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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. just ahead, tropical storm elsa is barreling towards the fgulf coast. we'll have the latest weather forecast. plus -- they are diving in, there is maximum effort being applied and it will go on this\ho24 hours a
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day. >> authorities are racing to find more victims in the condo collapse near miami. and later why more traffic and higher gas prices are on the horizon for summer travelers here in the united states. the state of florida is bracing for impact as tropical storm elsa barrels towards the u.s. elsa is expected to make landfall in northwest florida early wednesday morning. but before that, the storm will bring a potentially deadly storm surge in southern florida. not to mention heavy rain, thunderstorms and possibly tornados. at least four counties near tampa will open emergency shelters ahead of the storm. elsa slammed cuba on monday drenching the island and raising fears of flooding and mudslides. tyler mauldin has been tracking
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the storm. >> about 10 million people from key west all the way up to big bend of florida are under a warning because elsa is producing 60-mile-per-hour winds and it is making a beeline in that direction. you can see the heavy rainfall beginning to pick up in intensity across key west and that will spread across the rest of the keys and on into south florida too. miami was hit with some very heavy thunderstorms on monday and then we had this band set up within the last couple of hours to the south of miami and near surfside. surfside will be dealing with gusty stormy squalls and will much of the peninsula of florida as else a takes this track. even though elsa will stay offshore, this tells you where the center will go and impacts will be felt far away from the
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center. and this is a right sided storm, very east loaded storm. and so what is on the east side is the peninsula of florida. so as it eventually makes landfall wednesday morning, we'll see a lot of impacts across the east coast of florida. the sea surface temperatures are quite warm ahead of elsa, however there is wind shear out ahead of it. and wind shear is the change in wind direction and speed and tropical systems don't like that. so we don't expect this to become a big hurricane or anything like that, it should remain a tropical storm as it pushes up the west coast of florida. and we expect tropical storm-force winds, storm surgery and possibility for isolated tornados too. here is what i meant by it being a right sided storm. notice it takes this track up the west coast, but all the thunderstorms dough from south to north up the peninsula of florida.
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the west coast will take the brunt of the activity, about you the east coast will also feel some impacts too. the flood threat is mainly across ft. myers and areas to the north. and again, we have to watch the possibility for isolated towards across much of the peninsula as the squall lines move south to north. >> that is a lot of activity. tyler, appreciate it. the rain and winds may be putting a damper on rescue efforts in surfside, florida but another major obstacle is now out of the way. the part of the billion that was still standing, search crews are found four more bodies. cnn has obtained documents showing a presentation prepared for residents last year. it detailed water damage to con k create in the parking garage and urged that millions of dollars
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of repairs be done immediately. more now from randi kaye.and ur dollars of repairs be done immediately. more now from randi kaye. >> reporter: was the scene sunday night, a controlled dem mission of what remained of the tower. it was brought down by explosives, sending a cloud of dust through surfside. >> only dust landed on the existing pile. and a little over an hour afterward, we received the all clear. and then right around midnight, work commenced on the pile and by 1:00 a.m., we were in full search and rescue operation mode. >> reporter: it wasn't long after efforts resumed that rescuers pulled three more bodies from the rubble pile. another body found later this the day. the search for survivors had been hampered by concerns that the remaining tower may collapse on first responders and the
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threat of high winds from tropical storm elsa. >> being gone, we're now at 100% full strength full-on pulling everybody out of that rubble pile. >> reporter: teams on the drown ground are clear this is still a rescue mission. >> i said two daysing ago that chances of finding anyone alive is close to zero but we're still full of hope. >> reporter: they are now access areas closest to the billuildin. and also able to reach where a lot of the master bedroom areas were. now 12 days into the rescue efforts, first responders are not giving up despite the toll it takes on them. >> they will go through sleeplessness, they will go through feelings of remorse, maybe feelings of depression. >> reporter: and for these rescuers, it is personal. they are part of this community
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and know some of the victims. task force 2, one of miami-dade's fire rescue teams, recovered 7-year-old stella from the rubble while her father was also working on the pile. >> it is not pressure, but motivation urgency above and beyond what we normally where -- it is not in our soul as much as it is here. >> reporter: to help, senator lauren book and her 4-year-old twins started making and hand delivering homemade cards like these to the rescuers on site which she says brought many to tears. in we started asking for cards and elementary schools and camps started bringing their cards in and every day we just started handing out more and more cards. we're in the 500 plus now. so we just really started handing them out and giving these small pieces of love to these first responders.
