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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 2, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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after 20 years of war in afghanistan, u.s. and nato forces take a historic step withdrawing from bagram air base. the trump organization is charged with running a 15 year employee tax scheme, its top financial officer faces more than a dozen charges, we'll explain what it could mean for donald trump. and crews considered demolishing the surfside complex that still stands as rescue operations continue.
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welcome to all of you watching, i'm kim brunhuber, this is "cnn newsroom". it has been nearly 20 years since the united states first invaded afghanistan. now a senior u.s. defense official tells cnn that the last american forces have left bagram air base ending the u.s./nato security for the afghan people. the sprawling compound has become the center of military power in afghanistan over the past two decades. here is what the top american commander had to say about the situation there. >> it is the intention of the united states and the international community to remain doniplomatically involve in afghanistan and we see that in the best interests of a
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afghanistan as well. to leave behind those things that secure the diplomat it can x community so that they can operate in this environment. >> anna core kcoren is joining . i imagine this is bittersweet given the state in which the country is being left. >> reporter: yeah, it is interesting, kim, this has been shrouded in secrecy. obviously we knew the date was imminent, but certainly we only got news after u.s. and coalition forces departed bagram air base. we understand two plane loads of troops and equipment flew out last night, one this morning at 6:30 a.m. and as you say, this really sum p symbolizes the end of america's presence. yes, they will be leaving up to
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1,000 troops in country to protect the u.s. embassy as well as to secure the international airport until turkish forces come into play. but as for their physical footprint, assisting, training, advising afghan forces, that has now come to an end. this is after 20 years, $2 trillion, more than 2400 u.s. troops killed, 1200 coalition forces killed. you've got more than 100,000 afghan lives have been lost during this conflict, tens of thousands of a begof afghan for died. we never got a specific number on that because they don't release those details due to the casualties that they have suffered. but it comes at a time when the country is reeling. we know that the security situation has ban rapidly
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deteriorating over the past few months. we have the taliban making, you know, serious headway particularly in the north of the country as their offensive continues. we're seeing this propaganda video come out from the taliban surrendering. now, we just heard from a taliban spokesman and he said that the withdrawal of foreign forces is a positive step and that it is now up to afghanistan and afghans to decide their own future. we spoke to dr. abdullah who is part of the afghan 2k3w0e6789 a government and in charge of the peace talks and he said the outlook is grim. he does not hold out hope that there will be a peace agreement and that there are dark days ahead.
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>> all right. not good news there, but thank you so much for that, anna coren, great to have you on place there. we want to bring in nic robertson in london. nic, you were at bagram this the years before u.s. troops arrived. the afghan government insists its troops can deal with the taliban but there seems to be very little evidence of this so far given the rapid gains they have made, often without firing a shot. do you have any confidence in the afghan army going forward? >> there is a lot of pressure on the afghan army to kind of regroup itself. it has been by the speed of the taliban gains. they have been used to knowing that there could be an extremist close air support from nato forces, the afghan military has a certain amount of close air support that it can bring to bear but not with the skill or
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numbers and capability of u.s. and nato forces. so that they in some places appear to have collapsed, surrendered, that the taliban have let them go rather than lock thm alem all up, are all indicators that the afghan forces are now on their back foot. think when you look at the significance of what is happening and what has happened at bagram today, this will be another dent to the morale of a began forces because they know the last vestiges of the support are over the horizon. we know that the intent is that close air support is there to counter any terror threats against the united states that emerge from afghanistan and also an intent to support the diplomatic community. we've heard that from the general speaking there just now. but bagram was a massive symbol
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of u.s. continuity, presence, determination to help the afghans. the base was so big, it would take an hour or so to literally run around the perimeter. it was used as a dettention facility. it was so busy at times on the flight line, in the early days camping by the flight line wink. it was the big hub. so another big morale dent for the afghan military when it is already low. >> appreciate your insights there. nic robertson in london. more than two years of investigations have now led to the first criminal charges against former u.s. president donald trump's real estate
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company. prosecutors accuse the trump organization and its chief financial officer of helping executives keep income off the books for 15 years. paula reid has more on what we know and where things go from here. >> reporter: the name sake company of former president trump now charged with tanx crimes along with one its top executives, allen weisselberg, the cf oled into court in handcuffs. to the judge prosecutors described a 15 year tax scheme charging weisselberg, trump payroll corporation and the trump organization. 15 counts against the cfo and 10 against the former president's name sake company. prosecutors as allege he evaded taxes. all three defendants pleading not guilty. and weisselberg saying that he will nice the charges. his indictment and charges against the trump organization come after a more than two year
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probe by the manhattan d.a. cy vance. an investigation which ultimately led to obtaining trump's tax records in a supreme court battle. investigators have been focusing on perks awarded to employees like free apartments, cars and enschool tuition. benefits that would have amounted to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and were allegedly not properly reported for tax purposes. the trump organization fired back today claiming prosecutors are using weisselberg, quote, as a pawn in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president saying the district attorney is bringing a criminal prosecution involving employee benefits that neither the irs nor any other district attorney would ever think of bringing. this is not justice. this is politics. lawyers for the trump organization spoke after court. >> if the name of the company was something else, i don't think that these charges would have been brought.
