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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  July 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. thank you for watching. time for "don lemon tonight" and its big star, d lemon. >> well, um, was -- can you call this bipartisanship? desantis? >> what? what we're doing right now? >> no. no. this is called -- >> jacked and unjacked? >> yeah. why would you call yourself non-jacked? i know you have been eating a lot. but i am talking -- i am talking about ron desantis. i am talking about the governor of florida and the president of
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the united states, tonight, having a cordial meeting. saying we live in a world where people should get along. desantis saying he's gotten all the resources. the president's nice and the president's stopping to talk to everybody, and he apologized because, i mean, what a difference a year makes. but anyways, go on. this is how it should be. >> the job should come first. you have abject tragedy, trauma, a community that has no time for pettiness. they are dealing with the heaviest of human consequence. and i'll tell you what i like about it, is that everybody's doing this the right way, including the media. nobody is magnifying fringe fools on twitter, and saying, well, some don't like it. some don't like it. no. shut them down. >> yeah. >> this is a time for the big voices. not to make the most of the least. and desantis should do his job, and that's taking care of his people. and you should want the federal government to help with that. and biden treating desantis like he is anybody else is exactly
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what he should do. >> but you know what? that just shows to go -- i know i said that wrong -- that just goes to show you that we're not -- we're no longer in -- well, i should say, we are living in a world, now, where you -- where you have to compliment someone for doing their job. and it shouldn't -- it wasn't that way for so long and we shouldn't have to do that because this is exactly how it should be. and guess what? right now, you just said it, the fringes, right? the, oh, i can't believe it. why is he talking to him that way? i am talking about everyone, right? democrats and republicans. why is ron desantis being so nice to joe biden? it shouldn't matter. again, this is what it should be like. listen. we have been telling people, rightly so, to follow the science. to believe in science. to believe in the vaccines because that's what the scientists tell us. that's what dr. fauci tells us. that's what all of the doctors, legitimate doctors, are telling us. that they should be with their families, they should be outside and enjoy their lives and they
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are going out to do it. we have a tragedy we have to deal with this florida but i think it is great that we are actually seeing that happening from both a democrat and a republican. and i think democrats and republicans, in general, except for those radical-fringe voices. and i hope that this weekend, quite frankly, everyone gets out and enjoy the weekend. and they also tune in to cnn to watch me and my colleagues, dana bash and victor backwell, ana cabrera, we are going to be hosting the fourth of july coverage and celebrating. >> i love it. i love the plan for the coverage. i love that we are going big with it, this year. and i also hope people can just subscribe -- you know, let's not get too deep with it. just a simple, existential pragmatism. there are people who hate you. are you able to defend yourself, if you hate yourself? >> yeah. >> no, is the answer. we have to remember that, at the end of the day, you can disagree but you have to do it with decency, because we are all part of the same cause. that's what we have lost sight of and we see here, in the worst of situations, this is the best
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of how they behave today, and it was a good thing. >> i should have gotten our producers to do that. you see that? >> yeah. >> that's me and you. that's this weekend. that was this weekend. >> in black and white. >> this past weekend. in black and white. ♪ ebony ♪ >> at a pride party, that you decided to go with it in black and white. >> right. of all things that should be in color. >> hey, look, it was nice. look. the more we celebrate the right things, the more we do the right thing, that can become contagious, as well. >> yeah. >> i love you, d lemon. >> hey, you the most. i won't be sitting in this chair tomorrow because my entire family is at my house now. i have already gotten reports from my niece about what things have been broken, already. who is leaving the door open, letting the flies in. all kinds of things. setting the alarm off. but you know what? i love every second of it. so i'll take it, because i haven't seen them in almost-two years. >> i love family. i am missing my kids. my kids are scattered all over the place. so call the man to come over for some coffee. i am ready to take your mom on.
