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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 30, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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♪ stocks and housing are booming. layoffs are slowing. so who benefits the most from a great american come back? he was warned, the fbi told rudy giuliani he was the target of russian manipulation. what he now says about the raid on his home. and new claims about matt gaetz paying for sex with an underaged girl, how the details emerged in a letter from an ally pleading for a parred. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, we have reports this morning from india, israel, moscow, the white house and the
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kentucky derby. this is "early start," i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. it is friday, april 30th. happy friday, everybody, it is 5:00 a.m. exactly in new york. we begin with the great american come back. the economy roars back in the first quarter. the economy grew 6.4% on an annualized basis in the first quarter, the best first quarter since 1984. that strong number showed huge gains in consumer spending and business investment. goldman sachs now estimates the economy for the year could grow 7%, the best in 30 years. layoffs are slowing, weekly jobless claims still double what they were before the crisis but that trend incredibly important. the housing market is the strongest it's been in years, home prices setting new records as buyers scramble to find homes amid an inventory crunch. the pandemic moves americans' lives online, that has been a boom for tech earnings. amazon's profit more than tripled in the first quarter to $8.1 billion on $108 billion in
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sales. the earnings coming after the tech giant said it would spend a billion dollars to raise wages for more than 500,000 workers. microsoft and google soared as people spent most of their lives in front of multiple screens during lockdowns. the s&p 500 hit a brand-new record high thursday, it is up 12% this year. more people are getting back outside as restrictions are lifted, open table ceo says nearly 80% of restaurants on its site are open and taking reservations. mcdonald's said its sales are back to pre pandemic levels partly because of the return of spicy chuckle nuggets and a chicken sandwich. delta will start selling its middle seat tomorrow as demand for air travel grows. disneyland in california is reopening with limited capacity to californians after shutting its gates over a year ago. the cdc says u.s. cruises could set sail again in july if the vast majority of ships' passengers and crew are vaccinated. the greatest risk to the recovery is resurgence of this
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virus which is the best reason to get the vaccine. no everyone is benefitting from the recovery yet. that's where the biden economic agenda comes in. he wants to make sure forgotten americans are benefitting, too, that this rising tide lift all boats not just yachts. >> the question is who isn't doing well and how can the government actually help them. an ambassador recalled an fbi warning so many election lies and now this week a raid on the home of former mayor of new york city. it's hard to keep up with all the developments surrounding rudy giuliani, but let's start with this. cnn has now learned the fbi directly warned giuliani as far back as late 2019 that he was the target of a russian influence operation. the "washington post" reports giuliani was told the russians wanted to use him to circulate falsehoods aimed at damaging joe biden ahead of last year's election. despite this fbi warning giuliani went ahead with a planned trip to kiev where he
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met a ukrainian lawmaker, the u.s. later labeled an active russian agent. current has already reported the trump white house was warned some of the disinformation being passed to giuliani was from foreign intelligence. >> for more than two years giuliani has been the focus of an investigation by the u.s. attorney's office in nt am the office he once ran. the probe is looking into his activities in ukraine including whether he broke foreign lobbying laws. federal authorities showed up at his home and office seizing multiple devices. >> the search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file for representing a ukrainian national or official that i have never represented. i have never represented a ukrainian national or official before the united states government. >> but "the new york times" reports that, in fact, the focus of the justice department probe is giuliani's push to oust then u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie
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yovanovitch. giuliani believed she had been blocking his effort to dig up dirt on joe and hunter biden. they are looking into his communications with ukrainian and american officials leading up to her firing. >> it was a focus of former president trump's first impeachment and that's one of the scandals swirling around giuliani who was also involved in trump's other impeachment and could face charges for his role peddling election lies in georgia and inciting the capitol mob. when they look into this, this now opens up everything, right? officials -- the fbi can look at everything here what they find on this material. >> sure. and i think that there's a lot to unpack here for rudy giuliani but the big question is who is he working for? he says he never represented a ukrainian before the united states government. he's saying that but he knows because it would be illegal unless he had registered as a foreign lobbying agent with the justice department, something he didn't do. we also know of course he was the president's lawyer then.
