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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  July 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪♪ with triple the beef. triple the cheese. and triple the bacon... i call this burger the perfect triple threat. but you can call it the triple bacon cheesy jack. my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. hello. welcome to "inside politics". it's a busy and consequential breaking news day. the president is in surfside, florida thanking first responders. this hour, he meets with
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families as rescuers stop the search for now. nancy pelosi makes her picks for a committee to investigate the capitol insurrection. one, liz cheney who may face more punishment from her own pa pa party. and the arizona voting rights restrictions are upheld. we begin with a huge final day message from the supreme court. two decisions as the court wraps the term. in both decisions the conservative decision tilted the decision. arizona, the decision is enormous because of coast to coast republican efforts to restrict voting rights. democrats challenge two arizona rules. one, that tosses out ballots when voters show up at the wrong pre precinct. the ruling was 6-3. that a reflection of the court's powerful conservative majority and it sends a clear signal this
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court believes states get wide latitude in the voting rules. we are joined with the big final day decisions. >> very big, indeed. and the take away from this is that this is going to make it a lot harder for challengers of these voting laws to actually prevail here. because in this 6 3 decision written, this didn't just uphold the arizona laws that have been in effect for many years. but this restricted the ability of challengers to really challenge section 2. and the reason why this is so important is that really section 2 is the only way now for these people to challenge these voting laws. that's because in 2013, the supreme court struck down essentially section 5 of the voting rights act. that was a section that mandated that jurisdictions with the history of racial discrimination, they needed preclearance from the federal government before they even enacted any of the laws. but now it's flipped on the head. now that the laws are enacted,
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section 2 gives the ability for the challengers to challenge the laws. and what they wanted from this was they wanted to court to say if there's a impact for minorities in any of the laws, they can be challenged. but instead, what the court said is that if there's an equal openness to vote, most of these laws could be okay. it's going to be a lot more difficult. so the conservative justice in writing this opinion wrote this. he said no one suggests that discrimination in voting has been extra pated or the threat has been eliminated, but section two does not deprive the states authority to establish nondiscriminatory rules. that's what the radical interpretation would mean in practice. then you have another justice who wroe wro the distent for the three liberal justices. she seemed to be frustrated and furious. she wrote maybe some thing vote suppression is a relic of history and the need for a potent section 2 has come and
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gone, but congress gets to make that call. because it has not done so, the court's duty is to apply the law as written. that law of all laws should not be diminished by this court. so really, the supreme court here may be pushing congress to act. and really, john, this decision as well as another one we saw today concerning dark money when it comes to dharties in california is indicative of what we're seeing the conservative 6-3 court now. this is a solidly conservative court with three justices that were named by president trump when he was in office. and we're seeing these decisions as they pertain to voting rights, as well as maybe campaign contributions, dark money. this is where the court is headed. this is the hallmark of this conservative court. john? >> certainly is. jessica, i appreciate the hustle on this final day for the court. with me to share the insights and expertise two of our best legal minds, a former federal prosecutor and the former deputy assistant attorney general. i want to get to the bigger
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message about the 6-3, the conservative majority making clear we can do a lot of business here. let's focus on this case, the arizona case first in the implications. you look at any case and what it means for the case itself, but the timing of this one is what makes it stunning in the impact. we can show you the map. there are 17 states that have already adopted new restrictions this year. some are more dramatic than others. many are now going to be challenged in the federal courts. does this decision tell anyone challenging the laws good luck, because this 6-3 stream court has said states get wide latitude? >> it does. because, of course, the arizona law at issue include ballot harvesting and other people besides the individual voter can collect ballots and turn them in. and the idea of voting in a wrong precinct, these are basic laws. the other laws from different states go beyond that. and so the idea if the court says those are not going to be violating section 2, it begs the
