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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  April 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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take a look at her. she actually knows how to do. she didn't just dance. she knows how to do the butt. we'll see it here in a second. it was just a delightful moment. how much she knew about the song. however, they planned it. it was a cute moment. >> all right. we'll have to say the actual dance for later. i'm sure you can find it online. thank you very much. >> thank you, steph. thanks to all of you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. >> hello, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. at this hour, the focus is on elizabeth city, north carolina. a state of emergency is declared not because of a natural disaster but because the city is bracing. five days after andrew brown jr. was shot by sheriff's deputies, his family may finally view the body cam video of the moment deputies killed him. the family is set to meet with
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city officials at any moment. we could hear from his family afterward and their attorneys. that is why the city is bracing at this hour. up until now, there have been very few detaulils released. the most information released comes from emergency dispatch audio from the scene. listen to this. >> we got one male, 14 years of age. gunshot to the back. >> and that is basically all we know right now. and that is all the family knows right now. and has been told in the past five days. that's likely to change very soon. so let's go there. natasha chen is standing by in elizabeth city. what is the latest? >> yes, kate, the body may see this body footage camera
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privately, these folks are calling for it to be released publicly. the here in north carolina, that requires a judge to grant the release. but these folks are putting pressure on the district attorney. here is kirk rivers. am former councilman, local activist. why are you putting pressure on the da when it really comes down to a judge at this point? >> we have to have the da and the sheriff and the two of them come together and they petition a judge and the judge feels the two of them are on the same page. it gives more opportunity for the judge to sign to release the video to the public which will explain everything. and our key is we want to see it now. we understand as time goes by people have opportunity to change things. they get this chance to put their perspective. the video does not, we hope the video has not been edited of anything we want to see. >> of course, it's concerning. the audio she shows is it a emergency responder saying the 42-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to the back. the family and you are concerned
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and hoping the video can answer more questions. but you're also expecting a counter protest today this evening. what is your message to this group right here and that group? >> yes. we support law enforcement. if someone breaks into my house, we're going to call 911. we expect them to come to defend us. so we don't have a problem. we're not against the police. we're against police brutality. we're against shooting an unarmed man. there is by no means are we looking to bump heads, clash heads. they have a right to say what they would like. we have a right. that's the freedom of expression. and we respect that. so this is not ashgss can you see from our people here that are here, we're not here to be an angry mob. we're not here to cause violence. we're here to make sure that everyone is held accountable and that we receive the information and let the information go to the public.
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>> thank you, kirk. hoping everything remains peaceful as it has been for the last several days. kate? >> natasha, real quick, what -- you said there is expected to be a counter protest this evening? what are you hearing about that? >> right. from what we know this is posted on social media. counter protests, potentially at 6:00 today at the same location. earlier this morning, we did see one individual walk through here with the sign that said support the police. that didn't go over too well with this crowd. but as kirk just mentioned, the goal here is not necessarily to spread an anti-police message. it's for transparency. the hope is that they can stand here together, everyone using the free speech and not have any issues. >> and as far as we know, as you mentioned, the families meeting with city officials. are they assured that they will be able to see the video?
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>> so it's actually county officials, the city of elizabeth city is not involved in this incident. but this is meetings supposed to happen at this building. and last i checked with the family attorney, harry daniels this morning, he told me that they are confident they will get to view this footage in private during that meeting. potentially tell us when that meeting is done what they saw in the video. >> all right. thank you very much. much more to come on that. we're having a technical issue trying to connect with the city manager. hopefully get him connected. still ahead, we have promising signs, a glimmer of normalcy coming from europe today. what that could mean for your summer travel plans. plus, a major gun rights case is headed to the supreme court. what the justices just announced the details are coming in.