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he's working for trump. so the question is who exactly is his client? who is he doing all this work for? why does he want the former ambassador ousted. that's the question for investigators and something they will be looking for when they search all the devices. so president biden says all these decisions being made at the justice department are being made independently, but the wider shift in priorities at the doj is notable here. local media in minnesota report federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to -- attorney general merrick garland has launched a broad probe of the minneapolis police department to see if it's engaged in a pattern of using excessive force. >> he added similar investigation of the louisville department in kentucky where breonna taylor was killed during a botched raid. there are also hate crime charges against three white men in the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia and a federal civil
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rights investigation into the shooting death of andrew brown journ by a sheriff's deputy in elizabeth city, north carolina. all of that plus several other indictments this week including against a police officer in louisiana and another in virginia and that's only what we know about at this point. >> a lot of doj news this morning. now this, pleas for a last minute pardon may have unveiled details about matt gaetz. they have obtained letters and messages from joel greenberg, an associate of gaetz, greenberg writes that he and gaetz paid for sex with multiple women including a minor who was under 17 at the time. >> so this letter says the underaged girl, quote, was involved in sexual activities with the congressman from florida's first congressional district and myself. it also says gas money or gifts, rent or partial tuition payments were made to several of these girls, including the individual who was not yet 18. cnn has not seen the letter and
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can't verify the details of the daily beast story, but here is a reporter who shares the by line. >> this letter is pretty explicit, it states very clearly that joel greenberg got paid by matt gaetz to acquire young women for sex and that they had sex with a teen. the thing that really jumps out at me at this damning letter is the idea that he goes i did see the acts occur firsthand. this is going to be pivotal for prosecutors as they go after matt gaetz. >> now, greenberg was under indictment himself at the time and the messaged screenshots he showed he offered trump confidant roger stone, he is now involved in this, $250,000 for help obtaining a pardon in the last months of president trump's term. stone tells cnn he never took money from greenberg, he doesn't recall any letter and he never heard of greenberg implicating gaetz in this. >> a spokesperson for gaetz told cnn in a statement last night,
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congressman gaetz has never paid for sex nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult. "politico" has reported mr. greenberg's threats to make false accusations against others and while the daily beast story obtains confessions from mr. greenberg it does not add anything of substance and no evidence for the wild and false claims about representative gaetz. in fact, the story goes some way to showing how representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg and had no interest involving himself in mr. greenberg's affairs. greenberg has been cooperating with investigators since last year. his attorney declined to comment. >> more to come on that for sure i'm guessing. still ahead, india's coronavirus catastrophe worsening this morning. neighboring countries on high alert, some families forced to bring their own oxygen to save dying relatives. cnn is live in new delhi next. the dove beauty bar makes my skin feel amazing and clean. i've encouraged serena my best friend to switch. her skin was always beautiful. i wanted her skin to glow just like mine.
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hi sabrina! >>hi jen! so this aveeno® moisturizer goes beyond just soothing sensitive skin? exactly jen! calm + restore oat gel is formulated with prebiotic oat. and strengthens skin's moisture barrier. uh! i love it! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ tonight, i'll be eating a pork banh mi with extra jalapeños. [doorbell rings] thanks, baby. yeah, we 'bout to get spicy for this virtual date. spicy like them pajama pants. hey, the camera is staying up here. this is not the second date. this morning in india a national crisis with global
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repercussions, the more the virus spreads, the more chance it has to mutate and create variants that could eventually resist the current vaccines. india's neighboring countries are on high alert. it shares land borders with pakistan, myanmar, bhutan and bangladesh. some borders have people crossing back and forth every day. mumbai has announced a three-day suspension of vaccinations because they don't have enough. >> india deals with the worst air quality in the world and people are scrambling to find scarce hospital beds for family members. funeral pyres are burning throughout the day and night, bodies piling up faster. vedika sud, just a tragedy unfolding there. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: good afternoon from india, christine, i'm going to take you through this area, this is a covid-19 quarantine
