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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 28, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is "early start." i'm christine romans. it is wednesday, april 28th, 5:00 a.m. in new york. president biden's first address to a joint session of congress is tonight. he will seize a once in a generation chance to change america for working americans. his case, bigger government solves problems like ending a pandemic, equalizing the economy and making life better for millions of working people. we have brand-new details this morning on the president's $1.8 trillion american families plan. it calls for low and middle
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income families to pay no more than 7% of their income on child care for kids under five. it also provides paid family and medical leave. it would make two years of community college free and provide $200 billion for universal pre-k and extend or make permanent several key parts of democrats covid rescue plan including that expanded child tax credit, affordable tax subsidies. the presidents wants to finance this by hiking taxes on the wealthy in an economy that is working poorly for millions of americans. cnn's kaitlan collins has more from the white house. >> reporter: christine, we know that president biden has spent weeks preparing for this speech, going over it with his aides and his speech writers and policymakers, talk being what he really wants to be in this and what's important as he looks back and reflects on his first 100 days in office, that's that
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mile marker he's going to reach on thursday, but also looking at what he wants to do going forward. so that's really going to be the substance of the speech. he is going to be unveiling this american family plan, that's going to be talking about what they are referring to as human infrastructure, child carry, education. it's got a big price tag so the way he wants to pay for it by changing those tax rates is something that republicans have been critical of but of course the question is going to be what does it actually look like in the end? how does that plan come out? this is going to be the starting point of all of that. so expect him to not only talk about that but also his infrastructure plan that he recently rolled out and in addition to several other topics. of course, the pandemic is going to be a big one, foreign policy will get a mention as well but in addition to that we are being told by sources he will reference that january 6th riot where rioters stormed the capitol building, tried to disrupt the process that cemented his presidency. we were talking to sources they say it's a backdrop you just
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can't ignore. speaking of back drops you can't ignore also as he is speaking you will see something historic, that's two women behind him, house speaker nancy pelosi and vice president harris seated on either side of him as he is giving these remarks. the first time that you have had two women behind a president giving his address to congress. >> kaitlan, thank you for that. because of the pandemic this will not look like the usual presidential address to congress. in the past a typical audience would be 1,600. tonight's event is capped at only 200. masks required, no guests allowed, only one supreme court justice will be in attendance and no cabinet members will be there, meaning no need for a designated survivor. after the worst year for main street since the great depression the american come back is here. gdp thursday expected to match the best of the clinton poom and could even be the strongest since the reagan administration. the government has doled out
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historic amounts of money to rescue the economy and address income inequality. president biden raised the way for federal contractors to $15 an hour a move that advocates say gives a raise to 390,000 working americans just like that with the stroke of a pen. a billion dollars of new funding is being made available for construction and renovation of community health centers. there's more money going to feed kids this summer and eviction help is available. the child tax credit payments start flowing in july giving working families a guaranteed income for the year and there is a critical new funding to boost enforcement at the irs. the irs budget has been cut for decades but this is the agency responsible to enact all of these tax cuts for low income families, to send out the stimulus checks, to make the jobless benefits tax free and to crack down on tax evasion. vaccinations and historic stimulus driving stocks to record highs. this got a lot of traction yesterday. jpmorgan notes the biden stock
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market from election day to the first 100 days is the strongest for any president in 75 years. even with corporate outcry over the potential for higher taxes on companies and rich people markets are focused on the scope of the recovery. the vaccine rollout in the united states hitting a wall of hesitancy, though. the fewest shots in nearly a month were administered yesterday. one reason, no question, misinformation about the pandemic and the vaccines. and it's coming from conservative commentators and radio hosts like joe rogan, one of the world's highest paid and popular podcast hosts he's telling young people not to get vaccinated even though it's safe. some republican governors are behaving like the crisis is over. "early start" has the pandemic covered from coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge in atlanta. the governor of tennessee says it's time for all covid restrictions in his state to end. governor lee says he's removing the authority of most tennessee county to impose mask mandates and is urging the few remaining
