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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 29, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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if we were to give that kid a "cnn tonight" onesie if one existed because no one would make one. it is telling this kid, that you cannot be great, that you must aspire for something less than greatness. by -- by giving a "cuomo prime time" onesie, the kid knows anything is possible. sky's the limit. >> that's right. anything is possible. look. we have had some flukes over the past four or five years. >> don't make me laugh. >> you got that pay cut a little short. listen, though. all seriousness. >> yes, sir. >> daily beast. >> sorry. sorry. yes. that is -- that is some bombshell. that is some scoop that he got. and if this proves to be true, trouble, trouble, trouble. 17. hmm. >> well, look. the age. and remember, that's -- that is a strict-liability crime certainly under florida law and that is the trigger age for
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federal law. the problem there, in being a defendant, is even if you didn't know. even if you believed the age was different, and in the age of majority, it doesn't always matter. so it's a letter that exists and they have it. so this wasn't about what they were told. it's about what they have. the question is, is what is in the letter true? th th that's where the work of the investigators has to come in. >> you have got to read this daily beast story because it's damning. again, if true. it is their reporting, not cnn's reporting. but still, man, the stuff that they have alleged to uncover in here is certainly troubling and could spell something really bad for matt gaetz. >> i will say this. to add to the speculation. >> yes, sir. >> what does it tell you about the state of mind of somebody, who would handwrite a letter that puts all kinds of damning and incriminating information about him and somebody that he knows matters to the
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administration. and then, sends it to people that he doesn't even really know, that well. think about the state of mind of that person. >> well, that is a lot of entitlement. and a lot of, i don't know what. i can't even qualify it. i can't even classify it. >> it was -- it was risk, is what it was. and it speaks to desperation and need. and when people need things and are desperate, they can do a lot of things. they can tell the truth. they cannot tell the truth. but this is a big move in the story. >> and they can make a lot of mistakes. i got to run because i have a lot of breaking news. this, giuliani, gaetz. >> i love you, d lemon. speak your truth. >> come on, i always do. talked to you about that onesie. not good. not good. thank you. see ya later. this is "cnn tonight." i am don lemon. breaking news in the investigation of congressman matt gaetz. "the daily beast" reporting the congressman's friend and his wing man, right, wrote a confession letter. saying that both he and the congressman paid for sex with several women and a 17-year-old
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girl. the letter was part of joel greenberg's bid to get a presidential pardon from trump. and sought the assistance of, none other than, roger stone. cnn, as i said, hasn't seen the letter. can't confirm the details in "the daily beast's" story. we have reached out to greenberg's attorney, by the way. he said, no comment, and he is citing attorney-client privilege. now, we, also, have reached out to the congressman's outside-pr group. we haven't heard back, yet. but here is what they told "the daily beast," and i quote here. they say, congressman gaetz has never paid for sex, nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult. "politico" has reported that mr. greenberg's threats to make false accusations against others, and while "the daily beast" story contains a lot of confessions from mr. greenberg, it does not add anything of substance. and certainly, no evidence for the wild-and-false claims about representative gaetz. in fact, the story goes some way
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to showing how -- goes some way to showing how rep gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg, and had no interest in involving himself in mr. greenberg's affair -- affairs, plural. end of quote there. so, all of this is happening. so we have the gaetz story. and then, we have rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani, as you know, the former-president's former lawyer goes on the fox-propaganda network, of course, on the day after federal agents executed search warrants to his apartment and his office to try to defend himself by publicly challenging the justice department. watch this. >> i have known about this for two years, tucker. i could've destroyed the eviden evidence -- i didn't destroy the evidence because the evidence is exculpatory. it proves the president and i and all of us are innocent. they're the ones committing -- it's like -- it's like projection. they are committing the crimes. >> that, after giuliani's son, andrew, tells our erin burnett tonight that he is confident that his father did everything on the up and up, as it relates
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to the disgraced, twice-impeached, one-term, former president. >> i'm very confident my dad did everything -- everything that he did, on the up and up. so that's where i will leave it there. i trust him. i trust his relationship with the president. and i know he's -- he's a man of integrity, when it comes to his representation of the 45th president of the united states. >> if there is anybody, who knows what it is like to be a former associate of the former president on the wrong end of a raid, it's michael cohen. michael cohen has this blunt message for rudy giuliani. >> my parents always told me it's not nice to gloat. but, rudy, i told ya so. i told ya so. >> what do you mean? what did you tell him? >> this is exactly -- well, i -- i -- what i told him was that donald trump doesn't care about anyone or anything. that, he will be the next one to be thrown under the bus. and that's exactly what's going to happen.
