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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 29, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, we are live this morning at the white house, in india, moscow and beijing. this is "early start," i'm laura jarrett. >> good morning, it's thursday morning, i'm christine romans, april 29th. it is 5:00 a.m. exactly in new york. >> after just 100 days, i can report to the nation america is on the move again. >> a government working for the people. in his first address to a joint
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session of congress president biden pushing a sweeping agenda to reshape the u.s. economy to work for the middle class. the president called for higher taxes on the wealthy to help fund family leave, child care, tax credits, health care, preschool, college education and an infrastructure plan he says will put americans back to work. >> american jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint to build america. that's what it is. good guys and women on wall street, but wall street didn't build this country, the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. we have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works and we can deliver for our people. >> it was a historic night in other ways as well. for the very first time the president flanked by two women at a joint address. the vice president and speaker of the house behind him there. cnn's jeremy diamond is live at the white house for us this morning. jeremy, good morning to you.
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take us through the president's speech. what stood out to you. >> well, listen, laura, president biden last night first of all starting off by touting the progress that he believes has been achieved under his presidency in his first 100 days. talking about the coronavirus pandemic, the speed of the rollout of vaccinations that has been achieved in this country where we now stand about 55% of adult americans have now gotten their coronavirus vaccine and the president certainly not shying away from touting that success. even as he also talked about the fact that there is still a long road ahead. but really what the president was doing last night beyond looking and touting what he has accomplished in his first 100 days, was laying out this sweeping, very, very ambitious agenda full of a trillion dollars of spending for the future. the president talking about this need to build back better a theme of his presidential campaign that he has taken with him in office. the president talking in particular about this american families plan, a $1.8 trillion program to invest in american
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health care, child care, universal pre-k, all of it funded by increasing taxes on the wealthiest of americans. and the president certainly making the case for that last night. what was so important to note in the president's speech last night was the fact that the president when he was talking about these investments, which all together when you add up the coronavirus relief bill, the american jobs plan, which is that infrastructure and jobs proposal and this american families plan, this is nearly $6 trillion in spending that the president is talking about, but he says it's a necessity not only for what it can deliver for the united states here but also in terms of global competitiveness and the need to prove that democracy works. listen. >> can our democracy overcome the lies, anger, hate and fears that have pulled us apart? america's adversaries, the autocrats of the world are betting we can't and i promise you they're betting we can't. they believe we are too full of
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anger and division and rage. they look at the images of the mob that assaulted the capitol as proof that the sun is setting on american democracy. but they're wrong. you know it, i know it. but we have to prove them wrong. >> reporter: and there's no question there that the president hammering those lines home towards the end of his speech as he really tried to make this argument that, yes, he is talking about a bigger role for government, but he isn't doing it in a vacuum, he's doing it in the context of what is happening around the world and the rise of autocracies like china. look, finally, you noted, laura, that a lot of things look different. first of all, there was the first woman vice president, the first speaker of the house sitting behind the president of the united states, the president noting that moment at the very top of the speech. and there was also, of course, the coronavirus pandemic looming over it all, just 200 lawmakers allowed into the chamber, socially distanced, far fewer than the more than 1,000 that
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you typically see on big nights like this. >> in addition the president covered a lot of other ground here. he said the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland is that terrorism from white supremacy. he reached tout to trans youth, he said he has their back as legislatures are passing laws to try to roll back their rights. some topics didn't get a lot of attention, the speech was light on climate change and very little about the situation, the crisis at the southern border. take us inside, what are you hearing from sources about why some things made the cut and others didn't? >> reporter: well, listen, this is always how state of the unions -- or address toss joint sessions of congress like it was last night go. this is enormous hashing out behind the scenes in terms of what will ultimately make it in the speech and that will not. this is prime real estate and, in fact, white house officials who work on different policy areas, they are always vying to get their issues front and center in one of these speeches. even a mention of something as he did when talking about trans
