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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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discover there was a hidden hand that made him a better president. >> tim naftali, we appreciate you being with us. thank you for your historical perspective. >> thank you, john. so wove a lot of breaking news this morning. the cfo of the trump administration indicted, information coming to light in florida in the condo collapse. cnn coverage continues right now. thanks, john. there is a lot of breaking news this morning. we're glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. so the breaking news this morning, indicted. the trup trump organization's allen weisselberg indicted not just him but the trump organization as a business on criminal charges related to
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alleged tax crimes. >> sources tell cnn that charges are expected to be unsealed just in a few hours from now and weisselberg is set to be arraigned later today at a lower manhattan courthouse. a attorney for president trump said he is not expected to be charged. let's go to kara scannell outside of the white house. what do we know and what happened today? >> reporter: good morning, poppy and jim. allen weisselberg did surrender to the manhattan district attorney's office. later this afternoon he and the trump organization will be arraigned on the charges. that is when we expect the indictment will be unsealed and we'll know the details and the breadth of the charges and how much money the company and allen weisselberg is alleged to have apparently not paid taxes on. but we're waiting for those details. now we just got a statement in from allen weisselberg's attorneys saying mr. weisselberg intends to pleads not guilty and will fight these charges in court. we also got a statement from the
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trump organization and in their statement they said allen weisselberg is a devoted husband and father and grandfather who has worked at trup organization for 48 years and now being used by the manhattan district attorney as a pawn to harm the former president. the district attorney is bringing a criminal prosecution involving employee benefits that neither the irs nor any other district attorney would think of bringing. this is not justice. this is politics. and i think we'll hear more about that as they attack the district attorney's charges here. this investigation was looking into property valuations, looking in whether any banks or insurance companies were defrauded and the focus now at least for now has really narrowed on the issue of compensation and benefits. and this is where allen weisselberg fits in. received benefits. a company car, tuition for one
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of his grandchildren's schools and bonuses. and this is something that we expect to be part of the case today. we don't know the full breadth of it but i think once we know more, we'll be able to get a sense of how much additional pressure there will be and where else this investigation may be heading. >> ckara scannell, thank you vey much. joining us now to discuss the significance. eli honig and cnn anchor and happens to be a lawyer, laura jarrett. eli, i want to begin with you. the manhattan d.a. has had trump's tax returns and azars for months now and had michael cohen to speak with, a relative of weisselberg himself. is this enough at this point given what you you've seen and with your experience as a prosecutor, would you expect a d.a. to lead with his or her
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strength in effect, lead with the strongest charges or do you see this as a first step? >> that is the big question here. is this the first step or is this all there is? a lot of that will depend on whether they could shake loose allen weisselberg as a cooperating witness. because he could hold the keys to the kingdom here. if he cooperates, if there is enough pressure on him because of this indictment, then his mind may change. i know he's made clear he's not going to be cooperating thus far. if he doesn't though, jim, if this is all they have, it is not much. as a result of two years of this case, enormous resources, they fought up to the supreme court and i think it is safe to conclude that based on what they have so far, they do not believe they have enough with michael cohen, with the tax returns to indict anyone beyond who they've already charged or will be charging later today. >> hey, laura, last night in addition to what eli just said he told me this is a good news/bad news situation for the former president. do you agree with that
