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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 19, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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large portions of the republican party are going to look at marjorie taylor greene and say she got the vaccine and i will now as well, and the modeling would help. >> we'll pick up on our coverage tomorrow. thanks for joining us. i am ana cabrera in new york. we start with the latest twist on capitol hill, and republicans are suddenly opposing a bipartisan 9/11 style commission that would investigate the january 6th attack. cnn is learning right now house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, and w.h.i.p., steve scalise, are pressuring members to vote against the commission, and minority leader mitch mcconnell just announced on the floor that he also opposed this commission. but why?
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are they scared of what this commission will find? are the answers just not important? mccarthy has argued another investigation would be redundant but that didn't seem to be a problem in the face of benghazi? remember, republican leaders supported ten investigations, and manu for days now we have been reporting that the top democrat and republican on the house homeland security committee struck this deal for a commission, and this was a bipartisan effort. i understand you are learning more about why republicans suddenly had a change of heart? >> the driving concern of republicans and talking to senior republican senators public publicly an publicly and privately, the concern is the way this is structured and they are worried the investigation could drag out through the course of the year
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and according to the legislation they are required to have a report done by the end of the year but there are fears it would spill into next year when the control of congress is at stake, and republicans are worried it would shine a negative light on their party and snare the house republican leader that had spoken to donald trump on january 6th, had a tense conversation with him, and there are questions of whether he would have to testify and house republicans with senate republicans tried to overturn some of the results in key states, and all of that wrapped into a report could be an unwelcomed distraction on their party, as they are trying to focus on the economy, and the biden agenda and on jobs. john thune said they feel they
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could weaponize this, and it would be the democrats dream to have this going through its course through next year, and it will pass the house tonight with a bipartisan vote, but probably not more than 40 members of the house republican congress will vote for it, and then it will come to the senate and that's the question here, can 60 senators vote to break a filibuster. ten republicans prank ranks and mitch mcconnell said it would overlap with ongoing investigations, and that concern is being echoed by a wide range of senate republicans and it's unlikely they could get the 60 vote. they will see if they can make any changes and win people over, but right now it seems a long shot at best because it's stiffening the republican opposition. >> it's never too late to go back the other direction. thank you for staying on top of
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it. we are joined by the chair of the committee on house administration and a member of the house judiciary committee. we know republican leaders are applying pressure on their colleagues to vote against this bill. we also have seen a strong statement from the former president, president trump, against this commission. do you see this vote becoming the new litmus test for republican loyalty to the former president? >> well, perhaps. i mean, this is about putting our country first, having a dispassionate, nonpolitical analysis of what happened on january 6th when the congress was attacked, essentially our constitutional processes were attacked. it's important for the united states that we have a functioning government, that we don't have those that would topple that government hiding under stones. we need to shine a light on it and the way to do that is this commission which republicans and
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democrats agreed was the way to proceed until -- >> right -- >> -- apparently now, and president trump doesn't want the truth to come up. >> it's not just president trump but now we are hearing from kevin mccarthy, and mitch mcconnell, and we have reported, i'm thinking back to the impeachment trial, the second impeachment specifically, and we were reporting at that time republicans were afraid for their lives if they voted to impeach. do you think fear is motivating some republicans in today's vote? >> i don't know the answer to that. but i will say this. everything that the republicans said they wanted in this commission bill was accommodated. this is a bipartisan agreement between the chair and ranking member of the homeland security committees, and even numbers of republicans and democrats and no sitting elected official can serve as experts, and hopefully
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people who are recognized as elder states person in our country to get to the truth so all of america has a common understanding of the facts. it's important to have a common understanding of the facts in order to proceed with policy of prescriptions, and what i see happening now is an effort to try and warp what really happened. it really was not an armed insurrection, it was like a tourists visit. come on, i was there. these are people that tried to overturn the electoral count and attacked the police and invaded the capitol and we were lucky that we weren't killed by them. >> right, as you point out, it was congressman clyde that compared the insurrection to a tourists visit, he said if you didn't know otherwise and were
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just looking at the video that's what some would have thought, and we know the problem solvers caucus, and dozens of republicans have come out with a statement saying they support the commission as it has been negotiated. you have talked to your gop colleagues of their concerns if they don't vote the party line? >> i haven't. you know, i have had republican members tell me they think the commission is necessary and support it, and that was before mccarthy and mcconnell, and apparently former president trump came out against it. we'll see how they vote. but i think those of us who want the country to survive, who are putting the united states ahead of our political party will want to support this commission. i hope that includes large numbers of both democrats and republicans in the house, because we should all be patriots before we are members of a party. >> you don't think congressman