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youth, for example, can be mome momentous, can send a signal about the kinds of things that the president cares about. so there was certainly a lot of that going on behind the scenes and i also think it's notable to look at the other issues that the president was talking about in terms of his legislative agenda. the president was not only focused on these big multi-trillion dollar proposals, of course, that is the top of his agenda list, but he was also talking about police reform, he was also talking about gun reform, issues that of course are a lot thornier, a lot more difficult to get through, but the president did express some optimism, for example, on the police reform front, saying that he knows that there are these bipartisan negotiations happening on capitol hill and he certainly hopes that they can pass that legislation in time for the anniversary of george floyd's death on may 25th. >> all right. jeremy diamond at the white house for us. thank you so much. appreciate it. senator tim scott gave the republican rebuttal. the only black republican in the senate, talking a tightrope between trump's gop and his own
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effort to seal a bipartisan deal for policing reform. scott said the president promised to unite the nation but claimed that three months in the president and his party are pulling americans further and further apart and scott defended republican efforts that make it harder to vote. >> hear me clearly. america is not a racist country and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. i'm an african-american who has voted in the south my entire life. i take voting rights personally. republicans support making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. >> senator scott also tried to claim that covid was already on the run to use his words when biden came into office, crediting operation warped speed and the trump administration for flooding the country with safe and effective vaccines, to say nothing of the hundreds of
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thousands who have died. suffice to say operation warped speed of course helped develop the vaccines but flooding the country with them, well, that was the biden administration. a major escalation in the federal investigation into rudy giuliani. agents raided the former mayor's new york home and office wednesday, part of the probe into his lobbying of foreign governments. executing a search warrant on an attorney in a case like this is rare and would have required authorization at the very highest levels of justice department. >> that's certainly true. a green light that didn't come until giuliani's client, donald trump, and attorney general bill barr were out of the picture. meantime, giuliani faces legal trouble on a number of other fronts as well including a civil lawsuit by dom i don't know voting systems, possible charges in georgia relate to peddling lies about the election and of course his role in inciting trump supporters who stormed the u.s. capitol. what's next for trump's former attorney? cnn's paula reid reports on this
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from washington. >> reporter: good morning. i actually spoke with an attorney for mr. giuliani who described for me exactly what was in this search warrant that was executed at his client's house on wednesday. in this search warrant investigators confirmed that this is related to an investigation into possible foreign lobbying violations. now, if you work or you advocate on behalf of a foreign government you have to file that with the justice department. now, we're also learning that giuliani's electronic devices were seized by investigators and that the warrant specifically stated they were interested in communications he had with specific individuals including a man named john solomon, he is a columnist who wrote extensively about ukraine in the months leading up to the election. again, incredibly unusual to serve this kind of warrant on a lawyer, especially one who has represented a former president of the united states. a significant turn in this ongoing investigation looking
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into whether rudy giuliani was lobbying on behalf of officials in ukraine while also representing president trump and also trying to pressure people in ukraine to dig up dirt or announce an investigation into the bidens. we have actually learned that rudy giuliani was not the only lawyer who received a visit from investigators wednesday. we learned that another lawyer who used to represent the former president trump, victoria toensing, she also got a visit early wednesday from federal investigators, they issued a warrant that we are told is also related to this new york foreign lobbying investigation and they seized her cellphone. now, a spokesman -- a spokesman for ms. toensing said she would have been happy to turn over any relevant documents, all they had to do is ask. the spokesman also said that ms. toensing is not a target of the investigation and that she was told that. but, again, incredibly significant to serve warrants like this early in the morning
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on attorneys. there are usually concerns that if you execute search warrants on attorneys you could potentially be taking some sort of confidential client communications. so this is something that absolutely would have had to have been approved at the highest levels of the justice department, likely by the deputy attorney general of the united states. until recently until seven or eight days ago we had an acting deputy attorney general and lisa monaco was just confirmed, but it likely would have had to go to that level to execute these kinds of warrants in a case like this. christine, laura? >> just fascinating. paula reid, thank you so much for that. so a major american city is on the verge of throwing out thousands of covid vaccines if they are not used by today. you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer?
