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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  July 1, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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ry, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at . welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we have reports this morning from surfside, florida, kabul, shanghai and istanbul. i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm whitney wild. it is thursday, july 1, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. >> a lot of news to get to, a lot of legal news to get to. at any moment now we're waiting for trump organization cfo allen weisselberg to turn himself over to prosecutors in manhattan. sources tell us that the manhattan grand jury has indicted the former president's
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name sake company and its chief financial officer, the indictment is the first to charge the trump organization with criminal conduct. the d.a.'s investigation is part of a broader criminal probe into whether trump's dou 's company undervalued or in-flflate asset for financial gain. paula reid starts us off this morning. >> reporter: good morning. a new york grand jury has returned charges against the trump organization and its long time cfo wise he whi they are alleging that they didn't disclose perks like free apartments, free cars and even free school tuition and that they did not pay proper taxes. the allegations stem from alleged tax crimes. it is very unusual to charge a company criminally for not paying taxes on company perks,
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especially because so many employees at different companies receive these kinds of perks. but we know that new york prosecutors have been engaging in a pressure campaign on mr. weisselberg to get help to cooperate, to get him to flip on his former boss, former president trump. now, at this point there is no indication that the former president or any member of his family will be charged. but we know that this investigation is active and on going. we expect that there will be court proceedings later this afternoon. but after that, this investigation continues. prosecutors will continue to press mr. weisselberg to cooperate. he has made it pretty clear he doesn't intend to do that. but sometimes after criminal charges are filed people change their mind depending on the strength of the evidence. so again, at this point no indication that the former president or any member of his family will be charged, but this investigation will continue after today. >> paula reid, thank you. bill cosby is a free man
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this morning in a surprise move, a divided pennsylvania supreme court overturned his sexual harassment conviction. here are a few of his accusers, all of whom are in a state of disbelief today. >> i'm totally overwhelmed. when i got the call this morning, i felt like i was hit by a train. you know, he deserved to be what he did because what he did was unjust. he is out on a technicality, but it doesn't change the fact that he is a predator. >> well, i'm sad and i'm feeling like this is a loss for me and for the other women who came forward. there were more than 63 of us who came forward in the end. i'm wondering what the purpose was of the 43 years of this ordeal and the trauma, the trauma that i had and the trauma that my family endured as a result. >> he is still professing that he is innocent, but he is not innocent.
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he is a notorious rapist. and he just got away with it. and this just sets back victims for wanting to come forward and give their voice because they feel like if you have enough money and you have enough time and money to work with someone that will help you and you can pay them, you can get off just about on anything. >> so how did this happen? in 2005, the then district attorney in montgomery county, pennsylvania assured cosby that he would not be charged with sexual assaulting andrea constand. constand later sued him in civil court, he admitted in depositions to giving quaaludes to women that he wanted to have sex with believing that he wasn't going to be prosecuted for that testimony. but that damning testimony was later used in a criminal trial defense cosby once a new prosecutor took over the case. the pennsylvania state supreme court ruling yesterday that the original prosecutor's deal with cosby meant that he couldn't later be tried and his due
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process rights with are violated. cosby spoke to cnn last night.a. cosby spoke to cnn last night. >> i don't know if you've ever seen the special on the fellow who shot martin luther king. there is an interview with the chief of police. and he says a guilty person knows more than anybody. well, i'm not guilty. so when i see what they are trying to put up and i'm saying, this is not right. >> social media lit up last night. cosby was supported by his former tv wife phylicia rashad, her tweet cheering the decision receiving a fair amount of blowback on social media.