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this morning signs of progress in the fight against the coronavirus. almost 30% of american adults are now fully vak ccinated. after more than a week long pause, the johnson & johnson vaccine is back on the market after the cdc and fda determined the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks of the rare side effects reported with that vaccine. and signs of normalcy for the first time since the pandemic set in. the european union may now allow fully vaccinated americans to start visiting once again this summer. joings me for that is pete montene. what is the eu saying? >> they're saying that vaccines are essentially good enough to do. this pfizer, mow dern yashgs j&j are approved by emergency use
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authorization and also approved in the eu's 27 nations. this is so big because nonessential travel has essentially been restricted, banned, to the eu for more than a year. now the eu is saying that full slfully vaccinated americans can travel to europe by summer. we have to see if there is a officially time line. that is vague. also ironed out is the proof of vaccination method. there is talk about a vaccine certification or a passport. the decision here will come down to each individual country. they will be able to open up the border. this won't be all of europe all at once. even still, this is acknowledged by the white house and celebrated by them. this is what they had to say yesterday. >> they're looking at the reduction in disease.
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although we're not done yet, they're saying those americans are safe to come to our country without risk of spreading covid-19. >> struggling airlines cannot wait for this. domestic leisure travel, that is what is up. the tsa screened 1.75 million people across the country yesterday. but what is misright now is international travel. typically the number is 2.5 million people. other airlines have been eyeing this. united airlines actually started to open up some routes last week to croatia, greece, and iceland. all place that's retracted restrictions for those fully vaccinated. more will come as this restriction gets lifted in the eu, kate. >> great to see you, pete. thank you. so there is also a new reality setting in with the vaccine rollout. the number of people missing their second vaccine doses is jumping. millions of americans now reported by the cdc having skipped or missed their
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appointments. elizabeth, what does this mean? >> kate this is not great news. obviously people need to take two doses of moderna and pfizer. 8% is a small number. still, its not great tac. take a look at the specific numbers. one in four americans have been fully vaccinated. that's terrific. 8% failed to get the second shots from moderna and pfizer. in march, that number was smaller, 3.4% failed to get the second shots. it is not going in the right direction. now we don't know why this is true. it could be that some people are confused. they don't realize they need a second shot. it could be that people are sick of this, i got one, i won't bother with the next one. it could be that people are scared they're going to feel sick after the second shot. they don't realize that they probably won't get hardly sick at all and that it will go away very quickly, chances are. but let's take a listen to what
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dr. fauci said on this topic. >> whenever you have a two dose vaccine, you're going to see people who for one reason or another convenience for getting a number of other things, just can't show up for the second vaccine. a percent of 8%, i'd like it to be 0%. i'm not surprised there are some people that do that. >> since we don't know why people are failing to show up for their second shot, it will be interesting to see if they can figure out what the problem is and get those people in for those second shots. kate? >> thank you so much. joining me for more on this is jorge rodriguez, a cnn medical analyst and viral specialist. doctor, one additional piece of news that we are learning today from our white house team is that president biden is set to announce new cdc guidance for mask wearing. what do you think the guidance should be? >> well, let's wait until we seat information. but we do know that the spread
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of the virus outdoors, we now know is really very small. sometimes some reports say 19 times less than indoors. so i think that probably it's all right to not wear masks when you're in public places that you're not close to other people. probably when you exercise alone it's okay. when you walk around it's okay. when you are at the beach, it's okay. but i real ly waiting to see wht the cdc and white house recommend. i this i that information is coming shortly. >> i think everyone is waiting for that together. this new number from the cdc that 8% of americans have missed their second dose of the covid-19 vaccine. this was always a concern i remember when we were talking about a two shot vaccine regiment, right? how concerned are you when you see this, the numbers are climbing here? >> i am concerned. listen this is not a test where a 92 is still an a, right? 8 speakers a large portion of
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the population. so i'm going to quote my people and say open your brain zuper and let that information come in. just one dose, only protects you maybe 80%. we don't know for how long. so in order to be fully vaccinated, you need both doses of the vaccine. the second dose at least in my case was much lighter in the symptoms than first. so this is, you know, just gives us credence to the fact that a one dose like the johnson & johnson is something that is very useful. so if you're going to start the process, finish it off. take it to the goal line. >> absolutely. >> so the good news front, the number of new cases across the country is declining. this is great news. i say that looking over my shoulder of what we've seen in the past. we've seen this before only to see spikes follow close behind. people loosen up. the former fda commissioner, he says though this time that is not likely to happen.