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>> obviously, we have got a lot more on this, tonight. you -- you need to stay tuned, because detail, after detail. that story, and the gaetz story. and it comes, as america is grappling with what kind of country we are, now. and what kind of country we want to be, going forward. especially, when it comes to race. president biden, saying this, tonight. >> no, i don't think the american people are racist. but, i think, after 400 years, african-americans have been left in the position where they are so-far behind the eight ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity. i think, the -- the overhang from all of the jim crow and, before that, slavery, have -- have -- have had a cost and we have to deal with it. >> let me ask you this. what kind of america do we want? what kind of country do we want to live in? do we want an america, where we can listen to each other? and really hear?
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an america, where people protect and serve all of us, black and white? an america, where white supremacy is treated as the hatef hateful-terrorist threat that it is. the president, laying out his vision. >> my fellow americans, we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. to root out systemic racism in our criminal-justice system. and enact police reform in george floyd's name, that passed the house, already. we won't ignore what our intelligence agency have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland, today. white supremacy's terrorism. >> but, some people. some people, like senator tim scott, who, was -- by the way, was handpicked to respond to president joe biden's speech. some people don't seem to hear that. listen to what he says, in response to the president's honest assessment of where
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america is, now. and where we need to get to. >> hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. it's backwards to fight discrimination, with different types of discrimination. and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. >> so, the president was absolutely clear. he doesn't think america's a racist country but our history is something that we have to deal with. and that's the point. senator scott was trying to twist what the president was saying about the challenges we face. that was a twist, right? pivot. we can't sweep our history, our past, under the rug. we shouldn't -- should never do that. we can't pretend that it is not there. we can't pretend that there isn't real work to be done, to
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get to the america in the pledge of allegiance. an america, with liberty and justice, for all. senator scott says it is wrong to talk about our painful past, as we debate our future. and let me just be fair, here. he is engaging on some of these issues. he is working on the bipartisan effort on police reform. but the fact is our painful past is part of who we are, today. our past set the course. that's how it works. that's how things work. we can't know where we're going, if we forget where we came from. we didn't get here by accident. that's one of the chapters in my book, and i write about it. i say, this is issue the book "this is the fire what i say to my friends about racism." here is what i write. we can be simultaneously fearless about our future and truthful about our past. we can be equally conscious of our country's failings, and proud of our country's progress.
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we have got to understand our past. we have got to understand that it, all, goes back to the original sin that can't be erased. slavery. it's not just something in our distant past. so, i want you to listen. please, listen to this. because it just proves a point about understanding where we came from, and that history's setting the course. this is one lawmaker from my home state of louisiana. he said it, just this week. here it is. >> if you are having a discussion on whatever the case may be. on slavery. then, you can talk about everything dealing with slavery. the good, the bad, the ugly. >> there -- there's no good to slavery, though. >> well, then whatever -- whatever the case may be. >> whatever the case may be. so, he walked it back, right away. but this is exactly why we have got to talk about our painful past. it's not something, that we can put behind us.
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it was there, from the beginning of the country. and it's, still, affecting us and our families today. my family, my blood, they were enslaved. i just can't put that behind me. that painful past has got to be part of our debates, in the present. and we can -- including, debates about voting rights. it -- it's all -- we can talk about our painful history. and talk about where we need to go forward. what's the problem with that? generations of americans marched and fought and some died for the right to vote. and as democrats work to pass the sweeping voting-rights bill, well, senator scott says this. >> this is not about civil rights or our racial past. it's about rigging elections, in the future. >> is he talking about his own party? rigging elections? now, let me just think.
