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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 7, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and as the conflict continues, the numbers of dead will rise to a level when eventually people may start to lose count. sam kiley, camp victoria, western myanmar. >> thanks so much, sam. thanks to all of you for joining us. "a c360" starts now. good evening. a busy hour ahead. there is the grim but sadly not expected breaking news out of surfside, florida. search and rescue effort is now a recovery operation with a fatality number rising as the work goes on. also tonight, the congresswoman who can't seem to keep making holocaust comparisons. marjorie taylor green visited the holocaust museum and claimed to apologize is at it again. the former president trying to take social media to court
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for banning him. joined by first amendment scholar, we'll talk about whether he's likely to get thrown out of court or perhaps laughed at. a lot happening tonight. we begin with the assassination of haiti's president. it would be a shattering development. haiti as you know and as we've reported has had more of its share of misfortune, whether from poverty, political violence and it seems intrigue. footage from moments around the killing. you'll not see any images on the clips that we're about to play you. the frame is black. what you'll hear is certainly raising questions. we've edited the same passage together several times of someone claiming to be from the american dea, the drug enforcement agency, so you can hear more clearly what's being said. >> everybody back up, stand down.
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everybody stand down. dea operations, everybody back up, stand down. dea operations, everybody stand down. dea operations, everybody back up, stand down. >> so, again, we repeated that so you could hear more clearly. again, we cannot independently authenticate this. the dea denied any involvement. whatever the clip is, it does seem to be part of the picture or to be more precise, part of the puzzle of what happened in haiti last night. more now from cnn's melissa bell. >> reporter: by the time security forces responded in the early hours of wednesday morning, it was too late. haitian president was dead assassinated in his private residence. his wife, the first lady of haiti, gravely wounded, medivaced to the u.s. for
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potential life-saving treatment. as daylight dawned on the aftermath of bullet holes and spent shell casings, the scope of the brazen attack more clear. >> translator: the information we have is that the attackers were a group of english and spanish-speaking persons. they were carrying huge caliber weapons and killed the president. >> reporter: this audio purported to be of the time of the assassination. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. men shouting in english. >> dea operations, everybody back down, stand down. >> reporter: claiming they are u.s. drug enforcement agents providing clues of how the attackers may have been able to penetrate the security perimeter surrounding the presidential residence seemingly with ease. the ambassador to the u.s. saying those responsible are
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said to be highly trained mercenaries posing as u.s. officers. >> they presented as dea? >> yes, they presented themselves as dea agents. >> do you believe they were actually dea? >> no. there was no way. no way dea would have come. we would have been informed and ever everything. >> reporter: the u.s. state department also dismissing as preposterous that those responsible could be dea agents. >> these reports are absolutely false. the united states condemns this heinous act. these false reports are nothing more than that, just false reports. >> reporter: the haitian government says a manhunt is underway for those responsible. they assumed leadership of the country trying to assure a stunned population as well as world leaders that the government of haiti is still
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functioning declaring a state of siege which allows for the closing of national borders and temporarily invoke martial law. >> we want to ensure you we will bring the killers of the president to justice. please stay calm and let the authorities do their work. we don't want the country to plunge into chaos. this is a very sad day for our nation and for our people. >> reporter: in life haitian president was a polarizing figure with many protesting his rule and demanding he resign. he presided over a country on the precipice of chaos. the question now, will his death push the nation past its breaking point. melissa bell, cnn. >> joining us now from haiti is freelance journalist harold isaac. what is it first like in haiti tonight? what's the scene like? >> reporter: well, anderson, we
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are talking about empty streets. businesses are closing. been closed all day. there's still a massive sense of shock after what happened in the early hours of today and you have a nation trying to reel with that new reality. >> what was the security like at the president's house? he was, according to reports, assassinated around 1:30 in the morning today. can you just talk about what that compound is like and how difficult it would have been to get in? >> reporter: well, anderson, as you've been to haiti in the past, since 2010 the national palace has been destroyed and has not been rebuilt so presidents have taken a habit of not actually living in a national palace where they would normally have been. so the house of president moise
