less water starting next year. 25 million people overall depend on the water here in lake plrks -- mead. that's more than the population of florida. it's water, it's power. it's the high fire danger and the health aspect in all of this. you mentioned about 200 deaths
12:31 pm
reported in the pacific northwest. this heat wave could be even worse. while people know how to handle this heat. they have the air-conditioning and the pools, it's still concerning for officials because there are a number of tourists that are expected here this weekend and many of them likely don't know how to handle these temperatures. las vegas could reach its highest temperature ever recorded this weekend. 117 degrees. they are hoping to keep things under control but they are ready for all of the emergencies that they already expecting. >> it goes on and on for the pacific northwest. thanks so much. all right. next, the cdc says schools should prioritize in person learning when they open. we'll speak to a school superintendent about the new guidelines and the push to get students vaccinated before classes start.
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between your cloud and being cloud-smart, there's a bridge. cisco. the bridge to possible. new guidance out today from the cdc prioritizes in person learning for schools even if all safety measures cannot be met. because k through 12 schools will have a mix of vaccinate and unvaccinated people, practice physical distancing if possible. if you're not vaccinated, wear mask indoors and cools should offer weekly testing for unvaccinated people. some school districts are opening back up in a few weeks. schools are racing to get eligible students vaccinated and clarify covid protocols.
12:37 pm
schools start august 12th. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm very comfortable with the guidance. you think about where we were a year ago. there was so much uncertainty that was unknown. we have really navigated a heck of a yoear over the 202 is schol year. we were able to keep schools open 90% of time for in person learning and we did open our doors on august 120th last year. tennessee governor ended mask mandates in april. those did not apply to schools. who in hamilton county schools will still be required to wear a
12:38 pm
mask? >> well, as of june 1st, we lifted our mask requirement. at this moment we are mask optional. we are running summer program. our summer reach program for about 6,000 students. we have been successful this summer with optional mask wearing with those children and dulls who want to wear masks being able to do so. we have not required masks since june 1st in our district. the state health department says only 2% of children 12 to 15 are fully vaccinated. 16 to 20 just over 4%. without masks that are required and those vaccination numbers, what's your degree of confidence that you'll be able to mitigate the spread of, especially the
12:39 pm
delta vary yants which is far more transmissable? >> that's a great question. we have done a great job really encouraging our community staff and students with the vaccination. we hosted multiple vaccination events. we hosted nine events at local schools, at community hubs. we vaccinated over 3500 people. about 67% of our teachers are fully vaccinated right now which is in line with the national average. we look forward to making sure people have information and access to be able to make that private family choice about vaccination. we feel like since we were able to successfully navigate covid last year, frankly, 97% of our children did not have a positive test event for covid. we know based on our own experience that folks will follow our guidelines around hand washing and sanitation as well as the practical distancing. we feel that with that number of
12:40 pm
adults vaccinated and us being able to be above the county average and in line with the national average with our teaching staff, we are looking forward toing withing kids back to school. >> those are the adults you're talking about as we gave the numbers for the students, 12 and older. let me ask you, vaccinations are not required. are they required for extracurricular activities? cheerleadering, football, anything like that? >> we do not have any policy that requires the vaccination. one of the best protections we have for children 12 and over and adult s the vaccination. that's against the delta vary yants as you noted. we're going to continue to provide that information and provide access through hosting vaccination events. we know that through those school based vaccination vents we have administered about 400
12:41 pm
doses and many of those were teenagers that came to our schools to be vaccinated . i want you to hear from state rep who proposed that. >> when you have advertisements like this with a young girl with a patch on her arm smiling, we know how impressionable our young people are and wanting to fit in in life. for a department in this state of ours, to make it seem like to be included, to be able do be on the football team, or be on the girl's soccer team or to participate in band, that you get this shot so you won't miss any of yours, that's peer
12:42 pm
pressure applied by the state of tennessee, by your department. >> according to local reports, the health department has stopped vaccine events and online outreach to teens similar to the things that you're discussing about hamilton county. what's your reaction to that representatives criticism and the decision of the health department to pull back from those things? >> first, let me say this. we are one of the six large metropolitan areas where we have our own health department. our local health department operates independently of the state. we have been working closely to monitor what is appropriate for our local context. as i've noted, we understand these are decisions that families have to make. any children under 18 who are getting vaccinated need parental permission. we want to make sure we provide access to those children and families who want to receive the vaccine and provide the appropriate information around the vaccine being one of the
12:43 pm
best mitigation strategies that we have in hansdd at this momen. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. next, an arrest has been made in that bizarre triple murder at a georgia golf club. one of the victims was a golf pro. what police have learned about the suspect. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need.