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large cities with mandates to lift them by the end of may. he says a widely available vaccine changes everything and as a result he claims covid-19 is no longer a health knowledge in tennessee. it should be noted per the cdc tennessee has one of the slowest vaccination rollouts in the country and is near the bottom when it comes to rankings for shots given. >> reporter: i'm brynn gingras in new york city. new york state is making a big step when it comes to vaccinations. the governor andrew cuomo announcing starting thursday state run mass vaccination sites will accept walk-ins, that means no longer having to go online to make an appointment to get your vaccination. the appointments are not necessary. this will be on a first come first served basis and it's for new yorkers 16 and older. >> reporter: the $28.6 billion restaurant revitalization fund will open monday may 3rd according to the small business
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administration. this fund is aimed at helping restaurants and bars who have been affected by the pandemic. this is a grant which means it doesn't have be to paid back. restaurant owners who are women, people of color and veterans will be able to apply first through a three-week priority window. the hospitality industry has lost more jobs than any other industry last year. >> reporter: i'm lucy kafanov. burning man the annual gathering in the nevada desert has the canceled for the second straight year according to organizers. as it did for the 2020 event organizers are announcing a virtual burning man which will begin on august 21st. there will be no charge to participate online although donations are encouraged to help organizers make up for two years of lost revenue on the event. burning man began in 1986 and takes place in the desert of nevada where it attacks tens of thousands of people. >> thanks to our reporters for
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welcome back. new video obtained by cnn shows the moments leading up to the fatal police shooting of andrew brown jr. video from the street pole cam shows the police truck driving up to brown's home, it's not clear what's being said in the video or when the shooting started. the brown family's attorney says no more than four seconds passed between the sheriff's deputy's arrival and when shots began to ring out. the attorneys shared results of an independent autopsy, they say brown was shot four times in the right arm and was trying to drive away from the deputies when he was shot in the head. >> a suspect who is there being arrested or being searched, police would normally give a command, that person would be given the opportunity to comply
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with the command. if the person complies with the command, then there's no need to use force of any type. >> the police body cam video still has not been released. immediate petition will be heard in court today. the fib says it has opened up a civil rights inquiry into this event. a can you remember fee is in place until further notice. protests last night went past curfew about the protests remained peaceful. a woman's right to choose under assault in several states. arizona's new law threatens doctors who knowingly perform such a procedure with felony charges. idaho to enact a heartbeat ban that prohibits most abortions where there's fetal heartbeat, that's something you can detect six weeks into pregnancy. in montana the governor signing a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. a new york post reporter
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behind a bogus story that went viral in conservative media is quitting after she says the paper ordered her to write that bogus middle east. her story falsely claimed migrant children were given copies of vice president kamala harris' children's book, that her book was part of a welcome kit being given to children in shelters in long beach, california. in fact, there was one copy of that book, it was donated by a community member, placed in the shelter library after the "washington post" published a fact check the new york post edited and reposted the story and the reporter resigned tweeting she failed to push back hard enough on being ordered to write that story. as we reported yesterday new york came just 89 residents short of maintaining a
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congressional seat out of more than 20 million people who responded. the count came in the middle of the pandemic, a counter former president trump ended early you will recall. since 1960 new york has dropped from 41 to 26 congressional seats. so he says rioters tried to kill him with his own gun. next a powerful message from a police officer about the rioters and the people who spurred them on. ato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at tonight, i'll be eating fried avocado tacos. [doorbell rings] [doorbell rings] thank you. ooo... you gonna eat that at lesliepalooza?
