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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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an important point as we all watch what's happening in our culture together. it is not about cherry-picking cases, it is about showing you the reality and see how each case is dealt with. coverage continues now with cnn tonight, d. lemon, the big star on the big show. >> this is what i would say. i think regardless of how you feel about these issues, i think everyone feels the same on this. i think there needs to be transparency. the video needs to come out because the video can do a lot. it can exonerate or condemn actions and if you rega regardless -- again, we need to see what happened before we can determine what the outcome should be, who was right or wrong or whatever the particulars are in these situations, right or wrong. >> i think you have to be right.
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it is way past time where body cameras are an option. they're like a luxury item on a vehicle. no. they're a must. we are past that phase. there is no more debate. well, that's over. trust is transparency. now this case to me feels like a ahmad arbery and they moved it to the state level in north carolina. that's good. we saw that with george floyd in minnesota but it is also not good. >> are you going to have to do it every time? >> that's right, you got to be able to handle it on a local level. >> it is bad suggestion and bad for police on the local level. although north carolina you are dealing with big population with the police at least ten. this bedroom communities like 18,000 people. here is the problem. they'll complain. oh, you are getting ahead of it.
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look, this is on you. this is not on us. if you don't want to answer questions, if you don't want to give information, you are going to have assumptions and suspicions, that's the way it works. if you want to ask me about something i am reporting, i would say i am not ready to tell you and i don't want to tell you of what i think. it is on the media to push. this case does not look good. yes. >> that goes back to the first thing that came out of my mouth. transparency. if you are transparent with the video and what happened and you know in the moment because there is a public interest now in what's happening with police shootings. i get asked over and over whether it is in interviews by other journalists or the people who watch the program or if i am in a taxi. don, are these things happening more often or are we seeing them
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because there are cell phones out there. my initial response is we are seeing it. it appears within the last couple of months or so, we are getting one after another. there seems to be a spike in these. i have to see what the numbers are because i want to be able to answer that question and inform ways where i have to look at the numbers. we are seeing it a lot. >> first of all, you can't answer your own question because we don't have universal data methodology. >> reporting. >> different departments don't report and they get to define what's the use of force verses about adverse use of force. >> and they define in the police report and look at what happened in minneapolis with george floyd. >> yes. >> the initial report looked nothing like we saw in camera. >> there was a spike in interests. i don't know if there is a spike in cases, what happens is we get bored of this and we move onto
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to the next mask concern and the cases are there. they can play with the numbers of what it is. this is one and too many categories. you look at places in cam don. you can make things better and transparency is always apart of it. body camera video is shaky. hey, i am not watching a movie. >> does not have to be perfect lighting. >> i don't want to see the guy shooting at you or not. >> did he come at you or not? did he drive at you or not? >> why would you fire him going away? this is basic. >> show us the video. it does not have to be perfect. the oscars were last night and we want to see this video, not the edited, fancy version of it. thank you sir. i got to go. >> d. lemon. you looked good. >> i wish i can say the same thing for that haircut. >> move along.
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>> this is "cnn tonight," i am don lemon. cnn has obtained new video of the moment andrew brown jr. shot and killed by police. it has been five days since andrew brown jr. was shot to death by police. you heard chris saying, five days. if there is no transparency or people think you are hiding something, then you have to fill it in with assumptions and questions. five days of questions without answers. five days with body cam video kept from the public. >> all along on the show since i have been doing on the show, the transparency of having videos is the main tool that we have to determine that we have to be
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able to determine what happened in these cases. without that is transparency, none of us knows. nobody knows. andrew brown's family and their attorney said they were only shown one body cam video even though seven deputies have been put on administrative leave and two resigns and one retires. >> they're trying to hide something. >> 20 seconds. i want you to imagine if we only had 20 seconds of that video of george floyd of derek chauvin kneeling on his neck. imagine we only seen 20 seconds instead of 9 minutes. >> i want to be clear here the facts and these cases are very
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different. we need to know all the facts, that's why transparency is very important. the video tape can exonerate an officer's actions or condemn the officer's actions. that's why 20 seconds of body cam video does not begin to tell the story of what happened here. the family and their legal team calling it an execution. >> this was an execution. >> i know it. >> andrew brown was in his drive way, the sheriff blocked him in so he could not exit his drive way and andrew had his hands on the steering wheel. he was not doing anything. he had his hands-on th on the sg wheel. they ran up to his vehicle and
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shoot him, he's still sitting there while being shot at. he tried to get away and backed out. that was noin no time in 20 seconds we saw that he was threatening officers in any way. he was trying to evade being shot. >> yeah. that attorney will be on in just a moment. we'll talk to her. we know little about what happened. very little. the questions are getting louder and louder without the body cam footage being released. the sheriff's office says the county attorney filed as motion today in court to release it. >> today our county attorney filed a motion with the court to release the body camera video. we'll comply with the judge's order. >> a lot more to come on all of this. on top of the trauma of george floyd's death, daunte wright's death and ma'kiah's death.
