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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  April 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello, and welcome to "inside politics," i'm john king in washington, thank you for sharing a busy news day with us, a big milestone today, the united states has now fully vaccinated 100 million americans, plus from the president a big marker for the fall. president biden says all kids should be back in the classroom to begin the next school year. some other big headlines, rudy giuliani says he did nothing wrong yet there is this new wrinkle. "the washington post" reports the former new york city mayor and trump confidant was warned in 2019 that he was associating
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with bad actors and that the kremlin was trying to use him in an intelligence operation. the challenge complicated by a dark stain of the trump presidency. vice president harris is in cincinnati. their goal, when public support for new biden initiatives that promise jobs and promise a stronger social safety net, but they require a giant expansion of federal power. >> well, first of all, the facts don't reflect that. i don't have any inordinate faith in government but there's certain things only the government can do. we rank number eight in the world in terms of infrastructure, for god sake. is the private sector going to go out and build billions of dollars worth of highways, ports, airports? bridges? are they going to do that? and so these are things that only government can really do. >> that's a tough sell for the president, a tough sell given this country's polarized politics and the extraordinarily slim democratic margins in
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congress, it's an even harder sell because of trump's reckless big lie, a significant slice of the country questions the legitimacy, the very legitimacy of the biden presidency, let's look at these new numbers in our cnn poll. it's depressing. 30% of americans, three in ten americans say, no, joe biden did not legitimately win the presidency. break it down by party. 97% of democrats, they get it, the election was free and fair. joe biden is president. but seven in ten republicans still say the president of the united states is an illegitimate president, seven in ten republicans say that and 27% of independents say that. imagine how much this complicates president biden's efforts to talk to the country when 70% of republicans think he doesn't deserve the job, that he has. now, you would think, months would pass, the election is over, this would fade. it has faded some. but not much. in 58 -- in january 58% of republicans said there was solid
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evidence, not just donald trump says, but solid evidence biden did not win enough votes. that's down to 50% among republicans but still half of republicans still say they believe there's solid evidence. like to see it, because there is none, but that's what half of republicans believe. this complicates joe biden's job, trying to talk to the american people, all americans and it's part of the reason republicans are doing this. republicans still say there was all this nefarious conduct in the 2020 election. therefore, we're going to change the rules. from coast-to-coast, republicans have proposals, right now there are about 55 restrictive bills making their way, not just proposed, but making their way through legislatures in 24 states. this is as of late march, these debates are everywhere, last night in florida the legislature did clear, trump won florida, won it pretty easily but republicans still want to change the rules heading into 2022. the new bill adds new id requirements for voting by mail. it limits who can return a mail-in ballot. limits drop box access.
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and these actually penalizes as fines for election officials who don't impose and strictly follow the new lock box rules, and it prohibits the use of nonprofit and private funds to conduct the elections, again, the republican -- the governor of florida is a republican. donald trump won quite handily. but listen to governor ron desantis. he says he will sign the bill and he says it's necessary. >> we've had voter id, and it works. the right thing to do. we didn't do unsolicited mail ballots this last election, we made sure the right people were in place and we counted 11 million votes by midnight on election night, it was free, it was fair, it was transparent. we think we led the nation but we're trying to stay ahead of the curve to make sure these elections are run well. in florida, you can have confidence your vote counts. >> with us to share their reporting, and their insights, the editorial director of vote beat u.s., jessica hughsman. i want to start and get to these
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restrictions, the continuing republican effort to restrict in a minute. but i want to start with just the damning effect on government this big lie has, and i want to just put the numbers back up there, if you could, 70% of republicans, we're 100 days into joe biden's presidency, 70% of republicans think the president did not legitimately win. that's -- it's wrong, but there it is. they firmly believe this. now let's listen to why they believe it, abby philip, because donald trump continues, 100 days into the biden presidency to spew this. >> it's an interesting audit, a forensic audit going on right now in arizona. >> we were going to ask you about that. what are your thoughts on that? >> keep your eye on that. i have no question we won arizona, if the election is honest, they're not going to be sending 103 lawyers, what do they have to hide? the whole 2020 election was crooked. many people agree with me. >> that was my point. >> much more thinks it was a fake election. no, i won the election, anyway, i ran two elections, i won them
