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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  April 30, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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to say i was for you, until that. donie, grateful for your reporting and your time today and hope to see you all monday, have a great weekend, stay safe. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. ♪ happy friday, thanks for being with me, i'm ana cabrera in new york, we begin with new shocking revelations in the investigation into congressman matt gaetz. you see, it's not every day accused criminals write out a physical list of their alleged crimes. but in this case that appears to be exactly what a friend may have done. the daily beast obtained a damning letter alleged to be from gaetz associate joel greenberg, detailing how he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including a girl who was just 17 at the time. now cnn hasn't seen the letter, and we cannot verify the daily
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beast's reporting but the news outlet says this letter was drafted at the request of none other than roger stone, who greenberg allegedly tried to hire in an attempt to secure a pardon from then president trump, we should note, stone denies ever asking for or receiving payment from greenberg, and greenberg's attorney has declined to comment to cnn's citing attorney/client privilege. cnn's paula reid joins us in washington, there are a lot of names, a lot of accusations here, walk us through it. >> reporter: here we go. greenberg reportedly wrote a letter admitting he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, include ago minor just 17 at the time. the letter was reportedly drafted after greenberg asked roger stone, a close ally of the former president trump for help obtaining a pardon in the final months of the trump administration. now, there were multiple drafts reportedly of this letter and in an earlier draft obtained by the daily beast greenberg claims he and gaetz thought this woman was 19 years old but later they actually learned she was
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underage. greenberg reportedly claims when he learned this he immediately called the congressman to warn him. now cnn has not seen the letter, and can't verify the details of the daily beast's story. but we have spoken with several women who were involved with these two men and we have reported, greenberg paid women on behalf of himself and gaetz after some sexual encounters. cnn's own chris cuomo spoke to roger stone last night, stone says he doesn't recall any letter. he says that he never heard greenberg implicating gaetz, and that he never tried to get greenberg a pardon. stone also told the daily beast he never asked for, nor did he ever receive, any money from greenberg. >> and so what is gaetz saying about this latest twist? >> well, a spokesman for the congressman responded with a statement saying, in part, the congressman has never paid for sex. nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old, as an adult. and the story goes some way to showing how representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg, and has no interest in involving himself in mr.
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greenberg's affairs. but ana, mr. greenberg is very much involved in mr. gaetz' affairs, greenberg is currently in jail, he is facing 33 federal charges, including sex trafficking. and sources tell cnn greenberg has been cooperating with federal investigators since last year. and he has shared with them information about encounters he and the congressman had with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex. and greenberg is expected to finalize a plea deal with the federal government in the coming weeks. >> and that plea deal obviously could be integral in all of this. paula reid in washington for us, thank you. matt gaetz is not the only trump ally under federal investigation right now. rudy giuliani is now publicly discussing the completely unrelated raid at his manhattan home and office this week. >> they had a breakdown -- i would say breakdown. but smash on my doors. in a frightening way. lucky i don't get frightened very easily.
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i handled them very professionally and they handled me very professionally. >> kara skanall is joining us. what else did rudy giuliani reveal about this raid. >> reporter: in that interview with fox news giuliani got at the heart of this investigation, federal prosecutors in manhattan are investigating him and whether he violated foreign lobbying laws by failing to register as a lobbyist for ukrainian officials. now, the focus of this investigation are giuliani's efforts in ukraine where he was pushing for the removal of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. the question is was he doing that on behalf of his client president trump or acting on behalf of ukrainian officials. during the interview he said he never lobbied foreign officials, in fact said he was working for the then president trying to convince the ukrainian government to open an investigation into joe biden and his family. now giuliani also said that the fbi had seized about seven or eight of his electronic devices.
