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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 5, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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evacuation plans in afghanistan as the threat of violence there rises with american forces leaving. ♪ a very good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world, it's monday, july 5th. john avlon is in for john berman in this morning. nothing is left of the tower south. demolition crews bringing it down to the ground 11 days after its collapse. engineers were concerned the remaining structure was unstable and potentially dangerous with tropical storm elsa bearing down
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on florida. >> search and rescue operations will resume when the site is deemed safe. officials are hoping that the demolition will open a new portion of the site to search teams. no one has been found alive since immediately after the collapse. 24 confirmed deaths with 121 people still unaccounted for. natasha chen joins us from surfside, florida. nat natasha? >> reporter: that space between these buildings there where you see that blue/gray sky is where the building used to be. it is no longer there this morning. that demolition happened at 10:30 last night. residents in the vicinity were asked to stay indoors, to keep windows and doors closed, to keep that dust cloud and debris outside of their homes. as you mentioned, this is expected to help search and rescue teams actually access about a third of the pile they couldn't get to before because it was too close to the structurally unstable remaining building. but as we know, sometimes
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demolitions can be spectacles, shows. representative debbie wasserman schultz yesterday described how this is really the furthest thing from that. >> very tragic situation not only for those who are still hoping to find loved ones that have survived but also to survivor families who got out of the building and all of whom's belongings are in that apartment building. and so this is tragic, not a celebration, not a spectacle, and we need to think about the loss, the further loss that the demolition of this building means for all of these families. >> reporter: the families of 121 people still unaccounted for, and of course families already mourning the loss of 24 confirmed people who have died in that collapse. and the mayor of surfside did say this coming storm elsa may not directly hit this area but
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it could van affect with high winds affecting the search and rescue mission. he said that that may have been a blessing in disguise creating the urgency for this discussion to safely bring this building down so that search and rescue teams could be safer in continuing their work, john. >> thank you very much, natasha. and this morning tropical storm elsa is working its way toward florida. it's expected to bring heavy rain, damaging winds and a potentially dangerous storm surge. let's check in with chad myers to see what the forecast holds. what are you seeing, chad? >> i don't see it getting to hurricane strength, brianna. it has to go over cuba. it's still southeast of havana right now at a 65 miles per hour clip. that's close enough for many people if you get a close brush. tropical storm warnings and watches posted for the keys and west coast of florida and the east coast will still get wind on shore. you'll still get the potential for a squally day today and for tomorrow. we're not seeing much on radar
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right now, but one storm after another may come through by your tuesday. so that's what the officials were worried about. 30, 40 mile-per-hour winds on this side, 50, 60, 70, miles per hour gusts on this side of florida. and still some rain and also some surge. the keys may be one to two feet. i'm farther up in the florida bay one to three. then you get up to port charlotte and tampa bay, possibly two to four. keep that in mind if you're close to the water. the water will be coming up with this surge. surf side you'll get storms today and tomorrow and looks like it gets a lot better by wednesday. >> chad myers, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. americans from coast to coast coming together to celebrate not just the 4th of july, but also return to something like normal as the country emerges from the darkness of the coronavirus pandemic. at the white house, president biden hosting the biggest event since taking office, about 1,000 people including military families and workers involved in the covid-19 response, attended
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a party on the south lawn of the white house to watch the fireworks show at the national mall. earlier, president celebrated the nation's progress in fighting coronavirus. >> 245 years ago we declared our independence from a distant king. today, we're closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. that's not to say the battle against covid-19 is over. we've got a lot more work to do. >> the u.s. did fall just short of president biden's goal to vaccinate 70% of americans by july 4th. 67.1% of the adult population in the united states has received at least one vaccine dose. 58% of american adults are fully vaccinated. >> in a new interview, dr. anthony fauci says that unvaccinated americans now represent over 99% of coronavirus deaths. >> it's all the more sad and all
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the more tragic why it isn't being completely implemented in this country and whatever the reasons, as you said, some of them are ied logic, some are fundamentally anti-vax or anti-science, what have you. we need to put that aside now. we're dealing with a historic situation with this pandemic. and we do have the tools to counter it. put aside all those differences and realize that the common enemy is the virus. >> cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with us now. it is so sad, elizabeth, these are preventable deaths that we're seeing. >> they are. that's what makes this so frustrating. you can hear the frustration and sadness in dr. fauci's voice. we are handing americans on a silver platter something that will save their life. it doesn't cost them anything. it is widely available. even in the most remote parts of
