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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 26, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> i want there to be cards so that you have to show to go into a f-mooy theater or a restaurant or an airplane that you've been doubly vaccinated, but i don't know that that's ever going to catch on. >> in some states there is no vaccine passports because the governors don't want them. >> another busy new day. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. a north carolina family now asking what police might be trying to hide? the new two-hour "lead" starts right now. breaking just minutes ago, the family of andrew brown jr. claiming they were only shown a snippet of the video showing the moment their loved one was killed by police. why wasn't all the footage shown? new signs of normal. the biden administration set to set new mask guidance as more vaccine shots in arms might mean more freedom but is the vaccine effort about to hit a wall? and shots in arms, money in pockets, cnn talks to biden's covid team about the effort to
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overwhelm the virus, including an interview with dr. anthony fauci as you've never quite heard him before talking about donald trump. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper and we start with breaking news in the national lead today where moments ago the family of andrew brown jr., of north carolina, just watched the body cam video showing the final moments of their loved one's life and it's not what they expected. the family's lawyers say they were only allowed to view a 20-second clip of the body camera video. >> one body cam, 20 seconds. >> welcome to north carolina. >> and an execution. >> and so with all due respect i know there were a lot of people who thought last week's verdict was justice and i told you then it wasn't justice. >> that's right. >> because we still can't get justice and accountability today. >> reporter: anticipating unrest, there's already been a state of emergency in elizabeth city, north carolina declared.
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cnn's brian todd is in that city in north carolina for us now. brian, family attorneys say they were only allowed to see a 20-second snippet of the body camera video. what did that 20-second snippet show? >> reporter: well, it showed, jake, what the family and its representatives are calling an execution, and to say that they are upset, that they are outraged over this is a gross understatement. they feel essentially that they have been railroaded here by the county attorney michael cox who they say oversaw this process of them viewing this video. we've talked about they have said only 20 seconds out of all the many minutes of footage, of body camera footage from at least eight officers on the scene. only 20 seconds was made available for them to see, and what we're told is when that 20 seconds begins the officers, the deputies are already shooting at andrew brown and that he's got his hands on the steering wheel and he's posing no danger to them. we've got more detail now from family attorney chantel lassiter
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who described in the most detail that we can get what is on that tape. take a listen. >> this was an execution. >> i know it. >> andrew brown was in his driveway. the sheriff truck blocked him in his driveway so he could not exit his driveway. andrew had his hands on his steering wheel. he was not reaching for anything. he was not touching anything. he wasn't throwing anything around. he had his hands firmly on the steering wheel. they run up to his vehicle shooting. >> sure did. >> he still stood there in his vehicle with his hands on the steering wheel while being shot at. >> reporter: chantel lassiter says that contrary to posing any kind of a danger to those deputies andrew brown, she says, was consciously trying to avoid harming them, backing up, trying to get around them and then trying to get away all with his hands on the steering wheel, she
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said all the time they were shooting at him in that 20 seconds of video. multiple deputies she said surrounding his vehicle doing that, jake. very dramatic account from chantel lassiter and the other attorneys. they are just so, so frustrated that they haven't been able to get more video, you know, accessible to them and haven't gotten an explanation to their satisfaction why they are not seeing more videotape. >> that's the mystery. not just that the authorities aren't releasing this body cam video which would be in the name of transparency. if there's nothing to hide, show it, but beyond that authorities have had very little to say about what led to their deputies killing brown. you obtained the death certificate. i'm not sure how much you're able to put together from that document, but tell us what it says. >> reporter: well, the document that he obtained, the death certificate, says that andrew brown died of a penetrating gunshot wound of the head, that he died within minutes of being shot and that it was at the hands of, quote, others. that's about all the detail
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you're getting, but it does give you the detail that apparently the wound that killed him was a gunshot wound to the head from one of those officers who were firing at him. we can also say that chantel lassiter said these officers, these deputies had glock handguns and had assault rifles as well. jake. >> thanks so much. i want to bring in retired captain john johnson who was the incident commander in ferguson, missouri during the protests to the killing of michael brown in 2014. thanks for joining us. brown family attorneys, andrew brown family attorneys say they were only allowed to see 20 seconds of the body camera video. obviously there's much more than that that's there. early this morning they were told the footage would be redacted. can you understand any scenario why the family would only be shown 20 seconds from minutes and minutes of footage? >> no, and i would say that is unacceptable. you know, at this point the video will be seen by america and be seen by the attorneys and the families at some point so when you know it's going to be