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he said they wouldn't take two hard drives he claims belonged to hunter biden, here's what he told fox. >> they got perturbed because at the end of the search, when they had taken about, i'd say, seven or eight electronic items of mine, which is what they took and two of someone else's, they weren't taking the three hard drives, which are electronic devices, just mimic the computer. i said, well don't you want these? and they said, what are they? i said those are hunter biden's hard drives and they said, no, no, no. >> now, cnn has not seen a copy of the search warrant, but a search warrant has to be approved by a judge. and prosecutors need to demonstrate that they believe specific crimes are being committed on spaecific devices. they aren't usually allowed to seize any and all devices. >> "the washington post" is also reporting today the fbi warned je giuliani that he was the target of a russian influence
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operation. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: cnn has not confirmed this reporting but "the washington post" says that in 2019 rudy giuliani was warned by the fbi counterintelligence division in what is known as a defensive briefing being told that he was potentially receiving false information from russian operatives who wanted to harm joe biden politically. cnn previously reported that the white house and congress had received briefings that giuliani was receiving misinformation from foreign nationals. but we have not confirmed "the washington post" report that we just received a comment from giuliani's attorney robert costello and he denies this. he says in a statement the story is totally false according to giuliani, never received any such briefing. >> let's discuss with carrie -- a former doj official, and a cnn
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legal and national security analyst. carrie, beginning with giuliani's legal troubles, listen to this from his fox interview last night. >> that warrant is completely illegal. the only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there's some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence. or is going to -- or is going to run away with the evidence. i've had it for two years and i haven't destroyed it. >> is that how warrants work? >> no, that's just not correct and it's pretty surprising to hear somebody who was a former u.s. attorney misrepresent the law in that way. so in an investigation when the fbi receives a search warrant from the judge the warrant has to demonstrate probable cause. and it has to demonstrate and articulate the crimes that they believe may have been committed and it has to tie the devices that they intend to seize and
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search with information that demonstrates it's likely to contain evidence of the crime that they are investigating. now, there are circumstances when a warrant might be executed urgently because they expect that information might be destroyed but there's not a requirement that they do so. >> giuliani had a lot to say last night. is it risky for him to be talking right now? >> it certainly is, you know, from a perspective of -- i would imagine that his defense counsel would not want him to be speaking publicly, normally somebody who is facing significant criminal exposure and is the subject of federal warrants should not be speaking publicly. he seems to be carrying himself more in the line of when he was defending the president in the former president in an impeachment proceeding, which is a political proceeding, versus normally the way a defendant
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would act when they are subject to criminal investigations. >> we all know the line, those of us who aren't lawyers, you know, anything you say could be used against you. so that makes me think about just how vulnerable he could be as he continues to talk about this investigation, what he thinks it's all about. let's turn to new developments involving congressman matt gaetz, as we just mentioned, the daily beast reporting on an alleged letter from gaetz close ally joel greenberg that reveals he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including a minor who was just 17. we can't verify the daily beast reporting and a gaetz spokesperson is denying it. if this reporting proves true, what kind of trouble could gaetz be in? >> well, with respect to the letter, again i'll be interested to see when cnn confirms it. but regarding reports about that letter, it is important to think about the fact that the individual who allegedly wrote that letter is working in his own interest. so mr. greenberg has already
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been charged with numerous federal counts, he is acting, i would presume, in his own interests. so we need to keep that in mind. but congressman gaetz, given the allegations, does seem to have some significant exposure depending on the facts involving his activities with these girls. the federal government, the justice department, treat human trafficking and the obtaining of sex services for payment or for other things of value very, very seriously. just this week, for example, there was a case that is charged in the eastern district of virginia of an individual charged with a similar type of allegation, sex with underage girls in exchange for money or gifts. so that type of crime is something that the justice department takes very seriously,
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and carries very stiff penalties. >> great to have you with us, carrie, thank you. >> thanks. president biden today delivering a welcome message to most parents across the nation, saying schools should probably all be open this fall. but how is the white house going to make that happen? we'll discuss with the secretary of session, miguel cardona. as the united states makes huge strides in the fight against the coronavirus, the world's second largest country, india, is going through hell. we will take you there live. and florida is the latest republican led state to address a problem that just does not exist. passing new restrictions on voting despite the fact that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.
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our covid numbers in the u.s. all trending in the right direction, not only does the number of daily new cases continue to drop but the number of deaths hit a record low for the year, averaging around 680 each day, which is still a lot, too much if you ask me, but it is an 80% drop from where we were in january and experts say it's largely due to vaccines. the white house just announcing that as of today 100 million americans are fully vaccinated. that is 30% of the population. that means people have had the two doses of moderna and pfizer, or the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine, also we should note that the president of moderna said today that by the summer kids 12 and older may be eligible for the vaccine as well. as the u.s. appears to be turning the corner, india is dealing with just a terrifying crisis. they are seeing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the world.