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last night the president struck an optimistic note on covid and the good news is deaths are down, significantly. the seven-day average has not been this low since last july. hospitalizations usually a predictor of trouble to come, also ticking down nationwide. here is the thing, the vaccine rollout is hit ago wall. the weekly average of people getting shots is down more than 20% in two weeks. meantime, some cities are racing to get shots in arms before they have to throw the vaccine away. "early start" has the pandemic covered coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm brynn gingras. there is a strong push to get people vaccinated in philadelphia as thousands of doses are set to expire. health officials there are reminding people there is no wait, there are no lines, you don't need health insurance and you also don't need an identification and, oh, if you get the shots, you will be fully vaccinated by the summer. demand in philadelphia has dropped, similar to the trend that we are seeing all across
2:17 am
the country, but there is a race right now to get doses that are set to expire on thursday into people's arms. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge in atlanta. two of atlanta's professional sports teams, the braves and atlanta united say they're returning to pre-pandemic seating levels next month. starting may 7th the braves saying they will increase their fan capacity to 100%, about 41,000 seats when they play the philadelphia phillies. atlanta united are going to 100% of a typical soccer configuration at mercedes-benz stadium with a match against montreal. both teams went to 50% capacity last week. >> reporter: i'm jacqueline howard in atlanta. a new cdc study shows more evidence that the pfizer and moderna vaccines really do work. they cut the risk of being hospitalized for covid-19 in the real world among older adults. data showed that being fully vaccinated was tied to a 94%
2:18 am
reduced risk of hospitalization and being partially vaccinated so only receiving the first dose of a vaccine was died to a 64% reduced risk of hospitalization. >> translator: i'm alexandra field in new york where governor andrew cuomo has announced the next step forwards easing restrictions. the state planning to lift the midnight curfew on restaurants and bars. that goes into effect next month, may 17th, for outdoor dining, may 31st for indoor dining and you can sit at a bar starting on may 3rd. >> translator: i'm nick watt in los angeles where the doors of disneyland in anaheim are open again for the first time in more than a year. closed of course back in march 2020 due to covid-19. a soft opening tuesday, just cast members, that's what they call employees, and guests. friday the park opens as does california adventure almost for
2:19 am
real, 25% capacity and open for now only to residents of california. >> thank you to our reporters for those. after the worst year since the great depression for main street signs of an american come back. economists forecast the economy grew 6.1% during the first quarter. before the pandemic hit gdp grew an average of 2.5% per quarter after the covid collapse the economy is now clearly recovering. there is still a lot of work to do, though. the federal reserve left interest rates at near zero wednesday and reiterated it is not worried about inflation. >> the economy is a long way from our goals and it is likely to take some time for substantial further progress to be achieved. our guidance for interest rates and asset purchases ties the path of the federal funds rate and the size of the balance sheet to our employment and inflation goals. >> jerome powell also said the economy cannot fully recover until people feel confident
2:20 am
going back to activities involving crowds of people. the vaccine rollout, reopenings and stimulus have pushed confidence higher. a poll showed a majority of americans 54% say economic conditions are good for the first time during the pandemic. the recovery has been uneven. millions of families hurting financial alleys and the jobs market still crawling out of a deep hole, still down about 8 million jobs in this covid collapse, laura. a jarring picture out of russia this morning, the first public appearance of alexei navalny since his hunger strike. what he and his wife said to each other at court. cnn is live in moscow. what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet. instead of burning our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change.