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>> reporter: no indication that the former president or any member of his family will be charged anytime soon. but these charges certainly increase the pressure on the long too many cfo who so far has been resistant to pressure to cooperate against the former president. prosecutors will likely need a cooperating wite witness or two sucks isfully pursue form are president trump. paula reid, cnn, new york. and there is speculation on how much donald trump may have been involved in all of this. is would weisselberg's former daughter-in-law said donald trump knew about the perks and signed off on it. >> when he would come home, he would talk about how every january he would meet witdonaldd allen and he would go over what his raise would be for the year. and it would be pay your daughter's tuition in lieu of a
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raise. i got it. or, you know, there is an apartment becoming available. i got it, it is available. search and rescue efforts are again under way at the site of a high rise building in south florida after being suspended over safety concerns. joe biden visited the surfside community to meet with first responders and rescue workers and laid a bouquet of flowers along the collapse site. and he also spoke with the families of the victims and those still missing. they are praying and pleading that, god, will the there be a miracle, let there be something happen for me that is good. so many are suffering. jill and i wanted them to know that we're with them and the country is with them. our message today is that we're here for you as one nation, as
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one nation. >> at least one survivor who met with the president is singing his praises. steve rosenthal's condo was one unit away from where the building collapsed. he shared these pictures with cnn and spoke with us about the president's visit. >> it was fantastic. the president was fantastic. the first lady was fantastic. he gave, you know -- said his speech, talked about the grief, his son, when his son passed away and died. there must have been 200 people in that room. and he walked around and talked to every single person. as long as that person was talking to him, he listened. and i'm not embellishing this at all. if a person talked for 6 minutes, he sat there and listened for 6 minutes. it was absolutely incredible and it was very uplifting. very up pressed.
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>> authorities say a portion that is still standing will likely be demolished although a final decision could take weeks. the miami-dade fire chief reports dangerous shifting. search teams are working in three of the nine grids at the collapse site. >> we think it is safe in the areas where we have our team. >> is it still a search and rescue operation? >> yes, sir. >> in other words, it has been a week now, is there still hope that there may be survivors? >> we are still conducting search and rescue, still explores crevices, still looking for voids. >> authorities have identified the 18th victim of the collapse as 80-year-old delgado. her daughter says she came to the u.s. from cuba and had lived
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at the champlain towers the past ten years. investigators may never be able to pinpoint a single cause for the collapse. drew griffin reports. >> reporter: lawsuits, emails and letters are emerging pointing to years of delays and disarray in fixing known problems at champlain tower south. building documents reveal property management and leadership of the condo association had changed in recent years. the "washington post" reports the resignation of five board members in 2019 as residents and board members argue over how to pay for a massive multimillion-dollar repair bill aimed at fixing detearo te tter concrete fillers and slabs. and the former president of the homeowner's board voicing her frustration -- we work for months to go this one direction and at the very last minute objections are raised that should have been discussed and
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resolved right in the beginning. she goes on to say, thisrerepea over, ego battles undermining the roles, secirculations goff s ins and mistruths. >> i saw a crack starting in the ceiling coming down, coming down fast. and that black line open it and open it and open it. >> reporter: while the official cause has yet to be determined -- >> the investigation is ongoing, we have no comment at this time about the possible causes. >> reporter: -- another unanswered question, why major repairs on the building had not been done. lawsuits point to a 2018 engineering report that i had filed major structural damage, conditions that were becoming significantly worse according to a letter sent by the board president just this past april.
