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tv   New Day with John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 26, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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censured by congress for his support of nickelback. >> do you like nickelback? >> it burns. i can't listen to it. >> i have a producer who likes it. i'm re-evaluating. >> the thing with al gore is too much. >> wasn't it amazing. amazing to see. and "new day" continues right now. i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar. a pandemic turning point. europe opening up to american tourists this summer. if they had their shot. plus the family of a man killed by police may be able to watch the body cam video today. when will the public get to see it? >> a miracle man walks out of the hospital after a full year fighting covid. his story in his own words live here. gop's beef with biden's
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climate claim. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it's monday, april 26th, 2021. that dream family acceleration to europe is possible this summer. the head of the european union said travel could be restarted by then for fully vaccinated americans. nearly 29% of americans meet that criteria as of this morning. 42% have received at least one dose. >> here's the thing. vaccination rates are slowing from their peak levels. you can see here the average dipping under 3 million shots a day. cdc data shows 8% of people who got the first dose failed to get
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their second dose on time. let's get the latest now from cnn's pete in washington. tell bus this. >> reporter: this is a big step for the struggling air travel industry a return to normal. non-essential travel has been banned to the eu for more than a year and now the head of the european union said fully vaccinated americans could travel to the eu by this summer. still some details to iron out here though. the exact timeline we don't know. don't know how vaccinate passports will be of ined. the eu is clarifying here saying this will be up to individual countries to weigh these rules. travel will not be opened up to the eu all at once. but it's being celebrated by the white house. here's what they had to say. >> what the world is basically saying is they are looking at the u.s., looking the at the success of our vaccination program, they are look at the reduction of disease and while they know we're not done yet they are saying those americans
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are safe to come to our country without risk of spreading covid-19. think about that. that's incredible. in a few months ago we were the nation in the world that was the most cut off from travel. >> reporter: now this would be huge for struggling airlines. domestic leisure travel has been going up, but international travel something that brings in a lot of money for the airlines has remained flight and airlines have had their eyes on this. united airlines added routes to countries that will allow vaccinated travellers. so this is something that airlines want more than anything right now. they want people to come back and this relaxing of rules could be huge for them. >> definitely. thank you, pete for that. in just a few hours, the story that we're tracking very much today family of andrew brown may get the opportunity to watch the police body camera footage of his fatal shooting.
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this is according to the family's attorney. brown was shot last week when deputies attempted to serve him an arrest warrant. joining me now is the mayor of elizabeth city, betty parker. mayor, thanks so much for being with us. the sheriff says that he wants body camera footage to be made public but that there has to be a court motion to do it. our expectation is that the family will see it today and you've spoken with them. are they definitely going to see it do you think and do you think we, the public will be able to see this? >> first i would like to say thank you very much for having me. the answer to your question is i'm not sure. actually the city officials are getting more information from the media than we actually are getting from our county officials. however, my understanding is that the family will see the
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footage today. as far as when the public will do it, i do not know. i haven't a clue. however, i do want to point out that the city council has requisitioned to see the footage as well as having the public see it. so we have a requisition as of today, the police department was the custodian, but as you just noted, the sheriff said that he did not have the authority to release it. so we're waiting. >> should this have been released sooner? >> you know, i'm not sure. the reason i'm saying this is because i don't know the circumstances.
