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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. breaking news on the investigation of congressman matt gaetz. the daily beast is reporting the congressman's friend and wing man wrote a confession letter saying both he and the congressman paid for sex with several women and a 17-year-old girl. the congressman's spokes person
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denying that tonight to on cnn. joe biden is marking 100 days in office and promoting a plan for jobs and infrastructure and american families and calling his ambitious ideas once in a generation investment in america. tomorrow he heads to pennsylvania. saying today he sdnts believe the american people are racist and rudy giuliani slamming the raid and seizure by federal officials of electronic devices from his home and office. tonight, in a tv interview, claiming the warrant was legally and denying he did anything wrong. there is a lot to discuss now. senior political analyst joins me and also a political commentator amanda carpenter. good to have you both on. i got the 18 tonight. good evening. start with the daily beast reporting.
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the letter was part of the joel greenberg's attempt to get a presidential pardon from trump with the help of roger stone. we reached out. i got to say all of this stuff right so we can be responsible here. we reached out to greenberg's attorney. he said no comment citing attorney/client privilege. this is how matt gaetz responded congressman hasaying the following. okay. so this is getting worse and worse. how much longer can the gop stay silent about this, oomed amanda? >> i think they will stay quiet and let justice run its course. the element of the story i think is interesting, if true is the fact that roger stone was apparently selling pardons after
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he, himself, got a pardon. the fact the people seem to have no reticence about their actions. if it is true that greenberg was fitting 250 dollars in bit coin to get that pardon there is questions for white staffers that go far beyond roger stone there. >> so listen. nia, cnn has not confirmed the letter and cannot confirm the details in the daily beast stories. take a listen to this and we will talk about it, okay? >> let me tell you. this letter is pretty explicit. it states very clearly that joel greenberg got paid by matt gaetz to acquire young women for sex and that they had sex with a teen. this is the first time that we are seeing it word for word explained what exactly they did and the thing that really jumps out at me at this letter is the
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idea he goes, i did see the acts occur first-hand. this is going to be pivotal for prosecutors as they go after matt gaetz. >> so, listen. don't get mad at me about this question, nia, especially with the current state of the republican party. but is there any way for gaetz to survive this politically? >> quite possibly. he has mounted a sort of a trumpian defense in saying that this is all a hoax, they are trying to tear me down, because of what i believe in and what i stand for and that i'm a trumper. so, quite possibly he could have folks in that district who are weighted to that idea that he is under attack by the feds and they could, quite simply, vote him back into office if he runs for re-election next year. you know, his problem is, obviously, the letter, maybe some of this evidence that the feds are clearly looking at him and scrutinizing him and probably have some records to build a case around him.
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but, you know, i mean, it wouldn't surprise me if the republican party, rank and file voter in his district put him back into office. you know down the line, maybe he would have to resign or something. you know, if you think about folks on the hill, they aren't big fans of matt gaetz. i think as amanda say, they are waiting for this to play out in the justice system to see where this lands. but he doesn't have a lot of allies on the hill. i think probably marjorie taylor-greene and a lonely club if that is your only fan. >> jim jordan as well. >> that's right. jim jordan, yeah. >> president biden spoke to nbc news earlier and was asked about senator tim scott's comments that american isn't racist. take a listen. >> no, i don't think the american people are racist. but i think after 400 years, african-americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the 8 ball in terms
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of education, health, in terms of opportunity. i think the overhang from all of the jim crow and before that, slavery, have had a cost and we have to deal with it. >> so, nia, listen. senator scott is trying to get something done with democrats on police reform. but there were a whole lot of other senators -- only one black senator, right? a whole lot of other senators who could have responded to the president's speech last night. do you think republicans putting him forward, is that proof they are not racist? >> well, listen. there have been any number of great non-white hoax that the republican party has kind of put forward over the last many years. somebody like bobby and tim
