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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and nationwide, a lot of the encounters that are fatal for our officers are the simple welfare checks. these folks went looking for the stepfather and the mother at the location, and they were not expecting mr. lawrence to be there and encounter them with gunfire. >> no, they certainly weren't. as you said, your community is certainly devastated. you're on our mind, sir. sheriff, thank you so much for being with us and talking with us about these officers. >> thank you. it's been an honor, and just thank you for everything you all are doing. you're great with the press. i've got a really great relationship with the press, and you all are an exception, too.
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thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. "new day" continues right now. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this new day. an alleged confession letter pointing to criminal conduct. and rudy giuliani defiant after the raid on his apartment. we have new reporting on the warning that he received. new york's mayor and governor in a war of words over the city's plans to reopen almost everything this summer. mayor bill de blasio joins us live, and say goodbye to the empty middle seat. airlines are getting ready to pack planes full of people once again. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is friday, yes, it is, april 30th, and up first a blockbuster confession letter further
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implicating congressman matt gaetz. "the daily beast" reports that gaetz' friend wrote a bombshell letter, and what it said was he and the florida congressman paid for sex with several women, including an underage 17-year-old girl. this was a letter that was part of greenberg's attempt to get a pardon from then-president trump with the help of roger stone. >> cnn has not seen the letter and cannot independently confirm "the daily beast" report. we reached out to greenberg's attorney. he declined to comment. they said he has never had sex with a 17-year-old. let's go to andy gabe, deputy director of the fbi. this letter from greenberg says things flatly. what would they do with this?
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>> this gets stranger by every ch chapter, but this letter doesn't add a lot to the allegations about the sort of conduct greenberg and gaetz were involved in. the thing that's very significant about it is it predates greenberg's cooperation with the authorities. so greenberg is a guy who we know now is cooperating with the investigators, he is presumably telling them lots of information. investigators have to corroborate what he tells them. so having this preexisting statement from him to another friend or associate, roger stone, goes a long way to firming up, at least proving, hey, i am not making this story up for your benefit, this is something i've been saying for a long time, so it corroborates the allegation in that way, which is significant. >> so how do we expect this to proceed? i mean, where do you see this
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going? >> that's hard to say, brianna. i don't know that this tips more toward the congressman. the allegation of sex with an underage person is still out there. it's likely the investigators are getting much better evidence by making contact with all these women supposedly involved in all this stuff. i think it's really significant that in "the daily beast a" article, they've seen pictures of these women and they've corroborated with at least a dozen of those that payments were in part for sexual activity. so there is a lot of really significant corroboration and victim statements and other sorts of evidence here that they may be able to rely on. >> andy, one more thing we want your take on higher. the "washington post" reported
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overnight and cnn has reporting on this also, was that the fbi gave rudy giuliani what's known as a defense briefing of intelligence saying, look, the russians are trying to use you to spread disinformation about joe biden, and candidate joe biden to hurt his campaign. how big of a deal is a briefing like this? >> it's a big deal, john. it doesn't happen without a significant amount of information that basically proves to the fbi that this sort of nefarious contact is underway. so you go to the person and you explain to them -- oftentimes you can't share all the confidential or classified intelligence you have, but you explain to them, hey, this person or these people are actually acting on behalf of a hostile foreign service and they're targeting you. after that fact, the fbi steps back and waits to see how you handle that briefing. if you cut off your interactions
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with them, that's a good sign. if you continue to sinteract wih them, which we know rudy giuliani did here, that's a very bad sign. you now are acting with these foreign agents and you are aware of the fact that the u.s. government thinks they are hostile intelligence agents. that is very serious. >> yeah. and perhaps very telling. andy, thank you so much, andy mccabe. rudy giuliani, of course, played a prominent role in the various legal troubles surrounding former president trump. let's bring in elli hoenig to look at that. let's start with trump's first impeachment. >> it seemed that throughout donald trump's time as president, any time he got in trouble, rudy was not far behind. rudy was really a driving force behind the first impeachment. rudy did two things, first of all. he pressured trump to fire or remove the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. we know because donald trump
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bragged about that in his infamous july 25th phone call to the ukranian president. he said this. rudy knows what's happening and he's a very capable guy. if you could speak to him, that would be great. the former ambassador of the united states, the woman was bad news. now, this could be what the search warrant we saw this week was all about. if rudy was lobbying on behalf of ukranians to get rid of the ambassador but he did not register as a foreign lobbyist, that could be a federal crime. rudy also was involved in pressuring the ukranian government to open and announce investigations of the bidens. donald trump also announced this. he said, i will tell rudy and attorney general barr to call to the ukranian president. rudy ended up going on the chris cuomo show, we all remember this, and making these stunning admissions.