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i don't know what the law -- i didn't at the time know what the law entailed and i think it's different from state to state. but personally i think after 24 to 48 hours, that the investigation should be, you know, at a point that they can share more with public. because the longer that there is no transparency or accountability, the public gets anxious. and we have to deal with it, the city official, the city police deal with protesters and what have you. thus far they have been very, very orderly. we haven't had any major problems. >> mayor, thank you so much. we know this story is going to be ongoing. we'll be checking back in with you. thank you. >> thank you. so the top republican in the house kevin mccarthy is now defending former president
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trump's response to the insurrection at the capital on january 6th. >> when i talked to president trump i was the first person to contact him when the riots were going on. he ended the call telling me he'll put something out to make sure to stop this. that's what de. he put a video out later. >> quite a lot later. >> joining us now is a u.s. congressman from colorado and be member of the house intelligence committee. thank you so much for being with us. you were in the chamber during the riot. you were helping to protect and comfort your friends. to hear kevin mccarthy praise all of a sudden the president's videoed response to that much later in the day. what's your reaction? >> good morning, john. well what's going on here is very simple. the there's nothing that kevin mccarthy won't do to try to win an election. he wants to win back the house majority. he knows he needs the trump base and donald trump's fundraising
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to do so and he's trying to sweep this under the rug. he had over 140 police officers who were brutally beaten, several lost their lives and they just want to pretend it never happened. i won't allow that to happen. me and my colleagues need to tell that story, honor those officers who did the right thing that day and fought back and gave their lives. but kevin mccarthy obviously has taken a different approach. >> kevin mccar thinks one thing he was most critical of right after the insurrection was president trump's slow response, the fact he didn't call people off. he gave a speech condemning it and now a full reversal. why do you think he's doing this? >> well, john, i've learned you should never under estimate the power of somebody's ambitions. he looks at the election coming up in a year and a half. again he wants to be house
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speaker, take back the house majority and that's more important than anything. this is somebody as you said was caught in the riot that day. who had a heated exchange with the president as overheard by one of his colleagues and related to the media. politics does strange things to some people and i think you're seeing that with kevin mccarthy. >> let me read you that account. this is actually part of the impeachment record, the second impeachment read into the record there according to butler after mccarthy told trump it was his supporters storming the capitol. trump responded well, kevin, more people are more upset about the election than what you are. you explained what he can inventory mccarthy's motivation are. what do you think the impact is. people call it memory hole, the insurrection. what's the impact on our political discourse will be. >> i've longed believe, john,
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it's important we remember our history and our past so we don't repeat it. that we embrace truth and accountability as part of the healing process. i don't think you can fully heal and move forward unless you have that truth and accountability. this radicalism, this domestic extremism that was borne through the big lie that donald trump told over and over again is still with us. we just buried another police officer a couple of weeks ago who died as a result of another attic. there are people who believe this stuff, when kevin mccarthy, when donald trump, when others perpetuate, continue to per at the -- perpetuate the big lie, uplift these things happening on the dark web, very dangerous theories, it has an impact on people because some people act on it. we have this domestic extremism in america right now that's growing, it's not shrinking, it's growing. it's a law enforcement issue, a
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national security issue and you have elected officials in some of the highest seats of the land that continue to validate it, justify it or sweep it under the rug. a real danger. >> representative jason crow, appreciate your time on "new day". coming up the world leaders with some of the worst track records when it comes to fighting covid. they all have something in common. >> how one man beat the odds and survived nearly a year in the hospital with covid. we'll have his story of survival and recovery next. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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of down playing the threat of coronavirus have presided over southeast world's worst outbreaks. leaders like in brazil, mexico, india and donald trump here in the united states. so is this just a mere coincidence. let's bring in john harwood. john, what do you think? >> reporter: no, it's not a coincidence. look politicians of all kinds are always tempted left or right, democrat or republican, whatever party to tell people what they want to hear. but that is especially dangerous when you're in a pandemic in which science is trying to constrain activity in the name of keeping people healthy and what we've seen with these populace leaders they want to pit themselves against the sort
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of smarty pants academics and scientist whose are going to hurt your life, restrict your freedom, keep you from doing things that you want to do, and so a lot of those populace leaders encourage people to defy the science. they defy it themselves. donald trump encouraged people to be reluctant to wear masks. he talked about drugs that were phantom cures. same thing is true in mexico to not wear masks even those public health officials urged him to do it to model that behavior. modi in india say go ahead have your political rallies religious gatherings, those are things that get people in trouble when you say don't listen to scientists, listen to me, that's a politician trying to get votes and support. >> john, the president speaking to the country this week but we also learned there may be some new guidance coming from him on
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mask wearing. what do we know about this? >> reporter: well what we know this is a president who, as you know, john, has been focused on getting this pandemic under control. accelerating the rates of vaccination. getting people to mitigate the spread as much as possible. uneven success so far. what he wants to do is be able to say and now it's paying off. get in front of the well of the house and say we've put 200 million shots in arms. we're getting to the other side of the pandemic. part of getting to thor to side is saying, you know what? now the science says you can, if you're vaccinated go outdoors and perhaps not wear a mask. we'll see what the cdc has to say about that but the scientists twin administration and anthony fauci yesterday had been teasing the idea that pretty soon we'll get new guidance that will be more permissive. that's the caves telling people what they want to hear after you've taken a lot of aggressive
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steps to try to get control of the pandemic and that's the focus of joe biden's first 100 days. he wants to celebrate that this week. >> every president wants to be the one to deliver the good news and clearly some politics involved in here as well. and now to a man who beat the odds by surviving a grueling year long battle against covid. watch this. [ cheers ] >> yeah. >> that's the moment last month when 52-year-old man from new jersey walked out of a rehab center after 361 days in the hospital. john was on a ventilator, 67 of those days. he suffered two strokes, cardiac arrest and lost about 120 pound. john's road to a full recovery is not over but he's back home with his family.