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who is it, who is actually engaged in trying to rig elections? in the future. which party is that, again, trying to do that? which party promoted the big lie, the bogus claim of election fraud that sparked the attempted insurrection at the capitol? which party voted to overturn the results of our free election? which, joe biden won fair and square. which party? and they voted to overturn those results, while the destruction at the capitol was, still, being cleaned up. which party is behind the nationwide effort to suppress the vote in future elections? the assault on voting rights. simply, because their guy lost. which party? which party just passed voting restrictions in florida? a key-swing state. including, limiting the use of drop boxes. and adding more-i.d. requirements for absentee ballots. which party? which party is it that passed a law in georgia making it a crime to give food or water to voters
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in line. come which party is that? which party is it, whose governor signed that law behind closed doors while a duly-elected state representative was literally locked out and then arrested for knocking on the door. >> for what? under arrest, for what? for trying to see something that our governor is doing? >> hi, tim scott. mirror. which party? do you know which party is trying to rig elections, in the future? you know, like i said. we have got to decide what kind of country we want to be, going forward. do we want to be a country, that cherishes and protects one of our most important rights, the right to vote? do we want to be a country, that understands our painful past on race so that we can move forward?
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not pretend it didn't exist. not say, oh, can't look back. y'all know better than that. tim scott, you know better than that. come on, man. we have got to decide, which country we want to be. a lot to discuss, in this program. in the hours to come, we have breaking news on the investigation into congressman matt gaetz. "the daily beast" reporting now on what is being called a confession letter, right after this break. stay with us. nope nope c'mon him? oo, i like him! nooooo... noooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and each sheet is 2x more absorbent , so you can use less. he's an eight he's a nine
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okay. so, this is our breaking news, tonight. and it is a really damning report, if true. this is -- "the daily beast" is reporting it. that congressman matt gaetz' friend and wing man joel greenberg wrote a confession letter. saying, both, he and the congressman paid for sex with several women, and a 17-year-old girl. now, the letter was part of joel greenberg's bid to get a presidential pardon from trump. and sought the assistance of roger stone. cnn hasn't seen the letter. cannot confirm the details in "the daily beast's" story. okay? so, greenberg's attorney telling
11:19 pm
cnn, no comment. and we just got this statement, from the congressman's spokesperson. and it says, congressman gaetz has never paid for sex, nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult. "politico" has reported mr. greenberg's threat to make false accusations against others. and while "the daily beast's" story contains a lot of confessions from mr. greenberg, it does not add anything of substance, and certainly no evidence for the wild and false claims about rep gaetz. in fact, the story goes some way to showing how rep gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg. and had no interest in involving himself in mr. greenberg's affairs. that is the end of the statement. i have been waiting to talk to this man about this. it's matthew dowd. the former chief strategist for president george w. bush and founder of country over party. thank you, sir. good evening to you. this shocking report from "the daily beast." how bad -- how bad does this look for matt gaetz? >> well, politically, it's, like, awful.
11:20 pm
though, with matt gaetz, it's hard to define how awful, awful can be, with everything that he's said and done over the last-few years. in the course of this, criminally, we'll obviously discover over the course of the next few weeks or months as the case is gathered in this. but i would take his person's statement or whoever's gave you that statement with a truckload of salt. because as we know, matt gaetz has been known to lie about many things. in the course of this. but it's bad. but it, also, shows you. and i have -- i've tried to say this to so many others. it shows you that donald trump -- just getting rid of donald trump doesn't fix the problem, because this runs much deeper and much broader than donald trump. and that's what, i think, america is struggling with today. i actually think the defeat of donald trump wasn't the end of the problem. it just began the beginning of surfacing what the problem in america is today. >> and what is that?
