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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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week. i've been down in florida coven the condominium collapse h she was asked if climate change contributed. this is what she said s. >> we don't know fully, but we know the seas are rising. we're losing inches and inches of beaching not just in florida, but all around. >> dowel the climate might have played a part? >> well, there's no way we can know. there are professionals looking at this now. the secretary was pretty clear, we do know that climate has an impact all along our coasts, but nobody is doing anything about referring to this community other than to offer our sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones. i'm sure people will get to the bottom of this, but our effort to address climate is a systemic challenge we need to face
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everywhere, and we'll leave that tragedy to the professionals who need to take a look at it. >> and the president and first lady are on their way at this very moment. gina mccarthy, thank you so much for being with us. "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. i'm john berman with erica hill this morning. we have two stories breaking right now. president biden and the first lady on their way to surfside, florida, wheels up moments ago. the president no doubt will summon his skills as consoler-in-chief when he touching down. he plans to meet with family members of the victims. there is new video of the water gushing into the garage moments before the building collapsed.
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the bodies of on 10-year-old and 4-year-old child the latest to be recovered from the rubble. and alan weisselberg s surrending. there's no case that donald trump or members of his family will be charged at this time. we have just received a statement from the trump organization. i want to read that to you. allen weisselberg is a love and devoted father and grandfather who worked at the organization for 48 years. the statements goes on to say the district attorney is being cour used as a pawn. this is not justice this is politics. again, that statement coming in from the trump organization. joining us now, jennifer weisselberg, a former
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daughter-in-law of alan weisselberg. she's provided them with materials related to the trump organization. so at this point this morning, i'm curious, jennifer, your reaction to that your former father-in-law has now surrendered and we're awaiting the details of this indictment. >> i'm interested to see how broad it is. i think the d.a. has done a good job. i'm not surprised the indictment has come today, but to back pedal on what you said, he's been using my kids and leverage, as pawns to try to get me ton silent. i fill it the opposite of the statement he just made. >> that was a statement from the trump organization. when you say he's using your children as pawns, you're talking about your former father-in-law allen weisselberg? >> and the taxes in my divorce and there was a lot of money that wasn't going to be
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reported, and it would affect my ability to take care of my children. my children haven't been home since february 3rd of 2020, they've been leveraging my silence over that. although the eviction is bad, you know, i think that my kids have been used as pawns. >> so i want to expand for people who may not be familiar with what you're referring to, talking about an eviction. you were served withen a an eviction notice, and you have until july 8th to vacate the premises. and you contend that that's being used to silence you, because you have been cooperating with prosecutors. >> allen's words were, if i can get you homeless and back in florida, then you're no longer a threat. >> so you think a lot of this is an attempt to silence you, yet as i pointed out, you've been cooperating for some time. you mentioned they documents from your divorce, i understand
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some of those documents showed financial transaction from allen weisselberg to your family for payments for things like rent, cars, private school tuition. is there anything specifically in the documents that you turned over that you believe may have had contributed to this indictment? >> all of it. when i realized i had to fight for myself, i didn't have a lawyer, i couldn't find my kids based on a w-2 of $is a 2,000, where is the tax evasion, the tax fraud basement apparent. i'm happy today we found out that it is true, it's provable, the d.a. has worked hard to get the subpoenas to prove it. here we are. the silence may or may not have worked, and it's been a terrible thing i've had to go through, but i would do it again, because here we are. >> when is the last time you met with prosecutors?