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let me play what scott gottlieb is thinking here. >> right now the decline that's we're seeing, we can take to the bank. i think we can feel more assured. they're being driven by vaccinations and greater levels of population wide immunity. not just from vaccination but also from prior infection. >> do you share his confidence? >> i share his confidence to a degree. and scott is a brilliant man. but what we have to realize is that the virus mknows more than we do. one thing we have not emphasized is this is not a sprint. this is a long marathon to try to fight this virus. what i think -- he's right, the more people we vaccinate, it is likelier that we're going to be safer all over. but what we don't know is how long this immunity is going to last. so i would hate for people to feel so relaxed in four, five, six months that we throw caution to the wind and that's when
8:18 am
vaccine immunities, we don't know. they may start weighing down. probably not. so what i think is that we always have to watch what i call the viral weather report and see what is going on in different areas before we become so relaxed that we go outside, right, and the rain starts again. just to use all the horrible, you know, analogies of mine. i'm cautiously optimistic. i think until there is herd immunity, we really need to tread cautiously. >> always great to you have on and unique ability to have a good turn of phrase. appreciate your time. >> i do want to head back to our top story this hour. a state of emergency declared in he luz beth suty, north carolina. we want to head back to elizabeth city, north carolina, because we this hour the family of andrew brown jr. is preparing to potentially very likely view the body camera video of the time they shot and killed him. this happened fuf days ago.
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we've been able to i believe fix the technical gremlins. joining me now is the city manager of elizabeth city. thank you for being here. much good to speak with you once again. can you talk to me first why declare a state of emergency? what are you looking at? >> well, you know, there are a lot of moving parts. and so as i said before, i want to stay in front of this as a manager and be pro active and so a lot of resources we will not be able to access if necessary. unless we are in a state of emergency. resources like state and federal funding, resources across the state in particular. so it was a cautionary move on my behalf to draft that and have the mayor to sign. >> is the family going to see the body camera video today? is that your understanding? >> that is my understanding. but the tombime has not been
8:20 am
confirmed or denied. so we're just trying to, you know, make decisions and make the best decisions that we can. >> they say tsz clear to us that something bad on that body cam video that they don't want the public to see. do you think that is the case? >> i don't. i can't say. you know, as a manager, i would be reluctant to say that. from the very beginning, i've been extremely vigilant around the messaging of being accurate. i have not been pushing for the speed of that release. i wish for accuracy. of that's what i need. i really want everybody all eyes and hands on deck focusing on the matter at hand. and which is why i have taken it -- taken the position to protect the pro sesters so that there are no distractions from
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what really happens. it's an honor to be on here with you, kate, but it is not a pleasure. the fact of the matter is that a young man is gone and children lost their father. and i have people here that work for the city of elizabeth city that lost a friend. so that is a root of this thing. i really just want accuracy. >> and the family wants the same. and the family wants to see the video and also wants to see it released. you said the same. the county sheriff in the last five days has largely been communicating through taped videos that they posted on facebook. i want to play for you and our viewers some of what he said over the weekend. >> people want answers. we know you're angry. we understand and respect that. we're following a process that
8:22 am
ensures the protection and fairness for all. >> you're ready to have the video released. the city making moves to petition, appeal, put in a request that happens. how does releasing the video endanger the investigation? >> i'm not sure. i'm not leading that investigation. i'm unsure how it would from my standpoint as a city manager, it's about moving to the next step. it's kind of like when you have a missing person and the person is found. right? the family is able to move to the next step. i think of the citizens as family. i'm here to serve them. and so i want the city to be able to just move to the next step. and i want the family to have the opportunity to move to the next step.