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>> reporter: this first responder was overwhelmed by such kindness when he needed it post. >> we have all the bandages and tools to address the situations but to warm the heart a letter from the child is always one of those that really sooths the soul. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, surfside, florida. and the investigation into the collapse is still in its early stages and it is too soon to draw definite conclusions. but an engineer hired by the town of surfside spoke with cnn about something he noticed in pictures and video of the debris. >> the reinforcing steel that we could see in some of the photos and some of the debris might not be arranged in the manner that was suggested by the drawings. not that it wasn't the right number of reinforcing bars. looking at certain elements in the debris pile and as they were removed from the debris pile and we knew that there was supposed
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to be making this up essentially 16 bars in about a 10 foot area, but 25% of those were supposed to be not only where the columns are, that is in the slab now, not a vertical thing. and we look at it and there were only one or two barsu couldn't there, it doesn't mean the right number of bars were there, but they might not have been arranged the way the drawings ask for. that is not unusual to expect and that does not necessarily mean that it had anything to do with this terrible situation. u.s. president biden is set to deliver remarks later today focused on the fight against covid-19 and his administration's push to boost vaccinations. this comes just days after the u.s. fell short of the president's july 4th vaccine goal and as fears grow over the rapidly spreading delta variant. phil mattingly reports.
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>> reporter: president biden may have fallen short of his goal of having 70% of american adults with at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccinations by july 4, didn't mean that he was going to stop the celebration, stop acknowledgement of the progress that the white house officials made clear that they have made, historic in their mind and when you compare it to the rest of the world, unmatched to this point. but it doesn't mean that there are not real concerns inside the white house from the president on down about what those who haven't for the gotten vaccinat may face with the delta variant, something that is shredding throughout the country at a quicker clip than i think anybody expected over the course of the last several weeks. and problematic in the states and localities where the vax even rates remain particularly low.
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realty is that vaccinations are proving to be extremely official. at this point in time, the deaths that have transpired because of covid-19 right now, almost 99% of them are coming from those who are unvaccinated. and yet the administration still acknowledging a lot of work to be done. it will be one of the key components of a private briefing president biden receives from his covid response team tuesday and also public remarks he is expected to give. yes, they had a july 4th celebration, and yes they wanted to note historic progress they feel they have made when it comes to the pandemic. but they also acknowledge and will continue to acknowledge over the course of the next several weeks officials say there is much more work to be done and a very dangerous variant that is spreading that can complicate things.
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no expect takation of a large pc outbreak, but certainly in those lower vaccinations levels and that is where white house f officials are most focused. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. and i spoke with a medical analyst and asked him whether a full fda approval could help fight vaccine hesitancy in the u.s. >> having full approval for a vaccine would go a long way to convincing those folks who are willing to get vaccinated but are a little bit worried about whether it is safe and effective. it would go a long way to convincing them to go ahead and get the shot. >> and, doctor, israel says preliminary data shows a drop in coronavirus protection and links that to the spread of the delta variant. how concerned should we be about this and what needs to be done about that? >> yeah, this recent data, and
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we just basically have the top lean data from israel, suggests that the mrna vaccines might be only about 63% effective against contracting illness, but still really terrifically effective, 93% effective, against serious illness or hospitalization. >> and he went on to stress the importance of the vaccines, which he says are preventing deaths from covid-19. in missouri, covid cases are on the rise and it is forcing one health system to transfer its covid patients to other hospitals because of staffing shortages. starting friday, cox health moved about a dozen patients to other facilities in the region. data has shown covid cases are rising in states with lower vaccinations rates. in missouri, only about 40% of the population is fully vaccinated. and missouri is not alone with
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its rising infections and low vaccinations rates. we are seeing a similar situation in other social states in the lighter shade of green like arkansas. infection rates are on average three times higher in states that have vaccinated a smaller share of the public than the u.s. on the whole. and that is according to johns hop kins university. an outbreak of more than 125 covid infections has been traced back to a texas church camp. the lead pastor of clear creek community church says that even though the camp upheld strict safety protocols, hundreds of children and adults were exposed to the virus. the fgalveston health district s investigating and helping with contact tracing. in a letter, the pastor said we are surprised and saddened by this turn of events. our hearts break for those infected with the virus.
