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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 6, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar. on this new day, the pandemic still killing 200 americans a day, many of whom just don't have to die. why the nation is hitting a turning point as the delta variant spreads. plus new signs that afghanistan is on the verge of unraveling as the u.s. leaves the war torn country. >> and today marks six months since the insurrection at the
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capitol, and there are new fears not enough is being done to protect from another attack. and a goalie in the nhl killed during a fireworks accident. new details on the moments leading up to his tragic death. good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, it is tuesday, july 6th. coronavirus is a manmade crisis in the united states. another way of saying we have reached the optional part of the pandemic. people are dying. they don't have to. the proof is in the numbers. 99% of the recent covid deaths come from unvaccinated people, many americans refusing to get vaccinated and as a result they're losing their lives. >> today, president biden will
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deliver remarks about the response and the vaccination rollout after being briefed by his white house covid response team. the administration did fall short of the goal of delivering one dose to 70% of adultins. 67% of adults are partially vaccinated. 58% are fully vaccinated. and the vaccination rate is averaging around 1 million doses a day right now, even as life returns to normal, a bit, an average of 200 americans are still dying every day from covid, and top health officials warn all new coronavirus deaths involve the unvaccinated. >> if you look at the number of deaths, about 99.2% of them are unvaccinated. about 0.8% are vaccinated. >> with vaccines available across the country, the suffering and loss we are now seeing is nearly entirely
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avoidable. >> what you are going to see among under vaccinated regions, be they states, cities or counties, you're going to see these individual types of blips. it's almost like it's going to be two americas. >> joining us now, cnn senior data reporter, harry enten. nice to see you. >> hello, john. >> when dr. fauci says 99.2% of the deaths are coming from unvaccinated people. >> when you look at the map of who's fully vaccinated, you see the great contrasts across the country. we see in the southern united states that states like mississippi, only about 30% of folks are vaccinated at this particular point. you know, and you can see here when you look across the country in terms of adults, you see 58% of all adults are fully vaccinated. there are all of these people out there who have just decided for whatever reason that they don't want to get the vaccine! and a greater percentage of
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deaths and cases at this point are coming by and large from the parents of the country that are unvaccinated. >> that's exactly right. when we look across the country, we see in the trump states, for example, the states that donald trump won, only about 40% of all americans are fully vaccinated. what we see across those states is when you take an average across all of them, i believe an increase in the case rate is 20%, versus the biden states where you have 53% fully vaccinated. in those states, the rate has stayed the same. the trump states, less people are vaccinated, case rates are rising. in the biden states, case rates are not rising. >> 67% of the people in the country are receiving one dose. it used to be there were a significant percentage of people who were willing or curious about getting a vaccine soon. that's not the case anymore. >> that's exactly right, that's not the case anymore. you mentioned 67%. if you look at kaiser family
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foundation at the end of june, 2% of americans said they wanted to get a vaccine as soon as possible. if you go back to the end of february, you saw 37% of americans want to get a vaccine as soon as possible. essentially what we're seeing is that the percentage of folks who say that they in fact want to get a vaccine but haven't gotten one has shrunk significantly. there are vaccines out there. there are vaccines for everybody, people, and yet the people have decided not necessarily to get one. >> if people who want them or have wanted them have basically gotten them at this point. and there are a number of people, harry, who got one dose but aren't getting a second at this point. >> that's exactly right. about 12% of the population have gotten the first dose, and then you've gotten them past the 21 day window for pfizer for 28 day window for moderna, they, in fact, for whatever reason have not gotten one, and i don't know what those people are thinking,
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it's bizarre, if you made the effort to get one and not getting a second one. if you look at the kaiser family foundation poll from last month, why are you not getting the vaccine. folks saying it's too difficult. they don't know where to get one, that group of the population of those who have not gotten their vaccine at this point, either of those doses make up 11% of all folks. most of the people who haven't gotten their vaccine, 89%, they believe a covid vaccine lie, like it could give you covid or they believe some other thing, you know, they don't trust the government. most of the folks who are out there who haven't gotten the vaccine simply don't want to or believe the lies out there. >> harry enten, always an education. thank you so much for being with us this morning. there's a coronavirus in south texas, 125 campers and counselors have tested positive. the camp was held last month for
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6th through 12th graders, and more than 400 children attended. the church says hundreds more were exposed when the virus affected the campers and counselors returned home. the vaccination status of the affected individuals is unclear. it seems clear that probably most weren't vaccinated at this point. that seems the most likely and that's an enormous percent of the people who were at that camp infected. >> and as they pass it on to other people, we're talking about hopefully mostly young people here, right, but who are they passing it on to, could be older, more vulnerable folks as well. let's turn to surfside, florida, where search and rescue operations are entering their 13th day. crews have recovered four bodies since the rest of the building was demolished on sunday, and that brings the number of confirmed deaths to 28. that demolition done as a safety precaution because of tropical storm elsa beginning to hit the state. new video showing rescuers working in the rain on monday.
