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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 27, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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♪ are the days of masks outside about to be a thing of the past? updated cdc guidelines for the fully vaccinated expected today. just 20 seconds of family left with even more questions after watching only a tiny clip of footage of andrew brown's death at the hands of police. and major shift of political power in the u.s. new census data means big changes in the south and the west and some losses elsewhere. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, we have reports this
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morning from the white house, india, north carolina, moscow, mexico city and tokyo as only cnn k this is "early start," i'm christine romans. >> it's a mouthful. it's tuesday, april 27th, it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. just in time for summer already signs this morning on the rules of who needs to wear a mask outside are about to relax or be adjusted. president biden is expected to a nons the cdc is updating its guidance. several new recommendations are expected for people who are fully vaccinated. jasmine wright is live at the white house for us this morning. jasmine, good morning to you. what should we expect, masks out the door? >> reporter: well, that's one of the things that we will be learning today. president biden will be addressing the pandemic just a day before he is set to give that big joint session address to congress tomorrow. today he will be talking about the pandemic and cnn has learned that he's expected to announce new guidance on whether americans should be wearing masks outdoors. lawyer ration let's be really
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clear about something, we don't know yet what he's going to say but we do know that this comes at a time where americans have been now one year into this pandemic, i'm sure i don't of to remind anyone and there is mask fatigue happening and those who are now vaccinated nearly one half -- excuse me, nearly 50% of americans have at least one dose, they're asking do i need to still be wearing my mask outdoors? but the problem s laura, that while those american adults are vaccinated, children are not. we're not giving the vaccine to children right now, which leads to parents asking, okay, if i'm outdoors, not wearing my mask, going out, what am i going to bring home to my children? now, richard besser addressed this argument last night. take a listen. >> i worry when i see states already declaring that the pandemic is over, that we have victory over the pandemic given that there are no vaccines for anyone younger than 16. it's very important that we keep
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the measures in place that public health says is essential to reduce transmission to help protect children until there are vaccines for kids as well. >> so one thing is that now fda is looking at whether or not they can give pfizer vaccine to children 12 to 15. we don't have the answer on that yet nor do we have what president biden is going to say today, but we will be looking out. laura? >> jasmine, thanks so much. to north carolina now where people are running out of patience in elizabeth city. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up? don't shoot. >> there were protests into the night after andrew brown's family had their first look at body cam video of his shooting by police. brown was killed six days ago by sheriff's deputies attempt to go serve him an arrest warrant. the county sheriffs says it all happened in less than 30 seconds and body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher. >> still very few details here and no video has been publicly released.
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a group of media outlets including cnn are asking a judge to release the body cam footage. that petition will be heard tomorrow. the state and sheriffs say they will follow the judge's order. cnn's brian todd is in north carolina for us. >> reporter: christine and laura, the brown family and their attorneys are angry, frustrated, upset over what they say is kind of manipulation and a lack of transparency by the pasquotank attorney michael cox, the sheriffs and others controlling the release of this body cam footage. they are disappointed because they only got to see 20 seconds worth of that footage and they say it doesn't give them enough answers. they believe there is a lack of transparency here, they are not being treated with the respect they deserve in this process. here is some of what the attorneys had to say after they viewed that 20 seconds of footage. >> let's be clear, this was an execution. andrew brown was in his driveway, the sheriff blocked him in his driveway so he could
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not exit his driveway. andrew had his hands on his steering wheel. he was not reaching for anything, he was not touching anything, he was not throwing anything around. he had his hands firmly on the steering wheel. they run up to his vehicle shooting. >> reporter: so in addition to their descriptions this have and their consternation at not being able to see more of this footage the attorneys did give a sum detail of what they saw, brown family attorney told us that at least six or seven deputies are seen on the footage firing at andrew brown's car, is that it does show that he was trying to get away from them but he was also trying not to harm them, he were trying to get around them they said as he was trying to exit the scene. they said several deputies were firing, they were using -- some were using handguns, some using automatic weapons. there does seem to be in their minds quite a lot of shooting that took place here as andrew brown had his hands on the wheel they say and was trying to get away. christine and laura? >> thank you so much for that. 89 people short, that's all
