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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  April 24, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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♪ and good morning. welcome to "new day." i'm christi paul. >> and i'm boris sanchez. the cdc lifting its pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine with vaccinations resuming as soon as today. but now, they'll come with a warning. and demanding answers in north carolina after police shoot and kill a man while serving an arrest warrant. ten officers are off the streets now. plus, a new investigation into congressman matt gaetz. and authorities have found
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pieces of debris off that missing submarine in indonesia. it was full of crew members. it is saturday, april 24th. you're still laughing at that -- >> i love it. it's great. it's only the second time seeing it. >> it makes us cooler than sometimes we feel. >> that's right. >> thank you, boris, thank you for waking up with us. we appreciate you. >> always go to be with you, christi. johnson & johnson is rejoining the race as americans are worrying about signs that demand for the vaccine is dipping. but the cdc says it comes with a warning of a rare and potentially dangerous blood clot issue, noting that women under
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the age of 50 may have a very small risk. after a ten-day pause, the cdc advisers, decided that the benefit outweigh the dangers. >> new coronavirus models show the current vaccinations will help save thousands of lives by august 1st but they're worried about, quote, a slow erosion of vax seeps, that will likely outfit the demand by next may. the cdc is stepping up its calls for all adults to get vaccinated including recommending pregnant women receive the shot. >> cnn's evan mcmorris-santoro joins us live. evan, do we have an idea where the vaccines are right now? >> reporter: boris, that's on everyone's mind. i'm at the museum of american history which is now a covid-19
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vaccine site. the thing about it, it's a walk-in site. anybody in new york can walk in and get it. also it comes with a new incentive. where if you come and get a vaccine to the museum, you get a pass to bring four people back to the museum with you for free. officials here are trying to get the vaccine going. they want people to take it because they are worried that some of the recent news could depress demand. >> with these actions the administration of the johnson & johnson vaccine can resume immediately. >> reporter: the cdc has made it official, they've lifted their pause on the johnson & johnson shot. saying the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks of potential blood clots. and said the label will be updated to warn of blood clot risks. >> this is a rare, very rare, but possible occurrence here, and it needs to be treated a certain way. when you think about risk versus
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benefit, that's really what the emergency use authorization is all about. and that's what they really looked at here. if you look at the left, that's women between the ages of 18 and 49. for every 1 million doses given, we saw roughly 13 cases of this condition of clotting. but at the same time, prevented 12 deaths for any of the doses. and that's the risk for women over the age of 50, it's even greater, the benefit versus the risk. that's ultimately what the decision was about. >> reporter: more than 9 million doses of johnson & johnson's coronavirus vaccine are ready to be administered in the u.s. now that federal agencies have signed off on its resumption, cnn has learned. also out friday, hopeful new numbers from the university of washington, showing the effect vaccinations are already having on death rates in the u.s. >> the key drivers to, you know, vaccination going up. but also, we're past the peak of
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season altee for the coronavirus. that peaked in about february. with every passing week, as we get into the summer, we would expect transmission potential to be going down. so those two forces working together, we believe, despite the new variants, will bring down deaths at least until what was first in the united states. >> reporter: the cdc needs to step up outreach around vaccination around the johnson & johnson vaccine pause says the cdc director. and more people need to get vaccinated. >> in addition to over 65% of americans over the age of 65 being vaccinated, this is also the week we hit 200 million vaccines in less than 100 days. and the week, when all americans age 16 and older are eligible, i encourage all younger people to follow the example of older americans and to get vaccinated. and regardless of your age, please be an ambassador for your
