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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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twitter @jaketapper. join me and my team for coverage of president joe biden's first address to a joint session of congress. our special live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. as for now our coverage continues with wolf blitzer. he is right next door in the situation room. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. we're following major developments in the criminal investigation into president trump's former personal lawyer, rudy giuliani. federal agents raiding his new york city home and office as part of the probe into giu giuliani's dealings with ukraine during the time he was working for trump. and there's breaking news coming in. we're also getting the first excerpts from president biden's
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historic first address to a joint session of congress. wee learning it will say america is on move again after the pandemic and the capitol insurrection. he'll also unveil his $1.8 trillion plan for workers, students and families and push lawmakers to act on his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. we'll go one-on-one this hour with a senior advisor to the president, cedric richmond. he'll be standing by live. first let's get the very latest on the extraordinary raids of rudy giuliani's home and office. our senior legal affairs correspondent, paula reed, has been working the story for us. paula, giuliani is now trump's second attorney raided by the fbi. how much trouble potentially, potentially, go jecould giulian be in here? >> potentially a lot of trouble. his attorney described what is in this search warrant and it confirms that this is related into an investigation into possible foreign lobbying violations. if you're working on behalf of a
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foreign entity, you need to disclose that to the justice department. now, we've also learned that several of giuliani's electronic devices were seized and in this warrant, investigators are also looking specifically for communications between giuliani and several other individuals, including columnist john solomon who wrote a lot about ukraine in the weeks and months leading up to the election. this is a very significant turning point in this years-long investigation into giuliani, looking at whether he was lobbying on behalf of officials in ukraine while serving as the president's personal attorney and trying to get officials in ukraine to announce investigations into the former president's political rival, now president biden. but wolf, we've also learned that another one of former president trump's attorneys also had another warrant executed on her this morning. vic
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victoria toensing had investigators show up at her place this morning but her home was not raided. >> we're talking about federal prosecutors obtained a warrant for a lawyer. he's a former mayor, former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, a former federal prosecutor himself. >> absolutely. and both of these attorneys formerly represented a former president of the united states. this is incredibly unusual to serve a warrant like this on a lawyer because there are always concerns about confidential and client communications. something like this would absolutely have to be approved at the highest levels of the justice department, likely by the deputy attorney general of the united states. again, highly unusual to serve a warrant on any lawyer, particularly one who used to represent the president of the united states. at the core of this, it's an
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investigation into foreign lobbying violations. prior to the trump administration that was really just a paperwork crime. so to show up on the door steps, these early morning warrants being executed, highly unusual. >> very unusual indeed. paula, thank you very much. let's get some more on this truly extraordinary development today. senior law enforcement analyst andrew mccabe is with us. he's the author of "the threat, how the fbi protects america in the age of terror and trump." also joining us dave arenberg and jim sciutto. andrew, you're the former deputy director of the fbi. what's your reaction to this news that federal authorities sea searched rudy giuliani's home and office in new york city? >> it's an incredibly serious step, wolf. i can guarantee you that it's one that was not taken without a significant amount of information and discussion conveyed to the highest levels
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of the justice department and i'm sure it had to have the approval of either the current deputy attorney general or the acting. you have the sensitivities of executing a search warrant at a lawyer's home and residence which by definition will sweep up some attorney/client privileged material and i think it's also important to note that one of the sources of information that they are looking for in this warrant concerns communications with a member of the media, john solomon. that also implicates the doj's media policies, which are very protective of media members' communications and things like that. so there's a lot of mine fields for agents to work here. they must have some very good information that they're acting on to get them this far. >> andrew, it's never easy to get a federal search warnrant bt
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it's harder to get one for an attorney for the former president of the united states. >> that's right. everything they sweep up in these warrants will have to first be reviewed by agents and prosecutors who have nothing to do with this investigation, who are only looking for attorney general/client privilege communications. all of that will be sorted out and kept away from the investigative agents and prosecutors to make sure that there's no taint to the prosecution going forward. >> dave arenberg, give us a little bit of your perspective. you know a lot about all of this, about just how big of a deal this is. it would have required sign-off from the top levels of the u.s. justice department with prosecutors and a judge seeing what's called probable cause for a federal crime, right? >> yeah, good evening, wolf. this is a bad day for rudy giuliani and it is a big deal. for prosecutors to get a search warrant, they can't just say they're on a fishing expedition. they can't go on a hunch. they have to have probable cause that a crime has occurred. they have got to show that the
