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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  April 30, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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have a great weekend. hello i'm viktor blackwell. >> am i'm alisyn camerota. rudy giuliani is speaking out fighting back following wednesday's raid of his manhattan home and home by federal agents. pushing back upon a washington post report saying the former personal attorney to president trump was warned directly by the fbi in 2019 that he was target of a russia influence operation, an operation aimed at spreading misinformation about joe biden. >> now giuliani's lawyer released a statement. let's get to cnn reporter, what is his lawyer saying? >> reporter: hey, victor, yeah we received a statement from the attorney robert costello telling bus the washington post story.
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in story is totally false according to mayor giuliani. he never received any such briefing. what the washington post reports today is that giuliani's office was told by the counterintelligence administration that he was a target of a misinformation and receiving false information about joe biden. cnn has not confirmed the washington post report. but what cnn has reported was gnat white house was warned that russians were feeding misinformation or at least they were -- there were concerns about russian misinformation to giuliani during the presidential election campaign. you know, and after that -- the white house had received that warning giuliani still took a trip to the ukraine where he met with someone who u.s. intelligence had later identified as a russian asset. viktor, alisyn. >> cara, listen, giuliani went on fox last night to defend himself after the federal raid. what did he say there? >> yeah, so he gave in interview to fox, really the first
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extensive statements about the raid on his apartment just behind me on wednesday morning. and giuliani said that he -- the investigation here is really focused on foreign lobbying and whether giuliani was lobbying on behalf of ukrainian officials or if he was working for them -- then president donald trump when he was pushing for the removal of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, because yurn ukrainians wanted her remove. julyny denied any wrong doing in the interview with fox fox. >> i can tell you i never, ever represented a foreign national. the search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file for representing a ukrainian national or official. that i never represented. >> now, what julie also teed up in the interview is that he may be getting ready for a big fight with prosecutors over the
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devices that they seized and some of the materials within it. he also said that he believes that his right -- his constitutional rights were violated because prosecutors had obtained access to an icloud account in 2019 around the same time giuliani said he was working with the then president on his impeachment defense. viktor, alisyn. >> cara, thank you very much for all the developments. now to the explosive new developments in the criminal investigation involving another close ally of former president trump. and that's congressman matt gaetz. the daley beast reports that an associate of gaetz joel greenberg wrote a letter in which he talked about how the florida republican congressman paid for sex with a minor. the letter was drafted after joel greenberg reportedly asked roger stone for help in obtaining a pardon during the final months of president trump's term in exchange for a quarter of a million dollars. >> now cnn has not seen the letter, cannot independently confirm the daily beast report.
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let's go to cnn's paula reid, following the developments for us. paula, walk us through what we do know. >> viktor, greenberg reportedly wrote a letter admitting that he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including a minor just 17 at the time. now there were several drafts reportedly of the remember. in an earlier draft obtained bit by the daily beast claims he that thought the woman was 19 but later learned she was underage. greenberg reportedly claims when he figured it out he called the congressman and warned him. cnn has not seen the letter and can't verify the details of the daily beast story. but we have spoken to several women who were involved with both men. and we have reported that greenberg paid women on behalf of congressman gaetz after some sexual encounters. now cnn's own chris cuomo spoke to roger stone last night and stone says he doesn't recall a letter. never heard greenberg implicating gaetz and never tried to get greenberg a pardon.
