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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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get to see it in a different way and interesting that that show in particular was really -- it is like today. >> certainly is relevant. thank you so much for being with us. "the history of the sitcom" this sunday at 9:00 eastern and pacific. "the lead" starts right now. it seems first message may have been lost in translation. "the lead" starts right now. president biden vows to deliver his message again to vladimir putin after another cyber attack possibly with ties to russia. a so-called bible study group looking into bombs. the terrifying details about how a man prosecutors say at the capitol attack was planning even more violence. plus a dramatic jump in the surfside death toll as the
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mi miami-dade mayor delivers heart breaking news about the people who are still missing. welcome to "the lead". i'm pamela brown. we start with a new alarming cybersecurity attack linked to the rnc and possibly a repeat of the 2016 dnc hack with the very same criminals responsible. the rnc told cnn hackers hacked a third party vendor. hackers with possible ties to russia demanded $70 million worth of bitcoin from a series of i.t. companies, the companies service more than 1,000 corporate and government clients. both cyber attacks comes as the biden administration faces mounting pressure. what more do we know about this attack? >> the rnc uses syntax and it
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was attacked by hackers who they say tried to access some customers who store things in the cloud. it is not clear whether the rnc was the target or others were but the rnc is saying that as soon as they found out that this company has been breached that they shut down all ties, all accounts with the company. "the new york times" is reporting that the hackers from the russian foreign intelligence service. this is a group of hackers that we have seen acting against the u.s. before, most recently in the solarwinds breach but the rnc is saying absolutely no data was taken. that the hackers did not get inside. the chief of staff of the rnc said the team worked with microsoft to conduct a review of the systems and after an investigation no rnc data was accessed. we will continue to work with microsoft as well as federal law enforcement officials on this matter. we know from the white house
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that the rnc is in contact with the fbi and the cyber agency called sisa and comes as a m massive ransomware attack claimed by revil demanding $70 million and affected hundreds if not thousands of companies so now you have these two incidents essentially in parallel with russian hackers and as you know that line is often blurry. >> if the rnc was the direct target here we don't know that but if it was it's not the first time. >> this is what they do. trying to get inside the entities and spy. they did this in this massive solarwinds breach last year. they got inside nine u.s. agencies. they did this to the dnc and the rnc in the 201 election and the dnc case as we know they
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released documents. the question now is where is that line? when do they cross it? in a way that demands a u.s. response. in the summit with vladimir putin in june, the president joe biden said that the line is critical infrastructure. so he said that they will essentially give the russians 6 to 12 months to see if the attacks on critical infrastructure stop but now we are seeing the mounting attacks both from criminals and government hackers which is putting a lot of pressure on the bi biden administration to come up with a response to get these attacks to stop. >> a big test and raises the question whether the targets outside the list of 16 infrastructure places makes it more vulnerable since they're not on the list. could the russians say this isn't what you said to us is the most important thing? appreciate. whether russia is directly to blame or not president biden facing increasing pressure as we
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talked about to stop the cyber attacks. he took up the issue today at the white house and these new attacks come less than a month after biden warned russian president vladimir putin there would be consequences. >> reporter: president biden facing a challenge. now with significantly higher stakes. >> what is your message on cyber? any message after the briefing on cyber? >> what point does the united states -- >> reporter: as a new set of cyber attacks ripple through the u.s. a message alone falls far short of what biden pledged. >> the meetpresident is meeting get an update and we'll see where we go from hire and reserves the right to take action. >> reporter: biden convening the officials in the situation room. the focus -- ransomwar like those launched from syndicates over the last several months including the largest on record just this past weekend.
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a critical issue biden sought to set clear red lines against with vladimir putin last month. >> even a criminal actor, someone that's not the federal government, a bad guy or bad gal in russia, you have a responsibility there and you have a responsibility to take action. if you don't we reserve the right to. >> reporter: providing an early and ominous answer to bide n's open question after the summit. >> will they act? we'll find out. >> reporter: recently met on the issue according to white house officials. and agreed upon dialogue from the summit and set to meet again next week. just a few months ago the massive solarwinds hack by a russian intelligence unit led biden to slap on sanctions but the attacks in the wake of the sanctions and is summit laying bare the red lines from just last month continue to echo. >> i pointed out to him we have
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significant cyber capability. and he knows it. he doesn't know what it is but it is significant. and if in fact they violate these basic norms we will respond. he knows. >> reporter: pamela, to this point the administration has not attributed either attack to russia, criminal syndicates or state actors. if they do a significant decision will come across the president's desk. sanctions deployed in the past but the president puts cyber action on the table in this meeting with vladimir putin and an issue rife with disagreement. administration after administration after administration in terms of how to do it. what the scale and scope should be in response? if biden chooses that pathway it opens a lot of interests doors and questions. it is a significant decision he will have to make in the days and weeks ahead. >> i imagine just from talking to officials in the administration this is a test
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biden expected to face after the summit. no one thought russia would stop harboring criminals launching the attacks. thank you so much, phil. i want to bring in our panel now to further discuss this. david sanger, you wrote today in "the new york times" that early indications show russia's intelligence agency may be responsible for the hacks on the rnc vendor. what is the significance of that? >> there are two types of attacks as you heard from alex before and from phil. and so, there's this state sponsored attacks like those run bis the svr which is one of the spinoffs of the old soviet kgb. and it is primarily an intelligence gathering operation and to some degree that's less upsetting to the administration because states spy on each other. we spy on them. they spy on us.
