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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 30, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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don't sleep on rock your world. >> i like essential quality. i think that's pretty good. >> my house was very excited about justin fields last night. that's all we cared about was the draft stuff. >> you have bears fans in your house. >> i have bears fanatics in my house. have fun tomorrow, andy. >> thanks, andy. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. have a great weekend, everyone. "new day" starts right now. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman in washington on this "new day." rudy giuliani breaking the silence and new this morning, the warning he received, plus a confession letter with matt gaetz in a criminal investigation. the coronavirus just explodes in india. we're going to speak with an icu doctor at the center of it all.
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and a new warns from al qaeda terrorists . a very good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is friday, friday, april 30th. >> that's what they told me when i came in. >> it's true. rudy giuliani is on the ropes and is speaking out for the first time. the former new york mayor appeared on fox to proclaim his innocence. his team expects to announce a court fight over this raid and they'll claim attorney/client privilege involving rudy giuliani's work for former president trump. >> the fbi warned rudy giuliani
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he was the target of a russian influence operation. the russians were trying to damage then candidate joe biden ahead of the 2020 election. joining us now, cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi deputy director andy mccabe. andy, these defensive intelligence briefings that were given to rudy giuliani and then ron johnson, how big of a deal is this? what does it tell you? giuliani and johnson are trying to dismiss it as not a thing. >> it is a thing. one, if the fbi sits someone down to give them a briefing, they're essentially telling them they think they've been targeted by a hostile intelligence service. they don't do that without a lot of very clear information that indicates that's going on. this isn't just something they do as, you know, maybe a just-in-case sort of measure.
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they only do it when it indicates it's necessary. the second thing is once giving a briefing is seeing how a person reacts after the fact. most will curtail their activities or cut off their contact with the person or persons in question. if you don't do that, it really sends a very strong message to the investigators that now that you know what's going on, you continue to take that risk, you continue to see those people or interact with those folks. it's indicative of a clear state of mind that you're now acting with knowledge, and that can be very damaging in any investigation that goes forward. >> let's just be clear. after this defensive briefing with rudy giuliani, he had all kinds of meetings with someone who the u.s. during the trump administration named as a known russian agent. >> that's absolutely right. so there's really no space here
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for mr. giuliani to now say after the fact, well, i didn't really know what was happening or i didn't really believe the fbi. it's not just that he got the defensive briefing. now we know the treasury department went forward and designated those folks and placed sanctions on those individuals. this is very serious. he is -- he's being painted into a corner that's going to be very hard to get out of. >> and giuliani spoke out about this raid by the fbi, and he's saying that the evidence seized proves he's innocent. let's listen to that. >> the evidence is exculpatory. it proves that the president and i, a all ofll of us are innocen. it's a single failure to file for representing a ukrainian or
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national official that i never represented. >> what do you make of that, andy, that the warrant was based on a failure to file? >> well, what we know of the warrant is that it is based on an alleged violation of the foreign agent registration act, which essentially requires you to file with the justice department if you're representing a foreign government to the u.s. government. so technically i think he's probably right about that. where i would diverge from his opinion is the strength of the case. the fbi would not have even contemplated executing a search warrant at an attorney's house, an attorney's office without being very confident about the evidence they have of the underlying charge. so my guess is that charge is probably pretty substantiated at this point. what they're looking for in the documents and devices and computers they seized is potentially that and other crimes.
