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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 30, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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fights continue to turn the house jop apart. congresswoman liz cheney under fire from inside her own party again for daring to tell the truth about trump and the big lie and new details dade about what the feds were looking for when they raided rudy giuliani's office and apartment and more on matt gaetz and a let err writ ben by joel greenberg who is a central figure in the investigation. greenberg wrote up the details of their affairs after asking roger stone for help obtaining a pardon from president trump. cnn's paula reed joins us now. we cannot verify the details of "the daily beast" story but the
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details are wow. >> wow is exactly right. my law license is a little dusty but never a good idea to but any of your crimes in writing. it's said that gaetz paid several women for sex and one was underage. greenberg claims she thought she was 19 and then realized she was underage. as you noted though, we haven't seen these letters but this does track with our reporting. over the past month we've spoken with several money who exchanged money for sex with these two men. all of these women were of aiming and we've seen the receipts. this completely tracks with what we've heard in our own reporting. our own chris cuomo spoke with roger stone last night. stone though says he doesn't remember a left, doesn't remember greenberg implicating gaetz and never received any money from greenberg and never tried to get him a pardon. >> reporter: so what are congressman gaetz and this former associate greenberg
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saying today? >> greenberg's attorney declined to comment and the spokesman for gaetz says gaetz has never paid for sex nor had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult and argue that this specific story claims or shows that representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg and had no interest in involving himself in mr. greenberg's affairs. that's not what this story actually reflects, and our reporting is, of course, mr. greenberg who is behind bars right now. he's facing 33 federal counts, sources tell us he's been cooperating with federal authorities since last year, and he's been telling investigators about these encounters that he and the congressman had with women exchanging money for sex, and we could learn more about what he's told investigators as he is expected to timize his plea deal in the next few months. >> all right. paula, thanks so much. now we go to rudy giuliani and the new revelations from the "new york times" today about what the federal agents were looking for when they raided gul any's home and office earlier
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this week and how it all may connection to the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine and to giuliani's efforts to get her fired, efforts that aligned with the desires of various corrupt eastern european officials. what may be in the evidence collected puts giuliani in the middle of a federal growing investigation as cnn's alex marquardt now reports. >> reporter: when federal agents swooped in this week raiding the new york apartment and office of rudy giuliani, they were reportedly trying to zero in on the role that giuliani played in ousting the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. according to the "new york times" one search warrant stated that it was seeking evidence related to the yovanovitch ouster. fbi agents seized giuliani's electronic devices to investigate communication that he had with ukrainians about the effort. >> that warrant is completely illegal. >> reporter: on fox news giuliani denied he was acting on behalf of ukrainians and blasted the prosecutor's decision to
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search his home and office. >> there was no justification for that warrant. it's an illegal, unconstitutional warrant, one of many, that this department of injustice tragically has done. >> reporter: warrants were executed against giuliani's assistant and fellow lawyer vic victoria toensing who also had dealings with ukrainians. ambassador yovanovitch was a career diplomat who focused on anti-corruption efforts in ukraine. giuliani's allies wanted her out and enlisted his help. during the first impeachment of donald trump, yovanovitch accused giuliani of mounting a smear campaign against her. >> i do not understand mr. giuliani's motives for attacking me, nor can i offer an opinion on whether he believed the allegations he spread about me. >> reporter: giuliani's efforts worked. trump was convinced, and yovanovitch was removed. >> why do you need her out of the way. >> >> i didn't need her out of the way. i forced her out because she's corrupt. >> reporter: now sources told cnn that while giuliani was