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items that they want are likely to contain evidence of a crime. andrew is right, if it pertains to a lawyer, there's even a higher standard because judges by their nature are less inclined to give out search warrants when it comes to a lawyer because there are issues of confidentiality with their dli clients. if you're a federal prosecutor, you ha you have to get permission from the higher-ups. the reason why this search warrant took so long is that the higher-ups at the department of justice clearly did not want rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer, to be the subject of a search warrant. the lower level, the career prosecutors, would have requested it and it was the political appointees, people working under bill barr and donald trump who said no. but the problem for rudy is that he doesn't have bill barr or donald trump around to protect him anymore. >> that's a huge problem for him. jim, you've done a lot of
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reporting on this. it's essentially, as dave pointed out, a continuation of a federal probe that was launched and not pursued under the trump administration involving giuliani's dealings with ukraine, right? >> that's right. there's the seedy business side to this. whether rudy giuliani was trying to profit off these contacts and not reporting them as required by law. but remember the bigger picture here. why was rudy giuliani going to ukraine? he was going there principally to gather dirt on former president trump's opponent, joe biden, his son, hunter biden. in doing so he was willing to deal with folks who had skin in the game. that is russian-tied ukrainians, folks known to be working for russian intelligence who were part of a deliberate disinformation campaign targeting joe biden and the election much as they targeted hillary clinton in 2016. so the bigger picture here is the president's personal attorney's role, willful role it
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seemed, in a foreign disinformation campaign targeting the 2020 election. so it's about more than seedy business dealings and coming afoul of foreign lobbying law. it's bigger picture here. and his role and the president's encouragement of his work working with folks in ukraine tied with russian intelligence. >> andrew, what exactly do you think investigators are looking for in this raid of giuliani's home and office? we know investigators seized electronic devices. >> well, first and foremost, wolf, they are looking for communication. so those electronic devices will give them access to things like text messages or messages over encrypted communications platforms like whatsapp and signal, things like that. those messages will be dekrcrypd on those devices obviously so mr. jegiuliani could read them.
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they'll also look for other articles, things like contracts or items that mr. giuliani may have received from some of these ukrainian characters or business proposals or evidence of payments, all sorts of things. so you're going to see a very document heavy collection out of these locations and a very clear focus on electronic devices, tablets, phones, computers, and media storage. >> this is a huge, huge development, very significant indeed, guys. thank you very much for that ana analysis. just ahead we're counting down to president biden's first speech to a joint session of congress. we'll talk about it with cedric richmond. he's standing by live. we've got a lot to discuss about this historic night tonight. plus a north carolina judge denies requests by the news media to release body camera video of the deadly police shooting of andrew brown jr. ♪
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now. our chief white house correspondent kaitlin collins is joining us. she's got details. the president, i understand, will talk about the crises, crises, plural, that have gripped this country. >> yeah, wolf, because the pandemic and economic disaster have dominated president biden's first r100 days in office. he does plan to address it according to some excerpts we've seep from the white house but he's trying to reassure the nation. we're told that he plans to say america is on the move again, turning peril into possibility, crisis into opportunity, and setback into strength. >> the president of the united states -- >> reporter: after decades as a senator on capitol hill, tonight joe biden will have a new introduction. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: tonight will also be the first time a president has addressed congress amid a global pandemic. >> i urge all americans, don't
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let us now. >> reporter: unlike previous addresses, only 200 people were invited tonight, and no guests are allowed. justice john roberts will be the only member of the supreme court there. because only two cabinet members will be present, there's no designated survivor. for the first time, two women will appear behind the president as he speaks. vice president harris and house speaker pelosi will create a historical visual, though it's unlikely pelosi will rip up biden's speech like she did former president trump's. officials say biden has spent weeks preparing for this moment. >> this is a really bold proposal, the american families plan. >> reporter: he will unveil the $1.8 trillion plan for workers, students and families, which paired with his $2 trillion infrastructure proposal amounts to $4 trillion in spending. >> we have a once in a generation opportunity right now to seize the moment. >> reporter: biden says he wants
3:17 pm