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mccarthy or senator mcconnell want this country to survive? >> if they are not willing to accept the truth as a basis for what happened in january as a prescription for what we need to do to preserve the institutions of our country, then that is a serious assault on our country, our constitution and our ability to thrive as the oldest democracy -- constitutional democracy in the world. that's what is really important here, more than these petty partisan politics. >> quickly if you will, because one of the arguments we are hearing from republicans is that this investigation would be duplicative, and you are on one of the committees doing its own investigation, and there are seven in the house i have counted and we know there are also investigations happening in the senate in different committees and then the department of justice investigation as well. what would the bipartisan
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commission be able to uncover or investigate or probe that these other investigations won't be able to do? >> well, obviously, you know, we have some pieces of jurisdiction in various committees, and we're having a hearing today about the capitol police board and how it functions and whether there should be reform. that doesn't really get to the gist of how did thousands of people become convinced that they were somehow helping the country by attacking the police and invading the congress of the united states? how did that happen? i think we need to understand that if we are going to preserve our democracy. >> congresswoman, appreciate you taking the time with us. thank you. >> thank you. also developing, new legal pressure squeezing former president trump, the state attorney in new york announcing her investigation into the trump
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investigation now has a criminal component. chris, walk us through the move from the new york ag. >> first, this is leticia james, new york state attorney general, democrat, and now last night this is why this is important, we get a statement from the spokesman for james saying we are now actively investigating the trump organization in a criminal matter. donald trump has put out a statement from his desk of donald trump website, in which he dismisses this as the kind of a thing a third world country does. we didn't put it in the wall because i don't think it's particularly relevant, it's just political pap in a lot of ways, just him talking. he has put out a statement in
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tkh everything you would expect him to say which about this, witch hunt, et cetera, et cetera, has been said and that doesn't change the fact that we now have a criminal element to the investigation that leticia james is conducting and now it's being conducted in accordance with the manhattan district attorney. >> this is another step. the next step in the investigation of the trump organization since 2019, and so how did we get here? >> it's part of a broader series of investigations. the most closely linked is the new york attorney general and the one advvance is looking int. i feel like in some ways all roads look to michael cohen. remember, perjury in front of congress is a federal offense. it was my experience that mr. trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes, and
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deflated his assets to reduce his real estate taxes. what is being alleged and what the james probe in particular is looking at is did donald trump fudge the values of his properties, did he say this was is worth a lot so i can make that forbes list of wealthiest people, and this one not worth so much so i can pay less taxes, and that's illegal. let's go to who we know the james probe has talked to and it has been going on since 2019, and the criminal piece is new, but this has been going on. when donald trump becomes president, eric and don junior run the business. and then nothing better than circling it with green. i am a regular john king and phil mattingly. the ceo of the trump organization, this is the guy
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that knows where all the money is put. he was with the trump organization when donald trump's dad was in charge of it. this guy is the guy to really watch. the other person they talked to that we know about is a trump tax attorney and she apparently refused to talk to -- she was deposed but didn't talk. these three are the ones to watch. look, this is the big one. allen weissalburg, he's the guy because you know the money guy knows where everything is, right? he knows where everything was put and where it went. he's the guy, really, when you read the coverage here to keep an eye on. >> i love that moment with you right then, the simple pleasures. appreciate that so much. >> i feel like i made it. >> yeah, it's like christmas. chris cillizza, good to see you. >> back to serious business
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here. let's bring informer federal prosecutor, laura coates. the new york attorney general's office now say they are investigating the trump organization in a criminal capacity, not just civil, but no reason for the change was given. read between the lines for us. what does all this tell you? >> this tells me why now? what has been learned over the course of these months and why was this announcement made? we don't know whether or not it was made immediately to the trump organization at the same time as it relates to the public, and i doubt it was, and what changed to have the two independent entities decide to join forces? in part it's what chris was explaining on his magical wall, and given your conversation with the congresswoman and the idea about concerns of re-inventing the wheel or doing something more than once, and in new york
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they are building off what has been naturally a sim by automatic relationship. it's about the deflation and the inflation and assets, and it makes sense to have them come together and now adding a criminal element here is very important to talk about, because it talks about the range of behavior, the egregiousness of the conduct to go from civil liability to criminal liability, and still could be underlying wrongs but you are talking about a criminal probe and i am wondering what was learned to up the ante in terms of a criminal investigation. >> what does it mean in terms of the scope and the potential criminal charges? >> wide. it has been months -- in fact, years in the making. it began, as chris was talking about, michael cohen speaking about the idea of having to have
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it both ways, and depressciatio of your assets, and then going up to the supreme court to get the tax documents and that's important and you have a limitations period still an issue here and the impending retirement of vance. now combining forces says to me that they are trying to capitalize on the time they have not to duplicate efforts and use what the ag's office already had in terms of interviews and depositions and documents and the like, and the reverse is true, they are trying to capitalize and make sure the scope fits inside the time you have if they decide to bring charges. >> you mentioned the taxes.