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i want you to listen to this se senator graham. >> we just elected -- our system are not racist. america is not a racist country. within every society you have bad actors. >> boy oh boy, that's what got us in trouble. that sort of thinking led us to verify on people on both sides, that sort of thinking because people thought we are in this post racial society after they elected a black president and look at what happened after that.
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look at all the bigot and the racist and that came just beneath the surface because of thinking like that. racism does not exist because of barack obama? do you not remember the birthism thing? the man can't even wear a tan suit or ride his bicycle with a helmet, really? because of kamala harris? president obama did not have a magic wand that he can raise around to racism neither is our vice president harris now. that's not how systematic racism works. that's how any of this works. lindsey graham has to be educated. clearly he has read a history
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book. surely he has read history. it is not something we can magically put behind us. it is still affecting us today. the lack of knowledge of racism goes hand in hand with his own party lack with the relationship of the truth. the post-truth society that we live in now. the gop is the party of the big lie. all the eyes go from exhibit a. kevin mccarthy trying to rewrite history before your very eyes. but, i talk to president trump about and i was the first person to contact him when the riots going on. he didn't see it. he'll put something out to make sure to stop this. that's what he did.
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he put a video out later. >> quite a lot later and it was a weak video. i am asking you specifically, did he say to you, i guess some people are more concerned about the election than you are. >> no, listen, my conversation with the president, i engaged in the idea of making sure we can stop what was going on inside the capitol at that moment in time, the president said he would help. >> revision of history writer, kevin mccarthy everyone. there is a lot of rewriting history, the way mccarthy describes that call. that's not how it happened at all. not at all. you probably remember what really happened. i hope you remember, okay? let me explain. representative herrera confirming to cnn the then president got into a sho shouti match with mccarthy. oh, i guess these people are more upset with the election
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than you are. mccarthy firing back. i am quoting again. who the "f--do you think you are talking to?" >> hunting for lawmakers and chanting "hang mike pence." what did the former president say to them? he said "we love you, you are very special." >> go home, we love you, you are very special. you have seen what happened and how others are treated, so bad and evil. i know how you feel, go home and go home in peace. >> we love you, you are very special. we know how you feel. that's the video that kevin mccarthy meant to stop the
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bloody thirsty rioters to stop the capitol. sounds like a love letter. we love you? you got to wonder whether he thinks we forgotten about all he said on the house floor days after the insurrection. >> the president bares responsibility on when's attack by mob rioters. he should denounced the bmob whn he saw it unfolding. quell the ruling unrest and ensuring president-elect biden to begin his term. which is why i think a fact-finding commission and a center resolution would be pru prudent.
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>> except his share of respon responsibility. the president bares responsibility. he should denounced the mob. i should says the ex-president. whatever happened to that guy? oh, this happens. two weeks after mccarthy's speech on the house floor, there he was at mar-a-lago kissing the ring. there you have the former party. following the disgraced, twice impeached, one term president. the party of the big lie and all the lies that flowed in that. we'll talk about 20 seconds of body cam video. it is not nearly enough to tell us the truth of what happened in andrew brown's final moments. when will we get answer? >> the truth will come out. >> yes, it will.