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stone told the daily beast he never asked for nor received money from gasoline rk. >> paula, is gaetz saying anything about the letter. >> a spokesman for the congressman responded saying in part the congressman has never paid for sex nor had sex with at 17-year-old as an adult. the story goes some way to showing how representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg and had no interest in involving himself in mr. greenberg's affairs. but viktor mr. greenberg is very much involved in gaetz affairs. greenberg is in jail, facing 33 federal charges, including sex trafficking. and source attention tell cnn greenberg has been cooperating with federal investigators since last year and shared with them information about about encounters he and the congressman had with women given cash or gifts in exchange for sex. greenberg is expected to finalize a plea deal with the government in the coming weeks. >> this becomes more and more
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bizarre as time goes on. paula reid from washington. thank you. joining us to discuss. chief political correspondent dana bash and cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi director andrew mccabe. first two, andrew. again, bizarre. you've got the investigation going on. but with this letter how impactful could it be? what do you do with it? >> you know, it's interesting victor, it doesn't add much to the story. niece are the same allegations we heard from the beginning. but it could be significant in two ways. first, it's a statement that greenberg made before he started cooperating with the authorities. so one of their challenges right now is to try to verify or corroborate the things that he is telling them. having made this statement before he was in a cooperation agreement with them corroborates some of the claims. it's not a new story that he made up just to get their attention. it's something he has been saying a while. that's one thing. the second thing, it casts a
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whole bunch of characters in a very negative light if there is ever a trial about these matters. you could likely get that statement admitted into evidence. and it would have the effect of really making gaetz and greenberg and roger stone look really -- really shady and, you know, make them look terrible to the jury. it could be very important down the line. >> dana, don't we find in letter that is reportedly written by joel greenberg as this sort of confession in which he is seeking a pardon, don't we find in letter a little bizarre in let me read one portion of it. he is talking about the woman -- the underage young woman, okay whom i called this individual. here it is. on more than one occasion this individual was involved in sexual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from florida's first congressional district, and myself. um, in your confession letter do
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you normally spell out the the congressional district that your coconspiratorer is involved in. >> what about this is not strange in i've never written a confession letter but i wouldn't spell it out like that probably. having said that, let's connect a dot here as part of a question. and that dot is the question about whether or not the congressman contacted the white house about a pardon. and about a pre-pardon from the then president donald trump. now, the president has said explicitly that he personally didn't get a request. matt gaetz has denied that he made that request. but we do have reporting that there was -- that is there was some conversations with people in and around the president. was the letter related to that?
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we do not know. but that is one of the questions that is being asked, especially given what andy just said, which is that in letter which looks more like something that you write when you are cooperating with the feds and you want to try to, you know, lessen your sentence. but apparently it was written before this. >> aurn, let's turn to rudy giuliani and what we learned from cara, that his attorney is denying the watt washington post reporting that he was the target of a russian misinformation kban, and he was warned by the fbi of that. what would that look like and how common are they. >> they are fairly common. in the fbi world it's fairly common. it's not common in the general public. typically what happens is at least two agents from the counterintelligence -- counterintelligence division meet with the individual, in this case, presumably rudy
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giuliani, and sit down and go over with him a few very key talking points that the agents and sprvrpsz and leadership agreed to ahead of time. it's very scripted, because the agents can't take a chance of exposing any confidential intelligence or sources and methods and things like that. they're very strictly kept to a set of talking points. the agents will come back from the meeting, write up the results of the meeting. they'll indicate exactly what they said and how the other person reacted. so there will be a record of the meeting if it took place. >> dana bash wsh andrew mccabe thank you very much we have to go for breaking news now. >> just in to cnn, a white house official tells cnn on the advice of the cdc, the biden administration will restrict travel from india. >> cnn chief white house correspondent katelyn collins what are you learning. >> reporter: massive news something under discussion for
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several days at the white house as we have seen cases skyrocketing in india. and now we are being told that on the advice of the cdc the biden administration is going to start restricting travel from india not starting immediatelily starting may 4th, tuesday at midnight. of course that is in effect, because remember last year when a lot of the travel bans and restrictions went in place there was a panic at airports where people were emptying savings accounts trying to book flights. this is a little bit of a delayed effect before it starts actually going into effect. but they are talking about this right now. here at the white house. putting this policy in place so that starting tuesday they will be ricking travel from india. and they say this is exactly due to what we are seeing happening with the skyrocketing cases happening there and also the multiple variants that are making their way through india. that is apparently raised enough concern for federal health officials they want to restrict travel from india to the u.s. there are a few calf yats i should note because a lot of
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questions are going to follow this what it looks like, who exactly is restricted? and the white house says this policy does apply to american citizens or lawful permanent residents. you'll still see the travel restrictions put in place as you see with international travel right now where you have to come and quarantine or take a negative covid test before you get on the flight to come to the united states. those policies will stay in effect. and the white house also says that this new policy on restricting travel from india does not apply to humanitarian workers. they said they are going to continue what we talked about last week, sending shipments of ppe and other oxygen, basically everything india is in dire need of appear short supply and still going from the u.s. to india as this is going into place. the question also that's going to follow this is how long does this last? and how long is this going to be in effect for? that's something that we don't know yet. but this is a decision that president biden made with the cdc, with his coronavirus team
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at the white house, they say it's on the advice of the cdc they are going to start restr restricting travel from india starting may 4th. >> you're right, big news. so many people wondering if and when it happened. and it just did. thank you for bringing this to us. the battle against coronavirus heading in the right direction in the u.s. the white house says more than 100 million adults are now fully vaccinated. come up we're speaking to a doctor in texas about what's happened there since the mask mandate was lifted. >> also, as florida joins other states changing its election laws, a new cnn poll shows american are split down the midland whether or not they believe the rules are making it too difficult to vote. >> and later this hour, president biden will be in philadelphia to push the big infrastructure plan. we'll take you there live. good boy! [laughs] ♪ hold my pouch. ♪ trust us, us kids are ready to take things into our own hands.