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a south florida structural engineer helped write the miami-dade county requirement that all buildings reaching 40 years of age undergo major inspections and recertification. >> the state statutes and our building code requires that owners of these buildings maintain them from the day that they were built. >> reporter: champlain towers south, 40 years old this year, appears to have waited until just now to begin fixing major issues. new video shows water spewing into the garage just moments before the collapse. >> consulting engineers have discovered issues that were alarming and we would bring them to the association, we'd bring them to the building official, and we'd make sure something is being done if we felt it necessary. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. another note about president biden's visit to south florida. and governor desantis managed to
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keep politics out of it. desantis is a staunch supporter of his donald trump. but the pair focused on the task at hand and even had some nice things to say about each other. >> you recognize the severity of this tragedy from day one and you've been very supportive. >> you know what is good about this? we're letting the nation know that we can cooperate when it is really important. >> the cooperation reminded some of then president barack obama's 2016 meeting with new jersey's republican governor chris christie after hurricane sandy. still to come, a canadian village engulfed in an inferno as scorching temperatures fuel massive wildfires. plus a heatwave in the u.s. is claiming dozens of lives. we'll have a check on the forecast when we come back. i would've called yesterday. but... i could've called yesterday.
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. he got pretty close but the white house concedes that president biden will miss his july 4th vaccination goal. this year this is the percentage of americans who have received at least one vaccine dose.
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biden had open hoped the number would be at 70%. but lucy cavanaugh reports that the white house is trying to put a positive spin on it. >> we have exceeded our expectations for where we would be on july 4th. >> reporter: but despite the upbeat message, the white house missed president biden's original goal of 70% of adults getting at least one dose of the advantage soon. right now just two-thirds of adults have gotten their first jab as the highly contagious delta variant spreads. that spread is clear in the case numbers. >> it does also reflect a 10% increase in the 7 day average from last week. >> reporter: unvaccinated communities especially in the southeast and midwest at risk. >> looking state by state and county by county, it is clear that communities where people remain unvaccinated are communities that remain vul energiable. >> reporter: the biden administration announcing that it will deploy response teams toer as where officials are
1:23 am
worried about a he for potentially deadly combo, low vaccination rates and presence of the delta variant. >> we're trying to help states prevent, detect and respond hot spots by mobilizing certainly res search response teams to be at the ready to deploy resources and personnel. >> reporter:masking up. >> absolutely they were dropped prematurely. >> reporter: another reason to get the vaccine, 12 to 29-year-olds now account for about a third of all hospitalizations. >> all hospitalizations are going down. the proportion attribute only to our young populations are actually going up. >> reporter: for the unvaccinated, the delta surge threatens to undo a lot of the progress america has made in turning the corn are on the pandemic. but the cdc director said that
1:24 am
vaccinated americans can feel safe in celebrating the holiday without a mask and that there is a lot to be thankful for when you look at how far the nation has to do in the past 15 months. lucy cavanaugh, cnn, denver. johnson & johnson says new data shows its single shot vaccine is effective and long lasting even without a booster. the company says its shot provides immunity that lasts about eight months and remains robust. and they believe that their vaccine provides protection against the delta variant. the world health organization is now reporting a 10% spike in new cases across europe over the past week. it is the first time those weekly figures have gone up since april and man are linked to the delta variant. health experts say scenes like this in london where soccer fans gathered in large numbers for the euro 2020 championship games
1:25 am
are contributing to the resur def gns of cases. and the delta var kiant coupled with low restrictions don't bode well. >> by august, it will be delta dominant. but by august, the region will not be fully vaccinated. 63% of people are still waiting for their first jab. and in august, the w.h.o. roonlg on wil region will still be mostly restriction-free with increasing travels and gadhaftherings. the prime minister says that the country should start managing covid-19 more like seasonal flu.cess of the plan w depend on vaccination goals.