11:21 pm
>> it's that we have now -- we have a system, don, in our country. where it's anti-science, anti-facts, anti-truth. it doesn't -- ends justify the means. we have a political party, now, that's completely dominated by conspiracy theorists, liars, and white supremacists. and a dominant-political party, a legacy party we have had. i was listening to joe biden's speech last night which i thought he gave very well. but i disagreed with a huge part of it which i think he needs to begin to speak harder truths about the fundamental problem in america today because we can dream of a higher-minimum wage and common sense gun reform and expanded infrastructure and higher taxes on the superwealthy, all of which a majority of the country wants. none of it's going to happen. none of it's going to happen,
11:22 pm
until we rid ourselves of this fundamental problem that exists in america today. >> yeah. listen. couple things, then i want to move on to rudy giuliani. i think you are exactly right. that we live -- i call it a post-truth world. or a post-truth society, right now. where all of that stuff, and it comes from the top, trickles down to everyday people. the trump supporters, the conservatives. they -- they start to create their own reality. and they start to believe all these conspiracy theories. and -- and they're aggrieved about everything and everyone is out to get them. and it just -- it changed -- it has changed the thinking of people. the rational thinking, to irrational. and not truthful. it's -- it's really unbelievable. and i understand what you said about rep gaetz. but you know, i have to be fair. innocent, until proven guilty. and i have to read the response from his representatives, as you know, matthew. i don't need to say that to you. >> listen. and i -- i agree with that. i agree with that, don. and on this, specific thing, innocence till proven guilty.
11:23 pm
but as far as i'm concerned, matt gaetz is guilty of a lot bigger crime, which is an attack on our democracy. he's probably not going to get prosecuted for that. so, i -- i -- matt gaetz, on my scheme of things, has already been detrimental to the health of our country. >> let's talk about rudy giuliani, now. so, he is denying any wrongdoing. i mean, we go from one to another, right? he is denying any wrongdoing after the raids on his home and office. but he has been connected to so many major controversies about trump. whether he was defending him. or directly involved. and he is now the second-personal attorney to the former president to be raided by the feds. it's fascinating, to me, to see the response, because you know it's a deflection. and, you know, it's got to do -- you know, it's e-mails. it's hunter biden. you know, it's always a deflection. where do you see this going? >> well, i think, rudy giuliani knows he is in a fundamental
11:24 pm
danger on this because i think he's skirted the -- the situation of the law and ethics for so long, in this course of this. you know, i think, rudy giuliani is, i think, a perfect reflection of -- of people that become around donald trump and get associated with donald trump. it -- it's -- i don't agree with this idea, like, what happened to america's mayor and the former-u.s. attorney in southern district of new york? well, he's just changed, fundamentally. i don't think that's true. i think, what we see is that donald trump as the great revealer. donald trump is the great revealer. donald trump hasn't caused these people to be what they are. donald trump reveals them to be who -- what they are. and i think that's rudy giuliani. i think, what we're seeing of rudy giuliani, in this and what happened in this raid. and everything that he's done in the big lie that he spun out about voter fraud. and all the things he's done. and the allegations that he's made, and trying to use information from a foreign country. all of those things, he's done. basically, tell us who -- who rudy giuliani is.
11:25 pm
and again, goes back to my original point. is that donald trump may be hanging out playing golf in mar-a-lago or wherever he happens to be. but donald trump, "game of thrones" reference here. donald trump is like the mad king. and when with the "game of thrones," when the mad king was -- was ended. when the reign of the mad king was ended, it didn't solve the problem. it actually unleashed a bigger problem. and rudy giuliani is a parted point of that bigger, bigger poison that exists in america, today. >> you -- you just said, about rudy giuliani, what i have been saying since, you know, he came on the scene, as it relates to donald trump. and everyone was saying what happened to america's mayor? i'm like, do you guys remember, before 9/11, the rudy giuliani before then? he got this moment. it was awful that it happened. but, where he had to step up, as mayor, right? what choice did he have? who wasn't going to give him money and funding for what -- what happened in new york? so, i, completely, agree with you.
11:26 pm
matthew, i got to go. but thank you. it's always a pleasure having you on. one day, we can talk about better things, i hope. thank you very much for helping us. >> you, too, man. god bless, don. >> you, too. thank you very much. president biden responding to senator tim scott saying america isn't racist. i am going to ask a top-white house adviser how they took senator scott's speech. you don't want to miss that. that's next.