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how big of a factor is it he's no longer able to use the shield of president to shield from investigators? >> it's everything. of course, federal prosecution is what the president of the united states is initially able to control in terms of having the immunity as president, but it comes down to the taxation. what has been in the taxes? he has been one of the first american presidents in modern history to not disclose information. there was a fight to get the data, which is probably why the idea of joining forces here to not try and have to get it again makes sense. having this information, having the documents over actually conform and build the foundation if they decide to bring charges or decide there are not charges that need to be brought based on what has been said. remember, we have heard from michael cohen and he has served time on a separate related
10:18 am
matter, and the idea is they have to have corroboration. the investigation is intended to do a wide swath, an investigation, and get what they need to tell if somebody violated the tax code and how they are identifying assets and income, or not identifying it, it's through our tax documents, and this is huge. >> you're on it for us, and thank you. we're following major headlines on the pandemic today as well. it's a big day here in the northeast as three states lift restrictions. we have those details. in the south, texas making it clear to local governments and even schools if you require people to mask up, we'll make you pay up. plus, an epic reversal in the so-called audit of arizona's 2020 election results. the firm hired to look into fraud say they were wrong when they made explosive claims about
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rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. a major milestone for the northeast today. three states, new york, new jersey and connecticut will all lift capacity restrictions in most cases. new york and connecticut also dropping mask and social distancing requirements in most settings for fully vaccinated people with a few exceptions like in schools and on public transit. in new jersey mask still need be to be worn inside even for those who are fully vaccinated. alex field is live in new york. what are you hearing from new yorkers about the big move? >> reporter: yeah, everybody is acknowledging that this is a remarkable step forward when you consider where this city was a year ago, and they are crediting
10:24 am
the promotion of the effectiveness of vaccines, and we're hearing a lot of hesitancy from new yorkers, and don't necessarily expect the city to look entirely different overnight. here at this train station in lower manhattan, you are required to keep your mask on because you do have to wear a mask in public transportation and schools if you are fully vaccinated, and those who are not fully vaccinated, of course, must wear the mask and mandates have not been lifted from them, and we hear from people that say they feel safer with the mask on and they are not quite certain they can trust everybody who has taken the mask off is fully vaccinated. so get used to seeing more of these, ana. >> and i guess we will be gradually getting used to a new way forward. thank you for that update. to texas now where that
10:25 am
state's republican governor is taking a very different approach. he's banning local government officials and even public schools from requiring masks, and anybody who does faces fines. a board certified emergency medicine physician and a medical director at baylor college of medicine. your reaction to this news out of texas? >> you know, i find it quite odd, almost in a power-tripping kind of way, but since the very beginning of this pandemic governor abbott has made interesting decisions that have at timesbewildered the medical community. this kind of falls in line with what has been taking place for the last year. >> as a parent myself who has kids and are not eligible for the vaccine because they are too
10:26 am
young to, think they are not even allowing schools to require masks starting next month? does the governor's order put children at risk? >> i think does when you look at the data and numbers. we have quite a large proportion of adults in the united states who have gotten one shot and are fully vaccinated, and 60% of the adults over the age of 18 have gotten one shot, and because of that children are now starting to become a more vulnerable population. matter of fact in the month of april the academy of pediatrics released an interesting report that the cases in pediatrics grew because children are not protected. >> data shows states with higher vaccination rates generally had lower case rates. the cdc shows 33% of people in
10:27 am
the state of texas are fully vaccinated right now. is this more reason to keep mask mandates in place? what do you take away from that? >> absolutely. again, the amazing leadership skills of our leaders here in texas is what has caused this state to continuously fair so poorly during the pandemic. texas was the first state to amass over 1 million cases, and we're consistently ranking in the top three states in numbers of daily cases and hospitalizations and deaths, and on the flip side we are ranking in the bottom third when it comes to vaccinations. if we are going to lift mitigation strategies and tell people they cannot wear masks and ban local authorities from mandating masks. >> do you think it's just a big
10:28 am