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cnn's rosa flores joins us from surfside. bad weather, not getting in the way of this mission, rosa. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. these brave men and women have not been stopping. brianna, i've got to mention, for the past 24 hours or so, it's the first time since this collapse that search and rescue crews have actually had access to 100% of this site. look, according to officials, searchers couldn't get to about a third of the scene because of that teetering building. now, once it was collapsed late on sunday night and that danger was no longer there, that's when search and rescue crews were able to get access to the entire site. in fact, officials say that a portion of the pile was actually holding up the building that was demolished. well, now search and rescue teams are going into these new areas, following voids, continue to delayer, and we're seeing the death toll increase. it's at 28. take a listen.
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>> now that the damaged building is down, the site is staffed with the tremendous amount of search and rescue workers. the looming threat of that building, the dangerous situation where debris could fall down is eliminating, so we're operating at 100% capacity and i'm very excited about that, and i believe -- i sense that the families were too. >> reporter: now, surfside started to see the outer bands of elsa yesterday. search and rescue crews only stopping for the most dangerous lightning strikes. as for the investigation, there are multiple investigations happening in tandem. first homicide detectives are working alongside search and rescue crews. then the miami-dade state attorney's office says that she plans to ask a grand jury to investigate, and finally, nist, the national institute for
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standards and technology is k conducting its own federal investigation. brianna. >> rosa flores, thank you so much for that report from surfside. so parts of florida under hurricane watches this morning as tropical storm elsa bears down. when will it make landfall, meteorologist chad myers joins us now. what are you seeing? >> it probably misses key west, that's the good news. the storms and squalls on the east side won't. it kind of goes out in the gulf a little bit and to the north of tampa later on tonight, into the early morning hours of tomorrow. hurricane watches, because there's a potential for the storm to gain a little bit of strength. this weather is brought to you by surf pro, helping to make fire and water damage like it never happened. lert get to it. parts -- let's get to it. parts of cuba saw tremendous amounts of rainfall. foots or more of rain. the rain is moving into the lower keys and the wind is moving in as well. the storm goes all the way south
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of the cayman islands. cuba has hours and hours more of rainfall, and the big tail to the cayman islands will eventually get to the u.s. there's your 70 miles per hour gust possible later on today into tonight and tomorrow. so here's what the radar is going to look like. somewhere around 5:00 or 6:00 tonight, the storm ramps up. there likely will be tornado warnings, keep that in mind, likely flash flooding because of rainfall, and likely some storm surge, 3 to 4 feet of storm surge. we're going to have to watch that as well. a complex storm, not a hurricane yet. it could happen. the east coast in better shape than the west coast but still as the storms come on shore today, even the people around surf side could still see something. >> cadhad myers, thank you very
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much for that. reports of looting at bagram air base after the u.s. leaves. a sign they could be unraveling. a claim that the military will quit if vaccinations are requ requiring. a growing exodos of capitol police officers following the insurrection and new fears of another attack on the building. "new day" weather, brought to you by serv pro, helping to make fire and water damage like it never happened.