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so that's less likely to be punished. except for the fact that the rnc is a political target and warnings after the dnc hack five years ago now. the ransomware is largely private criminal groups although as alex suggested it is hard to know where those stop and the state steps in. in that case, the president's concern is that this gets to the heart of economic disruption in the united states. and that's really where the focus of the administration's attention is. >> to follow up to understand, biden handed over the list of 16 critical infrastructure items to putin. where do these attacks fall on that list? >> the list is a pretty vague one and you can look at it
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yourself. it was published by the department of homeland security several years ago, actually during the trump administration. it's categories. so you might well argue that getting into the supply chain of software that goes in to the connections of the internet which is essentially what makes this new ransomware attack different and why 800 to 1500 companies have been hit you could argue that's the same as getting into, say, the electric grid or the water distribution grid or the oil distribution grid because we are living off the internet but it is not a highly specific list so it's going to leave some room for interpretation, pamela. >> absolutely right. shawn henry, you work in cybersecurity. third party vendors the case in this other attack on i.t. companies that service hundreds of businesses.
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why are contractors an ideal target for hackers? >> i think they're looking for any access they can get to any number of potential targets and the breadth and depth of these types of attacks is what's important to them. to go back to something david said, it is very important. there can't be room for interpretation. needs to be clear what is acceptable and not and needs to be a clear deterrence and only happens when guidelines have been laid out very, very specifically. >> okay. real quick follow up to you. abby, you are next. the white house is still saying it can't attribute to attacks. not ready to do. i wonder what you think of that and do you think that this could be a way for them to buy time to figure out how to respond? >> if they will respond they respond in kind and make sure they have clear attribution. you don't want to lobby accusations unless you have
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clear evidence. attribution is difficult to do. very, very important specifically if there is going to be some type of retaliation. >> abby, today the white house press secretary told cnn president biden warned putin there would be consequences for cyber attacks on his watch. >> even if it is a criminal actor, someone that's not the federal government, a bad guy or bad gal in russia, you have a responsibility there and you have a responsibility to take action. and if you don't take action we reserve the right to. >> so obviously what is done so far with warnings, sanctions has not deterred the hackers so the question is what did biden's meeting with putin actually accomplish? >> yeah. as you pointed out i don't know that many people in the administration thought that putin would throw the hands up in the air and say we'll stop. i think the idea here was to try to articulate that there were lines that needed to be drawn
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and just give russia basically fair warning that if these attacks don't stop which they likely won't that the united states reserves the right to act in retaliation. so it kind of clears the air here letting everyone know what the terms are. i think there is also sometime involved here. joe biden sort of indicated a six month or maybe longer period to wait and see how the sort of pace of these attacks went and i think we're well within that and it is possible that maybe we might see them wane. i think no one expects that they will end. it is just a matter of time when will the united states act and how will they act in retaliation to stop it? >> really quickly on that, given the fact that biden put a stake in the ground with putin on this, if the cyber attacks and we expect them they will
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continue, will the political blame fall on biden? >> this is his ball now. he's the guy who's holding the cards and he has to take responsibility for what happens from this point forward. there are no easy answers with this relationship with russia. the biden administration knows that they are responsible and it's not just about whether or not he has a good relationship with putin or not but economic concerns here so it has to stop. he is responsible and i think the white house is aware of that. >> thank you so much. great the see you all. up next, an accused insurrectionist, a second civil war and a bible study. we'll break down new details found in court documents. plus, thousands hit the streets protesting the horrific killing of a gay man . now a break through in the case. that's just ahead.