misunderstanding? >> no, i don't think there's anything to misunderstand. the cdc clearly stated vaccinated people do not need to wear masks but if you are unvaccinated you are still at risks and potentially at higher risks now since people around you are likely protected if they are vaccinated, and i don't think there's anything to misunderstand here. >> thank you for being with us. the intense battle between arizona republicans over an election audit just got even messier. now auditors who said a key database was deleted say it's actually all intact. because...when you see a leaky situation you have luvs ready for that pro-level leak protection. luvs. parent like a pro. not all 5g networks are created equal. ♪
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just when you thought the so-called election audit in arizona could not get anymore bizarre, auditors hired by the state central republicans have egg on their face after finding data they previously claimed had been deleted, and president trump pounced on the claim to bolster the baseless conspiracy
10:34 am
theories, and they have now latched on to the arizona audit under the false hope it will lead to president trump's election loss being reversed. this qanon conspiracy about 2020 being over concerned any day now, it just won't go away. >> yeah, it keeps on going and i am afraid it will probably bleed into next year's midterms. we will see a lot of candidates running on the pro trump ticket and will probably continue to push the big lie. but, you know, what we are seeing in arizona and all over these kqano qanon forums. this shouldn't be altogether too
10:35 am
surprising because the audit itself is based on a conspiracy theory, and it's based on the big lie. what is concerning is we are seeing such a level of conversation here and anticipation that something is going to happen in arizona, that some miracle for trump is going to happen that people are really starting to get worked up about it the same way we saw folks working up to the 6th of january, and the inauguration date when they thought the military would take over, and then march 4th, they thought trump would come back and be inaugurated and it's silly and crazy, but we have seen on january 6th how potentially dangerous it is. >> you continue to talk to people who are trump supporters that not only believe in qanon, and also a big group of trump
10:36 am
voters that truly believe it was not a legitimate election. how do you break through to that group? >> it's extremely difficult, obviously, when you see that the former president is now pushing out statements on a daily basis, continuing even mentioning as you mention the so-called deleted files in arizona, which turned out not to be, and the fact that trump puts that out there and these qanon forums, the correcting of information never makes its way true in the messaging forums, and all you ever get -- if you go on any of the forums today, the truth there today is there's something fishy going on, and it's going to be something that will be tackling for a long time, and not to mention this is going to undermine future elections, next year's midterms. >> what do you think will happen with the vote coming up today,
10:37 am
in which we are hearing republicans are not going along with a bipartisan commission that was negotiated in a bipartisan basis, but if that doesn't happen then what? >> yeah, i mean, the important thing about the commission is there would be so much opportunity for us to really try and figure out what happened in that critical period from election day to the day of the insurrection, and particularly we do a lot of coverage on the social media platforms play, and how it was organized and mobilized online. there's information that companies like facebook have that they have not shared publicly in terms of how this spread and so there are so many opportunities were this commission to be put in place for us to have a proper history of what happened on that fateful day, but, of course, you know, we see what republicans -- kevin
10:38 am
mccarthy and his self interests. >> i just pointed out what could be lost if we don't have the bipartisan commission. good to have you here. thank you for your reporting. we just receive add new statement from the family of the capitol police officer who died by suicide after serving on the front lines the day of the insurrection, and they said, quote, we believe a thorough nonpartisan investigation in response to the january 6th riot is essential for our nation to move forward. how his death was an immediate outcome of those events, and how everybody that worked that day and their families should have a better understanding of what happened. one day after the attorney general said officers were justified in the shooting of andrew brown, we are now learning his family will file a
10:39 am
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10:44 am
month. cnn's joe johns is live in elizabeth city for us. joe, the brown family is asking for federal intervention here. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. let's talk first about the lawsuit, and that's kind of a predictable step, if you will, under the circumstances. cnn's brian todd has found out that attorneys do plan to file a lawsuit here and it's also pretty obvious what they would include in the lawsuit, at least part of it, a wrongful death claim relating to andrew brown and that his civil rights were violated by law enforcement here in the county of north carolina, and the term of art is under color of law, so we know those are at least two of the areas we would expect them to claim in federal court, and it's unclear if it's going to be days or weeks before this is all filed, and that's the direction the attorneys would go in the situation where the district