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and howard university where she is a newly appointed dean of fine arts condemned that tweet. in 2018, cosby was convicted of drugging and assaulting andrea constand and had been behind bars ever sense. her attorneys say that the ruling is disappointing and could discourage or survivors of sexual assault from coming forward. so let's turn to our lawyer on the desk here. so laura, explain this, because there is a lot of confusion about exactly what the pennsylvania supreme court is saying. they are not saying that he is innocent, but instead are saying that as one of the survivors pointed out this is a tech techn technicality. >> it is important to raise that distinction because the court is not saying that he didn't do it, court is saying that you don't get to make a deal with a defendant, make they will rely on that idea that they won't be prosecuted and then do a bait and switch years later and say oh, by the way, no, that was a different prosecutor. the lower court thought, hey, that the prosecutor here bruce castor who ends up being trump's impeachment manager by the way,
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they said cass cass tor doesn't make that kind of a daily. he said that he did it to protect andrea constand thinking that she wasn't going to be able to go on the stand, the case wasn't strong enough, so let's at least have her be able to sue him for money. they would say that she didn't know about that deal, so i think that there is a little bit of a discrepancy, but the issue is defendant's rights for the court but you can't strip away all the facts. there are dozens upon dozens of women who said cosby assaulted them. >> and so now what happens, can someone else come forward -- can he be tried on other victim accounts? >> so the court in this case is saying that you cannot try him again on andrea constand's case. so this case cannot be tried again by the prosecutors. that doesn't mean any of the other dozens upon dozens of women who have alleged that he raped them or assaulted them could come forward and try to have a case. but remember, there is a statute
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of limitations. you can't just sue for rape impurpose duity. so the idea that anybody will be actually vindicated here, that he is actually going to be retried on any charges, appears pretty slim at this point. a lot of these allegations date back to the '70s and the statute has well sense passed. he's in his 80s and this probably is the end of the road for cosby in court. >> all right, laura, thank you. meanwhile, britney spears remains under the control 6 a conservatorship that she calls frankly abusive. her request to have her father removed has been denied. at least for now. >> spears says that she is being exploited and bullied by
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serve tore ship and specifically her father. and she wants an investigation into how she was forced to perform and take brirth control against her will. president biden is heading to you surfside to meet with families who are in agony over the loss of their loved ones. that story next. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. the tempur-pedic breeze° makes because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses.
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now you know. try it for free. visit ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. the tragedy in surfside, florida grows by the day. the bodies of two children ages four and ten have been found in the rubble as the death toll now rises to 18. a total of 145 people remain unaccounted for with hopes of survivors fading. president biden heads there today. rosa flores is live in surfside, florida. so what happens today. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady are expected to be briefed later today.
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in that briefing, we're expecting local officials and also florida governor ron desantis. after that, the first couple is expected to thank first s responders and rescue teams. and then later this afternoon president biden and the first lady will be meeting with families, families forced into this tragedy a week ago today, some of them mourning the lives of their loved ones. the national institute of standards and technology launched an investigation. now, this is a fact finding mission is what they said, not a fault finding mission. the goal here they explained is to improve building codes. and to him proof standards and practices. now, so far at least three lawsuits have been filed and as subpoenas go out and attorneys begin their own investigations, we're learning about potential red flags from years ago,
2:15 am
including a complaint from one resident who complained about leaks in the garage. also a 2018 photograph is emerging that shows cracks in the concrete in the pool equipment room. it looks very similar to the area shown in a photograph published by "the miami herald" that was shot about 36 hours before the collapse. it is important to note that the condo association tells cnn that it does not comment on pending l litigation. and then there is video shot moments before the collapse that shows water gushing from the garage. as for the rescue efforts, those are ongoing. i can tell you being here from day one, that as the days go by, officials here are becoming more and more emotional. take a listen. >> this is not a local event, not regional, not state, not national, it is an international
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event. and i was talking to one of the firefighters, and we're talking with the building. and they said jimmy, don't forget, there is people -- there is people that railroad living there that moved to this country because they wanted to be americans. so it carries a little bit different attachment because miami is such a great way to the greatest place in the world to live. when you cover this, when you repeat how heroic their efforts are, they don't watch tv, but their wives do, their moms and dads do, their kids do and they call and check in at home and they feed off of that. and it's also a great way you help them have the nourishment to do their job. >> reporter: whitney, there is so much emotion here in surfside. now that the deceased include two children, even more emotion is pouring out here. i had a conversation late last night after the identities of those children were released. i had a conversation with the
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miami-dade public school superint superintendent, and he says that 17 of his students lived in this building. he has been able to speak to 15. one of the deceased is one of his students. the other student is still unaccounted for. tells me that he, his staff, the entire district is just devastated. their hearts are heavy as more and more information is being released. they of course are praying for the other child that is unaccounted for. and so president joe biden and the first lady will probably have a very, very emotional day here because even though hope is still here, hope is still alive, we know search and rescue continues, but this is definitely a community in mourning. >> only hope now is that they can find any just small bit of peace in all of this heartbreak. rosa flores, thank you.