8:23 am
a person is gone. they have to move to the next step. i'm pushing messaging of accuracy. i don't want anything to detract from or distract anyone's attention from the necessity of this whole conversation. >> and accuracy and accuracy and transparency come in really seeing the video. there is noggin accurate when you release the video. the you were flus strustrated b process. there is a law that really slowed things down. when do you think it is the soonest that the public will see this video? >> you know, kate, i'm still frustrated. i'm trying to believe in the process with everything that is in me. i really am. i have no idea. i have not been in communications at all around that investigation. and so all the decision that's we're making on the city side is just, we're trying to be pro active. we're making our best guess at
8:24 am
what we need to do. >> so what's your best guess? >> my best guess is we continue to keep boots on the ground and protect our protesters and allow the first amendment rights tore exercised. you're right. kate, the frustrations are growing every day. >> yeah. and it will be good to hear from the county sheriff to answer questions from reporters as well at this point. five days later and all the family knows is from that five second dispatch audio, emergency dispatch audio. of that's all they got. city manager, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. we'll check back in with you. >> all right. take care. coming up for us, supreme court agrees to do something that they haven't in more than a decade, taking a case about the right to bear arms. the does the second amendment mean something different in your home than in public? good boy! [laughs] ♪ hold my pouch. ♪ trust us, us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so?
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big news coming from the supreme court. take up a major second amendment case. the first time in a decade the high court will rule on right to bear arms. at a time when the country is
8:30 am
clearly struggling with an epidemic of gun violence this could be huge. jessica snyder is joining me right now with more on this. what case are they taking up? what are they looking at? >> yeah, kate. this is a case out of new york. it involves new york's law that strictly limits who can carry guns in public. it requires anyone applying for license to carry those concealed weapons in public, to actually show what they call an actual or articulatable need to carry the guns. other states have similar laws here. but the two men who actually brought this lawsuit out of new york, they say they gave good reasons to carry a gun. one requested a license for self-defense after string of robberies in his neighborhood. another man showed he participated in safety training courses. both were still denied. the lower court upheld the stand. but when this case comes before the supreme court, it could mean a different fate here becausest
8:31 am
court's majority and the fact that the justices, several of them, had been quite outspoken in recent years about the second amendment. it was justice clarence thomas recently who said that he believed the court now considered the second amendment, kate, a disfavored right. we saw someone say they should take up the issue soon after the court jekted a bunch of second amendment cases in the past year or so. all eyes will be on amy coney barrett, she wrote something that favored the expansive view of the second amendment. the last big decision we saw from the court was 2008. and that is where the late justice scalia wrote from the majority and established this individual right to keep guns at home for self-defense. that was in the home capacity. this case dealing in the public. this he said the second amendment right is not limited and this court will -- sorry, he
8:32 am
said the second amendment right is not unlimited and this case will look at whether stautes ca stop people from carrying guns outside home for self-defense. it will be a big case as you mentioned the fact that gun rights, its now the forefront of the public discussion. we could see congress take some action on this. so it will be a lot to watch as this really newly configured court that is now solidly 6-3 will take up the second amendment decision first time really more than a decade. >> yeah. thank you. so much for laying it out. >> coming up, full blown drcris is playing out in india right now. hit by a devastating wave of covid-19. thousands are dying every single day. as it spirals out of control, there are now new calls for the united states to step in and help. (man) eye contact. elbow pump. very nice, andrew. very nice. good job. next, apparently carvana doesn't have any "bogus" fees. bogus?! now we work hard for those fees.
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at . the situation ninda is out of control at this point. the country has fast become the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. today india broke another world record for new infections, more than 350,000 new infections in a single day. that was the fifth straight day
8:38 am
of breaking that record. the scenes out of yaunindia are heartbreaking. hospitals are overwhelmed and overloaded. icu beds and oxygen have simply run out. the desperate need outpaces all supplies. several of india's major cities are reporting far bigger numbers of cremations and burials as well than what are currently fle reflected in the covid-19 death totals. there is more bad news to come. joining me right now for more on this is the director and founder of the script research translational institution. good to see you again, doctor. how do you describe what you're seeing and hearing out of yand right now? what is the important lesson for americans in this? >> right. great to be with you, kate. the situation is a desperate one. i mean, it's the worst catastrophe we've seen throughout the pandemic because of the size, population.