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[ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ developing this morning, more than a thousand afghan soldiers fleeing the battlefield, as the taliban expands its area of control and u.s. forces depart. new video shows american made items from bagram air base being sold at a local bizarre after looters ransacked what was once the center of military power in afghanistan. just returned to kabul after touring the bagram air base. and anna is with us now. tell us about the turn of events over the last 24 hours since we last talked to you yesterday.
3:17 am
>> reporter: sure. look, obviously the taliban making more ground, claiming more territory, that assault up in the north where you have a thousand afghan troops fleeing across the board into tazeistan. this is an area the taliban is trying to control. they want to control the highways, they want to obviously choke the rest of the country and have that leverage with the afghan government. we spoke to the spokespersons of the taliban overnight, and he said that while there is a ongoing talks happening almost every day in dohar between low level delegation, there hasn't been a firm date set for proper peace talks. that process moving incredibly slowly. in the meantime, there is this violence happening across the
3:18 am
country where, you know, ten of thousands of people have been displaced, particularly in the northeast. the united nations has confirmed this as has the first vice president in afghanistan. we are expecting this humanitarian crisis to also unfold. this all happening after the u.s. pulls out of afghanistan. of course there are 650 troops remaining in country to protect the u.s. embassy. obviously there will be some troops to secure the international airport. we understand that there is ongoing talks between the americans and the turks as to whether they can come up with a permanent solution there, but it is a tiny footprint, and this is not about combat missions. this is about protecting diplomatic staff. you know, we spoke to one afghan official, military official yesterday, brianna at bagram air base, and the departure of the
3:19 am
u.s. was like an old friend leaving without saying good-bye. there's a deep sense of abandonment in this country. >> there certainly is. anna coren live from kabul. joining me ceo iraq veterans of america, great to see you here. number one, the idea that all of these items that were at the bagram air base have been looted or ransacked or leaked out of it, now for sale on the streets. symbolically what does that say. >> symbolic is the keyword here. it's not new that there are u.s. and coalition items that make it out into the black market and things like that. that's not uncommon. it certainly paints a negative picture right now of the way in which the withdrawal, the retrograde if you want to use the military term is being done. you have to remember this is an incredibly tense time. it's hard to do a withdrawal in a combat zone but especially there at the very end. it's not surprising that right at the things were a little more secretive by the u.s. government
3:20 am
than many afghanis would have preferred. that's expected because the security of removing the troops was the highest priority of the u.s. >> a greater concern, reports that a thousand afghan troops have fled over the border. why is that concerning? >> because it's not a new thing. certainly the move is not new. if you go back a few years, the afghan government forces, the national army, the police, they were getting losses in a few months that equalled the number of u.s. combat losses we have had throughout our entire 20 years in the country. if you really look at the issue with stability there, it's a numbers game. it really is a war of attrition between the afghan government forces and the taliban right now. >> and if you're counting on the afghan troops to keep the country safe, and they're leaving at that level, that's an obvious concern. the u.s. general in charge of
3:21 am
the region is painting a potentially bleak picture of the future. listen. >> we should be concerned. the loss of terrain, and the rapidity of that loss of terrain has to be concerning, one, because it's a war as physical, but it's also got a psychological or moral component to it. and hope actually matters, and morale actually matters. >> i think they're just vocalizing what everyone who looks at this region knows to be true. >> absolutely. and it is disconcerting. i think the biggest surprise is how quickly this is happening. i think it speaks to, in my opinion, the wisdom of making this decision at this time. if we have been in the country for 20 years, upwards of 110,000 u.s. service members. we were down just recently 2,500 and things like that. even at this point, things are still so fragile in the country, what is is it going to take in terms of u.s. investment, personnel, time money to get