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assessment. >> it depends hon how you look at it. the trup organization is being indicted today is enormously devastating, not only to that organization but it has to be to the president because think about it like this, guys, no bank, no lender is going to want to do business with the trump organization any more. those loans, they're going to come calling much less before this goes to trial but just with the indictment itself. and so the trump organization itself may actually had a v to go into bankruptcy because of this. and so even if it is not jail time for the president, which of course the personal liability would be worse, it is enormously consequential to have his company go down for something like this. >> eli, i know you've said that cases like this normally are pursued in civil court as opposed to criminal court but i do want to zero in on what is involved here. because paying perks of this size and trying to avoid taxes on them, we're not talking about
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a company car or paying for a barbecue, right. we're talking about rent free apartments in new york city, private school tuition in new york city, tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. i mean, tax avoidance on that would be significant, right? just explain to folks at home what is being alleged here that the company did that you, me and the people watching right now cannot do to avoid taxes? >> yeah, jim, it actually understates it a little to call it fringe benefits or perks. that is an important point that you make. because it is a form of theft. there are hundreds of thousands or maybe more and i'm interested to see what the ams are in the indict today, but that is money that people paid to the government that they kept instead. they took some chunk of a person's salary, compensation, we'll find out that detail today and rather than paying it as a paycheck, they paid it in the form of the benefits that you
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laid out and the company did not declare it but the allegations is they didn't and there by they stole a lot of money. i want to see how much money it is because that will tell us how much pressure is on weisselberg to flip. >> and if you know how much private school and rent is in new york city, it is a lot of money. >> it is way too much. >> laura, it is interesting, the response from the trump organization that cara just read. in the context of prior statements from new york attorney general letitia james, i think it was 2018 she called then president trump an illegitimate president and said a lot of her run for attorney general was quote about the man in the white house who can't go a day without threatening our fundamental rights. you have to think that is going to come up in the arguments from the trump organization and i wonder how that complicates things? >> if i was their defense attorney i would say this is selective prosecution and point to all of the statements that cy
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vance and letitia james, all of the statements i would point to to say look they came after my clients because there was an ax to grind and a target on his back from the beginning and you'll see a lot of that and there is a lot of fodder out there. and it also speaks to the point that eli has been making for days, is this all they went. they went to the u.s. supreme court because they said they needed donald trump's taxes an running against the statute of limitations here. so if this is what they have, and agreed it is not small thing, we're talking about criminal behavior. so we shouldn't dismiss it as perks. but again, if this is it and their big fish is allen weisselberg, a private citizen, that is far different than the president, the former president of the united states. >> eli honig, to this point, weisselberg is not cooperating and has said very clearly he does not intend to. again, in your experience as a prosecutor, when criminal indictments come, and trials approach, do folks in his
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position sometimes change their mind? >> yes. nothing could sort of focus the mind quite like an indictment. i've seen people who swore they would never flip and cooperate but they did. but the optimal time, best time for weisselberg and prosecutors has already passed. you're of more assistance to prosecutors the earlier you come in. we're already now into the charging phase. so people can and do cooperate after they've been charged, after they've been convicted, after they've been sentenced. but the chances in the benefits just decline with time. >> eli, thank you, laura, as well. good to have you both. still to come, president biden will arrive in surfside, florida, this hour and we're expecting a briefing from the fools there on the latest on the deadly collapse. we'll take you live to surfside next. and bill cosby waking up a free man this morning after his conviction was over turned. we'll speak to a woman accusing
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cosby of sexual assault. >> a judge denies a motion to remove britney spears' father as herco conservator. where does the case go from here?