to reshape the u.s. economy. but republicans and some maude ral democrats are balking at his plan to pay for it with tax hikes on the wealthiest americans. >> have first 100 days have left much to be desired. >> reporter: biden also plans to address the january 6th insurrection as he stands in the same halls overtaken by rioters. one d.c. police officer, beaten with a flag pole that day, told don lemon he thinks elected officials are, quote, whitewashing what happened. >> to have a group of individuals or someone who espoused to be a law and order official or a law and order president and then experience what i experienced on the 6th, that was difficult to come to terms with. >> reporter: biden will speak to a congress and a nation that is deeply divided. on the cusp of his 100th day in office, a cnn poll finds 53% of
3:18 pm
voters approve of the job he's done so far and 51% approve of his handling of the economy. now, of course we noted that the president is going to talk about that january 6 riot tonight in his speech. he is expected, according to an excerpt released by the white house, to say it was the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. but it does appear that he wants to keep the focus tonight on his agenda and what's to come instead of what's happened in the past. so he also does plan to say that, quote, we have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works, and, quote, can deliver for the people. >> kaitlin collins over at the white house. thanks very, very much. let's get some more on tonight's historic speech. joining us now, cedric richmond, the director of the white house office of public engagement. cedric, thanks for joining us on this important night. the president, as you know, he will lay out what's being described as the second part of
3:19 pm
his infrastructure plan tonight. but key democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia already says he's, quote, very uncomfortable with how much it costs. how will the president convince not only republicans but some fellow democrats who have major concerns about this $1.8 trillion price tag? >> i think the president will do what he did with the american rescue plan and that is to lay out all of the proposals of what he wants to do, but also lay out how it benefits american families, how it benefits the american economy, how it benefits the american country by making us more competitive, making sure we take care of our families, and then look at and show the investment and return that it brings on the back end. so this is just the beginning. we are laying out the plan and then we will go and make our pitch to both republicans and democrats about how important it is and why we critically need this american families plan for the country. >> the president is also expected to lay out a sweeping
3:20 pm
agenda, including infrastructure, police reform, immigration, gun control and more. but as you know, he has limited political capital, a 50-50 senate, a tiny democratic majority in the house of representatives. so can you tell us, cedric, his main priority right now? what takes a back seat at least for now? >> we don't think anything takes a back seat. we do have a 50-50 senate, we recognize that. but the one thing we do have is we have the american people on our side. all of the proposals that we're bringing forward are vastly popular with both republicans, democrats and independents. so if we're talking about infrastructure, it's real bipartisan in terms of american voters that support it. the american families plan is supported by both republicans, democrats and independents. so even when you start talking about things like police reform, immigration, pathway to citizen
3:21 pm
s ship, gun safety, all of those things important to us are also important to the american people. so we're going to try to do them all. you know, this president has been ambitious since the beginning. he was ambitious when he launched his campaign. so far we've just kept our head down, doing the work and have gotten pretty good results. we're going to keep doing that. >> when it comes to police reform, republican senator tim scott has been leading talks with democrats, as you well know. he'll actually be giving the gop rebuttal, the response to president biden's speech tonight. the main sticking point is whether to make it easier to sue police officers. will president biden tonight offer any specifics on that issue? >> well, i won't get ahead of president biden on what he's going to talk about in terms of the need for police reform appeared what it should look like, but he has expressed support for the george floyd act and he wants the senate to do their negotiations and get him
3:22 pm
something that he can sign. because what we can't do is continue to wait and leave these policies out there like they are today, because every day we see something new that's something the same of what we've been seeing the past couple of years and we need to make a change. >> let me get your quick reaction while i have you, cedric. does the white house have any specific reaction to this truly extraordinary raid today on rudy giuliani's apartment and office in new york city? >> no, absolutely not. this president has said that he wanted the justice department to be completely independent. they are. and so we don't interfere with them and we don't comment on what they do. we are very mindful that the people in this country have to have full trust in the department of justice, and the president is not going to put his thumb on the scale or comment about any investigation and the investigations should just take their course without political interference. >> cedric richmond, very important night tonight for the
3:23 pm
president and indeed for the k country. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. coming up, a judge in north carolina has just blocked the public release of body camera video showing the police shooting of andrew brown jr. i'll speak with an attorney for the family. and later, we're getting new video of rioters assaulting capitol police officers during the january 6 insurrection up on capitol hill. (man) so when in doubt, just say, "let me talk to my manager."