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meanwhile in the uk, prime minister boris johnson is outlining an end to covid restrictions. he says the plan is to lift them in about two weeks but will make the call on monday, meaning there will be no more legal requirements regarding masks, physical distancing and crowd size. >> there is only one reason why we can contemplate going ahead to step four in circumstances where we'd normally be locking down further and that is because of the continuing effectiveness of the vaccine rollout. >> and germany's public health institute is loosening restrictions for travels from the uk and a handful of other countries saying they no longer represent areas of variant concern. however the delta variant is driving up cases in the uk. let's bring in cyril vanier. the world health organization
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says it is a mistake to ease restrictions prematurely. what is prime minister boris johnson's calculation here given the questions raised regarding the delta variant and the current vaccinations rates? >> reporter: certainly there is a bit of cognitive dissonance for people who have been through the last months. the last time we heard of possibly 50,000 new infections a day, the country was on the cusp of shutting down almost totally for 2 1/2 months and that was just the beginning of this year. thousand b now boris johnson is saying that he will more than likely get rid of all remaining restrictions. so to your question, what is the philosophy behind this, well, the philosophy is that covid restrictions have always been the result of a cost benefit calculation. and now that the population is
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vaccinated to the tune of almost two thirds of adults being vaccinated, the cost pep fit ch benefit changes. listen to the health secretary. >> we can't live in a worldfit benefit changes. listen to the health secretary. >> we can't live in a world where the only thing we're thinking about is covid and we have to make use of a vaccine that is thankfully working. >> reporter: so the government has said for a long time that we'll have to learn to live with this vaccine like we live with the flu because it won't go away. and now the government believes that the level of vaccinations within the population allows us to do that. where the government is getting pushback is on lifting all restrictions including face masks. face masks in enclosed spaces,
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public transports. the opposition says it is reckless, be families saying i a stain on those who died. and players saying that face masks should still be mandatory on public transport, the enclosed spaces where we know covid can be transmitted. but for the moment the government peappears adamant th it will be a matter of personal choice and not a matter of law. >> it will be interesting to see what individuals feel comfortable doing. cyril vanier, many thanks. the u.s. attempts to relocate afghan translators before the taliban can get to them, but a messy visa system known for its delays means some may get left behind. and the u.s. or hundreds of shootings during the fourth of july weekend, we are tracking the alarming surge in gun violence with the latest data still to come. fragrance mist transforms
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new reports claim about 1,000 afghan troops have fled
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the battlefield seeking shelter. it comes as afghan officials in the northern province say taliban forces failed to capture its capital city. if true, it is a much needed victory for the government. the taliban now control more than 190 districts according to the long war journal. cnn has not endly independently confirmed these details. and the u.s. is making sure that its remaining dip llomatic presence is ready. >> reporter: and they are updating evacuation plans and this is as the taliban is making tremendous gains very quickly in the countryside taking over districts and pushing back the afghan military. every u.s. embassy has an evacuation plan especially those in warzones such as afghanistan
1:24 am
and kabul. but with bagram air base closing, it takes out one of the options to get them out so those plans need to be updated. a senior defense official says the plans are in-depth, the exty need to implement quickly should a situation a rise. that official stresses there is no need right now to get everybody out, that would be the remaining 650 or so troops as the u.s. nears the withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan and as well as the diplomatic presence and a few hundred contractors that remain. but the u.s. enintelligence community is very closely watching the advance of the tal and they stress there no one consensus on how it will all play out and that intelligence estimates are a bit all other the place as they hear the
1:25 am
taliban make their statements on their intentions. but the biden administration has made clear that it sees now and the immediate future as a time to hand over the fight against the taliban to the afghan military. the white house and pentagon saying late last week that the withdrawal would be complete by the end of august, but for all intents and purposes, it is effectively complete now, the vast majority of troops in the country are there protecting the u.s. embassy as well as protecting the airport, so this fight now largely on the afghans. a commanding general there who spoke with anna coren in afghanistan said that they would begin a counterattack, but so far counterattacks by military forces have retaken some districts, but only some. the taliban moving quickly through the countryside. oren liebermann, cnn, the pentagon. and as troops withdrawal, the u.s. is also scrambling to protect thousands of afghan translators who could be targeted. officials tell cnn that the biden administration is asking a
1:26 am
number of central asian countries to take them in. the top republican in the house foreign affairs committee says that there should have been a better plan. earlier i spoke with co-foipdco of the association of wartime allies and she weighed in on what should be done to keep the translators safe. >> right now i believe that every special immigrant, visa applicant from the u.s., needs to be evacuated immediately. i also think that this sey shoue taken to a u.s. territory and not a third country. there are asylum laws and immigration laws that would protect them should they fail to earn the most difficult visa there is to earn in the united states. >> and what location are you talking about, where do you think these thousands of afghan translators should be moved to?