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and all host of topics she brings my way. >> you are going to be seeing a lot of us. i'm not sure that's what you want. >> let me ask you something, chris. >> come here, give me a kiss, chris. i love you, i got to get to the news. so this is "don lemon tonight." thank you so much for joining us. and on the day that president biden goes to florida to console families, as rescuers continue to search through the rubble of that collapsed condo. you know what? his predecessor really got some bad news, in the -- in a new york courtroom, today. we have never seen anything like this, you guys. never seen anything like this. a former president's family business and its chief-financial officer charged with a 15-year alleged tax scheme. cfo allen weisselberg, led into court in handcuffs, today. prosecutors charging the company with ten counts and weisselberg with 15 counts in an alleged scheme to defraud, conspiracy, criminal-tax fraud, and falsifying business records.
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weisselberg, also, charged with grand larceny. now, the former president -- the former-trump fixer and keeper of secrets, i should say, michael cohen, who knows a thing or two about taking the fall, saying this today. >> what you have, right now, is allen weisselberg's head on the chopping block. and do you think that donald trump will protect him? well, if allen looks back at what happened to me, the answer is an emphatic no. >> remember what he told congress about how his boss made his wishes known? how he made sure people knew what he wanted them to do? >> he doesn't give you questions. he doesn't give you orders. he speaks in a code. and i understand the code because i've been around him for a decade. >> so, here's what you should know. the former president is not charged with anything, right now. but his pride and joy, his company is. and his attitude about paying taxes is well known. remember this?
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>> the only years that anybody's ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities, when he was trying to get a casino license. and they showed he didn't pay any federal-income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> hmm. he said it right there and now, the family business that bears his name is charged with criminal-tax fraud. add to it -- to the list, i should say, of trump university, trump steaks, trump casinos. well, you know, on and on and on. and then, there is the big lie. the big lie, alive and well with republican deniers fighting to sweep the capitol insurrection that could have killed them under the rug. and here's what they are so afraid to look into. okay? we have newly-released body-cam videos, tonight, showing what happened in that tunnel on january 6th. as police fended off a mob of rioters. you see the violent standoff with an officer's bloodied hands
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visible. and i am telling you this, now. this is a warning. okay? so, if you have kids or what have you, we are not bleeping it because we want you to see the full context. here it is. >> back up. back up! sir, let go of the door and leave the capitol. back up. no, stop. stop. stop. stop. stop. look at me. stop. back up! >> yep. so, there you go. you know, tourists. patriots. another video shows a rioter kneeling on the ground in the chaos. then, behind a door.
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trump flags visible in the crowd. >> does it make you angry? does it make your blood boil? does it em -- are you embarrassed to see it? you should be. all of those things. because you know what? that is what the gop is so afraid to investigate.
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they're afraid of a disgraced, twice-impeached, one-term, former president. they are playing a disgusting game of see no evil, over the select committee to investigate january 6th. see -- i don't want to see it. i don't want to see it. i don't want to hear it. didn't happen. never happened. patriots. tourists. the committee, liz cheney was appointed to today, along with seven democrats, by the way. >> i think it's -- it's clear to all of the people on this committee that our oath to the constitution, our duty, our dedication to the rule of law, and to peaceful transfer of power has to come above any -- any concern about partisanship or about politics. >> so, kevin mccarthy, now, denying he threatened to pull committee assignments from any republicans, like liz cheney, who accepted an offer from nancy pelosi to serve, even though two gop sources tell cnn he did exactly that.
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adam kinzinger, who voted for the committee, along with liz cheney, reacting to mccarthy's threat. telling reporters, quote, i just -- i'm going to say it because i have already warned you about -- about language. okay? telling reporters, quote, who gives a shit? mccarthy saying this, today. >> i did not -- let me be very clear, i'm not threatening anybody with committee assignments. what i'm saying is it was shocking, to me, that if a person is a republican, they get their committee assignments from the republican conference. for some to -- to accept committee assignments from speaker pelosi, that's unprecedented. >> now, isn't that special? isn't that interesting? because, you know, i remember a guy. just one week after trump-supporting rioters ran
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wild at the capitol. beating police within an inch of their lives. and hunting lawmakers in the halls of congress. i remember a guy saying this. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have, immediately, denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action by president trump. accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest, and ensure president-elect biden is able to, successfully, begin his term. and the president's immediate action, also, deserves congressional action, which is why i think a fact-finding commission and a censure resolution would be prudent. >> it's so interesting because i find myself talking to myself when i'm playing these sound bites. because, you know, i said, who is that guy? does he have any core? he says one thing, one minute. and next -- next minute, he says something else. contradictory, hypocritical.