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was his residence. it makes it more stunning that such a thing would happen in such a secure location. >> the idea that they were yelling out dea claiming they were part of the dea in a country like haiti, that's actually probably a pretty effective thing for them to have done, isn't it? obviously the u.s. has enormous power in haiti. in some other countries around the world if somebody yelled out dea operation, it may not have any impact. in haiti, people would probably listen to that, wouldn't they? >> reporter: well, this was shocking and it was a big sense of awe, especially at the time it happened. for these individuals who looked very organized, very structured, very professional, at least from the videos going online could carry that sentiment and could
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be impressive. however, you also have the security unit of the president of the republic, which is one of the highest trained elite core in the police to have been trained in the u.s. and elsewhere. they're the best paid and they're trained and they know their drill. it's highly questionable that they would fall for a trap like that. >> and obviously the airport was shut down as far as i understand as well as the border with the dominican republic. so whoever did this most likely, i assume, would still be in the country. are you hearing anything about what authorities are trying to do to track them down? >> well, the prime minister said it in his presser and also in the steps he's been announcing and the decrees, that the investigation is ongoing and they're trying to find the perpetrators. but he's unclear, actually. the situation is still very
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unclear and that's part of the reason why everybody's hunkering down because we don't know what do we expect from this new reality and what's doning on the country. >> the acting prime minister has declared a state of siege in haiti. are you clear on what that actually means? >> well, anderson, a lot of people have been asking actually what that actually means. it's unprecedented in our recent history that such a measure has been taken, but for i guess the american public, the way i could explain it, it's akin of martial law. that means all public liberties are suspended. virtually anyone can get arrested for any reason and house can be searched without warrants. these are the kind of measures we're looking at in the coming hours or days in order to respond to this event.
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>> harold isaac, i appreciate the reporting. thank you very much. up next, marjorie taylor greene and her penchant for making holocaust and nazi references barely three weeks from apologizing for her last remarks, she's doing it again. the latest from surfside, what is now a search for remains and some measure of comfort for the families.
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georgia republican congresswoman marjorie taylor green is comparing americans to be vaccinated to the nazis. here's how we got here. with covid cases up now in 27 states, the biden administration is launching a new door-to-door campaign to try to get more americans vaccinated. congresswoman taylor attacked on twitter and said biden pushing a vaccine not fda approved showing covid is a political control.
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they don't need your medical brown shirts showing up ordering vaccinations. you can't force people to be part of the human experiment, end quote. the brown shirts played a big role in the rise of hitler and the nazi party in the 1930s as well as the '40s which then led to the holocaust and the genocide of 6 million jews and others. greenes tweet comes after she said this about mask wearing rules at the capitol. >> you know, we can look back in a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second class citizens, so much so that they were put on trains and taken to gas chambers in nazi germany and this is exactly the type of abuse that nancy pelosi is talking about. >> greene came under fire for that. she got a reprimand from gop
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house leader kevin mccarthy. later she decided to take in a bit of history and tour the u.s. holocaust museum. she seemed to learn a lesson. here's what she told reporters. >> there is no comparison to the holocaust and there are words i have said and remarks that i have made that i know are offensive and for that i want to apologize. >> there is no comparison to the holocaust she said there, so, well, so much for that today. asked about it today white house press secretary jen psaki said we don't take any of our health and advice from marjorie taylor greene, i can assure you that. joining us is congresswoman luria. i appreciate you joining us. congresswoman greene's yet again now comparing something to the holocaust, brown shirts, the rise of the nazis. i'm wondering, what do you make of that? >> you know, after visiting the
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holocaust museum, after spending time there and coming out to the public and saying i've learned a lot from this visit, i've reflected on history and i'm going to change the words i use and not use these references anymore, it's shocking but truly not surprising to see that she's back again using these references. >> also claiming what the administration is trying to do is force people going door to door and force people to be vaccinated. it is just simply factually not true and, frankly, you know, it's stirring the pot to get people riled up and angry and fearful. >> you know, it is. first of all i would say that her apology or, you know, explanation that she had a change of heart and understood better after she went to the