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scott is the latest iteration of that. we will see what his future is. a lot of speculation maybe he wants to run for higher office. he gave a speech about donald trump at his nominating convention and he is a historic figure. i thought his delivery was great, not terms of the fact. on one hand i said americans is not a racist country and described the things that happened to him. . i think the focus is on biden. a an extraordinary moment in american history to have talk about systemic racism as much as he does and the idea the federal government can move to re-dress some of the historical wrongs that have modern day present day implications. >> amanda, let's talk about mitchell mcconnell. nia just mending about tim scott may be having higher
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aspirations. he is saying -- mitchell mcconnell is saying tim scott is a future of the republican party. okay. this is a party where members were laying out plans for a caucus on anglo-saxon traditions earlier this month and they defended white insurrections but scared if black lives matter protesters stormed the capitol. so what gives here? >> yeah. i mean, this is a problem. until the gop confronts the facts of the insurrection and what led to it, it's going to be donald trump's party, right? that is the power and control that trump has over the party. one of the weirdest parts about tim scott's response when he painted president biden as the divider in chief and just totally ignored what happened in the insurrection. i see a lot of what tim scott was doing in that speech was quite trumpy. when he was coming out and
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saying we are not a racist country, i read that as tim scott jumping straight on into the culture war. listen. you had in that address joe biden composing trillion of new spending and big government plans. fdr transformational government and tim scott dove into the culture war. he had good things to talk about. it was -- for him to dismiss racism when he is working on the police reform bill in the senate. there is a reason why there's so much interest in passing that bill. it's because everyone saw what happened to george floyd and realized, yeah, racism is a problem in the country. and i like joe biden's answer saying, you know, the american people, we are not racist but we do have things to grapple with. that is the exact right tone and when you just look at what tim scott is trying to do he is trying to check too many boxes to still appease that trump base and i don't see that as a future. it's a different person saying the same things. >> well, a different person. again, look.
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let's state the obvious here. why would they pick tim scott? the only black senator to give the response. i'm just saying. let's just be honest. we know why. thank you both. i appreciate it. >> thanks, don. >> it is what it is. joining me now, is amy klobuchar, senator of minnesota. author of a new book. wow! anti-trust. taking on monopoly power from the gilded age to the digital age. i'm so happy. i can't wait to read this book. thank you for joining me and congratulations. >> thank you, don. there is also 100 cartoons so there you go. >> really? good. >> you just go through. a lot of things. trying to make -- one of my goals here was to make it so that people can learn about the history of this in fun ways like the woman who invented the monopoly board was actually
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hated monopolies and then she got kind of sold and it became a pro monopoly game. or the ida tarbell who is a muck breaker who took on standard oil. i tell these stories and make the case we have taken on monopolies in the past in such a big way in this country including the breakup of at&t and standard oil and now it's time to do something again. because we literally are in our own gilded age because of tact but because a lot of other consolidated companies in this country. >> well, there you are. you have talked to us about the book so we got that in. thank you so much! seriously. i can't wait to read it. i read your last book. i had to read it. >> you did? >> i interview you so many times as you were running for president. i feel like i know more about your life than anybody else besides you. let's move on and talk about the issues. >> my husband does. >> yes, you husband knows a lot about you. let's talk about rudy giuliani
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denying all of the wrongdoing and claiming it's all political. but "the washington post" is reporting that he was warned in late 2019 that he was the target of a russian influence operation trying to damage then candidate biden politically. how much trouble -- listen. you were a former prosecutor. am i correct? a former attorney, right? >> yes. >> how much trouble could he be facing? >> you know, one thing i've known from my job in the past is you don't know until all of the facts come out. but they clearly felt that they had enough information to go forward to search his personal information. this may be stemming, of course, from what was going on with a ukraine, and maybe going on with what was going on with russia and his activities. but one thing i found out for the first time just from the news reports is he had been warned about this about how russia was instigating these