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what or who is he so afraid of? that he is, now, threatening members with losing their committee assignments? look at what he tolerates from them. paul gosar, apparently, plans, then claims he didn't know anything about it, a fundraising appearance with a holocaust denier and white supremacists, even though he has previously attended events with him and appeared to defend the appearance. in a tweet, saying, and i quote here, not sure why anyone is freaking out. he tolerates the qanon congresswoman, who is still pushing the big lie. who compared mask requirements on the house floor to the holocaust. who blamed wildfires on jewish-space lasers. who, before she ran, repeatedly, expressed support for executing top democrats. he tolerates her. he tolerates matt gaetz, who is under dog -- doj investigation over allegations involving federal-sex trafficking,
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prostitution, and public-corruption laws, and whether he, laallegedly, had se with a minor. he tolerates mo brooks, who whipped up the crowd ahead of the insurrection, just before they stormed the capitol with the goal of hanging the vice president. kevin mccarthy tolerates them. but he can't tolerate any republicans standing up for the truth about one of the darkest days in american history. and let's face it. the last thing most republicans want to serve on the january 6th -- is to serve on the january-6th committee, in spite of all their whining about this being partisan. that as one of our most sacred rights, as americans, is under increasing assault with conservatives on the supreme court, basically, gutting voting rights. never thought i'd see that, in all my years. upholding arizona's restrictive, new voting laws.
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and signaling they would like -- likely said with other states passing new-voting restrictions. in the name of preventing bogus-voter fraud. i.e., the big lie. the highest court in the land. gutting voting rights. as states across the country are passing restrictive laws targeting voters of color. while congress sits on its hands, totally unable to get anything done on the john lewis act or for the for the people act. and in the face of all that, the president of the united states, joe biden, a consoler in chief. going down to florida, as rescuers search for any sign of the missing more than a week after that condo collapsed in the middle of the night. and as questions loom over what caused that disaster. the president promising the feds will cover the cost of the search and the rescue for 30 days. and approxiologizing for being
11:16 pm
for his speech because he stopped to talk to everybody who wanted to hear from him. >> i apologize for taking so long to get here because i thought it was important to speak to every-single person, who wanted to speak to me. jill and i wanted them to know that we're with them. and the country's with them. our message, today, is that we're here for you. as one nation. as one nation. and that's the message we communicated. >> one nation. that's the president's message, tonight. one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. too bad, republicans don't seem to be listening. and, you know, the former president's family business and its chief-financial officer facing criminal charges, right now. what does it mean for the guy, whose name is on the front door, is the question? >> when things really get hot, that's when donald runs.
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so we are going to report on the breaking news, now. tonight, the trump organization and the company's chief-financial officer, accused of an alleged 15-year tax
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scheme. unheard of, right? in the history of this country. among the charges, conspiracy and criminal-tax fraud. the trump organization calling the case political prosecution. the former -- the former president was not charged, by the way. a lot to discuss. matthew dowd is here. the former-chief strategist for president george w. bush. cnn political commentator, amanda carpenter, here as well. good evening, to both of you. matthew, it's not every day that a former president's company is criminally charged. what does that say about where we are right now? >> well, i think it's eminently predictable donald trump's lived his life in a seemingly corrupt manner. he's had the most-indicted or gu guilt-ridden white house that we have had since probably teapot dome. it doesn't surprise me. i think the question, still, remains is, in many ways,
11:22 pm
weisselberg is a little fish. are you going to get the big fish? and the big fish is obviously president trump or former-president trump. and i'm -- he's managed to skate for four decades on things. will he, still, skate through this? and that's still an open question. >> so, amanda, the trump org cfo hauled off to jail, in cuffs. hundreds of insurrectionists are arrested and facing charges. but the man at the center of it all, being protected by republicans to the point where they don't even want to investigate attempts on their own lives. so, i don't know. i want to ask you what's next? but i'm sure, even you can't figure that out, as -- as bright and as you are. >> yes, politically, the most interesting question, on both fronts, is how does this lead up to trump? because there is still this deep hunger for some kind of accountability. i -- that's not what moves the ball forward, though. those, actually, aren't the most