3:22 am
things to a point of stability where a u.s. withdrawal would make more sense, if you will. i think it speaks to how difficult the u.s. mission has been throughout. >> no good choices in some ways at this point. i want to ask you something about what congressman tom massey said in the issue of whether troops will be required to take them. i have been contacted by members of our voluntary military who say they will quit if the covid vaccine is mandated. i introduced a bill to that any members of the armed forces, and it now has 24 sponsors. he's hearing people say you're going to quit. first of all, you can't really just quit, that's now how it works. >> unfortunately it's not. >> what do you read in this? >> we have been here before. i have been in the military a number of years. i was active duty in the repeal of don't ask don't tell, and when president obama did the repeal of the transgender ban. both times you had many,
3:23 am
especially in the media, and certain parts of the government, you know exclaiming we were going to lose service members, they were going to quit in mass, i think you're seeing the same thing now here. it's someone trying to use a talking point. vaccines are common within the military. this is not something new. we're certainly vaccinated with the flu vaccine every year, and the long list of things you get when you're deempployed. the service branches have been talking about the fact that when the fda approves the vaccine it will likely become mandatory for everyone in the military. this isn't new, and i don't think you're going to get losses in the military personnel! thanks for being on, i appreciate it. six months since the attack on the u.s. capitol, and officials say not nearly enough is being done to prevent another one. cnn's brand new reporting next. plus, how did two qanon proponents get press credentials to a trump rally.
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since a mob of trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol in a deadly insurrection, and there is great concern that not nearly enough has been done to protect the capitol from future attacks. cnn's whitney wild joins us with this brand new cnn reporting. whitney, tell us what's happening here. >> we have spoken with more than a dozen capitol police officers, former officials, members of congress, aides and what we found is that there are a list of things that capitol police can control and make quick changes to fix. however, what they're really facing is this demand for a complete cultural and operational overhaul, and some sources said not enough has changed to get the department moving in that direction. some members of congress saying capitol police is nowhere near where they need to be in part because the leadership structure
3:29 am
is still really for the dynamics of law enforcement today. they have increased training. they have sent some officials for their civil disturbance unit, which is the unit uniquely responsible for fending off rioters from trainings from seattle to virginia beach. in addition, they have spread intelligence wider within the department. that's important because it was one of the key complaints from rank and file who felt like they simply didn't have enough information about possible violence that was coming toward them on january 6th. now they get a daily briefing with intel information. there are some granular changes capital police is taking because they can. however, this big overhaul, the reimagining of the department remains elusive in part because they don't have the funding. this takes a lot of time and a lot of money. one of the biggest problems capitol police is facing right now is the fact that they are bleeding officers. according to the union, they
3:30 am
have upwards of 75 people leave the department since january 6th. three people a week. that means hours for the rank and file are getting longer. morale is plummeting already. fewer officers does nothing to help that. >> it exacerbates it. they have to address that. can you talk about the other story we're tracking here. cnn has learned that two qanon adherents got press credentials to former president trump's rally over the weekend in florida. how did that happen? do we know? >> what we know is that this is based on sources familiar with how this all happened that there were two people who were affiliated with a right leaning talk radio organization, and so it was through that organization they were able to actually get press credentials to this event. however, a source is saying they're going to review the policies for that because, again, the source is saying they were qanon adherents or qanon conspiracy theorists.