1:27 am
>> we've had many discussions with guam from their government leaders to their high level business leaders and they are ready and want to welcome these people and take care of them. >> and she was critical of the biden administration's plans to relocate translators, she calls their choices very poor. authorities are said to be in hot pursuit of gunmen who raided a private school and kidnapped scores of people in northern nigeria. police say at least 26 students and a teacher have been rescued. officials say that the attackers captured about 140 students. armed men have been targeting schools and even hospitals for abductions for ransom. this is the 10th mass school kidnapping in northwest thigh n since december. rescues in japan are hoping to find survivors after the deadly mud slide. officials say four people are now confirmed dead and 24 are
1:28 am
unaccounted for. the threat of rain and more landslides has hampered rescue efforts and many survivors no longer have a home. at least 130 houses were destroyed in the disaster. the local governor says the prefecture will investigate the mud slight. o slide. one angle is whether it is tied to recent housing projects and deforestation. when we come back, radical groups clash with police in two major u.s. cities. who they are and what they are hoping to accomplish. plus, teenagers under arrest in hong kong are being accused of terrorism. police say that they seized these weapons and materials. we're live in hong kong for more on that. ♪ ♪ (sounds of car doors closing) (screaming & laughter) ♪ ♪ (sounds of car doors closing) (crash sound & tires squealing)
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the threat from extremist groups was on display in the u.s. over the weekend, one involved in a nine hour standoff with police that closed a portion of a major interstate. the other, a white nationalist hate group marched through downtown philadelphia. brynn gingras reports. >> reporter: two extremist groups surfacing this holiday weekend. >> we are on speakerinterstate . >> reporter: a standoff in massachusetts between anti-government group and police and a white nationalist hate group marching in the streets of philadelphia. >> they posed a real threat to everyone in our community. >> reporter: in massachusetts, 11 men including a 17-year-old
1:33 am
facing several firearms-related charges. >> everyone remain calm. >> reporter: state police there stumbled upon the group early saturday morning. the men were on the side of the road refueling their trucks with gasoline from canisters they carried with them. many were wearing full tactical dee gear and they were armed. a standoff unfolded shutting down the highway and forcing nearby neighborhoods into a shelter-in-place situation. >> you can imagine 11 armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at 2:00 in the morning certainly raises concerns and is not consistent with the firearms laws that we have here in massachusetts. >> reporter: in live streams posted online, a member identified their group as the rise of the moors, which seems to be connected to a sovereignty movement that claims an 18th
1:34 am
century treaty grants them special rights. little else known, but the southern poverty law center says that they are gaining followers. >> they don't take driver licenses, they don't seek gun licenses, they don't pay taxes to the u.s. government and they try to recruit followers or adherence to their country that they have declared by seeking people who might be down on their luck. >> reporter: after about 9 hours, the standoff ended peacefully but police seized eight guns including assault rifles as the investigation continues with the help of the fbi. and in the stleethe streets of philadelphia, a different extremist organization. around 200 members of patriot front who the splc identifies as a white supremacist group wore shields, covered their faces, carried flags and chanted about a stolen election. in when
1:35 am
>> when something is stolen, you believe that you can get it back through violence and that is what we're seeing across the white supremacy groups. >> reporter: and they threw a smoke bomb at one point to run away from authorities. the mayor of philadelphia tweeted this, appalled these groups chose philly as the place to demonstrate their open hate read. raci racism, intolerance have no mace here. and philadelphia police would not comment if any arrests happened or if so how many. cnn reached out to both groups but did not hear back. britain agynn gingras, cnn, thi morning. extremist groups are feeling more confident about appearing publicly. they say former president trump's acknowledgement of these groups and the insurrection are key factors in their growing visibility and they warn of a growing risk of violent
1:36 am
confrontations. >> january 6 certainly gave us a taste of what could happen, but we're starting to see more and more of these groups just come out from underneath the cover wherever they were hiding before. and now it is getting to the point where they are out there to march in philadelphia on the fourth of july and feel comfortable sdoing it. this will lead to serious violent confrontations with counter demonstrators believe me at some point in time and police will have to be very, very aware of that and take extraordinary steps to prevent violence. >> it is interesting to me too that they have tied their actions here to the big lie, to the claims eof a stolen electio. it shows you how powerful that lie is as an inspirational and motivational element to these extremist groups. among your racially motivated extremists, your white supremacists, your militia