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seen, why not show it? if there's nothing there to hide or nothing there that you see inappropriate, you should show that, and so i think we see it across the country. police departments are showing the videos as soon as we can, and this should be shown here. >> the attorneys say that the brown family, they were initially told only two family members would be allowed to see the video and that no legal counsel would be allowed to be present. what do you make of all of this? >> once again unacceptable. we have a right in this country to legal counsel. i a think a lot of times when families see videos their emotions are there and they are seeing it in a different life and it's only appropriate that the attorneys would be there. of course, they had qualified attorneys, attorneys there from north carolina, so there's no reason why the attorneys shouldn't be present. >> the sheriff's office says they need to petition a judge in order to get the video released to the public and that they had already planned to do so. andrew brown jr. was shot and killed last wednesday. this delay also seems as though
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it's only potentially creating more of a public uproar. >> i agree with you, and i believe some of the political leaders in that state need to get involved and speed up that process if it is in fact a process that they have to go through and get it done. >> also, there's so much we don't know. authorities haven't said where or how many times andrew brown jr. was shot. it's only because of audio from first responders that we know that he was apparently shot in the back. is it more common practice for police agencies to push for releasing as much information as possible as quickly as possible, sore this opaqueness, this refusal to be transparent the norm? >> well, i think we've seen police departments across the country, some have been transparent, up front, and we've seen some that have -- that's doing what we're seeing here. i think this just shows us how far we have to go and we have to put some pollees? place that are consistent in what we do, that's consistent in how information get out. >> elizabeth city, north
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carolina, they have declared a state of emergency ahead of more protests tonight. those calling for more transparency have been demonstrating since last week. pro-police groups conversely have said on social media they also plan to protest tonight. what do you think authorities should be doing right now to make sure that the protests this evening, that they are peaceful demonstrations? >> well, they need what they should have been doing a long time ago, meeting with the public and meeting with the community and being a part and creating partnerships so they will have to do that now in the midst of chaos and with the videos coming out and not being transparent it's even going to be tougher, but they are going to have to continue to try. they will have to walk that path to do everything they can to bring this community together and find out who the leaders are. >> retired captain john johnson. good to see you again. thanks so much for joining us today. also this afternoon in the politics lead, attorney general merrick garland this afternoon investigating a federal investigate will examine policing practices in
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louisville, kentucky, this in the wake of breonna taylor's death, the 26-year-old woman killed when police botched a raid at her apartment last year. the new justice department investigation comes as lawmakers are pushing for a more permanent solution to policing practices with the george floyd justice in policing act. that legislation, which already passed the house, would set up a national registry of police misconduct. it would ban chokeholds and would ban no-knock warrants in federal cases. some progressive lawmakers say that their push to remove qualified immunity protecting police officers from civil lawsuits is not on the table, not up for compromise, but that single issue has become a sticking point in the u.s. senate putting the entire legislation at risk as cnn's manu raju reports. >> reporter: minneapolis, louisville, brooklyn center, columbus, elizabeth city as deadly confrontations with police continue to mount, so is the pressure on congress to do something about it.
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democrats set a goal to get a deal done by may 25th, the one-year anniversary of george floyd's death, but two huge issues are dividing the parties, whether to lower the threshold to charge police officers with a crime and whether victims can sue cops in civil court. both democratic demands that republicans are resisting. >> are you willing to blow up this deal over that issue? >> i don't know if i'm willing to blow up the deal. i don't consider that blowing it up. officers right now are not really held accountable. >> reporter: south carolina senator tim scott, the chief gop negotiator, who is slated to deliver his party's response to president biden's wednesday address to congress has proposed a compromise. he says that police departments should be sued, not individual officers, and he says that democratic efforts to make it easier to charge officers with a crime is, quote, off the table. republicans are signaling they will get behind whatever approach scott ultimately endorses. >> i definitely support senator scott's efforts. >> reporter: there's still a
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laundry lives other sticking points including whether there should be a federal ban on chokeholds as democrats demand or if the federal government should instead incentivize local police departments to current use of excessive force as scott has proposed. progressive democrats are urging their negotiators to hold the line. >> we compromise on so much, you know. we compromise, we die. we compromise we die. >> reporter: biden is expected to address the issue during the wednesday speech to congress. >> we will also talk about a range of priorities that he has for the -- for the upcoming monthsch his presidency including putting in place working with congress to put in place police reform. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell the kentucky republican just weighed in on the investigation by the justice department into his hometown police department in louisville, kentucky, telling our colleague ted barrett that there have been significant challenges there since the breonna taylor incident and went ton say it's certainly not inappropriate for the justice department to take a look at it.