8:39 am
it is underreported. so that is 350,000 new cases you mentioned, you know, much larger than that. so the good thing is we're starting to see the u.s. mobilize to help and that means not just with respect to supplies like oxygen and drugs like dechl meth azone and not just within india but major supplier for the world for vaccines. the rippling effects are profound. >> that's a great point. you mentioned the biden administration. they say thaey're working to sed help to india, ppe, raw terldz to help vaccine production. i want to play for you what the white house covid-19 adviser said about another big question which is sending over actual vaccines. >> when we made decisions on what we're going to do with
8:40 am
additional vaccines, we'll announce them. i'm not going to announce anything here. but we're in constant communication. we're evaluating all the options. >> so they're not there or not announcing it. do you think the united states should be sending vaccine doses overseas? >> yeah. i think we have a lot. we have a large number of astrazeneca and john seson & johnson will never use. this is a big issue. other countries besides india and brazil have been in desperate need and i think it's high time that we help. with the release of the vaccines. >> vaccine diplomacy, a new term that everyone needs to start. one big question kind of bigger question with all of this is why is this happening in certain places. we see what is happening in india fits into something of a bigger trend. you have populous leaders with a track record with, track records of downplaying the covid-19
8:41 am
threat, kind of throughout. presiding over some of the world's worst outbreaks. india is an example. brazil is an example. mexico is an example. president trump here in the united states is an example. what do you think of that? >> well, it's a theme. no question or common thread throughout the countries. even though we talked about vaccines, what we really need are lockdowns in these places especially in india which is starting to take hold. but the other thing that happens when you see such broad spread is the concern about variant. and there has been, i think, an illusion that some of this problem in india is related to the so-called double mutant which isn't just two mutations but rather much more than that. but there is really not good data to support that. and i think we should allay the concerns at that this is related to a variant but rather what you're talking about which is having the right policies in
8:42 am
place. >> what you're getting at is the more immediate question and concern, right? vaccines, more vaccines, of course, will be helpful there. they're in a current and immediate crisis at this moment. when things have spiralled out of control in the way that they have just take india as an example, how do they stop it? how do they turn the corner? >> right. that's the semiconduessential t learned from india and the uk. can you use vaccines to get out of this crisis. but you also have to have lockdowns in place. it tauz a few weeks for the vaccine to take hold. it's a kbhings of what we had before. eefrlyer way that's is only lockdown. and the tool we have today which is essential. but there is that lag of time that has to be taken into account. >> dr., good to see you. thank you very much. we'll jump back over to he elizabeth city, north carolina. the family and attorneys for andrew brown's family are
8:43 am
speaking right now. >> it is time for transparency and accountability to take place. today. it is time. >> open the door! >> open the door! >> brothers and sisters -- >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> what do you want? >> video! >> hold on one second. we're going to use you in a minute, brother. >> okay. >> i'm attorney ben crump. and i'm with attorney daniels and sellers. we have the honor of
8:44 am
representing the family of andrew brown. it's so important not to sweep in under the rug. parentally, before you all showed up, they just wanted to sweep it under the rug as they have done other brothers and sisters who have been unjustifiably killed by the people who are supposed to protect and serve us. it's so important that we have transparency. if we don't, we can never get to accountability. and if we never get to accountability, we can never get to healing and trust. and so if we want to heal this community, if we want to heal this family, then sheriff wooton, then you need to be transparent. what is it on this video that is so damning that you would risk
8:45 am
your career and risk losing your job so the people can't see the video? what is it? that is the request he we have to ask ourselves. when we think about what just happened in minneapolis, where derek chauvin being held criminally liable, guilty, guilty, guilty for killing george floyd. is that the reason they're trying to hide the video? >> yeah. >> because they don't want accountability? >> yes, it is. >> and it's still shocking to attorney sellers and attorney daniels and i. i'm sure you, too, why they keep killing so many unarmed black people who are running away from them. not posing a threat. not posing any violence. >> that's right. >> don't we have a right to due
8:46 am