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question whether others that are more in tune with or have proof of fraud will be difficult to prosecute or pursue. the writing has been on the wall since they gutted section five. the only last measure to really be able to attack voting inequities is after the fact litigation? section 5 being the one you can do in advance. section 2 being one to react? that's weakened too? a problem. >> and to follow up, the current attorney general is already suing about georgia's law. 17 states. they're different restrictions in different states but republicans have decided we don't like what happened in 22020 when we expanded voting rights because of covid. we made it easier to vote early and by mail and made it easier to encourage people to vote and they did. and so what is this court saying now as you inject itself into the terrain? >> and you can't look at what the court is saying without looking at what the court said in 2013. prior to that, we're clear,
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section 5 required jurisdictions with a history of discrimination to get preclearance. that was knocked down. after that, it became easier for jurisdictions to put in restrictive laws. arizona is the best example of this. they had one of these two that was at issue here, they tried to put it in place in 2011. the justice department asked them for more information. they withdrew it. shelby county is decided in 2013 and now it's in place and now it's the law. because of this big law, and this notion that we must or states must crack down on this specter of fraud, many states generally republican, are beginning to put in place very restrictive societying laws. >> arizona, you talked about the greater point, john, it's not as if the supreme court was going to be aware of the so-called audit in arizona at the time, they even took the case. now there's the overlap that that was a fraudulent election and there are ways to think the
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integrity has been undermined. combine it with the court saying this case section two is about -- if there is any impact on voters of color. is it going to be enough for section 2 to be implicated? this is saying every restriction is going to have some impact, and it may refuse to give a bright line rule to say here are the ways in which a state can violate section two. if prosecutors do not have that bright line rule and you have the gutting of the measures, going forward, they don't have a guide post to be able to figure out how to prosecute the cases. as you saw last week, merrick garland, attorney general, said we're not going to focus on the result. what the impact might be on the communities of color. he probably was seeing the writing on the wall that this was probably uncertain. >> you have the arizona republican attorney general saying as washington debates this issue, states decide. listen. >> the states are allowed to enact common sense election integrity measures. it's as simple as that. what we've seen from the left, even with hr-1 and s-1 is an
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attempt to concentrate power in washington d.c. that is to favor the far left. the states created the federal government and it's not up to chuck or nancy or anyone in washington d.c. to tell arizona or anyone else how they should conduct an election. >> you guys can set the politics of that aside and come to the legal question. if you are a democrat, or a voting rights advocate who is an independent or maybe a republican who thinks people -- we should do everything we can to make it easier for people to vote, in the wake of the decision is congress to only refuge at the moment in the sense that if you are challenging the georgia law, or challenging the texas law, or challenging any of these state laws, you have to think today, i'm going to lose? i am most likely going to lose. >> not just the supreme court. lower courts which are also overwhelmingly conservative. the justice, he doesn't set out clear rules but what he calls guide posts and one of them is if a state has an interest in
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putting in place a particular voting restriction, and he calls the prevention of the fraud an interest. it doesn't have to be fraud. they have to say what they're doing is putting something in place to crack down on fraud. that's what the attorney general of arizona was saying right there. that's sort of this red herring that a number of republican elected officials have been talking about since the 2020 election. >> it doesn't change the math in congress, but it should change the urgency. >> you have to change the law. we're waiting on the formula from section five to figure out how to get the clearance back again. remember, you still have the intent test. go back to what attorney general garland said. he looked at georgia and said they said they were acting in a way that was intentional. that is still at issue here. the supreme court is not talked about that. the arizona case was about the result of the behavior. intent is still available. >> i think we're going to talk again about a different subject later in the program. when we come back next, speaker pelosi names a prominent republican to a committee investigating the insurrection.