3:31 am
so, you know, this is a story we're continuing to report out. the point is that people who are inclined to conspiracy theories are still very attracted to president trump, and that's a big problem, especially because i forgot to mention there are swirling threats, especially surrounding august when there's this conspiracy theory floating out there that president trump is going to come back to the white house in august. that remains a threat that intelligence officials are monitoring, and clearly there are people inclined to conspiracy theories that are attracted to the former president. >> atratracted and welcomed int the press theory. a goalie in the nhl killed during a fireworks accident. we have some new details about what happened here before his death. plus, a man hunt underway after a golf pro was murdered on a georgia golf course. one of his friends joins us next. time for sleep number's lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing,
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just a terrible story out of the sports world this morning. the death of columbus blue jackets matiss kivlenieks. the 24-year-old latvia was killed when he was struck in the chest by fireworks. we always hear the warning about fireworks, and this is why. >> this is a tragic story. he was so young. good morning, the hockey community is shaken by this tragic accident. he was 24 years old. in a statement, the blue jackets organization calling him an outstanding young man who greeted every day and everyone with a smile. he played for four years within the columbus blue jackets organization, and he also played in several international tournaments for his native latvia, including the world championships. on sunday night, he was in an outdoor hot tub and a set of fireworks malfunctioned, sending a mortar directly toward them,
3:37 am
and according to the local medical examiner, he died from chest trauma that was caused from the mortar blast. before game four of the stanley cup finals, they did hold a moment of silence. coach john cooper visually shaken and upset like everyone else after the game. >> it's an awful tragedy, for any family to go through that. but somebody in the nhl family, as close as we all are, as the two teams even battling out there, from all the lightning, our condolences. >> that's terrible. >> that's so sad. the olympics in a few weeks. it's finally here after the five year wait at this point. a third athlete has tested positive upon arriving in tokyo. >> this is the beginning of what is going to be a lot of logistical challenge for everybody involved. and there's a laundry list of items waiting for him there, and the japanese government has to
3:38 am
decide if they are now going to extend that quasi state of emergency that they put into effect in tokyo. that runs out on july 11th. as for the immediate handling of what happened here with this serbian rower, the town in which his pre-camp is held, they're going to wipe that camp, because there's athletes from other countries also looking to do their pre-olympic training camp there. that goes away. the athletes are in a 14-day isolation period, and this is the beginning of how to navigate how they're going to handle cases that are going to occur. the virus will make its way in. >> this is a complicated games. the world wants to see it. but man is it going to be tough. police in georgia are searching for a suspect and a motive in the killing of three people, including a golf pro, gene siller who witnesses say was shot and killed on the golf course where he worked. i'm joined by brian katrek, a
3:39 am
friend of gene siller's. brian, i'm so sorry for your loss and everyone in the golf community, which is very much what a golf club is, it's a community. how is this community faring? >> brianna, thank you. they're rallying remarkably well. i'm a member at pinetree, and you know, gene was our pro. and the pro is the straw that stirs the drink. you know, you go there as an escape. you go there for relaxation and to kind of let your hair down, and the best golf pros are guys that can facilitate that, and people with tremendous hospitality and a big smile, and that's who gene was. >> and i know that you saw him recently. you were recently paired with him in a charity golf tournament? >> it wasn't a charity golf tournament. that's the other thing. there's a difference between the pga of america, and the pga tour. the pga of america, those are
3:40 am
the club professionals that are behind the counter when you go into a golf facility, and that's who gene was, but those folks can play also, and so we were playing in an event. georgia section even at pinetree about a month ago, and you know, he was his typical self. and golf beats you up. anybody that plays knows it's hard to maintain a good attitude out there while all this bad stuff is going on to your golf ball, and scores keep getting added to your score card, but gene always had a great attitude, and they say golf really reveals a man's character. you can tell who somebody is by playing a round on the golf course. that gets a little overstated because you talk about overcoming, you know, quote adversity because your ball went in a ditch but you do get a glimpse of how somebody deals with setbacks, and gene was always fun to hang around.