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neighbors and loved ones by encouraging and assisting them in getting vaccinated themselves. >> reporter: so boris and christi, experts are saying that all signs are pointing to a next phase in this pandemic which is that phase where people who want the vaccine can get it. and may have gotten it. and now, people are trying to make sure that others get it. because that's not enough people. and we need everybody's help to get it. directors are now turning to a phase of cajoling people, to sort of convince them to get the vaccine. they're hoping that the little blip, with the run with the johnson & johnson vaccine doesn't affect that too much. and the open incentive package like here at the museum will help people come out and get their vaccine shots. boris and christi. >> okay, edge mcmorris-santoro, no problem, i've been accused of being selfie, christine is a new
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one. let's discuss the latest covid headlines with dr. abdul el-sayed, he's an epidemiologist and former city health director for new york. thank you, doctor for being with us. with the johnson & johnson pause, was it worth it given how few people were affected and given how many people were hesitant to get vaccinated? >> well, i'll tell you this, every decision we can look at and dissect in hindsight, but looking at what the officials saw, those first six cases and the information they needed to get out to physicians who could, if they did not understand what they were seeing with these clots could have made them worse by treating them with the usual medication which we know is not the appropriate medication for the kind of clot that we see in negotiation with the j&j
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vaccine, they have responsibility to get this out. i think over the long term, this accountability, recognizing that even with six potential cases of an outcome that regulators are going to look seriously at it, that is going to breed in the long term, the kind of accountability, the kind of trust that people ought to have in the process. i know it's rather frustrating that after ten days we get in effect to what people thought they already knew. but we have to let science work out its process. and i think it's the right thing that the regulators stepped back and asked, is there something more here? is there something they need to learn? and they concluded they had can put a warning label on this and resume all operations that were previously authorized. >> yeah, transparency is critical. i want to bring up something under the foreign u.s. surgeon general under donald trump dr. jerome adams. he tweeted out this yesterday, the risk of clots with johnson &
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johnson is increase small. but the women being affected thus far are hard to justify taking any chance if you have a choice. doctor, would you recommend a friend or loved one who is a woman under the age of 50 to try to seek out the pfizer or moderna vaccine before opting for the j&j shot? >> all things being equal, i can understand why someone would make that decision, at the same time, there are other decisions that folks have to weigh against whether or not they want to have one shot or two shots, which is most readily available to them. but i can see where the former surgeon general is coming from. and certainly for folks who are wanting to be extra cautious, that is a reasonable approach. but what's critical here to understand is that scientists took the time to assess any potential risk. there is that warning label in a particular age group among women. but this is still safe and
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effective. if you look at the tradeoff here. this is far better, far better, if you choose to take the johnson & johnson vaccine than to go unvaccinated, given what we know about the risks of covid. and it's important always, always, to put costs and benefits in context. >> and we saw that in the piece that just aired with sanjay gupta pointing out it was a little bit over a dozen cases out of millions of people that have received the j&j vaccine. but for folks at home that want to be extra cautious, what are the warning signs and symptoms that people should be looking for before they seek out medical attention? >> yeah. it's usually the kinds of pain associated with a clot. bad headache. or bad leg pain. or a really bad stomach ache. those kinds of things following the j&j vaccine. particularly among women in the age range between 18 and 49. those are the things that people should be watching out for.