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11:31 pm
and chief spokesperson for vice president harris. also, newly engaged. congratulations, symone. very happy for you. >> thanks so much, don. good to be here. >> so, let's talk about this. so i want to play, again, what president biden is saying tonight about racism in this country, responding to senator tim scott. watch this. >> i don't think the american people are racist. but, i think, after 400 years, african-americans have been left in a position, where they are so far behind the eight ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity. i think, the -- the overhang, from all of the jim crow, and before that, slavery, have -- have -- have had a cost and we have to deal with it. >> symone, how difficult is it to address these issues, when many republicans don't think there is even systemic racism in this country? they don't understand that a lot of black and brown people just have a different reality? >> well, again, thank you for
11:32 pm
having me, tonight, don. and as vice president harris said this morning, the president had the courage to speak the truth about what is happening in america. and we have to have the courage to speak the truth. so today, you talked about this in your package. i heard you talk about it at the top of your show, and i have heard you speak about it on many nights. about the investments that this administration is proposing. the bold plan that the president put forth, and that the vice president was also out, today, talking about while she was in baltimore this afternoon. this bold plan, the american jobs plan, the american families plan, is a once-in-a-generation investment. but this is what's special about it. when joe biden and kamala harris talk about building back better. this is not about going back to normal. this is about the recognition that, for so many people in our country, when it comes to the economy. when it comes to equity. we talk a lot about equity in the biden-harris administration. that, even before the pandemic,
11:33 pm
they were behind the eight ball, if you will. and so, these, specific plans are designed to speak to, not only what has been happening over the last year given covid-19 and the crisis that the country is experiencing but, truly, getting to the root of many of the issues, the systemic issues that covid's merely shone a light on, if you will, and peeled back the cover. so, yes, racism is a part of addressing that. the economic plan is a part of addressing that. talking about equity. speaking truth to the experiences of people of color in this country. and i have to tell you, don, the vice p president and vice president truly believe there is something to be done here. and that americans have to come together. and despite what we may see, sometimes, from folks in washington, d.c. it is happening across the country. >> okay. there is a lot i want to get to. but let -- let's get this behind us, and then i can talk to you about this sort of transformational government that -- that -- that -- that
11:34 pm
it -- that the biden administration's saying that it is building. i want to know, though. what -- what did -- what did you think, when you heard senator tim scott accusing the president and the vice president you serve and democrats of pulling the country further apart? >> well, don, to be clear, i was focused on one speech last night. and that was the president's joint address. which was amazing, by the way. let me just tell you this. and again, the president spoke to this today. the vice president. we have to look at what is happening around america. and across our country, what we are seeing is that folks are coming together. i've heard the vice president say this often and i will share it with you here tonight, don. you know, when someone is driving down the street and they hit a pothole and they damage their car. they don't care who -- if the person or the entity that is going to help fix that pothole is a democrat, republican, or independent. they care about if the folks who have been elected, the people who represent them. the -- the folks who say they
11:35 pm
are here to serve, and work for the people, are going to do their jobs and get things done for american families. and so, the president believes, the vice president believes, that there is -- there is, yes, room and space for -- i'm not even going to say bipartisanship because these are nonpartisan issues that we are talking about. we are talking about things, like voting rights. when -- when the president and vice president are discussing voting rights. they are not talking about voting just for one subset of people in america. this is about defending access to the ballot box for all americans. when they are talking about investing in the economy, this is not investing in the economy for some people. this is about american families across the board. middle-class families. so, there is broad support across the board, or across the country, urban and rural, don. and that is why the president, vice president, first lady, second gentleman, and cabinet officials will be flanking out across the country over the next couple of days on the
11:36 pm