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in moments president biden will land in florida where he will tour the site of the deadly condo collapse in surfside. and he'll also try to be consoler in chief once again to console devastated families who lost loved ones in the disaster,
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still waiting for news of them. we've learned some heartbreaking news about two of the victims. the bodies of two children siblings have now been recovered. and they're little ones. 4-year-old emma garra and 10 year lucia pictured there. >> 18 people are now confirmed dead with 145 still unaccounted for. crews are still working around the clock searching for debris and new video may give views flo what caused the collapse. rosa flores joins us with the latest. the new video shows water gushing into the garage moments before the collapse. what more could you tell us? >> reporter: you know, jim and poppy, this really shows some of the intense moments that were happening at this building before it collapsed. this video was shot right before this collapse happened. the people who shot this video talked to my colleague boris sanchez. he told their names are adrianna
6:16 am
and roberto, staying at a nearby hotel and they heard a loud crash. they started rolling this video and if you look closely, you'll see that water is gushing from the garage, if you look even closer, it appears that there is rubble, pieces of concrete, according to this couple, they say that they started seeing people coming towards their balconies and from the ground they were trying to flag them, tell them to evacuate because of what they were seeing in the garage. but this couple said that those individuals didn't understand what they were saying and then the collapse happened and this couple said that they had to run for their lives. they also tell boris that they're traumatized by this experience. they actually only remember certain flashbacks because it was so traumatizing for them. now, we're learning more about those intense moments, also from audio, and this audio is from
6:17 am
ricea rodriguez, she was inside of the building, she was one of the survivors. she called her brother at 1:30 a week ago today and asking him what do i do because of what was happening around her. well the phone line was still on but she went to her neighbors trying to wake people up, trying to save lives. here is what the phone line captured. take a listen. >> oh, my god! what the hell? oh, my god! yani, the whole side of the building is gone. >> reporter: it is an unmanageable moment, people trying to figure out in realtime what exactly to do.
6:18 am
now ricea has filed a lawsuit. the condo said that it does not comment on pending litigation. and jim and poppy, it is very early in the investigation, of course, but all of these pieces, all of these nuggets will be a part of this, especially that video showing the water gushing from the garage because of course we know from the 2018 report, that there were issues in the garage. the waterproofing under the pool deck was beyond its useful life and warned that it should be repaired, jim and poppy. >> rosa, thank you for all of that reporting and all of the families deserve answers, they want answers and as we learn about the victims every day, the two children, we just had the priest from their church on just yesterday. it is devastating. rosa, thank you. well politics now, house minority leader kevin mccarthy threatening to punish republican lawmakers who dare to join the committee to investigate the january 6th attack.
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we'll have reaction to that next.
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we are this morning awaiting president biden's arrive in florida, he will travel today to console families in surfside, florida, as well as meet with first responders impacted by the tragedy. we do not know yet if he will visit the site of the condo collapse. we'll bring you updates as they come into cnn. another story this morning, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is threatening to strip republican members of committee
6:24 am
assignments if they accept house speaker nancy pelosi's offer to serve on the select committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. we should remind viewers there was a bipartisan proposal for equal representation on a commission that was rejected, voted against by most republican members of the house. >> jessica dean is with us on capitol hill. good morning. this is quite a threat from kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: it certainly is, jim and poppy. and remember, just to give you some context, earlier this year, marjorie taylor greene, when all of that was unfolding, the conspiracy theories, the house minority leader did not move to remove her from her committees. that was done by the full house. so he did not take action in that way. now, flash forward to today, here we are with this house select committee. he would get five people that he could appoint to committee. now nancy pelosi would have veto power but he could appoint five in theory and yet he's told
6:25 am
republicans, house republicans that if they agree to serve on this select committee, which is going to probe into what happened on january 6th and what led up to that moment, that they will be striped of their committees. so if he follows through on this, they would be bounced from the committees and not allowed to serve on them. so who is this directed at? there were two house republicans who voted in favor of the house select committee and that is adam kinzinger and liz cheney. you remember cheney was outsided from her gop leadership because of her views on former president trump and his role in the insurrection. because she wanted to investigate it and get to the bottom of it. they kicked her out of her leadership position. so it remains to be seen if cheney or kinzinger would be asked to serve by pelosi. certainly not by mccarthy. he's threatened any house republican that serves on this. and if they would do so, so we have to see how that will play
6:26 am