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the united states. people are not taking advantage of it. a third of americans are not taking advantage of it. and let's take a look at those numbers that dr. fauci just dis discussed. so in the month of june, when you look at deaths, 99.2% of the people who died of covid-19 in the month of june were unvaccinated. just .8% were vaccinated. nearly everyone was unvaccinated. you do not need to be a genius to see that vaccines save lives and allowing yourself, choosing to remain unvaccinated can kill you. let's take a look at where we are again with the vaccination process in the united states. when you take a look at folks who are partially vaccinated, in other words, they've only had one shot, that's about 67%. so in other words, about one third of americans have chosen not to get a covid-19 shot. about 58% of americans are fully vacc
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vaccinated. brianna? >> we heard the president there pleading with americans. what did you think of that? >> you know, i think they need to come up with something better than pleading. again, one third of americans are choosing not to get a shot. they need to really figure out who are these people? and what will convince them to do it? does it need to be some kind of incentive program? do we need more of these lotteries? do we need -- what do we need? who are these people, where do they live what are their demographics, what will convince them? the pleading, i think, is not working. >> the pleading is not working. elizabeth cohen, thank you so much for that. did donald trump just admit to the crimes alleged against his business? what his words mean for the legal case here. plus, a highway standoff between an armed militia group and the police. so, who is this self-proclaimed rise of the moore's group? and as a top u.s. general warns of a civil war in afghanistan, the u.s. making a dramatic move to prepare. ♪
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♪ go after good, hard-working people for not paying taxes on a company car. come on. you didn't pay tax on the car. or a company apartment. you used an apartment because you need an apartment because you have to travel too far where your house is. didn't pay tax. or education for your grandchildren. i don't even know. do you have to -- does anybody know the answer to that stuff? >> former president trump at a rally this weekend appearing to acknowledge the merits of the case against the trump organization and its chief financial officer while denying those things are actually crimes. trump told the crowd every company has fringe benefits. it's not the first time that trump and his associates seemingly admitted wrong doing.
3:13 am
>> we're supporting a country. we want to make sure that country is honest. it's very important to talk about corruption. if you don't talk about corruption, why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt. >> it's like, look, this is a corrupt place. i don't want to send them a bunch of money and have them use it to line their own pockets. did he also mention to me in the past the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> you just described a quid pro quo. it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happens as well. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. i have news for everybody, get over it. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> you just said you didn't. >> and you want to cover some ridiculous charge that i urged the ukrainian government to investigate corruption. well, i did. i'm proud of it. having something to do with paying some stormy daniel's
3:14 am
woman 130,000 which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money. sorry. i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. so -- >> they funneled it through a law firm. >> funneled through the law firm and the president repaid it. >> so let's talk about this now with j.w. barrett, a professor of law and accounting at scalia law school and former member of former president trump's transition team. so, i mean, we see this pattern of trump and his associates j.w., where they're admitting wrong doing. what do you think about this latest admission? >> well, he does have an awkward habit of not only making awkward admissions but hiring advisers who make awkward admissions about alleged wrong doing. this one could go either way. this is probably a clip that cy vance will play to a jury in a
3:15 am
future prosecution, maybe even in the one against mr. weisselberg, i don't know. it could go either way. he could claim that he was ignorant, he was demonstrating ignorance of what is or what is not tax deductible with respect to fringe benefits. it's not as clear cut an admission it might first seem on a listen especially given the high bar a prosecutor would have to bring a tax fraud case directly against trump. >> okay. speaking of, do you think that trump is still at risk in this case? >> everything indicates that mr. vance's strategy is clearly to bring the first case against the cfo of the trump organization, mr. weisselberg and to eventually flip him. he's the one with all the knowledge of the allegations that this district attorney ha previously been investigating that we've seen from publicly available information. weisselberg has the knowledge
3:16 am
about the potential fraud cases against trump or fraud and bank loan applications, tax fraud as well. and potential fraud with respect to insurance fraud, insurance companies that the trump organization dealt with. weisselberg would be all over all three of those things. so seems that vance is bringing the case first against the cfo. it's a pretty strong case. and by the facts it seems to be one that favors the prosecution. we'll see what happens in the event of trial or the event of plea bargain which i think is probably vance's strategy. >> yeah. it is rare for prosecutors to bring a case that is solely on this basis, though. i wonder if you think that works in trump's favor as he is arguing as we heard him at his rally over the weekend, that this is a political attack. w. i think stand alone tax fraud prosecutions are rare, but it's also rare for a company to fail
3:17 am
to commit a $1.7 million tax fraud here and particularly one in which a second set of books is kept internally. that's the kind of thing accountants hear about and lure from the old days, pre-computers where criminal organizations kept a second set of books. i was just shocked that it did this. this is one of those cases i think i might teach to my fraud class. that was just kind of incredible to me. >> yeah. no, it's a very good point and one of the things i know that stood out to you in this indictment was that there were other beneficiaries besides weisselberg of these non-tax benefits. benefits that should have been reported to the irs. what questions does that raise for you? >> well, like everything else donald trump is involved in, this is very dramatic. and kind of, you know, i think audiences should be very interested in what happens here because this is just the first act of a multi-act play here.
