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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  April 28, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hello. we begin with breaking news. federal authorities today rated rudy guiliani's manhattan apartment. prosecutors aobtained a search warrant, and i want to bring in cnn legal affairs correspondent, paula reed, and laura coates is with us as well. what do we know? >> truly an extraordinary
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development in the ongoing investigation, looking at whether mr. guiliani was lobbying on behalf of officials in the ukraine while serving as former president trump's personal attorney. if you are lobbyinging on behalf of foreign entities, you have to disclose that with the federal justice department. under the trump administration, this really took on new significance, particularly with the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort. here they are looking at whether guiliani failed to disclose lobbying activities in ukraine. i have to note, it's so unusual for federal investigators and agents to execute a search for a former mayor, and they are looking at whether he failed to disclose if he was lobbying, and a lot of questions now about whether this investigation has
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expanded and exactly what prosecutors were looking for in this home and on the electronic devices that they seized. >> everybody stay with me. we have a reporter now on scene, so i want to go live. kara, what are you seeing and what have you learned? >> reporter: good afternoon, ana. the fbi executed a search warrant on rudy guiliani's apartment. there's not much activity here right now, but it's part of an ongoing investigation where the federal prosecutors in manhattan have been investigating rudy guiliani in his efforts to swing the election in donald trump's favor in 2020, where all the activities that rudy guiliani was engaged in in ukraine involving his associates that have been charged with campaign charges. this investigation has grown out of that, and there are questions whether or not this investigation would move forward, and their efforts
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seemed to have slowed down and they conducted a lot of interviews last year and then the pandemic hit also impacting the prosecutor's ability to work, and then in the fall they went to the department of justice in washington under bill barr where they said they wanted to execute the search warrant and obtain electronic devices belonging to rudy guiliani, but they were turned down by the top officials in washington. search warrants on an attorney is something that always has to receive approval from the deputy attorney general. when you want to do that upon an attorney who is also an poupon e attorney for president of the united states, and that was turned down and it was denied, and kind of leaving it open but not allowing them to execute it. then we had the change in the administration and now we are seeing the department of justice under biden is green lighting the ability to get a search warrant but we don't know if
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they will bring charges against rudy guiliani, and it all had to do with the efforts to oust the u.s. ambassador in ukraine to swing the election towards trump. >> executing a search warrant, we just look at that piece specifically. what does that signal to you? does it give you any sense of where they are in their investigation? >> it does, ana, it tells me this is a big deal. it tells me this investigation is live and ongoing. three things have to happen here. first of all prosecutors have to make a case and put together a document explaining why there's what we call probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and there will be evidence of the crime found in the location here in rudy guiliani's residence. second of all, this would have to be approved by the highest levels of doj, up to and including the deputy attorney general and possibly the attorney general because this involves the search of an
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attorney which is sensitive and a sensitive person, who was the attorney for the prior president, and the prior doj under bill barr said no. finally, that document asking for approval has to go over to a federal judge in the sdny, and agree, yes, prosecutors you established probable cause there was a crime committed and you will find evidence of that crime committed in rudy guiliani's residence. >> what crimes could be in play here? >> well, you know, the world is their oyster at this point in time. you are talking about the idea of looking through all the documents and electronic devices as well, and they could have an expensive investigation, and we know about the idea of failing to register as a foreign agent, and there could be statements where some are cooperating with the sdny to give them information to say here's why you have the probable cause to
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believe that these particular documents will be there. this has been a long time coming, and there's been opportunity for rudy guiliani to do away with the information, and of course, he himself is an attorney, and i would like to extend the benefit of the doubt to a fellow colleague to say he would not try to do away with evidence, and here they are looking for everything. a judge is not going to just sign off because there's a hunch. there has to be some specificity about a particular document or set of documents and particular evidentiary objects as well, and they are looking at cell phones, laptops and computers and look for things that other people have said will be there. at this point in time, the next thing to look at is whether or not the former president will try and step in in some way with his counsel and assert some sort of privilege if he believes