out. as you both mentioned, there was this bipartisan commission filibustered in the senate and shot down by house republicans as well. so that cannot move forward. nancy pelosi has always said that was her preference. kinzinger and cheney, worth noting had said there was their preference as well but they felt this is the only way forward to get to the bottom of what happened. but the bottom line here jim and poppy is that house leadership, house republican leadership threatening any house gop member that serves on this committee that is being formed to look into the deadly insurrection that happened at this capitol on january 6. >> the imagine here is remarkable. 70 times as many republicans voted to object to the results, 139 then voted to proceed with this select committee. it is remarkable. jessica dean, thank you very much. anger disbelief among the
6:27 am
dozens of women who have accused bill cosby of sexual assault after a court suddenly overturned his conviction. next, we're going to speak with of his accusers for how she's reacting to this. this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪
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this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪ a remarkable event development in the last 24 hours, but bill cosby is waking up this morning at home. a free man today after pennsylvania's highest court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction. the court ruled that his due process rights were violated when he was charged and convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea
6:32 am
constand at his home in 2004. why? after a previous prosecutor entered an informal agreement not to bring charges based on con stand's allegations in order to, that lawyer explained, to get cosby to sit for a deposition in the a civil suit. >> and in that deposition, cosby did say and admit to giving quaaludes to women that he wanted to have sex with. the deposition was made public in 2014. his statements were ultimately used against him as a criminal trial and that led to the decision to vacate that conviction. this decision reverses the first high-profile celebrity criminal trial of the me-to era. more than 50 we'll have accused cosby of raping them or assaulting them. kathy mckie new bill cosby socially as then the girlfriend of sammy davis jr. and was good friends with bill cosby until he ambushed her and assaulted here in a michigan hotel room in
6:33 am
1974. almost 40 years later she recounted the horrific details to the new york daily news. and after that article was published, a spokesperson said that her accusations is false. >> she sued for defamation. that was dismissed at the time. a cosby spokesperson in a statement to cnn said this is another in a line of recent developments vindicating mr. cosby's right to defend himself in the face of an onslaught of unverified accusations. joining us now is kathy mckie. and i want to thank you for joining us this morning. we do appreciate it. >> good morning. >> because i can't imagine that these hours, these days are easy for you. the thought occurred to me, you and these other women went through enormous pain publicly, right, to describe what you went through. i wonder, are you worried if this decision will make other
6:34 am
women who encounter similar treatment less willing, right, to go public against their attackers? >> well, absolutely for sure. what is happening right now is so frightening and scary. you know, it seems as though women, we just really don't counts. you know, that is the way it appears right now. and of course if you don't have any money, and if your african-american or brown-skinned person in america or a woman or if you have no money and you're not wealthy, wealthy, you can't afford attorneys, you can't afford the years that it takes to sue someone or pursue a civil action or a criminal action, you could forget it. you know, so that is kind of what this looks like. that is certainly what happened to me.
6:35 am
there was no justice. and you know, with this happening right now with bill cosby, you have to think for a minute, actually you have to think about how many people are in prison right now for rape? primarily that we're not able to afford a decent attorney, perhaps they didn't even dough do it. perhaps they were arrested for no reason and accused of something they didn't do. they're in jail. bill cosby did this and he's free. it is -- it's the money and the power that has bill cosby at home right now. he was able to afford to pay all of these aattorneys, to work all of these years to free him and he admitted to doing this act. and nobody on the the planet could possibly believe that all of the women that have come forward, that he didn't do this. come on.
6:36 am
so, what is this about? where are we at and how could -- how could the prosecutor re-do the case with andrea, knowing there was a possibility that some day down the line it could be overruled. what was their thinking? why did they even take the action against him? why didn't they take the action against him with another one of the women that he raped, why did they pick her and bring her back? i mean, when they were thinking, weren't they. they had brains. they knew what he had done that there was a possibility that bill could go to a supreme court and over turn this. so i don't understand this. it is just a mess. it is terrible. it is just terrible. now what? >> i remember, kathy, watching you live on the air the date
6:37 am
that the jury ruled in the cosby case. you remember that. i mean so many of us do. and you were in tears and talking about all of the difficult emotions that this stirs up for you and you talked about, you say i saw the violence in bill cosby when he attacked me. those were your words. he has denied that. but i ask you this in a context of recourse now, because the pennsylvania supreme court made very clear in his opinion yesterday, bill cosby can never again be tried in this case. do you feel like there is any recourse? >> if a man goes to jail and accused of this crime, and he's convicted, and he goes to jail, and then all of a sudden mysteriously, miraculously, judges on the supreme court say oh, well, that was a big mistake and forget about it, it is over.