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big announcement from the speaker nancy pelosi today that triggers a giant republican power play. the speaker filled her slots on a new committee created to investigate the january 6th insurrection. she's giving one of them to liz cheney. speaker pelosi making clear what the committee should accomplish. >> the next step for us has always been to seek and to find the truth. we want to do so in the most patriotic and most nonpartisan way so the american people have confidence in the result. >> not naming cheney to one of the democratic spots is a big event. even more so because of the threat from mccarthy. cnn confirmed he warned republican leaders he would strip them of their committee assignments if they accepted
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such an offer by the democratic leader of the house. he is now denying that. you're familiar at this table. first time as a member of the cnn family. i want to get to the committee and the work in a minute. the drama over liz cheney and mccarthy saying i didn't threat anybody. he made clear he would view this as a betrayal of the republican party, the republican conference if any republican said yes to an offer from the speaker. right? >> i have from multiple republican sources that he absolutely did say this to freshman republicans yesterday. that they would be stripped. so that's number one. number two, kevin mccarthy doesn't want this committee. let's not forget that. he didn't want it when it was bipartisan. he doesn't want it when it's par partisan. he doesn't want it because donald trump doesn't want it. he doesn't want it because he may have a conflict of interest. he could be called as a witness. he's going to be to do anything and everything to try to taint
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liz cheney, including saying that he's shocked that she's taken this spot on the committee. >> shocked. and to that point, we can show on the screen the picks the speaker made. the committee will go about the work. one of the questions is will leader mccarthy fill it? will he name the republicans or will he say we are boycotting and the committee would go on with just these eight members? >> mccarthy is keeping his cards close to the vest. he could appoint members or not. either way his strategy here is to try to make it as partisan as possible. and that's why he was so opposed to the idea of liz cheney with a huge megaphone signing off on whatever the democratic investigators do. that complicates the strategy and messaging. i suspect he will want some republicans to push back on democrats to try to play defense for trump. the question is who is he going to appoint? the people who are openly lobbying for that job are some of the finer brands. a lot of more reasonable
9:18 am
moderate members have told me and some of my colleagues at cnn they have no interest in serving even on mccarthy's selections. >> jim jordan wants to be on the committee. >> if you're going to pick people, pick trump allies and leadership allys? >> correct. >> people who are both. >> you mentioned they want to protect trump. leader mccarthy clearly wants to be speaker. he's hoping the republicans pick up the majority at midterms. damaging this could cost him that position and other political tape. the cheney statement, liz cheney is not a democrat. she is a long-time loyal republican from a brand name republican family, but she accepted this job because it will fulfill the responsibility in a nonpartisan manner. our commitment to the rule of law and the preservation to the
9:19 am
peaceful transfer of power must always be above partisan politics. she's saying i want to know what happened. let's turn over every rock. every rock would include leader mccarthy, would you tell us about your phone call with trump when the capitol was under siege and we needed help and we thought the reaction was too slow. correct? >> 100%. and not just the phone call that day. but let's take a look at what happened between election day and january 6th. in the weeks, in the months, the big lie was being put out there. kevin mccarthy was likely, according to our reporting, speaking to donald trump, to chief of staff mark meadows every day. what did he know in the weeks and months leading up to the insurrection? >> and cheney was stripped from her leadership position in part because republicans, even some republicans who voted to impeach
9:20 am
trump. we want to put the drama away. does this not, a pelosi deciding i'm going to take -- it's a risk to put a high profile republican as one of your -- can't control as much. does this essentially guarantee that this republican internal family feud over cheney, over the truth, and over trump, continues? >> yeah. and it already was continuing regardless of what pelosi did. i think what this threat from mccarthy makes clear is what is toll tolerated in the republican party. meanwhile, you look at liz cheney, booted from leadership for repeatedly criticizing trump and now likely may lose her committee assignments for agreeing to serve on the panel at pelosi's request. >> let's listen to mccarthy last year. not so much the substance but welcome to today's washington. we know, the first report by punch bowl, additional details of the threat. take a job from pelosi, take
9:21 am
this slot and you're in trouble with me and the republican conference. listen to him say no, never. >> i did not -- let me be very clear. i'm not threatening anybody with committee assignments. what i'm saying is it was shocking to me that if a person is a republican, they get their committee assignments from the republican conference. for somebody to accept committee assignments from speaker pelosi, that's unprecedented. >> maybe. however, kevin mccarthy was not going to give liz cheney a spot because he knows she wants to get to the truth. he was not going to give adam kenzinger a spot on the committee because he knows he wants to get to the truth. >> when hell freezes over, i asked someone to do a little research. it may be unprecedented, but this from a senior democrat, quote, no one can recall an example, but when was the last time the capitol was sacked and one of the parties is trying to whitewash it?