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the justice department repeat ldly brought up the idea that bear spray was involved in the attack on officer brian sicknick and other capitol police, but now prosecutors are backing off that idea. cnn's marshall cohen live in washington with the latest for us. this is another set back to holding someone criminally responsible for sicknick's death, isn't it? >> reporter: good morning, christine. it's a bit of a clarification from the justice department in the sicknick case. prosecutors are walking away from the idea that bear spray was used against sicknick and the other officers. instead they said yesterday it was a smaller canister of pepper spray. you might say what's the big deal, right, it's pretty unpleasant to be hit with any of these chemicals, but bear spray is for bears, designed to repel bears, much more potent, not meant for use on humans and that's what led prosecutors to look into the possibility that it contributed to sicknick's death, but after months of inquiry the medical examiner here in washington, d.c. ruled last week that sicknick died
2:21 am
from natural causes, strokes that he suffered shortly after defending the capitol. because of that designation of natural causes legal experts say that it's all but certain that murder charges are off the table, but the medical examiner did tell the "washington post" in an interview that everything that tran sbierd on january 6th played a role in sicknick's condition and that really left a lot of people wondering if not for the insurrection would officer sicknick have had those strokes. >> so tragic. it does show intent to, i guess, bringing the bear spray to washington -- there are no bears in washington -- bringing the bear spray to washington, one wonders how that will play out in the proceedings going forward since they did have it and what that means for their intent overall. the status of the two men who are charged in this case, what does this mean for them? >> it's important for them, christine, and these critical moments from january 6th are at the center of their criminal case, two men, julian cater of pennsylvania, george tanios of
2:22 am
waf have been charged with ten federal crimes in connection with the chemical spray assault on sicknick and those other officers. prosecutors have never formally linked their actions to sicknick's death. they both pleaded not guilty. they are in jail but are fighting to be released from jail before their trial. prosecutors say they are way too dangerous to let go. there was a hearing yesterday with witnesses and testimony, another hearing is scheduled for next week. so on that we will just have to wait and see. christine? >> thank you for keeping us posted on all of those developments. 400 now have been charged. thank you. it's important to keep in mind capitol and washington metro police officers are still coping with the trauma of january 6 on a very human level. they live with the fact that officer brian sicknick died after the riot, two officers died by suicide, another one was killed in a car ramming attack and both represents face another big test tonight. securing president biden's address. cnn spoke last night to d.c.
2:23 am
police officer michael fanone, you have probably already seen this horrific video, that's him surrounded by rioters who sprayed him with chemicals, battered him with pipes, tased him multiple times. they tried to take his service weapon. he said he heard them yelling about killing him with his own gun. >> it's been very difficult seeing elected officials and other individuals kind of whitewash the events of that day or down play what happened. some of the terminology that was used like hugs and kisses and, you know, very fine people, is very different from what i experienced an what my co-workers experienced. i experienced the most brutal, savage, hand to hand combat of my entire life, let alone my policing career, which spans almost two decades.
2:24 am
it was nothing that i had ever thought would be a part of my law enforcement career and nor was i prepared to experience. i'm a pretty apolitical person, you know, my preference is -- i look at politics the same way i look at the olympics, like i like my politics every four years and only for the month that the election season is taking place, the rest of the time i don't give a [ bleep ]. to have a group of individuals or, you know, someone who espoused to be a law and order official or a law and order president and then experience what i experienced on the 6th which i believe resulted from the rhetoric that was being used in the, you know, weeks leading up to january 6th, i mean, that
2:25 am
was difficult to come to terms with. a lot of us are still experiencing the emotional trauma and some are still grappling with physical injuries as well. but those 850 mpd officers are heroes. >> he is a father of four. he said he thought he was going to die that day. he says how we managed to make it out of that day without more significant loss of life is a miracle. tonight president joe biden gives his first address to a joint session of congress. join jake tapper, abby phillip, dana bash, anderson cooper and wolf blitzer for special live coverage starting tonight at 8:00 on cnn. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch
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good morning, this is "early start." i'm christine romans. just about 30 minutes past the hour this wednesday morning. this morning president biden is preparing to sell his human infrastructure plan to congress and the american public. the president will use his speech to a joint session of congress tonight to make the case it is time to tip the scales to workers and their families. this morning we have brand-new details of the president's $1.8 trillion american families plan. it calls for low and middle income families to pay no more than 7% of their income on child care for children under five. it provides paid family and medical leave t would make two years of community college free and provides $200 billion for universal pre-k. the white house estimates 5 million children would benefit. the average family would save $13,000 for pre-k for three and