getting-america-back-on-track tour. talking about these bold investments, this plan the president has put forth for the american families. >> okay. so, i'm glad you answered that, because when he said pulling the country further apart and the reason i thought it was important to ask that question is, because there was no one -- no administration, that i have -- since i have been alive, that has been more divisive for the country than the former administration. and to hear a member of the republican party. the party that supported insurrectionists and very fine people, on both sides. and, you know, grab 'em by the p. and i prefer heroes -- not capture. this president, who is trying to help the american people, is dividing the country. to me, i -- i don't understand the rationale or the logic there. but let's talk about what -- what i said earlier. >> and, don, i mean, to be clear, the facts bore out that it's just simply not true. joe biden has been very clear that he, not only wants to work
11:37 pm
across the aisle, work with folks of -- of -- that are not of his party. that he is going to govern as an american president, that he and vice president harris are going to govern as americans. they've been clear they have invited folks to the white house. the president and vice president are picking up the phone, making phone calls. i have, personally, traveled with the vice president and seen republican mayors, governors. today, she was in maryland with governor larry hogan of maryland, along with senator chris van hollen and dr. fauci. so, i just think that we have to remember that the american -- we have to stay focused on the american people. and that's what the president and vice president challenge us to do every single day from the white house. >> let me put this up to help buttress your point. if we can just put it up, before symone leaves here. this is a cnn poll that's out today. most americans, 71%, want president biden to work across the aisle. and yet, not many americans, only 38%, say it's very or
11:38 pm
somewhat likely that we will see bipartisanship on major legislation. 60% say that it is not too likely or not at all likely. but, 71% say that they want him to work across the aisle. and it seems like he is working across the aisle. but working across the aisle, with the american people. and not necessarily for the people in d.c., who are trying to block the agenda. thank you, symone. i appreciate it. >> thank you, don. >> thank you. thank you. so, he is the first to speak out. one of the jurors who found derek chauvin guilty in the murder of george floyd tells us what it was like to make that decision. that's next. ♪ “you were always on my mind” by willie nelson ♪ ♪ ♪ we're delivering for the earth. by investing in more electric vehicles, reusable packaging, and carbon capture research. making earth our priority. thought i'd seen it all.
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voice remote and watch for free all right. we're back now. so let's talk about the families of victims of police violence on capitol hill today pushing lawmakers to pass police reforms. congress facing pressure to act after a year that we saw historic protests for racial
11:43 pm
justice sparked by the killing of george floyd in police custody. the now-convicted, ex-officer derek chauvin, set to be sentenced, by the way, on june 25th. after being found guilty on all-three counts in the death of george floyd. joining me now is brandon mitchell. he was one of the jurors in the derek chauvin trial and the first to speak out. and we are so happy to have you here. thank you so much, brandon. i appreciate you joining us. >> thanks for having me, don. >> can you, please, take us inside what it was like to be a juror, in this case? to watch that video? hear all that evidence? know that this huge decision would be up to you, with the whole country watching? how was that? >> i mean, it's stressful being in there every day. the whole country was watching. that -- that wasn't too much pressure. i think that part was fine. but just being in there every day was just stressful, draining, mentally and emotionally. >> you told cnn that there were
11:44 pm
times that you felt like that you couldn't keep serving, as a juror. i found that fascinating. but you got through it by telling yourself, quote, if i'm not here, who -- who will be here for us? meaning, us, the black man, right? what responsibility -- >> absolutely. >> -- do you feel being a juror on this case? because i think you said you called your mom and said, mom, i don't know if i can make it today. or either, you thought about your mother and what she would think about it. but what -- why did you feel being a juror, in this case, was so important? >> i just feel like, as -- as an african-american male, i empathize with george floyd and his family. i see myself within them. and i feel like, if i wasn't there, to be a representative for the black community, for -- as an african-american man, as a guy of a larger stature, who is going to be there to represent us? i feel like conversations can go
11:45 pm
either way if that person representing is not there. and yeah, i had a weekend where i wanted -- i wanted to quit. i wanted to quit. and i was seconds away from calling my mom and telling her that i'm -- i'm -- there's no way i can make it in to do this jury duty on monday because i was just that much, emotionally broken. from just -- from seeing somebody, similar to me, die on -- die over and over again. as i've been saying. >> so, you know, i said to take us -- what was it like? was it contentious? did you guys -- was it tough for you for -- to make a decision? or did you have all the evidence? and did you basically say, look, we -- we know what's going on here? walk us through that. >> yeah. i don't -- i don't -- i don't think the -- there's any contention or there was any, like, arguing or anything like that. i thought we, all, walked in, somewhat, on the same page. once we understood all the
11:46 pm
