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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 7, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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my plan will prop vide up to 12 weeks of paid family medical leave. [ applause ] 12 weeks of paid family leave. we're one of the few major economies in the world that doesn't cover paid family medical leave. the most difficult moment someone will ever face, no one should have to choose between a job and paycheck and taking care of somebody you love, parent, a spouse, a child. we'll tackle the maternal mortality crisis that impacts black and native american mothers.
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my build back better agenda would include expanded child care tax credit be passed. those of you who have children under the age of seven, depending on your income and your income taxes, you'll get a cash payment back up to now, guess what. you get $2,000 with declared depen dent. if you debt two children, you get $4,000 off a $10,000 tax bill. it's important. if you don't make enough money to be able to owe that kind of tax, you don't get a tax credit. you don't get anything. under this proposal, you're in situation where you have a child under the age of seven, you get back $3,600 in cash. those of you in that situation are going to start to see that come in by the end of this month on a monthly basis.
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it can change the lives of people . you'll get cash. cash. that's what we'll get for example. middle class family with two children can expect to receive $7,200. you get the first half, 3600 paid out between july and september and you get the rest between january and tax day. child care is cutting poverty in half, by 40% .
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it expands free meals for millions more children in school. with the assistance during the summer months when they don't have access to those school meals. e support families with children. we need to provide greater dignity for our nation senior citizens who care for them. thigh qualify for it but there's no backlog of thousands of people. one study show that $3,000 spent helping a senior stay in their home by providing saves the country more than $20,000 a year in medical costs. at the same time more than 1.5 million americans work in home care are women of color and
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immigrants. those jobs are among the lowest paid in the economy. one in six home care workers lives in poverty. we need to do better on both sides. here's the deal, you save a lot of money if you don't have to go do a home. keeping people in their own home, mentally and every other way is a benefit. a significant benefit for the community as well as cost. you also need to continue to make health care more afrtable. when we lower premiums and expand coverage for my american rescue plan, more than 1.5 million people signed up for what used to be called obama care. i want to make these premium reductions permanent so you can get even more people covered. we need to deal with the shortage of affordable housing in america. over 10 million renters in this
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country pay more than half their income for the rent on their apartment. lack of affordable housing prevents people from moving to community where is there's more opportunities. we need to invest not just in physical and human infrastructure of the day, we need to invest in jobs in the industry of tomorrow. three decades ago and this always disturbs me even just repeating it. three decades ago the united states was number one in the world for a share of their gdp being invested in research and development. we're number one in the world. we're now number eight in the world. china was number nine in the world. now they are number two in the
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world. folks, democrats and republicans agree, we can't afford to lose this race. we're going to invest in historic black college and universities because while these schools may not have the endowments or the labs needed to generate these jobs, these students are just as capable of learning about the things that will provide the jobs of the future. last week i met with eight governors for a better part of an hour, all from the western states, republicans and democrats. they're face ing extreme heat,
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record drauought and a fire sean that threatens to be longer and more dangerous. last year, for example, more than ten million acres burned in the west. ten million acres. not counting lives lost and homes lost. the drought conditions this year are twice as bad. you've seen the pictures. reservoirs that are 40 feet down, 50 feet down. the extreme weather isn't just in the west. in illinois farmers down state are dealing with more frequent droughts and two weeks ago just south of here, you just had a nearly unprecedented tornado. we can't wait any longer to deal with climate crisis. we see with our own eye and it's time to act. the bipartisan agreement we reach make some major strides. it will allow the transition of thousands for diesel school buses and buses, city buses.
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we're going to change them to ele electric buses. there's roughly half a million of these buses on the road today. i'll put americans to work capping, tens of thousands of abandoned oil wells that are leeking methane. it's devastating. the wages to fill these, cap these wells are the same wages it took to dig the wells. we need to go further. i want to set clean electric
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standard that moves us to clean and reliable good. here in the united states. we create a new generation of jobs with clean energy manufacturing and i want to list a new generation of climate, conservation and reliance workers. excuse me, resilience workers like fdr did with the american work plant for preserving our landscape for the conservation corps. it's a similar thing. we can put americans to work and making our communities rule and urban more resilient against extreme weather. we can take on the long overdue work of advancing the environmental justice by addressing pollution. my plan is also going to give grants to spur innovative policies and land projects.