6:38 am
let him go, let him out. what do we have? what is left? where do we go? who do we plead for help and justice? where do we go? who? if you have a lot of money, you get it. if you're wealthy, you could go hire the best attorneys. you could go get the greatest, if you don't have any money, you're struggling and try to survive and a normal american citizen and trying to get justice for what happened to you, you get nothing. period. >> if you had a moment -- >> so where are we? >> -- to thmorning to address bill cosby, who is sitting at home right now, what would you say? >> why, in god's name did you do this to me? of all people. i don't understand why. women were throwing themselves
6:39 am
at your feet, your entire life. there were trails of women. why did you have to commit these acts? why did you have to rape and attack people and take advantage of people. what in god's name possesses you to do something like that? is there any value? had you a mother, you had a family, you have daughters, you have a wife, there is no value to their humanness of who they are. why? why did you do this? why did you put your family through this misery, your wife through this pain and all of the women that you hurt, why? you know, over the years, because of the ptsd that i'm suffering from, and because of what happened to me, i had to leave a career, i didn't even know i had ptsd for 25 years, i gave up my career, i ended up gaining enormous amount of weight. all of this is from emotional
6:40 am
anxiety and distress and problems related to what happened to me, those many years ago in burying it and hiding it. and i don't wish this on anybody. and i just still do not know and understand why. why? >> kathy, there are no adequate words from us that we could ease your pain but jim and i very much appreciate you being here with us and sharing these feelings. >> thank you. >> and i know they will mean a lot to people watching and i'm so sorry for your suffering. kathy mckie, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, kathy. >> thank you. thank you. well president biden arriving in miami. you see him right there. getting ready to meet and console families in the tragedy, the wake of the condo collapse tragedy. we'll be right back. i think i can. i think i can.
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with the american military in the final phase of withdrawing from afghanistan, the top u.s. general in the country is warning there is a potential for civil war once the u.s. completely leaves and that could pose a serious threat to the more than 18,000 afghans who work side-by-side with the united states and are now stuck in limbo as they await special immigrant visas. that includes up to 53,000 of their family, that brings the total to more than 70,000 people. officials say some of them have been targeted of murder by the taliban and now the state department has identified afghans given the option to
6:46 am
relocate while they wait for that visa. on tuesday the house voted overwhelmingly to expedite the process to allow them to immigrate to the united states and president biden has promised they will not be left behind. now the general austin miller said civil war is a path that could be visualized if it continues on this trajectory. joining me now is massachusetts democratic congress pan seth moulton, he served on the house armed services committee, served four tours in iraq. thank you for being here. this is been so important to you and it is important that we highlight it as we're days away from almost fulling pulling out. so thank you for being here. >> poppy, i don't know a veteran in america for whom this is not so important. we understand what it means to have allies on the ground. and we understand the promise that we made to these afghans which is you come work with us, you risk your life, not just for afghanistan but for america, and we will have your back.
6:47 am
we have to uphold that promise. >> you told jake tapper, my colleague, a few days ago your confident the president wants to get out but you said i won't be confident as a marine veteran until i see the operational plan. have you seen a plan, congressman, that makes you confident? >> no. i've not seen a plan yet. nobody to my knowledge on capitol hill has seen a detailed plan. we need a plan that explains exactly where these men and women, these heroes are going to go. how we're going to get them to the airport, because some parts of afghanistan have already been taken over by the taliban. that is changing week by week. we also need to have an operational commander, someone in charge of this mission. so it is clear who is directing this to get done. and finally, i need an assurance from the white house no matter how long it takes we'll see the mission through to completion. we cannot leave anyone behind. >> well, look, the chairman of the joint chiefs said in testimony in may it is a, quote, moral imperative that we take
6:48 am
care of those that have worked closely with us and put our lives in danger. you you have rolled out a plan, right online, evacuate our and you write what happens if we abandon the allies that we'll fight tomorrow's wars alone. what happens if the u.s. does not fully see this through for future generations of our troops? >> look, poppy, i think one thing has become clear over the last several years which is that we're not going to win the war in afghanistan. but there are still devastating ways that we could lose. and one of those ways is to see our credibility shattered on the world stage as our allies, our friends in afghanistan get slaughtered by the taliban. because that is what will happen. the taliban has made it very clear, they will kill them, they will rape and murder their wives and children first in front of their eyes if they can.