9:22 am
obviously that's a partisan response. but let's be clear. from day one, liz cheney has said democracy above politics. and that's what this is about. this is not helping her in wisconsin get reelected. trump not more votes than cheney did in her home state. she's doing this for one reason and one reason only. >> we'll follow the political drama. now the burden is on the committee whether it gets additional republican members or not and to prove it's going after the truth. we'll watch that. grateful for you sharing your reporting. up next, president biden on the ground in surfside. meetings with families still waiting. a word on missing loved ones. - oh. - what? rain. cancel and stay? done. go with us and get millions of felixble booking options. expedia. it matters who you travel with.
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rescue crews in surfside have stopped their work for now over fears of what's left standing over the condominium could collapse. just a time ago, the president thanking first responders on the ground. he meets with grieving families after promising the federal government will pick up the tab for the steep rescue and recovery costs. >> a lot of pain and ang sxietyd
9:28 am
suffering. >> kaitlyn collins is in surfside, walk us through the president's agenda. >> reporter: well, i think this meeting that is going to get underway in a few minutes with the families of the victims and the families of those who have not yet been recovered from the accident are still -- it got harder essentially with the news this morning that the rescue and search and rescue operations have been paused as they can establishing what's happening on the ground, whether or not it's safe for the teams to be on the ground sifting through that rubble. and so the president is going to be behind closed doors with the families. the white house has slated over three hours for him to be in the room. they're expecting this to be the toughest part of this trip. he got her earlier today. he met with the mayor of miami dade county. you saw the governor sitting next to his right as they were talking about the logistical aspect of this and how it's going to get paid for with the
9:29 am
president making the news that he thinks the federal government is going to be able to pick up 100% of the costs. that is going to be welcome news for the officials here who are not just worried about finding these people and being there with the grieving families but also the logistics of this. so that is what he did there. then he went onto thank the first responders and search and rescue teams talking about his experience with them and talking about the dynamic we've seen at play. some of the families have been upset that they don't know what's happened to their loved ones and president biden was saying no one knows fully what the first responders and search and rescue teams do, but they appreciate their work. of course, now this meeting that's going to get underway is going to be a tough one. we will hear from the president after it. he is expected to make public remarks in a few hours when he does wrap that meeting with the families. certainly, we were talking to officials last night, saying this is likely one of the toughest parts of his presidency. yes, he is known as a consoler
9:30 am
and cheefr, but this is something that is highly unusual. >> very difficult. kaitlyn collins, appreciate the news from the ground. craig, thank you for your time on this day. let me start with the president's visit. both with your state work in florida and your national work in washington dealing with fema. you have had to deal with being in the middle of a response and when the president comes to give a morale boost to the first respondering and console the families. how do you balance the needs of the daily work with the work? >> we need to make sure the president adds to what's going on and not takes away. there's a lot of work in the background to make sure when the president does come, the local officials, the state are ready for it. it's the right time. there's no set formula of when. it's basically going to be driven by when the locals say
9:31 am
we're at a point where we need you to come down. we want you to come down. and the white house enforces that. >> it's day eight of the search and rescue operation. you've been part in the past. you have to make difficult decisions. when do you call it a recovery mission? when do you go to the families and say we're past the time where we believe there's any hope? how are those decisions made? >> they're not made easily, and in some cases, the teams will just keep working. families will often come to this themselves, and i think a big part of what the president will be doing today is listening to families and letting them tell their stories, and as we move into -- i think it's important that the governor said, we're going to get everybody. this won't stop when this moves to a recovery operation. families need closure. they need to know, and it's important that we account for everyone. so this will not be over if somebody says we're in recovery.