2:31 am
four year olds. the plan would also extend or make permanent several key parts of the democrats' covid rescue plan including the expanded child tax credit, affordable care act subsidies and tax credits for workers without children. the presidents wants to finance this by raising taxes on rich people. the republican rebuttal will be given by republican tim scott, he is busy finding a compromise on policing bill. mr. biden will hit the road to sell his plan to the american team. fully vaccinated you can take off the mask outside. the cdc easing guidance. no need to wear a mask outdoors when in small groups, when biking or running alone and dining outside, but masks are recommended indoors. in crowded outdoor venues and in large outdoor gatherings, think concerts. some experts say the new
2:32 am
guidance is too cautious, doesn't offer strong enough incentives for americans on the fence about getting the shot. the president says this is progress. >> the bottom line a clear, if you are vaccinated you can do more things, more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors. so for those who haven't gotten their vaccination yet especially if you are younger or think you don't need t this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. >> so what will be the practical effect this have change? only half of u.s. states have a mask mandate in place. the u.s. surgeon general says there's hope for some day ditching masks indoors, too, but for now almost half of adults are still unvaccinated and there are still too many daily infections. an experimental pill to treat covid at the first sign of illness could be available from
2:33 am
pfizer by the end of the year. the company's ceo started an early stage clinical trial last month. experts say an oral drug could be huge but infections could be treated without a trip to the hospital. pfizer is testing their vaccine is kids between six months and 11 years old. a decision is coming soon on whether 15 year olds can get the vaccine. college students can get their second vaccine in their home state. meaning students who are about to leave campus for summer break can get dose number two at their home pharmacy. according to the white house most pharmacies will offer anyone a second shot regardless of where they got the first one. to india now where it's reporting a new record single-day coronavirus death toll. deaths there are a lagging indicator after a huge spike in cases so it's likely this will keep happening. the indian health care system
2:34 am
overwhelmed, it's every man, woman and child for him- or herself. cnn's anna coren live in hong kong with more. it's hard to overstate that just the absolute devastation right now that's happening in india. >> reporter: yeah, it's a calamity really what is unfolding in india. and it has now been unfolding for weeks. you mentioned that sense of abandonment that people are feeling, what the government should be doing, the health care they should be providing for their people. it is now up to the individual. we know there is an acute shortage of oxygen, hospitals themselves sending sos tweets saying we are running so lower' about to run out. people being turned away from hospitals unless they have their own oxygen cylinders and can provide their own supply. this is happening day after day and tragically people are dying on the streets, people are dying in the parking lots waiting to
2:35 am
get medical help. take a listen to some of the people on the ground. >> my father is in a very critical condition, i'm getting no help. nobody is responding. numbers are not reachable. please help me. please. my father is dying. i can't afford [ inaudible ] -- yesterday i lost my younger brother. >> translator: the doctors warned us if we take my father to the hospital without oxygen support there is no guarantee he will be okay but we just couldn't find an ambulance. in desperation we had to take an auto rick shaw, he was gasping for air and removed his facemask, he was trying saying, save me, please, save me, but i could do nothing. i just watched him die. >> now, the world health organization, w.h.o., has described this as a perfect storm, the situation that led to the catastrophe unfolding, an
2:36 am
easing of social restrictions, very low vaccination rollout. you have to remember that only 1.9% of the population has been fully inoculated, a population of more than 1.3 billion people. throw into the mix this indian variant and double mutation. so it really is a recipe for disaster. and the health officials say they have been crying out now for months. we also know, christine, that this is spreading. it's spreading to nepal, there are fears it's also spreading to pakistan. so this is not just affecting end yarks this is going to, you know, potentially affect the region and the world. >> it's just awful. anna coren, thank you for that. keep us posted. a post-9/11 measure meant to make americans safe delayed again. you won't need a real id driver's license or id card to board a plane until may 2023, a
2:37 am
delay of 19 months. at that point adult airline passengers will have to use real id compliant information to board a domestic flight. homeland security attributed the delay to limited capacity at state dmvs because of the pandemic. you can tell if yours makes the grade by checking for a star at the top. so far only 43% of u.s. ids are compliant. president biden has tapped texas sheriff ed gonzalez to be director of immigration and customs enforcement. he was a vocal critic of the trump administration's programs. so small businesses suffer because big companies pay taxes at a lower rate. how does that happen? how do you fix it? senator elizabeth warren spoke to cnn's matt egan. he joins me next.