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and they should have a low point where they'll contact a medical professional and make sure they're getting appropriate testing. the key thing to remember, though, the rick of covid in this case remains higher. and we always have to weigh that against that risk. but it is important that folks understand what to do to protect themselves. and what they should should be watching out for in the very, rare, rare case that there may be this particular event. >> all right. dr. abdul el-sayed, thanks so much for getting up bright and early for us. >> thanks for having me. well, the family of andrew brown is holding a news conference this afternoon. it searches for answers after police shot and killed brown while serving a warrant wednesday morning. >> his family along with others in the community want police to release body cam footage something that state law has prevented up to this point. cnn's diane gallagher is there
3:12 am
where the calls for transparency grow louder by the day. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: after three days of peaceful protests in elizabeth city, north carolina -- >> as you see all of these people here, they want answers. >> reporter: casper county sheriff revealing the officers that led to the shooting death in the shooting death of andrew brown are on administrative leave. three are left the force on their own. >> i'm trying to let the events unfold. >> reporter: the family called the sit-down, c quote, almost a waste of time. >> the way we went in is the same way we went out. >> reporter: the sheriff claims he wants the same. >> the family is not going to have to wait much longer. their wishes will be granted. i want what the citizens want. >> reporter: but that state law
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prevents the video worn by deputies who shot and killed brown serving public warrants to be publicly relessed without an order. >> we asked our local officials to release that video. >> reporter: something the city council called an emergency meeting friday afternoon to request. cnn has joined a media coalition to petition the court to release the videos. officials haven't given many details about the shooting itself. they say deputies were serving both search and arrest warrants issued by a drug and alcohol task force. >> this is an arrest around felony charges. around a convicted felon with history of arrests. >> reporter: witnesses claim brown was in his car trying to get away. >> of course, he started -- they stood behind him. i couldn't tell you who shot him. i couldn't do that. but one of the officers, or maybe a couple shot him. >> reporter: a law enforcement radio dispatch from the deadly encounter came by cnn does
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reveal that brown was shot in the back. >> we've got one male 40 years ago of age, gunshot to the back. >> reporter: brown's family said its quest for answers makes it even tougher when they think about what this death will mean for this children. >> i've never in my life seen a man take up the time to love this children the way he did. and the way they looked at him. >> reporter: wishing they could see him one last time. >> i would just want him to know as he did that i loved him. that i loved him. >> reporter: now, the sheriff has said that he's trying to get all of the elements together perfectly, before they release this information. to make sure that everything is right. but the family says the more time that goes by, the more suspicious they become. and protesters have echoed that same sentiment, saying they plan to protest every night until the video is released.
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and depending what is on that video, they plan to do so, demanding accountability and justice. the sheriff calls the shooting tragic and that the body cam footage should be released quickly. diane gallagher, elizabeth city, north carolina. president biden is pushing forward with a slate of public policy and what the president is about to reveal next week ahead of the president as address to congress. and the controversy surrounding congressman matt gaetz, what investigators are looking at and a trip he took to the bahamas. how that plays a role, next. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on.
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19 minutes past the hour. and the white house is preparing to roll out new child air and education proposals ahead of president biden's address to congress on wednesday. the key question, how he plans to pay for it. >> yeah. the president has already proposed raising corporate taxes
3:20 am
to pay for the first part of his recovery package. and cnn has learned he's expected to call for new taxes on the wealthiest americans to fund the rest. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house for us right now. good morning, jasmine. help break this down for us. what is going to be in biden's sales pitch before he goes into the joint session of congress next week? >> reporter: well, white house officials are calling it human infrastructure, boris and christi. those are things like pre-k, free community college tuition free -- excuse me, investments. billions of dollars of investments in training programs. and paid family leave, right? those things are investing in a new workforce. and to pay for it, the white house is considering nearly doubling the capital tax gains that make more than ore taxing those investments kind of the same as ordinary income.
3:21 am
the proposal also calls for raising the top marginal tax rates for households making more than $400,000 to 39.6% to the existing rate of 37%. white house press secretary jen psaki made the case that the white house will not foot the bill for the proposal. >> president's bottom line is people making under $400,000 a year will not have their taxes go up. if you look at the proposed numbers which are consistent to what he talked about running for president, what i will say 2 will only affect those people making more than $1 million a year. >> reporter: boris and christi, this is part two of president biden's massive infrastructure plan. and already republicans have signaled in the first part they are not very interested in getting this passed. even moderate democrats, lawmakers are really asking how big are they going to go. and how targeted these actual
3:22 am
things are going to be. but regardless of some of that criticism is that we heard early on, president biden and the white house is are going to push ahead, rolling this bill out at their joint address. using that massive audience to make his case. now, white house officials say that the president has already been working on that speech, really retooling it. it will be a part of this new push for infrastructure. but it will also be kind of a victory lap. talking about how much progress this white house has made during the pandemic. we will see that this week. and then also, afterwards, we will see him go out and push this american family plan in georgia. christi, boris. >> jasmine wright. good to see you this morning. thank you. be sure to stay with cnn wednesday night, president biden giving a address to congress. jake tapper and dana bash walking through that special
3:23 am
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we are 27 minutes past the hour. and we have new details about the ferd investigation into congressman matt gaetz. sources telling cnn that prosecutors are looking into whether the florida republican took gifts including travel and paid escorts in explain for political favors. >> this is part of an ongoing probe also whether gaetz engaged in a relationship with a girl when she was just 17 years old. cnn's paula reid is with us now. paula, talk to us about what the
3:28 am
investigators are looking at. >> reporter: cnn has learned the investigation at congressman matt gaetz includes whether or not gaetz took gifts in exchange for favors. and courses say they're scrutinizing a 2018 trip to the bahamas involving gaetz and two young women. they're looking at whether it's part of an effort to orchestrate the issue against the medical marijuana. and gaetz is under investigation for engaging in a relationship with a woman under the age of 17. and a plan that involved women, drugs and exchanges sex for money. and cnn has learned one witness is cooperating. j joel greenberg, he's a former tax commissioner and associate of gaetz who also attended the sex parties. he's expected to enter a plea deal in the coming weeks.