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that's the direction that probably poses the most danger for mr. giuliani. >> i might also suggest the last person on earth we should be looking to for legal analysis about the case against rudy giuliani is rudy giuliani here, and whether or not that's the one thing on the warrant as rudy giuliani likes to say, andy, that doesn't mean that's his only area of jeopardy. that doesn't mean that's all that the februarbi could charge for after, is that right? >> that's right. all we know now is they had enough to convince a judge that there's probable cause to believe there's evidence of a fara or foreign agents registration act violation in the office. whatever else they find is the direction that they go. in other words, if they find communications between mr. giuliani and others in ukraine, the united states, business
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associates, maybe they find contracts or documents that are revealing of other activity that could lead to all kinds of other federal charges, that's where the case really blows up and gets much bigger. >> we'll stay tuned for that. former fbi director, andy mccabe. let's discuss the legal road ahead, which sounds like it will be a long one for rudy giuliani. paul, starting with you here, let's hear what giuliani said and get your take on his claim that the search warrant was illegal. >> completely illegal. the only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show there's some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence or is going to run away with the evidence. i've had it for two years, and i haven't destroyed it. >> what do you make of that? >> well, you know, as perplexed as tucker carlson looks in that little bit of video, i'm
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perplexed that giuliani would say that because a search warrant doesn't require that the person's going to flee or destroy the evidence or that he's made statements about that rule. 41 of the federal rules simply says if there's probable cause that evidence of a crime is in the possession of someone at a specific location, a warrant can be issued, and that's exactly what the court did in this case, and there doesn't appear to be any illegality in the warrant from what we know now. >> to put a finer point on it now, rudy giuliani is wrong. it's another way of saying it isn't true what he was saying about getting a warrant. giuliani also made claims about evidence that was taken not now but previously in the investigation. i want to play this and get your take on this. >> when they had taken about, i'd say, seven or eight electronic devices of mine -- which is what they took -- and
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someone else's, in the middle of the impeachment defense, they invaded, without telling me, my icloud. >> joey? >> so a couple of things are significant. first of all, good morning to you, john and brianna. to have someone to speak of it is perplexing to me. the only reason you would speak is it's a public relations spin. number one, you want to get ahead of it. i think if you listen to the whole interview, it's about hunter biden, his machine and the crime family. it's about everything but him. and the reality is this is not about that. that's what we call deflection. that's what you call begiginnin the right. consider the source. giuliani can say whatever he wants to say. at the end of the day, there's a warrant. that warrant is supported by
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probable cause. otherwise, it wouldn't have been issued. the judge gave it out to the fbi. based upon that warrant, information was taken. >> you know what's bizarre about giuliani and his terminology, he said they invaded his icloud. what in the world -- the description is really off. i'm assuming he's talking about a computer search of information that's stored on the icloud. but he also, as you know, diverted into all of this business about hunter biden's hard drive -- >> deflection. >> -- which is an exact description of deflection, which is what you're talking about. >> so at the end of the day, he can say whatever he wants. it's about unfairness, about who i was representing, illegality. what it's about is what the
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content on the devices is going to show. let's be clear about this. it's not only in relation to the foreign agents registration act and whether he was working for ukraine or someone else, but it's what if anything else on the devices will lead to accusations and will cause real trouble. take it with a grain of salt. i want to know what's on those devices, where they lead, who was he doing it with, who he was doing it to, et cetera. >> we know that giuliani has been investigated for his political activities in ukraine, though, he's not been charged yet with anything, important to mention. can you explain why giuliani said the search warrant was granted? let's listen. >> the search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file, for representing a ukrainian national or official that i've never represented.
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i've never represented a ukrainian representative or official before the united states government. >> paul, what do you think of that? >> what he's talking about is the theory that -- and this is the theory. that giuliani had been given information by a prosecutor in the ukraine named d lincenko. the theory was giuliani was representing the interest of the ukraine in lobbying the state department to fire the american ambassador. and we also know from testimony that came out from the president himself with respect to the impeachment proceedings that the president set up a meeting with secretary of state pompeo for giuliani to discuss the
3:12 am
ambassador. so that looks like the theory that's shaping up. a ukrainian national uses giuliani to fire an american ambassador, and giuliani is not registered under the fara act. that's what i think is what giuliani was trying to indicate. >> of course, he says there's no such thing, there was no basis to do so, this is a witch hunt, it's all about biden, biden doesn't know. such derogatory things about biden and the biden family. a search warrant is just that, probable cause. we're not at a point where there's a trial or even a charge. we'll take that for what it's worth, but, boy, oh, boy, it looks like there's something there. >> paul and joey, thank you so much. that's the latest example how the justice department under president biden is flecking its law enforcement muscle with