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sivrmgts there are more signs the u.s. is making progress in the fight to end the pandemic. the cdc and the white house have announced that 100 million americans have been fully vaccinated from covid. that's roughly three out of ten. plus a cnn analysis finds an 80% drop in the average of daily death since the peak in january. and vaccines may be partly responsible. >> i think we can confidently say the worst is behind us. barring some crazy unforeseen variant that none of us expect to happen, we will fallout see the kinds of sufferings and death that we have seen over the holidays. i think we are in a much better shape heading forward. >> dr. joseph ver own at eye chief of staff at united medical memorial center in houston.
11:19 am
dr. ver own -- we should mention this is the heart breaking photo that went viral at the height of the pandemic. and you're comforting a sick patient there. and so many people remember that. and what i was going to say, doctor, don't think just because i moved to the afternoons that i'm going to stop pestering you about your workload. and you know what i'm talking about, because this is your 407th day straight, okay, that you have been working. and it's just shocking for all of us to hear that. but you felt you had no choice. and so, doctor, i'll get to when you're taking a vacation in a minute. but first, just tell us what's happening in texas. because i remember that the day the texas governor announced the lifting of the mask mandate. and you were very worried. you told us you feared that all of your hard work would go down the drain. but it hasn't. since then i'll pull up the graph. since lifted on march 10th, the case numbers in texas and the
11:20 am
deaths have steadily gone down. so just tell us what happened in texas. >> well, i mean i can tell you what happens in my hospital my hospital initially indeed we have decrease in number of cases. however over the last two weeks we have an increase in number of patients. some point in time i only have eight patients in the hospital with covid. in a period of a week that number quadruple. so i have right now i have 32 patients with covid which yes less than 50% of my capacity. but we're still seeing them. joust just now as i was getting ready to start with you guys i have to admit two patients. one interesting thing going on is most of the patients that we're seeing are under the age of 50. and the second thing is that they are coming in to us extremely sick. and that may be because many of them say, it's just covid is no big deal. and they come in later. or they don't want to come to the hospital because of concerns of getting in trouble in the
11:21 am
hospital. >> so we know that we're getting to the point where the supply of the demand isout pacing soon the -- the supply of the vaccine outpacing demand. we spoke with some texans who are choosing not to get vaccinated. listen to this. >> you're getting vaccinated. >> no zwloo. >> i don't need the vaccine. i had covid last march. sick for all of five hours. i don't need a vaccine for that. >> the cdc recommends even if you have covid you should get vaccinated. >> well they can recommend stuff. >> kind of emergency approval, right. >> emergencies determine the emergency approval. >> so you think trump was wrong on this one. >> you know, i don't know what the situation is on that. but i know i'm not wrong. and we're independent freedom people of america and make our own decisions. >> we know there is this political divide amongst those who will and will not get the vaccine. but what's your reaction to what you heard there? >> well, i mean, it's obviously -- for me, it's sad to hear things like that.