1:26 am
in the meantime only 3,000 international visitors per week will be allowed into the country. there is some relief in site of the scorching temperatures in the northwest, but it has already taken dozens of lives. in oregon more than 50 deaths have been linked to excessive heat in the county which includes portland and authorities have received a record number of calls for million emergencies. just this week, 13 people have died in seattle, washington because of the high temperatures and millions in the eastern part of that state and oregon remain under heat advisories. the canadian village that just broke the record for the nation's highest ever recorded temperature has been burnt to the ground. lytton was engulfed in flames within minutes wednesday night. officials say more than 1,000 people in the arrest were forced to quickly evacuate. most homes have been destroyed and several pop are missing. right now there are nearly 80 active wildfires burning across
1:27 am
british columbia. for more, let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. really sad what is happening and what happened in lytton. and i guess it is a preview of what could happen in many other places in canada and the u.s. if this hot dry weather continues. >> yeah, we recognize the links between climate change and extended heat durations and long duration heatwave events just like we experienced across british columbia and the pacific northwest of the united states. but i think that it is port for our viewers to really let the magnitude of that situation sink in because it was unprecedented and it was quite profound. we are talking about the period from june 27 to june 30th, first day of that period we set our canadian all-time daily record high, it had never been that hot ever, and then the second day it beat that very record it set the previous day, and then on the third day once gone temperatures
1:28 am
soared to 49.4 degrees celsius, roughly 121 farenheit. and then what happens after that, the location where that record high was set burns down with a wildfire. so the wildfires over canada have been devastating, they have burned over 400,000 hectors, that is roughly 1 million acres of land. and this is a look at satellite imageries of the fires that have burned near lytton. they were so intense this week that they created what is called a pyrocumulous cloud which is a thunderstorm that is induced by a wildfire. you see the updrafts from the intense heat from the wildfire creates this rising motion and thunderstorms can form and additional lightning can spark additional wildfires as well. so just a cyclical problem that can happen especially when conditions got so hot and dry. we're not breaking temperatures in lytton nor the extreme western sections of britishclum
1:29 am
would a, but we are still above average. look at spokane, all the way south into boise, temperatures are nearing that 40 degree mark. we don't want to mercury climb that high. extended forecast shows the potential for more heat across the western portions of north america. >> thanks, derek. still ahead, nancy pelosi announces her picks to serve on a committee to investigation get a tinvestigate the january 6 rit and that only adds to the political bickering over the issue. plus efforts to get hugh man tear kran aid into tigray faces a new is the back oug. oo, although my interest rate is awful. have you checked your credit? i got like a free score from some app or something like that. but lenders don't even use that score. has a free credit snapshot
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. nancy pelosi says that she is pushing ahead with an investigation into the january 6 capitol insurrection. after months of political wrangling, she announced who would be part of that investigation and confirmed that embattled republican congresswoman liz cheney would take part. ryan nobles has the details. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is wasting no time. >> decisions as difficult as they are and as sad in some cases as they are, they are liberating and they enable us to go forward. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after the house passed a resolution to create a select committee to investigate the
1:34 am
january 6 capitol insurrection, pelosi unveiled her choices to serve on the panel including republican liz chaeney. >> we're honored and proud. >> reporter: this after months of wrangling between pelosi and republican leaders about the best way to investigate the insurrection. pelosi pushed for annd bipartisan commission but that plan was blocked by republicans in the senate. in addition to cheney, pa lo c palau you is chapped benny thompson to run the committee. and what remains to be seen is what kevin mccarthy does now. >> no, i regret the politics of nancy pelosi. for six months she played politics with this. >> reporter: mccarthy has put up road block after road block as pelosi attempted to find a path to he is have gath investigate . he warned a group of gop
1:35 am