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highly impressive moves. whitney wild has more. whitney. >> make no mistake, this is still an aggressive department of justice. we're seeing that across the country from the sprawling investigations. it's clear nationwide. the biden administration's justice department making moves in several high-profile cases this week including some in connection with the murder of george floyd last may. federal prosecutors reportedly plan to charge four former minneapolis police officers including derek chauvin, with federal civil rights violations, according to what sources have told the minneapolis "star tribune." and after finding derek chauvin guilty of murder of george floyd last week, merrick garland is ordering an investigation into
3:14 am
the minneapolis police department's use of force. >> they will look at them using excessive force including during protests. they'll also assess whether they engage in discriminatory conflict. >> reporter: garland always launched a similar investigation into the louisville police department following the death of breonna taylor last year. >> it will look at stops, searches, and seizures, as well as whether the department unlawfully executes search warrants on private homes. >> reporter: and the fbi opened up a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting death of andrew brown jr. by a sheriff's deputy in elizabeth city, north carolina. nearly four months after the deadly insurrection at the capitol, the justice department has charged at least 400 people in connection with the riot from 43 states and washington, d.c. prosecutors say in court papers
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they ultimately expect to charge at least 500 people. and on wednesday, a federal indictment for the three georgia men already facing state murder charges in the killing of ahmaud arbery while he was jogging last year, a federal grand jury charging them with hate crimes and attempted kidnapping. >> i'm very satisfied with the doj. they went in with an investigation and came out with those indictments. >> reporter: as for that giuliani raid we've been talking about this morning, that was part of a two-year investigation. president biden said he was not aware of the raid before it happened, adding that it's not his role to interview with the justice department's investigation. that mark as stark contrast in the relationship between the west wing and the doj from the previous administration. >> meanwhile it's so interesting to look at all of that. thank you so much for putting that in perspective. breaking news, at least 40
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♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. good news, lay ooffs are slowing and the economy is bouncing back. christine romans here. it's great news. >> this is called the great american comeback. the economy is roaring back. it's almost back to where it was before the pandemic. not quite. we think it will be there. we've had the best first quarter since 1984. the strong number showed huge gains in consumer spending and business investment.
3:21 am
goldman sachs estimates this economy could grow by 7% for the year. what a reversal that would be. that would be the best in 30 years. we know that layoffs have slowed. weekly jobless claims still too high, but look at the trend there. job else trends have been slowing definitively. the housing market is the strongest it's been in years. home prices are setting records. buyers are scrambling to buy homes in a sellers market. microsoft and google profits soared. people spent most of their lives in front of multiple screens during the lockdown. and amazon has had an amazing quarter. more than tripled its profit in the first quarter to $8.1 billion and it will spend a billion dollars to raise wages for workers. look at the major averages. the s&p 500 is up 12% this year. more people are getting back outside as restrictions are
3:22 am
lifted, guys. open take seating is up. mcdonald's is back to pre-pandemic levels. delta will start selling its middle seat tomorrow. that's the last airline to increase. disneyland opening to capacity. it shut its gates over a year ago. and the cdc says u.s. cruise ships could set sail in july if the passengers and crew are vaccinated. the resurgence of the virus is the best reason to get the vaccine. it's true. not everybody is benefiting from the economy yet. president biden wants to make sure forgotten americans be remembered. the rising tide lifts all boats, not just yachts. >> two things i find fascinating.
3:23 am
number one, this is not preordained. look at europe. they're going in the exact opposite direction as the u.s. business is boocming. secondly, america is buying stuff at rates we've never seen. >> the savings rate, 20% or something. double digit for the savings rate, which means americans have taken the two stimulus checks and put some in their pocket and the rest in the economy. that speaks well for the rest of the year as americans have some savings to draw down on. one thing i'm interested in is a potential for a worker shortage. you're starting to see amazon raise wages for a whole bunch of people. costco did it last month. we know frontline companies are going to have to raise wages to get workers back into the game. we know some frontline workers are retraining for jobs in tech and finance because of the strain of the last year. so this will be a really important space to watch. we also know that the federal
3:24 am
reserve is not worried about this economy running too hot. the fed chief this week said there's no move to taper all of this stimulus in the economy, john. >> christine romans, amazing times. good to see. new this morning, al qaeda delivering a warning to the u.s. as president biden begins to withdraw troops from afghanistan. plus, as hospitals are on the verge of collapsing, covid explodes inside india. we're going to speak live to an icu doctor about what she's seeing. i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. not all 5g networks are created equal.