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local projects like installing communities, solar and storage and disadvantaged communities. replacing street lights that are made in america. led bulbs. i made a lot of plans here. we have to think birg, gger, ac bolder and build, back better. we created three million jobs since i took office. that puts america rescue plan and our work is going to move forward to do a lot of things,
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including close to defeating the virus. the last time the economy grew at this rate was in 1994 and ronald reagan said it was an american -- this will be an american century. [ applause ] anl asalysts said we will creat millions of good paying jobs. i'm going to be making the case the american people until the job ask done. until we bring this bipartisan deal home. until we meet the needs of families tomorrow. the american -- the plan for
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infrastructure is paid for. it's paid for. this plan is really expensive if you add it up. the fact is it's paid for as well. let me tell you how we'll pay for it. the last couple of years, for example, 55 of the fortune 500 companies making billions of dollars did not pay a single penny in taxes. not one single cent. i hope some day my grand children grow up to billionaire, that would be wonderful. especially for a guy for 36 years was listed as the poorest man in the united states congress. having said that, all kidding aside, everybody has to pay their fair share. i'm not trying to gouge anybody.
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that would raise a quarter of a trillion dollars. $240 billion. there's a loophole in the system called stepped up basis. make a lot more $400,000 and i was going to pay x amount of taxes. if on the way to cash it in, i get hit by a truck and die, i was left to my daughter, there would with no tax paid. it's not inheritance tax, it was a tax due ten seconds earlier. we close that loophole, that saves us $400 billion over this period which is enough to pay for the child care tax credit.
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that would raise 90 billion dollar. it's not going to do anything that's unfair. just not going to sub sidize them. the mess they made, they should clean up. we asked the top 1%. i hope many of you are in the top 1%. maybe. the tax cut in 2017 raised the deficit. the vast majority went to the top 1/10% of the american people.
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that would generate $13 billion a year. it would raise the tax to what it is now. 35 to 39%. the fact of the matter is, if you're a plumber and a teacher, you're probably paying a 25, 26%. people say that one of the purposes of taxes is to also generate growth along with
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making sure that we can pay for basic needs. let me ask you, what is more likely to grow the economy and enhance us? continuing to tax cut at 37% or having to pay 339.5% generating economic growth. now you have a tax system that will allow millions of students to go to community college. the effort was simple. it came along and we said okay.
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what do you need most? i need a better educated work force. they're not prepared to pay for it. imagine if we present the nation with better educated work force. it helps everybody. we make the tax system fair for everybody. it's about time. there's a lot of work ahead of us to finish the job. wii going to reimagine what our economy and our future could be. show the world just as importantly, we'll show ourselves that the democracy, democracy can deliver. the people in illinois and the world can lead again. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i know that's a boring speech but it's important speech. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. appreciate it. >> you've been listening to president biden there. a little tongue and check at the
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end. it was a boring speech but important speech as he pitches what he calls generational investment in human infrastructure. tax credit to cover child care expense, paid family and medical leave, extending the child tax credit all in what will be this reconciliation bill, meaning democrats only to get through congress. we'll see if he can do that. sdplp >> these are the things left out of the frame work of the bipartisan infrastructure deal that he thinks need to be included. he calls it the human infrastructure. >> jeff, all the stuff laid out. do those have support in congress? >> reporter: they do among democrats in congress. reconciliation which we will all
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be learning a lot about in dodom i -- the coming weeks is way to do a budget process on a party line vote. something the president trying to get back to the substance of what he ran on as president. talking about this human infrastructure, if you will. the american families plan . using this one example. he said 12 years is no longer enough for schooling. it must be 14 years. free community college is part of that. a lot of the elements are popular. how do you pay for it? he talked about that at the end as well. getting more from corporation who is are not paying their fair share. this is not a new speech but reframing the argument.