10:45 am
attorney says he's not going to file charges. as you said at the top, there's an issue of federal intervention. the family has called for the department of justice to get involved as well as the attorneys, and even the governor of north carolina has said essentially the same thing, we do know that the department of justice, in fact the federal bureau of investigation is conducting a probe into whether the civil rights of andrew brown were, in fact, violated. so that's what we know about the situation, just the background is the district attorney reported just yesterday that he's not going to file charges because in his view, andrew brown was shot in a justified way by the sheriff deputies because he was using his car in an aggressive and dangerous manner, but the other question, the question that the attorneys have raised again and again is whether he was actually trying to drive away in order to save
10:46 am
his own life. >> there are still petitions outstanding regarding the video to be fully released. joe johns, thank you for that reporting in elizabeth city, north carolina. i want to take you to florida and a scary situation caught on camera, a 11-year-old girl fights off a man trying to kidnap her at a bus stop. watch as this white house suv pulls up to the young girl sitting in the grass, and a young man runs out of the car and grabs the girl and fights back and manages to break free from his grip, and that man runs back to his suv and drives off. and the police tracked down that man who they say was armed with a knife and he has a history of child sex offenses, and he's now in custody and the girl says that same man approached her several weeks ago at the same bus stop, and a close call, but thankfully she's safe and back with her family. imagine training for years
10:47 am
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it is just over two months until the summer olympics are set to begin in tokyo. japan is under mounting pressure to call them off amid a surge in coronavirus cases. dozens of japanese towns are now cancelling plans to host athletes from around the world. selena wen is in tokyo. >> the international olympic committee is hitting back
10:52 am
against growing calls to cancel the games. they say they expect more than 80% in the olympic village to be vaccinated. the ioc is offers extra medical personnel, coalition contact tracing, but these measures from not reassure the japanese public. more than 80% of the people here think the games should not be held this year. an online petition calling for cancellation received more than 350,000 signatures in just nine days. a doctors organization, representing 6,000 doctors in tokyo, is also urging for a cancellation. earlier this week, i attended an anti-olympics protest here in tokyo. the protesters told me they were angry and that they were not confident that the government could protect the japanese public amid surging covid-19 cases, the medical system under strain, and less than 2% of the japanese population fully
10:53 am
vaccinated. high-profile voices are speaking out as well, including the ceo of rokutan. who said hosting the olympics would amount to a suicide mission. >> selina wang, thank you. scott mclain joins us more on this announcement. >> this is great news for americans who are desperate for a sunny european vacation. obviously all of the nice food and wine that usually comes with that as well. before you pack your bags, you should know a couple things. this is still a recommendation. it is likely to be fully ratified by the eu tomorrow, but it will likely take time to implement it, and they can change the rules at short notice as well. just because the eu approves this doesn't mean each of the 27
10:54 am
member countries will actually implement these rules. right now europe is a minefield of different rules on who can and cannot enter each country, plus a smorgasbord of testing. plus you'll need to be fully vaccinated. all the cdc vaccines are good to go in europe, but if you got a vaccine abroad, this doesn't apply to you. this makes sense for europe today. cases are coming down sharply. vaccination rates are ramping up in europe as well. one more caveat, though, ana. don't forget that none of this applies to the uk. if you'd like to come here on vacation, you are welcome, but it will take you a minimum five days of quarantine, minus
10:55 am
negative four coronavirus tests, and none of that is likely to change soon. before we let everyone go today, we want to celebrate the good news, as our country recovering from the pandemic. we want to know how you're making your comeback. what are you doing again? who are you seeing again? what do you appreciate that perhaps you took for granted before. tweet me your photos or videos. be sure you including the hashtag #the comeback. we're rooting for you and all our communities as we try to come back from being cooped up. "newsroom" stints with alisyn and victor, next.
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hello, everyone. welcome to "newsroom." i'm alisyn camerota. >> and i'm victor blackwell. top republicans are once again pushing aside seeking the truth, instead to side with president trump. in two hours, members of the house are expected to vote on a bill that would create an independent commission to investigate the january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol. the


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