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both. >> donald trump is right about one point there, he's right about one point, most of that is a lie. it is hard to govern the country when people think it was a bad election. he's responsible for that belief, and joe biden happens to be a democrat. it doesn't matter what party the current president is when 70% of the other party thinks you're illegitimate, it is hard to make your case on anything, he's trying to sell his policies. now some day he may have to stand up after a natural disaster or a terrorist event. this is just a damning piece of the trump legacy. it actually explains a little bit why you see republicans flirting with the big lie in the way that they are. most of these lawmakers, especially in washington know that this is a lie, that there was no voter fraud, that there's really no evidence to support any of these restrictions that are being passed in dozens of states, but what it does is it casts doubt on the existing administration, which is
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beneficial to them in the long run. the problem is, that it's damaging in the long run to the dm democratic process, because you have an entire party that's basically believing a lie, for which there is no evidence of, and then attempting to restrict voting, for example, it's so interesting, in a state where republicans utilize mail-in voting, they don't know what the consequences will be for their own party as a result of these restrictions. >> fascinating point about florida. i'll echo what you just said, it's hard for reasonable republicans who oppose biden on this, that and the other thing. it's hard to do when you go home and seven in ten people who vote for you think joe biden is an illegitimate president. it's hard. jessica, come in on the point on this new florida law. i'll read from you from the sarasota editorial board, for a body with so many members who claim to be champions of protecting individual liberties, the florida legislature sure has serious trust issues when it
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comes to actually allowing floridians to fully express and embrace those freedoms. the move by the senate is a disappointing show of contempt for floridians who deserve the simple right to be able to vote as easily as possible through as many legitimate avenues as possible. you heard governor desantis, he says this is great. but it does restrict. it rolls back what was available to florida voters in november, as we head into 2022. >> it absolutely does, the best way to describe this law is a grab bag of all of the most favorite restrictive republican measures across the country, rolled into one law. and so it is, in my opinion, far worse than a law that was passed in georgia a few weeks ago, that caused so much controversy, this will have a much more direct impact on voters as they go to the polls, and it's especially puzzling in florida, in the days after the election, governor ron desantis was hitting the air waves every day, talking about how there weren't any problems
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in florida. and florida was the pinnacle of election administration. and he's not incorrect, florida was very smoothly run. there were no problems, and this very restrictive bill is an effort to create a solution where a problem doesn't exist. it's puzzling. >> and you see more of this, abby, in our poll. we're supposed to fight about taxes and spending, we're supposed to argue about school choice, we're supposed to argue and debate a lot of things. we should not be debating democracy. if you look at our poll, look at these numbers, rule would make selections more fair. democrats ensure more voting. look at limiting drop box access to voting hours, republicans want that, democrats think it's a bad idea. democrats want to send absentee ballots to everybody, republicans think it's a bad idea, republicans, look at that, nine in ten republicans want voter id, only four in ten democrats say that. for a democracy to work, there has to be a basic consensus, just about the rules.
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fairness, how to do this. then we can fight about the results and fight about policy. >> yeah, it's so interesting, to me, because on many of those issues, with the exception of voter id, so we're talking about early voting, drop boxes, absentee ballot applications, these are all things that were problems that were invented by former president trump to explain a really simple phenomenon, which is that he got fewer votes than the other guy. and what has been interesting is to see this seeping into the consciousness of republican voters, where they now believe, without any evidence, that those things are related to some kind of fraud, there's absolutely no evidence of any of this, and so this is a lie that has now become part of the firmament for republicans, they all believe it and will back it up, in states like georgia and florida, they did not have problems with those things. republican officials are now saying it's about election security. that's how the big lie creeps into the mainstream.