3:18 am
the indictment has two mysteries contained in the indictment. one of the mysteries is that other individuals who were employees of the trump organization other than allen weisselberg were the recipients of fringe benefits that were not taxed or recipients of this tax fraud. but they were not mentioned in the indictment. who are these employees? are they trump family members who were certainly high-level employees of the trump organization? i don't know but that's my big first question. my second question is someone from the trump organization was mentioned unindicted coson spear tor, somebody the prosecutor believed was involved in the tax fraud. who was that? we know the trustees of running the trump organization were this defendant allen weisselberg and then trump's two older children, eric trump and donald trump jr. so who was the unindicted coconspirator who the prosecutor believed was directly involved in the fraud? was that a trump family member? i think we'll have to wait to
3:19 am
see what happens there. >> all right, j.w., we will be waiting along with you. great to see you this morning. >> good to see you, brianna. a stand offbetween police and an armed militia group shutting down internate 95 for hours. what we know about this so-called rise of the group next. plus, hundreds of white nationalists marching through the streets of philadelphia. more on the alarming rise of hate groups across america. >> too scared to take the mask off. too scared. this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪
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♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ ♪ so, a group of heavily armed men calling themselves rise of the moores shut down a highway outside of boston for more than nine hours in a standoff with police over the weekend. now a state trooper noticed them
3:24 am
gassing up their car and stopped to help. when they alleged refused to show permits for their guns or identification, trooper called for backup. nine hours later, all 11 men were taken into custody without injury. now to help us understand who this group is and what they stand for, let's bring in margaret wang, the president and ceo of the southern poverty law center. thank you for joining us. where is this group from and how long have they been around? >> good morning, john. so this group is actually based in rhode island. they declare a part of rhode island to be their sovereign territory that they rule, not accepting any u.s. authority. and we're not sure how long they've been around. but we designated them last year in 2020 as -- on our anti-government extremist list. >> and give me a sense of what their beliefs are, the basic idealogies that seem to drive them. >> so, they claim that they are an independent sovereign nation.
3:25 am
they claim territory that they do not actually have any legal right to here in the united states. and they base that claim on a treaty that goads back to the 1780s between the early united states and the country of morocco they claim gives them that territorial >> i appreciate a good thomas jefferson reference. this sovereign citizen's movement. i've done reporting over the years and traditionally very much wrapped up in the some of the white supremacist ideology. this group seems decidedly outside that tradition. >> that's right. this group is primarily people of african dissent and their beliefs really focus on their refusal to accept any authority from the u.s. government. they don't take driver's licenses. they don't seek gun licenses.
3:26 am
they don't pay taxes to the u.s. government. and they try to recruit followers or adherence to their country that they've declared by seeking people who might be down on their luck or having a hard time functioning in u.s. society and trying to recruit them into their's. >> that's right. well, the anti-tax pitch has always been a powerful recruitment tool for those kinds of groups. how many folks belong to this group and they do resemble anything a significant threat? >> we don't actually know how many members they have. we can tell you the member of active followers they have on social media. so actually in the last year they've added more than 5,000 followers to their youtube channel. they're now over 20,000 followers. and they have a lot of followers on facebook and instagram as well. >> i also want to ask about another group of extremists that caused a stir over the weekend. we had hundreds of white nationalists from a group known as the patriot front march down
3:27 am
the streets of downtown philadelphia saturday evening chanting the election was stolen and reclaim america. so what do you know about these folks because their group has also been associated with defacing murals of george floyd in various cities across the country in recent weeks. >> so in the last year, the southern poverty law center documented 838 extremist -- [ inaudible ]. and these groups embrace a wide range of idealogies, but it's very, very common that they are white supremacist, that they reject any kind of interaction with communities of color and they pose a real threat to everyone in our communities. >> they sure do. it's on the rise as you say. thank you very much, margaret. u.s. officials are updating evacuation plans for the american embassy in afghanistan as troops pull out.