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okay. ly -- we all remember this. this is when rudy went on the show with chris cuomo and first denied he had asked the ukranian government to investigate the bidens and then rudy admitted to chris cuomo that that's exactly what he had asked for. this, of course, led to donald trump's first impeachment. >> the artist did win best picture as a silent fem, elli. i think we clearly got the point there what was going on. giuliani is the guy you go to if you want to get impeached, right? if you're a president, i need to get impeached, hire giuliani, and you get there pretty quickly. rudy giuliani played a role in the 2020 election, the big lie. >> rudy was also key to the election claims. we all remember rudy with the hair dye running down his face making these wild public claims that there had been massive election fraud. where did that get rudy? first of all, he filed dozens of lawsuits, none of which
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succeeded. it got rudy sued by two voting companies, smartmatic and dominion, and it got rudy an investigation by the fulton county georgia district attorney for making false statements to the georgia legislature about election fraud. of course, the culmination of all this was the finfamous speeh that rudy made to the crowd right before they stormed the capitol where rudy said the words i think will live in infamy from rudy, we want trial by combat. what followed that was the capitol insurrection and donald trump's second impeachment. >> those words that live in infamy are filling a book at this point from the former mayor. elli, thank you very much. appreciate it. we want to bring chief correspondent dana bash. it's good to see you. >> i was thinking on the way in about how great you guys were. >> it's been a while. >> since people talked about how
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great we were? >> no, it's been a while since seeing dana. >> so rudy giuliani is trying to defend himself, right? and he's saying all kinds of stuff out loud. let's listen a little bit. >> evidence is exculpatory. it proves that the president and i and all of us are innocent. they're the ones who are committing -- it's like projection. they're committing the crimes. the search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file for representing a ukranian national or official that i never represented. i've never represented a ukraine unanimous national or official before the united states government. >> even tucker looked confused there. or he just looked like he looks. what is rudy giuliani now at this point? what does this all mean? >> it means he's in trouble. and he knows that. remember, he was the u.s. attorney in the southern district once upon a time, and that's how he made his bones in politics and in the legal
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profession. and so he understands that. i think that there was a little bit of news there, if we are to believe what he said, in that his understanding is that what the feds are looking at is whether he was representing the ukranians without filing officially. and that could get him in trouble. how much trouble, we don't know. but the context of this, of course, as elli pointed out, is the idea that he was spending a lot of time both in ukraine and talking to ukranians and that was part of, as you said, the first impeachment where he got the then-president really riled up about his ambassador and got her fired. the question is whether or not giuliani did that on behalf of the president or on behalf of ukranian officials who may or may not have been paying him without him registering, making it official. >> let's talk about what we're seeing in florida because you've got a state that is -- it's not
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unusual to see in states republicans spearheading what they're calling opposition to voter fraud, but really it's going to limit the access to votes fireor a lot of people an probably folks that might vote democratic. they're passing this voting bill, and it would restrict voting in the state, in particular, by limiting access to these ballot drop boxes, and it's worth pointing out that it seems that republicans are solving for a problem that only cropped up in 2020, which is more democrats voting by mail than republicans who usually vote by mail more often. so once we're into 2022, 2024, we're not in the thick of a pandemic, what is this effect going to be? >> you said republicans are correcting for a problem. it is a political problem -- >> a problem as they see it, to be clear. i don't really see it as a problem. >> i know you don't, but the point you're making is really key here, bri, because the republicans were doing well in florida with mail-in voting,