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holocaust museum was disingenuous. disinformation she's spreading about the covid vaccine veiled in these comments is also her way of saying people shouldn't take the vaccine. all we have to do is look to states, a lot of them in the southeast where the vaccine rates are much lower. we're seeing a rise of new variants. it's very, very dangerous as a public official, as an elected official to be spreading this information and using this anti-semitic rhetoric. >> it's also incredible to me that she is so blithely comparing americans to nazis. these are canvassers going door to door, people working in the public health system trying to, you know, help people, give them information, you know, increase accessibility for a vaccine. it just seems very strange to me that we live in an age now where members of congress are routinely comparing americans to
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nazis. >> anderson, i don't have much more to say than to agree with you. this type of rhetoric is dangerous. it is clearly wrong to indicate that, you know, the very in depth efforts of our public health service, local health service to reach as many people as possible. i think it's a good thing to go knock on doors, share information, to bring the vaccine to people who are home bound and can't otherwise receive it. i know in my community they've gone to great efforts to make sure everyone can receive the vaccine. when some people are hearing words like this from representative green to indicate that, you know, this is somehow equivalent to the largest genocide in history and that people are trying to do them harm is, you know, completely not helpful in our effort to try to reach as many people and stop the spread of the virus. >> i also want to ask you about these comments that donald trump reportedly made back now in 2018 which we're just learning from this new book from michael bender, well respected
5:20 pm
journalist from the wall street journal. he made complementary remarks about hitler while in europe for a d day. he said hitler did a lot of good things. i mean, did you -- again, this is one of those things, who would have ever thought a u.s. president would say that hitler did a lot of good things? >> this type of comment lacks any historical perspective. it lacks respect for the devastation of the holocaust on the jewish people and truly unconscionable especially coming from a former president or at that time president of the united states. >> yeah. congresswoman luria, appreciate your comments. >> yes, thank you. we want to tell you about the troubling link investigators are exploring between some of the attackers and their faith. more on that now from cnn's tom foreman. >> this is our house. >> reporter: caught in the middle of the capitol attack there he was according to the
5:21 pm
fbi, with a mask and big ideas. big wong was part of a bible study group in virginia which talked about making molotov cocktails, combat training for an future attack and even secession. >> i think it does show that many of the terrorists and insurrectionists left january 6th believing that it was a victory. >> reporter: according to court records, undercover efforts they first encountered duong in private. they say he met undercover agents outside a former prison to discuss testing some bombs there, that he had an ak-47 and five boxes of bomb building material and that he said he wrote a manifest tow because if i get into a gun fight with the feds and i don't make it, i want to be able to transfer as much wisdom to my son as possible. authorities say the so-called bible group also discussed
5:22 pm
surveilling the capitol amid heightened security to find possible weak points. that's particularly alarming for police officers calling for better defenses around the capitol. >> i would hope that they would be taking these threats seriously and paying attention. >> jesus christ, we spoke your name. amen. >> amen. >> reporter: concerns about conspiracy theories and radical right activism taking root in church communities have grown sharply in the past year. >> it's easier for christians who already have that belief system to make that jump over and to believe in that world view. >> reporter: and these latest developments can only deepen worries about such rogue factions. >> i think there's probably more of that than we'd like to think around the country. >> reporter: duong has only been charged so far in connection with the january 6th insurrection and he has not entered a plea. cnn reached out to him on a comment on the latest developments. he has not responded yet and his
5:23 pm
attorney has also declined to comment. anderson? >> tom for man, thanks. troubling. next, lawrence tribe on the former president's attempt to sue his way back on to social media on first amendment grounds and banning him for inciting violence was probably the right call to make. two out of three guys experience hair loss by the age 35. kind of scary. that's why i use keeps. keeps offers clinically proven treatment, and the sooner you start the more hair you can keep. get started for $1 a day at replace old pipes? i can do that. install energy-efficient windows? i can do that. build an electric car? i can do that. weld the tower of a wind turbine?