3:41 am
>> i'm a lifelong golfer. i can attest to that assessment of the game and how it reveals character. how are you feeling, how are folks at pinetree feeling about the lack of information here? this person is on the loose, and there is a lack of movement on finding gene's killer. >> yeah, i don't know how the rest of the members feel about it. i know there's obviously some anxiety, and you want to catch the person responsible, but gene's involvement is so random. that's really the take away from the members that i have spoken to, that this could have happened that day in a number of ways, you know, the fact that this happened in the fashion that it did, you know, we could have lost gene. we could have lost any of our friends in a number of ways that day, and just as quick a fashion. this doesn't make any sense. you know, we can't -- we don't know why the truck was there. there's no connection between -- that anybody can see between the
3:42 am
stolen truck or the owner of the truck or the perpetrator here and the club. this is just a wrong place wrong time, and you know, gene was out on the golf course, brianna, so you understand this is a day where the fireworks display was going to go off. this was a day with the pool was busy, the tennis courts were busy, the golf course was busy. we probably had more members on property this saturday because of the fireworks display than any other day, and gene was out there doing exactly what you do, you're out there showing your hospitalities, driving around, checking on members, and he comes down the cart path at 11:00, heading to 10 green at just exactly the wrong time, so i think the reaction from the members right now is still one of pretty profound shock. >> yeah, and his family as well. i think one of the things that you have mentioned that really stuck out to me was how he marked his golf balls, which, you know, when you're playing competitively, you do that to show that your golf ball is
3:43 am
different from someone else's as you hit it far away obviously and he marked it with his son's names, with his kids' names on the ball. i know you mentioned that. we can't forget na that lost he is the father of two kids. >> and brianna, you understand having played the game, i went and picked up one of his golf shots, unfortunately for him it was a provisional, and i picked it up, and i asked him, hey, what about the way you do this, and for those who don't know, he's writing his son's names on his golf ball with a sharpie, and he lit it up. now it means for the next 10 to 15 minutes, he's talking about his kids, he knew what that meant, and he utterly lit up. there was a go fund me set up by a member of the club, by diane mcpherson for ashley and the kids. the support it's gotten from the golf community, not only pinetree members, but the
3:44 am
worldwide golf community, the pga tour players have started to react to this, and the support that the family is getting has been pretty remarkable. that's not something that we're going to focus on right now. i know at some point in time it's going to be appreciated. >> it is wonderful that they aring with -- that they are being focused on by the community. thanks for being with us this morning. >> stiller was one of 150 people killed in over 400 shootings. we'll have more on the worsening u.s. gun violence epidemic ahead. why are women soldiers being fo forced to march in high heels. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. this morning, military officials in ukraine are defending some bizarre marching
3:49 am
orders to require female soldiers wear high heels in a military parade. the women have been training to march in an independence day parade next month but some ukrainian lawmakers angry about the footwear. cnn's matthew chance following this story for us. matthew, what the what? >> i know, john, it's painful to look at that photograph of those female soldiers being forced to practice marching in those heels. i mean, to be fair, there's been a big outcry in ukraine about this with cabinet ministers saying it's inappropriate of course for female soldiers to be portrayed in that way. they're saying it doesn't reflect the combat nature of these troops. remember, ukraine is at war are russian backed rebels, and there are some like 15,000 female soldiers playing their part in fighting the war, and there's an
3:50 am
issue being raised about how dangerous it is to the actual people wearing the shoes. all of these issues have been raised. the defense ministry in ukraine has, you know, tried to feebly defend itself, saying look, other militaries in the world, they issue these kinds of shoes to female personnel as well, although there's been push back on that. they're not expected to march in these heels. and that has been a bit of a development over the weekend whether ukrainian defense ministry are saying, okay, we're going to look at the appropriateness of the footwear for these ukrainian female soldiers. they haven't made a decision yet. it looks like they're sort of heading in the direction of reviewing this very controversial decision. >> do we understand, matthew, why they decided to do this in the first place? i mean, is this something that they have always done that is
3:51 am