9:32 am
this will continue for some time. i think that's why the president support is going to be critical to funding the operation. >> help me through the complexity of the challenge. obviously you have a giant building, hundreds of millions of pounds of concrete that have collapsed. bad weather, the risk to the workers worried about the stability of the remaining tower. we hear there's likely a garage convened. how does the fact that some of the rubble might potentially be evidence? how does that affect the cleanup and the movement of materials from location a to location b if some of it might be required to be run through an engineering check for some grand jury? >> we've got experience. we saw this with the oklahoma city bombing and the world trade center. there are procedures in place. we learned from the events. that's part of what the federal team will offer up to state and locals. the important thing is the safety of the rescuers and the recovery of the missing.
9:33 am
and then gathering the evidence as they go. >> grateful for your time on this day. appreciate your insights very much. >> thank you. when we come bark, we're waiting for the chief financial officer to appear in court after allen weisselberg turned himself in this morning. regular movie n. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪ do you struggle with occasional nerve aches, weakness or discomfort in your hands or feet? introducing nervive nerve relief from the world's number 1 selling nerve care company. as we age, natural changes to our nerves occur which can lead to occasional discomfort. nervive contains b complex vitamins that nourish nerves, build nerve insulation and enhance nerve communication. and, alpha-lipoic acid, which relieves occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. live your life with less nerve discomfort
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[ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ] ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ the trump organization's chief financial officer is due in court this afternoon. the new york prosecutors lay out their case against the trump organization. allen weissingberg surrendered this morning. you see him there.
9:38 am
paula, the indictments will be unsealed. weisslburg will be arraigned. what else? >> extraordinary. these are the first criminal charges in this year's long probe. the former president's name sake company and one of his top executives expected to be criminally charged this afternoon in an arraignment. as you noted earlier today, long-time trump administration cfo turned himself in, and this afternoon he and the company will be in court for the arrai arraignment. an attorney for mr. weisselberg says he will plead not guilty and he will fight the charges. the charges are expected to stem from allegations that there were perks that were awarded to trump organization employees, free cars, apartments and even school tuition and they were allegedly not properly disclosed for tax purposes. we're not talking about free coffee. these are the kinds of benefits that can be worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars. it will be interesting to see
9:39 am
when these are unsealed. the extent to which prosecutors are able to put a value on the alleged benefits. now, former president trump has suggested that weisselberg is being used as a pawn and there's no indication that the former president will be charged any time soon. >> grateful for the reporting. we'll watch as the court case unfolds this afternoon. let's go to the studio with laura and elliot, former federal prosecutors. weisselberg is being used by the manhattan district attorney as a pawn. this is not justice. this is politics. that's a statement from the trump organization. it's not just allies saying after three years, at least what we've seen so far, and we'll see what plays out in court this afternoon and if there's followup as there often is, but tax charges. things that are normally settled through civil cases or civil fights, is it easy for the trump organization to say wait a minute, these are two new york
9:40 am
democrats coming after us? >> and two separate offices that came together. the manhattan da, and a new york ag. irt has the feeling for people that this might be in like a lion, out like a lamb. we don't yet know. having said that, tax violations are quite serious. remember, the only things that are certain in life, death and taxes. you got to pay the piper both times. the idea you withhold your taxes not not pay what is rightly owed to the state of new york or otherwise is a serious crime that can land you in prison. as you know, elliot, it's both the corporation which is not a person. they can't go to jail, and it's the person allen weisselberg. there's a combination of the tax law and penal system combined to show you how serious it is. >> it's rare there's a crime with the same fact pattern creating liability for the company and the individual. right? and that's the sort of not paying taxes on perks.