11:23 pm
important questions. when it comes to the trump org, when i look at that. i wonder how many other trump organizations are there? we should be having a discussion about tax avoidance and fairness. and how come there's a different set of rules for the rich? that screw over the lit gutle g again and again and again. how come these kids were able to go to the finest schools paying with tax-free dollars where other people struggle? that is how you politically move the ball in a way that moves past trump. in a way that's positive for everyone. the same thing with the insurrection. yes. donald trump should be held accountable. but right now, this question is much wbigger than trump. it is about our democracy. it gets to the question of voting rights. when you vote, should it be able to count? those insurrectionists and everyone who supported them were trying to cancel votes for joe biden, and overturn the will of the people. these are the kind of big discussions that started under trump but need to be bigger,
11:24 pm
broader, and more inclusive going forward. >> are you saying the republican party's now the party of cancellation? of cancelling people? >> listen. the willingness to cancel votes that started with attorney general ken paxton's lawsuit. that he tried to take to the supreme court. that got the support of many, other attorneys generals. many, other members of congress, including kevin mccarthy and a number of conservative organizations. that is a bright line. that laid the groundwork for a lot of stop the steal. that laid the groundwork for january 6th. we should have a principal promise to one another that we all have the right to vote. and when we do, it will count. and no one should be able to take that away from you. >> and speaking of january 6th, because amanda mentioned it, matthew. when it comes to that date, and the commission, and the gop's attacks on voting rights. your advice to democrats. go full-bore partisan on this and make the truth your north star. explain, to me, what does that mean? >> well, it -- it means that the
11:25 pm
constant struggle, in this moment, to constantly show yourself as bipartisan is a fool's errand. you -- you -- they have a partner, now, in washington, d.c. that is unwilling to tell the truth. that is unwilling to support our democracy, except for a very few exceptions. very few exceptions, who are unicorns in the gop right now. so, there's no partner you have in this. so every time we talk about bipartisanship, bipartisanship, we move further and further away from what the truth is. and the truth is i'm -- totally agree with amanda on this -- is holding people accountable. but it's not. i think, sometimes, we focus way too much on donald trump. because where we are, today, is we have a legacy party, the gop, today, that has adopted, wholesale, all of -- all of what he has pushed. and they, themselves, push the lie. and they, themselves, are, actually, taking it steps further than donald trump took it in 2020 and in 2018. and so, i think the conversation is, is what do we do, as a country, when a major-political
11:26 pm
party no longer believes in democracy as it stands? and so, that's -- i think, that's the question now. and i think democrats should give up on this idea of bipartisanship. just forget it and just basically say we're going to do what's right for the country. if that means it's democrat, versus republican, we're going to do what's right. and remember, the 14th and 15th amendments to the united states constitution were completely partisan. and that's the only way they were able to get through. so the standard that others want to apply today back then, we would have never had the 14th and 15th amendment. so, i say democrats highlight this, go big, and just go as far as you possibly can to get to the truth. >> well, amanda, you are talking about other people. you know, he said we focus on trump a lot. let's talk about the leaders in the republican party. in your latest piece, you eviscerate gop leader kevin mccarthy and his record on trump, the insurrection, and this committee. mccarthy went as far as to strip
11:27 pm
republicans of committee assignments, that's according to republican sources. what -- what is he so afraid of? >> well, this is going to blow back on him and his party. i mean, when kevin mccarthy complains about partisanship. it -- it's -- it's a joke. he is the biggest partisan there is in washington. if you look at his record, when it comes to january 6th, right? like, he voted, twice, to not certify the election in -- in joe biden's favor. he refused to impeach donald trump for inciting the riot. he refused to support a bipartisan commission. he refused to support a select committee. and he's punished liz cheney, once. he is going to try to punish her twice, now. because she -- she refused to mouth the big-election lie. i mean, he loves partisanship. he loves partisanship, more than his country, at this point, because that is all they are clinging to. and this is -- listen -- i still consider myself a republican but i am not a blind partisan.