2:38 am
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welcome back this wednesday morning. senator elizabeth warren is calling america's tax system rigged and she's using amazon, netflix and other big companies to make her case, pointing out they pay little so nothing in federal income taxes. it's time for three questions in three minutes. i want to bring in cnn writer matt egan. senator elizabeth warren is saying the big guys wrote the rules, the small companies suffer on the tax front. why is she taking aim at amazon and threat flicks. >> good morning, christine. this is all about raising revenue, to fund the biden agenda, including this $1.8 trillion american families plan that the white house has just unveiled this hour. warren is calling out amazon and netflix and other big profitable companies that pay little or nothing in federal income taxes. i asked senator warren, i said,
2:43 am
aren't these companies just playing by the rules of the road? she said, yes, but that's because corporate america through its lobbyists have helped create those rules of the road. according to the institute on taxation and economic policy fedex, nike and more than 50 other large and profitable companies paid nothing in federal income tax last year. now, for their part both amazon and netflix they paid well below the 21% rate that was set by the trump tax cuts. amazon told me u.s. tax laws are designed to create the kind of investments that the company has made that have also created almost a million jobs over the last decade. now, elizabeth warren she's pushing a 7% tax on what is known as book profits. those are the profits that are reported to wall street and they tend to be a bit larger than what gets reported to the irs. she says this is going to raise more than a trillion dollars. republicans are arguing that
2:44 am
raising taxes that's going to destroy investment, hurt jobs and it's also going to make the tax system and the market less efficient. still elizabeth warren she's saying that the current system just isn't fair. she told me that small business owners are paying their fair share but the giants are not and that creates a disadvantage for every small business in america. >> there was supposed to be tax reform that put the rate at 21% for everybody, but clearly not everybody is paying the 21% rate, that was tax cuts in 2017 not tax reform. sources are telling cnn that id president biden is speaking $80 billion to boost irs enforcement of high earners. i think a lot of people don't understand that there is a big pot of money sitting out there that the irs just can't get its hands on because it's underfunded. it's a way to raise revenue to pay for biden's programs. how much money are we talking about here? how long does it take to get your hands on it? and is it safe to say that elizabeth warren is a fan of this move by biden to enforce --
2:45 am
add enforcement to the irs and let them go out and get the money that rich people owe, owe the irs, but aren't paying. >> it's a huge hot of money, the irs estimates that tax evasion costs america $1 trillion a year. now, the white house says that its $80 billion in enforcement that's going to actually generate $700 billion over a decade. they say that that money can be used, yes, to pay for some of biden's ambitious plans. elizabeth warren told me that she is very happy with the direction that the president is going in terms of the irs enforcement, but she said she hopes that it goes a little bit further. warren she's calling for $100 billion of irs enforcement. she says that's going to raise over a trillion dollars over a decade. what's interesting is that some of the deficit watchdog groups actually put out a statement yesterday and were praising
2:46 am
these calls for irs crack down. they said that unlike tax cuts and unlike infrastructure that closing the tax gap will truly pay for itself. christine, i do think that this is a bipartisan issue here. >> yeah, it couldn't happen overnight because you have to hire the people and it takes a couple years to train up a good irs investigator, but it could definitely bear some freud. elizabeth warren of course a proud liberal. this week alexandria ocasio-cortez a congresswoman said she thought biden had done a better job for progressives than she expected. do you think that warren feels the same? i feel like there was some skepticism on the left wing of the party that biden was going to be right in the middle and too solid in the middle. >> it's a good question. i think it's tough to say. listen, america faces some huge problems, everything from inequality to women dropping out of the workforce to the climate crisis. progressives they want truly bold solutions. look at the climate crisis. biden set a goal to cut
2:47 am
emissions in half by 2030 but some climate activists they argue that he actually didn't go far enough. bernie sanders wants to tax wall street transactions to pay for free college for most americans, that's not part of the biden plan right now. of course, elizabeth warren is asking her wealth tax. i asked her if she's disappointed that the wealth tax is not part of the biden plan and she told me she's not going to keep fighting. we do have to keep in mind that the reality is democrats only have slim margins in the senate and the house, so much of the progressive wish list just isn't possible, but that is not going to stop elizabeth warren from trying, christine. >> companies concerned, wall street complaining about higher taxes on investors and companies, but market is sitting at record highs. kind of square that. matt egan, nice to see you this wednesday morning. thank you. >> thank you, christine. >> we will be right back. so we made classes you can take at any hour.
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2:53 am
look as this isn't how it's supposed to go. i didn't see any remorse. mitchell says during deliberations only one juror raised doubt about chauvin's guilt. a dramatic rescue caught on police body cam video in southwest atlanta after a minor accident in the parking lot of a gas station a car caught fire and the driver began having a seizure. a team of officers working together to break into the burning car, pull the man to safety. the driver and several of the officers were take ton a hospital where they were treated for minor injuries. let's look at markets around the world this wednesday morning. you can see gains really to start the day. you can see asian shares closed higher, europe has opened higher here and on wall street stock index futures are narrowly mixed here. stocks finished mostly flat tuesday, barely moving basically. the dow managed a tiny gain, the s&p 500 fell short of the record high, the nasdaq closed down a little bit, too, still close to records. there is a ton for investors today.