1:37 am
groups, separatist groups are clearly more active now than they were five years ago, ten years ago certainly. you have to attribute some of that to the national spotlight that they have taken for themselves from things ls like january 6 rally -- or riot, excuse me. and prior to that, allegement and implicit thumbs up that they have been given by the former president. police in georgia are searching for a suspect who fatally shot a professional golfer. 41-year-old golf pro james silo was found dead with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. bodies of two other men were laert d later discovered in the truck. one ever his friends is urging the suspect to surrender. >> my goal in doing this interview is this guy would hear the call from the heart of god that says turn yourself in so you can get on with life and
1:38 am
really learn what it means to have create created value and purpose in this world. even as an inmate, you have a long life ahead of you, so turn yourself in. >> the shooting in georgia is just one of hundreds of shootings over the fourth of july holiday weekend. at least four states saw mass shootings, just a few of the more than 400 shootings across the country from friday through sunday. the gun violence killed at least 150 people. that is according to data compiled by the gun violence archive. and these numbers are expected to rise as more data comes in. josh campbell has more. >> reporter: an incredibly violent fourth of july weekend as we continue to see the deadly wave of shooting after shooting from coast to coast. according to data compiled by the gun violence archive, at least 150 people were killed by gun violence and more than 400
1:39 am
shootings across the country since friday as major cities nationwide confront a surge in violent crime. in ft. worth, texas eight were injured sunday morning at a shooting near a car wash after an argument transpired between a group of men, one of whom opened f fire. most victims believed to be innocent bystanders. in nolfolk, four children were shot including a 6-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, 16-year-old boy and girl. police say an investigation into the accident is ongoing. in dallas, texas police responding to two separate shootings on july 4, one of which involved five men who were shot, three of victims pronounced dead at a hospital, one had been shot multiple times in a street disturbance authorities said. in chicago, 14 were killed including a national guard member that according to affiliate wls. two police officers were wounded
1:40 am
while disbursing a crowd. of course these are more than just statistics. we're talking about people and the body count from america's gunpidemic continues to rise seemingly with no he said this sight. josh campbell, cnn, los angeles. and in hong kong, police announced that they have foiled a suspected bomb plot and arrested nine suspects, six of them high school students. kristie lu stout is tracking this live for us from hong kong. good to see you. so what is the latest on this and what evidence is there to support this claim that high school students were involved in a terrorist bomb plot? >> reporter: such a crucial question. this is what we know, hong kong police, they say that they have thwarted a suspected terror plot after arresting nine people including high school students on suspicion of terrorist activities. congress to hong kong police, they say the nine had rented a
1:41 am
hostile where this way planning to make homemade bombs and they were planning to tar at the time public facilities including transit and tunnels. police also add that they found an operations manual in which there were plans to launch an attack using these bombs, that they were planning to make in early july. but according to were not made and bombs were not found. of these individuals, six are high school students, part of a group called returning valiant which is active on social media platforms including facebook. for more, here is the senior superintendent of hong kong police. >> translator: to establish a homemade lab to manufacture improvised explosive devices in the middle of a busy city is
1:42 am
very insane. i think everybody would agree with that. it is very irresponsible, it is painful to see young people getting involved, a hey inous a to lure young people into participating. >> reporter: these terrorists coincide with the ongoing claims by the leadership of hong kong that terrorism remains a threat despite the national security law which has been imposed for over a year now. earlier today we heard from carrie lam chief executive, she warned of underground terrorist activity and blamed both domestic and external influences. >> all right. kristie lu stout, joining us live. appreciate it. and road trips are on even as drivers are paying more at the pump. a look at how many americans hit the road for the long holiday weekend, that is next. just playe brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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#. so this driver's luck ran out near las vegas. instead of sticking past this traffic jam, they ended up being pulled over for driving on the shoulder and they weren't the only ones. traffic was backed up along the highway for hours on monday as people headed home after the fourth of july holiday. similar scenes were playing out across the u.s. over the holiday weekend. americans returned to the roadways in a big way and the summer travel season is just getting under way. pete muntean reports. >> reporter: road trips have come roaring back likely setting a new all-time record over the holiday weekend. aaa anticipated 43 million americans would drive 50 miles or more between july 1 and july