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it's now part of the system. and it's problematic because there's really no evidence to support any of this stuff and it's all because one person lost an election. >> the evidence actually supports that most republicans know it's -- it is a lie. because why would you restrict the right for people to vote? you lost, that's why. you lost and you know you lost and so you're trying to restrict the right of the people who cost you the election. jessica, abby, grateful for your reporting and insights. details of another hugely important story, the growing legal jeopardy facing rudy giuliani. the former new york city mayor and trump confidant stat for an interview with tucker carlson on fox news last night, denying any wrongdoing. >> the evidence is exculpatory, it proves the president and i are innocent, they're the ones committing -- it's like projection. they're committing the crimes, that warrant is completely illegal. the only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there's some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence. or is going to run away with the
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evidence. well, i've had it for two years, and i haven't destroyed it. >> federal agents serve search warrants at giuliani's apartment and his office in new york city this week. what sources describe to cnn as a clear escalation in an investigation now focused on giuliani's potentially illegal work in ukraine. let's bring in evan perez. walk us through what this means and the signals from giuliani's attorneys that they will fight and fight to keep these materials secret. >> reporter: yeah, john, look, i think from what those comments that giuliani is making, you can tell that they're planning to dispute everything, including what the justice department is able to do with the materials that they took, i believe there are about nine devices that they took from giuliani's home, his office, and from his assistant, one of his assistants. and so the justice department creates a team that essentially goes through and makes sure that
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any attorney-client material is separated from any information that is given to the investigators who were doing the investigation, who were targeting, who are looking into giuliani himself, and so there's a process that exists, and what can happen in giuliani's team and even president trump's legal team could go to court and make that more difficult, make that a more drawn out process. i think that's what you're hearing from giuliani. at this point, look, there's plenty of reason to believe that giuliani has known for a couple of years that some of the people who he was working with in ukraine were connected to russian intelligence, this there was a foreign disinformation campaign, including the campaign, by the way, to get rid of the then ambassador marie yovanovitch who was ousted as a result of this campaign. we'll see what legal process they try to go through. you can tell they're planning to fight. >> they're planning to fight, and you mentioned rudy giuliani,
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"the washington post" story, giving more detail to that, that he was warned back in 2019 that, look, you're associating with bad people. we think the kremlin is trying to use you, essentially. is that the story? >> that's what the post says. it's a strange warning for the fbi to give, because he was under investigation at the time, but keep in mind, john, bill barr went and told the president and the white house was also told about this, but there's really not much anybody can do when the president wants giuliani out there doing this. >> right, just going to say the president could have said stop, that didn't happen. evan perez, grateful for your reporting. up next for us, the latest from the biden coronavirus team includes a big milestone, 100 million americans now fully vaccinated. hh! get out of here . ahhh! ♪ don't flex your pecs. terminix. good boy!
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♪ ♪ let's workflow it, wonka. the world deserves more chocolate. i shall be the judge of that. whatever your business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good a big new number announced today, 100 million americans now fully vaccinated. the biden team hopes you will look at the numbers i'm about to
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show you and say things are getting better and they would get better if the rest of america would hurry and get a vaccine. walking through the numbers, the case timeline. it's hard to say that 58,000 new covid infections is good news so i won't. it is better news. if you look we're averaging 51,000 new infections a day. if you go back to january, you see the peak. the goal is to push this down even more but it is down from above 70,000, just a week or two ago, so that number is starting to drop. if you look at it from this perspective, though, the cdc now projects that four times more americans have actually been exposed to covid than the official numbers show. four times, 35% of the american population in the cdc estimates exposed to covid-19. again, there's no good news, there is somewhat better news. deaths are down 80%. deaths are down 80% from the january peak and the vaccines
9:20 am
have something to do with that. even people who get covid, if you're vaccinated, you don't get serious covid. looking at the snapshot, 30% of the population, fully vaccinated. 43% of the population has at least one dose, more fight and immunity to covid out there in the system. the pace has slowed and this is not -- some of it's access, a lot is hesitancy. this was above 3 million a week to ten days ago, the administration hopes to ramp that up but people have to schedule appointments to do this. this is jeff zients saying yes, 1 100 million is a great number but if more people get their vaccines, you want a normal life, get the shot. >> today 100 million americans are fully vaccinated. that's 100 million, nearly 40% of all adult americans who are now fully vaccinated with protection from covid-19 two