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the fbi infiltrated a quote bible study. the leader a man who's at the january 6 capitol attack and also goes by the nickname monkey king. court documents reveal the group planned to make bombs, and discussed cessation from the u.s. tom foreman has more. >> reporter: hot in the middle of the capitol attack there he was according to the fbi. with a mask and big ideas. he was part of a bible study group in virginia which talked about making molotov cocktails, combat training for a future attack and even cessation. >> i think it does show that many of the terrorists and insurrectionists left january 6 believing it was a victory. >> reporter: according to court records officers encountered him
1:20 pm
in the riot and then the fbi infiltrated the bible group at a private home in february. those records say he met undercover agents outside a former prison to discuss testing bombs there, add an ak-47 and bomb making material and he said he wrote a manifest to because if i get in a gun fight and i don't get it i want to transfer my wisdom to my son. authorities say the so-called bible group discussed surveilling the capitol to find possible weak points. that's particularly alarming for police officers calling for better defenses around the capitol. >> i would hope they would be taking the threats seriously and paying attention. >> jesus christ, we invoke your name! amen! >> amen. >> reporter: concerns of activism taking root in church communities have grown in the past year. >> it's easier for christians
1:21 pm
who already have that belief seasonal to make that jump over and to believe in that world view. >> reporter: these latest developments can only deepen worries about such rogue factions. >> i think there's probably more of that than we'd like to think around the country. >> where are these radicalized individuals? how far are they down the path to the radicalization that ends in violence? it's a very, very concerning subject. >> he has so far been charged in connection with the insurrection on january 6 and not entered a plea. cnn reached out to him for comment and nothing yet and the attorney declined to comment, too. law enforcement analysts say it is clear the attack that started on that day for some people is not over. pam? >> all right. thanks so much. as the fbi continues the massive investigation into the january insurrection house republican leader mccarthy is getting closer to deciding which gop lawmakers he'll pick to look into the attack.
1:22 pm
joining me now is cnn new capitol hill reporter melanie sanona. what are the new details that you can provide us about who mccarthy may put on the committee? >> what i hear is that kevin mccarthy wants to appoint a mix of members, want trump accolades to launch a vigorous defense of the president. members who played a big role defending the former president in the first impeachment and wants to have pragmatic members who are more serious with sway in middle america to bring credibility and expertise to the debate and told he is looking at members that sit on relevant commit tees, backgrounds on law enforcement, nationing a security matters but things to keep in mind is one speaker nancy pelosi has veto power over the picks and not a lot of republicans are eager to fulfill this assignment so the challenge
1:23 pm
is not just finding the right person but someone that wants to do it. >> what is his political calculation here? why is he doing this? early on there was the question to put people forward and how long do you expect this to go on? >> there was a debate to boycott it, to make it partisan. once speaker nancy pelosi appointed liz cheney a republican to her side of the committee it was much more difficult for republicans to do the boycott strategy and they want members there, republicans to push back, try to shape the counter narrative and play defense for donald trump. as far as timing they have no end date. this could very well drag into next year, an election year and the inspected bipartisan commission that the senate gop blocked would have required the panel to wrap up its work by the end of the year and you have to wonder if republicans regret voting against that commission. >> i remember that's a sticking point for the republicans at the time. i want to talk about the capitol
1:24 pm
building. after january 6 the capitol grounds looked completely different. extensive security. fencing. national guard troops. what do you know about plans to pair that down? >> we are hearing that the fencing that is around the capitol right now could start to come down as early as tomorrow. it can take two or three days depending on the weather and the united states capitol police made the decision on a number of factors. the threat environment. number two, the changes and enhancements that they have made to the response teams but bottom line this is a huge, important, symbolic move for the nation which is still healing from the insurrection. >> very much so. the reporters covering it that day, the officers who were there and beyond. thank you so much melanie zanona. ten more bodies found in the rubble. the devastation causing an official to get emotional. that's next.