11:28 pm
neither is liz cheney. neither is adam kinzinger. neither are a whole-lot of other people, who need a place to go. and serve as a stop against this horrible, terrible impulse. >> amanda, matthew, thank you, so much. i really appreciate it. >> thanks. charged with running a 15-year scheme to dodge taxes. inside the trump organization's indictment, after this. (man) so when in doubt, just say, "let me talk to my manager." next, carvana's 100% online shopping experience. oh, man. carvana lets people buy a car-- get this-- from their couch. oh, how disruptive. no salesman there to help me pick out the car i need. how does anyone find a car on this site without someone like us checking in? she's a beauty, huh? oh, golly! (laughter) i can help you find the color you want. that sounds nice. let me talk to my manager. (vo) buy your next car 100% online. with carvana. [♪] looking to repair dry, damaged hair without weighing it down?
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♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ new york prosecutors taking aim at the heart of former president trump's business. charging the trump organization and its cfo, allen weisselberg, with 15-felony counts, in connection to a 15-year alleged tax scheme that helped weisselberg and other executives evade taxes on perks and bonuses. let's discuss, now. cnn senior legal analyst is here. laura coates. laura, hello to you. so, it's -- it's criminal-tax fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records. no taxes on perks like a rent-free apartment, and mercedes cars. are -- are these significant charges? >> these are very significant
11:33 pm
charges. originally, people thought these would be about fringe benefits. and, of course, they tried to be dismissive about that. the idea of, are you really going to try to charge someone for fringe benefits? but now, it's not the fringe, it's the fraud that's involved. the intent to defraud the taxpaying members of the state of new york. the idea of the combination of the attorney general in new york, letitia james, with the manhattan da's office, who you will recall, the supreme court twice to try to attain the tax information from donald trump and the organization. and now, we see here, it wasn't just a matter of a few mistaken filings but the idea of intentional-fraudulent behavior to not pay the taxation that's owed. this is all allegations, of course. there is, still, a presumption of innocence but the weight of these charges is significant. we are talking about some of them, double-digit numbers in terms of the amount of time he could actually serve. it's very serious. >> hmm, so the indictment talks about weisselberg not reporting
11:34 pm
nearly $360,000 in tuition payments for his grandchildren on his taxes. it says this, and i quote. from 2012 through 2017, and as part of the scheme to defraud, trump corporation personnel, including weisselberg, arranged for tuition expenses for weisselberg's family members to be paid by personal checks drawn on the account of and signed by donald j. trump. signed by trump. what do you take from that, laura? >> well, we know, from michael cohen in his earlier statement with alisyn camerota and others earlier today that nothing really got done in that office, without the real consent of donald trump. and, of course allen weisselberg is the highest-ranking member of the organization, who doesn't have the last name trump. he is not a low-ranking official who would just be taking orders and just be delegating. he also was able to receive those orders. now, the reason it's important about who signed it if that's, in fact, true, is it's a matter of, look.
11:35 pm
if you truly are just taking orders and answering information based on what you are being told. and you have no reason to believe that it's fraudulent. or that it's illegal, what you are doing. well, then, you've got the notion of you really have the intent that you need to prove these crimes. but again, here, talking about a very high-ranking official. and here's why it's important, don. you are talking about not just paying someone's tuition or paying for a car or an apartment. it's about not putting that in the column of salary. it's about not putting these things in the taxable-income bracket, that allows the state of new york to be able to collect, or at the federal level it's essentially moving around assets to avoid tax liability, you are committing a crime. now, of course, the organization has also been charged. they don't have -- they're not a person. it's just really symbolically a collection of papers. but allen weisselberg, he could actually go to prison. which means there is now incentive for him to potentially cooperate, if that discussion
11:36 pm
has not already been exhausted. >> yeah. so let's talk about this indictment. it says that the company had two sets of books to keep track of all of weisselberg's hidden cash and other benefits. what are the chances that he was the only one to be paid this way? >> ah, probably a snowball's chance in hell that's actually the case, don. i mean, the idea here is it's probably a theme, overall. and maybe -- maybe, the extent of the perks is just not the same. maybe, he had some, additional benefits. but if the mo, which is what they're going to have to try to prove, as well, as to why the organization has been charged and him, individually. but also, acting as its agent. is that this was the mo of the organization, in some form or fashion. that they were doing this, as a way to proactively avoid paying charge -- paying taxes and committing other acts. again, these are all allegations that have to be proved up. but the investigation is, still, going on. we heard a statement from letitia james, the ag there, who said that it's, still, ongoing. and there is a special-grand
11:37 pm
jury, don, that could still meet up to three times a week up till the end of this year. so this might be the beginning of the beginning. this might not be the -- the main attraction or the end of the road. this might actually be the launchpad for other information to come in about who else may have benefitted, this way. who else knew? or photentially, who knew and could be acted on criminally. >> laura coates, i appreciate that. thank you so much. the supreme court giving a green light to red states to impose more voting restrictions. dr. cornel west, there he is, weighs in. he's next. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪