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and now he's here with us. john and his wife are with us now. that is, i mean isn't amazing video to watch. i'm so grateful that you are both here to be with us. john, how are you reflecting on this battle? >> i never thought it would happen to me. it's been very hard to spend a year in the hospital, many hospitals without coming home and i'm so glad to finally be in my own home again. i still have a lot of recovering to go, but just glad to be home with my family. >> roxanne, i'm sure your fear was it was not going to end this way, this battle. >> the fear was definitely there. but i had a lot of faith and a lot of support and we had a huge prayer army that i think really, really made a difference in his
5:20 am
recovery. and john is very strong willed. he doesn't give up easily. >> i can't tell you how great it is to see you both. it's so wonderful to see you, john, sitting there after everything you've been through. 361 days in the hospital. i just can't imagine that. reading what you went through in all, the medicine involved and ventilator and everything else, you say one of the hardest things was the loneliness at times. >> yes. >> i wonder if you can talk about that. >> just for me, part of that time in the hospital, most of the time i always dreamed i would wake up and be home only to wake up and, you know, look at my feet still in the same position in the hospital bed. it was really hard. i thank god for face time. they were able to actually connect me and my family. so at least i could hear them
5:21 am
while i was getting better each day. >> and, roxanne, eventually you were able to get special privileges near the end of john's rehab and visit on holidays and birthdays. of course, that wasn't the case every day. but did that make a difference there in this, in this fight near the end? do you think being able to have that in person interaction was medicinal? >> absolutely. absolutely. i can't imagine being in his position and being alone, fighting that type of a battle, the hardest battle of his life and having to do it alone and i think it also helps to be there and to see the nurses and meet the doctors and persons, it just makes a difference. you feel better when you get to see them in person and see the people who are caring for him. >> i under you lost 120 pounds, john. i can't site. looking at you i can't see where that even would have been.
5:22 am
what do you need, what still needs to get better in terms of your recovery? >> my endurance, my muscles, i lost my muscle mass. and, you know, i have a hard time with stress, you know, of going through this. and also i haven't eaten in over a year. i haam waiting to begin eating d drinking again. right now i'm being fed through a tube in my stomach. >> that really does speak, john, to the road ahead for you and your family. we're so glad you're home. we hope that whirps recovery as you still have challenges ahead of you. roxanne and john, thank you for coming on. it's great to see you both. >> thank you for having me.
5:23 am
>> thank you. >> the spirit. imagine what it must have taken for the last 361 days. >> they were crowd sourcing the prayer is what they were saying. so often we have, unfortunately, had to tell stories that ended in a different way. and when we see people who have been able to battle through it, you know everything and everyone that went into that, you know, it's amazing. >> hopefully the crowd just got bigger pulling behind john and roxanne. they need all the help they can get. >> lindsey graham said there's no systemic racism in america. hear what he's offering as proof next. >> regina king not holding back at the oscars. you'll hear what she said just ahead. your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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5:28 am
african-american indian descent. our systems are not racist. america is not a racist country. within every society you have bad actors. >> joining us now to discuss this and some other topics, is a journalist and host of a podcast. wonderful to see you. what do you think senator graham said? >> we don't have enough time in this segment to talk about ways that its demonstrable there's racism in this country in everything from education, employment and housing. and to cite obama is as logical to cite oprah. it's false. here's thing. lindsey graham likely knows this is false because he's not a dumb man bath politically opportunistic one. it's not a coincidence he made these remarks on fox news and same talking points we saw from trump administration officials when trump was still in office.