prosn process? why do they get to be the judge, jury and executioner? what we're here for in elizabeth city, north carolina with all americans watching to day and all the world will be watching tomorrow is to say sheriff wooton, you don't need to say no more. >> come on. >> just show the video. >> show the video! >> attorney sellers? >> hey. how you doing? >> all right. >> i wish we were somewhere else. i wish ben crump wasn't so famous. i wusish we had a week where blk folk weren't just dying at the hands of law enforcement. >> amen. >> you know, i say often that only in this country can you
8:47 am
have the trial of derek chauvin be interrupted by the death of daunte wright, being interrupted by the death of adam toledo, be interrupted by the death of mcka k ma'khia bryant and now here in he luz beth city. i'm tired. not very often in my legal career do i get the eyes of you all. i'm tired of breathing and crying, i'm tired of seeing the videos, then we protest, then we have a funeral. then we have another shooting. we grieve, we cry. we protest. so what you aunt to do today is different. >> come on. >> i want us to destroy the system that keeps putting us in situations like this. >> that's right. >> that means i want us to make sure that in the state of north carolina, they can no longer
8:48 am
hide videos from individuals who need to see them. i want you to take out your phones right now and i want you to google the number of the cinema and joe manchin and ask them why they have not signed on to the george floyd justice and policing act. make sure that every united states senator, democrat and republican passes legislation so we don't have to be in positions like this. >> come on now. >> you know, it's good to protest. i'm tired of that. >> yep. >> i'm tired of it being cyclical because i stand next to a young man who joins another club, of black people that are not able to grow up with their father. i'm asking you to do something different today. they want us to go in the streets and get mad and they want us to chant and march because they know in 17 days we got to go back home. and it's going to happen all over again. does it not make sense that north carolina state legislature can hide videos like this when
8:49 am
all we know is that sunshine is the best disinfectant. the share you have told me at 11:30 i could see the video. it's past that time. i ask you all to just be patient a little more. the truth is going to come forward. but while we're out here, i need you to get on the phones. and i want you to go ahead and call the senators. call every republican senator or democratic senator and make sure that they're passing policy so these families don't have to be here like. this i'm standing with the mother of eric gardiner is here. only in black communities do we have mothers of people who lost their children due to gun violence. no other community has a club like that. but we do. and so today i ask you all to think a little bit differently about how we're going to break this cycle. we're going to destroy this
8:50 am
system and remaenimagine what i should be so dwoent have any more deaths like. this the first step is to do one more thing. show us the video. >> that's right. >> and we want to have the family address you all until after they see the video. it is troubling. it's troubling that we have to go through this gesture to achieve simple gestures. i can't imagine how what many of us have been through, the fact that the taxpayers have paid all this money for the police to be retro fitted with body camera video, and then the time when this most critically needed, they won't show it to the public. why do the taxpayers pay the money? so bacari is saying federally we also should be acting here in north carolina and say it shouldn't be a judge to have to sign for us to see a video that we've already paid our tax
8:51 am
dollars to see the video? that's asinine. so what we have to do is continue to be strategic. we have to literally vote the people in office who are going to say we want our children to be able to live out the fulfillment of their destiny that god has for them and not to be shot in the back. i mean, the most cowardly thing in the world you can do is shoot somebody in the back. they don't shoot white men in the back but it's almost like a police shake where people in the black community, whether jacob blake in kenosha, laquan mcdonald in chicago, whether it's walter scott in south carolina, whether it's terrence crutcher in oklahoma, they shoot us in the back as if the most dangerous thing in the world to a police officer is a black man running away. they don't shoot these mass murderers, these young white men
8:52 am
who are confirmed mass murderers. when you think about the parkland school shooting, i mean, they took him alive after he shot up the whole school. you think about the young man who went and shot up the people in the asian spa in atlanta, they took him alive. and then, my lord, not too far from here in bacari's home state this young white boy named dylan roof went and shot up the whole church and literally, they chased him across state lines into north carolina, and they not only took him alive, but they took him to burger king to get a burger and a fry. but andrew brown they shoot him in the back. and we're going to see the video to know what they're trying to hide from all y'all. because the truth can't hide forever, and a lie cannot live forever. >> i gave you all an signment.