3:28 am
got more on the rising threat next. plus, the duchess of cambridge self isolating after a covid scare. we're live in london.
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♪ developing this morning, sources are telling cnn that u.s. officials are actively updating emergency evacuation plans for the american embassy in kabul. they're concerns about the potential for escalating violence in the region while u.s. troops near complete withdrawal from the country. >> reporter: john and brianna, we are here at bagram air base. the first time we have been given access to this facility since u.s. and nato forces departed on friday and what is
3:33 am
wrapping up behind me is a high-level meeting of the national security council delegation center by ashraf ghani to assist what the americans actually left here at bagram air base and how the afghans can use it moving forward. we were taken to the airfield, the runway, which is two miles long. this was the height of activity at the height of this war where fighter jets, cargo planes and surveillance aircraft would depart and land constantly. it is now absolutely deserted. there are air hangers in the background that have been locked. the afghan still don't have access to them. and then around here, you can see it's like hundreds of cars, suvs, pickup trucks left by the americans for the afghans. it comes at a time where the security situation in this country is deteriorating
3:34 am
rapidly. we know that the taliban have taken more than 150 districts just in the past two months. the vice president of afghanistan said that there are tens of thousands of people fleeing the country side because of the fighting coming to the cities and that was backed up by the united nations, which said more than 56,000 people have had to flee four provinces in the northeast which is where fighting is extremely aggressive. john and brianna, back to you. >> anna cornen from afghanistan, thank you very much. new this morning, president biden's withdrawal from the nearly 20-year war in afghanistan may be almost complete, but how is he going to stop it from once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists. sources tell cnn his administration still hasn't finalized its policy for pursuing terrorists in the country once u.s. troops are gone. let's talk about this. i will say it seems like something that probably should have been figured out before a
3:35 am
draw down. >> right. so, for months now the biden administration has been reviewing the rules, the standards that the cia and the dod have to operate under in order to use lethal force in afghanistan once u.s. troops have departed. what do i mean by lethal force? i'm talking about drone strikes. even potentially commando raids. part hof this review is looking at whether or not to raise the bar, tighten up the rules that the cia and dod have to operate under when the united states is no longer officially at war in afghanistan. as you suggest, this kind of reviewing, this kind of policy-making process is expected to be as the united states drops down in this war and like -- moves into a new footing. but, it is notable that this hasn't happened yet, even as the withdrawal is accelerating, we've seen troops leaving bagram, we've seen troop members dropping to their lowest number
3:36 am
yet. what that means in the short term, status quo continues. dod and cia continue to operate under essentially the same rules they've been operating under but it does leave them in a little bit of a position of limbo as they sort of wait to find out what the rules that they're going to be playing by in the long-term or in the long run once again u.s. troops are gone and biden is saying this thing is over. now, why does this sort of rule setting, policy process matter in afghanistan? it really highlights the delicate balancing act that biden is trying to strike here in between ending a war with an adversary that is still fighting and yet not losing critical counterterrorism capabilities in a country where the united states is still worried about al qaeda, still worried about isis. >> you're pursuing all these questions, congress saz well. how is congress reacting to what seems to be a lack of answers. >> yeah. you're seeing some growing frustration on the hill for months lawmakers from both parties have really been pushing
3:37 am
the biden administration on the nitty-gritty, what is your plan to continue to pursue terrorists here after you have sort of lost visibility into the country. again, remember, when you pull out conventional troops from afghanistan, you really lose the backbone that america's intelligence network in afghanistan has been built on for the last 20 years. so they've lost a tremendous amount of visibility of capability to sort of see and then carry out lethal strikes there. so i think you will continue to see congress pushing for specifics here. >> all right. we will be watching. thank you so much, katie bo, appreciate it. jeff bezos is retiring today. just how rich did amazon make him? we're going to break down what the founder and ceo is taking with him. plus, mark zuckerberg posting this july 4th message. we're going to attempt to explain what might be behind it. >> please do so. please do so.
3:38 am
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. the duchess of cambridge is self isolating. kensington palace says kate middleton came into contact with someone who since tested positive for covid. let's go the max foster from hampshire, england. important to note, max, she is vaccinated. so why is she going ahead here and self isolating? >> reporter: they are the uk rules, i think, still based on the science that potentially could be carrying the virus even though you've been vaccinated. she has, according to a source i spoke to today, received both vaccinations. this goes back to friday. the reason we found out about it is because she was due to go to a series of engagements today.