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it took for new york to lose a congressional seat. 89 people. new data from the 2020 census shifting the balance of power in this country for the next decade. six of the ten biggest states will lose a house seat. california losing a house seat for the first time ever, notably five states that voted for president biden will lose seats, california gains two. two states that voted for trump will lose a seat. >> democrats currently hold a slim majority in the house and republicans have a strong grip on redrawing district maps to help them consolidate power. none of this lost on former attorney general eric holder who runs the national democratic redistricting committee. >> this is all about the republican acquisition and retention of illegitimate power. that's what this thing is all about. >> yeah, i should say texas up two, california down one. the reason this redistribution of seats is so crucial because
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it dictates electoral college votes. if you care about how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds are spent on schools, emergency response, roads, bridges and hospitals, folks, you care about the census. cnn's kristen holmes has more from washington. >> reporter: good morning, christine and laura. there are two big things that we are looking at in this data. we want to break them down. the first is that new population number, the new number they announced yesterday population of the u.s. is 331 million give or take. the really important thing to note is this is actually the second slowest population growth in u.s. history. the last time it was this low was actually between 190 and -- 1930 and 1940. the other thing we're watching is what this means. these numbers will shape the political landscape for years to come. the census data is what determines how many congressional seats each state gets. as of yesterday's announcements
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were some winners and losers. some states that got seats and some that lost congressional seats. starting with the gains, the biggest gain was texas, they gained two seats, the only state that gained two seats, the others, colorado, florida, montana, north carolina and oregon, they all gained one seat. seven states actually lost seats. those were california, illinois, michigan, new york, ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia. what this shows us is that the political power in the united states is shifting from the northeast, from the midwest, those rust belt states, to the south, to the west. so that's something that we're going to keep in mind here. the other thing to note is that this fight is far from over. we don't know how exactly these states are going to redirect, where these actual seats are going to go or where they're going to be taken from. so this begins that long battle between republicans and democrats as they scramble to try and secure safe congressional seats. christine and laura?
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>> kristen, thank you for that. the covid situation this india spiraling deeper into crisis. hospitals running out of icu beds and oxygen. crematoriums and grave yards overwhelmed. cnn has a report from new delhi next. want leftover onion residue or any food residue on any of your surfaces. but that's what you could be doing if you're cleaning with a used dishcloth,, even a after you've rinsed it. so, switch to a fresh sheet of boununty for a more hygienic clean. unlike used dishcloths that can carry and redistriribute residu, bounty keeps your surfaces cleaner. because better hygiene begins with bounty. bounty, the quicker picker upper. (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever. (vo) feel the sand between your toes, and the gentle waves of the sea on your skin. feel the warm jamaican breeze lift your spirits
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india now reporting a slight drop in coronavirus cases the first time in a week, still more than 320,000 cases reported overnight. india is actually in the middle of an election on top of all of this. overnight a court ordered new health precautions be put in place and says india's electoral commission should face murder charges for spreading the virus. the commission has banned victory processions after results come in sunday. the u.s. and uk are leading international efforts to help india cope with this voe vied crisis. an outbreak has killed two staff and sickened more than 100. hospitals are running out of
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oxygen and icu beds and the surge has forced families to wait in line to have the bodies of their loved ones cremated. vedika sud is on the ground in india. >> reporter: these raging fires will continue all day and through the evening, the surge in cases have been so much that there is a waiting really for these bodies to be put on the pile by family members. there is a queue outside just waiting for the final rights to end for a family member who has died of covid-19. body after body being brought into this crematorium in india's national capital new delhi that has seen a huge surge not only in cases but fatalities as well. family members pulling out bodies such as this one from ambulances lined up in this crematorium groud and taking them for cremation. they have grown up with these people, they have lived with them and now it's time to say their final good-bye. >> translator: my uncle died at
2:15 am
about 11:15 p.m. on april 24th. the hospital didn't inform us. when we called the help desk we were told he is no more. >> reporter: one of the more heartbreaking scenes i witnessed was when a 27-year-old was picking up the ashes of his 49-year-old mother. his brother is still in hospital recovering from covid-19 while his father has just got home after recovering from infection. i'm standing outside a covid emergency ward at a month in new delhi. it is here that a lot of people have been coming and almost begging for beds and oxygen for their loved ones. if you look at all these cars starting from here almost a dozen of them parked right outside this emergency ward, they are asking just for beds and oxygen which they have been denied. as of now because there are no beds available according to officials inside this hospital. they are all people here, all women, all men, even younger people gasping for breath in these cars just waiting for the one lucky moment where they get a bed inside this facility.