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working with the ukrainians, the trump administration was warned that some of the information that was being given to him was from foreign intelligence. we know that one of his primary ukrainian contacts, according to u.s. intelligence, was an agent for the russians, so giuliani almost certainly would have been aware that there were serious concerns about the people he was dealing with, and, jake what their intentions were. >> alex mar quart, thanks so much. appreciate it. there is an elephant in the room. it's the post-trump republican party where things have gotten so bad congresswoman liz cheney needed to defend her basic civility, that fist bump she did with the president of the united states earlier this week. cheney is the third ranking republican, the house gop conference chair, and she's been duking it out with the house minority leader kevin mccarthy over not just fist bumps but over mccarthy's embrace of president trump and president trump's election lies and what should be the future of the fractured gop as cnn's manu raju
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explains. >> reporter: congresswoman liz cheney facing new turmoil internally amid her feud with former president trump donald trump and the house gop loyalists erupting after the congresswoman responded to questions at a gop retreat this week in florida all stemming from trump and his role in the deadly january 6th attack on the capitol. >> that's a decision that the justice department is going to have to make. >> reporter: saying trump is not the leader of the party. >> i think our elected leaders, you know, are the ones who are in charge of the republican party. >> reporter: a senior house republican leader told cnn that cheney could be in, quote, very big trouble and expected that there could be another attempt to kick her out of leadership. the members were very upset that she trampled all over messaging during the party retreat. a fist bump with the current president of the united states even leading cheney to sweep we're not sworn enemies. we're americans. the fallout underscoring how trump's appeal to the base still makes him the gop's dominant
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figure despite his electoral defeat. many endorse his lie that the 2020 election was rigged. following her vote to impeach trump, cheney survived an attempt to out of her. the tension has yet only simmered. the two have not appeared at a press conference since this incident two months ago. >> do you think former president trump should be speaking at cpac this weekend? >> yes, he should. >> congresswoman cheney, that's up to cpac. i've been clear about president trump and the extent to which following january 6th i don't believe he should be playing a role in the future of the party for this country. >> reporter: a source told cnn mccarthy remains furious with cheney and this week we declined to back her up. >> is cheney still a good fit for your leadership team? >> that's a question for the conference. >> reporter: and the number two steve scalise makes it clear
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he's not in agreement with chainy. >> president trump is still a very active part of our party and very vocal leader in our party. >> reporter: so cheney does still have ample allies within the house republican conference, including those who voted to impeach donald trump like anthony gonzalez of ohio when i spoke with this afternoon. he told me if a pre-requisite for leading our conference is lying to our voters then liz is not the best fit. jake. >> >> that's exactly the issue. manu raju, thanks so much. appreciate it. there's even more going on in the republican party. this next story is involving congresswoman marquez-green taking a bit of a road trip. we're going to keep discussing that next. plus, moves across the u.s. to try to limit protests, including some republican legislators proposing immunity for drivers who hit protesters who are blocking traffic. that story ahead. plant-based surfactants like the ones in seventh generation detergent trap stains at the molecular level and flush them away. it's just science!
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in our politics lead congressman matt gaetz, republican of florida unfazed by allegations that he paid for sex with multiple women including a woman who was just 17.