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today's india's ninth consecutive day, reporting over 300,000 new coronavirus cases. the images are just so heartbreaking. crematoriums are so overwhelmed, like you see here, bodies are piling up faster than workers can cremate them, the dead left stacked on tables, waiting their turn in line. hospitals can't keep up either, those lucky enough to be seen to be treated are in emergency rooms with dwindling supplies, others simply being turned away, leaving many desperate families to fend for themselves. we're being joined from new delhi but a cnn reporter. are things getting any better? >> reporter: they're not getting better, ana, they're just getting worse, a lot of people say they'll get worse before they get better. what we've seen, india in mourning, that's what i see. i see deaths, i see desperation, i see dejection, and i see a lot
10:18 am
of anger on the ground as well at this point in time. deaths, as you've seen in crematoriums, and in graveyards, desperation of people to actually go and fend for themselves at this point in time, you've seen those long queues for oxygen supply and beds and medicines. i've also seen anger on the ground, the frustration of people who feel they've been left to themselves to go and make sure that they will survive the night. there's so much anger on the roads, on social media, everyone is asking just one question, why is it that this government did not realize in time that there would be a second wave? we've heard from people from the bjp, which is the governing party in sba, and they say, yes, we are responsible for the country but no one saw this coming. but experts have said for so long, ana, that we are about six months to four months behind european nations when it comes to covid-19 and the waves.
10:19 am
why didn't they see it coming? at this point in time, on may 1st, is when vaccinations are supposed to begin for those 18 and above but at least five states today have said we don't have the vaccines so please don't form those lines, don't come and queue up. that is the other problem we're facing at this point in time, what is going to happen tomorrow? will there be a lot of chaos at these hospitals when people want to go there and get the vaccine because there is no supply in many states as of now. back to you, ana. >> just 2% of india vaccinated at this point, and again, the situation is so dire. thank you for being there for us. president biden says schools should probably all be open this fall, we'll discuss with the secretary of education next. with quality that's guaranteed for life, bath fitter doesn't just fit your bath, it fits your high standards. why have over two million people welcomed bath fitter into their homes? it just fits. call now or visit to book your free consultation.
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in just a few moments president biden will be arriving in philadelphia talking infrastructure, he'll be giving a speech at the 50th anniversary celebration of amtrak, in hopes of getting more people on board with his pricey proposal. cnn's kaitlan collins joins us
10:25 am
now from the white house. remind us what's in this massive plan and how is the president trying to sell it. >> reporter: it has a lot in here. the way the white house is really framing this, ana, is as human infrastructure, how they're billing it. he already unveiled his actual infrastructure plan that dealt with roads and bridges and broadband and other aspects as well. this is more focused on education, child care, paid family leave, things you wouldn't normally define as human infrastructure but the white house is saying that given the pandemic, given the economic devastation that followed it caused people to take a hard look at what was going on and president biden and his aides believe that this is the time to invest in this so things aren't back to normal the way they were at pre-pandemic levels but that things are fundamentally different. a lot of people were living one paycheck away from not having money in their bank accounts, or not being able to afford food to put on the table. that's how the white house is viewing this, republicans have
10:26 am
already started pushing back saying it's really big, it's too big and also would redefine the role of the government in education, in child care, in paid family leave. but president biden gave a little bit of a perspective on why he thinks this is something that is a task for the government, and this is what he said earlier today. >> i don't have any inordinate faith in government, but there's certain things only the government can do. we rank number eight in the world in terms of infrastructure, for god sake. is the private sector going to go out and build billions of dollars worth of highways, ports, airports, bridges? are they going to do that? and so these are things that only government can really do. >> see, there at the end s, ana this was a reference to the hard infrastructure plan the president already unveiled. what he was speaking to overall is the way he views the role of the government in american life, in this post-pandemic life as we're moving into that period. and he's saying the government has a big role here, and so the
10:27 am
question of whether he's ultimately successful, in what this looks like in the end, it's still far from certain because you even have some moderate democrats pushing back on some of these proposals in the size and scope of them. and so, of course, he's going to go through a massive process, a debate on capitol hill, but this is the way the president views things, and he is trying to make this case, and he's trying to make it on the road today in philadelphia. he has several stops scheduled for next week. we should note the white house says he's going to virginia on monday, another trip next thursday as well as top officials. they're trying to make the case to voters out there, but also making it to governors and local officials as well. >> kaitlan collins at the white house, thank you, more now on this human infrastructure plan, officially it is called the american families plan and it would reform education in particular as we know it. education is something this pandemic has obviously had a huge impact on millions of students haven't stepped foot in a classroom in the last year. the president said this today when asked what happens in the
10:28 am