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in serious legal jeopardy following a federal raid on his new york city apartment and office. we're also awaiting a significant milestone for president biden, his first address to a joint session of congress. let's get analysis from cnn political director david chalian, our chief political analyst gloria borger and nia-malika henderson. david, from your perspective, what's the single most important thing president biden needs to accomplish tonight? >> well, i think the single most important thing politically and for the success of his presidency is to build on the success he's had in these first run days, wolf. i think he has to take the success he has had on combatting coronavirus and getting these vaccinations into their arms as well as stimulus money into their bank accounts and parlay that into the next hundred days and hundred days after that. whether that's this infrastructure package in two parts that he's going to sell.
3:29 pm
but this notion of reminding america that government can work when governed properly in their prioriti priorities, that is going to be a huge moment for him to try and say so join me on the next part of this journey. that's the single biggest thing he can do tonight. >> gloria, for the first time we're going to see two women behind the president when he addresses this joint session. we're talking about the vice president, kamala harris, and the house speaker, nancy pelosi. >> right. >> but that won't be the only historic aspect of tonight's speech, will it? >> no, but let's not downplay that. i think that's really extraordinary that you have the two people in line for the presidency right behind him who happen to be women. and one of them is a woman of color, is going to be remarkable for people in the country to watch. i also think obviously as you watch the state of the union, it's going to look really
3:30 pm
different. you know in the state of the union the president usually walks down the center aisle and everyone rushes over to shake his hand and it's crowded and there are a couple thousand people. not happening. there are going to be about 200 people there. there's not going to be back slapping and handshaking. this is still in the middle of covid, although hopefully we're seeing that succeed to a degree because of vaccines so it's going to look different. as david was pointing out, it's going to sound different. i remember when bill clinton said the era of bill government was over. i remember when ronald reagan was talking about government not being your friend. what joe biden is going to say is, look, we got you these vaccines. we got you money in your pockets. we are restoring jobs in this country, and that is because government is on your side. >> yeah, normally there are about 1,600 people in the house of representatives for a speech
3:31 pm
like this. tonight there will be 200 because of the covid pandemic. nia, the president also plans to lay out what's being described as part two of his massive infrastructure plan, but already democratic senator joe manchin is signaling his discomfort with the price tag. so is tonight more about winning over republicans or getting fellow democrats on board? >> it's about both and more broadly the american people. you look at some of the polling like this, something like 60% of americans think that this infrastructure plan is a good idea. 80% of democrats, something like 70% of independents. so if you're joe biden, you want to maintain that good feeling that most americans have about this infrastructure plan and then explain it. this administration has a very broad idea of what infrastructure actually includes. it's not just roads and bridges, it's also something called human infrastructure in the parlance of this administration, so that includes investments in community college, investments in child care, so that's
3:32 pm
something he has to explain to americans to get them on board with his idea that government can play an active role and a positive role in people's lives. so we'll see him do that tonight. of course talk to those individual democrats and republicans who will have to vote on this eventually, but then the american people as well who do need to get behind this if it's to pass congress and then be successful. >> the other major news today, david, is the fact that federal authorities executed a search warrant on rudy giuliani's new york city apartment and his office. how serious is it when the former lawyer for the president of the united states comes under this type of scrutiny? >> i don't think it gets more serious when you're concerned about potential legal jeopardy. by the way, nobody understands how serious this is better than rudy giuliani, who used to serve as the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york. he knows quite well how serious it is.
3:33 pm
and we all know that nothing of a search like this would have gotten approved without being approved at the highest levels of the justice department, which means investigators here had to make sure that ts were crossed and is were dotted completely before they can move forward with this, adding to the weight of how concerning this would be if you're rudy giuliani tonight. >> a truly extraordinary moment that we'll watch very closely. guys, thank you very, very much. just ahead, a judge in north carolina now says the family of andrew brown jr. will, repeat, will be allowed to view additional body camera footage of his shooting but won't release it to the public. later, new video shows rioters attacking capitol police officers during the january 6th insurrection. will it lead to convictions? we'll be right back.