2:54 am
the fed wraps up a two-day polly meeting this afternoon. the central bank is not expected to raise rates but experts believe it will affect its policy to let the economy run hot and not worry about inflation. investors will get earnings reports from boeing, apple, facebook, ford, the big head liner will be the president's joint address to congress tonight and his vision for remaking the american economy to favor the worker again. a pandemic moved americans' lives online and that was a boone for tech earnings. revenue jumped 34% to alphabet, profit nearly $18 billion. millions of people turned to google to stay informed during the pandemic. microsoft also reported its strongest quarterly growth since 2018, revenue rose to nearly $42 billion, a 44% jump in profit. microsoft computer and gaming sales soared as people spent most of their time in front of multiple screens during the lockdown. confidence in the economy now near pre-pandemic levels. a 1-month high in consumer
2:55 am
confidence, the new survey from the conference board shows consumer confidence rose for the fourth month in a row. vaccines and historic stimulus have helped businesses reopen and the jobs market has go unto recover helping americans feel more confident about planning trips in the future and increase spending. a shortage of tank truck drivers could mean a shortage of gas at gas stations this summer. an industry trade group says 20 to 25 percent of tank trucks are parked right now. they don't have drivers. drivers left the industry when demand for gasoline dropped because of pandemic shutdowns. analysts say vacation hot spots are at most risks of shortages that could mean higher prices. already the national average price of a gallon of gas is nearly $2.90 a gallon. a battle of billionaires in the space race, jeff bezos's blue origin is protesting nasa's latest contract with spacex. the contract is to build the
2:56 am
vehicle that will land the next astronauts on the moon. blue origin's ceo said the decision downplayed technical challenges in spacex's proposal. musk's response, can't get it up to orbit, lol. it's going to be a long week for "saturday night live." all right. the golden state warriors get blown out after the longest scoring drought the nba has seen in more than a decade. andy scholes has more on the "bleacher report." >> sometimes it's just not your night and it was not the golden state warriors night as they took on luka doncic and the mavericks. steph curry making this three, gives the warriors 12 points in the first quarter. after that they would not score for 9 minutes and 38 seconds, during that time the mavs scored 28 unanswered points. that matches the second biggest scoring run the nba has seen in the past 20 years. dallas cruising to victory after
2:57 am
that. 133-103. steve kerr said the loss is on him. >> i'm the head coach so i did not have them ready to play clearly. you know, biggest game of the year and we -- it was over before it started. the nfl is getting set to host 50,000 fans tomorrow night for the draft in cleveland. the main stage is outside, masks will be required. fans closest to the stage will be invited by the nfl and will be verified as vaccinated. fans will be back for the kentucky derby this weekend as well between 40,000 to 50,000 are expected at churchill downs on saturday. the favorite essential quality will start the 14th position right beside the horse the next pest odds rock your world. undefeated five time boxing champer floyd mayweather will be getting back into the ring to face logan paul. the pair will square off june 6th at hard rock stadium in miami.
2:58 am
mayweather hasn't fought since 2018 exhibition, paul lost his only professional fight thus far. the nhl is skating into a new tv home starting next season, the league and turner sports announce ago new seven-year agreement yesterday. the deal includes regular season, playoff and stanley cup final games televised on tnt at tbs as well as the nhl winter classic, the annual new year's day outdoor game. turner sports is owned by cnn's parent company warner media. finally, eight years after turning pro, golfer michael vasaki's dream of getting a spot in a pga tour event came true. he made a 20 foot birdie putt on the final hole to qualify for his first tournament. check out his emotions when he called his father to tell him the news. >> hey, dad. >> hey. >> how are you? >> all right. >> i made it.
2:59 am
>> before this the 27-year-old only played in one tour event but visacki says he never thought about quitting. >> a lot of people give up on their dreams, probably because they can't avoid it. but i've been lucky enough to be with my parents and having able to help me out sometimes to keep living it. >> good luck to michael this weekend. certainly rooting for him. >> just keep trying. i want to show that story to my kids. keep trying, never give up. . new day live from washington starts right now. hello. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman live from the nation's


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