fall. >> based on the science and the cdc they should probably all be open of. there's not overwhelming evidence there's much of a transmission among these people -- young people. >> i'm joined now by education secretary miguel cardona. great to have you with us, thank you. >> thank you, ana. glad to be with you. >> secretary, fall is months away, based on what the president said there, why aren't schools fully open now? >> we're continuing to push to have schools open, in the spring. and educators and district leaders have been working really hard to take care of those challenges they've had but it's also about making sure we're communicating the safety in our schools with the communities, there's still some hesitancy but we are working really hard to try to make sure that all schools open this spring. we're pleased with the numbers we're seeing, over 80% since last february are offering in-person learning options in grades k through 8 but we need
10:29 am
to do more for our students. >> what are the challenges? >> i wrapped up help is here, where i visited ten different schools in eight different states. there is some hesitancy in some communities, you know, districts are now making changes to go from six feet distance to three feet distance, and transportation safety concerns from some families are issues too. but they're working really hard to make sure we can continue to bring students in now that we're promoting vaccinations for all educators as the president has done this past year, we know this past month, we have over 80% of our educators have received at least one vaccine, we're on the right track, we need to keep pushing hard. until we get to 100%, there's a lot of work to do. >> already, at least 100 colleges and universities say they will require students to get vaccinated before returning to campus in the fall. as we are seeing an increase in covid infections in children right now in colorado, missouri, new mexico, once vaccines are green lighted for younger
10:30 am
americans, should that be a school requirement? >> i'll leave that to the cdc to determine whether or not it should be a requirement but i do know the vaccinations have helped us safely reopen schools as quickly as possible. i would encourage folks to get a vaccine once it's safe to do so. that's going to contribute to us being able to reopen and get back to a sense of normalcy. >> given we do have to have vaccines, or our children have to have vaccines for a lot of other diseases, i think of my own kids, with the mmr vaccine, the polio vaccine, the tdap vaccine, why wouldn't you require a vaccine for covid? >> well, again, those are medical decisions that i'm going to leave to the medical experts and the health experts. i want to make sure we're focusing on when our students do get back into schools we're providing them the support they need, we know that some students were hit harder by the pandemic than others, i want to make sure our systems are ready to meet their academic and social and emotional needs, the focus we're taking as educators across the country. >> let's talk about that, then,
10:31 am
because you're right, educational disparities have widened during the pandemic research showing black, hispanic and poor students in elementary school fell further behind in reading and math, compared to their classmates when school shut down. how do you plan to address that? ? we have to be honest, transparent and bold with our actions. you know, the american rescue plan is -- provides the funds for us to think boldly, to really reimagine education and make it better than it was in march 2020. we have to make sure we're targeting our support, targeting our resources, to those students that were hit the most. so that's how we do that. and now with the american families plan we know that if we're able to provide two years of early childhood education and community college for students that's how we not only recover from the pandemic, but make sure that we make an educational system that's better than ever before. >> i want to ask you about the american families plan in a moment but i also have to ask about this renewed racial reckoning our country is facing right now, and just this morning
10:32 am
the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell sent you a letter demanding the federal government remove from grant programs the 1619 project focused on reframing american history when it comes to slavery and the contributions of black americans, what's your response? >> you know, i have yet to see the letter, but the reality is that when we're discussing curriculum the federal government doesn't have a role in the curriculum development but i have complete confidence that educators across the country, as they develop curriculum, and lessons, to ensure that we're providing diverse perspectives in our curriculum, so students can see themselves in it, but doing it in a way that builds community in our schools. i have complete confidence the educators will get it right. >> i do want to can you about president biden's $1.8 trillion american families plan, including significant investments in education, everything from universal pre-kindergarten, which you mentioned, to free community college, raises for child care workers, you know the criticism, how do you pay for it? how do you sell this to
10:33 am
republicans, and americans, wary of higher taxes? >> you know, as on educator for over 20 years, i'm thrilled with this investment in education in our country. and, you know, we have this saying, you pay now or pay later. good early childhood education is -- we know the data shows two years of community college, allows you to have a 21% increase in earning potential as a graduate. it's good for the student and the community and the country. >> some democrats are arguing you should be cancelling student debt, up to $50,000 per student, you were tasked weeks ago to look into this for president biden. it's not in this plan. why not? >> we're still continuing to look at how we can support students that are heavy in debt but i think it's critically important we communicate we need to stop the bleeding. we have to make sure we're improving those practices that prevent students from being in such debt. we have to look at public
10:34 am
service loan forgiveness in our agency. we have to make sure that our borrowing defense is up to par. the return on investment our students are getting will allow for them to go on and lead happy lives and not be burdened with so much debt. it's more than just looking at the loan forgiveness for those students with loans, but it's also making sure we're not continuing the cycle so that five years from now we're in the same situation. >> could we see the president take action on cancelling student debt. >> >> among many other things the president is -- and the white house team is looking at that. as are we, and we're continuing conversations around that. >> education secretary miguel cardona, appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you, ana. florida is one of the states in which republicans didn't declare rampant fraud in the 2020 election. and it is where former president trump himself voted by mail. so why did republicans just pass a sweeping bill to restrict voting. we'll take you live to that state's capital next. the looks♪