11:22 am
because i'm the one on the front lines. i get to see the patients that don't listen, every single patient that i have right now in my unit is a patient that did not get a vaccine for one or other reason. i mean, the fact is vaccines work. and the numbers you guys were menging why we are going down is because of the vaccine. there is no question about it. the more people we vaccinate, the better off we are. and i know that there is a lot of concern about the potential side effects and stuff like that. but for god's sake, everything we do has a potential risk. and more importantly when you consider you know feeling sick for a couple of days or a very weird illness one in a million versus getting covid and dieing from covid there is no question in my mind we need to -- i get so passionate because like i said i'm the one work 407 continue use days. when i see people don't want the vaccine, the first thing i want
11:23 am
to know is were they well educated as far as the vaccine, the vaccine development? i mean not all of the things that we hear that this vaccine was developed overnight and non-sense like that. >> doctor, i'm so glad you point that out. because when i hear people talking about that how it's their personal freedom not to get the vaccine. of course that's true. they can exercise their personal freedom. but i don't think that they're thinking about your freedom. i mean, i don't ever hear them talking about the repercussions for the doctors and nurses who are in the hospitals who have to deal with this. and as you said, people are younger and sicker now than you've ever seen before. and so you rp, of course, as always just having to deal with all of that. and so, dr., that leads me to my question, it's been 407 days. are you going to be able to take a day off any time soon? >> i'm going to take a day off a week from saturday. my son is getting married. and he is going to have a
11:24 am
bachelor party. and believe it or not he invited me to the bachelor party which will be -- there will be social distancing and that stuff by "i" going. >> you are taking a day, taking a week? what are you keggi off. >> oh just taking a day off. >> oh, my dow gosh. >> one day. it's interesting he invites his dad to the bachelor party. that's -- >> that says a lot about what a great dad the doctor is. i don't know if one day is my prescription for you but it's a start. thank you as always for all that you do. we really appreciate you hanging with it. >> thank you, doctor. we're keeping an eye on philadelphia right now. just a few moments away from president biden's remarks on the 50th anniversary of his favorite mode of transportation, the amtrak train. >> and despite biden being in office more than 100 days now, isn't -- republicans in arizona are still auditing the vote count. we'll tell you about that story ahead.
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so any moment we expect to see president biden at an amtrak station, also known as his natural habitat. >> yes. >> in philadelphia. he will be giving a speech for amtrak's 50th anniversary. >> this is part of his major push for two enormous economic
11:30 am
plans one to improve infrastructure like railway. the other geared toward middle class families. jeff zeleny is there. if there is a mode of transportation that this president loves it's an amtrak train. >> yeah, absolutely it is. the biggest surprise about the event and see president biden decided to fly air force one to philadelphia and take the beast, his limousine here to 30th street station behind me. but the reality is he is talking about amtrak and talking about the 50th anniversary of the railway, which he of course rode every day for more than 30 years from wilmington to washington while a senator. but the substance here is important. this is his -- the second day in a row he has been out selling the economic agenda. today he focuses on the american jobs plan. so much is packed into that, about $2 trillion in spending. but a lot of the infrastructure spending would go to railways, portways, airports, roads, bridges, infrastructure, broad band but also more than that. that's the non-controversial
11:31 am
part. most -- even a lot of republicans in washington agree with a lot of that spending. the controversial part is all of the sweeping changes added to that. like adding money for home health care workers, expanding a payment for education, free community college, free pre-k, on and on. this is the beginning bgamm bit of the sales pitch. there are two pieces to the american jobs plan, but also the american families plan. he will be talking about both here. the question in the coming months not necessarily if infrastructure spend will go get done but if they can find bipartisan support for that. some republicans do not agree with how this is proposed to be paid for. and that's by increasing taxes on the wealthiest of americans. so president biden in a few moments will speak about the need for investment in economy, the need to use government to get beyond the pandemic. but of course he is doing it at
11:32 am
the -- at th e 30th street
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station with amtrak front and center. they call him amtrak joe and he loves that nickname, viktor and alisyn. >> i'm sure he would have taken a train if secret service allowed it. jeff rb let us noy as soon as it starts. thank you. >> of course we will bring you the remarks as soon as they happen. so it is the first weekend of may. you know what happens the first saturday of may, the kentucky derby, tens of thousands of race fans will be at churchill downs. coming up two doctors who will be in the crowd. >> and from johnny carsonen to jimmy kimmel, the tales of all favorite late night legends to cnn preponderate the story of late night premiers sunday night at 9:00 here is an early look. >> now don't start anything you can't finish. >> the laughter, the joke. >> i always thought. >> all this energy in . .