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misinformation campaigns against general jb. i thought it was interesting. the fbi periodically tell people because they are warning them not to be tools of a foreign country and basically asking them, okay, if this happens to you, tell us, right? i don't think that sounds like what ended up happening with rudy giuliani. so we don't know until any kind of action is filed, but this is actually quite serious that this has happened. >> local media in your home state of minnesota is reporting that the justice department is planning to charge derek chauvin and three other police officers are civil rights violations connected with george floyd's death. how significant it sthat? >> also significant. we know how horrirific this cri was and a moment of redemption when that verdict was remembered and for those witnesses and those regular people who have been carrying this burden and wishing in their own words that
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they could have done more to save george floyd. when i listen to them tell those stories on the stand, i thought, no, it's on all of us to do more. and the fact that the justice department has now stepped in and as one to examine the practices at the minneapolis police department and, two, this is only news reports, are considering these cases, i think it's really important. and the second thing about this is we need to pass the george floyd justice and policing act and my friend cory booker, who is an incredible leader in the senate, so tim scott is not the only african-american senator. i will point out. and cory has been leading this bill. of course, kamala harris, our vice president, who was incredible up there on the dias for the first moment where joe biden could turn to her and say,
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madam, vice president, she also led this bill when she was in the senate and i'm a cosponsor. cory is working hard with tim scott and house members to get this bill over the finish line. i think that would be true justice. the verdict was accountability. we need true justice. >> i should have said the only black republican senator. >> yeah. i know. i was trying to be nice about correcting you. >> listen. i know you can correct me. i didn't say it right. it came out wrong. so thank you. >> that's okay. i just clarified it for the record. >> thank you, senator. i'm so happy to have you on again. the book is "antitrust taking on monopoly power from the gilded age to the digital age." always a pleasure to have you on and good luck with the book. >> thanks a lot, don. >> giuliani denying any wrong doing after federal authorities seized his home and office and
8:16 pm
seizing electronic devices. i want to bring in the former corruption and fraud prosecutor for the u.s. attorneys office for the southern district of new york. we are so happy to have you back on the program. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, don. glad to be here. >> i want you to listen to how rudy giuliani is defending himself and then we will talk. here it is. >> that warrant is completely illegal. the only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there is some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence. or is going to run away with the evidence. i've had it for two years and i haven't destroyed it. and they also got it from the icloud! so there was no -- there was no justification for that warrant. it is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant. >> what do you think of his defense?
8:17 pm
>> he's wrong, legally wrong. flat out. you get a search warrant by proving to a judge that you have reason to believe, probable cause to believe that there is evidence of crime located at the place you're searching. it has nothing to do with evidence that is going to be destroyed at all. so he's wrong about that. and, you know, i understand why he is putting up that defense because he has got to say something, if i was his lawyer, i would tell him not to say anything, frankly. >> the former lead u.s. attorney at the southern distributct forw york, former mayor of new york to the attorney to the president there must have been a real burden of proof for prosecutors to get a warrant. no? >> you're absolutely right, don. absolutely. there are so many hoops that you have to go through to search an attorney's office or home.
8:18 pm
put aside that giuliani was the attorney general for the former president. a regular attorney. you have to get doj approval. for something like this, they had to go all the way up to the a.g. to merrick garland to get approval. for them for the southern district of new york prosecutors to do that, they really went through a lot of hoops to do that, meaning they had real reason to do it. >> giuliani is a second trump tanner on the wrong end of a search warrant. we all remember the first one michael cohen spent time in jail and ended up cooperating with investigators. this is what he told cnn today. >> guess what? a ton of stuff. i'm certain of it. there is going to be a ton of documentation and rest assured, donald is not happy about this. >> so michael cohen thinks that giuliani is going to cooperate. talk to me about the legal risks for the former president if he does, indeed, cooperate.