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my cholesterol is borderline. so i take garlique to help maintain healthy cholesterol safely and naturally. and it's odor free. i'm taking charge of my cholesterol with garlique. overnight at least 44 workers crushed to death at a stampede at a mass religious gathering in mount meron, israel. investigators look at what triggered this. what do we know so far?
3:29 am
>> reporter: brianna, i'm standing on the site of what the israeli ambulance services say is one of the worst disasters. you see the remnants of a tangle of bodies on top of each other. they were coming out of an area behind my cameraman where they were selling lag be omer. what's normally a celebration of fire and sing and dancing, last night turned into tragedy. listen to what one witness had to say. >> translator: i was there. inside the bonfire, it was crowded. there were around 60,000 to 70,000 people, no place to move, and people started to fall to the ground. a lot fell to the ground. >> reporter: now, the attorney general is launching an investigation to see what happened, to see why this area right here was so crowded, what
3:30 am
caused that chaos of people altogether, because this event actually takes place every year, and this is an unusual event, to say the least, for this community here especially. prime minister benjamin netanyahu was here earlier today. he said it will be investigated, and he called on israel to have a national day of mourning on sunday. brianna? >> it is a terrible loss. hadas gold, thank you very much. words can't describe enough the utter horror in india. the records are shattered in new coronavirus cases at nearly 400,000. we've seen the devastating images of mass cremation sites. these weren't there a few weeks ago. these just started being used because of the enormous need. hospitals are on the verge of collapse. not enough beds or oxygen.
3:31 am
dr. hue sssain, you're calling s a tsunami. explain to us what you're seeing. >> good morning. what we're seeing is nothing short of an apocalypse. we've had patients rushed in, warding getting filled up overnight. 90 patients in less than 12 hours. the problem with this virus is the virus is extremely contagious, extremely aggressive, and it's affecting the younger population in a significantly different way that we had not expected. we're dedicated to more than 12,000 patients last year but have discharged them to go back home. we're extremely fatigued, feeling very, very tired. and the fact that we're not able to control the numbers is something extremely shocking for us. >> your words are chilling, dr.
3:32 am
husain, nothing short of an apocalypse. i think we can hear it in your voice how exhausted you are. you had covid, your 5-year-old twins, your father, your mother, your nanny. how hard has this been on you personally. >> it's been extremely taxing because while we're dealing with covid at home, there are people reaching out for help, and i'm talking close family friends. my best friend's mom, my sister's best friend's mom. it's like no house has been spared. covid is in everybody's house. that's what we need to figure out and work on and we need to really, you know, get people back on track. it's extremely important. >> i'm sorry. why is this happening now? how is this different from what we've seen in previous ways? >> i think this wave, the double mutant, is causing an immune scape that's also causing -- people have sort of given up on the fact this could happen.
3:33 am
they thought we were over with it, the wave was over. the second wave has come as a shock to most of us. we were expecting it, but we were not expecting the numbers. that's where the problem lies, and that's why the structural basis of our health care system is getting worn out. >> are the vaccines going to be enough? how do you stop this wave? >> i would like to, in fact, talk about my personal experience here. i have two elderly parents with significant comorbidities. my mom tested positive first. because of it, she was taking care of my kids while i was at work, and, hence, my kids tested positive. i'm happy to say we've all been vaccinated. they have recovered. i'm slowly recovering. the fact is you don't need the
3:34 am
oxygen, you don't need to be rushed to the hospital because you're vaccinated. it's something that i would be very, very willing to promote and people should go ahead and take their shot as soon as they get the chance to do so. >> get those vaccines as soon as you can. i hope you have enough in the availability. dr. farah husain, thank you for being with us. we wish you the best. i know this is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. thank you. >> thank you. apocalyptic. >> nothing short of an apocalypse, she said, and it's in every house. the sense you get from our reporters is it's everywhere. it's house to house. everyone you run across has it. >> i think that's what stands out. we were talking to indian reporters, american reporters covering india, they'll tick through their colleagues, colleagues' relatives, their