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>> a week ago friday. >> and you've been meeting with them fairly regularly, as i understand. you also told my colleague erin burnett, that you've been preparing to testify before the grand jury. has that happened? >> i can't comment on that now. what's going on in that black box is important, because we want to succeed, but we're also preparing for a trial. >> i also have with us our chief analyst jeffrey toobin. i know you have a couple questions, as wee waiting for more of the details. >> i had a question about these fringe benefits. that's apparently a very big part of this case. you're aware that there were benefits, as erica said, like school tuitions, like company cars, like apartments that were not reflective in tax documents. is that right? >> not indicated incredibly, but not there at all. >> the benefits were given and
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not reflected in the tax documents. that's apparently one part of this case. what i would like to know from you is, are you aware of other illegal activities? have you told prosecutors of other illegal activities that is not about the taxability of fringe benefits? >> yes, because my documents go into trump compensation, as well, and so to answer your question, my grand jury subpoena from the d.a.'s office also involves any information about the city contracts, any financials or any information i learned. >> was there anything improper you were aware of, wall man rink and -- i rinks in central park that the trump organization has managed. >> wasn't it your ex-husband
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managing those? >> and they were all cash. >> all cash transactions at the rink? or the way your ex-husband was paid? >> on the website it says all cash, in order to come in to skate, to get a locker, to come ago a family, it was all cash. >> that's not illegal. >> that's right. it's not, but i have looked at the expenses, turned them on the floor. that is the next step. to answer your question, the taxes are step one, but that's just the beginning. >> i guess that's really my question. what's step two? if this is the case alone, taxability of fringe benefits, you know, that's usually handled in a civil way, not a criminal way. what i am curious about, is there a step two? is there something more here? or are we just talking about a glorified civil case? >> i don't believe so at all. i think the values of -- the
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over-values, undervaluing of loans and insurance, i think that's been a big part of it that they worked on. you know -- i actually forgot what i was going to say, but to your point, they wouldn't bring this about some fringe benefits. i just think the taxes are finite. we're still working hard. it's not over. we're still in contact every day with my lawyer. >> as we look ahead, the release of the actual indictment as opposed to leaks about the indictment, we should be thinking about, what is this case really about? does it go farther than taxability of fringe benefits? frankly, that is not something that is conventionally applied in a criminal context, and if there is something more, what is it? >> that's what we've been hearing and talking about, evening this morning, but in the last several days, but fringe benefits -- this is not what we see major charges about. absolutely not.
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it is usually the kind of thing that's handled with, you have to pay the back taxes, pay the penalty for not, you know, the income you actually received, but it is not usually a criminal case. you know, that's a question the d.a. will have to answer today. >> jennifer, you have said that allen weisselberg threatened you. have you had any contact or communication with him or his attorneys recently? >> i'm not supposed to anymore, but the last conversation i had was last june, and i asked if we could handle this discreetly and gracefully, and we could have a discussion about what was going on. and he refused. >> that was the last communication. >> he had never taken accountability. i think this is the first day he's had to humble himself. >> can i ask a question? donald trump himself famously doesn't use e-mail doesn't text. does allen weisselberg e-mail and text?
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>> i gave them an e-mail that they didn't know about, but one of the reasons they both got homes in florida, because they constant lid fedex between mar-a-lago and boynton beach. >> so what is the answer, does he use e-mail and text? allen personally. >> he tries not to. he's made mistakes, but typically, no. they fedex packages? >> right. right. from bieoynton to palm beach. >> you would see the fedex packages constantly? >> yes. >> you want you were convinced at one point you thought allen weisselberg could flip. he did not, obviously. he could still decide he wants
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to cooperate. do you see that happening? do you think that charges could change his mind? knowing what you know about him and knowing who he is. >> yes, i think he'll be in a different mindset after today. >> how so? >> maybe the new tax attorney is just making him aware of the fact that there are issues here. i thought tax fraud and tax evasion was a crime itself -- >> it is. >> typically it's a civil case, i understand what you're saying, but i have no doubt they are going -- that they have much more, they're not going to bring this case against a former president without a lot more. we have a lot more time with the grand jury panel, correct? we have another four months. >> this is not a case against the former president. this involves the company. >> the company. right. >> but this involves the trump organization, right? so none of what we're expecting today, none of this is expected
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to be any charges, as we know, against the former president. we just need to make that clear. >> but i'd like to ask -- i don't know the difference, if you own the company and you have tax liability, for example, attitude is, and taking major deductions inside the corp for pennation or for benefit yourself, if you are the owner of the company. >> you are asking a great question, which i think a lot of people will be asking today, which is why is this case against the corporation? a lot of prosecutors don't like to bring criminal cases against corporations. >> because no one goes to jail? >> that's exactly right. the criminal law is supposed to deter individuals. corporations are just pieces of paper. there is almost never a trial of a corporation. those criminal cases in the rare occasions they're brought almost end in some sort of plea and a fine, because you can't lock up
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a corporation. all you can do is fine it. i think, you know, one criticism some people may have of this case -- and again, we have to see the case, well, if you're going to charge tax evasion, you know, the piece of paper that is the trump organization didn't do anything. some human being did it. >> right. >> the question is, should the human beings who benefited -- and that would be trump himself -- be charged? or the people who designed it be prosecuted? that apparently is weisselberg who will be charged. but the issue of a criminal case against a corporation is a difficult one, and subject to criticism for a lot of people. >> to that point, the fact we know allen weisselberg, right, has surrendered himself this morning because of this indictment, there is at least one person involved, what does that tell us?