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with early voting, better than republicans did in other states for lots of reasons. the president of the united states voted for himself in a mail-in ballot, and he said at the time because florida is doing it well, they know what they're doing, because it's run by a republican governor. now, in hindsight, because democrats did well with early voting and got out their people in a way they hadn't before, that's why they want to change the law. we know that florida -- first of all, this is the first time that a trump-won state is doing this. we've seen georgia, we've seen arizona, other places trying to change the law, because let's be honest, trump lost, and that's what republican legislatures are doing. but florida already got their stuff together after 2000, after the recount, right, john? you were there? >> they called us the gold standard. they were so proud of how they were doing things in florida until all of a sudden they're not, until they decide there is a political reason not to do so. sort of on the subject of florida here, i miss thied thism
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donald trump's interview. i had a republican text this to me, and i have to be very careful with how i say this. he called it premature emasculation. it had to do with whether ron desantis would tap him as his running mate. >> he's done a great job as governor. a lot of people like that. what i read and what you read, they love that ticket. certainly ron would be considered. he's a great guy. >> so the reason this -- >> who is being emasculated here? >> desantis. trump is saying, yeah, desantis, i might consider him a running mate if i run again. a lot of republicans are saying maybe desantis should be at the top of the ticket, maybe desantis is the future of the party. so trump is saying, maybe my running mate. >> fascinating. but the bigger question at this
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point is what is donald trump going to do in 2024? and it is such an open question. that is part of the reason why so much -- not just of the base but of his party's leadership is still running scared from him. it's not just that he has influence whether or not he runs, which is true, which is why the lies that he is perpetuating continue to change laws that will very much affect voting in florida and other places. but, you know, you only have a few top republicans who are willing to say, don't do it. whether it is liz cheney or asa hutchinson told me that in an interview a couple months ago, but even someone like the former speaker john boehner who is really tough on donald trump in his book, even he wouldn't go there in saying, you know what, don't do it, mr. president. that is where the republican party is right now full stop. >> dana bash in real life. >> so it's great to see you.
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>> it's so great to see you guys. welcome to washington. >> it's great to be home. >> this is the first time we've seen each other in full makeup. >> i have missed working with you in person and seeing you in person at work, so i love seeing you. >> and congratulations. my fave. i love watching you guys. a battle is brewing over nyc's reopening. the mayor and the governor are in a war of words. we'll get live reaction from mayor de blasio next. and james carville said, quote, wokeness is a problem for democrats. reaction from cnn's own w. kamall bell. this mother's day, show your love with a gift from the center of me collection. ♪time after...♪ exclusively at kay. ♪time♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
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potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. we are ready to bring new york city back fully. on july 1st, all systems go because you've earned it. >> all right, that was new york city mayor bill de blasio announcing the complete opening of the city this summer. the announcement came as a surprise to new york state governor andrew cuomo who had this to say. >> i want to open up new york city tuesday. i want to open it up wednesday. i want buffalo fully reopened on thursday. i am reluctant to make projections because i think they're irresponsible. july 1. you have may, you have june.
