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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 9, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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areas with low rates of vaccinations. now areas where people are not getting vaccinated, the delta variant is spreading more quickly. and by the way, unvaccinated people make up more than 99% of those dying from covid in recent weeks. elizabeth cohen here to help us walk through this. i wonder if you could describe to people what is going on here. pfizer said they're working on a booster shot if needed. fda and cdc, i imagine, trying to comfort vaccinated people to say that today you don't need such a booster, is that right? >> that is right. and to be clear what is happening here is that pfizer yesterday announced, hey, we're going to apply to the fda for emergency use authorization for a third shot. so a third shot of the same thing as the two shots that people have already gotten just a third version of it. so that you could have three shots instead of two with the third shot acting as a booster.
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but there was i lot of surprise about why fiez ser going to be doing that. why are they applying for this authorization, why is it necessary? they talked about waning immunity but there aren't studies that show waning immunity and pfizer didn't offer up any evidence of waning immunity. and this is a pharmaceutical company. they're supposed to specialize in data. the only data they pointed to is this israeli data. so take a look. we discussed this when it came out this week. so israeli data presented with very little back-up or science behind it that the shot is 64% effective at preventing infection and this is still with the delta variant being prodominant and 93% effective at preventing severe disease and hospitalization. that second number is the more important. 93% effect as preventing hospitalization. that is an excellent vaccine. few vaccines are that effective. why is pfizer all of a sudden basically saying almost like
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it's own product isn't working as well as they would like sense. an the other thing that doesn't make sense is that one-third of americans eligible for the shot aren't getting it. so for fiez tore come out and say, the shots we have out there, we're not sure they're working so well, that is the opposite of what you want to be doing. he want to be encouraging confidence. but let as look at what the cdc and the fda had to say in response. because that is super important. they said that americans who have been fully vaccinated did not need a booster shot at this time. there is a lot of talk that the federal agencies are not talking to pfizer, what is going on here. so pfizer put out a entertstatement, saying we regularly discuss our entire research program with regulator and public health authorities in the u.s. and other countries around the world.
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jim. >> thank you. joining me now dr. eric topple from scripps research. good to have you on. sadly, disinformation peddlers will jump on this to increase questions that are already out there for the vaccine hesitant and speak to people who have been watching that haven't been vaccinated. what does the data show us about what the current vaccines do to protect people and the people around them. >> great to be with you, jim. i think the great news here is the delta variant with respect to the vaccine in the united states, the mrna vaccine, there is nothing to worry about. that is the efficacy race for preventing infections. no less hospitalizations and fatalities. it is extremely high. and so the concern here that elizabeth just reviewed with it about this booster is an unknown because the data hasn't been revealed that pfizer actually talked about. but everything that we have
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suggested really solid protection from the pfizer, moderna vaccines that are 96% of the vaccines that are used in the united states. >> there is a parallel here, right? it is the way flu shots are. people get them every year because the flu changes every year and you have to update your body's immunity against updated pathogens. to play devil's advocate for a moment, is there a silver lining to this in terms of what pfizer is up to, that early development of a booster to get on top of the delta variant, if necessary, is kind of good to have in your back pocket as it were. >> yes, exactly. so that is a key point, jim. that is people of advanced age or immunocompromised, they will probably need a booster shot. because we know that even though our neutralized antibodies reduce normally after a few months. we have memory b cells that are on demand, to make antibodies
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and t-cells. but elderly and the immunocompromised people, they are not as good in that situation. months later, after vaccination. so it is likely, even though there aren't any data to show it yet, that people who have the mrna vaccines could benefit from a booster shot and that is probably where this will settle out over time. that certain of those at high risk, as you say it is good to have this but the way it was presented that it might be for everybody was quite a stir. >> yeah. you're in california and i'm in washington, d.c. these are both high vaccination rates parts of the country but as dr. fauci has said, we basically had a tale of two countries, high vaccination places and places in the south where you have rates below a third of the population and then nationally about a third of the country refusing to take these things. where does that leave as a country in terms of preventing another wave of infections as
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the delta variant takes hold? >> this is really important to note. as you mentioned with the map earlier, this is a diffuse beginning of a wave. when we face the alpha variant, the one that originated in the u.k. in january and february, we basically squashed it, it was only in michigan that was felt the bump. here it doesn't look good because not just missouri and arkansas, which is the epicenter, but it is starting to show in so many states and now not just the case increases but the hospitalization increases as well. so this doesn't suggest that we're going to get away as we did in the early part of the year. the delta variant looks like it is going to be more of a problem because of the lack of vaccination especially. >> such a shame. a workable, free widely available vaccine helps the people and the people around them. let's hope it breaks through. dr. eric topple, thank you so much. >> thank you, jim.