2:16 am
>> i brought my father here. there are no beds. there are people in the corridors lying on the floor and the very first questions is, your test, what is the infection rate, am i getting oxygen cylinder? to which -- i heard this is what the hospital will provide. >> reporter: relatives of patients suffering from covid-19 have been waiting for ambulances also to take them home but these ambulances are being so busy getting patients here or to cream for yums that it's been extremely difficult for them to get the sick ones home after being denied a bed. vedika sud, cnn, new delhi. >> thank you so much for bringing us the reality on the ground there. still ahead, new leaked audio of iran's top diplomate. what it reveals the former secretary of state may have said about a key u.s. ally. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore.
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president donald trump's signature legislation was 2017 tax cuts, but president biden actually gave a bigger tax cut to lower income families. that's right, thanks to multiple provisions in the history relief package americans earning less than $75,000 a year will pay no tax on average in 2021. a new government report shows people making between $75,000 and 1$100,000 a year will pay a average rate of 1.8%. it's important to remember most of the tax breaks, though, in
2:22 am
the american rescue plan are one-time measures or only last for a year or two. a group of house democrats have introduce add bill to make the child tax credit permanent. the american rescue plan expanded the child tax credit from $2,000 per child per year to as much as $3,600 for a wild 6 and under, $3,000 for older children. monthly payments will start going to families in july. the credit is fully refundable for 2021 so more families can take advantage of it. the american families plan is expected to extend that child tax credit until 2025. the new york knicks winning streak finally snapped last night at the hands of the suns. andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." >> the new york knicks for the first time in a long time looked like they could finally make some noise in the playoffs. they had a nine-game winning streak coming into last night's game against the suns. that's their second longest streak in 25 years but phoenix
2:23 am
would play spoiler, dech booker pouring in 33 points and chris paul scored seven points in the final 90 seconds to seal the win for phoenix. a 118-110. knicks right now in fourth place in the eastern conference. cavs/raptors, we had a bizarre play in the third quarter. an official will throw the ball to kevin love to inbound the ball but he bats it away, toronto goes and grabs it and makes an easy three as love casually walks around. love did not play the rest of the game after that. he left the court before the final buzzer sounded as well. the cavs lose that one 112-96. lebron james says he will be back with the lakers soon, he post this had video on instagram rehabbing his injured ankle. the four-time league mvp has been out of action for longer than a month. lakers currently in fifth place in the western conference. one of lebron's rookie cards
2:24 am
shattered the record for the most valuable basketball card ever sold. the autographed card went for $5.2 million in a private auction. the price kag ties a 1952 tops mickey mantle for the most expensive sports card sale of all time. this guy's rookie card will be a lot one day. ohtani dominated on both sides of the plate. got the win and also went two for lee at the plate with an rbi double. angels beat the rangers 9-4. ohtani the first guy to start the game on the mound while leading the league in home runs since babe ruth. anytime you can be in a sentence when it says last time since babe ruth you know you're doing something right. >> nice to see you. thank you, sir. president joe biden gives
2:25 am
his first address to a joint session of congress, that's tomorrow night. join jake tapper, abby phillip, dana bash, anderson cooper and wolf blitzer for cnn's special live coverage tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to dairy. so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk is also saying mabel here isn't a real cow. and she really hates that. mabel here isn't a real cow. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee...