2:15 am
facility. we've brought you visuals and and the situation from hospitals, it's time to tell you more about what's happening inside this quarantine center. there 500 beds available with oxygen supply but we've been speaking to relatives waiting outside. one is this lady here that you see. she's holding an oxygen can in her hand. we have just spoken to her and she says her father has been inside for the last two hours and there is no one to attend to him. she's worried, she is here with a small can of oxygen, that's all she can manage as of now just in case he needs t there are a lot of tense people all around out here, family members, i'm going to go closer to this covid-19 ward, you see the cars all around, these are family members who are not inside but outside waiting to hear from their loved ones. i had gone to crematorium a couple days ago and spoken to the nephew of this deceased person who succumb to covid-19. he said his uncle's phone was switched off, when they tried to
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reach him no one was responding, they called the help desk and found he had succumb to covid-19 two days before that call. there are ambulances waiting outside, all these people have covid-19 patients inside, all of them weak, breathless, just hoping to get a bed inside. out here you see the family members as well, they are just waiting to hear about their loved ones. this is the situation. i just saw a young girl sitting right by this gate near the barrier who was gasping for breath asking for help. there are beds inside but we've been told by the family members that there are no doctors, not sufficient doctors and not sufficient nurses at this point in time. i also know of two family members who requested that their relative who are inside this quarantine facility be discharged so that they can take them somewhere else. can you see what's happening here, ambulances are breaking down, people are pushing ambulances, they have all been overburdened by the number of people who need support at this point in time. on another note christine, let
2:17 am
me bring up a tweet of a friend and colleague i spoke to this morning. her daughter is down with covid-19 and another four people in her family have covid-19 and that's how she's communicating with her daughter, under the door she's putting sheets of paper, her eight-year-old is coloring those sheets of paper and sending it back to her mother. i'm sorry i'm getting a bit emotional right now because it gets difficult to actually digest all of this. i just heard of an ex-colleague who has passed away. so it's all over. it's just all over the place. people are standing here just to hear about their loved ones, hospitals are overcrowded and we also know that inside this facility they have allowed relatives of patients actually sitting there who could even get that virus. you can hear them say it themselves, they're saying they're not treating those patients. >> she has not not got any oxygen. no one is asking for them. >> reporter: that is the state
2:18 am
of affairs right now. it's worrying, people are concerned and we're just hoping that all those people get the facilities they need at this point in time, christine. >> vedika, what a tragic situation. thank you. take good care of yourself. i'm so sorry for the losses that all of you are suffering there. it's just almost too hard to -- too hard to take. thank you for that and we will talk to you soon. >> just watching them push that ambulance is just horrific. india not the only country struggling to beat back covid surges now. japan where there is more troubling news for olympic organizers trying to get the summer games off the ground. "early start" has the pandemic covered around the world. >> reporter: i'm selina wang in tokyo. japan has reported nearly 5,800 covid-19 cases in one day, the highest number since january with the olympics months away japan is struggling to contain a fourth wave of covid cases amid a slow vaccine rollout. japan has fully vaccinated less than 1% of its population held
2:19 am
back by supply issues, red tape and vaccine hesitancy. japan has reached an agreement with moderna for 50 million doses of its vaccine by september. the country has received its first batch even though the moderna vaccine is not yet approved for use in japan. i'm arwa damon in istanbul. it is day one of turkey's longest lockdown to date numbers have been increasincreasing, pa restrictions did not work, hence the government deciding to take this drastic decision. vaccine rollout has also slowed down. this is to try to protect its own population, to try to salvage it's economy moving forward and prepare itself for the upcoming tourism season. if you happen to be here right now as a tourist you are exempt from the current lockdown restrictions. >> reporter: i'm salma abdelaziz in london. emanuel macron has announced
2:20 am
four steps out of lockdown, the first move on may 3rd, an end to certificates needed for movement and an end to a domestic travel ban. on may 19th curfew will be moved down a couple of hours and there will be a reopening of museums, cinemas and shops, further reopenings will happen on june 9th, the curfew will be moved down later at that point. in the final step all curfews will be lifted but night clubs must remain closed. >> thank you to our reporters for all of those. devastating news out of israel, dozens killed in a stampede at a mass religious gathering including children witnesses tell us. what caused this to happen? we will go live on the ground in mount meron. um yum yum yum ♪ ♪ yum yum yum yum yum yum ♪ ♪ yum yum yum yum yuuum yum yum yum yum yum yum yuuum ♪ ♪ yum ♪ ♪ yum yum (clap, clap) yum yum (clap) yum yum ♪