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i's hitting the road with marquez-green planning to go after republicans who are jail to former president trump. the welcome back to karen finney. you had surgery and you look and sound great. thanks for joining us, and we're so glad to have you back. i know you want to say something. let's wait until the end of the segment for that but let's talk about this. this tour was announced right after the daily beast reported and goes into detail about how he found out that one of the girls he had sex and paid for was an underaged girl allegedly. aside from a denial from the greats spokesperson he's acting like everything is normal. >> of course he is. look, i think this situation highlights a larmer problem that
2:14 pm
kevin mccarthy has and he may even warrant to take a page out of the pelosi "playbook." he's got marquez-green, matt gaetz and he's not really been able to unify his caucus behind a single idea. instead mccarthy has been major is in the minors. you're going to see people like matt gates continue to behave this way and create distractions of the republican party and i guarantee it's not what the range and file want to be talking about but m.k., i'm sure donald trump loveses it with greene and gaetz going around and attacking fellow republicans that aren't loyal enough to him. >> i'm sure that is right up his alley. i want to thank you for the opportunity. i'm not a fan politically or
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ideologically of matt gaetz but it's incumbent upon me to be fair. >> he's denied all of it, absolutely. >> and there have been no indictments of him. there are of his soeshd and we'll find out more about that as we go along. even when i don't love someone i want to point that out, but him going on the road with marquemarjorie taylor greene, it's like an instagram tour, like pumping up someone who doesn't need to be pumped up: many are theses about the republican party and this is a fight they will need to have about who is the face of the party? is it someone like senator from south carolina tim scott, or is it the marjorie taylor greenes of the world, and that fight is going to be fought in a lot of primaries and it could be pretty damaging to the party depending on which way it goes. >> and in that vain, karen, congresswoman liz cheney had to
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actually issue a statement after she said i had to joe biden and gave him a fist bump and members of the republican caucus were upset about that. just, i mean, she didn't -- i mean, she issued a blistering statement about what biden was propose, but she just acknowledged that he's president and was a human being to him. >> i think for most people watching that that was a positive for liz cheney to be appropriately respectful when the president of the united states appropriately shows you respect. i don't think most americans or even most americans in her home district are going to fault her for that. they will pay attention to whether or not she supports biden's policies this. goes back to what i'm saying, jake, about majoring in the minors. the republican party as m.j. was
2:17 pm
just saying has got to figure out how do you come together, how do you unify regardless of the difference? you've got the trump republicans and traditional reapins can a. attacking liz cheney, attacking kamala hairs using a milk carton. that's not putting forward ideas and policies that are going to do anything to actually tear into joe biden's high poll numbers. >> m.k., sources tell cnn that some members of the republican caucus are irritated because cheney continues to go head-to-head with house minority leader kevin mccarthy and continues to take a stand in favor of facts when it comes to -- that's not how they would put it but how i would put it and how facts would put it the about what happened in the election and her opinion about how trump shouldn't be the leader of the party.
2:18 pm
what do you think? mean, should she stop, or should she just hold her ground? >> she shouldn't stop. cheney has made it very clear that she's going to be very clear about her position, right, and i think that is the right thing to do, and when you're elected you should take the opportunity to speak the truth and speak it forcefully when given the chance, and if you think your party is headed in the wrong direction which she does under the leadership of a more trump-like figure and you want the party to find somebody who might bring these two coalitions together which i think is the healthy next step for the republican paeshts and i'm not sure that person can be trump, then you need to be speaking about it, and i think karen is exactly right that acting like a human while interacting with joe biden, president biden, can actually or criticisms of his policy more power. if that's what you're actually talking about. you're not talking about him so i think that's helpful to the party and she's also right about mccarthy, new don't put down a
2:19 pm
foot with the marjorie taylor greenes and the matt gaetzes of the world doing these rallies or things that you don't want emphasized, they will do exactly what they can do. >> yeah. >> and he has not shown the ability to put his foot down on that. >> m.k., great to see you. >> karen, before we say good-bye, i just want to give you an opportunity to say something. i know that's been a long road for you recovering from your surgery and we're so glad you have to back. >> yeah. well, thank you, jake, so much. as you know, in february i actually had brain surgery. i had a tumor removed, and it's just when i tell you that i am grateful to be here, i mean that from the bottom of my heart, and i want to say thank you to you, the team at "the lead," my cnn family, my family and my friends for your support and your prayers. i would not be here today without that. >> well, we're so glad, and we love you and we love m.k. and we're glad you're both here. >> so good to see you, karen. >> thank you, you too, m.k.