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now the number two democrat in the senate dick durbin said these justice department investigations could be a way of forcing changes at the local level, especially if they don't get a deal on the federal level, and on that federal legislation, jake, dick durbin told me the federal ban on chokeholds is essential, very important he said to getting a final deal but he said he did not want to put any red lines as the negotiations condition. >> manu raju on capitol hill, thanks so much. also breaking today, the u.s. is not using it, but until now they were not sharing it. that's its stockpile of the astrazeneca vaccine. sharing it now with the rest world. too late to make a difference. and will former president trump give the vaccine effort in the snarm why those around him are urging him to make a psa for his skeptical supporters. stay with us. e could only imagie enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. canhi guys! check outurs this side right here.
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to safely return to some semblance of normal. sources saying that president biden is expected to announce new cdc guidance tomorrow on whether fully vaccinated people need to wear masks outdoors. dr. anthony fauci hinted over the weekend that regulations would soon be relaxed for those americans who are vaccinated. also today we learn that the united states starts to plan doses of the astrazeneca vaccine with other countries peppeding a safety review. that vaccine is not yet approved for use in the united states, but it could be crucial to containing the virus in other countries such as india where a devastating second wave is spiraling out of control as cnn's nick watt reports. >> reporter: closing in on one-third of the u.s. population is now fully vaccinated, still far from heard immunity, but apparently normality is nearer than that. >> you will reach a point even before then when you'll start to seat number of cases going down dramatically. it's going to be a gradual
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getting with regard to what you can do outdoors, what you can do with travel, outdoor sports, stadiums, theaters, restaurants. >> reporter: even european vacations could be okay this summer for the vaccinated. >> they are saying those americans are safe to come to our country without risk of spreading covid-19. think about that. that's incredible. >> reporter: but the pace of vaccination is slowing. >> it may not be as fast as the first 50%. i think it will be slower, but i think we'll continue to get there. >> reporter: 8% of people may have missed getting their second doses. >> i would like it to be zero percent but i'm not surprised some people are doing that. >> reporter: allowing the vaccinated to go maskless outside might be an incentive to get the vaccine. >> reporter: people who have been vaccinated have wanted some reward from this. >> reporter: average daily new covid-19 cases in the u.s. dropped below 60,000 for the first time in about a month. >> right now the declines that we're seeing we can take to the
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bank. i think we can feel more assured because they are being driven by vaccinations and greater levelses of populationwide immunity. >> reporter: but nindia, crisis modech. the u.s. sending equipment and raw materials for vaccines. the administration will, pending safety review, release doses from its stockpile of. a zeneca vaccine, unauthorized in this country and apparently not needed. still unknown which countries they would go to. >> we really do have a responsibility to try and help vaccinate the rest world, and that includes india and other places that need it right now. >> reporter: and here in the u.s. that johnson & johnson vaccine is rolling out again after the polls while experts looked into those possible blood clots, very rare blood clots. now there was polling down during that pause, and 73% of the people said that they would not be willing to get that johnson & johnson vaccine. i haven't seen any polling since the pause was lifted, but, jake,