6:49 am
and everyone in the world will know that this is what happens if you work for america. so what we need to show the world is the truth, which is that we will uphold our promises, we will have their backs, we will get you out. that is the truth that we want to show to the world. i believe the administration knows that. i believe that jooe biden knows how important that is. and it was in response to my question on capitol hill that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said we have a moral imperative to do this. he was talking about the moral imperative because of the promises we made to the afghans. i would extend that to every future american service man or women who has to make the same promise, to get a friend, or an ally in the ground in some conflict down the road. >> this is not only personal because you served but because of a man named mohammed hasha
6:50 am
who was your translator ruck lucky enough to come to the united states but his family was targeted. you could speak to this from a personal standpoint. and also, congressman, as a father of two girls as we look at what is likely to happen to the girls and women of afghanistan when the u.s. pulls out. >> well, first of all, mohamed, he risked his life every day for our mission and for me personally. and i think he probably would say that i risked my life for him. we became the closest of friends because we worked so closely together. we had our lives in each other's hands every single day in iraq. and mohamed is a hero and he got himself here to a full bright scholarship. i worked hard to make sure that he could stay in america. he's now serving our country in a different way. but you know, i've had several different translators over the course of my four tours in iraq and i'm still working to get some of them to america today as
6:51 am
we speak. as far as what will happen to the women and girls in afghanistan, i mean, to be honest with you, i don't think they have a bright future. and that is sad. i'm not saying that the president is not right to say that we don't have a clear mission in afghanistan and we need to withdraw troops we need to be clear about what our national security objectives are. but i hope we don't forget those women and girls. these girls who for the first time in afghanistan's history have a chance at a bright future. and i certainly don't want to see that taken away. >> of course. none of us do. if you would allow me to switch gears here for a moment because we got stunning movies from jamie gingel reporting on kevin mccarthy issuing a blanket threat to his fellow republicans in your in your -- chamber safing he would strip them of any committee roles if they were to join the select committee to investigate the insurrection on january 6. you just yesterday, i believe it
6:52 am
was told the boston public radio station of republicans who downplayed the insurrection or denied it, we need to talk about getting rid of those members of congress. what are republicans so afraid of? >> apparently of donald trump. and it is pathetic. kevin mccarthy is acting like an autocrat. this is something you would expect from putin. and remember, this is the same kevin mccarthy who refuses to strip marjorie taylor greene of her committee assignment even though she's espousing qanon theories and refusing to strip matt gaetz while he has multiple accusations of child sexual abuse. i mean, this man has no moral foundation whatsoever. and he's acting like he's more scared of donald trump and his wrath than he cares about our constitution. >> congressman, i'm sorry to interrupt. we have to get to some breaking news but i thank you for your time this morning.