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2:30 am
vaccinated. all the other past presidents joined the effort, taping this pro-vaccine message, but trump chose to get his vaccine behind closed doors and trump's hard core supporters have proven especially difficult to reach on this issue. >> take west virginia, governor justice announced a $100 savings bond for anyone between 16 and 35 who shows up for a vaccination, essentially paying people to avoid a deadly disease. this push comes at a critical time now, more people getting their second shots than their first, suggesting we will soon hit a wall of people unwilling to roll up their sleeves. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more on this. >> laura, christine, cnn has learned that some close advisers to former president donald trump are urging him to make a psa, a public service announcement, encouraging his followers to take a covid-19 vaccine. the worry is that too many republicans don't want to get the vaccine and that they will
2:31 am
listen to donald trump more than anyone else. according to a recent survey by the kaiser family foundation 54% of republicans were unenthusiastic about getting a covid-19 vaccine. to break down that number, 29% said they definitely would not get it, 19% said they would wait and see, 6% said they would only get it if they were required to, such as by their employer. two people who served as senior officials in the trump administration note to cnn that it was in the trump administration that these covid-19 vaccines were developed and they say they don't want to see his followers help tarnish that legacy. one of these officials telling cnn i see operation warped speed tipping towards failure and it really concerns me. if we don't move half those people into the vaccinated column we're most likely not going to reach community immunity and if we don't reach it then the president's vaccine legacy is dead. operation warped speed the effort in the trump administration to develop and
2:32 am
distribute covid-19 vaccines. last week in an interview on fox news the former president said he would do a psa, but there was no firm commitment. laura, christine? >> thank you so much for that is correct elizabeth. pandemic priority, feeding children. the white house expanding a program to help get food to more than 30 million kids over the summer, it's about $375 per child after the school year ends for eligible families. we know it's harder for low income children to get nutrition assistance when they are not physically in school. the department of agriculture says summer meal programs typically reach fewer than 20% of families served during the school year. at the same time states and cities are raising to use billions of dollars in aid to fight the housing crisis but looming deadlines could make that problem worse. the government has made a historic $70 billion investment across several covid relief packages to help people stay in their homes or to find housing but the federal pause on evictions that ends june 30th
2:33 am
and fema will stop subsidizing cities for moving homeless people into hotels in september. there is still $5 billion in housing vouchers that haven't been released by hud, the agency has about another month to start giving out those funds to local agencies, laura. it feels like we do these stopgap measures with things like the eviction notices but they only go for a certain amount of time even though they know they will get extended. >> we only pass a certain amount of money up front and go back and do another round of covid relief. this time i think we're looking at vaccinations and an economy that will start to recover later this fall and they're hoping they can stretch that money until the economy starts to roar back. >> all right. now to the latest front in the war on voting. florida the state senate approving new rules monday on a near party line vote, changes include this, look at this, limited hours for drop boxes, limits on who can turn in a voter's ballots, new id requirements for mail-in ballots and you can't give out food or
2:34 am
drinks within 150 feet of polling places. a version of the bill with even tighter restrictions is still under consideration in florida's lower chamber. intrigue in morning between the u.s., iran and israel. top climate envoy john kerry, the former secretary of state is denying allegations that he informed iran about israely operations in syria when he served as top diplomate. even though there is leaked audio suggesting otherwise. fred pleitgen has covered iran extensively and joins us from moscow this morning. fred, a lot of intrigue here. the timing of all of this, look, it's very sensitive. >> it's extremely sensitive, christine. you have two things that are going on right now between the u.s. and iran. on the one hand you have -- or in iran -- you have the vienna negotiations right now to salvage the nuclear agreement between the u.s. and iran and other countries as well, where head way has been made, then what you have coming up in june is presidential elections in iran as well. of course, this leaked audio is
2:35 am
apparently from the foreign minister. there were some who are thinking that he might want to run for president in that upcoming election, he so far has said that he has no desire to do so. right now in iran they're trying to figure out where these leaks come from and which side could benefit from the leaks. the hardliners or more moderates as they go looking towards this election and as these negotiations continue on as well. then what was said there was really quite remarkable, to have something like that come out in iran, apparently the foreign minister said in his quest for foreign policy, in his diplomacy, his hands were often tied because obviously the supreme leader has the last day on anything, but also he felt that he was often undermined by qassem soleimani the head of the revolution nl guard corps killed in a u.s. drone strike at the beginning of 2020. he said he used iran's national airline to ferry weapons and personnel to syria without telling zarif.