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a bit of a reality check before he delivered this remark. he was looking at the child care center here at mchenry county college. he was asked by reporters about senate mitch mcconnell who is declared all of this doa. l let's listen. >> mitch mcconnell loves our program. he told me he wasn't going to get a single vote in order to allow me to get with the help of everybody here and 1.9 program for economic growth. look it up. he's bragging about it in kentucky. it's great thing for kentucky. it's getting 4 billion dollar to help. it's amazing. check out mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: that is president biden's latest attempt at calling republicans out for really taking credit for a lot of these ideas in the bill,
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particularly, those child tax credits. widely popular among families of all partisan stripes here. we know what the outline of this fight is. it's a democrats only bill. democrats have to sure up sochl their own as well. >> let's talk about the location. crystal lake, illinois. is that a republican stronghold and why did he choose that? >> reporter: it is mchenry county, illinois. last week the president was in wi pi. this st a blue state but we're
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in a red county. this is one area represent bid two democrats. the president over the last couple of weeks have been visiting the blue states he won like illinois, michigan and wisconsin but some more redder areas in those blue states. that's why he's here in a northern illinois. just about an hour or so outside of chicago. of course, in this area, not every one is on board by any stretch of the imagination. we can see some signs supporting president trump. certainly not supporting president biden. that's why he is here. the white house believes there's broad support for the items in this plan. the challenge is trying to get this through the congress. >> interesting stuff. thank you very much for breaking it down for us. up next, a new cnn analysis of covid data and proves how
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disparities of vaccinations has led to an increase in infections. a republican congressman in texas is caught saying its his goal to block every bill in congress for the next 18 months. now he's doubling down on those comments. when it comes to 5g coverage, t-mobile is the best thing on the menu. t-mobile. america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network.
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some say this is my greatest challenge.
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governments in record debt; inflation rising, currencies falling. but i've seen centuries of this. with one companion that hedges the risks you choose and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest and closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of... we have brand new cnn analysis on the extreme demographic disparities in america's fight against the pandemic. let's look at who is getting hit
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the hardest and who has the most access to vaccine. >> as of july 4th, a little more than two-thirds have received one dose. the daily pace of vaccinations slowed dramatically be and some specific groups are bearing the br brunt of it. >> the groups hardest hit, it was great hope they could be vaccinated in very large numbers. let's take a look at the numbers. if you look at the set of bars on the left hand side here, that 29%, 29% of covid cases in the u.s. were among people of his
12:29 pm
pa hispanic origin. when you look at the green, only 15% of the vaccinations have been among people of hispanic origin. they represent 17% of the p popu population. it's lower than it should be in so many ways. the purple is the total percentage of covid cases about 11% among black people. it's only 9% of the vak si nene -- vaccinations in the united states. the population is 12. these numbers represent millions of people who should have been vaccinated but haven't so far. the differences are not just along racial lines but geographic lines. let's look at this map. when you look at the southern united states, what you see is that folks who live in that red area, represent 38% of the
12:30 pm
population but only 31% of ef one vaccinated in the u.s. >> important disparities there. there is that initialive that get young people vaccinated. >> you see the same differences. younger people think i don't need to get vaccinated. if i got kcovid, i probably wont get that sick. that bar shows young people represented 39% of all covid cases in the u.s. but they only represented about 27.5% of the
12:31 pm
vaccines the population is 30%. millions of people who didn't get vaccinated who should be. >> yesterday we spoke to the former white house covid adviser. he believes that getting full fda approval for the vaccine will sway some of the hold outs. here is what he said? >> if more of the people he's talking about, you were talking about that are on the fence, that will be a telltale sign for them to say why am i on the fence any longer. this is now fully approved by the fd a. >> do we know that to be true. let's hope that full approval, which is absolutely expected in
12:32 pm
the coming months will convince people who don't want to get vaccinated because they say it only has emergency use authorization. i want it after it has full authorization, a longer process. for some people that might make a difference. for some other people, i think they won't care. i think it really depends on the person. >> thank you for all the new information today. up next, georgia, republican congresswoman, proves her apology, you'll remember for comparing masks to the holocaust was completely empty because she's back at it again. the new book details a conversation where former president trump said, quote, hitler did a lot of good things. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations,
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with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. now an update on a story we brought you last month about the freshman congresswoman from georgia's 14th district. you may recall she visited the holocaust museum on june 14th and made a big public mea culpa apologizing for her previous comments for comparing covid vaccinations to holocaust concentration camps. she said she was truly sorry for offending people about the holocaust. there's no comparison.