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politics now, conservatives are gathered in dallas today for the second cpac convention of 2021. for years the event was a place for conservative voices and conservative ideas but this year the culture wars and the big lie rts focus. the gathering comes as kevin mccarthy has struggled to keep the more extreme members of his conference in check. it doesn't appear he even wants to. joining me now, cnn political director david chalian. so there was a time that there was sort of a limit for republican members of the house, steve king, you defend white supremacy, you're going to get your committee apointments taken away. but we have marjorie taylor green and boebert and paul gossar hanging out with white supremacists but the standards have changes under mccarthy. >> we have to look at kevin mccarthy through a singular lens in that he wants to be speaker of the house. so everything he does that is through that. so he's -- his actions sort of
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tell us that he thinks that the path for republicans winning back the majority and for him winning to be speaker of the house is to not ex communicate these folks from the party in some way, but to try and manage it inside of the family. >> what does manage mean? giving a free pass to anti-semitism. >> exactly. which shows the struggle happening in the republican party for its own identity. that is weak leadership. what kevin mccarthy sees is this is my path to power. >> is there a a struggle that exists today, right, given that the folks who stick their neck out, liz cheney, she's out of leadership, james langford, all he did was not challenge the election results because he saw what happened on january 6th when he was going to vote for it and changed his mind, now he's a target of his own party in his own state. what is the state of the fifth
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column effort within the republican party to take it back to something more reasonable and moderate. >> next season rear going to see a republican primaries and we'll get that. does he get re-elected, very well may. but this is such the smallest slice of republicans that you're pointing out right now, folks like liz cheney, i mean one of ten that voted to impeach the president. obviously, this is not where the life force of the party is right now. so -- >> it is not for sure. >> it seems like that. we have no indication that trump is losing his grip on control. in fact, everything that we see about the way republican office holders are behaving is to suggest that feet to trump, fealty to the big lie is a central team of what animates the republican base and as you noted in weekend in texas, we'll
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see a lot about election integrity and other cultural issues. >> one of the most disturbing elements is that not only is the big lie a litmus test for candidates in 2022 and '24 and many of them are running on it but now you have trump defending january 6. he's not calling them out, defending january 6 insurrectionists. is january 6 revisionism now a new litmus test for the party? >> well it certainly has been the case that since i would say within days after january 6 there has been in attempt by some in the republican party to whitewash the events, to not consider this the moment of peril that is was for our democracy. and so i do think there is a risk we see, again, liz cheney is a perfect example, to some republicans going out on accounting for this to ensure that this doesn't happen. that is not where the majority
7:11 am
of republicans are at all. i mean, whether it is being described as a day where just like tourists were walking through the capitol, or as you say, other attempts to simply erase the import of what occurred on january 6. i don't know if it is a litmus test. i think it is certainly part of where the republican party is on capitol hill right now. just look at numbers. there is very little doubt. and i don't think this gets resolved until republican voters resolve it through their primary processes. >> or don't. >> or don't. >> david chal ian, good to have you break it down. powerful thunderstorms thursday in new york, wreaked havoc bee a bove and below ground as flash flood crippled the new york subway. look at how you had to get in and out. subway riders wading through knee deep water in flooded stations. brin gingas is live.