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>> it tells us that there's probable evidence thatch -- the corporations don't do anything. humans do. the question is, will anyone else be charged with these sorts of -- this kind of tax crime because the corporation itself didn't do anything? >> part of those questions about who could potentially be charged, or other people likely in leadership positions at the company, which of course then brings to mind the former president's children, eric and don junior ivanka trump. do you have any sense from any meetings, from anything you may know, that they could have had knowledge? >> my thought process is, and maybe i'm wrong, is that showing allen that the taxes are not kosher and that there's
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liability there, criminal intent there, maybe that's enough to get you to walk us through those documents inside the trump org, then we can place the became on those who orchestrated it. maybe that would help get an indictment on the executives. >> this is why white-collar cases almost always rely on an insider that flips. documents need explanation. you need someone to walk you through the documents and explain what was really going on here. at the moment, it appears prosecutors don't have that person. they someone else who was involved in the trump organization who could do that? who could walk them through the documents and explain exactly what was going on? >> i think it's sped up because of jeff mcconnie. >> who is he?
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>> he is the main accountant within the firm. he's the controller of the trump payroll corp, which seems to be at the hub of the taxes. he also wrote every bill -- he's not a decision maker, but he knows where every -- he also knows where every number is puts and every bank account is put. his name is on a lot. there's a lot of liability, including signing off on expenses. >> and he has cooperated with prosecutors? >> he has cooperated, like you have? >> he's walked through -- he's been walking through it with the grand jury people. >> he's testified before the grand jury. >> correct. >> so as we're looking at all of this, right, and all trying to figure out who the players are, it brings up a lot of question if there is jeff mccony, what was the role of donald trump's children?
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what were their roles within the company? what would they have been exposed to? >> they became trustee, as we know, but allen is such a control freak -- being they were the trump children, they could make decisions and no one could override that. everything was discussed about donnell. he knew about everything, but the roles were -- they became executives right alongside allen, sitting in that office since 2017. >> you want allen controlled everything. >> yeah. i think he liked to control everything. for example, one of jeff's assistants, debra stilio, was suddenly put as a secretary, because allen likes to control and makes sure everything goes the way he set it up in 1973.
5:19 am
>> they would talk to donald trump, the ceo, the former president, but there would never been any contemporaneous record of those conversations? no e-mails, no texts, because donald trump doesn't e-mail or text, right? >> there could be other witnesses, and they've asked me who longer works there, who would be aggrieved there's a whole slew of witnesses. but donald trump with that sharpie, he liked to sign everything, be a part of every number, you know, i don't really know exactly how it works. i'm just giving the best, put i my voice to the documents and striving for justice. >> what do you think the long-term impact could be on the trump organization? >> oh, i don't think there's anything legal that's been going on. i think it will be shut down. >> you think the company will be
5:20 am
shut down? >> absolutely, yes. >> we shall see. >> we shall see. >> a big afternoon ahead, jennifer. thank you for coming in. president biden and the first lady headed for the collapsed condo building in florida. we have a live update on that search, just ahead. bill cosby a free man this morning after a court ruling. live reaction from one of his accusers. the republican leader now threatening to punish gop lawmakers if they dare join a committee. he would not punish marjorie taylor greene this way, but adam kindsinger and liz cheney? really?
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement bill cosby is at home this morning, freed from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court ruled that his due process rights had been violated. cosby had been in prison since 2018 for sexually assault, but more than 50 women had come ahead with accusations as well.