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there's growing anger in north carolina tonight after a judge denied a petition to release body camera video showing the police killing of andrew brown jr. cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: tonight frustrations building in elizabeth city, after a judge rejected a formal request to publicly release body cam footage showing the deadly encounter between andrew brown jr. and law enforcement one week ago. the judge saying public release could impact the criminal investigation and any trial and could endanger someone, and said he would revisit the issue in 30 to 45 days. >> show us the video. show us the video.
3:39 pm
show us the tape. >> reporter: the family's lawyers claiming a partial victory since brown's attorney and entire family can see all body cams in full plus the dash cam once identifying information is blurred. >> andy brown jr. has been silenced so his voice now are those cameras. >> reporter: the sheriff saying more transparency would be good for the community. >> it's not exactly what we wanted, but 30 days, so -- >> reporter: the governor weighing in as well. >> i believe that this video should be released as quickly as possible. >> reporter: also in court today, a new account of the incident from the district attorney, who accused a family lawyer of intentionally misrepresenting the video. the d.a.'s version, deputies arrived, tried to get brown out of the car and he put the car in reverse, making contact with deputies. >> as it backs up, it does make contact with law enforcement officers. the next movement of the car is
3:40 pm
forward. it is in the direction of law enforcement and makes contact with law enforcement. it is then and only then that you hear shots. >> reporter: the family lawyer gave a very different account monday after being allowed to view 20 seconds of body camera footage behind closed doors. >> they run up to his vehicle shooting. he still sat in his vehicle with his hands on the steering wheel while being shot at. he finally decides to try to get away and he backs out, not going towards officers at all. there was at no time in the 20 seconds that we saw where he was threatening the officers any kind of way. >> reporter: today lassiter told cnn she stands by her account. >> they're not showing what he says he has so i saw what i saw. >> reporter: the county pushing back, saying, quote, the entire encounter of engaging mr. brown and the use of deadly force lasted less than 20 seconds.
3:41 pm
the family viewed the entire encounter. >> let's not get distracted. an innocent man was gunned down, shot in the back of the head. the vehicle riddled with bullets from the rear. >> reporter: and tonight on the streets of elizabeth city, the protesters here are very animated, still feeling like they're not getting the transparency that they need to get in this case, not getting the justice for andrew brown that they are calling for, marching through the streets blocking intersections as they have been doing the past seven nights. the fallout continues despite the efforts of the judge and the prosecutors to control the release of this body cam video. still, they have national and statewide scrutiny. you have the governor and attorney general calling for a special prosecutor and the fbi launching a civil rights investigation not only over the handling of the shooting of andrew brouwn but the handling f
3:42 pm
the release of that body cam video. >> thank you very much. let's discuss with the attorney for the family of andrew brown jr., harry daniels. thanks for joining us. what is the brown family's reaction to the judge's decision that brown's son and only one attorney will be allowed to see the dash camera footage once identifying information is redacted? >> well, the reaction is still disappointment, lack of transparency. it's a step in the right direction as opposed to the 20 seconds they were given earlier this week. but they are still disappointed because they are not having the ability to see everything that happened that particular day. >> does it make sense to you and to the family for that matter that the judge ruled the footage of the killing of anthony brown jr. will not be made public at least for now? >> well, the family also wants to begin the healing process. in order for the healing process to begin, full disclosure needs
3:43 pm
to be made and the family has an interest as to show accountability of those officers so the public will know exactly what happened. these are taxpayer dollars and public servants. the family as well as the citizens of the county have an interest in having this video released to the public. >> the video shown to the family, is what the d.a. is suggesting or alleging that the car was actually causing contact going in reverse and forward with police officers who were on the scene, potentially endangering them. what's your reaction to that allegation? >> wolf, you've got to listen very closely. he said that mr. brown was backing up. well, he's backing up. he's not trying to hurt any officers. based on the d.a.'s account, he had the vehicle made contact. he didn't say he used it as a weapon. one of the officers was reaching in trying to open the door.