9:21 am
weeks after getting their last shot, 100 million americans who can follow the new cdc guidance released this week enjoy going to the park with their family, dining and socializing with their friends outside and many more outdoor activities without needing to wear a mask. >> with us to share her expertise and her insights, our medical analyst. correct the dots for somebody out there watching, more vaccinations, 50,000 new covid infections a day is still too high but it's going down progressively. kek connect the dots why that matters. >> i think, john, we were in the middle of what would have been a fourth surge. we saw outbreaks and high levels of infections in places like michigan but we didn't see the massive surge the way we did over the holidays and previously because the rate of vaccinations has been increasing, and when people are vaccinated, that
9:22 am
means that the infections that otherwise would have ripped through their communities like wildfire didn't happen and so i do think that we are headed into a much better place this summer. i think it will also help that warmer weather, people will be outside but i also do worry that the hardest part is going to be ahead of us because i think that people are going to get complacent. people on the fence now, may not get vaccinated because they don't see the crisis anymore. that's why, demonstrating that vaccines are so effective, and allow us to get back to our normal lives is so important, because we really need to show people that vaccines work. and that you can change your behaviors after being fully vaccinated. >> right, you're adding psychology, if you will, to the public health dynamic and telling people if you want the better life, in that regard you think -- these are my words, not yours. you think the president blew it the other night, i want to explain what you mean in the op-ed, if the president's message is get your vaccination, you don't have to wear a mask outside. you can have bigger gatherings, not -- you can't do reckless
9:23 am
things but you can start to get back to a close to normal life. in the "washington post," to be sure, it was horrific to see president donald trump's many maskless packed superspreading events in the midst of the worst of the coronavirus surge but the message coming from biden isn't right either. overcorrection that has a price, makes public health measures formative rather than science based. it calls vaccine efficacy into question. you think they haven't found the sweet spot. what should it be? >> there are a lot of americans wondering right now what's in it for me if i get vaccinated? i think it's hard for another part of the country to understand who really desperately wanted these vaccines and said, wait, these vaccines are saving your life, what's in it for you? but i think a lot of people are thinking, well, maybe i'm young, i'm pretty healthy, not really that worried about covid so if these vaccines are supposed to be so effective, why can't i change my behaviors afterward? a lot of people are looking for hope. i think it would be helpful for
9:24 am
president biden to start demonstrating some behaviors that are safe and actually very low risk once he is now fully vaccinated. taking off his mask when he's outdoors and not around anybody else or even in small meetings with fully vaccinated aides and making a point of saying we're all vaccinated. that's why we're able to be together with one another, we can have close contact. we don't need masks. that's -- that helps to illustrate the path forward, it's not reckless behavior, actually it's the opposite, it's demonstrating the effectiveness of these vaccines in allowing us a way to return back to normal. >> fascinating point and we will watch, if they maybe a take your advice. thank you for your time. up next for us, president biden's big push to boost the economy. limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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president biden heads to philadelphia shortly, part of a swing state tour to sell his multitrillion dollar infrastructure and economic plan, the rollout comes amid new proof the economy is gaining steam, biden critics say saying that more spending is not needed right now but the president says those critics are sort sighted. >> the reason why it's recovering, because we're investing. look how rapidly it's recovered since we passed the last piece of legislation. and that legislation was $1.9 trillion, if we don't invest in this country, we're
9:30 am
going to actually start to -- we're going to fall behind even further. >> the white house correspondent for the "washington post" joins me right now. this is the fascinating sales test for the president and his team, no votes to spare really in the house or the senate. there's talk of bipartisanship but i'm convince it had main goal here is actually to keep democrats from getting scared. republicans are saying you're raising taxes, so not only is the president giving interviews, the president, the vice president, members of the cabinet are traveling, listen here, in key states in 2022 there will also be key states in 2024 going on tv already. >> he's just getting started. with a new plan to create millions of good jobs, putting americans to work, you won't hear him yelling. or sending angry tweets. because for joe biden actions speak louder. >> prove to me they understand how hard the politics are here. >> definitely, and you're
9:31 am