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developing overnight, dozens of people killed in a stampede at a mass religious gathering in israel. the country's attorney general has already opened an investigation. cnn's hadas gold is there live at the festival site. just a tragedy. what can you tell us? >> reporter: definitely a tragedy. i'm standing outside of the entrance to this site, it's actually a tomb of an ancient rabbi and every year tens of thousands of orthodox jews come here to celebrate lag b'omer, often a festival of bonfires and many people dancing and singing. around 1:00 a.m. there was some sort of stampede on a stairway, a stairway to exit one of the areas there and it turned tragic. the videos are hard to watch, it looks like bodies on top of one another. we have confirmed that 44 people
2:26 am
have lost their lives, more than 100 have been injured and were sent to hospital. just a tragic evening. it's not clear exactly what happened, what caused this, because this festival actually happens every single year and, in fact, although there are reports there was almost 100,000 people in this festival, in previous years there have been more. it didn't happen last year because of coronavirus but because israel has been successful at its vaccination program and the infection rates for covid are so low here authorities did allow this festival to take place. there are questions about whether too many people were allowed in because the scenes of it just looks absolutely crowded there. tens of thousands of people crowded together singing and dancing. now, the police commander for the northern part of israel has already taken responsibility for what happened last night. the attorney general has said that he is launching an investigation to see what happened. what went wrong. because in the previous years it has been fine, but last night
2:27 am
something incredibly tragic happened and so many people lost their lives. the ambulance services here are calling it the worst civil disaster in israeli history. >> hadas, thank you for that. keep us posted on any developments. the first palestinian elections in 15 years delayed indefinitely. palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas says the vote will be postponed until israel agrees to allow voting in east jerusalem. the elections are seen as a chance to repair a fracture between palestinian factions in the west bank and gaza. new id requirements, new signature requirements, new limits on mail ballots and more. all that on the verge of becoming reality in a critical battleground state. online car . car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment. and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny.
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♪ good morning. happy friday. this is "early start," i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. about half past the hour here in new york. all right. new voting restrictions about to hit a key battleground state, florida governor ron desantis expected to sign a bill passed along party lines in the republican state legislature. it's going to add new id and signature requirements for voting by mail and limit who can return a mail-in ballot. the pressure expands the powers of partisan observers during ballot counting and adds new restrictions on the use of ballot drop boxes. the bill is part of a republican-led effort nationwide to restrict voting access at the state level. a pair of voting bills could pass the republican-controlled legislature in texas as soon as next week. the bills would end 24-hour and drive-thru voting. that's how many people of color voted last year. the growing texas population is becoming more vie ders.
2:33 am
texas picks up two congressional seats thanks to the census count. president biden visits pennsylvania today, the next stop on his getting america back on fracture. he will be promoting trillions of dollars in spending that he says is needed for forgotten americans. jasmine wright is live at the white house with the latest for us. good morning to you. the president is going to be attending an event for amtrak so he should feel right at home. >> reporter: that's right. amtrak joe is going home, laura. president biden will be in philly to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the amtrak but also a part of this sales pitch of his massive two-pronged infrastructure and jobs package. negotiations seem like they're starting to kind of get on their way. yesterday president biden told reporters that he invited republican senator shelly moore capito to the white house to discuss after she led the effort on republicans to send him a counterproposal to just the first part of his two parts of that infrastructure plan. but president biden drew a line
2:34 am