1:47 am
5, that about a 5% increase from 2019 back before the pandemic also represents with 90% of all travel over the long holiday weekend. but all of this meant more congestion and it is costing people more. the average price for a gallon of gas now $3 a gallon, a dollar increase over this time last year. one more factor in play, there is a tanker truck driver shortage meaning some smaller stations in smaller rural communities are actually running out of gas. even still, a lot of people are getting out. aaa anticipated the top destinations would be orlando, disney world, anaheim, disneyland. one other factor at play, the cost of rental cars is up 86% over this time last year, a lot of people are electing to drive themselves rather than fly and repre rent a car. pete muntean, cnn, alexandria,
1:48 am
virginia. ceo of a widely used software vendor says that it is hard to gauge the full impact of a major ramsonwa rr hack. they were they say that they met with the fbi and sign are security authorities monday night and it is likely that it is one of the biggest supply chain attacks from a nonnation state ever. updating you now on a story we reported last hour, russian state media reports the crash site of a regional flight that went missing in the far east has been located. the plane crashed into the sea off the kamchatka peninsula. at least 28 people are believed to have been on board. task news agency reports
1:49 am
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movie fans and hole would i stars are remembering accomplished producer and director richard donner. he died monday at the age of 91. donner had a remarkable six decade career making many beloved films including the 1978 super man and the family adventure the goonies. executive producer steven spielberg remembered donner as all heart all the time and gifted across so many genres. donner helped bring new life to the lethal weapon franchise and also directed classic episodes of the twilight zone including nightmare at 20,000 feet starring william shatner. fourth of july fireworks
1:54 am
accident has claimed the life of national hockey league player. the 24-year-old goaltender who played for the columbus blue jackets died sunday after a fireworks mortar struck him causing internal injuries. the latvian native was attending a party in michigan when the accident occurred. here is how one team official paid tribute to the player. he w kivi was an outstanding young man who greeted everyone with a smile and the impact he had in the four years with our organization will not be forgotten. a new milestone for roger federer at wimbledon and plus the stanley cup finals and more. patrick snell has our minute in sports. and we start with brazil booking their spot in the final on saturday. the only goal of the match against peru coming in the first
1:55 am
half, wonderful skill and vision. and argentina is later tonight. and the semifinal is taking place between italy and spain who meet at wembley in front of a 60,000 fan crowd. and wednesday denmark and england meeting for a place in the final. to wimbledon, we witnessed emotional scenes where 18-year-old forced to retire from her match for what organizers called medical reasons. and on the men's side of things, roger federer is the oldest man in wimbledon history to reach the quarter finals. the eight time champ sweeping past the italian in straights. and he is just weeks away from turning 40. and canadiens beat the lightning in game four on monday, winning 3-2 thanks to
1:56 am
josh anderson's dramatic game winner in overtime. tampa still lead 3-1. game five is wednesday. and on that note, rosemary, it is back to you. >> patrick, appreciate it. and some disappointing news for race fans. the formula one scheduled for later this year are being canceled for the second year in a row because of covid restrictions and logistical challenges caused by the pandemic. racing officials acknowledge the difficulties australia is still facing with international travel restrictions and they aim to bring these events back next year. thank you so much for your company. be sure to connect with me on twitter. "early start" is up next.
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "early start." >> it is tuesday, july 6, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. and we begin this morning with the tragedy in surfside, florida with another victim recovered from the rubble last night. that brings the death toll to 28 with 117 people still unaccounted for. officials say search crews are safer access to the entire debris pile following sunday night's demolition of what had remained of champlain tower


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