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yep. now we just self-install. and we're back baby. do more of what you love when you upgrade to xfinity xfi. baby ninjas? i love it. the former president of the
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united states today announced legal action over being barred from social media platforms after the insurrection. he did it while spreading some of the same inflammatory lies and threatened more. ignoring him tonight, as tempting as it may be, is not an option. he's saying more things that could cause violence. here he is announcing his class action lawsuit in florida federal court targeting facebook, twitter and youtube. >> this is the first of numerous other lawsuits i assume that would follow, but this is the lead and i think it's going to be a very, very important game changer for our country. it will be a pivotal battle in the defense of the first amendment and in the end i am confident that we will achieve a historic victory for american freedom and at the same time freedom of speech. >> yeah.
5:28 pm
that's not going to happen. in a moment we'll have a constitutional law expert to discuss this more fully. just briefly the first amendment has nothing to do with a private company bouncing a private user. that's who he is, he was a user bounced for violating the terms of service. the first amendment is there to protect us from the government, not from twitter or facebook. here's part of twitter's announcement of its ban for tweets two days after the insurrection he incited with his many lies. quote, our determination is that the two tweets above are likely to inspire others to replicate the violent acts that took place on january 6th, 2021, and that there are multiple indicators they are being received and understood as encouragement to do so. youtube and facebook gave similar reasons for their decisions. he violated their policies against inciting violence. the former president trotted out
5:29 pm
a variation on the election line. >> we are the majority side by a lot. i believe we are the majority side by far more than anybody would understand. you just have to take a look at what happened in recent elections and add up the right numbers. you will see a majority like you wouldn't believe. >> he's both wrong and lying. even allowing for republican congressional candidates outperforming expectations last fall, what he said is not true and small detail, the former president lost by more than 7 million votes. to suggest otherwise as the former president does and still does is part and parcel of the familiar big lie that fueled the insurrection. but he added something else today which he's now said several times that's no less dangerous. it's a lie about the insurrection. congressman paul gosar, conspiracy theorist, he meets with white supremacists has been pushing it as well, namely that
5:30 pm
ashley babbitt, who was part of a violent mob, tried to break into a secure part of the capitol is some sort of a martyr and the officer who shot her some kind of criminal. >> the person that shot ashley babbitt, boom, right through the head, just, boom, there was no reason for that. and why isn't that person being opened up and why isn't that being studied? >> first, ashley babbitt was not shot in the head. according to the medical examiner, the bullet struck her left shoulder. he's wrong about that and lying. second, there certainly was a reason. the mob was trying to batter the speaker's lobby. on the other side of the door were members of congress being evacuated. in other words, the mob could be perceived as a direct and immediate threat to their lives and that of the officers who were protecting them. the third, the matter was studied, to use the former president's word, and the officer who shot ashley babbitt
5:31 pm
was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. fourth, his name is being withheld because according to his attorneys, he's being threatened with death threats. the former president doesn't care about that. after all, that is what got him banned from social media in the first place. joining us is supreme court lit at this gator, laurence tribe, co-author of "to end a presidency, the power of impeachment." putting aside the former president is announcing this lawsuit basically just for publicity and just -- he has a long career of threatening lawsuits, announcing lawsuits and in the end they peter out and disappear, do these lawsuits now that he's announced today have any serious legal merit? >> there's no merit at all. just as he's lying about the insurrection, just as he's lying about the election, he's lying about the constitution.