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it will be fascinating to see how that plays out over the next couple of weeks. >> indeed. nick watt, thanks so much. appreciate it. let's discuss all of this with a cardiologist and a professor medicine at gw university. dr. reiner, what do you think is the proper guidance for people who are fully vaccinated? is it faf to not wear a mask if you're fully vaccinated and you're walking outside? >> reporter: i do think it is. what we've learned now with striking clarity after vaccinating over 200 million people is that these vaccines work as advertised. so if you look at the first 87 million people fully vaccinated, there have only been about 5,000 symptomatic infections. that's a rate of like .005%, and if you look at the death rate in fully vaccinated people, it's, you know, two orders of magnitude less than that,
1:21 pm
like .0009%, so the vaccines work. so i think that it's time to start opening the country to vaccinated people. vaccinated people can if to a restaurant and eat. >> okay. >> reporter: vaccinated people can go out without masks on. >> what if i'm fully vaccinated, dave matthews is coming to d.c. in august. is it safe for me to be in a crowd there or if i were to go to a baseball game? would that be safe where there are lots of people around even though we're outdoors? >> reporter: so if we had vaccine passports or some sort of vaccine documentation, venues could open up, so, you know, i recently had a conversation with someone who worked at the 930 club in d.c. and places like that need about 80% occupancy in order to have enough revenue to pay the artists, so how do you up those places with just 20%, you know, socially distanced crowds? you can't do it so we're going
1:22 pm
to start to see commercial enterprises ask customers for proof of immunity so that they can bring in larger crowds. you know, right now in a -- if i was in an environment with a fully vaxed crowd, absolutely. i would go see dave matthews. the risk, even with unvaccinated people, are you being fully vaxed is quite low. >> at what point will i be able to go into the 930 club which is an indoor venue and not wear a mask indoors with a crowd of people? >> reporter: i think the risk to you right now is very low. the there's probably not -- not -- not probably. we know there's not a zero risk of you becoming infected by i've already told you how low the risks really are and the risk of death is many of orders magnitude lower than that. i think you can do that now. the problem is we need guidelines for the entire
1:23 pm
country, and it's been difficult for the cdc basically to -- to tell half the country, yeah, you can go to the 930 club and half the country no, you can't. >> yeah. >> so we'll have to work through this and the best way to do this is to get everyone vaccinated. >> an official confirms to the cnn that the u.s. is going to start sharing doses of the astrazeneca vaccine which is not approved for use here in the u.s. with other countries after a safety review. multiple world leaders have been pressing the biden administration to release the astrazeneca to them, for instance, india. how important is this, what some people are calling vaccine diplomacy. >> yeah. it's about time. it's even a little bit late. that vaccine will never be used in the united states, so, you know, last year the trump administration pre-ordered about 300 million doses of that vaccine, and we've -- we have about 10 million doses bottled and ready to go and another 20 million doze ready to go into
1:24 pm
bottles, but. a zeneca hasn't even applied for an eua in the united states for that drug. i don't think we'll ever see that. you know, there was some hesitance toe let go of that vaccine, you know, for fear of manufacturing problems with the two rna vaccines or the j&j vaccine and we've already seen hiccups in the plant that actually makes the astrazeneca vaccine in the united states, but i think the supply lines are very secure now for the vaccines that we have. we have 60 million unused dozes in the community, and this vaccine should go to places that really need it, like india. yesterday the united states had 33,000 cases and india had 350,000 cases and their case curve is vertical right now. >> yeah. >> so we really need to get them vaccine as quickly as possible. >> the head of the european union told the "new york times" that americans who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus will be allowed to visit europe this summer. is there a safe way for americans to vacation abroad?