11:37 am
more signs of normalcy in the fight against covid-19. new york mayor bill de blasio says he wants the city to fully reopen by july 1st. he hopes to ease restrictions indoor dining and bars and gyms
11:38 am
and salons. >> >> the cdc says some cruise lines may be able to resume sailing this summer, as long as the majority of passengers and crew are vaccinated. our team of cnn reporters around the country have more travel updates for you. >> i'm pete month teen at raegen national airport. delta airlines will begin selling every seat onboard flights starting saturday. this marks the end a era for pandemic air travel. all other major u.s. airlines stopped capping capacity onboard flights months ago. delta stayed in policy for a year. and felt confidence li confident doing this now saying 75% of customers have received one dose of the coronavirus vaccine but delta missed out on a lot of money by doing this, saying it lost $100 million in possible ref flew in the month of march. that's when pandemic air travel started to surge. and the numbers remain high. the tsa screened more than
11:39 am
1.5 million people across the country on thursday, near the pandemic air travel record. >> i'm josh campbell in los angeles, the latest sign things returning to normal here in america, disneyland now reopened to the public. after being closed over a year during the pandemic, the theme park reopened doors on friday. but about some key restrictions, first only california residents will be allowed inside the park until further notice. second, they will be limiting capacity. guests will be required to go on the disney parks website in advance and reserve a spot at last check, may had already filled up. and the slots available for june are filling up fastest. finally the park says out of an abundance caution for public health will be requiring guests over two years of age to wear masks, including those who may have received the coronavirus vaccine. >> i'm eve van mckor moists sand toro on turn one at churchill downs. the kentucky derby back. last year delayed by the
11:40 am
pandemic and fans not allowed. but this year the fans and those hats are back. but at reduced compass. normally on a weekend this holds 165,000 people. but this year reserve tickets are only sold at 50% of normal capacity. >> okay thanks to all the reporters and the derby hats are back indeed. we want to bring in now two doctors who are not dressed in scrubs. they are in their derby hats because they are attending the kentucky derby this weekend. doctors mary berry and her friend dr. diane schneider. . you look fabulous. >> thank you so much. >> you guys have -- you're getting your derby on. let's talk about that, dr. berry i want to start with you. you're an internal medicine doctor. >> yes. >> why are you comfortable being in a large venue at this moment with 50,000 strangers who may or may not be vaccinated?
11:41 am
>> along with other louisvillens and according to the cdc newest guidelines i will be wearing a mask the entire time and so so will they unless i'm at that eating and drinking. >> that's funny you say that, if you're eating or drinking at that moment. i went to the derby once. that place is a huge party, okay. and as far as i can tell people are always eating and drinking, every second of the day. so, dr. schneider, are you worried people will be maskless much of the day? >> no eyeball, i'm not actually we went to the track earlier this week and were impressed how churchill downs set up things for social distancing, as well as sort of reminders in terms of masking. so the density that you are used to for a usually derby is really not happening at this time. and i think that people will be very diligent as well in wearing
11:42 am
masks. otherwise, they may be escorted out. >> i know that you both have been vaccinated. and dr. berry, i read some sad news that one of the people that you work with, your office assistant for more than 20 years is right now in the hospital with covid, very sick. and so what do you say to people who are reluctant to get vaccinated today? >> well i tell that it's way better than dying. it's way better and way safer than taking any chance on getting this dreadful illness. you might feel bad a day and a half after the second dose of vaccine but it's way better than dying. and protects the people you love, the people who are around you, not just you. >> doctorate schneider, what does it say that you both are comfortable going to the derby, you've done research, you say. i mean, does this mean that you think that large events outdoors but still large is he venues meaning live concerts, the derby, that they will be safe
11:43 am
for people this summer? >> well, certainly there is no such thing as a no-risk activity. but i think that in terms of what's in place for the derby by decreasing the number of people as well as social distancing and masking that it lowers the risk. and that's certainly with the numbers of people that have been vaccinated with ourselves included, that lowers the risk. but certainly does not take the risk away entirely. so i think you have to weigh the pros and cons and the risk and make a personal decision. >> bet something not risk-free either. >> so hopefully that people will continue to and with that we will see a continuing with opening up things, first with lowering the risk such as what's happening this week. and then at one point we look
11:44 am
forward to later being back to normal. >> that sounds really nice. well, enjoy it, ladies. dr. berry, dr. schneider you look great. have a great time. i know you're already pregaming. so enjoy it. and it's just. >> we are. >> it's wonderful to see life slowly coming back. great to see you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> all right. bye. >> viktor. >> certainly notice that got mint tee shirt you had on there. >> yes. >> any moment nowment biden expected to push the infrastructure plan during a speech marking the 50th anniversary of amtrak. we will take you to that live when it happens. stay with us. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills.