3:44 pm
he said the vehicle came forward and made contact with that officer. at that time the shooting start. regardless, wolf, mr. brown was shot in the back of the head. his vehicle was riddled with bullets from the rear quarter panel and he was killed. he maintains the presumption of innocence. the officers were judge, jury and executioner. no matter how the d.a. is trying to spin it and cherry pick different issues, he talked about he didn't want to taint the investigation or taint the jury. that's exactly what he did by not putting in context to make it appear that mr. brown was possibly doing something unlawful and these officers was justified. the facts, the autopsy report is clear for what it is. mr. brown was killed while driving away from these officers. that is not in dispute. >> harry daniels, we'll continue our coverage and stay in very close touch with you and the family. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, there's new
3:45 pm
evidence emerging right now that top capitol security officials dismissed warnings that protesters could turn violent back on january 6th. as the number of new people getting vaccinated against covid-19 declines, will new cdc guidelines about what vaccinated people can now do, will that encourage more americans to get their shots? we'll be right back. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone.
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>> reporter: the capitol is still fortified with fencing protecting entry points. tonight president biden will be there for his first address in congress, the most high-profile event inside the capitol since the january insurrection. it will happen as the court released new videos of the assault of three officers including brian sicknick who whied later because of a stroke. this new video shows one of the men accused with his arms stretched out seeming to spray officers with what prosecutors described as a chemical spread. >> how we manage to make it out of that day without moral
3:51 pm
significant loss of life is a miracle. >> michael fanone ran to the capitol as soon as he heard the radio call and caught in the middle of the violent mob. >> i felt like they were trying to kill me. >> i thought it was a distinct possibility. >> reporter: in this exclusive interview, officer fanone says the month of january 6th had been an emotional roller coaster especially the repeated effort to down play the violent coming from republicans and the former president. >> some of them went in and hugging and kissing the police guards. they had terminologies it was used like hugs and kisses, very fine people, very different from what i experienced. i experienced the most brutal savage hand to hand combat of my entire life. let alone my policing career.
3:52 pm
an experience that may not have been so traumatic if repeated warnings on the eve of january 6th had not been ignored by capitol security officials. e-mails obtained by cnn documented how troubling social media posts were flagged to officials. one says we'll storm the capitol building and kill cops and federal employees and agents. the architect of the capitol seems to dismiss the chatter and asked her security team to update her when there was evidence of credible threat. the off duty officer respond there were not any. officials have not responded to request to comment. >> cnn jessica schnieder reporting. new cdc guidelines for vaccinating people. h computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud.
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we heard from president biden's historic address. we are vaccinating the nation against covid-19. the daily number of shots and arms are falling. let's worrisome, let's talk with our chief medical correspondent with sanjay gupta. we are seeing the vaccination numbers slowing down in the united states. >> i don't know, wolf, i think it will help a little bit. i think a lot of people who frankly pay close attention to the cdc guidelines and abide by them are people who may have already been vaccinated. i am not sure how much of an impact it will have on people who have been reluctant or hesitant to get the vaccine.
3:58 pm
we know 60% of the country either received the shot or willing to get the shot. 55% of the country have basically received one shot. we are getting to the ceiling where vaccine confidence starts to fall off. we'll see if the wait and see population, the movable middle population to go ahead and get vaccinated. that's what the next few weeks will tell us. >> both of the vaccines and real world studies continue to show how incredibly effective these vaccines are against the virus. why can't fully vaccinate people, sanjay, resumes more of their activities. >> wolf, i think there are two reasons. the science is becoming increasingly clear. initially science told us vaccines are good at preventing people from getting sick. the real data as you point out shows you pretty good at keeping
3:59 pm
you infected from other people and being a silent carrier so to speak. there are two things why the cdc is being cautious, they don't want to back peddle and two they want to make sure the recommendations they're giving are being cautious, as cautious as possible. >> let me turn quickly to the coronavirus crisis in india where the daily number of new cases continue to break all global record. this is a global record that requires global cooperation, right? >> yeah, that's the bottom line really is i think we have learned this about the pandemic, an infection everywhere is an infection everywhere potentially. we have to pay attention to india. they were declaring the end game last month and we see what's happening there. >> sanjay gupta, thank you sver
4:00 pm
much. i am wolf blitzer, please be sure to join us at our new time, 6:00 p.m. eastern, i will be back in one hour for cnn's special coverage to a joint session of president biden's address. e erin burnett with "outfront" starts out." the feds raid rudy giuliani's home and another search warrant is executed at the home of a second trump's ally. america is on the move again as he prepares, the president prepares to pspeak to congress. let's go ou"outfront." >> the fbi taking extraordinary actions against trump'


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