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does ending america's longest war mean a new civil war in afghanistan? cnn is live on the ground in kabul, next.
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welcome back. u.s. troops could be out of afghanistan in just a matter of days answer tand the security situation there is unraveling fast. anna coren has more on this. the taliban appear to be agenagenda i gaining even more ground. what are you learning? >> reporter: yeah, they got real momentum and that is certainly
2:23 am
alarming. alarming for people here who have lived this afghanistan for the past 20 years with the u.s. troops in country, that is now coming to an end within a matter of days. speaking to local afghans, people i've known now for more than ten years, they have said they feel a real sense of disbelief and aabandonment. they knew u.s. forces had to leave eventually, but this is being brought forward. the dead lean september for september 11th and now they could be out within days. they said we knew they couldn't stay here forever, but now is not the right time to leave afghanistan considering the advances that the taliban are making. they have launched these offenses around the country, but particularly in the north where previously they have been met with resistance. now they are gaining vast amounts of territory. it works out to be more than 100 of the 370 districts, that translates to more than 50% of
2:24 am
territory. they haven't taken provincial capitals as kret, buyet, but th encroaching. there was that u.s. intelligence report that said that the afghan government could fall within six months after u.s. troops leave. the afghan government denies that saying that they have 300,000 security forces who will defend the city, and obviously president biden has said that it is now up to the afghans to decide their own future. america isn't just walking away, they will leave 1,000 frootroop country to protect the u.s. embassy and secure the airport, but they are also committing $3.3 billion in security assistance. they will continue to fund the government, to fund the national security forces who are trying to obviously push back the
2:25 am
taliban. but one human rights lawyer i spoke to said that it is rapid withdrawal, and she is american, she said it is reprehensible particularly for what it means for women and young girls who have made huge advances. the fear is that taliban will return to power and that allmen raffle. >> that would be a real shame indeed. a lot of questions here. anna coren, thank you so much. and we have actual results in the new york city mayoral primary, but fallout from the epic reporting failure this week is just beginning. that story next.
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this is "early start." 29 minute, 30 minutes just past the hour. >> and donald trump's long time money man weisselberg owing sx expected to turn himself into prosecutors. a grand jury has indicted the trump organization and weisselberg after being under investigation for years. this would be the first criminal indictment against the former president's name sake company. our understanding is that the charges exacted to be unsealed at some point later today relate to alleged tax crimes connected to perks and other benefits that the company gave to its employees. so time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in our senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor elie honig. we've been waiting for this for a long time. we've known it is coming.