1:25 pm
>> yeah. the safe way is to be vaccinated. the sticky point, and it looks like the object of negotiations now is how do you prove that you've been vaccinated? how can countries and how can the united states develop a document, a vaccination document that will be accepted around the world? but, again, if you've been fully vaccinated it's going to be safe for you to travel. >> all right. dr. jonathan reiner, thanks so much. appreciate it. as president biden approaches his 100th day in office, cnn is taking a look at the biden's administration's all-out effort to vaccinate america and what the administration was left to work with from their predecessors with the trump administration. stay with us. not all 5g networks are created equal. ♪
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in our politics lead, thursday will mark president biden's 100th day in office and americans are giving the president mostly positive marks for his job performance so far with 53% approval in a new poll, but it's biden's handling of the coronavirus pandemic that's getting him even higher marks, nearly 70% approve in that same poll. president biden has long said he knows he will be judged on how well he steers the u.s. out of this pandemic crisis. cnn's gloria borger now takes a deeper look at his administration's push to do so and what they inherited from the previous administration. >> day one it's been about
1:31 pm
urgency, overwhelm the problem. we're at war with the virus. >> reporter: for the last 100 days how to get vaccines into the arms of hundreds of millions of americans and convince the hesitant to get a shot has been an immense historic undertaking and also personal for those on the front lines. >> i'm worried that people have lost loved ones. people continue to lose loved ones. people's lives have been upturned. you know, this is hard, and people are tired which means that there's a tendency to let down our guard which we can't do. >> if you had told us 100 days into president biden's tenure that it would be open season for every adult american that wants a vaccine to be able to get one, i think we would have all said that's really incredible. >> reporter: a country with the highest number of confirmed deaths worldwide now vaccinating at a speed more than four times faster than the world average. >> the progress we've made has been stunning. >> reporter: donald trump's operation warp speed developed
1:32 pm
the vaccine. >> turned out tonight most significant medical discovery and manufacturing achievement in american history. >> reporter: nothing short of a miracle. >> do you realize what a dire situation we would be in if we did those vaccine trials and oh, my god they were 20% effective instead of 90% plus. >> operation warp speed. >> reporter: but in the beginning the transition did not move at warp speed. president trump was preoccupied with finding votes, not shots. >> there was much more of a concentration of the president on re-election and a disassociation from the fact that we were having an epidemic. >> i was somewhat critical. >> reporter: and governors were left wondering who would be running the show. >> i raised the issue to mike pence several times about, hey, you know, regardless of whatever stuff the president is saying, we have this vaccine thing and we've got to make sure that these guys know what is going on, and he assured me that that
1:33 pm
would be the case. >> reporter: and then. >> there was no plan to get shots into arms. >> no plan? >> no plan. early dose of moderna and pfizer were drop shipped to states and there were not enough places. >> reporter: they say you were using their playbook on vaccine distribution. >> i just think that's just not true. >> i have to say it's frustrate when they spend all of their time disparaging what we did. they say we didn't have a plan? >> yeah. we had 65 plans. >> reporter: localized, not centralized. >> we have the fundamental belief that local leaders understood their counties and their townships and their states, their islands at a greater level of detail than we ever could. >> it's complicated. there was never really a long articulated playbook to get the vast majority of people vaccinated. that's where the full court protests biden administration really, really stemmed up to the plate and did it well. >> congratulations,
1:34 pm
mr. president. >> reporter: the new president inherited a surging pandemic, more than 3,000 deaths a day. only about 15 million vaccinated. >> the very beginning, the frustration was huge demand and no supply. >> we need to get it. >> reporter: the anger and frustration everywhere across the country is why can't i get an appointment for a vaccine? >> biden became the national vaccine pitch man setting targets. >> he ultimately decides. >> reporter: and announcing every milestone himself eager to show any momentum starting with what looked like an attainable goal. >> 100 million shots in the first 100 days. >> we were already doing more than a million a day at that point so if he did absolutely nothing we could would have done 100 million in the first 100 days even if he didn't show up. >> but he did show up repeatedly. >> 100 million more mornda, johnson & johnson, vaccine supply for every american adult.