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10:40 am
lines, this comes as we got new cnn polling released within the last hour that reflects that partisan divide with democrats supporting expanding voter access, and republicans voicing support for more restrictions. cnn's dianne gallagher is in tallahassee for us, all that's left is the governor's signature. but i don't get why they're doing this, given republicans very pointing to florida as the model to follow in the last election. this is where former president trump himself voted by mail. >> that's right, ana. but here's the thing, even the governor, governor ron desantis, he indicated he would sign this bill into law but in his state of the state he called the last election the most transparent and efficient election in the nation. the sponsors of this legislation heralded how smooth and secure and successful florida's election was, and so why the change? well, democrats asked that same
10:41 am
question on the floor repeatedly during hours of debate leading up to this, several iterations of this bill. what's in the final legislation? well, look, it does a lot, but if we're going through some of the main points here, it adds new identification requirements for voting by mail. it also limits who can handle completed mail-in ballot. it requires voters to request a mail-in ballot. annually instead of every two years, which is how it's been in florida. it also expands the power of those partisan observers at the ballot tabulation process, and it adds limitations, and restrictions to drop boxes. and if you look at that, again there's a lot more in the bill, but if you look at those changes, you see a lot about mail-in voting, and democrats say they believe that that's because last election in 2020, ana, it was the first time they had ever outpaced republicans when it comes to returning mail-in ballots. this is simply adding guardrails to prevent people from gaming the system in the future, ana.
10:42 am
>> dianne gallagher in tallahassee, florida, thank you for your reporting. covid cases and restrictions are down here in the u.s., restaurants reopening, but facing a new challenge, and it could impact your dinner reservations this weekend. stay with us. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours more. botox prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. , if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic graine,
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businesses are reopening, and that includes restaurants, but as you start to go back out to eat, maybe you have dinner reservations this weekend, be prepared to not get the level of service you were used to before the pandemic because restaurants are warning, they are struggling
10:47 am
to find workers right now. joining us is the ceo of -- he runs 50 tgi fridays and other restaurants. you are struggling to staff up. walk us through the challenges right now. what are you experiencing? >> thank you so much for having me on, ana. i would like to say we will give you the same level of service, but it's harder for us as operators of restaurants, we're having a shortage, some driven by the stimulus and the opportunity for people to stay at home and make comparable wages to what they would make if they were at work in our restaurants, not quite as much but certainly close. the other thing, obviously, is just a supply of workers. i think as washington, d.c. works its way through comprehensive immigration reform, those of us in the service sector we just need more employees. so now we're battling two fronts, a shortage that
10:48 am
preexisted covid but now dealing with the issues fighting against things occurring due to stimulus and covid-19. >> according to "the wall street journal" other restaurants are experiencing a very similar situation so they're trying to provide extra incentives, increasing wages, offering bonuses, providing family leave, paying for college tuition, what are you doing to recruit workers? >> so certainly bonuses are something all of us are doing. one of the things we're really digging in on, that is kind of a modernization through the financial technology innovations happening, and also spaces, but certainly in our space, is paying people the day they work, trying to get people paid quicker, the other option it gives to our employees is, once they have four weeks under their belt they can borrow against a paycheck for a couple dollars. it takes the old payday lending and makes it considerably more reasonable and affordable to our
10:49 am
employees. i think we're all struggling, maybe not struggling trying to be creative and how we can best approach workers, and convince them that coming back to work is the best thing they can do. certainly as the stimulus dollars start to fall off we certainly hope that the demand will increase for workers for us. >> i do wonder, because you said, service, and providing good service is a priority to you, but i imagine if you don't have the workers you can't serve as many people because of the staff shortages and you wouldn't be making as much money, right rg and now you're offering perks for employees. so can you sustain your business at this rate or will you have to close restaurants? >> no, those of us that are in the restaurant ecosystem, we're pretty diligent about, you know, staying alive. we've seen a lot of trends come and go. we'll certainly make it through this. i think the interesting thing is, as people start to kind of start to come back out from the
10:50 am
12, 13 months of covid-19, and want to get out and be entertained, it's an opportunity for a lot of restaurant people to actually make can. the people working in the restaurants doing a great job. making a lot of overtime. and we're more than willing to offer more hours. but long, we need more people to back to work. we hope our partners in washington, d.c. will encourage a greater supply of workers in the future. but i think in the short-run rest restauranters to will react to the situation. long-term we know there is going to be a shortage of workers is going to become more prevalent in the businesses. >> daniel, best of luck to you. thanks for sharing your experience with us.