5:29 am
racism doesn't exist. 1776 commission was a few months ago. so he's speaking to a very large portion of the country that doesn't want to hear that the systems are flawed. >> a good point. i'm sure knees, there's no way doesn't know. >> so does tom cotton, by the way on the subject of things. this is connected. there's a battle about d.c. statehood going on. house passed it but senate won't. tom cotton senator from arkansas stood up and gave a speech comparing wyoming to washington, d.c. the reason is because d.c. has more people than wyoming but what deis he waxed poetic in his mind about all the virtues that wyoming has that washington, d.c. doesn't exactly have. so congressman jones from new york took issue with that. listen. >> i have had enough of my colleagues racist insinuations that somehow people of washington are incapable or even
5:30 am
unworthy of our democracy. one senate republican said d.c. wouldn't be a quote well-rounded working class state. i had no idea there was so many syllables in the word white. >> we know why there's gop opposition to d.c. statehood because it would increase and likely give democrats two more representatives. so if they don't rig the system or manipulate the system they can't win. that's the foundation of their arguments. that's what he said to his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. he has an argument there to be made because what we've seen, especially in the last few months are all these republican led efforts to manipulate the political system because of the shifting demographics working against them most notably with hundreds of measures being proposed across the country to limit access to the ballot.
5:31 am
what did he learn from georgia? georgia was a disenfranchised state. republicans are seeing if they can keep people from voting then perhaps they can hold on the power and this is another effort to do that but in a different way. >> there's so much controversy here in recent years when you see politics and sports colliding and that's the truth domestically. we'll see it on a global scale. international olympic committee has a rule banning protests and demonstrations and will be upheld in the upcoming tokyo olympics. it's unclear what the punishment will be but your surprised that with everything going on, athletes are not supposed to use their platform and do you think some will anyway? >> people are saying this is not the place for it. these athletes have trained, this is for athletic performance and exhibition. i would say what is the proper place to protest human rights violations because it doesn't appear to some people there's ever a proper place or way to do
5:32 am
it. 196 olympics they said this is not the same place. same people who proetested the fists didn't oppose the nazi salute. mohammad ali protesting the draft. lebron james, shut up and dribble. when it is the time especially on an international stage to stand up and say there are human rights violations taking place in my country. >> united states has a history. you couldn't have a worse history than olympics in terms of free speech and speaking out. we haven't talked about the oscars. >> we have to. >> regina king who directed one of the very few films i saw, she spoke last night and she had a chance to raise the derek chauvin verdict. let's listen to what she said about that. >> if things have gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i would have trade
5:33 am
in my heels for marching boots. now, i know that a lot of you people at home want to reach for you remote, unfortunately hollywood is preaching to you. but as a mother of a black son, i know the fear that so many live with and no amount of fame or fortune changes that. >> what did you think? >> what a powerful moment. she kicked off night with the most powerful moment of the night. you know what she said was really powerful because she reminded the country that no amount of fame or fortune can keep you from the realities of being black in america. yes, she may be famous but she fears for her son clearly and his safety in this country and this is something you hear and see again and again and again. grammy award-winning musician a few months ago his teenage son was attacked in a hotel after a white woman accused him of stealing her phone. so that's what she was speaking
5:34 am
to. we saw it from the filmmaker who won for best short film "tdistat strangers." so like athletes they take the opportunity to raise awareness about issues that are very important to the community. people are not keeping silent any more. >> no matter what senator graham says. wonderful to see you. thanks for being with us this morning. up next, burgers with a side of lies. how the gop has been totally twisting biden's climate plan. >> what evangelicals in america are hearing from some pastors about covid.
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5:39 am
and another i have beef with this agenda and for dinner. joining us now to help us understand this controversy, cnn reporter daniel dale. daniel, these republicans are claiming that the president's climate plan somehow wants to cut down on how much red meat you can eat by 90% by 2030. is this true? >> john, this is completely imaginary. it's totally fabricated. when i come on your show i have some nuance to bring you about claims that are being made. there's no nuance. this is totally wrong. you have republican governors taking a firm stand against a biden plan that does not exist at all. >> so then where did this originate from? >> so this came from the "daily mail," a british tabloid. what happened there was an academic study out of the university of michigan and the line university a year ago before biden took office that looked at what would happen to greenhouse gas emissions if americans decided to change their diets in various ways.