outdated? do they have a rational for why women should be wearing different footwear in a parade than men? >> it's a good question, and i think it's a reflection much more broadly about the debate that's going on all around the world in the u.s., elsewhere, in ukraine, as well about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate when it comes to the different sexes. last year, this was not an issue. this year in ukraine, it is an issue, and it's going to be looked at. but it just shows you that, you know, all over the world there is that debate that is ongoing. people in different countries are in different places in that debate. this is where they are in ukraine, look at whether it's appropriate that female soldiers should wear high heels on parade, and so that's where we are. >> it's interesting, given ukraine is a country at war. if there's any place where i think they should understand this kind of thing. matthew chance, thank you. celebrity chef wolfgang puck
3:52 am
says even though the industry is back, restaurants are struggling to find workers. he'll join us next. is the variant evading the vaccine. an israeli study finds the pfizer vaccine less effective against the highly transmissible delta variant. we have those details ahead on "new day." ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:56 am
wolfgang puck into one of the world's most renowned celebrity she was in -- celebrity chefs in a brand new documentary. >> as a kid in australia, life with my stepfather was really rough. he would say, you're never going to be anything. if you are a real man, stay out of the kitchen, but the kitchen was the only place where i felt safe. i decided at that moment i want to prove him wrong. >> such a beautiful moment, and with us now is chef and restaurateur wolfgang puck. we're familiar with you, but really we're familiar with a certain part of your life, and that's why i think this documentary is so interesting. we're also going to learn about the years that preceded this. >> exactly. you're going to learn about my childhood, and it's so interesting, people always look back at that childhood, what a
3:57 am
great time i had as a kid, it was amazing. for me it was quite the opposite. my stepfather was terrible, may he rest in peace, but still. he really beat us up. he was drunk. >> physically abused you. >> physically abusive and abusive to my sister, and everything and we couldn't wait for him to get out of the house, you know, he used to be a coal miner, he used to come home for 20 days, and then he was home for 10 days, and worked for 20 days, and then when he was at home, it was like a nightmare for us, and he always told me you're good for nothing. nothing going to happen with you and so forth, and finally when i was 14 years old, i left my home, moved 50 miles away, found a little room, and started my apprenticeship as a cook. >> which is amazing. you took adversity, and you turned it around. a lot of people don't do that. they're not able to do that. you left home at 14. >> yeah. and i wonder, you know, what you're hoping that people take away from that, watching in
3:58 am
documentary. especially this is going to be on disney plus where, you know, you might have some young people watching. >> i think it's important, especially now with the pandemic happening, you know, it's a big adversity, and we learn something about it. how to live with ourself, how not to be social. it was a very difficult time. i'm sure adversity for a lot of kids who never had that happen. for a lot of parents who never have that happen. but i think for me, because my stepfather was so abusive, and the chef was the same way, you know, when i started as a 14-year-old, he basically fired me after three weeks on the job because we ran out of potatoes, and called me over, you're good for nothing, go back home to y your mother and everything, and that night i said i was going to jump in the river and kill myself. it was so bad. for me at the end, i'm going to
3:59 am
show you, i'm going to be something. >> i want to talk about the moment we are at with the restaurant industry trying to bounce back from covid. what are you looking for? how quickly do you think this is going to come back if at all? >> i believe that the world is coming back. the difficult thing is to find enough people to work. people are on unemployment to get the federal money, so they say, why should we work to make a few hundred bucks a week. i stay home with my kids, go to the beach, so it's really difficult to open up. in los angeles, i can't open up, i don't have enough people. >> while i have you here, i want to do a quick fire q and a with you. first thing what is your favorite dish to make? >> i don't have one favorite dish to make because there are too many different things. >> this is quick fire, you have to tell me something, you have to tell me something. >> really fast, okay? >> one of your favorite dishes. >> my favorite dish last night is soft shell crab because they are right out of chesapeake bay.
4:00 am
>> what food did you eat too much of during sweets? >> what kind? >> i love chocolate, caramel, pastries, ice cream, you name it, i love sweets. >> and your favorite dish to cook? >> my favorite dish to cook is actually when i cook some great pasta for my wife and business partner, gililea, and we have dinner together. i think it's a moment where it's really amazing, where we can talk about business, what we're going to do together. i think that's really a great time for me. >> it's about the company and the food, right? >> exactly, yeah. >> thank you so much, it is wonderful to see you, wolfgang p puck. >> thank you. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this new day. an american crisis gets worse, 400 shootings over the weekend with dozens of americans dying. a doctor pleading with patients and anyone who will listen to get vaccinated as coronavirus cases rise. plus a


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