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11:42 pm
two provisions of an arizona voting law. the high court allowing the state's election officials tos to out ballots cast in person at the wrong polling locations. and letting arizona keep its restrictions on ballot collection or so-called ballot harvesting. making the practice illegal. it's a blow for progressives, who argue that these laws disproportionately target black and brown voters. so joining me now to discuss is cornel west, the dietrich bon hofer chair at union theological seminary. that's quite a title and quite a resume and quite a brain, so thank you, sir, i appreciate you sk joining us. good evening, to you. >> always a blessing to be in dialogue with you, brother. >> if the voting rights act is now essentially moot, professor, as some are saying. what protects our right to vote, now? >> we have no, significant protections. and you read that reflection of sister kagan when she says we
11:43 pm
now have law-free zones. that we are at a fork in the road when it comes to equal citizenship. and what that means, oh, brother, don, you and i have always known that white supremacy has been a many-headed serpent wrapped around the legs of the table of the united states. we lost in 2013 with shelby. two of the legs of the table under. now, we got a third leg that is, for the most part, no longer operative. we are reaching the point, where the white supremacists, jim-crow sensibility are devouring the very energies and souls of any democratic possibility. because if you don't have equal citizenship, you don't have equal access to vote. let alone a full-scale democracy. so we are in a very, very dim moment, right now. and as a result of the courts -- the courts -- which means congress must hit -- hit the ground running.
11:44 pm
there must be federal-minimal standards for voting, across the board. states' rights will not do it. states right is nothing but another language for white supremacist, subordination of black and brown and indigenous peoples, and not allowing us to have assets to equal citizenship. >> you know what, professor? i think, the camera is to your left, if you can turn to your left a little bit. right there. there ya go. >> oh, okay, i'm sorry. looking away. i should have been looking away because it's so painful to talk about just how ugly the situation is. >> yeah. no. look, i get you. i just want -- i want everybody to see that face. so they could see the emotion and the feeling in your face. you have a great voice. so justice elena kagan seeming to suggest in her dissenting opinion, today, that congress needs to act on this issue. but right now, the john lewis and the for the people acts are going nowhere, in the senate. are you worried that we are seeing the chance to protect voting rights slip away, if
11:45 pm
congress doesn't do something? >> that's absolutely right, brother. it's a sign of the spiritual decay and moral decrepitude. too much indifference in the heart, too much greed in the brain. and never forget what the great rabbi said about racism. what did he say? it's a form of satanism. it's the devil in us. the devil in america. the devil in institutions that can't keep track of the rich humanity and creativity and potentiality of black people and brown people and indigenous people and asians. that's what sister kagan was actually accenting. i think she hit the nail on the head. and it's a -- it's a cry in the darkness. and i think -- and i'm not always, as you know, you know, i'm not always in cahoots and coinciding with some of my
11:46 pm
supreme court judges. even when they liberal but she's telling the truth. and -- and -- in what she had to say, i will tell you that. >> yeah. i don't know if you saw this earlier. i am going to play it for you. this is joe manchin on with chris cuomo, earlier. he is saying that he sees the -- he sees the way to push back. here it is. watch this. >> we're going to have to rewrite the formula and that's what we should have been doing, all along. john lewis voting rights act is going to be the vehicle, i believe, that we can put some guardrails back on. to where people have fair elections. they're open elections and they're secure. >> okay. what do you think? do you think -- he -- he is saying that he still wants to work with republicans to get it done. is the choice now between the filibuster or democracy? what do you think of that? what do you say, as well? >> i think brother joe coming from west virginia, my favorite folk but i must say that he is going to have to get off his
11:47 pm
symbolic crack pipe, too. because you got a party with deep neo-fascist sensibilities that has no commitment to democratic processes, no commitment to democratic values. then, at the same time, you got democrats, who run around talk about being bipartisan but, for the most part, they lack -- they lack a backbone. they don't have enough fight. and then, they have got conservative elements in their party, who stand in the way. so, we really at an impasse, my brother. a serious impasse. and not even talking about the wealth inequality. we're not even talking about the militarism abroad. we are not even talking about the degrees to which citizens are losing trust in one another. losing the ability to even have vulnerability and sense of community. leads toward the end of our democratic project, brother. it's very, very sad, but we must
11:48 pm
keep fighting which means we ought to continue to tell the truth. we ought to continue to fight against the callousness, the indifference. and most importantly, the common humanity that cuts across all of us, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or national identity. >> you know, i always love our conversations. and i always learn from you, and so does our audience. thank you, professor. be well. >> you stay strong, my brother. >> thank you. you, as well. facebook promising to stop the flow of misinformation and conspiracies. but take this. their solution isn't stopping the information from spreading.