in the sand yesterday saying that republicans have to meet him halfway and if they don't he said it's a no-go. laura, that republican proposal came $1.7 trillion short of president biden's 2.25 initial proposal. so that ain't halfway. the question now going forward is where is that middle ground? biden says he wants to be at the middle. will republicans meet him there and does that mean they have to accept that he wants an expansion of what is traditionally infrastructure and will they be willing to pay for it and including biden wants tax hikes, republicans don't, where is the compromise there, laura? that's really where we stand right now. >> we know you will be keeping your eye on that. while i have you, jasmine, senator tim scott who gave the republican rebuttal the other night to the president's speech he is the only black republican in the senate, he's got some attention for something he said that night. he said that america is not a racist country. raised a lot of eyebrows,
2:35 am
especially given slavery, namely, but the president and the vice president responded, they were asked about this in different interviews and they said they actually agreed with him. what are you learning about why they're giving these answers? >> reporter: look, president biden and the white house they need tim scott. they need him to come forth on policing, he is leading the charge for republicans, they need him to bring his group along so that they can find some compromise and deliver some sort of win, some sort of reform to the country. now, this white house has been really clear from the start that they are trying to put equity and equaling the scales at the top of their administration, it's always inside of their packages they roll out, they say that this is one part that is going to be beneficial for the black and brown communities, trying to create some equity. now, listen, them saying that they agree to it, does that probably release some collective sigh from those on the left who don't agree with that stance? yes, i'm sure it does. but the president and the vice president say that they are very
2:36 am
clear that they know that, yes, this country is not racist, they say, but they made the distinction that history cannot be ignored, that this country has functioned in a myriad of ways that are racist and they cannot ignore that, so this is what they do with their platforms, their plans, they try to create equity within there. they say they try to rebalance those scales. that's kind of how we can look at this, their response to it, them agreeing but making that distinction that there is racism in this country and they need to combat it. laura. >> all very interesting. jasmine, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> don't take medical advice from joe rogan. even joe rogan says so. the comedian and podcaster is runling back, actually run ago i way from something he said on his podcast. he said healthy young people should not get vaccinated. >> i'm not an anti-vax person. >> right. >> in fact, i said i believe they're safe and i encourage
2:37 am
many people to take them. my parents were vaccinated. i just said i don't think that if you are a young healthy person that you need it. their argument was you need it for other people. >> so you don't transmit the virus. >> that makes more sense. >> i'm not a doctor, i'm a [ bleep ] moron. i'm not a respected source of information even for me. >> i'm not a respected source of information even for me. a reminder if you read through articles on the internet you don't have an md behind your name. there is growing concern about vaccination rates declining in the u.s. michigan has a plan to get more shots in arms. it ties reopening measures to people getting the vaccine. cnn has the pandemic covered coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm alexandra field. michigan's governor gretchen whitmer has unveiled a new plan that will tie the easing of covid related restrictions to the state's vaccination rates. michigan has announced a goal of vaccinating 70% of all michiganders age 16 and up. the governor says you will see
2:38 am
some restrictions eased once they have vaccinated 55% of that population, fewer restrictions at 60, 65 and ultimately 70%. >> reporter: i'm lucy kafanov in oregon where daily covid-19 cases are rising faster than any other state. as a result oregon governor kate brown is ordering 15 counties into extreme risk categories starting friday which will ban indoor dining at restaurants and significantly reduce the number of people who can be inside a gym or indoor entertainment space. cases in oregon are at their highest level since mid-january, doubling from 400 per day to over 800 per day. >> reporter: i'm erica hill. as connecticut works to expand vaccinations one site doubling as a food pantry. governor ned lamont was on hand in east windsor. no appointments needed there, first come first served for the shots and food being distributed. more than 50 of connecticut's vaccination sites are now
2:39 am
allowing walk-ups. >> reporter: i'm bianna golodryga in new york. undergraduate enrollment in colleges and universities for the 2021 spring semester saw the steepest decline since the start of the pandemic. according to the national student clearinghouse research center, overall enrollment fell by 5.9% compared to last spring. with community college enrollment down over 11%. native americans experienced the largest drop in enrollment at 13%, followed by declines among black, white and latinx students. one potential bright spot, grad rat enrollment rose by 4% for those seeking masters degrees and 8% for those seeking doctoral degrees. >> reporter: i'm jean sass ras in new york city. mayor bill de blasio is announcing he plans to fully reopen this city july 1st. he says the goal is to open at 100% capacity, restaurants, stores, businesses and offices.