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disturbing new video just released by the justice department it shows rioters spraying capitol police officers including brian sicknick with pepper spray on january ofth. sicknick is the officer pointed out by a green arrow which has previously been shown only in federal court. sicknick and other officers are trying to stop rioters from pulling metal barricades away from a police line. >> you can see the arrows there. after the spray is used sicknick is keeled over at one point, rubbing his face. prosecutors have charged julian cater and another man with multiple felonies in this case. some medical experts say strokes can be brought on by stress like this riot. the two men have pleaded not guilty. in north carolina protesters left disappointed after a judge ruled against the release of police body camera footage showing the moment they shot
2:26 am
andrew brown jr. now, the judge will allow brown's immediate family and one of their lawyers to watch, but the deputies' faces and badge numbers must be blurred. >> the judge may release the video after 30 days, the plan is to reassess once the investigation moves further along. the family attorney claims the 20 seconds of video they did see proves brown was driving away from officers but the local district attorney disputing that claim saying brown made contact with the sheriff's deputies twice with his car. one sheriff's deputy killed another wounded in a standoff near boone, north carolina. they say they went to the home for a wellness check after the resident didn't show up for work or answer the phone. the suspect has been barricaded inside occasionally firing in the direction of officers. the justice department charging three white men with hate crimes in the death of ahmaud arbery, the man shot while jogging last year. the suspects gregory mcmichael, his son travis mcmichael and
2:27 am
william bryant were charged with interfering with arbery's right to use a public street because he was black and one count of attempted kidnapping. the mcmichaels face a gun charge in the case. arbery's mom said the indictment is one step closer to justice. join w kamau bell for united shaves of america. he travels the country to talk to people about covid-19, black lives matter and so much more. sunday night at 10:00 only on cnn.
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about half past the hour here in new york. well, shots, checks and jobs. in his first address to a joint session of congress president biden bucking a decades long trend in both parties towards a smaller, less interventionist washington. instead he's pushing sweeping changes to close the wealth gap and improve americans' lives, including arguing for higher taxes on the rich. with his $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill already done he's now pressing for $4 trillion more in new spending. president biden pitching most of his proposals with a common refrain, jobs, jobs and more jobs. >> i like to meet those who have ideas that are different, they think are better. i welcome those ideas. but the rest of the world is not waiting for us. i just want to be clear. from my perspective doing nothing is not an option. >> it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in "washington post"
2:33 am
machine columnist catherine reco rempell. underpinning all of this is this biden philosophy that he wants to tilt the scales back towards working families and american workers and have companies and the rich pay for it. listen. >> i'm not look to go punish anybody, but i will not add a tax burden, additional tax burden, to the middle class in this country. they're already paying enough. my fellow americans, trickle down, trickle down economics has never worked and it's time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out. >> and you see it in so many of his proposals. really if all of this happens, catherine, it would be a remaking of sort of how we think about supporting working families, especially with that child tax credit, if that became permanent, community college, universal child care. universal pre-k.
2:34 am
there's so much in here. >> yes. one of the things that americans learned in the paths year is that in a time of a major crisis or personal financial stress it is helpful to have not only a competent federal government but one that provides a row best safety net and recent polls have shown that americans are not only more tolerant of a bigger government a thing that used to sound scary but they are enthusiastic about it. that's what biden is counting on, that he can make the case for a more robust social safety net, investment in things like child care, paid leave, greater access to higher education, et cetera. even though they will be costly americans will support t those kinds of ideas, because it will help make their lives better. >> so, catherine, the big trump tax cuts of 2017 as the president points out were supposed to pay for themselves, but instead big business, huge benefits, the wealth gap expanded and the deficit
2:35 am
ballooned and nary a word from republicans. all of a sudden the gop is worried about big spending. that doesn't seem plausible to me. >> it's like clockwork, a democrat reenters the white house and suddenly republicans pretend to care about deficits again. it's worth remembering of course that not only did republicans inflate deficits through their massive tax cuts as you just mentioned but also through additional spending. under trump the federal spending time of the ledger also went up by some 2 or 3 trillion dollars even before covid. i'm not sure that they have much of a leg to stand on here when it comes to these proposed expansions of the federal safety net and investments in things like infrastructure, particularly since biden is proposing to pay for at least some of them. >> it feels like there is a moment here, right? you have a generational health crisis, the correlating economic melt down, biden wants to fix all of this at once. he keeps suggesting that these investments at home, you know,