freshmen in a pruftivate meetin that accepting a committee post from pelosi could endanger their position. >> i'm not making any threats. as you know how congress works. >> reporter: mccarthy's threat rang hollow are republicans like adam kinzinger. >> who gives a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: while cheney attempted to stay above the fray. >> i think that its clear to all on this committee that our oath to the constitution, our duty, our dedication to the rule of law and peaceful transfer of power has to come above any concern about partisanship or politics. >> reporter: but mccarthy could have bigger problems. the leader's role on january 6 could become a big part of the investigation. chairman thompson has not ruled out calling him before the committee. >> well, he has acknowledged that he had a call, there have been other republicans who said that he had a call. and that would be part of the
1:36 am
collection of evidence necessary to produce a report. >> and house democrats have a message for republican leader kevin mccarthy, they intend to find out the truth about january 6, whether republicans are involved or not. listen to democrat adam schiff. >> kevin mccarthy has only one priority and that is do whatever donald trump tells him to do. donald trump doesn't want the events around january 6 investigated and didn't want the commission, so mccarthy opposed the commission as did mcconnell. and now the select committee is meeting the same opposition from mccarthy. but we're determined to do our job nonthe less and to develop a comprehensive objective report of what happened prior to the 6th, what happened on the 6th, why were so ill prepared. and most important make recommendations about protecting our go. and our capitol and our people in the future. and we'll do that regardless of what kevin mccarthy may do.
1:37 am
the supreme court says provisions in an arizona law that restrict how voters cast ballots don't violate the voting rights ability. the 6-3 decision could limit minority voters' ability to challenge state laws which they say are discriminatory. the first provision upheld says in-person ballots cast at the wrong precinct must be wholly discarded and only family care gives, mail carriers and election officials can deliver someone also's completed wballo to a polling place. >> this decision is very harmful and it will make it harder for anyone to be able to challenge discriminatory voting laws. >> in terms of the big picture, when you combine this decision with the shelby county decision in 2013, which said the federal oversight provisions of the voting rights act are
1:38 am
essentially defunct, the voting rights act today appears to be close to a ldead letter, appear to be irrelevant. >> we'll have to rewrite the formula and we should have been doing it all along. john lewis voting rights ability will be the vehicle i believe that we can put some guardrails back on to where people have fair elections, they are open elections and they are occur. >> kamala harris issued a stamt saying almost four years ago congress worked along party leans to strengthen section 2 of the voting rights act in response to an adverse streak decision and now congress must act again. our democracy depends on it. the u.n. security council will finally discuss the crisis in the tigray region following months of violence and allegations of atrocities. receipts go to nairobi. what might the u.n. actually do
1:39 am
here? the international community has been pretty impotent so far when it comes to pressuring either side. >> reporter: the fact that the u.n. security council might discuss it publicly alone is significant because finally the body which is involved in peace and security around the world can put pressure on the parties of this conflict to do something, to seize hostilities, there seems to be limited political will to do anything around this conflict. and the prime minister is likely to win the election when results are announced in the coming days and that will give a popular mandate to tackle the crisis head-on. so far his army is accused of and youtrociti atrocities, this man two years ago won the nobel peace prize for ending a war.
1:40 am
but now his troops are in the authority of the country and thousands have died. 1.7 million people are discomplacencied. and hundreds of thousands face starvation. right now in tigray, there is limited internet and gone connectivity, and cash and fuel shortages. so this is a backdrop for the u.n. security down sul mstill meeting if it happens. and that is still a big if because russia and china could actual oppose it and could end up with nothing more than the same round of condemn nations and little action on the ground. >> thanks so much for that, larry macondo a. appreciate it. the uk's prince william and prince harry are remembering their late mother as a force for good around the world. on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday thursday, the broor brothers dedicated a memorial to
1:41 am
her and her work. max foster has the details. >> reporter: it was a glorious sunny day for this unveiling. both hair rry awilliam were bot deep will you involved in the garden and the statue. they arrived together, they were smiling, chatting.will you invo garden and the statue. they arrived together, they were smiling, chatting. it was soon as a very special place by princess diana which is why the statue will stand here as a permanent legacy to her life and her work. in the statue you see her surrounded by children who were deeply involved in many of the projects, this re this represen children that she used to work with. the public will be able to see the statue and that is what hair i are and y hair rry and william want.