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anything on those documents or devices might implicate him or attorney skwr/client privilege. >> you just wrote a book about bill barr, and to learn there was a block aid, and we don't know why, whether it was the strength of the evidence they had or something more than that, but what is your reaction to just learning that information? >> not surprised at all. if the prior doj under bill barr said no to this search warrant it would be kind of what we saw bill barr doing when he tried to save michael flynn and roger stone, and potentially in a position to give doj evidence implicating the former president. keep in mind, by the way, we have a brand-new doj here and the key decision makers, obviously the attorney general is the top decision-maker, but
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the deputy attorney general, she was just sworn into that position a couple weeks ago. if this tells me anything, it tells me there's a new doj in town willing to look at things on merits and not play politics like the prior doj did under bill barr. >> i want to go live to jake tapper who is joining us at the white house. he just left a background briefing about the president's joint address to congress, and so what can you share with us from your conversation? >> reporter: just to set the scene for you, what happens is normally before a state of the union address or joint address to congress, the president will invite a number of individuals from the major cable news networks and tv networks and talk to them about his intentions for the speech. it's usually an off the record conversation, and then sometimes we get something on the record that we can share, and so i'm just looking at my notes now from what he said, and some of
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the more interesting things president biden had to say had to do with how he sees the challenge of the 21st century as whether or not democracy can thrive versus the kind of autocracy we see in china, and he's betting on democracy being able to succeed, and that, in his view, needs a number of things, which is consensus and big investments. the first 100 days ends tomorrow, and he's thinking about his presidency beyond that, but in terms of the first 100 days, when he came to office he knew that it was incredibly important to work on the coronavirus pandemic and get vaccines out as soon as possible. although he said he didn't have all of the access they needed to where the government was because, of course, of the reluctance of the trump administration to allow for the normal transition process. he knew he had to do something about covid-19.
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he knew he had to take care of all the people hurting economically, and he knew it was important that their first legislation and covid efforts succeeded. they could not fail coming out of the gate, they needed to succeed for any number of reasons having to do with covid and the economy, and also having to do with providing the nation with a sense of hope, and that's why he focused, like a laser, he said, on the american rescue plan and on that very sizeable legislation that passed on a party line vote in the house and senate, and he said the $1,400 checks were very important, and 85% of the households in the country benefitted from them and a number of jobs had been created, 1.3 million created in the first 100 days of his pres presidency. he kept emphasizing the idea that they were on the case and not going to fail.
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in terms of whether or not there will be consensus allowed in future fu future legislations, such as the hue infrastructure bills, he said he needs a republican party to deal with, and he needs it unified and he needs it to be not a completely splintered party. easing the pain and saving lives was his plan right out of the gate and now he's looking in t terms of the major kinds of investments, $2 trillion he proposed in infrastructure spending and more than $1 trillion in elder care and daycare and paid medical leave and the like, and he sees where these kinds of investments are necessary, and that's the kind of message he will give tonight.
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administration of the justice department, ana. one of the things that the southern district of new york wanted was to do this raid and they believed they had enough evidence to seize his devices and go to his offices and home to get documents, and they believe that issuing a subpoena to him, to his lawyer, was not going to get them what they needed for this investigation. they went to the justice department at the time, the deputy attorney general, jeff rosen and other officials at the justice department decided there was not enough evidence, and there were other issues with this case, and they thought there was not enough evidence to sign off on it, and rosen even issued a new memo in december that required any u.s. attorneys around the country who wanted to do something like this, that they needed to get sign-off from the deputy attorney general. that's the level of attention this request got. so we see now that lisa monaco,
10:18 am