5:25 am
gloria allred, she says cosby drugged and raped her at a hollywood hills apartment in 1969. bill cosby's at home, he's free. how do you feel about that? >> dismayed, enraged, infuriated, and stunned. we had just received a letter stating that his parole had been denied, and we received that letter preemptively in may. he wasn't due to come up in parole on thinks 3 to 10-year sentence until september 25th. so it was a shock when we got the letter saying he was preemptively denied parole, but we were, like, yeah. and then this came out of left field. i mean, who would have expected this? >> more than 50 women have come forward with accusations like
5:26 am
the one you have made. it takes great courage -- >> more than 60. >> more than 60. it takes courage to come forward after so much time has passed. if you knew this would happen. if you knew he would be released from jail on a technicality, when you made the decision to tell your story, your truth, how would that have affected you? >> not at all. i stand in solidarity with my sister survivors. when i was raped, when i was drugged, kidnapped and raped in 1969 by bill cosby, it never occurred to me that it was anyone more than me being stupid, naive, vulnerable, because my little boy his drowned. i was grieving, i was very vulnerable, but then once i broke my silent and discovered there were all these other women
5:27 am
coming out of the wood wwork, t same experience, the same pattern of behavior, i feld, my god, this guy is a serial rapist. this was a plan, this was a pattern. so i was really grateful to have found other women who had experienced similar things as i had with him, and we were all finding our voice and standing up for women's rights. >> gloria, the pennsylvania supreme court did not make any determination on the facts themselves that were presented. they did not say this was a case of andrea constan, but they said there was a deal, they made a deal, basically i'm not going to prosecutor, you should go testify under oath in this civil trial, and that deal needed to be honored going forward. legally sound?
5:28 am
>> well, that's what the pennsylvania supreme court decided. of course, there are issues as to whether in fact there really wall a deal, a non-prosecution deal, but they decided that the promise was made to not prosecutor, that mr. cosby relied to his detriment on that promise, when he testified in that case, he could no longer in invoke the right to -- because he was he answered questions, and the supreme court said he gave incriminating answers and statements which were used against him in the criminal case. they felt that was a violation of do due process. he is now a free man. there cannot be a further prosecution in pennsylvania, and
5:29 am
i'm not aware of prosecutions anywhere else of bill cosby. that's the bad news for many survivors. the good news is we still have a civil lawsuit pending in l.a. county superior court in santa monica. we're going back to the judge in august to have a status conference. we have been awaiting this supreme court decision, and now the court will be ready to set a date for us to finish our discovery and perhaps to set a date for trial. the discovery is going to involve mr. cosby having to sit for his deposition and answering our questions under oath. this is a very serious case, voc involving an allegation of child sexual abuse, that mr. cosby is alleged to have committed an act of child sexual abuse on our client at the playboy mansion in southern california. we're looking forward to him
5:30 am
answering questions, because he can't invoke his fifth amendment privilege, because he won't be prosecuted again in pennsylvania. one last thing, i would like to say to all the braves victims, all the survivors, all the accusers, this is not over. when it comes to mr. cosby's oy bit wear, it will be in his obituary that he was convicted of three felonies, aggravated, indecent sexual assault even though the conviction was overturned by the pennsylvania supreme court, that will always be a part of his obituary. that is due to the courage of all of the brave women who testified against him. i did represent the majority of the prior bad act accusers in that case. >> gloria all-very, thank you for your time.
5:31 am
vehi victoria, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. we have chilling new video that's emerged right before the collapse of the florida condo building. and wee live outside the manhattan district attorney's office.
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president biden and the first lady departed the white house just moments ago bound for surside, florida, to visit the site of the collapsed condo tower. overnight new video surfaced showing water leaking into the building's garage just moments before the condo came down. the death toll now stands at 18, including two young children. 145 people remain unaccounted for. joining us is jamey patron is, thank you for being with us. this morning "the miami herald" is say the operations have been halted because of safety concerns. what can you tell us about this?
5:36 am
>> so, to the naked eye, i thinkal your viewers -- you have all done an amazing job covering this, but the viewers can see the building is structurally compromised, it's not safe, so we take an extraordinary amount of precautions to make issues the site is safe for those working on it, and those trapped in the rubble. we use lasers to make sure we're monitoring any type of tremors. we take an abundance of caution to make sure all lives are saved. >> just to be clear, have operations halted? >> no, operations never stop on site. whether it's the survey work, anything we can do to make sure the work is still constantly progresses, just like when last night's storms came through, the amount of lightning that came from it, the site is a big
5:37 am
lightning rod. ultimately when we have lightning strikes, we have to halt progress. >> what are the concerns with the stability of the remaining part of the tower? as you just explains, there are lasers pointed at it to make sure it doesn't shift in any dangerous way. >> just the same type of lasers a surveyor would i don't, it's not just the building, but the rubble itself. when you removed a 25,000-pound piece of concrete, saying, for example, a balcony, that creates a tremendous amount of holding in the pile, about you when you move it, it's going to shift. 25,000 doesn't move. when it does, everything moves with it. the amount of engineering that goes into making that removal safe is extraordinary. >> so, jimmy, i've been speaking to the israeli commander of their unit, who tells me they're a week into this.