2:31 am
when you get that indictment today, what is the first thing you are looking for in? >> i want to see how big the tax loss is. because new york has a huge range of penalties fending on the tax loss. it could be as long as misdemeanor, it could be as high as 25 years. and that matters becauseis wouwould allen weisselberg is not flipping on a misdemeanor but he could if it is 25 years. >> so do you think that he will flip later on in. >> you can. ideally you want someone to flip as early as possible. i've seen people flep flip aft annen dimten sooichlt. i've seen it shake people loose. and you can even flip after you've been sentenced, but at a certain point the prosecutor's doors will be closed. >> if he does it after he is already sentenced, the kinds of deal he would get is nowhere
2:32 am
near what he would have got if he had cooperated from jump. it strikes me, i've said before, the d.a. didn't go to the u.s. supreme court court to get donald trump's taxes to take down weissallen weisselberg. it couldn't be that this is all that they have, but maybe it is just about cash and perks and a rent-free apartment and company car. the way the prosecutors and a.g.'s office has been so out in front and public about the fact that they were going after the former president, does it strike you that they must have some other card in their pocket or is this it? >> that is the question. if this is just the start, then it will be much bigger than all their efforts, all the time and resources would be justified. if this is it, just an indictment on the trump organization and nobody goes to jail on an indictment of an organization, and allen weisselberg given all the time and publicity and all the campaign statements, given the
2:33 am
amount of resources, then that is a pretty weak outcome if this is all they have. so that is one of the big questions going forward. >> i know this is just supposed to be three questions, i'll i'll ask you a fourth. is the main reason that they need weisselberg -- my understanding is because trump doesn't email, right? he doesn't text. and so how else are you going to prove intent here without weisselberg. >> exactly. as a prosecutor, you can't just say he was the boss so hence he is guilty. you have to prove that he knew about it and had the intent. if you couldn't have emails, you don't have texts, no evidence of a wiretap or anything, then you need a witness who can say, yes, he authorized this transaction, he authorized this scheme. doesn't appear that they have that bowithout weisselberg. >> all right, it will be a big day. >> i'm ready to go. next step in the congressional investigation of the capitol riot now this the hands of house speaker nancy
2:34 am
pelosi. after the house voted to create a new select committee to probe the january 6 attack, now the question is who will be on it. we know only two republicans voted to create that special panel that was liz cheney of wyoming and adam ken inzinger o illinois. so now pelosi will appoint ate of the panel's 13 members with the five others said to be named in consultation with kevin mccarthy. bennie thompson is seen as a leading candidate to run the panel. he points out the elephant in the room here, that mccarthy's infamous phone call to the then president begging him to call off the rioters who were storming the building could actually become part of the probe. >> he has acknowledged that he had a call. there have been other republicans who said that he had the call. and that would be part of the collection of evidence necessary to produce a report. >> mccarthy so far has refused
2:35 am
to say if he is going to cooperate and help nominate some members to the committee. majority leader steny hoyer said mccarthy should cooperate just as democrats did with the benghazi committee. a great wall of steel, a warning call from chinese president xi jinping positioning china's rise as inevitable and vowing that it would not be bullied by foreign countries. this all happeningommemorating f the communist party. david culver is live for us. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, 100 years ago about a few dozen folks gathered here, they started the party that has now grown to some 95 million members. and we have a look at just how much it has grown and of course they love to demonstrate this through pomp and circumstance, the performance that they put on today in beijing, now the
2:36 am
world's second largest economy, it is a fast modernizing military that is unnerving. rivals such as the u.s. and it is of course continuing on this trajectory. and they say they will not back down. and we heard from president xi jinping, programs the most powerful leader in decades here, and he said china will not be contained. take a listen. >> translator: at the same time, the chinese people will never allow ourselves to be bullied, oppressed or enslaved by any foreign powers. anyone who dares to try will find their heads baloody agains a great wall of steel, foreigned by over 1.4 billion chinese people. skrrgs. >> bloodied against a great wall of steel. the words sound quite serious.