12:38 pm
there never, ever will be. end quote. that lasted three weeks. yesterday she made another vaccine holocaust comparison. it's a shame someone had to waste their preecious time givig her a tour and a shame we had to waste our time listening to her phony apology. i believe in forgiveness but let's not make that mistake again. >> we are learning today about comments trump made about nazis. we did win this election, the inside story of how donald trump lost. wall street journal reporter details a trip the former president took to europe in 2018 to mark the 100 years since the end of world war i. trump told his then chief of staff, general john kelly, quote, hitler did a lot of good things. cnn political director joins us now. a spokesperson is calling this
12:39 pm
made up fake news by a general who was incompetent and fired. we all remember very fine people on both sides. we know the president has said things about neo nazis where he found some favorable thing to highlight. >> we know he expressed appreciation for auautocrats. strong leaders who have no relationship with small d democracy. donald trump was able to find favor with those kinds of leaders at a time but hitler is even a part from every one else. as marjorie taylor greene tried to say her apology, there is no comparison. saying hitler did some good things is to pervert history. it should not come from the lips of a president.
12:40 pm
you find yourself listening to an american president that sounds like none of his predecessors or successors. >> general kelly said he had to explain world war i and world war ii, the history of them and who was involved to president trump. he's truly uninterested in any history beyond the moment he's living at that moment. let's talk about what republican congressman chip roy said. he gave the obstruction playbook out loud. he said here is what he will focus on for the next 18 months. >> our job is to do everything we can to slow that down to get to 2022 and get in here and
12:41 pm
lead. i say thank you, lord, 18 more months of chaos and inability to get stuff done. >> all right. there you go. mitch mcconnell said something similar. >> yeah, i don't think it will surprise anyone that chip roy is not in favor of nancy pelosi's agenda and the house democratic agenda of trying to get it through. i'm sure he sees his role to stop the policies he doesn't believer in with the majority. as you're noting, it puts the political strategy out for all to see which is not for their to be some season of governing or find some way of compromising and getting something done on behalf of the american people. it's purely about obstruction, stopping, trying to delay any progress until the republicans believe they can win the house of representatives next november and take over. there's probably not a lot of surprise to these comments. it's that we don't hear folks
12:42 pm
speak this way. >> just spell out the play book. >> let's listen to senator ron johnson. first he said he insisted that he is not a climate change denier and a couple of weeks ago he said this. >> it is. >> for those listening, he mouthed bs. i'm sure without the image, you have no idea what he said. who is surprised here? this is -- >> why deny being a denier? >> who is surprised by that in. >> why is he doing that? why doesn't he own it? >> here is why these comments calling climate change bs are politically problematic for ron johnson. he hasn't announced he's running for re-election but his seat is up next year. remember, wisconsin was one of those states that joe biden build back. that blue wall that donald trump
12:43 pm
tore done that joe biden built back. those kinds of comments may gin up support in the republican base and some of his fervent supporters are the comments that will keep independences and suburbanites at bay for supporting ron johnson. that will make his path to re-election that much tougher. >> all right. thanks so much. >> sure. up next, a group of teenagers refuse to wear masks on an american airlines flight forcing the flight to be cancelled. now the faa is involved.
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federal aviation officials looking into a group of high schoolers who had to be removed from a flight because they refused to wear masks. the organizers of the group says the students were treated unfairly. >>cnn, pete is with us now. what are you learning? >> reporter: this is so interesting because these mask less passenger incidents involve one or two people, not 30
12:48 pm
teenagers, according to american airlines. it went down from a flight from charlotte to nassau on monday. they told teens they had to wear masks. they refused to do so and the crew kicked the teens off flight. the company that organized this trip for the high schoolers says it's really just involved one passenger who was not wearing a mask. it says, the act of one individual is not the responsibility of others and the students that were abiding by the rules should not have to endure this type of treatment. this caused this flight that was scheduled to leave on monday to get delayed into tuesday and the other passengers on board that flight say this did not involve just one bad apple. here is what they said. >> some people's vacations were ruined. they were only going for a couple of nighs. >> it was bad. they were yelling, cussing. they were being very obnoxious. i wouldn't say all of them, 75
12:49 pm
to 80% of them were being terrible kids. saying smart stuff. >> reporter: a source familiar with this incident tells me there was only one adult chap roa roan for all these teens on board. the federal aviation is ware. it has a zero tolerance policy for unruly passengers on board commercial flights. 3200 reports of unruly passenger incidents just this year and the faa says 75% have had to do with the transportation wide federal mask mandate. violators could face $35,000 in fines for each incident and the total now for all of those passengers who have been fined this year more than $600,000. >> wow. pete, for us. thank you. still ahead, we are tracking tropical storm elsa as it moves up the east coast. flash flood warnings are in effect right now. we have the latest. ans built ju. switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones.