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in our health lead is at situation continues to deteriorate in india, hospitals overrun and out of supplies, crematoriums piling up bodies, the biden administration is planning to restrict travel from india starting tuesday in an effort to contain the spread there. while the u.s. continues to see progress, of course. more than 100 million americans are now fully vaccinated, and deaths are down in the u.s. 80%
2:25 pm
since just january. unsurprising as that's when vaccination efforts really ramped up, but with vaccine hesitancy still a major issue the cdc says they are now laser focused on convincing americans who are still hesitant to get shots into arms, including almost hovel of republicans, according to polls. as cnn's alexandra field reports. >> reporter: a major milestone in america's fight against covid. >> with 100 million americans fully vaccinated as of today, we continue to move ahead in our progress to end this pandemic. >> reporter: as more people get vaccinated the average daily number of deaths falling, down by 80% since the peak in january when 3,000 americans were dying daily. the average number of daily new cases at the lowest level since october. >> what we've seen the last weeks has been stunning progress in terms of reduce the levels of covid, greatly increasing the numbers. vaccinations. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio says he's hopeful
2:26 pm
that one of the country's first covid epicenters could fully reopen by july 1st, chicago also loosening restrictions that will allow for a return to festivals and bigger events. >> chicago is safely open for business and play. >> reporter: kentucky preparing to welcome 50,000 people to the stands for this weekend's derby. delta airlines putting passengers back into seats and the return of cruising is on the horizon, as soon as this summer according to the cdc. most critically by fall president biden suggests that all children should be back in classrooms. >> based on the science and cdc they should probably all be open. >> reporter: more teens could soon have vaccines, too. moderna is aiming to have its vaccine authorized for children aged 12 and up according to the president and pfizer's authorization for the same age group could also come soon. right now the country's average number of vaccinations has sunk to its low elf level in weeks. 2.6 million dale, and a new cnn poll shows 26% of american
2:27 pm
adults don't plan to get a shot, that as so much of the world suffers and struggles to get more vaccines. in india just 2% of the population is fully vaccinated. their capital city running low on firewood needed to burn bodies. >> what we are seeing is nothing short of an apocalypse. we've had patients being rushed in. getting through overnight and 90 patients in less than 12 hours. >> reporter: truly a stark and horrifying contrast between what you're seeing in india and the scenes of normalcy that you're starting to see across the u.s., but, jake, requirements and restrictions are not being lifted everywhere. the tsa announcing today that they are extending their mask mandate for travelers at least through september 13th. jake? >> alexandra field, thank you so much. >> the dean of brown university school of public health joins me now. doctor, what do you make of new york city's plan to fully reopen on july 1st or the kentucky
2:28 pm
derby parking their stands or disneyland opening up to californians. we do have an amazing milestone of one-third of americans vaccinated. do you think this is too much too soon? >> yeah, jacques, thanks for having me on. some of those things sound pretty reasonable. july 1st for new york city feels very reasonable. that time which is a couple months away we'll make a lot more progress. packing in stands right now feels -- it's not just a feel. we have a lot of infection spreading. seems to me that that's less prudent and i would wait on that a little bit longer, but certainly we are headed in the right direction. infections are falling, vaccinations have to continue. i think we'll have a really good summer but we need to be a real more careful against the big stuff right now. >> covid deaths down 80% since january which, of course, when vaccinations began ramping up. it seems a pretty clear indicator of how effective these
2:29 pm
vaccines are. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, the vaccines just work. they protect you, they prevent you from spreading the virus to other people. i think, you know, we have not really appreciated how lucky we are that we have three terrific very safe and highly, highly effective vaccines. >> the cdc now says that they estimate roughly 35% of all of the american people were infected with covid. that's roughly four times what's been reported. what might that mean for herd immunity? >> yeah. you know, we've been tracking this very closely so that means that probably that half of americans who have not gotten vaccinated, about a third of that have probably has immunity from infections and that gets us into the sort of 60%, of 5% of americans have immunity right now. that's great. it does mean that we're not going to need to get 190% of people vaccinated but we'll have to do better than we are right now. probably another 10%, 15% before we really see the numbers crash
2:30 pm
the way we did in israel when the numbers came way, way down. >> president biden he's fully vaccinated and tons wear a mask indoors and outdoors, even if he's around only other people who are fully vaccinated. the cdc's messaging is that the vaccine is a path to normalcy, but i wonder about this rule and the example the president is setting continuing to wear a mask. might that make people reluctant to get vaccinated because they see that and think that guy is vaccinated, everyone around him is vaccinated, they are still wearing masks. what the heck, why should i even bother getting a shot? >> this is interesting because in the beginning of his presidency it made a a lot of sense. he wanted americans to be wearing masks and we all did, and so i think modeling good behavior was a really good idea. at this point with vaccines so widely available, infection numbers coming down, i think certainly outside the president can feel comfortable dropping