certainly right that, you know, both the white house and democratic leaders are taking no democratic vote for granted because some of the concerns that president biden is already trying to allay in some of those interviews, and especially with the ad campaign are some concerns from democrats, particularly about the tax increases, that the white house has laid out, in order to finance his two next major big proposals, both classic infrastructure piece, a $2.25 trillion package, and a families plan, a cost of $1.8 trillion. biden is making the case that the economic turnaround, the good news we've seen this week, particularly with the gdp numbers rolled out yesterday, he's trying to make the case that more of that is needed right now. you need to continue to spend, there needs to continue to be government assistance in order to pull the economy back out, and just really trying to calm the nerves of some democrats who
9:32 am
are a little bit skeptical about that pitch right now. >> a lot of that attention about the nervous democrats focuses on more conservative and more moderate senate democrats, but you have some great reporting today, that the president, you know, the democrats have been with him so far. so this is not to overstate a problem. but there are certainly democrats who want more, liberal democrats who want more than their president has proposed so far, congressional democrats are planning to pursue a massive expansion of medicare, as part of president biden's new $1.8 trillion economic relief package defying the white house after it opted against including major health overhaul as part of that plan. so some progressives are going to say, all right, mr. president, you didn't send it to us or you're not going to send it to us, but we're going to try anyway? >> precisely, and we're called -- this happened the last time around when that child tax credit was actually not initially in the white house's proposal, but then it got written in to the covid relief package and obviously was signed into law by the president. but this is an interesting calculation because the white house was lobbied furiously before the plan came out by the
9:33 am
likes of bernie sanders and nancy pelosi about including these various health care provisions, in the families plan, for example expanding medicare eligibility which is a big priority for bernie sanders and a lot on the left, there were more than 100 democratic lawmakers who urged the white house to include that in the package, as well as allowing the government to negotiate prescription drug prices, something that's a high priority for nancy pelosi. so right now democrats are going to write those provisions into legislation when they put the american families plan together but as we've noted earlier, there is no room for -- there's no margin for error in the senate. i talked to senator joe manchin about this earlier this week, asked him about bernie sanders' plans to expand medicare eligibility as part of this plan, and manchin was pretty clear, he said, no, i am not for that, period. so there's going to be a lot of work ahead for the white house, and for democratic leaders to try to get everybody on board,
9:34 am
and health care, as you know, is an issue that is very much divided the democratic party in the past. >> we'll say the president's plan is let's debate all this during the process, as long as in the end we get to a deal, we'll see if that works out. grateful for your reporting and insights. let's get more insights from mark sandy, great to see you, mark. i want to start with the economic snapshot at the moment. if you look at these numbers the president says the economy is back in part because of me, he says it's his stimulus program is one of the big reasons that you have right now gdp up 6.4% in an annual rate, first quarter numbers, record monthly number, personal income up 21%, a record monthly number, disposable income of 24%, consumer spending up 4.2% in march. that offers you hope that the economy is starting to come back, is the president right, that he deserves credit? >> sure does. the economy is booming. you've mentioned a few statistics, and john, i mean,
9:35 am
just every single statistic i've been looking at over the last four to six weeks, saying the same thing, the economy is off and running. and i think prospects are really very good, i think, you know, i've been a professional economist for, i don't know, 30 years, and i can't remember a time when it's optimistic about the economy's prospects, at least for the next 12 to 18 months as i am now. a large part of that, obviously, is getting shots into people's arms, and i think the administration has done a marvelous job at doing that. and even more importantly, is the american rescue plan, that's that $1.9 trillion package of support that's getting into the economy very quickly, and really juicing up growth and getting the economy moving, creating a lot of jobs and getting unemployment down. yeah, i think you deserve a lot of credit. >> so i just want to go through some of your recent analysis and we'll start with the biden jobs plan. 13.5 million jobs is what you estimate with the jobs plan passed, 11.4 million without it, so certainly the biden plan, the
9:36 am
math is quite simple and obvious there, it is more jobs. now let's look at the president's american families plan, another 820,000 jobs would be added, some of that is down the road a bit. long-term plan by 2030 over 15 years and it pays for itself, listening to republicans, mark, you think okay, good for the economy today, good for the economy tomorrow, i'm for this, but listen to mitch mcconnell, he says no, higher taxes will smother the economy. >> so-called jobs plan, packed with punitive tax hikes, at exactly the time our nation needs a recovery. i mean, the experts say it would actually leave american workers with lower ages at the end of the day. >> evidence to support that? >> no, that's just wrong. i mean, the tax increases are on very large multi-national corporations in the well to do, very high income households, high net worth households, largely rolling back the tax