8:19 pm
>> it would be devastating. absolutely devastating. if it turns out that rudy giuliani starts to cooperate against anybody, frankly, because that means that he has information that inculpates the people he is cooperating against. you don't get a cooperation agreement with any u.s. attorney's office unless you can help them with the case, unless you can -- unless you have inkulpa torey evidence against someone else and we know that one of the potential targets is former president donald trump. >> yeah. while i have you here, i want to ask you about the daily beast reporting and congressman matt gaetz and friend and ring man joel greenberg wrote a letter saying he and the congressman paid for sex and with a
8:20 pm
17-year-old girl. his spokesperson is denying the allegations. legally, what is this looking like for him? >> you know, don, with this one, it's hard to say. i really cannot comment too much about it, but it's hard to say. >> yeah. we will leave it there. thank you, sir. i appreciate you coming on. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. three men charged by a federal grand jury with hate crimes in connection with the death of ar hmaud arbery. i will talk to his mother next. applebee's irresist-a-bowls all just $8.99.
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three georgia men already facing state murder charges in the death of ahmaud arbery more than a year ago facing federal hate crimes and attempted kidnapping charges as well. the 25-year-old black man was
8:25 pm
out jogging near brunswick, georgia, in february of 2020 when he was chases down and shot to death. joining me is wanda cooper, the mother of ahmaud arbery. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: these are good news for cheesethese charges. are you confident that the system is working and moving forward? >> having seen the news yesterday was assurance that we are working in the right direction to get justice for ahmad. so good news yesterday. >> on the one year anniversary of his death, you filed a wrongful death case. why do you think this case has moved so slowly? >> i would have to say -- i want to say because of covid. we have had covid restrictions and that held back a lot of the court dates and hearings.
8:26 pm
i can say now that everyone is getting vaccinated and i'm hoping to have a court date here soon. >> we were going to get your attorney. do we have the attorney yet? or no? we don't have the attorney. okay. okay. so we were going to have your attorney on. we were just waiting to see if he can join us. let me ask you this as we wait. he may possibly be able to. if not, we will continue on. in addition to federal hate crime charges, the three men are also charged with attempted kidnapping in connection with your son's death. according to prosecutors, they used force and threats of force to interfere with his right to use a public street, specifically because of his race and color. are you satisfied with these charges? or do you want more? >> i'm very satisfied with the doj. they went in and did the investigation and they came out with those indictments, so i'm
8:27 pm
very -- i think i'm pleased about it. >> last week, we saw derek chauvin convicted, the police officer who knelt on george floyd's neck and killed him. i know nothing can bring back your son ahmaud but do you believe we are seeing a reckoning of racial justice in this country? >> i do believe after we got the guilty verdict for george floyd that the courts made the right decisions, the jurors, they went in and found him guilty. i think at some point we are moving in the right direction. hoping to get the same type of verdict in ahmaud's case as well. >> i want to thank you for joining us. i really appreciate it. please keep us updated as to what happens with your son and the people who are charged with his death. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> okay. thanks for having me. >> thank you. multiple black people shot by police since derek chauvin verdict was reached.
8:28 pm
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the biden administration sending urgent shipments of medical supplies to media have the health care system is on the brink of collapsed and overwhelmed by a catastrophic surge of covid cases sweeping the country. cnn is on the ground in india. here is chief international correspondent clarissa ward. >> in new delhi you're not far from heartbreak. almost everybody in the city is visited by grief. at this crematorium the loss weighs heavily in the smoldering air and the dead are piling up.
8:33 pm
there are bodies literally everywhere you turn here. i've honestly never seen anything quite like it. and the organizers say that pre-covid, they might cremate seven or eight people a day. today, alone, they have already cremated 55 bodies and it's not even lunch time. just months ago, india's leadership boasted that the country had effectively defeated covid. now it has set global records for new cases as a terrifying second wave ravages the country. this man says he and his men don't even stop to take breaks. and, still, they can barely cope with the flow. a volunteer here approaches. they have run out of tables for the bodies, he says. then adds that his mother died from covid the night before. you must be tired.