1:35 pm
by my 100th day in office i'll have administered 200 million shots. >> i heard very early on that the patient is impatient. >> that's the true. okay s.this the best we can do? he asks specific questions? well, what about this and why aren't we doing this and are we doing the best in that? >> biden could not control the delays due to winter storms or governors who eased restrictions and he abided by the decision from the fda and cdc to temporarily pause the johnson & johnson vaccine, a move that some saw as overcautious and confusing. >> the checks are providing a heck of a lot of needed relief. >> the president did jump start a substantial jump start, a $1 been the 9 trillion rescue plan. >> america is coming back. >> reporter: deployment of active duty military and fema, a federal pharmacy program, a network of community health centers to increase vaccine access and equity. >> we have to always start with
1:36 pm
access making sure that people can get vaccinated in places where they are comfortable and where they trust people who are vaccinated. >> many in communities of color are skeptical. >> what about the side effects. >> reporter: vaccinations of younger people and those in rural areas are lagging and with the number of overall daily vaccinations wavering appealing to the president is crucial. >> we'll always meet people where they are. we always have to make sure that messages are tailored so that's about saying what are your particular concerns? >> we want to be free! >> reporter: and politics as always comes into play. 50% of republican men say they are not likely to take the vaccine. what would you say to them? >> i would say that's absolutely craze because, know, the people that say, you know, hey, we want to get rid of these masks. we want to open up all the businesses. the only way we ever get life back to normal is if we get enough people to get that vaccine. >> reporter: so why not explain the rewards of vaccination
1:37 pm
earlier? >> if what we're saying to them is get vaccinated, it's great. this is such a safe and effective vaccine but by the way you can't really change much of your daily activities, i don't think that people understand what's in it for them. >> reporter: and why not open schools sooner? >> i think this was a major mistake at the very beginning was not prioritize teachers for vaccination. >> reporter: administration's issue has always been the same. let the science lead. >> here's an another example where we follow the science. the cdc put out guidance how to open schools safely and keep them open safely. >> reporter: now a new effort, an immense get out the vaccine and campaign blitz. celebrities getting jab ♪ vaccine, vaccine ♪ >> it really is a race between getting vaccinated and the virus trying to essentially surge up again. every day that goes by you get closer and closer to that virus
1:38 pm
really not being able to do anything because when you get an overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated, the virus has no place to go. >> the country is at a tipping point with coronavirus variants on the rise. the next 100 days and beyond will still be a tough race with the final finish line not yet in sight. jake, now as the administration starts to loosen guidance on things like masking, they are walking a very fine line here, letting up on restrictions while still telling people, you know, you ought to remain vigilant. not an easy well. gloria borger, thanks. >> sure. >> american diplomats giving details on rivalries and power struggles like you've never heard before from inside that country, and that's next. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust.
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. in our world lead today, a firestorm in iran after the country's foreign minister mohammed javid zarif was caught privately criticizing iran's revolutionary guard, revealing a behind-the-scenes power struggle and saying that the military is calling the shuts. the trump administration's targeting of general souleymane was quite consequential. cnn's kylie atwood joins us live from the state department. kylie what, did the foreign minister say exactly? >> reporter: he said that the former top commander in iran souleymane in a he had actively worked to sabotage the iran nuclear deal by working with
1:44 pm
russia to do so. he also said that he had done things in syria that were not in iran's interest. he makes it very clear, you know. this is -- kassam souleymane was killed by the united states during the trump administration but what the foreign minister makes clear about iran is that even though that commander is gone the iranian military is the supreme force when it comes to iran. he said, quote, the islamic republic is the military field. that's what rules. demonstrating that no matter what he does diplomatly he has to give up a lot on his diplomatic efforts just so that the military can do what they want to do. we asked about this to the state department spokesperson ned price during the briefing because it's significant giving the u.s. and other countries that are trying to re-enter to salvage the iran nuclear deal are talking right now. ned price wouldn't comment on it, but he did comment on the fact that despite the fact that the military commander was
1:45 pm
opposed to the iran nuclear deal they were able to create that deal in 2015. now they are trying to salvage it. >> kylie, zarif has also been suggested as a possible candidate for iran's june 18th presidential election. what are experts making about the timing of this leak? >> yeah. that makes the timing of this leak a little bit questionable, but it's really hard to know if this benefits zarif or if it hurts him. you talked to folks who say, yeah, in one way it does benefit zarif. it demonstrates that he's really trying to do everything that he can diplomatically despite the front that he faces at home with the military, but on the other hand you talk to folks who say that this is not a leak that's going to help the foreign minister in any way, shape or form because the supreme leader of iran isn't going to be happy, and that's true lit only person that matters when it comes to the power struggle within iran. one thing we can be sure of,
1:46 pm
jake, is the fact that when the u.s. official heads to vienna to try to salvage the iran deal this week, this is going to be something that's definitely going to be discussed. >> kyle atwood, thanks so much. is former president trump the only person on earth who can convince many of his supporters that they should get the vaccine? the push to get trump to make a psa. that's next. to prove our aa battery is the world's longest-lasting, we tested it against our competitor's best battery. (meowing) (clicking) and energizer ultimate lithium wins again! energizer, backed by science. with quality that's guaranteed for life, enerbath fitter doesn'tience. just fit your bath, it fits your high standards. why have over two million people welcomed bath fitter into their homes? it just fits. call now or visit to book your free consultation.