5:21 am
what happens in may, what happens in june? i would like to get the reopening, hopeful reopening date before that. >> and joining us now is new york city mayor bill de blasio. mayor, thank you so much for being with us this morning. i do want to read some comments from your press secretary. i'm sure you know what i'm about to read. he was asked about this pushback from cuomo and said, quote, serial sexual assaulter says what, end quote. i don't care what a serial sexual assaulter and someone who covered up the deaths of thousands of people at nursing homes has to say about anything, which brings me to this question. what is going on with you guys? >> well, brianna, first of all, let me congratulate you on this new role. >> thank you. >> listen, we have to realize the moment bwe're in here. new york city is coming back right this minute getting ready for this full reopening. what we've seen in the last weeks has been stunning progress
5:22 am
in terms of reducing the levels of covid, greatly increasing the numbers of vaccinations. it's not about different leaders and their views, it's really about what the people are doing. the people are getting vaccinated and fighting back covid, and it's working. and they're ready for a comeback, and i got to tell you, i think the daily news has it right. this is going to be the summer for new york city. people want to come back. they want to do it safely for sure. but new yorkers have actually been doing the right thing. they've been wearing the mask, they've been practicing the social distancing up to now, they've been getting vaccinated. we need a goal to work towards and that goal is july 1st. >> so i'm picking up that you don't really want to address this war of the words that's going on. look, i do think you are very correct in the reopening and people getting back to normal, being what folks should be focused on, but your press secretary said this thing, the
5:23 am
governor said what he said, and it just seems like this is really a distraction from what you all should be focused on. >> brianna, i would say this. we are every day doing the most important work, which is getting new yorkers vaccinated. what's been amazing is creating a grassroots vaccination effort that's really becoming more and more convenient, walk-in vaccinations all over the city. people are getting vaccinated at the museum under the blue whale. i tell you, i really do disagree with the governor on some very important matters, and i think, and i've been clear about it, he should not remain in office after the things that he has done. but that doesn't change the mission. the mission is to get this city fully reopened, our health care team work to determine what was the date we could do it the right way. they believe in july 1st.
5:24 am
i believe in july 1st. we're on track to get 5 million new yorkers vaccinated by july 1st. it's the right moment to make this move, and you have to set a goal in life. a as the leader in new york city, it's my job to say this is where we need to go, and i believe july 1st is the right day for the reopening of new york city. >> and no doubt new yorkers are certainly happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel here. as things do move closer to that date, are there any conditions, negative conditions when it comes to the situation with covid, that might make you reconsider that reopening date? >> brianna, important question. it's always about the data and the science. what we've done with our health care team throughout is we've put out the information very publicly, we've spoken to it constantly. the data over the last weeks has been extraordinarily clear, constant downward pressure on covid, less and less covid in new york city. it's fantastic. and it directly correlates to the numbers of vaccinations in
5:25 am
te terms of actual shots, actual doses, over 6 million given in new york city since this began. you're right to say will we continue to monitor closely for adjustments? yes. that's what we have to do in terms of the data and the science. but we have to ask, would the variants win the race or would the vaccinations win the race? the vaccinations are winning the race of this going away right now, and that's what gives us confidence that we'll be ready july 1st. >> let's talk about the nursing home scandal that has enveloped governor cuomo. his most serious aides released what was not truly the death numbers. that would be those who contracted covid in a nursing home even though they died of something else. what does this reporting tell you? >> brianna, it's almost to the
5:26 am
point where we don't need the full formal investigation because everybody is admitting they covered up. this has been one after another piece of evidence that there was a full-fledged cover-up, that it was explicitly to help the governor sell his book. this was one of the motivating factors, a book he used state employees to help write. this is separate from the many, many allegations of sexual assault, harassment that so many women have come forward with in tremendous detail. it's almost like you can't believe this one person did all these things and is still in office, and that's why i don't think he should be in office any longer. >> i do just want to note, of course, governor cuomo denies any wrongdoing or a cover-up. mayor, thank you. thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you so much, brianna. up next, new comments from president biden about race in america. you'll hear what he said. plus police investigating the capitol insurrection are getting a lot of help, sometimes from the suspects themselves.