5:32 pm
he's made up his own version of the first amendment which, as you point out, applies only against the government, not against companies enforcing their own terms of use. he's lying about the constitution. he's lying about freedom of speech. he's made up his own version of the constitution. it's an alice in wonderland lawsuit. its purpose is to get attention to distract attention from investigations into the insurrection and his own responsibility. i got an email myself today, of all things, from what -- he calls himself president donald trump asking me for money for the lawsuit and asking me, and i'm sure others got this thing just as well, to join his class action. but it's a fake class action. it's a class of one. the only person in the class is the former president who incited an insurrection. it would be a joke if it were not so tragic but clearly there's no merit in this
5:33 pm
lawsuit. it won't get anywhere. but predictably, like many of his other scams, it will raise a lot of money and distract attention from real problems. >> so he's fundraising on the idea that this is a class action lawsuit that anybody can join? >> that's apparently -- he says get back to me immediately if you want to join the class. well, i'm not too interested in joining that class, but i certainly am not a member of any class that could bring a lawsuit against facebook or twitter or google. the whole thing is a scam, just a complete scam and i'm sure millions of people got similar emails. i'm obviously not one of the most likely supporters of this president and of his fake litigation efforts, but the very fact that someone mike would get a fundraising things off of this go fund me email off of this
5:34 pm
fake lawsuit based on a fake version of a non-existent first amendment is just typical of what this is all about. i don't think we should give it the time of day really. >> so to somebody who's watching who thinks, okay, well, the president shouldn't have been removed from facebook or from twitter so he has a right to sue, what is wrong about his argument? >> well, what's right about his argument would be sort of the question to ask. there's nothing right about it. the first amendment is not a provision of law that restricts what private companies can do to people who don't comply with their terms of service. if you don't think facebook was right to get rid of the president, you know, you can complain about facebook but that doesn't give the president or anybody else a right to sue
5:35 pm
facebook. there is a legal provision that in fact immunizes facebook and other social media platforms for kicking people off in a way that they don't agree with. president says that that legal provision all the to be repealed, but he can't repeal it with a magic wand just saying it's not there. in fact, he relies simultaneously on the fact that they are immunized. he says, because they are given immunity, they are equivalent to the government. that's a ridiculous argument. the gun industry is given a similar immunity. that doesn't make it the government. he can't simultaneously say that because they are given this benefit they are the government, therefore, the first amendment applies to them. by the way, let's get rid of the immunity. if he did, he would knock the legs out from under his own lawsuit. but it doesn't have any legs anyway so that's neither here
5:36 pm
nor there. >> just in terms of the discovery portion of a lawsuit, given everything you know about the former president, how he's tried to avoid accountability in any legal setting, if he actually went through with the lawsuit, wouldn't he actually open himself up to being deposed? >> sure, he would be deposed under oath whatever he said could be used in lawsuits that were properly being brought. some lawsuits against him. we know he doesn't want to sit for a deposition under oath. that's how we know he doesn't expect to win this lawsuit. it's just -- you know, it's just for show and it's just for money. he thought it would get past motions to dismiss and he'd have to sit under oath and be deposed, he would never have brought the lawsuit in the first place. it's a lawsuit he's brought knowing he can't win it, abusing the legal process probably in a way that his lawyers ought to be
5:37 pm
sanctioned for. so it has no merit, it's just a way of getting attention and raising money. and we know that he doesn't want to go through with the suit because if he did, he would be the loser. he would have to testify under oath to what he knew leading up to the insurrection and how come he didn't do anything to stop it. so it's clearly a case, heads he wins, tails we lose. it's going nowhere except it will make him a little bit richer. >> classic snake oil salesman. >> yeah. >> nothing new from this person. it's extraordinary no lessons have been learned by this man. professor, appreciate your time. thank you. >> glad to be with you. up next, breaking news and grim news from surfside, florida. the rescue effort shifting to
5:38 pm
recovery operation. we'll have a live report from the site when we continue.