2:31 pm
the mask and, you know, things like the state of the union address that he had the other night. i think dropping the mask is going to be really important as a signal to people that vaccines are the path out of -- out of this craziness that we're in. >> moderna says that those who have been vaccinated with their vaccine will likely need a booster shot anywhere from 9 to 12 months after they were fully vaccinated. does that mean because the vaccine is going to lose efficacy around nine months or is it because like with the flu, i know that's a different kind of shot, but they are updating it because of new variants? what's the reason for it? >> yeah. you know, we've heard this both from moderna and pfizer. it's possible we might need a booster at 9 to 12 months. my best estimate looking at the data on vaccine efficacy is she is vaccines should last at least a year, if not longer so there are two reasons. it may be that you start getting some waning of immunity. that's one reason you might need an earlier booster. it may be that there are enough
2:32 pm
barriers around starting to get breakthrough infections that we want a booster but i think it's early to be talking about boosters. at this point we need to get more people vaccinated. i'm not wore i'd about people needing a booster until 2022 at some point. >> earlier in the show sanjay was on, sanjay gupta, and he told us about his personal connection. he has lots of family and friends in india. we just lost an uncle and fareed zakaria's mother died from covid. you're indian-american and you have a lot of friends and family still in india. what are you hearing from them? are they okay? >> yeah. it's a pretty horrible situation, jake. i have cousins who are infected and -- and one who is very, very sick. it -- it's just -- it's awful. it's affecting every part of india. i know people who have died, people that i've nope for a long time. it's just -- it's a very bad situation, and, you know, up of the things that being an american is all of us have some connection to some other country. it's a reminder that -- that
2:33 pm
there are many reasons to care about the world. this is one of this. >> dr. jha, so horry to hear that. prayers with your cousin. thanks so much for talking with us today. >> thank you. president biden visiting a very familiar place today as he makes his pitch to spend trillions of tax dollers a. that's next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in our politics lead, president biden, the $6 trillion man. he hit the road today to try to convince the american people to get behind his ambitious and quite pricey agenda. his $2 trillion american rescue plan passed the house and senate and biden needs to sell the next two beheam ozzie, the american jobs plan at 2.2 trillion and american's family plan at 1.2 trillion. a couple trillion here and a couple trillion there, suddenly you have real money. jeff zeleny is are here with how
2:38 pm
to dodge the political roadblocks ahead. >> we need to build back bet sneer in philadelphia today, president biden rallying support for his ambitious plans to revive and transform the american economy. >> like the rest our infrastructure, we're way behind the rest of the world right now. we need to remember we're in competition with the rest of the world. >> reporter: the president standing in the shadow of 30th street station to mark the 50th a verse riff his beloved amtrak. >> back on amtrak. >> reporter: he famously took the train every day from wilmington to washington tore more than 30 years as a senator. >> my name is joe "amtrak" biden. >> reporter: biden is asking congress for $80 billion to improve rail service, a small slice of the sweeping economic plan. now at the heart negotiations between the white house and lawmakers. >> there's so much we can do, and it's the biggest bang for the buck we can expand. >> reporter: the visit is part of the president's sales pitch for his two-part economic
2:39 pm
agenda, the american jobs plan, a $2.25 trillion package aimed at part in fixing the nation's infrastructure and the american families plan, a $1.8 trillion proposal to expand access to education, child care and more. >> to make investments that could help america get back on track, no pun intended. >> reporter: it's a heavy lift with skepticism with a handful of democrats and most all republicans who oppose raising taxes on the wealthiest americans to pay for the plans. a new cnn poll finds not only a deeply divided country but one where 70% of republicans believe that biden was not legitimately elected yet biden is seeking bipartisan support and is inviting shelly moore caputo of west virginia to the white house to try to find common ground, at least on infrastructure. >> it's been a good conversation. and i invited to come with anyone she wants to bring with her to the white house. >> the white house is increasingly focused on selling the plan to the american people
2:40 pm
outside of washington. a group of biden allies launching a new advertising campaign today tougt his achievements and praising his approach >> you won't hear him yelling or sending angry tweets because for joe biden actions speak louder. >> now those ads are part of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign trying to rally support out in america, but, jake, the question is what effect will it have in the congress? will any republicans come on board with this big spending plan? infrastructure is one area where they do believe they can get some republican buy-in but like will the not for the entire plan. you know, the question also can they keep democrats together? next week there will be meeting is at the white house i'm told. this is a central challenge and test facing the administration in the coming months. jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny in the great city of philadelphia, thank you so much. appreciate it. one activist says it's an attempt to prosecute black americans for calling out systemic racism.