9:41 am
it's both of them are seeking to evade the tax laws. look, no matter what charges were brought here, president trump and his allies and his team would have issued a statement like that. so the fact that they're only tax charges, i hesitate to even say that because it's unlaufbl conduct. they would have behaved the same way. >> we have seen in the political environment, and a lot of people are not trump fans will get mad at me. we've seen trump play the victim. it's ludicrous when you fact check it, but he has done it and used it to keep the loyalty of his base. this is from dave axle rod. i'm sure the new york da understands the first charges against the trump administration can't be petty, rarely prosecuted crimes. don't they? there's a bit of snark. that's unable. but there is, you're former prosecutors. you understand this is not john
9:42 am
q public. they should be treated the same. if you're going to bring a case against somebody with a megaphone, you have to be careful. >> like the lion and the liar. you come at the king you best not miss. these are charges they knew they could success on. who knows? we'll see when it comes out. perhaps they had other things they might have been able to charge but didn't have the evidence for yet or so on. we don't know. >> first -- >> the hope seems to be that they try to get weisselberg to cooperate during the grand jury. he wouldn't do so. they're bringing in him today in hopes that someone says okay, jail time for me, serious fines for me, maybe it's time to talk. is that a reasonable hope of a prosecutor? >> it always is if you think about who the bigger fish is. make no mistake, he's the head of a major company. he is a very large fish. so the idea that he would be somebody who is only being used
9:43 am
to get somebody else to implicate somebody else is always a hope for a prosecutor, but we prosecute both the big fish and little ones. >> it will be interesting to watch it play out. appreciate it. next the president of the united states just weighing in on a giant supreme court case about voting rights. in kind of person to change the world. my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather was that kind of person. he looked after his community. she built an empire. he protected this nation. they lived their lives in extraordinary ways. with ancestry, i learned the story of peter vaughters... william lacy... madam c.j.walker. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours? new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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president biden this hour says, quote, democracy is on the line. that after the supreme court upheld new restrictions, voting restrictions out of arizona. the ruling by the conservative majority will add urgency to a big push from democrats to protect voting rights. the president said the decision is more reason for congress to act quickly. the president decision says does not limit congress's ability to repair the damage done today. it puts the burden back on congress to restore the voting rights act to the intended strength. with me to share the reporting, our panel. the president's right. if you want something done now, the burden is on congress. the supreme court decision makes clear it june held the arizona restrictions at a time more than a dozen states had new restrictions this year. the court has essentially said states get to do what they want. if congress is going to change the rules, will they?
9:49 am
>> and the burden has been on congress for a few years, at least going back to the shelby decision and they haven't acted. the issue here is the democrats, very much want to make voting as easy as possible for a wide swath of republicans. republicans want to put in roadblocks to voting. that's where they remain. two different parties with two different approaches to voting rights in the country. so nothing is likely to get done. democrats will have to work at the state level to figure out what they can do in the states where they control the houses, the governorship, and the state houses, but other than that, congress -- >> we can put up the map. 17 states that have enacted some form of restrictions. they are larger restrictions. more restrictive in some states than others. if you look, there's a lot of republican states. so the question is this -- there's been a ton of talk about this in washington. one of the issues is the conversation on every issue. can you get enough democrats in
9:50 am
the senate? will the democrats in the senate agree to break or suspend the fil filibuster? is this enough to get democrats in a room to say at least on this one issue, i'm willing to go with 50 votes? >> no. >> yes. >> the answer is no. i understand the interest in it. i understand why reporters ask the questions and why people bring it up. they're looking for pathways that simply do not exist. and i cannot stress this any more in any conversation that i've had in having covered joe manchin for years. they're not going to move. that's not the route. i think one of the interesting things if you're talking about the filibuster is the process they're laying out. they know they don't have the votes and trying to see if another big failure on something smaller than for the people act, that manchin supports explicitly and has been reaching out to republicans on, perhaps this is what moves you on the issue. it's not going to related to the filibuster. and it's not just cinema and