2:36 am
infrastructure, health care, child care, they are a way to fend off competition from the rest of the world. can he do both at the same time? >> that's certainly the argument that he's making, right, that if we invest in american human capital, that is, educating our workforce, making it easier for people to hold down good paying jobs because they have child care, because they have access to paid leave, because their roads can get them to work more smoothly and more quickly, all of those things will make the united states more productive and more competitive. republicans have argued that the paid force matters here as well and if you raise the corporate tax rate that makes the united states less competitive because it's a less attractive place for businesses to locate. now, if you look at the comments of former president trump's own chief economic adviser, gary cohn, he said a year ago he was okay, in fact, with the level of the corporate tax rate that biden was proposing. it's a delicate balance, it does
2:37 am
look like the kinds of things that biden is proposing have the ability to make the united states more competitive, particularly if the paid for's don't lay on our competitive landscape as well but the devil is in the details here. it matters how, you know, efficiently these programs are executed. >> can i just say something about the corporate tax rate. when we were talking about that tax reform, laura has heard me go on about this so many times, companies were saying 25% would be what we would like, get rid of all of the loopholes, the 25% corporate tax rate and they got 21% and literally didn't know what to do with all the extra money, they had to give it back to shareholders. >> exactly, which is part of the reason why the proposed corporate tax hike at the very least doesn't seem like it's something that's going to cause the economic armageddon that republicans are scare mongering about. >> so nice to see you this morning. thank you for getting up early for us. >> thanks, catherine. more evidence of how disastrous the pandemic has been for women. globally women lost at least
2:38 am
$800 billion in income last year. $800 billion. that's more than the combined gdp of 98 countries according to a report from oxfam international. another reminder that the coronavirus recession was a shecession, millions of women worldwide have been disproportionately affected by job losses and many left the labor force to take care of children, education and elder care from home. women account for more than 64 million lobs lost last year, 5% of jobs held by all women compared to a 3.9% loss for men. the pandemic has only amplified gender inequalities and could make the gender pay gap even worse. as the world battles the pandemic the contrasts are stark here. the countries like the u.s., the united kingdom newly vaccinated people hugged their loved ones after a long time apart n other places distraught families count their dead. india reported record numbers of cases and deaths again
2:39 am
overnight. experts fear the true case count in a country with such a low rate of surveillance could be up to 30 times higher thn we know meaning more than half a billion infections. some of this is going to be hard to watch. cnn's sam kiley is on the ground for us in delhi. sam, what are you seeing? >> reporter: laura, i'm in the crematorium where there is a queue of people waiting for their last rights, to be burned and continue with their journey in the hindu tradition. these are all victims of the covid pandemic. this crematorium reckons its dealing with about 150 a day. this is one of several crematoriums in the city, people have been turning up in taxis, with their dead relatives, in ambulances, in personal private cars and the crematorium is having to order in extra wood
2:40 am
and create this queueing system. you actually get a number here like you would waiting to be seen in a bank, but this is not the anti-sector environment of a financial house, this is literally a house for burning victims of india's pandemic. now, the pandemic has been for much of this year something that indians thought that they had bypassed, indeed, narendra modi the prime minister of the country pretty much announced earlier this year that they had beaten the pandemic. for that reason they have been behind the curve in terms of vaccinations, behind the curve in terms of social isolation. they've been campaigning, many members of the bjp the main party here have been campaigning creating effectively superspreader events and at the same time massive hindu festivals on the began geez have been conducted with millions of
2:41 am
people plunging into the holy river and, again, in what can only be explained as superspreader events. this is a country that has a space program, that is the center of i.t. technology and innovation but has failed to get to grips with a catastrophic second wave in this pandemic as is so visible here. each one of these piles represents somebody who has been killed by this pandemic, the people who run this institution are not used to anything like the numbers here, indeed, they have had to expand. if you look into the middle distance here just the other side of the wall here there's been an extension created to this crematorium with i will tell you at least a dozen burnings going on simultaneously. others waiting to be put on the pile and all of these fires now burning late into the night.