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has it cleared up there, did the water drain up somewhere? >> reporter: yes, and thank gosh we are not having any rain to add on to anything that caused problems yesterday evening into today's morning commute. so that is good news, jim. but as you just said, thoese wee jaw-dropping videos circulating on social media with grim reminder how bad it could get here in a major metropolitan site. that is all clear but you saw people putting on garbage bags over bodies to wade through the water. some people braving it in clothes as is. but for dry for now and the mta here in new york city saying there are no delays due to any weather issues. it wasn't just a subway, though. i think we have some video to show you from the highways particularly in the bronx here in the new york city, the expressway that was shut down
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because of the quick flooding from the thunderstorms. it wasn't even elsa causing this. people got stranded and the nypd had to get two cars that were flooded and save some people. luckily in injuries. but just a reminder of how bad it could get in a city like new york city. but the storms now heading to the northeast, jim. >> shut down a big part of the city. brin, thank you so much. still to come this hour, democrats and civil rights leaders scrutinize president biden over his challenge to voting rights. is the president doing enough to curb ongoing republican efforts to restrict voting access across country. the chair of the democratic national committee will join me just ahead. plus the taliban is gaining ground in afghanistan and fast as the u.s. pulls out troops. the president biden said it is best for the u.s. and afghanistan. is that the truth? we're live from the pentagon and kabul next. ndfather.
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new this morning, the taliban is claiming it now controls 85% of afghanistan's territory. we should be clear that the afghan government denies that. but few despite the taliban's fast advance. president biden, however, remains strongly defensive of his decision to pull all american troops out of afghanistan by august 31st insisting it is now up to the afghans to defend themselves and
7:19 am
build their country. >> nearly 20 years of experience has shown us that the current security situation only confirms that just one more year fighting in afghanistan is not a solution. but a recipe for being there indefinitely. i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. >> covering this as only cnn can, anna coren is live in kabul, and barbara starr is live from the pentagon. and anna, you have reports among many of the taliban advance, one of seizing a key district in western afghanistan, that has a border crossing with iran, i mean, what is happening in these places? are the afghan forces just up and running away? >> reporter: well the government said that the government forces are trying to recapture this particular trade gateway. it is one of the biggest between
7:20 am
afghanistan and iran. millions of dollars worth of fuel and supplies cross here. and as you say, the taliban has seized this. this has been confirmed by a customs chief. there is another border crossing that is full and it borders tack min stan. but this goes for the sweeping ga gains they are making, cutting off afghanistan in an attempt to have that control and place the government in a very perilous position. these gains obviously happening in the north. while tens of thousands of people are being displaced and the fighting continue and the taliban delegation of all things turning up in moscow to meet with representatives of the russian government to act as if it is this alternative government. you mentioned that figure, 85% of the territory it claims to have seized. the government denies this. but it goes on to say that
7:21 am
humanitarian organizations could continue with its operations. it said that schools and hospitals will remain open. that those border crossings and customs offices will remain operational. so you have this islamist insurgency group trying to portray itself as this alternative government, jim. >> well, in the past they've done horrible things to keep girl schools closed, among other activities. barbara, president biden has just a few weeks left to make some key decisions on the future of afghanistan. one urgent concern the safety of translators who wrorked for the u.s. military, and what steps is the biden administration taking? >> well there is very little maneuvering room because the time is running short, the august deadline for everybody to be out. he said that they are going to start having some flights start moving some people in addition to those already moved afghans
7:22 am
who want to get out who works perhaps as translators, working for the u.s. operation in afghanistan and feel their under threat by the taliban. but, look, that could wind up being tens of thousands of people. not clear how that will happen and the key there is to keep the airport in kabul open. that is the only way out of afghanistan. and right now they are working, the u.s. working with the turks who are running a lot of the security operations at the airport to try to lockdown the security arrangements. that is pivotal because you have -- if the airport is not s secure, you can't keep the u.s. embassy and other embassies open. they need a secure airport to be able to operate to be able to come and go. and the president has to make some decisions about whether he wants air strikes against the taliban in support of afghan forces. look, exactly what you said, jim, the taliban, they are an insurgent group and carefully
7:23 am
maneuvering, they picking things off one by one, fostering the sense of inevitability perhaps that they will come to power. >> barbara, as you know, this withdrawal decision was made over the advice of president biden's military advisers. you speak to people in the pentagon. as they watch this happen, are they deeply concerned about the future of that country? >> i think there is a very much sense of discretion. look, u.s. military commanders, u.s. troops spent 20 years, multi-generation of military families deploying to afghanistan trying to make it all work through any number of scenarios. the u.s. military, the top brass had really proposed keeping about 2500 troops there to provide security to be on the the spot to conduct counter-terrorism missions if they were needed. they thought 2500 troops could keep things in check. but the president made a different decision very
7:24 am
critically. his view was if you broke your word to the taliban, if you kept troops there, you might have the taliban retaliate by attacking u.s. troops and only having to bring in more troops and a new cycle of combat operations. not what the president wanted to because he simply very strongly felt there was no a different outcome to be had. >> we'll see how it looks in the comin coming weeks and months. thank you very much. ahead, president biden is under pressure from civil rights leaders, other democrats to do more to protect voter rights across country as republicans pass new restrictions. the chair of the democratic national committee will join me next. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth... is having healthy gums. new crest advanced gum restore...