9:51 am
manchin. there are other senate democrats as well. from the white house perspective, it's what can they do outside, because the inside is -- >> let's get to that. and it connects to your point. if you're a democrat out there in the states or an independent or republican out there in the states and you want -- you think it should be easier for people to vote and you live in a place where they're making it harder, what do you do about it? it will take money and time and presidential interest to educate people. they change the laws in your state. your drop box is not there or, are the democrats willing, ready, financed to make that case heading into the midterms? >> the outside group priorities usa was out quickly today saying we have millions of dollars to spend and we're going to spend it? certainly, the democratic infrastructure is behind this. the white house has made very clear that the president and the vice president especially intend to use their bully pulpit to go around the country to make this case to both argue about -- to
9:52 am
teach about how to vote and to get them riled up. democratic voters, it is proven galvanizing for democratic voters to be upset about their voting rights being taken away. look at georgia? i think part of what happened in georgia, the reason there are two democratic senators from georgia, at least in part is because the state me a restrictions to voting, and the democratic party and democratic voters stood up and said we're going to vote. >> and the question is, and i go through this all the time with maps where the states did the restrictions and the big midterm races are. what do we know the impact on 2022 in a midterm election where certain states with big senate races or vulnerable house districts, the ones that decide? do they keep the house, the senate? both holding just by strings right now? >> well, look, i think democrats recognize that they need to do a serious education with campaign with their voters so people are aware not only of this as an
9:53 am
issue that could galvanize voters but how they can cast their ballot given the restrictions. as phil pointed out, they don't have a lot of plays, cards to play here. it's not nothing feels like it's going to move in congress. the white house can do some stuff through donl but not much. they don't control a majority of state legislatures. the ruling means it's harder for them to stop in the -- the supreme court is not going to stop some of the laws from being put in place. so they don't -- there aren't a ton of pathways for getting the laws struck down for democrats. so some of it will amount to serious education and election protection. and when you talk to democrats who are working on campaigns and working on campaign committees, they say they have more lawyers earlier in the process look agent the stuff than they've had ever before, and in fact, the lawyers are more educated about this. there's a bigger group, pool of people to hire from because they've been -- there's been interest and the restrictions growing over the past couple cycles. >> but nothing from washington
9:54 am
is the expectation? >> look, not legislatively from the federal level. it's going to be outside, for sure. >> outside. all right. thanks for coming in. it's a big issue. >> bill cosby a free man today. making plans for life after prison. the personal loan fromi helped me consolidate my credit card debt into one simple monthly payment. debt free! thanks to sofi. ♪
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>> anger, disappointment and outrage. that's some of the reaction from tuzens of bill cosby's accusers after the pennsylvania highest
9:59 am
court ruled the 83-year-old actor and comedian's due process rights for violated. he was in prison since 2018. one of his accusers says she is stunned. >> it's absolutely clear cosby has always maintained his innocence because he does not understand that sexual assault and rape are crimes. and that's why he keeps saying he's innocent. and then you add on some arbitrary legal loophole, and you've just allowed a serial rapist to get off. i mean, i'm in a state of disbelief. >> you see the pictures right there. just a short time ago we saw him leaving his home. we believe he's off to visit friends today. we are told to expect he'll see his wife for the first time in three years. what's next? he has signed a deal for a
10:00 am
five-part documentary series. he also has plans to get back on stage, we're told. hope to see you back here this time tomorrow. don't go anywhere. >> this is cnn breaking news. wolf blitzer is standing by in surfside, florida. president biden is meeting with family members right now of the victims of last week's horrific condo collapse. this after meeting with first responders last hour and as rescue efforts are suspended right now over fears the existing tower, the part that is still standing, could fall. we'll have a live report soon. first, we are following breaking news out of manhattan just minutes from now the grand jury indictments against the trump organization and the chief financial officer are expected to be unsealed


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