9:37 am
cuts that trump put into place back a couple years ago. there's no evidence that those tax cuts helped to support growth, so it's hard to conclude, impossible to conclude that rolling those tax cuts back is going to have a significant negative impact on the economy. maybe on the margin but these are very large, wealthy companies, and individuals that have tremendous financial resources, they've navigated through the pandemic very, very well. i don't think they're going to change their hiring, their investing, their saving, their spending behavior, because of the increase in taxes that the president has in mind here to pay for all of the other things that go to lower and middle income households. i don't think that's going to have a major significant negative impact. >> mark zandi, appreciate your time today. we will circle back as the conversation continues in the months ahead. a bombshell letter with a disturbing allegation, surfacing against republican congressman matt gaetz. aho potato farmer.
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new evidence today in the case against congressman matt gaetz. the daily beast obtaining a letter from a friend of the congressman saying that he and gaetz paid for sex with women, including a 17-year-old girl. the letter reportedly part of gaetz associate joel greenberg on the right of your screen there, his attempt to get a pardon from then president trump with the help of another man you see there, roger stone. cnn has not seen this letter and cannot independently confirm the daily beast report. we have reached out to greenberg's attorney, declining to comment. a spokesperson says he never
9:43 am
paid for sex or had sex with a 17-ye 17-year-old as an adult. >> greenberg reportedly wrote this letter admitting he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including a 17-year-old at the time. and apparently he asked for roger stone for help obtaining a pardon in the final months of the trump administration in. app earlier draft of the letter greenberg claims he and gaetz thought this woman was 19 but later learned she was underage. cnn has not seen this letter and cannot verify the daily beast's story, but we have spoken to several women involved with these two men and we've reported greenberg paid women on behalf of gaetz after some sexual encounters. cnn's own chris cuomo spoke to roger stone last night, stone says he doesn't recall any
9:44 am
letter. he says he never heard greenberg implicating gaetz and that he never tried to get greenberg a pardon and stone told the daily beast he never asked nor received any money from greenberg. a spokesman for the congressman responded with a statement saying, in part, congressman gaetz has never paid for sex, nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult, the story goes some way to showing how representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg and had no interest in involving himself in mr. greenberg's affairs. but john, mr. greenberg is very much involved in mr. gaetz' affairs, greenberg is currently in jail, facing 33 federal charges, including sex trafficking. sources tell cnn greenberg has been cooperating with federal investigators since last year. and he has shared with them information about encounters he and the congressman had with women who were then given cash, or gifts in exchange for sex. he's expected to finalize a plea deal in the coming weeks. >> we'll keep an eye on that as
9:45 am
it plays out, paula reid, great grateful for your reporting. the president claims progress at the u.s.-mexico border. checking the numbers next. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it. so when it comes to your business, you know we'll stop at nothing. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes sare waking upes to what's possible
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president biden says the situation at the u.s.-mexico border is now under control. he doesn't like the term border
9:50 am
crisis and he blames problems on a rocky transition, but he says things are better. >> is what's happening at the southern border, is it a crisis? >> it is getting urgent action. now, for example a month ago we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn't be. controlled by the border patrol. we have now cut that down dramatically. it's way down now. we've now gotten control. do not send your kids, period. they're in jeopardy making that thousand mile trek. >> with us to share her latest reporting, our immigration politics and policy reporter priscilla alvarez, is the president right, are the numbers under control? >> reporter: the biden administration has a better handle on the situation with the unaccompanied minors. last month we were reporting about the thousands of children in border patrol custody. that number has dropped
9:51 am
considerably but it's been a steep challenge from the beginning, if you look back at january, february and march, the numbers were starting to climb. and what we noticed was it was going into the more than 100,000 migrants encountered at the border. the administration was still leaning on the trump era policy, so many of these migrants were being turned away from the border. but minors who are crossing the u.s.-mexico border alone were not and that is where the administration hit its problem. so thousands were coming into custody in march alone, more than 18,000 unaccompanied children came into the custody of border patrol. what happened then was that the administration just couldn't keep up. there wasn't enough shelter capacity to put them in. and so the consequence was children languishing in border patrol facilities we've talked about, they're jail-like facilities and often overcrowded facilities because they're just not intended to take care of children. now on march 28th at its peak there were nearly 6,000 children in border patrol custody.