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. all right. think of your favorite sitcom and how -- >> i do. >> how much you like laughing at the nutty character just a new
12:55 pm
cnn original series "the history of the sitcom" brings us a look at the look at the favorite shows from across the decades. >> after abc declined to move forward with the "all in the family" pilot it was moved to cbs. >> they said, yes, but you need a new set of kids so rob reiner and i were the third set of children for archie and ed it bunker. >> i made the pilot for the same time. >> so let's hear it again. what did you mean by what god? >> we just don't see any evidence of god why that's all. >> that's right, daddy. >> that's right, daddy. >> i do remember seeing the opening episode and realizing my god the ground is shaking under me. >> now i will tell you something. >> michael. >> we reach over each other at
12:56 pm
the table and have arguments. >> guys like you aren't willing to give the black man and the other minorities the just and right hard earned share of the american dream. >> that didn't happen before. we got real. >> wow. >> sitcom trend of reflect real life got a big boost in the '90s. >> hey! this is the perfect girls' night out. yeah. great music and absolutely no men hitting on us. >> why aren't they hitting us? i look good! >> hmm, hmm. >> that's a clue. in the hit series and the popular sketch show "in living color." thank you for being with us. i watched "martin" and then
12:57 pm
"living single" and "new york undercover." >> the thursday night lineup. >> on fox. a lot of sitcoms from the '90s aren't relevant now. that one is. >> that one is. thank you for inviting me here. that one is because we were upwardly mobile. we loved each other. we were going places. we had dreams and goals and we supported each other in it. i don't know that you had seen six or two even black characters like that at that age at that time. it was really ground breaking. it was all the right things at all the right times and we tackled social issues and relationship issues and questions about race and truth and honesty so i think it was the right time, the right people at the right time. >> wait a second, kim. upwardly mobile, six friends,
12:58 pm
loved each other, living in new york. did "friends" rip you guys off? >> i -- if you just put them side by side and if you look at the timeline of things i think you will have your answer. i think it's very interesting that the person running the network at the time was asked which show do you wish he bought and then that later that show came out and look at the evidence and decide for yourself. >> people have said we should do a show like "friends" with black people but we had that. it was called "living single." as you look now at the legacy of this show what are some of your favorite behind the scenes moments? >> oh, well, the six of us got along right away. so we would take trips together. we found out that erica alexander and max playing kyle
12:59 pm
have the same birthday and john's birthday that played overton my love was the next week and we take trips and celebrate births and deaths and marriages altogether so it's the family stuff and the fun behind -- there's behind the scenes jokes that i cannot share. family. >> it was so interesting to watch that "all in the familiy." those conversations that archie bunker having with meathead sound so familiar. >> so much so. i remember really loving that show and loving that it was shaking the ground as that person said in the clip. icn't -- i couldn't see who was. shaking the ground. sitcom has the ability to be able to do that because you can tackle issues and conversations in a way that might be a little uncomfortable but if you're
1:00 pm
willing to laugh and learn you get to see it in a different way and interesting that that show in particular was really -- it is like today. >> certainly is relevant. thank you so much for being with us. "the history of the sitcom" this sunday at 9:00 eastern and pacific. "the lead" starts right now. it seems first message may have been lost in translation. "the lead" starts right now. president biden vows to deliver his message again to vladimir putin after another cyber attack possibly with ties to russia. a so-called bible study group looking into bombs. the terrifying details about how a man prosecutors say at the capitol attack was planning even more violence. plus a dramatic jump in the surfside death toll as the


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