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turning to our national lead now the number of victims at the surfside condo collapse is quickly escalating. overnight crews found ten more victims bringing the death toll to 46 with 94 people still missing. let's bring in krmpb's rosa flores. this is incredibly emotional for everyone there on the scene. what are you hearing? >> reporter: pamela, i just got off the phone with a captain
1:30 pm
that's on scene and he tells me that at any point in time there's no dry eye on this mound. just think about it. these brave men and women train to pull people are living from under the rubble and haven't pulled somebody alive from the rubble since june 24th. he says that hearts are heavy but they continue to work around the clock. now overnight they pulled ten bodies from under the rubble. bringing the total number of dead to 46. this is emotional not just for the rescuers but for officials here w here. take a listen. [ speaking spanish ]
1:31 pm
pamela, you heard her speaking there in spanish. imagine having to reiterate this much pain and this much agony in both languages because this is south florida. there's a lot of people here speaking spanish so she delivers reports every single day twice a day to the families, to the people of this community and she does it in both languages. you heard her there in spanish when she started to break down. pamela? >> the emotional toll on these officials on the ground and the first responders having to dig through the rubble and actually getting an up close look at the rubble and all the destruction there. >> reporter: yes. so reporters and photo journalists given access to the site for the first time
1:32 pm
yesterday and from walking towards that pile of rubble, the first thing that you think about is first of all the respect for the families because we know that this is the site where the bodies of the loved ones are pulled from and then look for signs of lifer and all you see are big chunks of concrete and mangled rebar. looking closer you see the belongings. the pieces of a couch. i looked below my feet and i saw what looked like blinds or a piece of wallpaper that if you saw that and it belonged to your mother's house or grandmother's house you would recognize it. carpet. i couldn't help but think that the searchers had told me that they were looking for carpet and following carpet on the mound because they knew that in this particular condo complex the
1:33 pm
bedrooms had carpet and they know that about -- 1:30 in the morning when this condo collapsed most people were probably sleeping. you see the different pieces of the story that we have been following for so long and then the buzz of the machines that keep on working trying to find people, trying to find survivors under the rubble. >> thank you so much. live for us from surfside. now to tropical storm elsa moving up the eastern seaboard after making landfall this morning. right now millions of penal are facing heavy wind and rain. let's go straight to meteorologist tom sader. what are you seeing? >> the center is 150 miles to the west of jacksonville and a tropical storm and will stay that way to south carolina.
1:34 pm
that may not be the enlgd. not the first hurricane to make landfall for 2021 but goes in the record books as the earliest the fifth storm named. it was the farthest east to become a hurricane this early in the season. a fingerprint of climate change. three fatalities in the caribbean. flooding in cuba. at 8:00 p.m. a hurricane and only for a few hours and then making landfall at 11:00 a.m. look at the rainfall amounts expected to be higher than 4 to 6 and ft. myers 8 to 10. punta gorda with 11. more than that north of port charlotte but we have a tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. extended most likely. a big threat with flash flooding why this is the comma shape. the classic signature and what under see. flash flooding, power outages still possible.
1:35 pm
millions more are going to feel the affects of this. the track is inland. i want to show you what happened after 8:00 p.m. well defined and collapsed. great news as dry air and winds try to erode the system for the thousands that live on waterfront properties and not of with. we watch this with warnings up to sandy hook with the track being further inland and near new york city it could be a tropical storm for new york city and boston getting toward the end of friday so something we still need to watch for the entire east coast. >> we'll be checking in with you then. tom, thank you so much. hours after two federal agents and one chicago police officer are shot a major meeting about the violence on an airport tarmac. that's next. plus, a man beaten to death in a suspected homephobic attack. it's sparking massive protests ahead.
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in the national lead a notable moment on the tarmac as president biden arrived in chicago today. he met with the chicago mayor about the city's recent spike in violence including an overnight shooting of two atf agents and a chicago police officer. i want to bring in cnn's reporter live in chicago. what do we know about the meeting between the president and the mayor? >> reporter: pamela, we know chicago's mayor and president biden spent several minutes talking on the tarmac. the mayor spoke to the president
1:41 pm
about gun violence here in chicago and the president re-emphasized the commitment to working with the mayor as well as city leaders. president biden also told her that in a few weeks there would be more information about the strike force which was announced just a few weeks ago. that strike force will be working with areas here in chicago. this all comes just hours after two atf agents, one female and a chicago police officer shot this morning. all three are expected to survive. we know the chicago police officer a bullet grazed the back of his head and that officer is the 36th officer from the department to be shot or shot at this year alone. the superintendent with the chicago police department tells us the three were all traveling in the same vehicle, trying to get on the interstate when someone or a group of people, it
1:42 pm
is unclear, shot them. they were in an unmarked vehicle and working undercover. >> had there been any arrests related to this? >> reporter: we just learned that investigators have a person of interest in custody. we don't know a lot about this person of interest, whether or not this person is known to police. we don't know if investigators are looking for someone else but we know that a person of interest is in custody after two atf agents were shot this morning and a chicago police officer. we know all three are expected to survive. the bull let grazed the black of that police officer's head. an at f agent shot in the hand and the other near the torso. pamela? >> thanks so much. a shocking presidential assassination in the middle of the night. up next, fears haiti could soon quote plunge into chaos.