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another black man fatally shot by police, he was killed five days ago. attorneys for his family say they were only showing 20 seconds of video from just one body camera. joining me now someone who saw the video herself. thank you, attorney, i appreciate you joining us. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> so, as i said you saw the 20 seconds of video. what did you see? >> from the version that we saw, we were able to see just a snippet of what transpired that morning. we saw the sheriff department's truck blocking mr. brown's vehicle in his drive way so he could not exit by going forward.
7:21 pm
he was blocked in. when the video started we heard shots since the video started. we saw the officer yelled, let me see your hands and mr. brown had his hands on the steering wheel and having gunfiring at him. instead of mr. brown going forward, he backed up and he backed his vehicle away from the officers and he tried to go around them to escape the gunfire. as he was driving off, and out of his yard, he was still being targeted and shot at as he was driving away. his vehicle hit the tree across the street, you can still hear the gunshot and the firing at mr. brown. >> you said the video started immediately with gunshots.
7:22 pm
they were shooting at him? >> yes. >> had he been hit when the video started? >> we could not tell. we watched it numerous times and we paused it and rewound it and watched it over and over. we could not tell when he was hit. he was trying to get away from the gunfire. >> what were they and from what you saw even when it started with the gunshots, did you know where his hands were? was his hahnds were on the whee then? >> yes, he slowly started moving backward. they were attacking him and he then realized he had to get out of there. >> any exchange of words or
7:23 pm
anything. >> they'll not provide any of that. they did not provide us any camera footage from the officers that were on the driver side of the vehicle. the one camera that we were allowed to see from the officer towards mr. brown's vehicle. there is a lot of missing footage and information out there. >> so you have no idea when the fatal shot or shots were fired at one point in the video or in the exchange? >> we could not tell. >> so, the sheriff says the entire incident was 30 seconds or less, right? and body cameras were shaky and hard to dicipher. >> we could put together what was happening.
7:24 pm
they only provided us one body camera. we were not proved by the family. >> i want you to take a look at this. i don't know if you have seen it. how important will all of these videos be in this investigation? >> they're extremely important because the more information we have, the more we can see what happened because we were not there. if we can get access to that, we can start putting the pieces together. >> i was watching ben on with chris. he said that they fuzzed out the off officers' faces? was there part of the video that were fuzzed? >> yes, their faces were fuzzed z and some of the rifles they had
7:25 pm
fuzzed out and at times you could not see the entirety of the video because of so much action going on. there was difficult to see what was happening completely. >> did you ask about that? >> we did. and they said that per information they had, they believed it was necessary to fuzz out the video. >> have you ever in your time as an attorney, have you had this much of an issue obtaining police body cam video or evidence like this in the case? >> i have not had direct issues as far as this concerned. i know attorney daniel have dealt with this extensively and according to them, they have not had this much difficulties. >> i heard they have filed a
7:26 pm
notion for the court release of the body camera footage. you said the family does not believe the police are trying to hide things? you believe they're trying to hide something? >> they're going to comply to court's orders. the family could see the videos. now they're saying oh, we'll comply with court orders. that has not really happened. we are not confidence of what's going to transpire everyn court orders are put in place. >> i saw bakari earlier, he said officers were hostile with him. were they hostile with you? >> i was interacting with different sets of officers. there were a lot of confusion of
7:27 pm
who can stay in the room and not. i didn't have to handle that. i was with the family more so than trying to handle the other officers. i did not encounter any hostility once we got in the room. >> thank you for your time, we appreciate you sharing your perspective. i am sure we'll have you back on. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, have a good evening. >> we have to ask the question of the attorney in this case. if they choose to come on and take questions from us. as i have been saying and i always say throughout these things, transparency is key. the video is part of the transparency and it should be released so the public can see and so that the family can zsee and the investigation can be held above order. the justice department launching an investigation into the louisville police department after the killing of breonna
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north carolina city is demanding answer, following the fatal shooting of andrew brown jr. i want to get some perspective from captain ron johnson, good to see you. i wish we can see each other under a better circumstances. unfortunately, this is what's going on and this is where your expertise lies. the family only had 20 seconds of body cam footage. how important is it for the family and the public to see the full tape?