terminology being used within the judge's instructions, we were pretty much all on the same page in terms of this -- this is a murder. there wasn't much to discuss. we went over the evidence, a little bit more. everybody spoke their mind, and we were all, for sure, like, this -- this is what it is. >> was there something -- was there a moment, in the trial, or -- that -- any witness or with anyone where it just sort of sealed the deal right there? >> absolutely. so, for me -- for me, and i think most of the jurors, i thought dr. tobin really captured our attention. i thought the way he spoke just was so capturing. and it just was so -- was so scientific but elementary. that everybody understood it. everybody wanted to take notes on it. and everybody was locked in, and hanging on to every word that he was saying. and -- and i thought we used that a lot in the deliberation room, in terms of coming to our verdict. >> he was -- i just -- he was a pulmonary expert, who pinpointed for the world, the moment when
11:47 pm
the life left george floyd's eyes and brandon's saying that was pivotal for him and he thought it was pivotal for the rest of the jury. before the trial was over, brandon, daunte wright was shot and killed by an officer. you say you were pulled over dozens of times in minneapolis when you were younger and you have a checklist on how to avoid danger in those situations. does policing need to change? >> policing, absolutely, i think, needs to change. for some reason, especially here in minneapolis and the twin cities, whenever you -- you encounter police officer as a young, black man, you are greeted with aggression, instead of some form of compassion or -- or anything else. you are greeted with tons of aggression. that leads to black men being victimized by the police. you know, being abused, being killed. and it just -- and it's been an ongoing thing for years and years and years. where it was normalized for a long time.
11:48 pm
it was normalized for many years. and now that camera phones are a thing, it's being caught on video and more and more people are being able to see these things. to -- to kind of spark the change. >> yeah. and i hear a lot of people talk about, well, the, this and that. doesn't happen as much as people say but listen. i have to be honest. if you look at that initial-police report from, you know, minneapolis police, about what happened to george floyd. it -- it reads nothing like the actual incident. and how many times across the country does that happen? so, those stats, i'm not even sure that they are even true, when it comes to how many people are actually killed or shot or harassed by police officers in this country. brandon, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. you, be well. >> yes, thank you so much for having me today, don. >> and you tell your mom and grandmother i said hello because i know they watch. >> they're going to love that. >> thanks a lot. so, red meat. why the house-minority leader is
11:49 pm
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take this. house minority leader kevin mccarthy repeating the debunked lie that president biden wants to limit how much meat americans eat. he said it on the fox propaganda network. >> it's trillions and trillions of dollars that get us nowhere. we've been down this road. it's called solyndra. why double down on stupid? >> he just continues. he wants control of your life.
11:54 pm
he's going to control how much meat you can eat. can you imagine that? >> that's a good question. why double down on stupid? because does the minority leader not have someone in his office telling him what president biden actually supports when it comes to the climate crisis? it was only monday when numerous media outlets, including cnn, debunked the viral false claim that biden wants to restrict how much red meat people are allowed to eat. one fox anchor even corrected it on-air. >> on friday we told you about a study from the university of michigan to give some perspective on president biden's ambitious climate change goals. that research from 2020 found that cutting back how much red meat people eat would have a drastic impact on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. the data was accurate, but a graphic and a script incorrectly implied that it was part of biden's plan for dealing with
11:55 pm
climate change. that is not the case. >> yeah, not the case. never was the case. but now the lie is out there as so many of them are. that's why i say post-truth world, the society that we live in. even after the correction, it's still being peddled by the most powerful republican in the house. if mccarthy wants to push back on biden's real policies, he should just go for it. yet here he is trying to make a political play over the fake ones. like i say far too often, don't fall for the okeydoke. we have breaking news tonight. the question is, is there a confession letter? "the daily beast" says congressman matt gaetz's wingman wrote one. stay with us. g it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass.
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breaking news on the investigation of congressman matt gaetz. "the daily beast" is reporting that the congressman's friend and wingman wrote a confession letter saying both he and the congressman paid for sex with several women and a 17-year-old girl. the congressman's spokesperson denying that tonight to cnn. we're going to have much, much more on that in just a moment. that as the president, joe biden, is marking 100 days in office on the road in georgia, promoting his multi-trillion dollar package of plans for jobs, infrastructure, and american families, calling his ambitious ideas a once-in-a-generation investment in america. tomorrow he heads to


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