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civil rights leaders are urging president biden to do more to protect voting rights. calling gop efforts to curb ballot access, quote, an effort to impose a system of american apartheid. 17 states have enacted 28 new laws making it harder to vote. dozens of other bills with provisions are moving through other state legislatures. vice president harris announced yesterday that democrats will invest $25 million in a program aimed at countering voter suppression. joining me now, jaime harrison, the chair of the democratic national committee. thanks so much for joining us
7:30 am
this morning. >> thank you so much for having me, jim. >> all right. so $25 million to invest in voting rights. to quote the untouchables, is this bringing a knife to a gun fight here? is this going to make a difference? >> well, jim, that is $25 million on top of $20 million that i announced about three months ago in order to put boots on the ground to work for voter protection across this country and that is on top of another $23 million that we have in terms of strengthening our state party operations across this country. almost $70 million focused on making sure that every american, not every democrat, but every american gets the opportunity to vote in this country. we know objectively speaking this is no hyperbole that republicans are trying to make it much more difficult for people to vote. and this is not just a one dimensional approach. in addition to this, we are also fighting in the courtrooms. we're also fighting in state
7:31 am
houses. we're also fighting in the halls of congress right now. >> you are, but you're losing. you're losing on each of those fronts. you can't get voting rights to this point through even get a democratic majority for that. the supreme court just gutted another section of the 1965 voting rights act which is going to effect cases in courts, make it harder to prove those are racially motivated. what the strategy and response? >> well the strategy and response, jim, is, listen, what we saw what happened in georgia in 2018. when stacey abrams lost in 2018, there wasn't a whole lot of changes in terms of legislature. they started to purge for voters. but what happened in that state? they decided to work and make sure that they got more people registered to vote, they educated the voters, they mobilized voters and got them to the polls and guess what happened in 2020?
7:32 am
we won the presidency in georgia and picked up two seats in the united states senate. and so this is not an all of the above approach. we have to do it in every way that we possibly can and the dnc announcement yesterday is adding to the efforts across this country. >> don't want to underestimate the importance of grass root efforts, that make a difference in georgia post 2018. but you do know the impact in the courts up to the supreme court. and i wonder, a lot of meetings with the joe manchins and the kyrsten sinemas on the board with passing vra but also with reforming the filibuster. did the latest supreme court decision move them? is that dead on arrival or sis there a path forward. >> i still believe that theresy path forward and then discussions taken place in the
7:33 am
senate democratic caucus about how they move forward on these efforts. but we can't just stay in place and just wait on those discussions. time is something in politics that you don't get back. you could raise more money but you don't get more time back. so we have to make sure that we're prepared on all fronts to keep this ball moving forward. so we'll let the discussions happen in the senate and we'll move forward, i believe that the senate democrats will get something done on voter rights. this cycle. but in addition the dnc has too be well prepared to make sure people are registered and educated and mobilize and protect them once they get to the polls. >> key to that, might be, it might be a necessity, is somehow eliminating or reforming the filibuster. i spoke with stephanie murphy yesterday, i asked her about that. here is her answer and i want you to get your response. >> we can't play by their rules and that is what the republicans have done in the past. is that they've changed the
7:34 am
system because they don't have good values or good ideas to run on. democrats are different. and i think that if we take our case to the american people, we'll be able to make progress on the issues that matter so much. >> i just wonder if you are concerned that is pie in the sky thinking that you gotta, i don't know if play dirty is the right word. but you have to address the filibuster if you believe that dra still has a path. >> listen, i think that our democracy is on the line. we have to play hard ball. i'm in full agreement. if you watch me on twitter, you know that i don't mince my words as it relates to what republicans are doing right now. they are trying to steal elections each and every day. you all know it. the press report on it all of the time. they are -- look at what they're doing in arizona. it is a clown show right now. and are we america or are we russia? in essence, they're trying to even impact who can count the
7:35 am
votes once they've been cast. and so this is an all of the above approach. we to do every single thing that we we can to protect our democracy. that is not for the democratic party, it is for all americans. it is sad see what the party of lincoln has turned into. more of a party of putin. >> jaime harrison, thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you. ahead, richard branson set to travel to space this weekend. beating out fellow billionaire jeff bezos, by just a few days. though there are questions. is he making it all the way to space? we'll have the latest on the trip next. like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need.