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answer arrest has been made in the bizarre murder of that golf pro on the grounds of a georgia country club. police have arrested 23-year-old bryan anthony roden. he's charged with murder, assault and kidnapping. >> two bodies were found in the become after a bpick up truck. ryan young is with us now. any clear connection between the suspect and these victims? >> reporter: we have been talking about this story for days. so far, police aren't sharing motive. so answer those specific questions right noi, it's just too hard. they have been keeping there really close to the vest. when we talk to investigators a
12:49 pm
few days ago, it's really drips and drabs about this investigation. we have a new detail we learned. the two men found dead in the back of that truck were gagged and bound. really want to hear the details of how we led up to this part of the investigation. from all eyewitness accounts, that golf pro walked over to the car to see why the car accident happened and that's when he was shot. you can understand why people are very upset. listen to the question i asked the chief last night about this investigation. >> i realize that some members of the community felt some frustration. they felt like they had limited information. i can respect that feeling. from the perspective i'm at, i knew we had a mission to come to a successful conclusion of this and provide a form of justice to the family and the successful arrest and prosecution was our
12:50 pm
highest priority. that's what we were focusing on. >> reporter: the one thing that stands toout to be strange, thi suspect was arrested for drunk driving about 12 hours after the shooting. only just got released day ago. when you think about this, he was in custody. right now, we're not sure when police developed him as a suspect. did they away from the site of the shooting. but so many questions and the first court appearance for the suspect is tonight at 8:00, hopefully at that time police share more information which led to this. there was several agencies involved in this, including the atf, so it's interesting to see how it all transpired, but at this point right now, police aren't sharing a lot of information. guys? >> hopefully this arrest makes the community feel better, ryan thank you very much for that. florida has a python problem. >> i've heard. >> next we'll speak to a woman who spends her days and nights
12:51 pm
hunting these huge snakes to try to save the ever glades. >> that's how we do it. >> i know i'm just staring at the video. i can't stop. a new jersey man shared that he donated a bicycle to a child in foster care through an organization called one simple wish that was founded by cnn hero danielle gleeto. that led people online to fulfill all 120 wishes on the site. >> somehow it just blew up. there were just thousands of comments of people relating to the foster care experience and then it was just this one after another of people saying, you know, we should just clear their site, grant all of their wishes and it snowballed until it crashed our site. we got the site back up, and eventually they cleared the site of all the wishes. it's given all of us a renewed
12:52 pm
sense of energy and hope. it reminds you there's so much more good in this world than anything else. >> to learn how you can help fulfill those wishes, go to cnn ♪ (vo) the subaru crosstrek. dog tested. dog approved. hitting the road this summer? not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more interstate highway miles
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if snakes make your skin crawl, prepare yourself for this next segment. in north carolina, a 21-year-old man is facing 40 misdemeanor charges after his zebra cobra got loose, terrifying his neighbors after one of them spotted it in her yard. >> a python got out of a mall aquarium. it was found. workers believe cara was -- she used brute force to bend the corner of her tank. she was pulled out of a hole cut into a wall.
12:57 pm
and now to florida, a state sponsored contest begins today to hunt pythons in the e everglades. the snakes have been wreaking havoc for years. >> joining us is donna, one of the snake hunters part of the contest. she was one of the first fee females to become a state sponsored python elimination specialist in florida. i love florida. tell us about the snakes how much trouble they are causing. >> they have caused a lot of problems in the southern part of florida. the they've eaten 97% of the animals and they're headed north. so we're trying to stop them. the python challenge is set up to educate the public as to how they can help. >> how do you catch one of these? >> by hand. basically you go out in the
12:58 pm
everglades. i have a vehicle that i drive the levies and roads out there in the everglades, and close to home too and search for them. they're basically hunting the hunters. they're out there usually at night, we go out at night chasing them down. once we come across them, they're actually moving pretty slow because they're an ambush hunter. so they're moving pretty slow and if you sneak up and grab them by hand, then the excitement starts depending on how big that snake is, it's going to give you a run for your money. you have to wrestle it. >> that's what i want to know. you wrestle it with your bare hands? >> yes. you make sure it doesn't wrap around your neck or anything else that you don't want strangled because that is what they do. they're not venomous, they are constrictors. if you come across one here in south florida, you look at it, it'll look at you, it'll turn
12:59 pm
around and go away. these were pets 40 years ago and now the ones we're catching are not pets anymore, they're 12, 13, 14 generations out from being pets. >> my. >> yeah. they were brought in by the pet trade, they were pets like cats and dogs. over a million people have pet snakes. i used to keep -- well, i have one now because someone let it go and i found it, it's not a burmese bpython. it's a ball python. >> the prizes should be bigger than this, $2,500, $1,500, seems like you should make more money. but we have to wrap up with the trophy skins, i guess, that are behind you. >> yeah. the top one is the first one that i caught. it's a 12 foot python that i caught out in big cypress national park. and the second one is one i caught with my brother on south florida water management lands as a python contractor.
1:00 pm
they're both 12 feet. it's not the biggest i caught, i caught 15.5. the largest is 18'9" and a quarter inches. so they're monsters. we need help. come down and help us catch them. >> donna, thank you so much for being with us. "the lead" starts right now. a shot of confusion. "the lead" starts right now. pfizer sparks a battle over boosters, penning big pharma against big government and leaving millions asking do i need another shot? plus could you pack up your life in 15 minutes? imagine that. that's what some florida residents face today after being forced to evacuate their condo in the wake of the surfside collapse. the cost of child care nearly doubled over the pandemic, why those soaring costs may be here to stay.


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