6:53 am
>> thank you. >> thanks jim. >> live to florida, that is ron desantis giving an update on rescue and recovery operations in surfside. let's have a listen. >> the impacts through saturday. but obviously the state meteorologist team is actively monitoring the storm and will continue to provide updates and in our department of emergency management continues to implement contingency plans for potential tropical weather impacts including identifying ult nat work facilities. as of this morning, our state response team is coordinated more than 500 on-scene responders including local and state personnel. 59 individuals have been registered for individual assistance. 108 resource requests have been fulfilled and the florida department of transportation has removed almost 1400 tons of building material from the site. now, obviously last night there was issues with the remaining
6:54 am
structure and our state assets are being provided to miami-dade in terms of engineering know-how so they could look to see what their options are to handle this. obviously, we believe that a -- continuing searching is very, very important. so we ask the florida department of transportation engineers working. i know that fire department and the county are getting to different options on how to handle this. but of course we're going to provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. thank you. >> thank you, governor. lieutenant governor jeannette nunez. [ speaking foreign language ]
6:55 am
>> okay, we're watching again a live update from surfside, florida. we just heard briefly from the florida governor ron desantis. joe biden hos now arrived in florida and will be briefed by local officials, rescue workers and leaders. he's also going to have time to meet with and attempt to console family members of those who have been killed in this and are still missing. >> obviously president biden comes as you say, jim, earlier, as consoler in chief and knows all too well what loss is life as well as losing children and we learned yesterday evening that the two most recent bodies that have been identified are children, a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old. we also know that they have had to pause some of the rescue
6:56 am
efforts today because of concerns about safety for the first responders. so an impossibly difficult day once again for all of the families waiting for answers. hopefully some comfort could come from the president. >> we should note as you see that figure up on the screen, 1400 tons of debris removed from the site as the governor said. a lot of that by hand in buckets, it is painstaking work. >> good morning, everyone. we're here to share a brief operational update with you. as many of you have already seen, we were forced to halt operations on the the collapse in the early hours of the morning due to structural concerns about the standing structure. we're doing everything that we can to ensure that the safety of our first responders is paramount and to continue our search and rescue operations as soon as it is safe to do so. and our nuengineers are continug
6:57 am
to monitor the structure as we paused operations to evaluate the situation and all possible options and next steps including with the assistance of the state engineers. i want to stress that president biden's presence today will have no impact on what happens at this site. the search and rescue operation will continue as soon as it is safe to do so. the only reason for this pause is concerns about the standing structure. we've already informed the families this morning who were waiting and waiting about this very many and we have worked to answer all of the questions that they have about the operation. and we will continue to keep the families and all of you informed as we get new information throughout the day. chief comenski is going to join foe more a more detailed update on the activity at the site.
6:58 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> notable there, poppy, to hear from the miami-dade mayor that if president biden visits the site or not, still not decided, not communicated by the white house, the wants to make clear there would be no disruption to operations there. that seems to be a priority for the white house and for local officials. there are also concerns about the continuing stability of the structure there which led to a brief pause in those operations. they have to be concerned, poppy, do b those workers an the risk they're facing. >> we have boris sanchez with us now. and as we continue to monitor this press conference, you obtained this video, new video that shows that water gushing into the garage structure right before the collapse.
6:59 am
>> yeah, poppy. and investigators will be looking very closely at videos like that one to get a good idea of exactly how all of this unfolded, how this building came down. there have been concerns for years about that specific area, the area below the pool in the garage where in 2018 a report by an engineer showed significant corrosion in the rebar and decay in the concrete. there were complaints and assessments that the residents approved for $15 million worth of repairs and they were supposed to start paying for those repairs today. obviously for these residents, the president visiting this scene cast an important light. it brings a lot of attention. >> boris, hold that thought. the fire chief is speaking now. >> -- for building stab imt. the stop was based on the experts of several on site structural engineers, concern
7:00 am
assesses included, six to 12 inches movement in a large column hanging from the structure that could fall and cause damage to the support columns and the garage area. slight movement in the concrete floor stabs on the south side of the structure in the north and south corner of the building. it could cause additional failure of the building. movement in a debris pile immediately adjacent to the south side of the structure. data points are to continue monitoring. -- will work with structural engineers and other subject matters experts to develop options for continued rescue operations. >> thank you, chief. for spanish, miami-dade fire rescue director erica bena. [ speaking foreign language


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