3:35 am
friends, their neighbors. it's astounding. >> i'm concerned. it's only going to get worse. i don't know what worse could look like at this point. next, u.s. troops begin to withdraw from afghanistan as al qaeda threatens war. and why people are hesitant to take the vaccine. we'll hear about their reasons. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ as of this morning, the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan is officially under way, and while it will mean the eventual end to america's longest war, it's coming with a new message from al qaeda, an official warning of war on all fronts until the, quote, u.s. is expelled from the islamic world. i want to speak to the author of the book, "three wise men," which tells the story how he lost both of his brothers who were also in the military. he lost them in afghanistan. sergeant, thank you so much for speaking with us. i wanted to speak with you once
3:40 am
we learned u.s. would withdraw from afghanistan completely by september 11th. you come to mind because of the price your family paid in this war, and i'm wondering how you're reflecting considering the cost. >> thank you so much for having me. i'm thinking of a lot of things. i think a lot of -- [ indiscernible ] >> the only thing i would say -- i would encourage the president, if i could, with all due respect -- [ indiscernible ] [ audio issue ]
3:41 am
>> you worry about dates. you say when you first learned of the news that you were relieved, which is something i've heard from so many military folks and veterans and family members, but you also have concerns about the afghans who have worked with the u.s. can you tell me about that? >> absolutely. i mean in an effort to set them up for success, it's kind of one of the reasons for why i feel the way that i do. you know, in setting them up for success -- but, you know -- would have the same thing, establish those relationships. we want to make sure we set them up for success in every way that we can. >> beau, you're such an important voice on this. we're having a problem with your audio. we're going to take a quick
3:42 am
break and be right back with beau wise. we started with computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it. so when it comes to your business, you know we'll stop at nothing. so when it comes to yodignity.ess, it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should.
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so, this morning, trump conspiracy theorists and the president himself are fixated on a report. one reporter is convinced arizona will be the first domino to fall in overturning the election. it won't. cnn's donie has more. >> reporter: the results have been checked, checked, and checked again. this is a republican paid for audit that's being described as essentially a farce even by some election officials who are republican in arizona. but to some trump supporters who believe in the big lie, it's the sense, the hope that the election results could be overturned. take a listen. were you disappointed when trump lost the election? >> i was disappointed in the lack of truth and the election
3:47 am
fraud that took place within it. it's coming out right now in arizona, and it's going to be a domino effect to the truth going forward. what happens after that, i don't know. but i know that the truth is there's only so many voters that are in one county that can vote, and the numbers far exceed that. it's commonsense mathematics. >> reporter: obviously it's not going to happen. it's silly stuff, really, but we can't ignore it. this is all part of the big lie that's undermining the american democracy, and it's the exact sort of thing that fuelled the january 6th insurrection. >> you also talked with supporters about the vaccine. what did they say? >> reporter: almost half of the republicans say they will not get the vaccine. that's compared to 8% of democrats. i've been speaking to some of those republicans. have a listen. are you getting vaccinated? >> no. i had covid last march. sick for all of five hours.
3:48 am
i don't need a vaccine for that? t . >> the cdc recommends you should get it. >> they can recommend it. >> it's emergency approval. >> who seeks the emergency approval? >> do you know what trump's situation is? >> i'm not wrong. we're american. we make our own decisions. >> you're not getting the vaccine? >> no. [ indiscernible ] >> president biden got it while president trump was still in office. yes. it is a trump vaccine. i have no intention of getting it. >> we don't plan to follow what president trump did or didn't do. it's the fact he promoted individual freedom and your ability to excel is why we support the movement. it was a movement. he just happened to come along at the right time.