1:43 pm
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1:48 pm
the u.n. but repeatedly failed to hold elections. president biden reacted to the news at the white house this morning. >> we need a lot more information but it's very worrisome about the state over haiti. >> moise was krirt sized for clinging to power as protests spread throughout the country over this past year. we are covering this from washington to haiti's neighbor the dominican republic. kylie atwood at the state department but let's start with jez jessica in santo domingo. why aren't there any protests this time? >> reporter: that's right? that's what we are used to seeing from haiti did you recollect turmoil. we are talking about a nation that's been under a crisis for quite a long time. right now what we believe is that people are in a state of
1:49 pm
shock. unexpected. the assassination of president moise around 1:00 in the morning korngt prime minister claude joseph. very unexpected. first lady was may tally injured or injured and is being transported to miami to receive treatment. right outside this embassy here the haitian embassy we spoke to the ambassador. you can see that flag is at half staff. the shock is still -- people are still coming to terms with what happened at the beginning of the morning hours, the wee hours of wednesday. the ambassador smith augustine spoke how this violated the democracy of the state and more
1:50 pm
information on thing on investigation to the assassination of society moise. >> what is the haitian ambassador to the u.s. saying? >> he told reporter this is morning here in washington that those that carried out the attacks could be in haiti still. they don't know where they are. they're on the loose and said that according to video footage of this actual attack of the scene the ataggers were speaking spanish and presenting themselves as dea agent just that's the drug enforcement administration here in the united states. he sard he believed they're fake agents. state department spokesperson said that is absolutely false. not from the dea and ritd rated that the biden administration condemns this heinous act and the state department in regular contact with haitian authorities throughout the morning. secretary of state blinken is briefed on this and will be in contact with those folks but we should note that the state
1:51 pm
department says that it remains ready for any requests from haiti for additional asisz tans and really what we are waiting to see. what kind of assistance do the authorities need from the united states? they have -- down they should airport. of course, trying to close down any possible way for these attackers to get out of the country. the airport would be one way. and that is also making it challenging forrist officials to get into the country but there are folks there at the embassy regular contact with the state department updating them. this is a very fluid situation. >> okay. kylie and jessica, thank you. the haitian ambassador to the u.s. will join cnn next hour. in spain hundreds waving flags after a gay man was beaten to death over the weekend at a club.
1:52 pm
friends and family said he was targeted for being gay. >> reporter: the calls for justice get louder. madrid to barcelona and beyond. spaniards are enraged. >> translator: this country doesn't really accept that there are many ways to love and different ways to love. >> reporter: the death gripped the country. the 24-year-old nursing assistant was killed in northern spain. he was brutally beaten outside a nightclub saturday morning and later died in hospital. a witness who claimed to be his friend was asked by spanish media if thches a homophobic crime. his family are devastated. >> translator: my son was a caring and loving man. a friend to his friends.
1:53 pm
a friend to his parents. >> reporter: two men and a woman under arrest in connection with the attack and police have quote not ruled out further arrests. while the investigation continues spaniards who have taken to the streets in the thousands seem to have made up their minds. >> translator: i think this crime happened because home phobia killed. >> reporter: the spanish prime minister called the killing a savage and ruthless act. spain will not tolerate this. the attack sparked fear in the community just days after annual pride celebrations in the capital but an activist said he is inspishered by the national reaction. >> we were so worried of the
1:54 pm
reaction. and when this happens, let's fight against impunity and also to prevent future violence. >> reporter: last week the spanish government approved a draft bill to protect the rights of lgbti people. but for many the killing has shaken the sense of safety own spanish streets. >> i have been speaking to lgbti groups throughout spain who tell me they have been incredibly moved by the thousands of people pouring on the streets in a show of force and love calling for justice. and really wanting to see change happen. now they tell me why this is wonderful, the scenes, coming out in the street in support, they tell me they're worried,
1:55 pm
they have been seeing a rise in hate crimes related to sexual orientation and gender identity and the attacks are taking place in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. and one -- why i asked why is still needed they said this is the reason. pamela? >> so brazen and just awful and concerning. thank you for bringing that story to us. the more contagious and more severe delta variant now accounteds for more than half of covid cases in the u.s. that story ahead.why ch sleep from sleep number?proy because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help boost performance. introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed, the only bed that effortlessly adjusts to both of you. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year.
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happening now a dangerous storm hits florida the search for victims in the condo collapse grows grim. with more bodies found and no sign anyone could have survived. also this hour a chilling plot linked to a capitol rioter is revealed involving bombs, a bible study group and a plan to cecede from the united states joo and president trump accused facebook of censorship. we want to welcome the viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we begin with new details of plans r


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