who is now the deputy attorney general now sitting in the seat, we see a different result. the question is did the prosecutors in new york come up with new evidence? did they produce additional information to get a different result, or was it just fresh eyes from lisa monaco and her team at the justice department that finally got the approval that the prosecutors were looking for. again, that's something we are asking at the justice department. this is a difficult case, ana. this is essentially a case look into the violation of the foreign agents registration act. the accusation that prosecutors are looking at is whether rudy giuliani violated that law when he was working with the ukrainian officials to get dirt on joe biden and his family, and so that has been the big question that has been pursued by these investigators. we don't know what else is part of this, but that's one of the central parts of this investigation. >> we know this has been a
10:19 am
years' long investigation. evan, perez, thank you for your reporting. let me bring in cnn only, susan glasser, and abby phillip, a cnn correspondent. thank you all for being part of the conversation. john, obviously politics may play a role in the sense that people are looking at this being the former president's personal attorney, and now we're learning that it was the former president's doj that had initially denied a search warrant. for those reasons, there's a lot of scrutiny on this, and i'm just curious what you glean from all of this when it comes to how biden's doj is approaching this, what it tells you, the fact that they have, in fact, moved forward with this search warrant? >> well, a couple things, ana. first of all, i think that joe biden has insulation on this by s virtue of the fact it was an
10:20 am
ongoing investigation, and the search warrant has been percolating within the justice department since before he was elected. clearly joe biden, in his public approach to the job since taking office 99 days ago has tried not to go out of his way to inflame republicans, donald trump's base. he's pressing aggressively for his priorities, but he doesn't talk about the former president much, and he's made clear that he's not looking to go after the president. but that's a different thing from stopping the justice department from pursuing a criminal investigation that goes to the heart of the russian interference into our democracy. did joe biden's justice department go after the former president trump? no. they stepped out of the way and stopped blocking as evan's reporting and "the new york times"'s reporting, stopped the
10:21 am
effort to impede the investigation and that's a fundamentally different thing? >> susan, this is extremely sensitive for joe biden and his administration. for federal prosecutors to move forward with it, what does it tell you about the risk reward there in the doj and white house on this? >> i think you are right to bring that up, absolutely. the bottom line is that everybody involved clearly understood the political stakes because the warrant was previously blocked by the previous administration. nobody is under any illusions that rudy giuliani is a private citizen here. he brings the story into the office, and giuliani is the guy that got donald trump impeached not once, but twice, and in the ukraine, the question was also was skwrgiuliani acting on behaf
10:22 am
some cukrainian interests, in addition to donald trump's interest, and i think that's why it has always been mysterious. why was rudy giuliani pressing so much to have the ukrainian ambassador removed? this case may well end up shedding light on that, because to me that was always a key question. this is not some purely bureaucratic filing, but goes to issues. >> do you expect merrick garland to have a public role or will he stay on the sidelines? >> i don't expect merrick garland would have a big role in this. he's not the type of attorney general that would want to insert himself in these kinds of debates, and as evan laid out and as john discussed, what the biden justice department is trying to do is get out of the
10:23 am
way of this investigation, which is contrary to what the previous justice department was doing, which was blocking the search warrant being carried out against somebody who was a close ally and attorney of the president, and merrick garland understands, i think, the political nature of the investigation and the need for him to stay on the sidelines of it. it's clear that this administration does not want sort of repeat of the kind of, you know, whether it's sort of a james comey perception that you are getting out in front of an investigation and being too public about things that are currently under way, and it's important for this to play out, and i expect you will see the justice department really staying out of it as much as possible and saying very little about it as the investigation unfolds. >> gloria is also with us right now, and i have to remind our viewers, trump was impeached already over ukraine, and this
10:24 am
is where weaving back into this, and how do you think he's rea reacting to the news today? >> i am sure he's unhappy about it, because rudy giuliani is a close friend and ally of his and his personal attorney, and one thing i want to point out to give asense of how serious this is, the last time we saw a president's lawyer's apartment raided because michael cohen, and michael cohen was at one point the president's defender, just like rudy giuliani is, and he was also the president's attorney, just like rudy giuliani is, and there had to be some reason they would take this extraordinary step, as we saw like with michael cohen, when they felt they needed to, they had to be some good reason to do this. the previous justice department was very reluctant to do this.