7:33 pm
>> it is really important. we always talk about transparency because that equals trust. right now trust is not there. it is not there for their family and the community and not there for our nation. >> are police losing credibility that they don't release more information in this case? >> yes, they are. people are becoming angry and frustrated. they are losing it. i heard earlier someone said that maybe at a point where the attorney general have to step in. trust is gone, i don't know how they'll gain it back as we speak. >> the attorney jongeneral mayo garland announced today after breonna was shot and killed. i want you to listen how the louisville chief reacted. here it is. >> i think it is a good thing.
7:34 pm
it is necessary because police reform quite honestly is needed in near every agency across the country. and, if us at louisville are going to be one of the plague-ship department for change then bring it on. we are going to deliver. >> she's not alone. local officials, governor and all being positive about this. >> are you hopeful that real reform can happen if departments welcome doj scrutiny like this. >> i applaud her today speaking with a lot of courage. that change has to be reaching out and knows department within the region and also have to take on some of that change and needs to be shared. they need the share their recommendation and their leaders
7:35 pm
to take that on. >> the justice department is looking into the minneapolis following the killing of george floyd. is the best way for change looking at each other as the department is needed when there is police killing. a nationwide approach. even as you look at the way, we the media and the family members have to get video, right? sometimes it is a court order information. it does not seem like a universal system in this country. what needs to happen? should we have some sort of nationwide approach to these issues? >> we have to. it is going to have to be nationwide. the things they are finding really could be tailered in the
7:36 pm
department. >> the question is we have been reporting a lot. during covid there was a surge. how should the justice department and local department get ahead of the violence that's happening instead of just investigating after it happens, meaning the uptake in crimes and what we are seeing with the shootings, the videos of the shootings we have been seeing lately. >> we have to relook at the whole system. we have to stay ahead of it and not be reacting to it. >> no one is reacting to it so we have to react to it. community leeaders and that meas citizens have to be involved. we are seeing citizens and advisory boards. we need to see more of those throughout the country. >> captain ron johnson, always
7:37 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> sitting governor and congresswomen are all outraged of the latest biden policy except, it is all completely made up. the fast way to bring it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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the outrage is over the false and totally fake, completely made-up claim that president biden is trying to force americans to eat less red meat for the sake of climate crisis. it was originated from the internet tabloid making it ws w to the mothership, fox.
7:42 pm
>> no burgers on 4th of july. i am sure america is going to love that. john roberts walking back claims made on his show last week says the program quote "incorrectly implied biden would limit meat-eating." it is too late, the lie already made its way to the twitter smear. >> governor of texas, idaho took the time to tweet this and greene calling biden the ham-burglar. people! burgers are safe. they're going to take our burgers away! you can't make this stuff up.
7:43 pm
well, they did. this also involves from an academic paper that's not about president biden, said nothing about the government imposing dietary limits. it is not the first time that we had to live through a meat controversy. only last month republican m montana governor took official action on meat-eating. he asked people to give it up for one day for their health and the climate. really makes you wonder, are these officials concerned with the issue facing their cons whens or are they only worried about throwing out the other kind of red meat to their supporters. i think we know the answer to that. >> that is a question for mark mckinnon and anna navarro after
7:44 pm
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the house minority leader kevin mccarthy completely rewriting history to trump's response to the capitol insurrection. mccarthy claims now that he spoke with trump on the phone and the call ended with the president saying he would put something out to stop them. trump says well, i guess these people are more upset about the election than you are. joining me now is anna navorro
7:49 pm
and mark, let me start with you. what what's happening here? >> it is all about 2022 and want to be speaker of the house, don. the reality is historically speaking, the other party had a really good shot in the midterms and picking up house seats. there is a very likely chance that republicans will retake the house? 2022 and mccarthy wants to be speaker and he's worried that jim jordan who's trumpier than he is. mccarthy made the mistake of telling the truth a couple of
7:50 pm