2:40 am
he says that he anticipates about 400,000 jobs and the subway will get back to its regular schedule. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. he does say the plan for a broadway restart is september and also the governor of the state has to authorize any of these plans. >> thanks to jean and the rest of our correspondents for those reports. it could get a lot easier for younger teens to get vaccinated against covid pretty soon. a government official says the fda should be able to skip the time consuming advisory process when it comes to making the current vaccines available to those who are 12 to 15 years old. since the current vaccines already have what's known as emergency use authorization the official claims the process should be pretty straightforward but extending the eua to younger children younger than 12 will take a lengther view. russia is retaliating for the u.s. expulsion of its diplomats is few weeks ago. fred pleitgen is live in moscow.
2:41 am
fred, what's going on here? >> reporter: hi there, christine. this has pretty real implications for u.s. citizens who are here in russia who are living here in russia and who potentially want to stay in russia as well. the u.s. is drastically cutting its consular services in russia, only emergency services for u.s. citizens and the u.s. embassy in moscow is also urging all u.s. citizens whose visas are expiring or have expired to leave the country by a deadline set by the russian government for june 15th. on top of that also no non-immigrant visas will be given out to russian citizens unless it's more diplomatic reasons and so you can see a drastic cut in the consular services here in the russian federation by the u.s. embassy. of course, all of this is in the wider play of the diplomatic spat that's been going on between the united states and russia. of course, you had the biden administration sharing some pretty strong sanctions against the russians for the particular wind attack and also for the
2:42 am
2020 election meddling. the u.s. said that those measures were nonescalatory but the russians for their part did now escalate. they have declared an array of nations led led by the u.s. as unfriendly nations and those nation right side not allowed to employ russians at embassies here in this country as a result the u.s. says that it has 75% less capacity in its consular services and drastically has to cut down. so some really real consequences for u.s. citizens here in this country. >> and a real chill between washington and moscow, no question. fred, thank you so much. programming note for you here, the stories of all your favorite late night legends from johnny carson to jimmy kimmel are coming to cnn. the story of late night premieres sunday night at 9:00 p.m. hi sabrina! hi jen! hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. really?! this prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. impressive! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature. you may have many reasons
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signs of progress at the southern border. the crisis is by no means
2:47 am
solved, but the number of unaccompanied children in border patrol facilities is dropping dramatically. cnn's priscilla alvarez covers immigration, she now joins us. i can remember not that long ago talking to you about tens of thousands of kids stuck in border patrol custody. what changed? >> reporter: the administration has been able to solve the key problem which was the bottleneck in the system and they did that by expanding bed capacity. like you said, in march we were reporting about the thousands of children who were arriving at the u.s./mexico border and were getting caught up in border patrol facilities simply because the administration couldn't keep up. so that meant that children were staying in jail-like conditions and often overcrowded conditions until the administration could place them around the country. so what they have done in recent weeks is set up temporary facilities across the country for these children to accommodate them and those facilities are overseen by the department of health and human services. so some numbers to really capture the progress here, a
2:48 am
white house official tells me that on march 28th there were nearly 6,000 children in border patrol custody, that's a record high, and now on april 28th there was less than 1,000. somewhere around 954, that is considerable progress. again, the reason for that is they have been able to build out their temporary facilities across the country. now, the next challenge for the administration is going to be sustaining that because we are still seeing children come to the u.s.-mexico border alone so they will have to continue to work to get these children out of border patrol custody within the 72-hour window according to federal law to hhs custody and then from there reunite them with family or relatives in the united states. so the problem continues in terms of having children arrive alone to the u.s./mexico border but the administration at least seems to have a handle or a better handle of getting them to facilities that are equipped to take care of them. >> no question.
2:49 am
this is significant progress, but, as you said, the question is how do you reunite them with their families so that they are out of the shelters entirely. thank you so much for getting up with us. going up in smoke, menthol-flavored cigarettes and all flavored cigars could be banned in the next year under a plan from the fda. the goal is simple, reduce disease and death by reducing the number of people who start smoking at a young age. more than a third of all the cigarettes sold in the united states are menthol flavored. well' be right back. needles. essential for sewing, but maybe not for people with certain inflammatory conditions. because there are options. like an “unjection.” xeljanz. the first and only pill of its kind that treats moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or moderate to severe ulcerative colitis when other medicines have not helped enough.