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5:41 pm
breaking news from surfside, florida. it's shifted to a recovery operation. rosa flores remains on the scene. joins us again. what more can you tell us about this decision to shift to a
5:42 pm
recovery mission? >> reporter: well, you know, anderson, officials said they looked at the facts. the sound equipment that they were using no longer brought back any sounds. the canines were not detecting any sounds. we also looked at the physical limits of the human being, the amount of time someone can survive without water, air, food, that sort of thing and then they looked at the type of collapse. this is a pancake collapse and it really looks like exactly what that sounds like. layers of concrete on top of each other. one of the fire chiefs explained it saying that four floors were down to just several feet. they of course shared all of this information with the families before making the decision to transition to a recovery phase. >> and i understand a group of survivors went back to the site of the collapse today. >> you know, a lot of focus had been given to the families that were looking for their loved
5:43 pm
ones and rightfully so, but some of the survivors were feeling left behind, feeling forgotten, a lot of mixed emotions. some of them feeling guilt. today they were escorted to the site so they could also grieve, so that they could also see what they had survived and so that was part of the grieving process today. according to the mayor, some of these survivors counting their blessings tonight after they were able to see the site firsthand. >> the state attorney in miami-dade county announced that she's formally asked a grand jury to investigate the collapse. is there any idea how likely authorities believe charges could be in this tragedy? >> reporter: you know, homicide detectives have been working alongside search and rescue personnel. the interesting announcement, yes, they're of course investigating, they're gathering
5:44 pm
evidence, but on top of that she asked a grand jury after -- to look at this after the long-term investigation is completed so that this doesn't happen again. so that a grand jury can produce a report to help make change. state attorney, anderson, said that something similar was done after hurricane andrew to change building code and so that's what they're hoping to do here as well, for this grand jury to come together, make recommendations and hopefully make sure that this doesn't happen again, anderson. >> and what do we know more about the number of victims who have been recovered and identified? >> reporter: so far 54 people have died. we know that 33 have been iden identified. the last three to be identified is 83-year-old, 89-year-old and 89-year-old simon siegel.
5:45 pm
officials don't know what the total number of victims will be. anderson. >> yeah. so awful. rosa flores, i appreciate you being there for us. thank you. just ahead in arizona, the so-called audit of votes in last year's presidential election is proceeding. if a pennsylvania state senator has his way, the same thing could be happening in his state. we'll report on that next. you bring your best. we'll block the threats. cyberprotection for every one. malwarebytes ♪ start your day with crest 3d white and from mochaccinos to merlot, your smile will always be brilliant. crest 3d white brilliance. 100% stain removal, 24 hour stain resistance to lock in your whitest smile. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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a republican state senator from pennsylvania says he wants to launch what he calls a forensic investigation into results of last year's presidential election in the state precisely along the same lines as the sham, so-called audit taking place in arizona. do you go mastriano went to phoenix to see for themselves what was going on. last month garrett tubman caught up with him why he thinks last year's election count was wrong. >> all i want to know is what happened. >> let me ask you this. you know that dozens of judges have ruled against the voting
5:50 pm
claims. a lot of them are the u.s. supreme court judges appointed by trump. you don't think the people are above the courts? this is a country of laws. >> all i want is a full -- you know what, if there's nothing -- let if the results -- that's right, if they were -- if they were as good as governor wolf says they are, fantastic. then the people in the state will say i have faith and it was probably nothing. i hope not, but if the results show that there was extensive fraud, because we don't know, if there was extensive fraud, then it's up to us to make changes and corrections legislation-wise so people can walk in and know their vote counts. right now it's compromised. >> joining me now is pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro. mr. attorney general, thanks for joining us. so republicans in pennsylvania are clearly trying to make this at least in part a fight with you. i wonder what your reaction is
5:51 pm
to the news they're moving forward with the so-called forensic investigation. what does that term even mean to you in this context? >> well, anderson, one respectful correction. it's not republicans in pennsylvania and it's not a group of senators. it is one insurrectionist state senator who is demanding the personal private voting information of 997,000 pennsylvanians. this is a sham, what he's trying to do. importantly, let's speak some truth. there have already been two legal audits done in counties all across pennsylvania. we know the truth. and the truth is that joe biden won the election here in pennsylvania by just over 80,000 votes. sadly, there are some people that just simply can't accept reality and this state senator is one of them. >> just to be clear, i mean, do any counties or election officials have to legally comply with the demand from, as you