2:37 am
but we should note in context and using the chinese, it is a p bit more subtle, not as threatening if you will english translation. but it is important to note that this is a country that wants to demonstrate to the world that they will not be told what to do. and we have seen that over and over again especially in recent years against the trump administration and now continuing against the biden administration. one thing missing here in the official narrative are the missteps, the catastrophes, the failures including the bloody crackdown against student protests in 1989 in tiananmen square and cultural revolution. those things are never made mention of especially when it is something this public and this major of an event. i was in beijing 24 hours ago and i can tell you that was a city preparing for this, they will continue with celebrations here in shanghai where the party original ted originated. and it is expected that they will want this to be the world
2:38 am
looking at china on its rise and will even encompass in this 100 years an olympics, winter olympics in 2022 next year. so a lot of eyes on china and they know it. in >> and worth pointing out that elon musk picked today to praise their which i can economic prosperity and also cozied up to russia recently. so something to watch. david culver, thank you. the delta vary yants first variant has now been detenktd texted in all 50 states. and hospitalizations are increasing among young people sense may people between efl to 12 to 19 have accounted for about a third of the hospitalizations. concern for kids is one of the reasons that the surgeon general said this -- >> it is very reasonable for parents who are living with kids who are unvaccinated or for that
2:39 am
matter other family members unvaccinated to consider wearing a mask if they are in a high risk area or if their job requires a high degree of exposure. >> a top fda official says data onk kids under 12 is something they look forward to seeing hopefully this fall. more than a dozen people were injured in south los angeles when illegal fireworks exploded inside a bomb squad disposal truck. people had just seized the fireworks from a resident. it is not clear whether it exploded without warning or whether the officers were trying unsuccessfully to getdetonate t. several cars and windows in the area were damaged. >> i can't believe somebody had this on video. wow. finally, the new york city mayoral race is tightening between eric adams and kathryn garcia. it will come down to absentee
2:40 am
ballots. athena jones explains it all. >> reporter: good morning. new york city afford of elections published an updated set of the rank choice voting results one day after retractioning its previous release after it accidentally counted some 135,000 test ballots that had not been cleared from the computer system. eric adams narrowly led. and katherincath gar cia advance final round against adams in these preliminary results. tuesday july 6 is the first day that some of the more than # 25 125,000 absentee ballots will be included in the tab uheultabula. and in the wake of the snafu, bill de blasio called for refreform
2:41 am
reforms they would have to be passed by legislature, but they would be aimed at professionalizing the board and making it directly accountable to the elected officials. the election board has a long history of missteps like a purge of vote arolls and last year sending pre-printed ballots with the wrong names on them. >> athena jones, thank you. rob binhood is paying for misleading millions of customers. this trading app is accused of green lighting investors with little or no trading experience and failing to supervise its own technology properly. it is the largest ever penalty leveled by fin are ara leveled by fin are afinra. robinhood had been under scrutiny after a family sued while their 20-year-old son died by suicide after racking up a
2:42 am
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as of today a landmark human rights treaty is missing a key member. turkey's withdrawal is raising concerns that millions of women and geirls could now face greatr violence. arwa damon is live for us. explain to us why turkey is leaving the istanbul convention. >> reporter: and it is effectively meant to safe guard women and other victims of domestic violence. and it is essentially a pledge to try to tackle a number of these issues and ensure that the population and even fortunately when it comes to domestic violence that generally does tend to mean women are safe and that perpetrators are actually
2:47 am
held accountable. this is the first time, whitney, that member of the council of europe has withdrawn from an international human rights convention. why would turkey do this when it was the first country to ratify it? well, officially the development says its own laws are strong enough to actually protect women. and that is on the one hand true to a certain degree. turkish legislation does really ensure that women's rights are fully protected. but you have this overarching issue of implementation, that legislation is quite simply not being implemented. this by and large came about because of a certain amount of political pressure from some of the conservative groups here president erdogan who were arguing that the convention also validated same sex domestic partnerships and that that in
2:48 am
effect damaged fundamental turkish family values. but as you can imagine, women's rights groups here are enraged as are many women who you talk to in the streets. because this country's femicide rate, the rate of a woman being murdered by someone she knows, whether a family member, boyfriend, husband, lover, they are on average one a day. and now that turkey has officially withdrawn from this convention, many we'll feel as if one of the blankets of protection that they should have has been ripped away from them and everyone who you talk to says that they fear that femicide rates will go up. >> arrwa damon, thank you. the parents of at least 368 my migrant children have still not been found. 2800 children were separated