5:38 am
this builts collapsed a week ago exact lid. he does say that hope is dimming, but also over the last 24 hours, more and more there have been voids in tunnels found underneath the debris. can you speak to that? >> yeah. there's some technology they were ability to bring. they actually started on it before there were boots on the ground, where they took original blueprints of the building, overlaid it with floor pans, and then overlaid that with the actual debris. so where a lot of times or first responders, the easiest way to start to find your way to the bedroom nighttime typically people are sleeping, they find maybe bathroom tile, next to the bathroom is the bedroom. next they found carpet, or they see kitchen etensiles, appliances, that's the way they drab. israelis, with a collaboration of that, based on where they have seen the rubble collapse,
5:39 am
they have helped narrow the window of saying this area here is where a bedroom should be, and it's been very helpful, and it's made the efforts more efficient. >> jimmy patronis, we appreciate you being here, and we're appreciative of all the works you've been doing. we look forward to speaking to you again soon. >> thanks so much. >> just in this morning, sources tell cnn that house leader kevin mccarthy has threatened to strip republican members of their committee assignments if they accept an offer from nancy pelosi to serve on the committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack. jessica dean is live on capitol hill. jessica, i just want to put this in perspective. kevin mccarthy tried to keep the house from stripping marjorie taylor greene from her committee assignments after he made those claims about lasers and those
5:40 am
things. now he's threatening to strip members of their assignments if they serve on this committee? >> reporter: right, if they participate at all. there had been questions about where did the minority leader stand on this. would he appoint members? would he participate? this is the answer, making a blanket threat to house republicans, if they agree to serve on this committee, they will be stripped of their committee assignments, which of course is how you get bills introduced, how do you work on the house side and really participate as a house member, so quite a threat. it means if they follows through with that, anyone who says yes will be bounced from the committees on which they serve. ultimately, to your point. marjorie taylor greene was stripped of her committees, so she's, but this is directed at adam kinzinger and liz cheney, two r
5:41 am
two republicans who voted for this select committee. they were the only republicans. they both said they preferred a bipartisan commission in the senate, on nancy pelosi moved forward, so it remains to be seen what they will do, and also remains, will speaker pelosi appoint a republican? we have to find out these answers to. we'll see what the house speaker determines will be her path forward, but again underscoring the news here, the takeaway is that the house minority leader has told all the republicans, if they agree to serve on this committee looking into what happened here, what transpired during a deadly insurrection on january 6th, they will be removed from their committees. john, that's quite a statement. we will see what happened. he clearly does not want any
5:42 am
republican participation. >> very notable in mccarthy world, what he thinking should get people punished and what doesn't. jeffrey toobin is here, to pick up where berman left off, it's fascinating to see what mccarthy potentially acts on and what he doesn't. there's comments from greene, spreading conspiracy theories, liking posts about violence against democrats, he took a long time to come out and said those comments were wrong, but wouldn't strip her of my committee assignments, ultimately that was done by house democrats, but to threaten members who are potentially going to serve on a committee looking to find facts to understand what happened, it begs the question, what is kevin mccarthy afraid of? >> it is also only the beginning of the obstruction this committee will face.