5:52 pm
say, one republican state senator who is apparently arguing he's justified in doing this because he's chair of the state senate intergovernmental operations committee? >> right. right, no. he issued what seemingly is a demand letter of those three counties. i made a very clear statement to those counties today that they should not comply. the governor of the commonwealth made a similar statement. obviously their solicitors will advise them what to do, but i'm strongly urging them not to comply. this would cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. this rogue state senator is demanding the election machines, the paper ballots, the technology used to run elections. if he were to receive them, play this hypothetical out, and then provided it to a third party like what they're doing in arizona, the taxpayers in those counties would then be on the hook for millions and millions of dollars to replace all that equipment, because it ultimately would be compromised. so the taxpayers would not only
5:53 pm
pay for it with their dollars to buy new machines, but they would also pay for it because their personal security, their personal information, would be compromised by this sham audit. >> do you think this senator, state senator, actually believes what he's saying, or is this just cynical and dishonest -- as cynical and dishonest and potentially dangerous as it seems? >> look, i get asked that all the time. you would have to ask that state senator what he really believes. but i get asked generally, do these republicans really believe this stuff? anderson, that's what folks ask me. i think they do. i mean, this is the modern day republican party. this is who they are. they have bought into the big lie and sadly, they keep selling it to the good people of pennsylvania. they keep telling the good people of pennsylvania something that is just simply not true in order to feed their own political ambitions. i don't know what he believes, but i know the lies they
5:54 pm
continue to tell are doing real damage to our democracy. >> and where does this end? do losing candidates aligned with the former president, do they just dispute all election results in months and years ahead? how do we step back from this? >> you're asking me sort of a political question. i'm not a political pundit. i'm the attorney general of pennsylvania. i can tell you where this specific effort will go, and that is absolutely nowhere. we will fight this tooth and nail in court. this attempt to hurt taxpayers, which is what's going on here. my track record is strong. every single time they've taken us to court to try to undermine the will of the people, they've lost and we've won. and we'll continue to do that. but make no mistake, you know, to the political point of your question, they're doing real damage to our democracy. but this is who they are. i mean, they peddle the big lie, they make no bones about it.
5:55 pm
and i think it's important that we speak truth right now, not just to the people of pennsylvania but people all across the united states of america. that's what i try to do every day. >> attorney general shapiro, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, anderson. just ahead, along with the possibility of another sham vote count in pennsylvania, which seems unlikely according to the attorney general there, the texas legislature has been called into special session where a sweeping bill that opponents say will curtail some voting rights will be on the docket. we'll take a look at that, next. an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan from unitedhealthcare. medicare supplement plans help by paying some of what medicare doesn't... and let you see any doctor. any specialist. anywhere in the u.s. who accepts medicare patients. so if you have this... consider adding this. call unitedhealthcare today for your free decision guide. ♪ up here, success depends on the choices you make.
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ lawmakers in texas are set to begin a special session tomorrow where a bill that opponents say will restrict voting in the state will be on the agenda. now, you may remember that democrats in the legislature who are a minority, they staged a last-minute walkout during the final hours of the regular session denying republicans a quorum which is required for final passage of the bill. governor greg abbott said election integrity, his words,
6:00 pm
will be among the items considered during the special session. democrats say the proposed legislation would add a slew of new restrictions to curtail voting. it's worth pointing out the former president won texas hanley during last year's presidential election. let's hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> appreciate it, coop. i am chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." it's not a cynical, it's not a joke, it's not so the back room promise. it is the ugliest of our reality. here it is. >> honestly, right now, for the next 18 months, our job is to do everything we can to slow all of that down, to get to december 2022. 18 more months of chaos and inability to get stuff done, that's what we want. >> now, the key