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republicans continue to pass more restrictive voting laws in states around the country in the wake of 2020's record turnout and joe biden's victory. one newly passed law overhauls some of the election laws in florida, which is a state that donald trump won. >> so it adds new identification requirements for voting by mail, also limits who can return a mail-in ballot. requiring voters to submit requests for mail-in ballots for each election cycle and expands partisan observer powers during ballot counting and reduces access to ballot drop boxes. the legislation is on its way to florida governor ron desantis. he says he is going to sign it. there is also a new cnn poll finds americans are divided on whether the biggerle problem with u.s. elections whether it's too hard to vote or easy to cheat. listen to this. 45% of those polled believe voting rules make it too hard
11:50 am
for eligible citizens to cast a ballot while 46% believe that voting rools are not strict enough to prevent illegal votes from being cast. >> that's just evenly divided right there. our poll shows 7 in 10 republicans do not think joe biden got enough votes to win the presidency. this comes at rz republicans once again auditing the 2020 ballots in arizona's biggest county as they push the push the lie that the election was stolen from donald trump. >> reporter: this is yet another tally of the nearly 2.1 million ballots in maricopa county. but this so-called audit is unlike any other. these are ballot counters heading into a shift. have you ever done election counting before? >> no. but it's -- there's nothing to it. it's -- it's pretty obvious. >> no thanks. >> reporter: most don't want to talk. others -- we're just trying to
11:51 am
do a story. openly partisan, as you see what they displayed and what they say. >> what news group are you from? >> reporter: cnn. >> okay. >> reporter: one american news network is the small far right-wing outlet that has promoted false claims that donald trump won the election. they are also livestreaming the event. its hosts have help raise funds for this exercise. we were initially told we could not enter the publicly owned arizona state fairgrounds, but when we tried another time -- i'm with cnn. >> cnn. you'll be on the second level. >> reporter: so we can get in? >> yes. >> reporter: we followed that officer's instructions and then these guys showed up. >> i'm not authorized to speak to the press or media. >> reporter: even though they look like police, they are not. they are volunteer arizona rangers. >> you're trespassing are rt
11:52 am
this man is wearing a badge from cyber ninjas, that's the florida company being paid $150,000 by the gop senate to conduct this review. but jack sellers, maricopa county board of chairman thinks about cyber ninjas. >> everything they're doing is so unprofessional. it's really bothersome. i don't really feel it benefits me to get into the weeds too far on all the craziness that i see going on. >> reporter: sellers knows the difference. he leads a republican majority board of supervisors. they already conducted two audits with bipartisan observers in public view that found no evidence of widespread election fraud. the board of supervisors fought the state senate in court to keep the pballots but lost and turned over the ballots. >> when you accept responsibility for an election, it can't be about a party. it can't be about a person.
11:53 am
it has to be about representing all the voters. >> reporter: arizona news agencies and their lawyer fought to get a reporter into the site where the count is happening and days into the audit got in. a news camera, then caught the unusual process of ballots being scanned with uv lights. in a news conference, the hired representative for the arizona state senate struggled to explain why. what are the uv lights for? >> uv lights are looking at the paper. it's part of several teams involved in the paper evaluation. >> reporter: for what? for what purpose? >> i personally don't know. >> it's a fishing expedition for stuff we know doesn't exist. >> reporter: arizona secretary of state warns what's happening in arizona may just be the next page in the playbook of the big lie. >> they cried and cried for an audit for months and they have finally gotten it and they're going to try to use this and get it other places, too.