5:43 am
remember, the core issue that this committee is charged with is the origin of this insurrection. you know, who knew this was coming? who directed it? who approved it? who supported it as it was unfolding? obviously a lot of those questions will be directed at the trump white house. one of the lessons that the trump white house learned is that you can obstruct congress with impunity. you can say we're not cooperating, we're not testifying, we're not turning over documents. what happens then? congress then has to go to court. though cases go on a slow boat to nowhere. they take months to be resolved, if they're resolved at all, and that is likely what this committee is going to face. it's not just that the republicans will refuse to participate in the organization of the committee, they will be -- the committee itselves will be faced with no
5:44 am
cooperation from anyone who served in the trump administration. >> and also there's this threat to members, right? if you participate in this committee, i strip you of your committees, this threat which could potentially keep republicans off of that plays into look how partisan this is, after republicans struck down the other option that had been agreed to and negotiated. we're out of time. it's not the last time we'll talk about it. jeffrey, thank you. breaking news this morning. the chief financial officer of the trump organization turning himself in. much more coverage just ahead, but first the disturben rise of anti-semitism in america. >> they're motivated by a strong feeling of hate, obvious lip ignorance as well. [music starts]ping
5:45 am
[sfx]: happy screaming [music ends] (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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we've seen an alarming increase in hate crimes across the united states. anti-semitic incidents have reached near historic levels. this morning, in the first of a two-part investigation, we look at not only what's been happening, but the reasons behind it. here is cnn's nick watt. >> -- >> reporter: he left feces outside and spat at a menorah. >> we live in a world where hate is easy. >> reporter: and jews having --
5:49 am
>> and i mean -- i -- >> eye terrified to wear this outside. >> but do you? >> no. >> 12% of americans told pollsters that jews in this country have too much power. >> we're dealing with tens of millions that have anti-semitic tendencies. >> andy meic, including in our own data, not very long ago, consistently show higher levels among young people. most forms of prejudice we study you herer among. >> reporter: they sought out by young pro-palestinian men. >> the guys in the car got out, started running toward the cables, and asking insdrimby yo
5:50 am
new york. he was surrounded by a group that began to. >> kick me, punch me, assault me with weapons and pepper spray or mace me, for good measure at the end. i'm trying to be macho and not let it affect but it does effect you. when you're alone and there is nothing on your mind. >> reporter: some jewish college kids after a barrage of hate during this the war between israel and hamas, now scared to go back to campus. >> are you scared? >> yes. i mean, yes. and i try not to be. >> reporter: julia founded an instagram forum and gathers tales like this. >> somebody drove by slowly and rolled down her window and with her phone started yelling out fjews and. >> and it is now spread far and wide like never before.
5:51 am
thanks to social media. >> if adolf hitler had an instagram account, the holocaust would have happened a lot quicker because the public would have been convinced a lot sooner. >> i saw a post yesterday saying that 40% of palestinian children are sexually assaulted by israelis. which is a crazy number that has no source but it is all over the internet and there are ways to see what people are doing. >> reporter: and some calling posts they see as anti-semitic. so where did the jews go? that is fella had he'd, more than 43 million followers. she also posted this. charged, language, had i.d. said toss not about the history over 2,000 years. >> you can't learn history from instagram. >> reporter: some also call out members of squad for the likes of this and this. last month representative cori
5:52 am
bush of missouri tweeted the black and palestinians struggles for liberation are interconnected and said this about u.s. military aid to israel. >> if their funding a military that polices and killed palestinians, i have some communities in st. louis city and st. louis county where that money could go, where we need investment and hurting. >> reporter: those congresswomen stand against all forms of hate that they are legitimately criticizing the israeli government. others see it differently. that israel and jews are used as scapegoats. >> you make the jews as a collective, israel, the face of all that you don't like. of all that is standing in the way between you and a brighter more progressive future. that is how anti-semitism and atrocities against my people have always begun. >> synagogues are being defaced from alaska to arizona.