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this weekend richard branson will attempt to take one of his rocket powered planes to the edge of space. if he succeeds he will beat fellow billionaire space barren jeff bezos by just nine days. former amazon ceo will make his own attempt with his company blue origin on july 20th. cnn innovation and correspondent rachel crane joins me now. rachel, mano a mano, this taking of off, if i could say that. >> that is right, jim. the optics here do seem to suggest that branson was trying to beat bezos, but branson telling me he does not see this as a race nor does any member of the virgin galactic team. that this accelerated time line was a result of an updated faa license. in addition to what the company said was a flawless test flight that happened just a few weeks ago. that that is behind the
7:41 am
accelerated time line and nobody is more excited about this than richard branson himself. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i'm going up in, as some, to test the customer experience. and i'm just going to enjoy every single minute of it. it is something that, i think, millions an millions out there would want to take my seat. and i'm going to enjoy every second from the beginning to the end. >> jim, branson went on to even invite jeff bezos to this upcoming space flight scheduled for this sunday. now, branson's objective on this flight is to test the astronaut experience and a large part of that is the training. that is what richard branson has been doing the last few days here at space port america, taking notes on things that future astronauts, there are 600 that have signed up for that
7:42 am
experience, to try to make changes and make sure it is the best experience possible. jim. >> we'll be watching, rachel crane, thank you so much. here with me now is retired nasa astronaut leroy ciao. he's performed six space walks and logged over 229 days in space. thanks for taking the time. >> you bet, good to be with you. >> so big picture, i want to ask you, as a nasa astronaut, do you think space tourism which is where both of the businesses are heading to some degree, but for the near future reserved for just the very wealthiest of people, right? we're talking about millions of dollars a tike. is that good for space exploration? >> i think it is. it raised a lot of awareness and the general public on space exploration and space flight. so yes, i think it is good and it is a natural evolution of how we started. so nasa developed with the contractors, rocket spacecraft
7:43 am
and now we're ate a point where we're commercializing those things and it is taking longer than a lot of us have expected or desired but i'm glad to see this component, this space tourism component of commercial space is starting. >> space is hard, as they say, there is a lot of safety challenges to get over. whether a government or private flight. when you look at these based on what you know, are they safe at this point, these kind of trips? >> sure. i think safety is a relative thing. so you want to manage your risk as best as you could. any time you put energy into a vehicle going into space you're going to be take something risks. now it is not without having had issues. in 2014 of course virgin galactic, did have an accident, a test pilot was killed during a flight test due to pilot error and so i'm sure there was redesigned and testing to make sure that the system was more robust and mistakes like that
7:44 am
were less likely to happen. and i think the fact that richard branson and jeff bezos are getting on their own vehicles after the flight test programs is a big confidence builder for the public. >> as we've been talking, we're showing there the flight path in effect of virgin galactic. so help us resolve a dispute here. virgin galactic flight does not go into orbit. it goes up to the edge of space but not above what is known as the carmen line at 62 miles. is it a space flight in your view? >> it depends on your definition. so back in the '50s when we were flying x-15s and we had air force pilots flying them above 50 miles, the faa and the government, u.s. government defined space the edge of space as 50 miles. some years later, the international consortium decided that 1100 kilometers was more fitting to the von carmen line
7:45 am
is at 100 kilometers which worked out to 62 miles sox in my eyes, if you fly 50 miles or 62 miles you're in space. you won't notice the difference between the 12 miles. neither go into the orbit. they touch space and come right back down which is why they are so short. >> understood. i would take it in a second. they get a little bit of weightlessness at that level where virgin galactic is going? >> absolutely. once they get into orbit and hit the top of their flight profile, then they'll get a little bit of zero g. as if he fall back down. >> leroy ciao, i'm green with jealousy at the experiences you are able to have up in space. thank you for your service in space. >> thank you. and we'll be right back. virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath.