10:25 am
this is a different justice department. when you ask me how is donald trump reacting, i am sure he's in a rage about this because giuliani remains one of his last defenders, not only personally but also politically in terms of the rigged election and et cetera, et cetera. giuliani was out there on january 6th on that podium promoting the big lie. >> yeah, so john, given that giuliani played a key role in trump's big lie about the 2020 election, and do you see the same thing happening here, will this be painted as a deep state hit job? >> yes, but i think the force of that argument grows weaker over time. i want to step back for just a second and remind everybody the context here. remember, donald trump's 2016 campaign manager, paul manafort, had been a political consultant to a putin-aligned leader of
10:26 am
ukraine, who was then ousted. the issue with ukraine, donald trump pressing ukraine for dirt on joe biden and all of the issues that related to that, that rudy giuliani was in the middle of, that was part of an effort to absolve russia of having interfered in the 2016 election and make the case that it was ukraine that interfered, as we heard that testimony in the impeachment from fiona hill, and that was russia misinformation, and that's why it goes to the heart on the attack of the integrity of american democracy. the tie in, as you indicated with january 6th is significant as well. jake talked about his meeting with other anchors with president biden, and i wrote about that that this week, too, and he wants to raise the stakes and say this is about whether
10:27 am
democracy can exist a, and thiss what we saw with president trump trying to get ukraine involved in the 2020 election, and it didn't work and he got impeached. >> abby, the fact that this is a new doj, that some of these people were only confirmed a few weeks ago, how does that impact this investigation do you think? >> well, it seems to indicate that there has been a changing of the guard that is allowing this investigation to move forward at a pace that the u.s. attorneys in manhattan perhaps wanted it to months ago. after the election, after, you know, that had basically been settled, so it's a new administration, it's a new set of eyes looking at this evidence, looking at these cases and saying we're going to get out of the way and we're going
10:28 am
to move forward. it's not a coincidence, i don't think, that this is happening after some of these high level doj positions have been newly confirmed and they are in their jobs and they have had a few weeks to take a look at the situation and they are acting and that's a very significant thing for this case. >> thmy thanks to all of you fo being with us. much more on this breaking news just ahead. also, breaking moments ago a judge in north carolina just denied the public release of the body cam footage in the deadly shooting of andrew brown, jr. that's next. and-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it.
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a judge in north carolina just denied the public release of the body cam footage in the deadly shooting of andrew brown jr. who was shot and killed last night by police serving a warrant in elizabeth city, north carolina. brian, why did the judge deny the release of this video?
10:34 am
>> reporter: ana, the judge believes it's not appropriate to release the video right now, and there are concerns about the fair and imspartial trial and safety of people on the video that could be affected by this. the bottom line is, the public and media will not be able to view these videos for at least 30 days. after 30 to 45 days after the state bureau of investigation completes its investigation, then and only then, if that bureau and the judge and the prosecution decides it's appropriate to release the videos then they may be released or may not. after 30 to 45 days it looks like this will be revisited, ana, so the public will not see the contents of the videos for at least a month, but the judge did rule andrew brown's son and a licensed attorney will be able to see the content of the videos within ten days. the brown family attorney, ben
10:35 am
crump said he was disappointed in the ruling, and he believes the public and everybody should be seeing the videos, and then mr. kendall, another family attorney said it was a partial victory. >> at least now within the ten days or so we will have an opportunity or at least one representative of the legal team as well as another will be able to see five video cams in full with only the facial features of the deputies there on the scene, as well as their name badge to be redacted or blurred out. so from the standpoint of the family, we would consider this a partial victory. >> so after ten days, after his brother and an attorney gets to see the videos, and another very
10:36 am
dramatic moment today in court was when the district attorney directly refuted the account of one of the brown family attorneys that said on the 20 seconds of video they were allowed to see, there was no indication that andrew brown moved in a menacing way with his vehicle towards the officers that were trying to arrest him, and in her account he was trying to move away from them, and the district attorney says andrew brown's vehicle made contact with sheriff deputies. so that is a very dramatic moment in court today. we did speak to shawn tell hras atur, and she said she stands by what she says on the 20 seconds of tape she was able to see. >> that's so interesting. there has been growing pressure there in the community for this video to be released, so upon word of this news, what is the
10:37 am
reaction been there? >> reporter: well, it's kind of a mixed reaction here. the public is just still digesting this. we may see more protests tonight, and the protesters and their leaders are asking for a full release, let's make it available to everybody, so they can draw their attorneys, and that's what the attorney for the media was arguing in court today, he said basically let all the light be shed on this so we can all see this and not have to rely on the accounts of one side or the other. that media petition was denied by the judge. we will see what the reaction of the public is. i imagine, ana, it will be much of the same as the last week, and there will be people on the streets marching and possibly calling for full disclosure on this, and it looks like the brown family attorneys are not entirely satisfied with all of this. >> thank you. he had a front row seat and pivotal role and a major moment
10:38 am
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in term of the pandemic, new developments. pfizer' ceo says he hopes to have an antiviral pill to treat covid-19 widely available by the end of the year. so if it works people could start treating symptoms at home as soon as they have them, and that could avoid a trip to the hospital. elizabeth cohen is joining us. tell us more about the pill and what it could mean going forward? >> if this works out it could be really, really terrific. most drugs used to treat covid-19, those are intravenous, you have to be in a hospital and it takes a while, and it's not easy to do. if there could be a pill that you could take at home that would help fight covid-19, that would be amazing. this pill that pfizer is stood studying, it stops the replication of virus, and it's
10:44 am
used to treat hiv and hepatitis, and the ceo of pfizer says he hopes to have more news and they are just in the beginning of the small scale studies and would need to move on to phase 2 and phase 3. >> thank you for your reporting. the first juror that deliberated in the derek chauvin trial is speaking out about his experience. brandon mitchell, a 31-year-old basketball coach tells cnn it was a grueling process, one that demanded a lot of him and his fellow jurors. take a listen. >> inside the courtroom for me was extremely stressful, extremely draining on a day-to-day basis. it 100% was not easy at all each day just coming in, because watching somebody die each day, that's tough -- that's a tough thing to watch on film. it was straining on us. we were all tired and drained at the end of the day.