8:53 am
i wanted to follow through. i've got joe manchin's number right here, it's 202-224-3954. >> one more time. >> 202-224-3954. call his office and tell him we're tired of black folk dying. and then kyrsten sinema's number is 202 -- >> the number one more time for joe manchin. >> 202-224-3954. and kyrsten sinema is 202-224-4521. just call the office and tell them how you feel. let me turn it over to harry. he has an update for you. >> so let me be clear. we had this thing set up, when i say we, the family, the attorneys. the county attorney mike cox,
8:54 am
11:30 was the time. it was on the 24th. the only issue we had, like i said before, who was going to see the video. we cleared that issue, cleared it, per statute we cleared it. 10:29 this morning, an hour before the viewing i get an email. harry. i'm getting ready to do a press release. have you all seen a press release from him? harry, ready to do a press release that the video is having some redactions performed. it will not be ready at 11:30. we are working on it as hard as we can, but it takes time. this intent to have it done by today. they had 24 hours -- 48 hours. and it still ain't done. they've seen this video since wednesday, april the 21st to make that decision to do the redactions. show us the tape. the family should not have to be
8:55 am
suffering any redactions. >> why do they have to do redactions? >> they should see the video raw. i was told by the district attorney, i was told by the district attorney that the family would get to see the raw footage, not the redacted version. these county administrators are walking back the promises they have made. show the tape. if you ain't got nothing to hide, show the tape. you all know us very profound. i bet you if that video shows andrew doing something wrong, they will have no problem showing that video. >> facebook, twitter, instagram. >> but it only seems to be when the video has the police doing something wrong, then they got to redact it. then they don't want to show it. we have to always, when we get a chance to speak truth to power. so we can't do it alone. we need all of y'all speaking truth to power. >> amen. >> for our children. because the other thing that is
8:56 am
profound, this is khalil. khalil is the son of andrew brown jr. now you all may have noticed that they released a warrant saying all kind of things about andrew brown. but they want to redact the face of the police officers that killed andrew brown. andrew brown didn't kill nobody. the police killed andrew brown. but we're going to protect them, and not show their face. and not say their names so we can see what their rap sheet is because all they want to do is assassinate the character of his father. and we want to say, no, no, we want to know what was the character of the killers. >> that's right. >> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> say his name.
8:57 am
>> andrew brown. >> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> toewe told you we were going need you. >> say his name. >> andrew brown. >> when i say what do you want, you say video, what do you want? video. what do you want? video. what do you want? video. what do you want? video. what do you want? video. when i say what do you want? you say justice. what do you want? justice. what do you want? justice. >> what do you want? >> justice. >> what do you want? >> justice. >> greetings. i am keith rivers, president of the -- national association for the advancement of colored people as well as the third vice president of the north carolina state conference of the naacp and we will continue to demand
8:58 am
justice. we will continue to march. we will continue to have peaceful protests. we will continue to stand for the brown family and this community. it is almost disgraceful that it has taken the presence of the media to get a notice from the sheriff's department to release the video. and now we're understanding that you don't want to release the video in its entirety. you don't want to be transparent. but you want to say that -- ask the community to trust you. well, we can't trust you if you're not transparent. we have to heal. we have to grow. sheriff wooten, do the right thing. the da, do the right thing. we will continue. and let it be known that this community has now -- the city has declared a state of emergency, and it has been through peaceful protests, peaceful protests.
8:59 am
that is a reflection of this community, the people that are elected to office. we elected the sheriff. we elected the district attorney. we elected you. do not fail this community. do not fail this community. to all of the protesters, to all of the community out here, let the entire united states of america hear you. what do we want? justice. what do we want? justice. when do we want it now? who do we want it for? andrew brown. >> who do we want it for? andrew brown. >> amen. >> thank you, mr. president. we have the daughter -- one of the children of andrew brown here. if you ever want to know what we're fighting for, just look at that little angel. right thousand we are going to have somebody address you who is
9:00 am
part of that fraternity that nobody wants to be part of as bacari and harry talked about. she was with the family of george floyd. she was with the family of michael brown. she was with the family of breonna taylor. she has been a shoulder for them to lean on. she has been a common force for them, and for all of us. she's one of the original mothers of the movement, and she did not think it robbery. to come down and be with the family of andrew brown. she is the mother of eric garner, the first "i can't breathe" case in staten island, new york before george floyd


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