2:42 am
breaking with normal tradition here as this capital city struggles, laura, to cope with the consequences of effectively a public's health system being catastrophically overwhelmed. the official figures for india are relatively low in terms of deaths and infections compared to the 1.4 million people that live in the country, but there are estimates that these figures could be out by factors of 20% or 30% even if they are out by 100% they are probably woeful underestimates. the real issue here is that the public health system is being overwhelmed. laura? >> you look at a scene like that and you just can tell this is just an unmitigated disaster. sam, thank you. overnight the white house announced more than $100 million worth of supplies to get to india. can't get there soon need needless to say. sam, thank you again. competition with the rest of the world not each other. how the president is taking on china. cnn live in beijing. it's the mother's day sale.
2:43 am
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navalny back in a russian courtroom this morning after nearly dying from a hunger strike. frederik pleitgen is outside the courthouse in moscow with the latest. i'm looking at that still photo of him from that court appearance. he looks gaunt, but he has stopped his hunger strike, yeah? >> reporter: he's stopped his hunger strike but he's clearly still recovering from it and certainly he seems to be in a somewhat weakened state. i mean, looking at him sitting there his head shaved, wearing a prison uniform, a black prison uniform, he is obviously on video link coming there from the prison. so certainly he says that he still is quite weak. says he currently weigh about 140 pounds. that's at 6'3", 6'4". clearly still very much -- very thin from that hunger strike.
2:48 am
he told the court that he's currently only eating about five tablespoons of porridge a day. this is an appeals hearing for a defamation case against him, but really the big news here in russia and around the world will be seeing alexei navalny for the first time since he survived that hunger strike. there was one interesting private anecdote because alexei navalny's wife is actually inside the courtroom here, at some point he asked her to get up and take off her mask so he could see her. obviously he hasn't seen her in a very long time. that was an interesting emotional moment here n general you can really feel how the russian state continues to go after alexei navalny and his movement on this day as well by the way, christine, alexei navalny's headquarters has announced that they are disbanding all of their regional headquarters after being ordered to suspend operations by the russian state as well. so really like almost like led the russian state falling on alexei navalny's movement and trying to quell much him. he is certainly looking like he has a long way to go until he will be 100% again.
2:49 am
president biden sending a signal to the world and specifically china's xi jinping that perceptions of america's decline are mistaken. >> he's deadly earnest while becoming the most significant consequential nation in the world. he and others, autocrats, think that democracy can't compete in the 21st century. with autocracies it takes to think to get consensus. there is no reason why the blades for wind turbines can't be built in pittsburgh instead of beijing. no reason. >> that pittsburgh comparison there with the president trying to recast trumpism to his own benefit. cnn's steven jiang is live in beijing for us. good morning to you. the president says america is back, query whether china feels that way. >> reporter: you know, the
2:50 am
chinese are certainly not happy about what he said, the foreign ministry has responded calling his speech basically a reflection of america's sour grapes mentality, saying washington's china policy is based on cold war psychology and ideological bias. you hit the nail on the head in terms of why biden framed china the way he did in his chargely domestically focused speech. he and his team actually agreed with trump when he assessed china is a strategic competitor of the u.s. what they disagreed was the approach to address this problem, especially the scorching the earth tactics we saw towards the end of trump's tenure. biden and his team says america needs to compete with china from a position of strength. that's why you heard the president stress the importance and urgency of investing in research and development in infrastructure and education, because these are the areas that chinese have not only caught up but also in many cases surpassed the u.s. so biden obviously was trying to reach out across the political aisle during his speech.