2:36 am
he also claimed that soleimani and the russians were trying to undermine the nuclear agreement which of course he had just brokered. the iranian foreign ministry does not deny that the recordings are authentic, however, they do say that only parts of them were leaked and that that does not tell the real story and that obviously zarif is someone who is very loyal to iran and wants iran's best. one of the things that we know about iran and we've been talking about it so often is that you do have the supreme leader who will have the final say on anything, whether it's diplomacy or iran's military efforts as well. both soleimani and zarif will have gone to the supreme leader at some point to conduct their policies, if you will, and he does have the final say. >> fred pleitgen, teasing that all out for us. thanks, fred. fighting extremism abroad, at home and now within. the department of homeland security is launching an internal investigation to address domestic violent extremism within its own ranks.
2:37 am
it's not clear whether dhs officials have identified a specific internal threat but the agency has called domestic extremism the most lethal threat to the u.s. today. still ahead, get vaccinated, lose your job. we will tell you about the twisted logic coming from one private school in miami. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever. (vo) feel the sand between your toes, and the gentle waves of the sea on your skin. feel the warm jamaican breeze lift your spirits and nourish your soul. escape to exactly what makes your heart beat. you will love every moment. jamaica. heartbeat of the world. let's go.
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later today the cdc is expected to offer new relaxed guidance on masking outdoors but one state is expanding mask mandates to include its youngest residents. "early start" has the pandemic covered coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm lucy kafanov. as michigan grapples with a surge of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations, state officials on monday expanded the mask mandate to include children as young as two while in public spaces including day care and camps. the change comes as the state is in the midst of one of the
2:42 am
nation's worst covid-19 outbreaks with michigan hospitals now at critical capacity levels. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge in atlanta. the georgia emergency management and homeland security agency or as we know it gma says it is closing its remaining covid-19 mass vaccination sites beginning next month. the eight locations will close may 21st including the metro atlanta location at the delta flight museum next to hartsfield-jackson international airport. gema says the reason for the shutdown is because the sites continue to see less and less demand. >> reporter: i'm alexandra field in new york city. for the first time some people will be able to go to their primary care doctor's office to get the covid vaccine. the vaccine is being rolled out at 40 different physicians offices across the city, that number will climb to 100 by the end of the week. it's part of a plan announced by governor andrew cuomo back in march to send about a million doses to physicians in order to
2:43 am
try to target new yorkers who have been harder to reach. >> reporter: i'm ed lavandera in dallas. the houston methodist hospital system is mandating that all of its 26,000 employees get vaccinated by june 7th or risk getting fired. there are exemptions for medical or religious reasons, but this is one of the first major hospital systems in the country to issue this mandate. there are some employees who have pushed back saying they don't feel comfortable, but by and large it appears that most of the employees are doing so. the company reports that so far 89% of its staff has already been vaccinated. >> reporter: i'm jacqueline howard in atlanta. the cdc has updated guidance for summer camps this year and the guidance says people who can get vaccinated against covid-19 should do so but vaccines are not yet authorized for kids so even after camp counselors and employees are vaccinated, camps still need to follow prevention
2:44 am
measures. wear masks, physical distance, wash your hands, staying outdoors is best and it's recommended to increase ventilation indoors. keep facilities clean and if someone gets sick do contact tracing. all right. a private grade school in miami, get this, telling its teachers if they get the coronavirus vaccine, those teachers have to stay away from the students. in a letter to staff one of the school's co-founders lays out a series of false and frankly wildly unhinged claims about vaccinated people hurting those who aren't. essentially magical thinking. among the more baffling things she wrote, she says, okay, get this, even among our own population we have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person. so that's of course complete nonsense, no basis in fact or