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james carville, of course, the legendary political strategist who told bill clinton, quote, it's the economy, stupid, now he's telling today's democrats they have a problem with, quote, wokeness. >> i don't want to help rewrite dictionaries, i want to help rewrite laws. and the way that we help president biden do that is by talking about things that are relevant to people in a way that they can understand it, in a clear, distinct and certain voice. i believe that, and i'm at a place in life where i can say it while other people are terrified to say it. they watch people get fired for the most trivial offenses or retweeting a piece of academic research or something like that. it's just faculty lounge jargon. it's counterproductive. it gives the aura of cosmopolitan smugness to the rest of the country, that somehow or another we think we're smarter and better than other people. people agree with us on the issues, they like our tax plans,
5:32 am
they like to believe -- they think climate sais an issue, th think inequality is a terrible issue in american politics. but the way you solve that is power. senate seats, governors, state legislatures, that's the way it's done. it's not going to get done attacking 68% of people that are going to vote in a general election. >> host of cnn's "united shades of america," we're so excited to see it. what do you make of what james carville is saying? >> how do i say this? i have white family members because of my wife. i've heard this kind of talk before. pass the gravy, grandpa, it's okay. what he's saying is the world is moving in a way he wasn't expecting it to, what he thinks
5:33 am
is progressive has shifted, and that's frustrating him. i understand, it literally happens to all of us. but the whole idea of if things had worked the way he wanted them to, if we had gotten the racial justice we wanted, we wouldn't be here right now, and the communities that are most impacted by racial justice are always coming up with new techniques to move the ball forward. i think that is what is happening there. >> so exciting season ahead, and in the first episode, kamau, you dive into this whole issue of defunding the police. let's look at a clip. >> wait a minute. why don't we take some of that money back and, like, give it to people who are, you know, qualified to deal with those issues without killing folks in the process? at the same time, why don't we put money back in the system that builds long-term public safety and an economy for everyone. that's fundamental 101. >> if we were giving 50% tie
5:34 am
departmen -- to a department that was killing people, we would kill them, anyway. it strips it all away. just look at the numbers. >> my dad would be happy to hear this. he's a numbers guy, that the accountants will save us. maybe the anti-racist accountants will save us. >> i love accountant humor. it definitely lands there. so, you know, it's very interesting to see you break this down because it does become this very -- this debate over yes to police or no to police. >> and it also becomes a thing that people get caught up in the phrase of police when they say james carville is involved in wokeness and what it's trying to accomplish. all this episode is is trying to explain to people, if you have the conversation, if you want to debate it, you will actually know what defund the police
5:35 am
means. >> i'm such a fan of your show. people say we need to have the discussion about x. but you actually do it, right? and you do it in a way that i think people can relate to, and it's super important and it's just interesting. and it's great to see you. come back. >> thank you. i will, i will. as long as they let me, yes. >> "united shades of america" with w. kamau bell is on sunday at 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn. there are that have been caught in pretty bizarre ways. according to marcia cohen who has been collecting a trove of documents from doj, a number of people have pled not guilty or haven't entered a plea, and many are only charged with misdemeanors. the bizarre and unique ways that riot suspects have been caught. one wore his work badge in the capitol. another, a 6'6" olympic swimmer
5:36 am
caught with an olympic patch. that gave him away. and one guy's wife bragged about how he stormed the capitol. then one called in a tip line about something he witnessed at the crime scene. new jersey cops recognized a woman who often attends protests at the state house there. and another one told his ex-girlfriend that she was a, quote, moron for believing joe biden was president, and she went and turned him in. one guy's neck and face tattoos did him in. one suspect made incriminating texts in a group chat, and a former cop who is now a financial advisor was turned in by one of his clients. family members gave up one guy from florida because they were worried about his qanon postings. someone watching cnn saw a friend in video footage. high school friends of another one turned him in after seeing his instagram story that he posted from within the capitol. all of these people have either
5:37 am
pleaded not guilty or haven't yet entered a plea, many of them only charged again with misdemeanors. it is worth noting one last suspect. this guy literally wore an "i was there" t-shirt when he was arrested. a souvenir for the road. >> i kind of have two things to say about this. >> what's that? >> the ven diagram between mensi members, i'm not sure there is enough action there in that ven diagram. >> true, and i think it speaks to the mindset of people there thinking they weren't doing anything wrong, that they would be welcomed, that this wouldn't be seen as a crime and there was nothing the matter with it. >> that's the second thing i was going to say, and actually that's the more important thing. they don't think there was anything wrong with what they did and that speaks volumes. >> they're probably surprised they're facing the ramifications of it, quite frankly. next, new signs that the airlines are about to put the pandemic behind them and many
5:38 am
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it is the end of a pandemic era policy for u.s. airlines. today is the last day that any major carrier will keep its middle seats empty. cnn's pete muntean has more from reagan international airport. >> reporter: the newest changes to pandemic air travel will make it look more like before the pandemic. delta airlines will resume selling middle seats starting saturday, a move made by all other major carriers months ago. >> it is safe to get back out there, to go out into the world and see folks in your life. >> ron goswami heads delta's operations. almost 75% of delta's passengers have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. >> the vaccination rate is really helping. you know our customers are feeling confident about it or they wouldn't be booking in such large numbers. >> reporter: airlines said they couldn't continue capping capacity without a serious increase in fares.