2:41 pm
we're going to take a look at what's going on with all these laws to limit protests across the country. that's next. not all 5g networks are created equal. ♪ t-mobile america's largest and fastest 5g network. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oyster business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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in the national lead today a driver who hits a protester with a car might be legally protected because of laws in at least two states now as republicans in 30 others push what they call anti-rioting bills proposed since massive protests last summer after george floyd's murder, many of which turned violent. the lawmakers of these laws argue that their bills encourage peaceful demonstrations, but
2:46 pm
some critics told cnn's laila santiago that these bills don't get to the root of the problem and are instead aimed at silencing voices. >> the beanbags come out, and it's really hard to understand like why. why did this happen? >> reporter: nearly a year later michael hausen still struggles to make sense what have happened here in fort lauderdale when police violently clashed with black lives matter protesters following the murder of george floyd. now another worry, a new state law that he believes targets just these kinds of necessary protests. >> i believe this was about prosecuting black people for having the nerve to stand up and call out systemic racism and fight against it. >> reporter: in florida the so-called anti-riot law prohibits damaging memorials or historic proper. it prevents defending police and increases penalties for crimes during a riot which it defines
2:47 pm
as three or more individuals whose shared intent to engage in disorderly or violent conduct results in imminent damage of property damage or personal injury or actual damage or injury. >> it is the strongest anti-rioting pro-law enforcement piece of legislation in the country, and there's just nothing even close. >> translator: deal with the real problem. deal with the systemic racism in this problem. deal with the real issues before you start legislating against a group of people who are speaking out. >> reporter: florida is not alone. republicans in more than 30 states have introduced more than 81 bills targeting protests in the 2021 legislative session, that's according to the international center for not-for-profit law. since the murder of george floyd sparked protests across the country last year, they tell us more than twice as many bills have been introduced and more are on the way.