2:45 am
science. she goes on with more claims. she has informed her teachers their continued employment in effect depends on avoiding the vaccine. i'm on the website of the academy and there is a lot of anti-vax stuff. it makes you wonder -- it's tough -- it's a tough time to be an anti-vaxxer in covid when you're trying to keep ahold of these baseless, you know, puddles of misinformation when your life depends on it. >> one of the scarier things that she says here is if you want to get the vaccine please wait until the school year ends which essentially means wait to do something that is going to keep you safe, going to keep you out of the hospital which is just completely confounding and against science. again, this is in a place that is teaching our children. it's just -- it's exhausting. >> yeah. all right. the covid vaccine rollout in latin america has been painfully slow and messy with several countries reaching out for help. you might be surprised about who
2:46 am
is stepping in now. matt rivers has more from mexico city. >> reporter: christine and lawyer ration as we watch what's happening in the united states right now where it's beginning to look like the supply of different vaccines is outpacing the demand for those vaccines it is the opposite happening in latin america where there remains critical vaccine shortages in just about every country across this region. considering what's happening in mexico and brazil, which combined make up for well over half the population of latin america and the caribbean as a whole. in mexico less than 17 million doses in total have been administered so far and in brazil less than 5% of the population there has been fully vaccinated according to the health ministry. we heard from the health ministry on monday where they said that due to a shortage of supply in the active ingredient used to make the corona vac vaccine there could be delays in people receiving their second dose of that vaccine in that
2:47 am
country. as we move forward we will see continued calls from different countries in this region, for countries like the united states to share their supply of the vaccine. we have seen china and russia try to step in in this part of the world giving out different contracts for their vaccines, but there remain delays and a lot of those contracts, so calls for the united states to share its vaccine supply only going to increase as we move forward. >> matt, thank you for that. japan is struggling to vaccinate ahead of the olympics but preparations are still moving forward in hopes of a smooth event this summer. cnn's blake essig takes a trial run at the swimming event -- takes a look at a trial run at a swimming event to see what's ready and what's still in the works. >> reporter: we are at the tokyo aquatics center one of the venues that will be used for the olympic and paralympic games. with less than three months to go before the start of the olympics this is one of the first test events being held since the games were postponed more than a year ago. test events serve as a dress
2:48 am
rehearsal for olympic organizers, an opportunity to work out the kinks ahead of the games. in this case, only a limited number of japanese athletes are participating. here in the mix zone only 12 journalists are allowed in at anytime. as a result because of covid-19 this virtual setup is one option being considered to allow equal access to athletes. when it comes to anti-virus measures it's clear olympic organizers are still figuring things out. this is the media room inside the aquatics center where social distancing doesn't seem to be an option. it hasn't been decided this is what the tokyo olympic and paralympic games could look like, empty arenas with no fans and athletes competing to the sound of music which does help mask the silence. despite a fourth wave of infection growing and tokyo being placed under a third state of emergency order olympic organizers and the japanese government remain committed to holding the games as scheduled this summer. blake essig, cnn, tokyo.
2:49 am
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for the first time in months new york governor andrew cuomo held a press conference monday where he took questions from reporters and it was combative. the governor denied all allegations against him while being hammered with questions about whether there was any truth to a growing parade of sexual harassment accusations.