11:49 pm
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she did. . so take this. is someone you know turning into an extremist?
11:53 pm
facebook now asking that exact question of people who use the platform. check this out. some of the social sites users here in the u.s. now being served a prompt that asks if they are worried that someone you might know might be becoming extremists and others are being notified that they have been exposed to extremist content. it's the social media version of those health warnings on a pack of cigarettes. facebook has come under intense scrutiny for not taking enough action to curtail extremist content on its platform. its own independent oversight board urged the company to investigate the role facebook played in the january 6th insurrection. but extremism is not the only problem for facebook right now. there's a whole lot of misinformation there too, and the white house chief of staff says that he talked to facebook's boss, mark zuckerberg, about it. ron klain tells "the new york times" that he raised the issue of covid vaccine lies on the platform. >> i think facebook itself has
11:54 pm
built a number of tools to help people find vaccines and so on and so forth. but i've told mark zuckerberg directly that when we gather groups of people who are not vaccinated and we ask them, why aren't you vaccinated, and they tell us things that are wrong, tell us things that are untrue, and we ask them where they've heard that, the mostdoetter at of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and it's on them now to follow through. next, indicted. the trump organization and its cfo facing charges tonight. stay with us. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease
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tonight the trump organization and the company's chief financial officer, allen weisselberg, charged with an alleged 15-year tax scheme.
11:59 pm
the charges include conspiracy and criminal tax fraud. the trump organization claiming the case is a political prosecution. the former president was not charged. on capitol hill, the house speaker nancy pelosi appointing gop congresswoman liz cheney, an outspoken critic of trump, to the new select committee that will investigate the january 6th insurrection. plus president joe biden and the first lady traveling to surfside, florida, to meet with families of the victims of a deadly condo tower collapse. in just a few moments, i'm going to talk with a woman who met with the president today. her mother is still missing a week after that collapse. there's a lot to get to this evening. so i want to bring in now cnn contributor michael d'antonio. he is the author of "the truth about trump," and our legal analyst, jennifer rodgers. jennifer, the former president's crown jewel, the trump organization, and their cfo charged with a 15-year tax fraud scheme, an alleged 15-year tax fraud scheme.
12:00 am
even though we know something was coming, the details arable credit. apartments, cars, private school tuition, all off the books. >> yeah, that's right. listen, there's still a lot of open questions including about what happened to the other parts of the investigation we've been hearing about. but this pfarticular tax fraud scheme is much stronger than i had anticipated given the reporting the last couple of weeks. it's a serious offense. 15 years this has been going on. this is not just about allen weisselberg and his son themselves kind of orchestrating this scheme and allen weisselberg making it happen. this is a pattern and practice of the trump organization for numerous executives and employees over a decade and a half. so this is really serious stuff, much more expansive than i would have expected given what folks have been saying over the last few days, and it's real trouble for trump and his organization. >> the indictment, jennifer, repeatedly mentions other employees who also got benefits from the trump organization. buwe


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