times about the insurrection and now he's walking back. it is all about wanting trump's endorsement in 2022. >> mccarthy is not some back bench like marjorie taylor greene, he's the house minority leader. is he more of a follower than a leader? >> oh, you think? >> anything we since january 6th, kevin karth is anything but a leader and behaves like anything but a leader. i agree with mark but i think it is about fundraising. donald trump is very good at fundraising from small donors. kevin mccarthy, not so much. many others, not so much. they know that donald trump getting involved in primaries and he will because he's shown himself to be very vindictive and petty when it comes to settling scores. but the one looking a fool is kevin mccarthy. he treats his supporters and his
7:51 pm
viewers and the people who watch news like if we have short-term memory problems. it has not been that long ago that we saw him saying something completely different. or is he calling some of his republican colleagues who told us about the explicit phone call? is he calling janie herrera butler a liar? what he's doing is trying to save face. he's got to justify the fact that he goes and kisses trump's ring among other body parts, and he has to look at himself in the mirror and justify that. the only way he can do it is by rewriting history and lying. >> you scare me. i never know what you're going to say. >> you should be scared. >> is she going to actually stay word? but you don't. >> she always goes there. she always goes there. >> she does. i think this is what you were
7:52 pm
saying because mccarthy told the "new york times" that going against trump could, he said, damage the party. that co-change the whole course of history. this is the tightest tight rope anyone has to walk. so condemning blatant push to overturn the election, is it really that hard of a tight rope to walk? >> it shouldn't be. shouldn't be. it's remark panel there's only been a handful of leaders in the republican party like liz cheney who came out willing to tell truth about the insurrection and take on donald trump and tell it like it is and like it was. but it's clear that donald trump still has a stranglehold on the party. that people will kiss his ring. especially in these primaries and especially for leadership. and as ana said, for fundraising as well. so mitch mcconnell tried to take him out early on and some of that didn't work.
7:53 pm
and if you don't take out the king, look out. he will stomp the grounds and that's what trump is doing right now. he is making it known that he will be a player for 2022. maybe 2024. >> and do you know what else was incredibly disturbing as a republican woman? kevin mccarthy has the creepo caucus that he is the leader of. he's got, you know, matt gaetz currently under investigation for sex trafficking amongst other things. he has madison hawthorne from north carolina who women have said would drive them to the boondocks to try to sexually assault them. he has that doctor, the white house doctor from texas who, you know, a report, a government report said would get drunk and knock on women's doors in the middle of the night. he hasqanon conspiracy theirist
7:54 pm
marjorie taylor greene. look what trump has brought into the republican party. and it is to the point where kevin mccarthy can't even out them. can't even get his own party under control. it is creepo. the creepo caucus. >> mark, let me ask but the fox -- the gop and the fox propaganda network pushing this bogus claim that biden wants to force americans to eat less red meat. is this what happens when the cancel culture grievances are combined with misinformation? >> well, it's a real whopper, don. excuse the pun. >> you've been waiting form one. >> so this is the clearest case of desperation i've seen at least in the last 24 hours, where, and you know, democrats should sort of secretly be cheering about this. what it says to me is that they
7:55 pm
can't take on biden himself, his policies. so they have to make up stuff in order to get the base riled up. and they can't even take on the actual policies of the president so they make up a disinformation campaign. they peddle through the ecosystem, gets monday tiesed on youtube. and you know, it's pretty easy to manufacture the lie. very easy to absorb and it someone ought to be responsible for spreading it. i give proms to john robert on fox who is a good reporter, a white house reporter who came out and knocked it back for what it was. >> yeah. thank you both. >> don -- i'm taking to the streets, okay? they better -- >> what? >> the oysters -- >> as long as they don't touch the craw fish and crab, i'm good. the family of a black man
7:56 pm
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my cholesterol is borderline. so i take garlique to help maintain healthy cholesterol safely and naturally. and it's odor free. i'm taking charge of my cholesterol with garlique. attorneys for the family of andrew brown jr. calling his death at the hands of law enforcement an execution. they say they were shown just 20 seconds of body camera footage. multiple sheriff's deputies were on the scene. where's the rest of the video? also tonight, president joe biden about to announce new guidance on masks ahead of his first address to a joint session of congress this week. i want to bring in now cnn's brian todd who lives in north carolina -- excuse me, he's live there. pardon me for my error there. we're still waiting for the body


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