2:54 am
>> to put it very simply, no. no. >> the sexual harassment -- >> that's right. >> you're denying all of it? >> that's right. yes. the report can't say anything different because i didn't do anything wrong. >> cuomo is facing scrutiny over deaths in local nursing homes and how they were reported and his controversial book deal. he suggests the motive behind the many allegations against him could be jealousy. the campaign to remove california governor gavin newsom has enough signatures to force a recall vote. the effort has been fueled by anger over restrictions newsom put in place to curb coronavirus not to mention a fancy dinner with supporters that violated those same guidelines. the governor calls this a republican power grab led by extreme trump supporters. a recent poll found out about 40% of voters support recalling newsom. the justice department now opening a broad civil rights investigation into the louisville police department more than a year after officers shot and killed breonna taylor in her own home during a botched raid. attorney general merrick garland says he wants to assess whether
2:55 am
louisville police engaged in a pattern of using unreasonable force, unconstitutional stops, searches and ease urs, and unlawfully executed seven warrants on private homes. this is the second time in a week that doj has announced a civil rights investigation into a local police force. the faa says it's looking into the case of a state lawmaker from alaska banned from alaska airlines for refusing to comply with their mask policy. republican state senator laura rhine bold had to drive more than 14 hours and take a ferry to get to work sunday because alaska airlines operates the only regular flights between her home north of anchorage and the state capitol in juno. she referred to flight attendance as mask bullies. no more book deals for trump administration officials. that demand from hundreds of simon & schuster employees and thousands of outside supporters in a petition saying the trump administration should not be treated as a normal chapter in american history. it calls on the company not to
2:56 am
publish former vice president mike pence's upcoming memoire. you might recall the company canceled republican senator josh hawley's book citing his role in inciting the capitol insurrection. just about the top of the hour. we will look at markets around the world. asian shares have closed slightly mixed an europe has opened slightly lower. on wall street stock index futures also very narrowly mixed here. wall street ikd can off the week with record highs, the dow closed 61 points lower, but both the s&p 500, the nasdaq hit records. that's the first nasdaq record since february. investors are optimistic about corporate earnings, google owner alphabet and microsoft report their results after markets close today. tesla kicked off earnings season for big tech posting record profit for the third quarter in a row. adjusted earnings reached a billion for the first time. revenue was held back after it stopped building two of its most expensive models and dealt with the global chip shortage. elon musk said deliveries of the
2:57 am
model s would pick up probably next month. hollywood's biggest night had its smallest audience ever. the 93ered academy awards drew 9.8 million viewers on sunday, that's a 58% drop from last year's show. just seven years ago the oscars nabbed more than 40 million viewers. ratings for awards shows have dropped across the board during the pandemic. the oscars may have struggled because many of the movies nominated weren't seen by the general audience. many of hollywood's biggest films have been held back until later this year and next year. christine, this he say diamonds are forever but what about the most expensive sneakers in the world? a pair of kanye west mikey air yeezy's sold for a mind-boggling $1.8 million in a private sale. can yay premiered the prototypes in 2008 at the grammys although the style never officially hit store shelves. the buyer an investing platform said purchasing the shoes was like buying a piece of history. >> i just don't understand. for the record, i don't
2:58 am
understand. >> all right. we will get you yeezy's for christmas. fine. >> thank you. twin sisters in kansas received a late christmas gift from a stranger almost 650 miles away. back in december lat is that flores gonzalez had her four-year-old girls send their christmas list to santa by dying them to balloons. one of the balloons reached alvin bamberd. he posted his discovery on facebook which was shared so much it eventually reachlaticia >> a letter was folded and sealed with a single red star. so when i opened it i was quite surprised. >> the whole year had been very difficult for us and throughout the whole year i had been doing different activities with the girls and i figured, hey, let's just do something different. let's send a letter to santa in a different way. i never really thought somebody would find one of the balloons,
2:59 am
or especially get out that far. >> alvin's family and his friends started sending both girls gifts and earlier this month alvin drove six hours to give them one last present from luna's list, a puppy. oh, my gosh. the only way that story could get any better, the great story with the cute kids is the cute puppy. i love it. >> so cute. i love it. >> we gave that you for the day. take that with you and smile. thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. i'm breonna keeler alongside john berman on this "new day." do americans need to wear their masks outside? the guidance is coming soon. plus a city on edge. the family of a black man killed by police say they were only allowed to see 20 seconds of the body cam video and their calling what they saw an execution. news just in that president biden will be making a major move on the minimum wage today


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