5:53 am
>> and sadly it is a reality. we've seen the rise across america. >> reporter: yes incidents spiked around the war in may. >> it's never been about the conflict. >> >> reporter: okay, what does the data say. >> they've pointed to israel palestinian conflict and the tropes of anti-semitism. >> reporter: american je wefs are suffering hate from many sides. >> jewish americans could feel, how do i say this right, they could feel squeezed. >> reporter: stones were thrown through synagogue windows in new york in april. a young black man was arrested. some see this man as fuelling an anti-semitism in the black community. >> and i'm here to separate the good jews from the satanic jews. yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: but say the social scientists, one group is still
5:54 am
the biggest issue. >> we see high rates of anti-semitic attitudes on the far right. >> >> reporter: and on the left, it is the man accused of shooting up a synagogue in san diego in 2019 was just 19 at the time. >> it spread apart in the aiming position right at me. >> reporter: our previous president trivialized anti-semitism. >> you won't support me because i don't want your money. >> it makes it acceptable, you saw the president say this on television. >> very fine people on both sides. >> after this. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: they won't. roughly 7.5 million jews in america roughly 175 million white christians. >> i think it is education. >> reporter: but for example just 19 states require the holocaust be taught in secondary school. so 31 states do not. >> there were a few generations of americans who may have
5:55 am
interacted with a holocaust survivor sand a world war ii veteran and that has gone away. >> reporter: security steps up around many jewish institutions. >> we want to empower or jewish community to protect themself. >> reporter: trains to protect their own community. >> people are motivated by a strong feeling of hate, of obviously ignorance as well. my question is what happens next? >> i've never met these people. i don't understand why they hate me. i wasn't wearing an israeli flags or i'm not israeli, i'm american. >> there are many jews my age ready to move to israel buzz they see the writing on wall here. >> it seems like a small thing. >> reporter: let's end where we started. florida. hitler was right. a sickening sentiment gaining traction in america now in 2021. now a lot of jewish people we spoke to here in the united
5:56 am
states say it is beginning to feel a little bit like europe and that is not a good thing. anti-semitic incidents and attacks have been rising in europe for a couple of decades now. 2020 and parts of germy were told incidents were up 30%. john. >> a sobering report. nick watt, thank you very much for that. so former donald trump has been ranked as the worst president in office during the last 150 years and the fourth worst overall. that is according to a c-span survey that includes the assessment of 142 observers of the presidency. joining me now is one of the historians, tim naftali and former director of the nixon presidential library. look, i guess the good news, tim, for trump, is that he was ranked above franklin pierce, james buchanan and andrew johnson. three racist, owe two of whom
5:57 am
indifference led to the civil war. so trump has that going for him. >> to debut in the basement of american presidents is just awful. he is the first to debut in one of the surveys at that level since warren g. harding when the rankings of american presidents began by arther schlesingers earth early in the 20th century. donald trump who loves superlatives should not be happy with this outcome. and the historians represent scholars of many backgrounds and many political persuasions. so donald trump managed to strike out with conservatives as well as liberals. >> what does it mean exactly? how is this judged, what does it mean that donald trump is nearly the worst president ever according to historians. >> well we were given a list of ten characteristics of presidencies and asked to rate each president according to a
5:58 am
standard of one to ten on each of the characteristics, moral authority, foreign affairs, administrative capabilities, and when everything was tallied, abraham lincoln was number one, george washington was number two and donald trump was tied with franklin pierce for 41, 42. >> it really is astounding to see that. does donald trump have any modern competition in terms of being ranked so poorly? >> richard nixon is ten rankings above him. so i guess ooze the only modern competition that donald trump really has. and richard nixon did not mishandle a pandemic, the worst public health crisis in a century in our country. >> is that now -- i think you had trump ranked even lower which is hard to believe. i mean franklin pierce and buchanan and andrew johnson were
5:59 am
just retched presidents. you had trump lower than some of them. was it the pandemic or the insurrection. >> it was the insurrection. the pandemic, the fact that trump subordinated our national interest with personal interest, those were bad enough, but january 6 changed it all. he's the first president not to have accepted the outcome of an election and first president not to support a peaceful transfer of power. those are so dangerous. those are president dents that are so dangerous that i thought he deserved to be considered the worst president in our history. >> where do you have him ranked? >> the worst. absolutely, i worst for the atlantic. first ever. >> and just to be clear. >> and that is saying a lot because buchanan is terrible. >> we have ten seconds left. presidents have moved up occasionally after their initial ranking? >> yes. he might move up two or three spots as people forget.
6:00 am
but i doubt we are going to discover there was a hidden hand that made him a better president. >> tim naftali, we appreciate you being with us. thank you for your historical perspective. >> thank you, john. so wove a lot of breaking news this morning. the cfo of the trump administration indicted, information coming to light in florida in the condo collapse. cnn coverage continues right now. thanks, john. there is a lot of breaking news this morning. we're glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. so the breaking news this morning, indicted. the trup trump organization's allen weisselberg indicted not just him but the trump organization as a business on criminal charges related


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