9:52 am
that number this week, less than a thousand. now there's a white house official telling me there's about 954 unaccompanied children in border patrol custody, a considerable difference and progress on behalf of the administration. the reason they've been able to do that is because they've opened up temporary facilities. so the health and human services department, which is prepared to take care of these children, has opened up facilities across the country. by our count, now 15 of those facilities, and they've leaned on convention centers, military bases to start to accommodate these kids until they can reunite them with family in the united states. the president is right, this they have been able to move kids out but now it's sustaining that as they move forward. >> i'm sure you'll stay on top it. keeping track of the numbers, a lot of talk about issues on both sides. priscilla, grateful for your time today. donald trump looms large in a special congressional election this weekend in texas. , then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore.
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tonight... i'll be eating chicken tikka ♪masala with garlic naan.♪ [doorbell chimes] cheers. i win again, patrick. that's siiir patrick. oooooow. sir. texas offers a colorful test case of the trump effect on politics. a special election this week to replace a republican congressman who died of covid. most gop candidates are emphasizing allegiance not former president. two are touting their trump administration work, one actually has the former president's endorsement. only one of the republicans says the party must reject trump, and reject trumpism. cnn's donee o'sullivan is just
9:58 am
back, what did you learn? >> reporter: this is an interesting race, a preview of what next year's midterms might be like and next year's possible republican primaries. one interesting candidate here is michael wood. he is a veteran who actually voted for former president trump back in november but he says on the 6th of january everything changed for him. have a listen. >> they were told by the president of the united states that they were about to live under an illegitimate government, that everything that vladimir putin had said about us was true, that we're corrupt, that american elections are fraudulent, that they're tawdry, that they're illegitimate. and the american president was buying in -- was telling people to buy into that. and as a result they attacked the capitol. it was the most disgusting, one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen. >> reporter: now, wood with that message might have little hope of success in texas's six sixth
9:59 am
congressional district but he has got the backing of the most prominent anti-trump, representative adam kinzinger. this might show a blueprint for anti-trump republican candidates who want to run in 2022 and interestingly we're outside an early voting location last weekend and we met a swing voter. she said she most recently voted democrat but is a swing voter, a black woman, she voted for wood because she liked the anti-trump message. she would be more open to voting republican if republicans moved on from trump. that's an important message for the candidates and type of campaign that adam kinzerring wants to see candidates run next year. >> it's a fascinating test and we don't take sides in politics but i applaud mr. wood for his courage in speaking up. north texas republican district, good for him to have the courage
10:00 am
to say i was for you, until that. donie, grateful for your reporting and your time today and hope to see you all monday, have a great weekend, stay safe. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. ♪ happy friday, thanks for being with me, i'm ana cabrera in new york, we begin with new shocking revelations in the investigation into congressman matt gaetz. you see, it's not every day accused criminals write out a physical list of their alleged crimes. but in this case that appears to be exactly what a friend may have done. the daily beast obtained a damning letter alleged to be from gaetz associate joel greenberg, detailing how he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including a girl who was just 17 at the time. now cnn hasn't seen the letter, and we cannot verify the daily


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