3:49 am
>> reporter: you know, guys, it'sing are interesting. we've heard about trump's adviser calling for him to do a psa on the vaccine. some of his supporters are saying they won't take it no matter what. it's sort of a catch-22. if trump came out and said, take it, it would be really helpful. >> who's following who might be the question, right, donie? >> reporter: precisely. some folks i've spoken to say they have never gotten a vaccine in their life. others have gotten the flu shot. because trump tried to downplay the virus for so long, people are not taking the vaccine as a sort of badge of honor. >> the tragedy is it shouldn't be a political decision, right? clearly in some ways it has become that. donie, thank you so much for
3:50 am
your reporting. >> thanks, guys. while many parts of the world begs for vaccines, as donie showed, the u.s. can't convince a big part of the population to take it. so states and businesses are bribing americans to take the vaccine. in west virginia, the state is offering a $100 savings bond to get the shot. >> target, trader joe's, olive garden, mcdonald's, among the companies offering time off or one-time bonuses to employees who do receive the vaccine. >> lyft and uber offering free rides. staples and office depot offering to laminate your vaccination card for free. >> and if you like beer, sam's is offering free beer. budweiser is doing the same. ♪
3:51 am
>> yeah, some people might say there. a major baseball league team offering $10 discount on tickets. >> at white castle you can get a free dessert on a stick. >> and at nation's famous coney island, you can get a free dog. >> krispy kreme, a doughnut for a dose. i think bribing is the wrong way to look at this. it's incentivizing. if you look at the polling, 43% of the americans say the reason they can't do it is they can't get there or they need time off. companies should provide free leave. a company has a reason to want its employees to get vaccinated. so why not offer a bonus. it means they can come back to the office and work more quickly. >> also there's the if you get the vaccine, it's a sign of,
3:52 am
hopefully, right? you get to do these fun things. it's safer, encouraging people to take part in normal life. >> i go back and think in my head, i could have gotten a free beer? >> i think you can still get the free beer. you just need to show your vaccination card. >> that's the most important thing. >> we'll make sure that happens. more trouble for matt gaetz. a letter lays out in great detail how his friend and he paid for sex, which included a minor that was 17 years old at the time. ♪ ♪ mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. when considering another treatment ask about xeljanz,
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kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. drama and excitement and a great quarterback going to the new england patriots in the first round of the nfl draft.
3:57 am
andy scholes is at churchill downs with more on the "bleacher rep report". you knew i had to say something. >> mac jones was picked 15, which was unexpected. the first round of the nfl draft always a great night, 32 young men realizing their dream of making it to the nfl. we had fans back at the draft this year in cleveland. about 50,000 fans on hand for the first round despite the crummy weather. those closest to the stage all vaccinated. pick one, no surprise, trevor lawrence out of clemson, he was watching with his family out of south carolina. the jets then going with quarterback zach wilson out of byu. just last summer wilson was driving doordash to make extra money. now he's heading to the big apple as the second pick in the draft. a big question of the draft was what would the 49ers do with pick number 3? they ended up taking north
3:58 am
dakota state's trey lance over alabama's mac jones. lance started just 17 clnl games at quarterback at the scf level. the bears looking for their quarterback of the future, 20 to 11, taking ohio state's justin fields. they had to give up this year's and next year's first round pick in order to move up. giants hope this works better for them than when they traded up to take mitch trubisky. adam schefter reporting huge news that aaron rodgers does not want to play for the packers anymore. the packers told cnn after the report, they're committed to rodgers next season and beyond. all right. and we had fans at the nfl draft. we're going to have fans here tomorrow for the kentucky derby. they're expecting between 40,000 and 50,000 fans here tomorrow, john. essential quality is the favorite for tomorrow's big
3:59 am
race, but they actually have a horse that was named after you, john, rock your world. that's the second favorite. >> andy scholes, thank you very much for that. all right. good morning, everyone. i'm joe bhn berman alongside brianna keilar. a confession letter, matt gaetz paying for sex with a minor. and rudy giuliani breaks his silence after a raid from fbi on his home and office. what he says they took from him. florida republicans are closer to putting limits on voting into law. and an asian-american political candidate in texas says a tea party leader yelled "white power" at him, and that candidate will join us live.
4:00 am
welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it's friday, april 30th, and we begin with explosive new developments overnight in the criminal investigation involving congressman matt gaetz. t"the daily beast" reports an associate of gaetz, joel greenberg, wrote in a letter that the florida republican paid for sex with a minor. the letter was drafted after greenberg reportedly asked roger stone for help obtaining a pardon during the final months of president trump's term in exchange for at leefrt a quarter o of a million dollars. >> the justice department is already investigating him for alleged sex trafficking and prostitution. paula reid is tracking the latest developments here for us. paula,


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