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well arising number of new covid infections means that fans are now banned from the olympic games in tokyo. but for the athletes and others still attending, including journalists, they face a number of hurdles before they step foot on the olympic grounds, will ripley has more. >> reporter: the first thing people ask when i say i'm going to the summer olympics, is that still happening?
7:51 am
the second thing they ask, is it safe? my team and i are traveling to tokyo to find out. our journey begins four days before we fly. two tests for covid-19. 96 and 72 hours before departure. >> already there has been tons of paperwork to fill out and lines to wait in just to get to this poin. we could only go to testing center as proved by the japanese government. >> this is by far the most documentation i've needed just to get on a flight. >> processing my pile of paperwork takes nearly an hour at the airport. this is the moment of truth. they're checking my documents. i think i prepared them correctly. they have now brought in a man. he tells me i need to download an app. fill out an online health questionnaire. >> i have never been more grateful to get a boarding pass. >> only a few dozen passengers on my trip from taipei to tokyo. many airlines are canceling
7:52 am
empty flights or suspending service altogether. athletes from fiji have to fly on a cargo plane that usually hauls frozen fish. i'm just grateful to have a window seat. this is my first trip back to japan since the start of the pandemic. tokyo hanada airport eerily quiet. i don't have much company. a handful of passengers, a small army of health workers pouring over my paperwork, scanning my xr code, ordering me to spin in a cup. >> so gross. >> the first of many daily covid tests. social distancing, not a problem as i wait for my results. >> negative. >> being here for the olympics feels surreal and sad. japan invested billions to host the games. banking on a tourism boom. this is not what anyone had in mind. the pandemic makesa appreciate
7:53 am
lives little victories like the moment i get my olympic credentials. wow, there it is. it is official. i clear customs and see an old friend. our long time tokyo bureau driver mr. okano. >> he was the very first face that i met in tokyo. >> as we leave the airport and head to the hotel, it finally feels real. we made it to japan. the process surprisingly smooth overall. even as the japanese capital fights a fresh surge in covid cases. and here we are in hotel quarantine for 14 days. tokyo about to enter the fourth state of emergency of the pandemic. cases are surging. will these measures be enough to prevent the delta variant from spreading like wildfire here in the japanese capital where just 15%st population is vaccinated nationwide. jim, it is a difficult decision for tokyo olympics organizers to say there will be no spectators
7:54 am
in the venues they've spent billions building but numbers are one thing and lives are another. >> risky conditions. thank you very much. ahead, the 14-year-old national spelling bee champion speaks to cnn after her big win. the final word that earned her $50,000. a tough one. that is next. not all 5g networks are created equal. when it comes to 5g coverage, t-mobile is the best thing on the menu. t-mobile. america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network.
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nurraya. >> that is correct. [ applause ] >> got to love that spin there at the endch that is 14-year-old zaila avant-garde of louisiana. correctly spelling the winning word murraya, it is a time of tree. she is the very first african-american to win the scripps national spelling bee taking home a $50,000 cash prize and a big smile. she told cnn this morning this experience has felt like a dream. >> it felt really good to win because i've been working on it for like two years so to actually win the whole thing, was like a dream come true. and i don't know, i feel like in the moment i snapped in my head and walking and the whole time i've been there in orlando, even though i feel like i'm kind of back in it now. >> if that wasn't enough, zaila
8:00 am
is not only a spelling bee champ, she's a basketball progeny. she holds three world records involving dribbling and yugling. a pretty nice bank shot and wants to play basketball at harvard and coach in the nba. nba or work at nasa or pursue a career in neuroscience. that is brain surgery. i bet she has potential in all of those. i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" is boris sanchez starts right now. hello, and happy friday. i'm boris sanchez in for kate bolduan. here is what we're watching for at this hour. vaccine confusion. pfizer saying it wants emergency approval for a booster shot but the cdc and fda say we don't need a booster just yet. what is behind the mixed messages? plus, crisis in haiti. police say a foreign hit squad assassinated their president. we'll take you


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