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kamala harris has had many firstes in her time and soon she will become the first vice president to have her figure on display at madam due so he's wax museum in new york. the principal sculptor is saying he's working on capturing the twinkle in harris' eyes. they are working on kamala harris and president biden in london using hundreds of photos. looking at markets around the world on this last trading day of the month you can see asia closed down and europe has opened mixed here. on wall street stock index futures this hour leading loading here. the dow finished up 239 points, the s&p 500 an all time high, the nasdaq also closed higher just shy of a record. the s&p if you are keeping score is up 12% so far this year. a change for the gig economy, labor secretary marty
2:55 am
walsh said gig workers should be classified as employees, stocks of uber, lyft and door dash promptly fell. he told reuters the department will reach out to the employees to make sure they have access to benefits like health care. the comments show how this administration is taking a look at the gig economy and how the economy should work for everyone. soon you will be able to buy one of the first seats on a blue origin rocket. they announced thursday customers will be able to purchase tickets for a seat on new shepherd, the spacecraft has been on a number of test flights recently. blue origin wants to send paying customers to brief trips to the edge of space. no word on how much a trip to space will cost. they will release more information next week. drama and excitement, all the things you want during the first round of the nfl draft. andy scholes is at churchill downs for tomorrow's kentucky derby and has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning, laura. the first round of the nfl draft
2:56 am
always such a great night, 32 young men realizing their dreams of making it to the nfl and we had fans back at the draft this year in cleveland, about 50,000 on hand for the first round. those closest to the stage all vaccinated. pick one, it was no surprise, the jaguars selecting quarterback trevor lawrence out of clemson. he was watching with his family in south carolina. the jets then going with quarterback zach wilson out of byu. last summer wilson was driving door dash to make some extra money, now he's heading to the big apple as the second pick. a big question of the draft early was what would the 49ers do at pick number three. they ended up taking north dakota state's trey lance over alabama's mac jones. lance started 17 college games at the fcs level. now, the bears meanwhile once again trading up to try to find their quarterback of the future, making a move from 20 up to 11
2:57 am
to take ohio state's justin field. they had to give up this year's and next year's first round pick to get to the giants in order to move up. bears fans hoping this move works out better than when they traded up to take mitch trubisky over patrick mahomes and deshaun watson. before the draft adam schefter reporting huge news that last season's nfl mvp aaron rodgers does not want to play for the packers anymore. the packers, though, telling cnn after that report that they are committed to rodgers next season and beyond. the jags got a new quarterback in trevor lawrence, could they have a new tight end soon, too? according to espn tim tebow reached out to the team and tried out as a tight end. the 33-year-old hasn't played in the nfl since 2012. he just retired from baseball where he played in the minors for three seasons. tebow played for jaguars head coach urban meyer at florida.
2:58 am
at churchill downs 40,000 to 50,000 fans are expected here at the kentucky derby here tomorrow. should be a fun afternoon. the favorite of the 20-horsfield is essential quality, his trainer brad cox actually grew up so close to where we are at churchill downs he used to help park cars for the derby in his yard. he is looking to become the first louisville-born trainer to ever win the run for the roses. >> you know, as a kid i grew up, i mean, i was close enough to where we were parking cars. i really wasn't into it that much as far as parking cars, but, you know, all the neighbors would park cars, did i a little bit, but i was more interested in watching the races myself once i got to, you know, 10, 12 years old. i just really enjoyed racing, i always have. it's easy for it to get in your blood when you grow up as close to churchill downs as i did. >> post time tomorrow 6:57 eastern. guys, essential quality the favorite, but always fun names
2:59 am
to root for. i like soup and sandwich, but don't sleep on rock your world. >> i like essential quality. i think that's pretty good. >> my house was very excited about justin fields last night. that's all we cared about was the draft stuff. >> you have bears fans in your house. >> i have bears fanatics in my house. have fun tomorrow, andy. >> thanks, andy. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. have a great weekend, everyone. "new day" starts right now. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman in washington on this "new day." rudy giuliani breaking the silence and new this morning, the warning he received, plus a confession letter with matt gaetz in a criminal investigation. the coronavirus just explodes in india. we're going to speak with an icu doctor at the center


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