5:43 am
but the latest modelling by the cdc says leaving middle seats empty increases the risk of covid by as much as 70%. but they slammed the modelling for not considering vaccines or the use of masks. harvard university found masks and heavily filtered air on board makes coronavirus transmission rates very low, regardless of where you sit. >> it's the many things together at the same time do greatly reduce the risk of air travel, and in particular, provides a safe opportunity for people given the ventilation, given the wearing of masks, given the disinfection on the planes, given the individual and personal hygiene attention that does allow for that middle seat to be occupied. >> reporter: industry groups think flying will look more like normal as more people get
5:44 am
vaccinated. some airlines are now bringing back in-flight food and drink service, something flight attendants fear could blur the message. >> as these policies are going away and we're seeing fuller aircraft, it is more important than ever that we are vigilant about those mask policies. >> reporter: new ideas to bring passengers back are coming from all corners of the aviation industry. plane maker airbus envisions a future of seats arranged in pandemic-friendly pods. this design imagines a part plane, part coffee shop. >> this is where the industry might go in the future, so every crisis can also be an opportunity. >> reporter: delta says capping capacity on board cost it $100 million in march. that's when spring break air travel started to surge and the numbers remain high. the tsa screened more than a million and a half people at
5:45 am
airports across the country near that pandemic record. john? >> pete muntean, terrific reporting on all of this, as always. i have to say, the filled middle seat, pandemic aside, never a welcome thing. but thank you for that. a brand new cnn poll shows 44% of republicans will not try to get the coronavirus vaccine, so what's behind the resistance, and what does it mean for the whole population? jon avalon with a reality check. >> that's right. while there's still no cure for covid, the good news is that over 237 million vaccine doses have been given out in america. the bad news is there is no cure for stupid, which is another way of saying that over a quarter of americans have decided not to get a shot. what's worse is that most of these folks are much more willing to return to regular activity. yep. they're refusing to get vaccines but can't wait to mingle in close crowds. on the one hand, the people they're most likely to hurt are
5:46 am
themselves, so you might say if they want to compete for the darwin awards, that's up to them. but we're trying to stamp out a pandemic here, one that's killed more than 700,000 americans. it will be a real call for the rest of us beyond the ted nugent diagnosis. it might sprurprise you to know they are far less likely to have a degree. 70% said they're not getting the vaccine. pandemics don't care about partisan politics, people, but i've got to say that opposing mask mandates and refusing to get a vaccine is a special kind of self-defeating stupid. so where are people getting this stuff? we know the anti-vaxer conspiracy theories have been proliferating online, but it
5:47 am
doesn't help when people with major platforms fuel that beast. like spotify's joe rogan. he played footsie with it saying healthy people shouldn't get the vaccine, despite the fact that more people were getting hospitalized with these variants. joe rogan had some cleanup that said, don't listen to me, i'm just a defense. >> i'm just talking about me. >> you're responsible for what you say when the microphone is on. and the more people who refuse to get the vaccine, the more likely it is we won't be able to get the virus completely under control. yes, we've made real progress. many people are getting back to something resembling normal precisely because the vaccines are working. but we're not out of the woods yet. and declaring mission accomplished before the job is done is a recipe for disaster.