2:49 am
from their parents under trump's so-called zero tolerance policy. officials later found homore th 1,000 had been separated back in 2018. the u.s. supreme court will issue its last two opinions of the permanent today, chief among them what could be the most significant voting rights skas i case in a deck add. jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: a big last day for the supreme court, we're expecting the release of its two final opinions, one on whether charities have to disclose donor information to the state of california, and the other highly anticipated case concerning voting rights. the court will weigh in on two specific provisions out of arizona, one that remembers election officials to discard ballots cast at the wrong pre precinct, the other making it a crime for third parties to collect ballots and deliver them to polling places, what they call ballot harvesting. a lower court has already struck down these provisions saying that they unfairly impact
2:50 am
minorities but the broader issue is how the supreme court construes section two, a provision that has not been widely used but it bars any procedure that results in minorities being denied the right t right to vote. the question is what will challengers will to prove to be successful in mounting the sense two claims. progressives are concerned that it will weaken the ways that minorities can challenge the voting laws, and there is also the question of how will this decision impact the lawsuit just filed by the justice department against georgia for its recent changes to voting laws that the attorney general says discriminates against blacks. so we will see when the court unveils its final two opinions of the term this morning. >> jessica schneider, thank you. a brutal heatwave, the worst on record in the pacific northwest, is blamed for
2:51 am
hundreds of deaths in oregon, washington state and western ca canada. nearly 1700 emergency room visits were due to heat-related illnesses in washington state and oregon's biggest county has seen a report number of 911 calls for medical emergencies. in british columbia, almost 500 sudden deaths reported since last friday, that is triple the normal number for this time of year. the entire village of lytton is under an evacuation order because of a fast spreading wildfire, it started after the village saw 120 degrees, all 249 lytton residents are being advised to go to a safe location. the mayor calls the situation dire and says that the whole town is on fire. >> that is jesqis scary. a florida law that would allow fines on social media companies is on hold. it was scheduled to go into febt today but a federal judge issued an injunction wednesday saying it likely violated the free
2:52 am
speech rights of tech companies. the legislation was inspired by former president trump's social media ban following the attack on the u.s. capitol. after missing the playoffs for the last ten years, the phoenix suns are now in the nba finals. andy scholes has the beach er repor report oig. >> great day to be a suns fan. the team is heading to the nba finals and it is thanks to an epic performance from chris paul, putting the team on his back scoring 31 points in the second half. the most points he has scored in any half of his 16 year nba career. frustrating patrick beverley to the point that he shoved him to the ground near tend of the gay. paul finishing with 41 points as they win 130-103. paul heading to the nba finals
2:53 am
for the first time in his career. >> i was just happy and proud of our team, you know what i mean. not winning coach of the year, but we know who he is. i experienced covid, you know what i mean, just a week ago i was here at home, couldn't be there with my teammates. and that is what you call next man up. they won two games in the series without me. it has been a lot and, man, i just want it not just to myself, but for everybody in that locker room. >> tampa bay lightning are two games away from repeating as stanley cup champions. the play of the night coming from black ke coleman scoring t buzzer beater in the second period. a canadian team has not won the cup since the canadiens did it back in 1993.
2:54 am
and mitchigan state beat vanderbilt last night. pitching six no-hit innings. the bulldogs claiming the first national championship in any team sport in school history with the 9-0 win. and check out the party back home in starkville, mississippi. fun times there celebrating that title. and good timing for those mississippi state players because starting today, college athletes across the country can profit off their name, image and likeness. the ncaa approving interim guidelines yesterday. many states already had passed laws that were set to go into effect today allowing players to get paid. ncaa president mark emmert saying the organization is still committed to working with congress to pass more permanent federal legislation. finally, a soccer phenom is going pro after a landmark legal decision. the 15-year-old signing a three
2:55 am
year contract with the portland thorns yesterday. u.s. stdistrict court ruled tha the age restriction barring girls under the age of 18 violated antitrust laws. they don't have a cba in the nwsl. so that is why this was overturned. so for now, 15 years old playing pro soccer. >> for for her. i was not doing that at 15. very impressive. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to have you this week. >> thank you for having me. >> you were a wonderful host. >> and christine is back tomorrow, i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. it's dry. there's no dry time. makes us wonder why we booked fifteen second ad slots.
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