5:40 am
one scenario they looked at what would happen if americans cut their beef consumption down by 90% and found there would be a reduction in emissions. they didn't call for mandatory reduction. why are we talking about this study. the "daily mail" did a piece after biden said he wants to cut emissions by 50% by 2030 and said this biden plan could make you eat a maximum of one hamburger per month, could result in a reduction of 90% in meat consumption. there's no relationship with this study from a year ago and what biden is calling for. >> joe biden is not calling for this full stop. so who has been spreading this nonsense? >> so, as so often fox news had a big role. this went from a "daily mail" article on thursday night to a whole bunch of fox personalities on friday and saturday. listen to some of what they've
5:41 am
been saying. >> say good-bye to your burgers if you want to sign up for the biden climate agenda. that's the finding of one study. >> they can't have a steak on the grill or hamburger on the grill july 4th weekend. >> americans would have to cut red meat consumption by a whopping 90%. that means only one burger a month. >> so this is all inaccurate and there are other fox personalities too. then it went to members of congress, a congresswoman from colorado and georgia and north carolina, donald trump jr. amplified the claim a whole bunch of other right-wing ininfluencers made the claim. again, this is completely invented out of whole cloth. it's striking to see how complete nonsense has gone from british paper to fox to the entire right-wing eco system it seems. >> those are not lawmakers known
5:42 am
for their truth telling and we laugh because this is so ridiculous, but mark my words there are people who will believe this and continue to believe this. daniel dale, you are a fact check. thank you. >> people spreading it are meat heads. >> biden giving his first address to a joint session of congress on wednesday. we have special live coverage that will be starting at wednesday night at 8:00. many white evangelicals are skeptical of taking the covid vaccine. where did that skepticism come from? we'll roll the tape on what is happening inside some churches next. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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some people feel like, okay, why should i trust science. does that mean i'm not trusting god? i think god works through science in cases like this and we ought to celebrate that and give thanks to god's grace at this kind of thing is possible. >> is that dr. francis collins of the national institutes of health talking about one of the groups of americans who are most skeptical of getting the coronavirus vaccine that's white evangelicals. there's about 41 million according to the pew research center and most say they won't get the shot. experts say what some evangelical pastors preach from the pulpit for months and months had a profound effect in shaping
5:48 am
their opinions. >> do not take the vaccine. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> believe in the blood much jesus. believe in divine immunity. >> that is pastor whose church in miami has been a must visit for republicans running for office in recent years including former florida governor and current u.s. senator rick scott and president trump who launched his evangelical support group there and inactivitied the pastor to the white house. in miami-dade county where he is headquartered more than 6,000 people have died from covid. last year while the cdc recommended limiting mask gatherings, he said the fear that kept people home was a demonic spirit and he also said this. >> i can't go to church today. why? i think the pastor will have a virus. if we die, we die for christ.