3:43 am
they've been cancelled. she was told on friday that she had been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19. so she's been isolating since friday. a statement from the palace saying her royal highness is not experiencing any symptoms but is following all relevant government guidelines and is self isolating at home. show you some images of her last week at wimbledon. she was also at the euro football championships as well. a lot of people making the point that she wasn't wearing a mask at wimbledon, in fact, the rules at wimbledon are that you have to wear a mask when you're moving around, standing up effectively, but when you're sitting down you don't have to wear a mask. we know that, you know, some of the competitions coming up at wimbledon will be full capacity. this is also a debate about whether or not you should be wearing masks, whether or not the sporting events should be at full capacity when the indian variant is rife here frankly even though hospitalizations aren't reflecting the case numbers necessarily.
3:44 am
>> all right, max. max foster live for us from england. appreciate it. jeff bezos has quasi retirement becomes official today. stepping down as ceo. he should be okay in retirement, though, because he's worth an estimated $197 billion. making him the richest person on earth. cnn's christine romans joins us now. nice work if you can get it. good for him. >> he is one of a kind. he is not your typical retiree. later today he steps down as the ceo of amazon, the company he founded that changed the way we shop and made him the world's richest man. he founded amazon 27 years ago in a garage in washington state. started as an online bookstore, became a global power house. he retires with a nest egg of nearly $200 billion with a b. bezos in a retirement league of his own. the typical retirement has a net worth around 266 grand at age
3:45 am
65. that's 65 to 74. he re's retiring with 740 times what the average american has when they retire. guess what, he made 75 billion or so during covid when the world turned to online shopping this in droves. he's handing off the day to day operations and ceo to andy jassi and focus on early initiatives and spend time on the space startup in blue origin and 15 days he'll head to space on the rocket made by his company blue origin. >> 15 days before going to space. those are some fascinating statistics. i want to talk to a billionaire fascinating news which is one word for it. all right, hydro foil surf boards, cool. flag waving cool. john denver arguably cool. add in mark zuckerberg and it's palpably weird. i want to play this video for you and get your take. ♪ country road, take me home to
3:46 am
your place i belong ♪ >> he put it on instagram and said happy 4th everybody. and it was mocked kind of mercilessly. >> what were some of your favorite takes? >> well, one was like, hey, partying like federal judge just dismissed ftc anti-trust suit against my company. but, yeah. i don't know. cool, uncool? >> just odd. i mean, look, again, he's clearly living his best life, but it is a very weird little video that will launch a million memes, i imagine. >> it did. i don't know what that gadget was. i was tooling around looking for it. it is an electric foil surf board and they're kind of expensive but they look cool. i don't know if it's on my bucket list. >> i'm guessing he can afford it. >> i'm guessing he can afford a lot of them. >> christine romans, thank you very much, as always. wow. the rest of the collapsed condo in surfside, florida,
3:47 am
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♪ this morning pope francis is recovering from surge. he underwent the procedure hours after holding the traditional prayer in st. petersburg square. >> reporter: hi, john. we just received the latest medical update on the pope's condition. they say he is doing well. he is awake, responding and breathing on his own. they say the operation yesterday took about three hours and it had to do with the lower left colon.