8:34 pm
>> very. this is not for the rest. >> reporter: do you believe the government figures the death tolls, the covid figures that they are giving, or do you think the real figures are much higher? the numbers that you're seeing on television are the numbers of people who are dying in hospitals, he says. they are not factoring into the people who died at home in isolation. if those numbers are added, the actual number will go up by three times. to keep up with those mountsing numbers, the creme atorium is creating an overflow area in a neighboring car park. char is saying good-bye to his 45-year-old younger brother. >> lost tonight. i was thinking his health is improving. but suddenly, the doctor came on my phone that your brother has
8:35 pm
expired. >> reporter: do you think his death could have been prevented? >> yes, i think we can save him if better health. hospital. >> reporter: india's health care system is at a breaking point. unable to cope with the scale of the crisis, it's people left to fend for themselves. this crowd has been waiting for six hours for the chance to get some oxygen. they can't rely on the state. >> we need oxygen! >> my mother. >> your mother? >> reporter: how old is she? >> 47. >> reporter: is her oxygen very low? >> she is getting [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: how many places
8:36 pm
have you been to? >> 19. >> reporter: 19? >> since this morning at 6:16. >> reporter: have you tried taking her to the hospital? >> there are no beds. >> reporter: there are no beds? >> we have tried so much but didn't get anywheres. >> reporter: pre was lucky enough to find her mother a place in a hospital, only to find out there was no oxygen. >> what should i do? i'm so scared what will happen with my mom. >> reporter: are you angry? >> i'm so angry because of [ inaudible ] they even don't care about what public suffering. they don't know -- suffering! so many people! i'm fighting for this thing! >> reporter: her mother is now in critical condition. like many here, she feels completely overwhelmed.
8:37 pm
for those who can't source their own oxygen, this is the only option. a drive-in oxygen center by the side of the road. a woman arrives unconscious in a rick shaw. several hospitals have already turned her away. they simply didn't have the beds. now she is relying on the kindness of strangers. her sons worked desperate to try to revive her. this isn't a hospital or even a clinic. it's a seek temple. but for these people who have already been turned away from so many hospitals, this is their last chance at survival. the leader of the seek charity that runs this facility says it gets no support at all from the
8:38 pm
government. he says he already had covid twice. but he and his volunteers continue to work 24 hours a day. >> we want to save their lives. >> reporter: it must hurt your heart to see the way your people are suffering. >> yes, madam. many times we cry out what is going on. >> reporter: it is impossible to escape the tragedy of this vicious second wave. coronavirus is ravaging the old, but it has not spared india's young. the prime minister has announced that everyone over the age of 18 can get the vaccine. but with less than 2% of the country inoculated, that offers only a distant hope.
8:39 pm
so india's capital continues to burn. suffocated by the rampant spread of this deadly virus. a city and a country brought to its knees, praying for respite. cla rissa ward, cnn, new delhi. >> heart breaking. clarissa, thank you so much. for ways you can help combat india's coronavirus crisis go to on capitol along with others who lost loved ones to laew enforcement, push for police reform, w. kamau bell weighs in next.