2:48 pm
fundamentally anti-american to respond to protests by seeking to sigh lent lens them. it seems like state lawmakers are reaching for a tool that's -- that's commonly reserved to repressive governments. >> in indiana gop lawmakers want to penalize people for funding protests. another bill in minnesota would cut off many public benefits like state loans or assistance to a person convicted of an offense during a protest. >> and in a move that critics say emoex advocates painful memories of the deadly 2017 car attack on peaceful protesters in charlottesville, virginia. republicans in iowa have proposed granting immunity to drivers who hurt protesters convicted of unlawful assembly or blocking traffic. democrats worry the new florida law's broad language could lead to peaceful protesters being detained and silenced while republicans here cite some of the more violent demonstrations
2:49 pm
in recent years in other states and praise the measure for haloti violence and protecting police. >> look at seattle, portland, minneapolis, that's no way to treat the community. that's no way to treat those that put their entire life into building their business. >> well, that's interesting because, you know, we don't want to be killed by police officers. >> reporter: the new law is being challenged in court in florida. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> reporter: for now the black lives matter alliance stays will focus ownedcating protesters about the new law. >> is this stopping? >> it's not going to stop us because we know our first amendment rights. >> reporter: jake, the black lives matter alliance here in fort lauderdale plan to spend the next few days reaching out
2:50 pm
to local law enforcement, even sending letters asking them not to enforce this new let's bring in w. kamau bell. he's got a new season of "united shades of america" kicking off on sunday. congratulations on the new season. your reaction to this wave of republican legislation in more than 30 states to try to change various laws around protesting. what do you think? >> this is all just a reaction to the fact that black people, black activists, a lot of black women activists were the engine behind the democratic party electing joe biden. this is a way to strike back against them as far as i'm concerned. any time black people claim a bigger section of our citizenship in this country, there is a backlash from the right of this country. >> your show this season takes a look at lots of things, but
2:51 pm
policing in america is one of them in the wake of the murder of george floyd. you looked at policing in your home city of oakland, california, in episode 1. let's roll a quick look. >> is this moment different as far as where we are in america and specifically around law enforcement? >> for me, it's just this moment of being a you got it on. >> right. >> the bay area had the high profile oscar grant case in 2009. that's the black man killed by a bart officer. tell us what your take-aways from that case and whether you
2:52 pm
thought it had an echo nationwide. >> yeah. i was living out here then. that's one of the things that's responsible for my career right now. it activated me as a citizen and said we need to raise up the voices of black people killed by cops. at the time it was pre-twitter being in the moves and pre-black lives matter. oakland helped us push the discussion that got us to black lives matter and is still part of the discussion right now. now we have a case out here with mario gonzalez, who is a drunk guy in the park. people called 911 on him. the cops showed up and they killed him. we're still in the middle of this. the episode is focused on alternate ways to police and create safety for our communities. >> thank you so much. congratulations. the premier of season 6 of "the united shades of america." coming up, it's being called one of the worst disasters in
2:53 pm
israel's history, a massive crush at a religious festival. how paramedics described the scene, next.
2:54 pm
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in our world lead today, things went terribly terribly wrong at a religious festival in israel overnight. at least 45 people, some of them children, were killed and many others injured in a crush or a stampede. let's go to israel. what happened? >> reporter: this is being described as one of, if not the worst, civil disasters in
2:58 pm
israeli history. last night at 1:00 a.m. as the bonfires, singing and dancing at the if hefestivities were under something terrible happened on one of the passageways leading out to the grand stands. it's a slippery ramp leading toward some stairs. something happened to where people fell all over each other. a tangle of bodies led to 45 deaths, more than 150 people injured. the u.s. state department are confirming that u.s. citizens were among those killed. an official telling cnn that they expect about five u.s. citizens were among the list of those killed. we've been on the site all day. the shock from last night is turning into anger. there's anger at how this could have happened, how tens of thousands of people could have crowded into this festival, especially during coronavirus times and seemingly what happened to the crowd control. this festival happens every
2:59 pm
year. perhaps what was different this year or perhaps how did something this terrible not happen already, because in the previous years there have been tens of thousands of people crowding at this festival. now the attorney general is launching investigation and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling on sunday for a national day of mourning. j j jake. before we go, we want to take the time to remember one of the 575,000 lives lost to coronavirus in the u.s. today we remember roger dean. he was just 31 years old, he was a firefighter and a paramedic in texas. his department says dean was diagnosed with covid back in december. he died of kplicomplications a ago today. fellow firefighters stood in the rain to salute the procession as dean's remains were moved. his funeral is tomorrow. to all his friends and family, may his memory be a blessing.
3:00 pm
tune into state of the union sunday. we'll have susan collins and cindy mccain. you can tweet the show @the leadcnn. our coverage continues with wolf blitzer. he's right next door in "the situation room." ♪ welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, rudy giuliani defiant as the criminal investigation of the former president's long time personal lawyer intensifies. just a short while ago giuliani railed on the radio about the fbi's search of his home and office in connection with his activities i