2:51 am
that's why china is being one of the rare bipartisan consensus now in washington. so his message to the republicans is if you want to get tough on china, if you want to see the u.s. gain the upper hand in this competition with china, you endorse my agenda and pass my bill. now, obviously even when he says he wants competition not conflict, it's increasingly clear that the world's two most powerful nations have been increasingly clark views about themselves, each other and where the world is headed. laura? >> thanks so much. let's take a look at markets around the world. asian shares have closed for thursday trading and closed higher, european markets have opened mixed this morning on wall street stock index futures leaning higher after a down day yesterday. stocks closed lower wednesday after the fed kept interest rates near zero, dow down 164, s&p and nasdaq also lower. key information on how strongly the american economy is coming back, first quarter gdp expected to potentially match the best of
2:52 am
the clinton years or maybe even be the best we've seen since the '80s, weekly jobless claims are expected to hit a new pandemic low. a great quarter for apple, thanks to the iphone, apple reported revenue of neither $90 billion and a profit of $23 billion. iphone sales jumped 65% over the same quarter last year, as shoppers spent big to upgrade to apple's first 5g smart loan lineup as they spent more time inside and on their phones. it's fitness plus program also grew. ford posted strong earnings for the quarter but warned the global chip shortage is hitting the auto industry and will get worse before it gets maker. they say the shortage will likely cut production for the year by a million vehicles. toyota is planning offer a new large electrified suv and will add 1,400 jobs to a plant in indiana to build it. the toyota said the new suv is another step towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. we will be right back. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day?
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework
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is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. the republican war against transgender athletes gaining more speed this morning. in florida that would ban transgender girls from playing on girls public school teams is now headed to the governor's desk. the measure would also allow another student to sue if a school allows a transgender girl to play on the girls team. in west virginia governor jim justice signed a law that bans all transgender athletes in
2:57 am
middle school, high school and college from women's sports. 31 states have introduced similar bills on this. phillies star bryce harper goes to the hospital after being hit in the face with a fast ball. coy wire has this morning's bleacher report. how is he doing? >> he says he's doing okay. we will show you the scary moment that could have been so much worse. we do want to warn you it can be tough to watch. bryce harper leading off in the top of the sixth inning. hit the first pitch, 97 miles per hour. hits harper directly in the face. harper was able to get up and walk off on his own. he went to the hospital to get checked out. he post add video to instagram saying this -- >> everything feels good. everything came back good. ct, all that kind of stuff. so the face is still there. so we're all good. >> things go from bad to worse
2:58 am
for cabrera. his very next hit hitting gregorius in the ribs. that caused the umpires to warn both beverages. that set off the phillies manager, he gets ejected. after the game cabrera did apologize to harper saying that neither pitch was intentional. 50,000 fans will pack cleveland tonight for the nfl draft. a far cry from last year's broadcast from commissioner roger goodell's basement. it is expected to be the biggest crowd at an american sporting event since the pandemic began. i spoke with peter o'reilly, he tells us it's about moving forward and starting to be together with the right protocols in place. >> there's a real opportunity to highlight the importance of vaccinations. so the fans who are closest to the stage in what we call the inner circle, all of them, each club has chosen a set of fans, all of them will be vaccinated and then we will have a vaccinated fan zone behind that with vaccinated fans in there.
2:59 am
all of them still wearing masks, but an opportunity to highlight the experiences that are ahead of us when you do get vaccinated. >> it will be the jacksonville jaguars making the first pick. new head coach urban meyer expected to take trevor lawrence first overall. >> the nfl has been ahead of the game on vaccinating everyone. they have required it, far faster than a lot of other places. it's interesting to see that. >> coy wire, nice to see you. thank you so much, sir. thanks for joining us this morning on "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. brianna keilar live from the nation's capitol on this "new day." president biden tells how he wants to expand the power of the government, but are the plans realistic. plus, new details on the fbi raid of rudy giuliani's home and office, including what was


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