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the families of the victims of police violence meeting on capitol hill. first anniversary of floyd's murder is may 25th. we had a guilty verdict in the derek chauvin trial last week but since then three black people have been shot by police. bryant was killed in ohio and brown killed in north carolina and isaiah brown killed in virginia. a lot to discuss here. i'm so glad to have you on. i love having conversations with you, kamau bell. what do you think is the takeaway from the chauvin verdict? >> the takeaway from the chauvin
8:45 pm
verdict is one case in one place in america that there was some measure of justice for his family, for george floyd's family. but it is is not something we should extrapolate we think is a change from the country. the black people who died since then and lost other people i know about. adam toledo who is 13 and mario [ inaudible ] out in california. >> you got a new shades coming out on sunday. in it, you talk to multiple police reform activists who say law enforcement is an inherently racist system. i want you to watch this clip. >> is this moment different as far as like where we are in america and specifically around law enforcement? >> for me, it's just this moment of being a black man in a police uniform and there are some problems, systemic problems. i've been in policing a long time that you know need to be
8:46 pm
rooted out. so up sit in this place where you're like, do i fit in, right? sometimes you even ask the question, do i fit in? i'm a black man before i pow a uni -- put on a uniform. i'm a black man after i take it off. >> how is racism imbedded in the system from the start? >> well, admitting it's racist is part of it. the way you fix this is by going how can we reimagine the policing system in this country it's not built and standing on racism. i talked to dr. nicki jones from cal berkeley that it's based on the ways [ inaudible ] based on the barbados slave code which is how to police people you own. that is the fundamental part of policing and stems from then until now and we have to re-imagine what safety looks
8:47 pm
like. the calls that police kim people over is people going through health crises or mario gonzalez was drunk in a park. you don't need somebody with a gun. you need a social worker or somebody to give him a ride home. >> this is not breaking news. in 1968 is investigated the cause of intercity violence. that was more than 50 years ago. have any of the lessons of that report, do you think that has been put into action? >> no, it hasn't been put into action. lbj rejected all of the findings and by the nixon administration a few years later, the war on drugs started which specifically targeted black and latin folks. we know it didn't make any lessons. that is why i think they don't want to hear about reform because reform got us the war on drugs. reform got a rise in the massive
8:48 pm
incarceration in this country and reform got cops in tanks and militarized gears that we saw on the streets of ferguson. it is about a whole new system and that starts with funding the police. >> i want to get your take on what we heard from senator tim scott last night about this country not being racist. >> no, don't do it to me, don! no! >> why not? listen. he said the original sin isn't the end of the story, it is a story of redemption. what are your thoughts on what he said? i gather from your reaction there. go on. >> i mean, it sounds like a -- poll? i don't know what that was. this country was built on racism. it was built on the genocide on the native americans and slave trade for slaving african people. the country we all live in right now, we all, in some way, are benefiting from that.
8:49 pm
now, obviously, black folks are not benefiting as much as white folks are but we are all sitting on indigenous land stolen by them and build by enslaved africans. the truth. the fact we were enslaved and got our, quote/unquote, freedom we were never restored whole which is why you hear with reparation. until the united states atones on that and makes good on that we are still living in racist country. >> w.kamau bell. never hold your tongue and never a loss to words. i see you, brother. thank you, sir. i'll see you soon, all right? but you can always see him. make sure you tune in. all new season of united shades of america with w.kamau bell premieres this sunday, this kuned, only on cnn. next a semblance of civility between a democrat and a republican. wow. ntle on skin. with secret, outlast anything! no sweat.
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so, before we go, did you see the greeting between president joe biden and gop congresswoman liz cheney? did you see it? well, we are going to show it to you. they fist-bumped last night, as biden was entering the house chamber. cheney fist bumping biden is a no-no to some on the right, like donald trump jr. but she is having none of it tweeting this. i disagree strongly with joe biden's policies but when the president reaches out to greet me in the chamber of the u.s. house of representatives, i will always respond in a civil, respectful, and dignified way.
8:55 pm
we're different-political parties. we're not sworn enemies. we're americans. wow. where's that been? thanks for watching, everyone. our coverage continues. through the dirt. i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at dignity. it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands a better understanding of your glucose levels, so you can enjoy movie night. and knowing your baby is getting the nutrition he needs,
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9:00 pm
republican party and what she thinks of possibly serving in a democratic president's administration. except, what is happening right now, across india, isn't far removed. covid has shown that every move the virus makes is potentially a local story, too, to anyone, everywhere in the world. but interest in this latest horrific, uncontained outbreak, goes beyond the fact that pathogens travel. there is also the larger, human truth that empathy, also, travels. compassion flows forward, outward. along with the tools and initiative to harness it. so right now, with india reporting a record-3,645 new deaths and nearly-380,000 new cases, we begin with a deeply troubling, but badly needed, cnn chief international correspondent, clarissa ward who joins us now from new delhi. clarissa, what have you been seeing? >> anderson, this is truly a terrifying and epi


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