1:42 am
max foster, cnn, london. a new twist in britney spears legal fight. a wealth management firm has asked to resign from her estate. spears wanted her father removed, but the judge denied that request. sources say that spears' attorney will file a petition soon to end the 13 year co conserv conservatorship. the next hearing is scheduled for july 14. beijing is adding fuel to the fire, making its relationship with taipei even more tense. in a moment, one expert explains why future conflicts won't be fought online -- will be fought online not on the battlefield.
1:43 am
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president xi jinping says beijing will smash any of
1:46 am
taiwan's attempts at formal independence, just one comment from a speech marking the 100th anniversary of the chinese communist party that is making matters worse between mainland china and the island. will ripley is joining me. we've heard increasingly belligerent language. you've been looking at the changing nature of the for poe conflict between the two. what more can you tell us?poe conflict between the two. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: we flew to an island just six kilometers from the mainland china. and so geographically they are very close to the mainland and also xeconomically because up unactual covid, they relied on tourists from china. and they saw direct combat
1:47 am
through the civil war. there were arrest actually shells being fired over the water directly at popeople's hos and businesses. and when the actual combat stopped, china kept firing shells that were packed full of propaganda materials. so this small island was in many ways kind of the birth place of this propaganda disinformation war that has now been super charged by social media and continues in taiwan today. you have what experts believe are chinese state sponsored hackers and online controlls an social media influencers deliberately planting fake news stories, trying to get people to spread false information by word of mouth. and the stories are designed to sow seeds of unrest, to make people question their go. and the safety of that are country, safe ty of tie with a
1:48 am
these-made advantvaccines. and it would allow she she penk to peacefully reunify with taiwan. saying that he would crush any notion of taiwanese independence which then of course the military intimidation and cyberattacks that could paralyze infrastructure all at once. that is where that all comes into play. so it really is a multi pronged threat that they feel that he there are facing here on the island of taiwan and they believe a lot of that threat is coming from mainland china. >> fascinating reporting. thanks so much for that, will ripley in taipei. the organization for economic cooperation and development says 130 nations including china and i said i can't hindia have endorsed plan for a global minimum tax rate.
1:49 am
president biden welcomed the agreement as a step towards ensuring that companies no longer pit countries against one another in a bid to push tax rates down. french finance minister offered this -- >> translator: i welcome this major progress, it paves the way for a new international tax system as france has been asking for more than four years. it is an am buitious agreement d most important international tax deal in a isn't churry. >> among those not signing the agreement is ireland. wooe'll be back shortly. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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that contributes to the spike in covid cases in europe. some countries have already linked hundreds of new causeses to the tournament. darren lewis is in london for us. a significant spike in cases after all the mass gadhafi ings and celebrations. take us through what is happening and what effect it might have on the tournament and other big sporting. . >> just taking you through as you asked, for england's game against germany on tuesday, there were over 40,000 fans at wembley stadium for the semi final, the 90,000 seat stadium will be at 75% capacity, the larges sports crowd at an event sense the start of the pandemic. and here in an demand, there is optimism that the game will return in wembley for the system
1:55 am
any finals where there will be over 60,000 people. and the concern around that is the way that fans are celebrating, shouting, screaming, hugging, drinking, all in close proximity. and germany as we know,en t en tearer minister saying that they see it as a hot spot so too in russia where the quarter finals will take place a bit later on today between spain and swuzer land. switzerland are land. a rise in cases there as in denmark. concern across europe about the rise in numbers. and that is the reason whying to in to this latest round, there are a lot of people in a lot of places who are very worried. >> something to keep an eye on. tear are darren lewis, thanks so much. finfinafinally, virgin gala
1:56 am
says that richard branson will be on its next sub orbital flight is tset to launch july 1. maybe a coincidence, but that is more than a week earlier than jeff bezos plans to take on his blue origin company spacecraft. last month bezos announced he and his brother would be joined by 82-year-old wally funk, making her the oldest person to have flown in space. she was a pilot who trained for the mercury program in the 1960s but denied a chance to go to space. thanks so much for watching. "early start" is next.
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