10:51 am
>> thank you so much, ana for having me on. >> and happy friday. still to come new and explosive developments in the investigation into congressman matt gaetz, what we're learning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser-drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. tylenol rapid release gels. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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10:55 am
police officer derek chauvin was convicted ten days ago we have
10:56 am
seen at least three more barak americans killed by police. this weekend in the sunday prem yerp of "united shades of america," w. kamau bell takes us to his home city of oakland for an intensive look at police brutality in america and the toll it takes on communities of color. >> is this moment different as far as like where we are in america and specifically around law enforcement? >> for me it's this moment of being a black man in a police uniform, right. >> um-hum. >> and there are some problems, systemic problems that's been in policing a long time that you know needed to be rooted out. you sit in this place where like do i fit in? sometimes i ask the question do i fit in i'm a black man before i put on the uniform and when i take it off. >> you're one while you got it on. >> right. >> w. kamau bell with us now. kamau, i don't think he anyone
10:57 am
thought the problems disappear after a single officers is convicted. it's disturbing and sad to see the tragedies happen again and again. how do you see the chauvin verdict? will it be trchlgsle the way many people hope it is. >> it's only transformational if we do the work to learn from the verdict. the lesson from the verdict is there is something wrong with policing in this country. we know that because of all the black folks and latino/latin x folks died at the hands of comes sinced ver. mario gonzalez was drunk in a park apparently. the cops came and he ended up dead 15 minutes later. it's only meaning something if we do something with the information. our country tends to forget things. we think that happened that we should be changed by. >> and your season premier tomorrow night you dive into the idea of defunding the police. what do activists mean or want when they talk about defunding the police? >> we do dive into that.
10:58 am
i know a lot of people are afraid of that. it's funny all it is is accounting term as we talk about in the episode i used to be nervous about it too. it means for example in oakland we spend about 50% of the municipal fumbled but only 50% of calls for police rg violent crimes. if they handle the violent crimes make that's okay. we look at the other money and put it into schools, public safety, into the fact that a if a guy is drunk in the park you call a social worker or a driver to give them a ride home. you don't summon someone a gun. >> you talk to a lot of police reform activists saying law enforcement is inherently racist, baked in from the beginning. what do the foundations of policing mean for today's reform efforts? >> well, that, i mean, it's not even -- this is all history. you can look at this. the ways in which black people are policed are based in the barbados slave code which tells you everything you need to know
10:59 am
about, about protecting white people with money from the black people. it was never about seeing us as a part of the public. and that's gone through the entire history of policing. and the current commissioner in 1968 under the lyndon johnson administration discovered white racism was responsible for what was wrong in the country and policing a part of that. it wasn't black anger it was white racism making the country divided. >> i'm glad to have you back in our lives on our screens week in week out. you never shy away from the tough issues. what else do you have coming up this season? >> we have an episode about the black transcommunity in dallas, texas. episode about economic equality in south carolina and we have an episode about veterans in san diego and about what if means to support our troops. >> w kamau bell good to see you thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining me on this friday. i'll see you back here monday. in the meantime join me on twitter @ana cabrera. newsroom continues next with
11:00 am
alisyn and victor. have a great weekend. hello i'm viktor blackwell. >> am i'm alisyn camerota. rudy giuliani is speaking out fighting back following wednesday's raid of his manhattan home and home by federal agents. pushing back upon a washington post report saying the former personal attorney to president trump was warned directly by the fbi in 2019 that he was target of a russia influence operation, an operation aimed at spreading misinformation about joe biden. >> now giuliani's lawyer released a statement. let's get to cnn reporter, what is his lawyer saying? >> reporter: hey, victor, yeah we received a statement from the attorney robert costello telling bu


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