5:48 am
just look at the horror show in india right now. in january prime minister modi declared victory over covid and persisted with large political rallies. now that country is in crisis with mutant variants ravaging the countries, one model predicting millions of deaths b. listen to science, not superstition. if you want life to return to normal, do your part and get a vaccine. and that's your reality check. >> jon avalon, thank you so much for that. next, what a year this week has been. ainy on tv - i'm an acl neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. from raids, what a year this week has been. president joe biden spends his 100th day in office. >> he marks it to remarks to congress with history playing out in seats behind him. >> a trillion in spending that
5:53 am
would transform america. >> a republican delivers a rebuttal saying that u.s. is not a racist country. >> scenes and horrific seats. >> johnson & johnson resumes after a pause. >> and hesitancy in america as supplies start to outweigh demand. >> it's not help by those like joe rogan who calls himself a moron. >> and americans will be allowed to take european vacation this summer. >> the cdc says, if you're vaccinated, don't worry about the masks outdoors. >> america's comeback comes as the economy grows out its best pace in years. >> and guiliani's raid escalating the former attorney. >> and crossing 400. >> the justice department releasing new video on the attack of the officer who later died after the riots.
5:54 am
>> one of the officers who died condemned white wingers who are trying to whitewash what happened. >> i want people to understand that, you know, thousands of rioters came to the capitol hell bent on violence and destruction and murder. >> lawyers for the guy who sat in nancy pelosi's desk say that he called her a b-atch instead of a bitch as if there's a difference. now facing weapons of mass destruction charges. >> another black man is killed by police as his family fights to get the body camera released. >> three men accused of killing aubrey while jogging now face hate crime charges. bad blood intensifies between republicans and liz cheney weighing a presidential run. >> and books and hamburgers. >> and vladimir putin and a
5:55 am
hunger strike in gaza. >> an energy strike near the white house. >> andrew cuomo reports intensify as aides say he he hid deaths. >> the census numbers reveal the slowest population growth ever and a cheerleaders "f" bomb rant lands her before the supreme court. >> oscar ratings hit a new low while patriots once again win win win, drafting a terrific quarterback without giving up a single draft pick. >> no one is more excited about that than john berman. >> billionaires battling middle school style as elon musk trolls jeff bezos for losing out on a space contract saying he can't get it up. that was the week that was. >> what a year this week has been, truly.
5:56 am
>> my goodness. >> as the vaccine rollout continues as parts of the u.s. loosen restrictions, in some school re-openings are still influx. as a result, many parents remain in a difficult position, that's where cnn hero, jennifer maddox steps in. >> we don't want them making a choice me earning a living versus my child getting an education. what type of choice is that? if they have to go back to work, we are available for them to bring their kids everyday so they can go to work. we provide them with a safe space making sure they're online every morning on-time, making sure they're in class, they're engaged and able to complete their assignments. we try to make sure our doors stayed open we were constantly staying involved and connected with the young people because they were really struggling
5:57 am
trying to cope through covid. >> to see the full store on jennifer's work go to >> such important work indeed. cnn's coverage continues next. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
5:58 am
then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪
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♪ from the moment i laid eyes on you ♪ ♪ this is what i said, i said ♪ ♪ i see it ♪ ♪ and i like it ♪ ♪ and i want it ♪ ♪ yes, i do (do, do, do) ♪ ♪ i need it ♪ ♪ to make me happy ♪ ♪ baby, yes i do mean you ♪ ♪ i see it ♪ ♪ and i like it ♪ ♪ and i want it ♪ ♪ yes, i do ♪ ♪ woo! good friday morning to you. i'm jim schiutto, poppy has the day off. two of former president trump's closest allies now in two major federal investigations, news on both. in a letter, joe greenberg, a central figure in the ongoing investigation into florida
6:00 am
republican congressman matt graets writes gaetz paid for sex with multiple women including a minor, 17 years old at the time. we should note cnn has not seen the letter and cannot verify the details. a spokesperson for gaetz is denying those allegations and joe greenberg's attorney declined to comment. gaetz is at the center of a known justice department investigation over allegations involving both sex trafficking and prostitution. we will have much more on that in a moment. rudy guiliani speaking out. he is denying wrongdoing after federal agents executed search warrants on his manhattan residence and office, this as the "washington post" has learned the fbi directly warned guiliani he was the target of a russian influence operation, disinformation. cnn is following the latest on


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