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in our health lead today, will former president trump do more to help get the u.s. closer to herd immunity? we know many of his fans are reluctant to get vaccinated. almost 30% of republicans say they are definitely not going to get the shot. that's according to a kaiser family foundation poll from march. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen just learned that trump's
1:51 pm
advisers are pleading with him to make a vaccine psa. what do they say? >> reporter: what they are saying, jake, is they are really nervous. they are scared for president trump, former president trump's legacy. you know, the vaccine was developed under his administration and his supporters say he should own that -- his former aides, these officials say that he should own that, that he should sell that, that he should tell his followers, look, i helped develop this vaccine. i led that effort in operation warp speed and i want you to take it. these former trump administration officials who i've spoken with, they say, look. trump supporters listen to trump and pretty much only to trump. this is that one of those officials tells me. this officials says i see operation warp speed tipping towards failure and it concerns me. if we don't move half the people into the vaccinated column we're most likely not going to reach community immunity and if we don't reach it then the president's vaccine legacy is
1:52 pm
dead. last week former president trump said on fox news he mention that had he had been asked to make a psa and very briefly he said i'll do it. however, we all know the former president changes his mind and that's hardly a -- a commitment to actually making the psa these former officials are looking for a commitment. jake. >> it's so odd, elizabeth. trump himself got vaccinated in january but did it secretly. we didn't find out until much, much later. what do health experts think about if he had televised his getting that shot in january whether the u.s. would be in a better place? >> if he had televised it and if he had released that, made it part of a psa, that would have made a big difference. look, all the other former presidents did televise them getting their shots and their wives, the former first ladies, but let's face it. people who were supporters of say jimmy carter or barack obama, they are pretty much, not
1:53 pm
completely, those folks are getting vaccinated so if president trump had at the time taken pictures of it, had a photographer, a videographer there, that would have made a difference if he decided that he wanted to make that part of campaign, but i will say that the officials that i've been talking, to the folks who used to work in the trump administration. they say even without that the president looking into the camera and giving an earnest plea to his followers to get vaccinated they think that that would make a big difference, even without images of him and mrs. trump getting vaccinated. >> so self-defeating. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much, appreciate it. you might believe president biden is real the hamburglar if you watch terrorism news these day. the weak, wild, offer conspiracy theories that republicans are peddling and vaccinating americans with the travel bug may soon be able to fly to europe again. when might that be allowed? that's next. eated equal. ♪
1:54 pm
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i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. welcome to the lead. this hour the family says it was an execution after they were shown just 20 seconds of the video in which andrew brown jr. was killed by police. hospitals in india are running out of oxygen for covid patients. the worldwide push to get help, plus the brutality against pro-democracy demonstrators in myanmar. a soldier who defected after being horrified what he saw and
1:59 pm
first the gop gone wild. republicans across the country embracing conspiracy theories from enabling the former president's election lies to red meat lies to the base about red meat. republican governors and a member of the house pushed a lie about the biden climate plan, pushing the lie that he's proposed the consumption of meat. he has not proposed the consumption of red meat. frankly for those hoping for the republican party en masse to re--tether itself to reality this is one example in the last few days that's very discouraging. in minnesota news broke of a party event featuring a far right conspiracy theorists who went so far as to say that the george floyd killing and subsequent unrest was all planned. in arizona, the party is all in on a recount run by a pedlever ele -- peddler of election lies and kevin mccarthy tries to rewrite
2:00 pm
history about trump and his own involvement in the january 6th insurrection. at cnn ryan nobles reports for us now, all these bizarre conspiracy they're sis making it clear that even with trump out of washington the trumpist embrace of lies continues. >> reporter: nearly six months after the presidential election a nationwide pockets of republicans amping up claims that the election was stolen and donald trump should be president. in arizona a group of gop leaders attempting a fourth recount of the ballots in maricopa county reigniting false claims that trump won the county by 200,000 votes. >> there's a lot of americans here, myself included, real bothered by the way the country is being ripped apart right now. >> reporter: and the owner of the firm leading the recount has pushed the false claim that the election was stolen. the big lie just one example of wild conspiracy theories being pushed by the far right. in minnesota a count