3:52 am
the pope was suffering from a narrowing of the colon. the pope is 84 years old, and this is something experts say that can happen to the elderly. the operation was under general anesthetic but by all accounts the pope is doing well. the prognosis, john, is for seven days at least here at the hospital in rome barring any complications, they say. john? >> delia, thank you very much. covid is exploding in russia right now. the country reporting its highest number of daily cases since early january. they're reporting more than 25,000 cases here in just the past 24 hours. 663 deaths. russia has set a new record for daily deaths five times in the last week. >> i'm matthew chance in moscow. russia is continuing its run of record-breaking covid infections, posting nearly 25,000 new cases on sunday, 24,000 in the past 24 hours, according to official figures,
3:53 am
some of the highest tallies since the pandemic began. russian scientists say the highly infectious delta variants of the virus is spreading across the country, strained state media made russia's vaccine may be less effective. russia is one of the highest level of vaccine hesitancy. many russians simply don't trust the jab. last week president vladimir putin urged russians to listen to experts rather than rumors about the virus and the vaccine. in addition, tough new rules also been put in place effectively compelling people who work in close contact with the people to get vaccinated by next week or face dismissal. >> matthew chance, thank you so much for that. john? >> china is warning taiwan to prepare for war and flexing its military might, but experts warn the bigger threat to taiwan and western democracies isn't from military attacks but
3:54 am
cyberattacks. cnn's will ripley is live in taipei with more details on the growing tensions. >> reporter: john, the experts i'm speaking with here in taiwan paint a chilling picture. they say you can wake up one morning, your phone doesn't work. your lights and your water are cut off. no way to get money from the atm. and no gas at the gas stations. they say that is a very realistic scenario if there was a multi-prong cyberattack, 20 million cyberattacks right here in taiwan every single month. majority of them are coming from mainland china. >> reporter: prepare for war. the menacing message of mainland chinese propaganda, aimed at the islands of taiwan. military intimidation in realtime. 28 chinese war planes entered taiwan's air defense identification zone. taiwan calls it the largest air incursion every recorded. in this exclusive interview, taiwan's foreign minister tells
3:55 am
cnn china is engaging in psychological warfare. >> they want to shape taiwanese's people that taiwan is in danger and cannot do without china. >> reporter: a battle between beijing and taipei, a fight for their hearts and minds. i'm flying to the front lines, across the taiwan strait to the small island more than 200 miles from the taiwanese capital just six miles from mainland china. this is the only place in taiwan that saw actual combat during china's civil war ending in 1949, many buildings bear the scars. the fighting ferocious. nationalist forces fended off communist troops, effectively shielding taiwan's main island, warding off a chinese invasion. >> translator: people often say only those who experienced war
3:56 am
can understand its horror. we have the right to say loudly we want peace. >> reporter: long-time tour guide takes me under ground to one of the island's massive military bunkers, once top secret, now abanabandoned. he shows me how china's relentless artillery barrage left the island mountains with old shells. >> when the battle ended, the shells kept flying. local historians say half a million of these landed on this region but this was not artillery. these shells were full of communist propaganda. the beginning of what experts call a decades' long disinformation war. a war super charged by social media. >> how dangerous is disinformation? >> the danger here is that all this disinformation and campaign is to create chaos and create distrust. >> reporter: is china doing the
3:57 am
exact same thing in the united states? >> definitely in australia, canada, also europe. >> reporter: beijing denies disinformation warfare. china's war office calls this imaginary. experts say the threat goes well beyond disinformation. the taiwanese government says it's hit by 20 million cyberattacks every month. targets include defense computer systems, finance, communications, even critical infrastructure. >> translator: information security we believe world war 3 will happen over the internet. >> basically every aspect of our life for which we rely on computers could immediately be turned off. >> yes. >> reporter: taiwan's major gas company was hit by a major malware attack. a ransomware attack by the colonial pipeline which u.s. intel believes came from russia paralyzed the east coast. >> just imagine what just happened in united states.
3:58 am
you could do nothing. >> reporter: cyber is a bigger threat in your view than nuclear weapons? >> yeah from my point of view because it's happening everyday. >> reporter: taiwan's president named cyberattacks a matter of national security. back on kimmen island, this 30 foot loud speaker spent decades blasting anti-communist propaganda to the mainland. a supersized reminder of how much things have changed. the two headlines that really stand out experts believe that cyber is a bigger threat than nuclear weapons and they think that world war 3 could break out online. now, we tried to get specific reaction to this story from the taiwan affairs office in the mainland and reached out to the ministry of foreign affairs in beijing and they have yet to respond to cnn's request for comment, john. >> that's a very disturbing report, will ripley. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now.
3:59 am
♪ hello i'm brianna keilar alongside john avlon on this "new day." did donald trump just publicly admit to the alleged crimes against this is company? what his new comments mean for the case. matthew mcconaughey chalks up america's problems by saying the nation is going through puberty. we'll discuss. after the school's dean defended bill cosby. we're going to speak live with one of those students. and as the world gets closer to the olympics, three controversies erupt involving pot, vaccines and swimming caps. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, it is monday, july 5th. and developing overnight, demolition crews detonating the
4:00 am
remaining portion of champlain tower south 11 days after it collapsed. [ explosion ] tropical storm elsa here rapidly approaching the areas, and so engineers fear the remaining structure was unstable and it was potentially dangerous. >> search and rescue operations will start up against once the site is declared safe. this is expected to give surge teams new access to portions of the debris pile they haven't been able to reach. nobody has been found alive since immediately after the collapse. 24 confirmed deaths with 121 people still unaccounted for. natasha chen joins us live from surfside, florida, with more. >> that space behind us, the sky between the buildings there, that is where champlain tower south used to be as of last
4:01 am
night about 10:30 p.m. that's when they took down th


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