10:45 am
emotional. things that like, where it's like, that's not visible -- we all tried to hold it together in the courtroom, and things like that are not visible and it was 100% taking a toll on us being in that room every day. >> every day. and he said this trial was so hard on him he was not sure he would be able to continue. >> there were a few times where i broke down, and there was a weekend where i was, like, i don't know if i will make it in on monday, because it was too much for me. >> how did you get through? >> i actually told myself, i was maybe five minutes from calling my mom and telling her, i'm not going on monday, and i told myself, i said, if i am not here, who will be here for us, and for us meaning for the black man. >> the judge in this case said he would not be releasing the names of the jurors for another six months, but mitchell said he wanted to make himself known
10:46 am
now, to show people this is how this system is supposed to work. well, lost his election but not the appetite for revenge or a potential political comeback. inside president trump's first few months out of office. neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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from the oval office to a converted bridal suite above mar-a-lago's ballroom, brand-new reporting on former president trump's first 100 days out of office. he remain bitter, but enjoying
10:51 am
his role as kingmaker from his club at palm beach. more than a dozen allies, his days are filled with a lot of golf, meeting with but for donald trump that's not been the case. he's actively engaged in recruiting primary candidates to challenge republicans he doesn't like. this includes lisa murkowski, georgia governor brian kemp and
10:52 am
others who he has expressed disdain for in the months he left office. on top of that, he's actively involved in plotting ways to really codify his control of the republican party. he's leaning on many former advisories in the white house and in the west wing, as he makes those moves. he's talking to people like kelly anne conway, mark meadows, pam bondi, as he really strategizes and figures out what is next for him both in 2022, and even beyond that, and, again going back to the setup here, it's notable to see that president trump doesn't really have an officer do think. he's working out of a convert the bridal suite, where he's holding these strategy sessions where his aides and interviewing candidates to take on republican incumbents who he does not like.
10:53 am
>> interesting, because a lot of former presidents take a break from politics once they're out of office. not so the case with former president trump. we are still learning much more about the january 6th attack on the capitol. there's new evidence that law enforcement officials ignored, even dismissed violent online warnings ahead of the deadly insurrection. according to internal e-mails, a representative from data data miner warned capitol officials several troubling posts, including one urging people to go to washington on january 6th and help storm the capitol, adding, quote, we will storm government buildings, kill cops, security guards, federal employees and agencies. that's a quote. a representative also warned of additional chatter on parler when the chief security officer
10:54 am
for the architect of the capitol flagged these warnings to her supervisor, an officer responded to her in an e-mail, saying, quote, there is no talk about any credible threats for storming the capitol. meanwhile, one of the officers beaten in that attack is speaking out to cnn, calling it one of the most vicious events he has ever encountered in his life, and calling out politicians now downplaying the riot. >> it's been very difficult seeing elected officials and other individuals kind of whitewash the events of that day, or down play what happened. i experienced to accomplish than goal. i met the most brutal savage
10:55 am
hand-to-hand combat of my entire life, let alone my policing career, which spans almost two decades. >> meanwhile, the fbi is still trying to find the guy who did this. at least 400 people are facing charge so far in the capitol attack, but the fbi needs your heche as they try to identify this man who they say was involved in violent assaults on federal officers that day. if you have any information, go to that does it for me today. in the meantime n"newsroom" continues. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buying. car vending machines.
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