11:54 am
>> reporter: so you think that what happens here will impact other places? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> all right. we're waiting to see president biden there in philadelphia. he is just getting on of a train car there, walking up. >> look how happy he looks to be in his natural habitat. >> indeed, enthused next to an amtrak train. 50th anniversary for amtrak. he's going to make this big push for his infrastructure plan. he must hear me vamping for him to get to the mic. he put on some speed for us. >> he's jogging. this is where he is comfortable, as we know, he really likes take the train. >> great to be back in philly. great to be back to 33rd street station. blake, you don't treat each other like family, we are
11:55 am
family. please, sit down, guys. sit down. your dad, greg, is here, too. as far as i'm concerned, the wooefrz are family. and justin gray, speaking of family, your family and i fought a lot of fights together, planned a lot of those fights on amtrak coming back to philly. i didn't come all the way to philly. it's a wonderful tribute to this station to bear his name. and, bill flynn, thank you for having me. governor wolf, mayor kenny, congressman evans, thank you for the passport into the city. appreciate it. and we have another -- i don't know that we're all here still, but i met a lot of really important friends that were here to -- for this occasion. i understand senator blumenthal is here. there you go. one of the great senators, former attorney general. took care of my son beau when he was attorney general. thank you very much. and devwight evans. you can't miss dwight. stand up there. good friend of mine and worked
11:56 am
like the devil to get me elected, brendon boyle. that's the irish, man. and donald payne, new jersey. i keep telling donald, because delaware's so small, it's a constitutional -- there's a case in the supreme court, delaware, the state of owns the delaware river up to the high water mark in new jersey. just want you to know that. got to treat it with some more respect. mayor kenny, thanks for the passport. great friend. thank you, mr. mayor. you're doing a heck of a job. and a real close, close friend, co-chairman of my campaign and just a great friend the whole time, governor ed rendell. thank you, pal. this city owes you a lot. tony costa, chairman of the board. one of my best friends in life, a guy named bert de clemente. we went to rival high schools. bert ran my operation in delaware for years and years. one election i got the most
11:57 am
votes in was the last election i ran for the senate. i was also running for vice president at the time. because under delaware law, if you're not out of the senate race in a certain time period, you got to stay in. and so bert ran -- he was the senator in delaware, campaigning for me. he got more votes than i got so, bert, thank you very much. also justin gray. i mentioned justin already and his dad, and greg weaver jr. greg, you are family. excuse me, should be blake. and mary-kate, what a lovely kid. you know, folks, the fact is that if i -- in the past when i ended up at 30th street amtrak station, it's probably because i took the late train back from washington and i slept through the delaware stop. literally. not figuratively. only did it about four times. but i wouldn't have missed this
11:58 am
for the world. it's an honor to celebrate amtrak's 50th anniversary. i look for a bright future for all of american rail. back in 2016, i announced a federal loan that allowed amtrak to purchase the new acela trains that you see behind me. they look great. i can't wait to ride. they're made in america. i want to see more of that. that's why the investments in my american job plan are guided by one principle -- buy american. buy products made in america. and american tax dollars are going to be used to buy american products to create american jobs. when i became vice president, one of the capitol hill newspapers estimated that i had taken more than 7,000 round trips on amtrak over my career. i think that's an exaggeration. i'm going to rely on those two conductors that mr. weaver will
11:59 am
remember. one was guy named angelo negri. there was an article, i guess my fourth or fifth year as president -- vice president, saying biden travels 1,000 -- 1,300,000 miles on air force one. i used to -- the secret service didn't like it but i used to like to take the train home. my mom was sick and i used to try to come home almost every weekend as vice president to see her. i got on the train and angelo came up and said, joey, baby, and he grabbed my cheek, like he always did. i thought he was going to get shot. i'm serious. i said, no, no, he's a friend. he said, joey, what's the big deal? 1,300,000 miles on air force two? you know how many miles you traveled on amtrak? i said, no, angie, i don't know. he gave me theal clags. he said, you traveled 1,500,000
12:00 pm
miles on amtrak. the fact is i'd probably take angie's word before i'd take the word of what the article said. the point is, as conductor will tell you, amtrak became my family. i literally, literally every single day that i was in the united states senate, got the -- either the 728, which became the 732 and/or -- if i got lucky, i got the metro that left at 6:00 or the 6:30 coming home. you get to know the folks. i used to have a christmas party for amtrak employees at my home. it got so big, we ended up having a summer party because family retirees kept coming back. i want to tell you, these guys work like the devil. they really, really do. and amtrak wasn't just a way of getting home. it provided me, and i'm not joking, an entire other family


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