5:49 am
>> he's just one of a number of evangelical preachers who have spread disinformation about or down played the coronavirus. >> that's called germophobic. you think i'm sucking the virus off of her? >> i came today to declare victory over the virus. >> covid-19. >> covid-19. >> i blow the wind of god on you. you are destroyed forever. >> you are destroyed forever. >> and you'll never be back. >> that last one was texas mega church pastor kenneth copeland when at the time the u.s. death toll hit 10 house to. more than a year later 570,000
5:50 am
have died in the u.s.. more than 31 million others have beenand you will never be back. >> that last one was texas mega church pastor kenneth copeland when he also said christians about immune from the virus because president trump recovered from it. >> this display of our government giving god thanks, for helping him in that time. and he walked out immune. >> that's right. >> somehow. glory to god. woo! thank you jesus. >> yeah, amen. >> come on, man. some -- hey, we're immune. >> that's right. that's right. >> we're going through this thing with a holy spirit immunity from the works of the devil. >> at least he acknowledged there is a pandemic. >> there is no pandemic. >> that is john macarthur, mega church pastor in l.a. who told
5:51 am
his pastors last august while holding indoor services defying the state's health guidance as congregants gathered, shook hands and sang many did so without masks even though we learned early on that churches were super spreaders after a church in the state had 5 people falling ill and two dying. macarthur then sang a different tune. >> this is not persecution of the church. this is government law for the greater good of the population. it's not noble to say, well, we're going to meet whatever the government says. that is the kind of defiance that makes christianity look anything but loving. >> we contacted macarthur and his church about this shift in tone. and we received an email back from jenna ellis former trump senior legal adviser who said
5:52 am
she represented the pastor and the church asked if they stand by the comment, quote, there is no pandemic" ellis did not respond. she contracted the virus herself last december. it is fed by a mixture of distrust in government, questions about how vaccines work. on social media one conspiracy theory that some eadvantage gelcals seize on is that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. it is a reference to the back of revelations. another baseless claim is that the vaccine is actually a reduce for implanting microchips in americans. and recently jim bakker used hess platform to host walking dead conspiracy theories seriously when one of his guests told the audience covid-19 nasal tested are meant the steal dna the turn americans into
5:53 am
flesh-eating zombies. >> zombies that are on earth are disease like any other disease that affects people and they become like zombies; is that right. >> zombies also have the evil entity known as demon possession. >> baker also pushed a product on his show last year called silver solution that he falsely said could rid covid from your body. it contains a substance that can be dangerous to your health. >> this influenza that is now circling the globe, you are saying that silver solution would be effective? >> let's say it hasn't been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it has been tested on other strains. >> yeah. >> of the coronavirus, and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours. >> meant of the comments we just played came during the early
5:54 am
days of the virus but just last week cnn went to baton rouge and met with a pastor tone spells. spells adamantly is against getting a vaccine. >> anti-vaxx, and anti-vaccine, anti-government, and i am proud to be anti-government. >> listening to all of this disinformation it might surprise you to learn that some of the biggest evangelical voice this is the country made a crusade of promoting the vaccine like this prominent southern baptist preacher. >> i am calling these vaccines an early christmas present from god. it shouldn't surprise us that god would use science to bring healing into our world. after all in the past people like isaac now ton and paschall, and louis pasture were not just men of science but men of faith who believed god created this world in an orderly way that
5:55 am
could be studied and benefitted from. >> and gronk listen graham wrote on facebook to his nearly 10 million followers that jesus would advocate for people using the vaccine to save lives. base on the parable of the good samaritan in the bible he said i would say yes, i think vaccines and medicines treat suffering and save lives. there are 20,000 comments on graham's post chock full of conspiracy theories and misinformation along with these types of messages like satanic sellout and you, my friend franklin, graham, are leading your sheep to slaughter. and father i pray you would open mr. graham's eyes and stop him from leading others astray. the loss this country has experience over the past year has been overwhelming and many americans turned to family, friends, and tophyte for comfort and answers. unfortunately for many
5:56 am
evangelical congregations they are getting the wrong messages and in some cases lies from pastors that they have entrusted with theirtate and with their lives. >> so important there. so important. still ahead. one of vladimir putin's most vocal critics is about to be outlawed and given the same label as isis. we will go live to moscow next. ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk.
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new this morning a secret trial in moscow puts alexi navalny in the same category as isis. what would be the consequences for navalny's group. >> it is already having consequences. regional operations said they stopped operations because the prosecutor has already said they need to stop doing. if navalny's organization is label extremist, then anybody working for the organization would face significant jail time. anybody publicly supporting it would also face significant jail time. anybody trying to donate money to them would be loan in jail. even if they tweet or retweet support for navalny's organization they would face fines or jail time as well. interesting because one senior person in the organization said they believe the russian
6:00 am
government is trying to label the tightens corruption as extremism. the kremlin was asked about this, the spokesman for vladimir putin said at this point they would not comment on this matter. however, as you can imagine, this trial is one that's very important here in russia. and certainly the organization believes it could be destroyed if it is indeed declared extremist. >> john. thank you, fred plight again in moscow for us. cnn's coverage continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm poppy harlow. we begin this morning with a major turnaround and big signs of progress in the fight against the pandemic more than a year after the european union closed its borders shutting down non-essential the head of the commission now tells the "new york times" it will begin allowing fully vaccinated americans to visit europe this summer. this comes as sources tell cnn that tomorrow, the day before


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