3:29 am
now, looking at the congressman's history of history of medical marijuana, he has a long history of advocating for medical marijuana. he's introduced legislation at the state and federal levels trying to loosen the laws regulating it. dr. jason pirozzolo, a florida doctor, accompanied gaetz on that 2018 trip to the bahamas. gaetz has referred to the doctor as one of his best friends. the pair have intersected over the issue of medical marijuana. going as far back as 2015, gaetz then a representative in florida introduced medical marijuana just two weeks after vacationing with pyrozola in the florida keys. one week after, pirrozollo launched a bill, and hand
3:30 am
delivered a fulledly drafted bill which overlaps with the doctor's group. neither gaetz have been charged with wrongdoing. a spokesman for gaetz told snen that matt gaetz is an expert on the subject and passed legislation as far back as 2013. to suggest he needed anyone else nudging him along is risible. paula reid, cnn. the spacex crew mission is now at the international space station. take a look at some of the pictures we've gotten in. less than an hour from now, the crew is opening the hatch after docking just a short time ago. this is a four-person team that will be greeted by a bit of a welcome party there. the spacex dragon crew spacecraft launched from kennedy space center yesterday morning.
3:31 am
this is the third space station crew launch followed by two incidents that happened last year. we'll be monitoring and bringing you the very latest pictures that we have. and you can see them right there now live. ghislaine maxwell is making her first court appearance since her arrest last year. the charges that jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend is facing. and the penalties, the steep penalties, she could face, next. well maybe just half. i'll take half of that then. new philadelphia cheesecake crumble, cheesecake and graham crumbles in a personal serving because the last bite is not meant to be shared. jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day. the scent made quite an impression. and graham crumbles in a personal serving ♪ i swear ♪ it was like that towel and jaycee were the only two left on earth. but... they weren't. you can always spot a first timer.
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35 minutes past the hour right now. bipartisan lawmakers are looking to take the next steps towards passing police reform measures. >> george floyd policing and justice act passed the house last month but yet to be taken up in the senate. the bill would prevent a national registry. it would ban racial and religious profiling, ban choke holds and no knock warrants and overhaul qualified immunity. it's that last point that's gotten attention. cnn's daniella diaz has the details. daniella, brings up to speed. >> reporter: boris, democrats are trying to bring up the issue of police reform. on one hand, you have senator tim scott who is negotiating on behalf of republicans on this
3:37 am
issue to pass the bill through senate. he opposes democratic efforts to legalize the standard to prosecute officers. on the other hand, you have congresswoman karen bass who spearheaded this through the house. she's the former black caucus chair. she's pushing to force federal law to have police officers charged. which essentially means lowering the bar to prosecute police officers on this issue. you know, this is different than what's going on with qualified immunity, this topic that you just mentioned to try to allow victims of police violence to pursue, you know, justice in court. in civil court, against individual police officers. scott is okay with shifting the blame on an individual police officer to their police department. but this is something karen bass is very strong on. she wants to address the issues so that victims of police violence can seek recourse in civil court. and there's renewed spotlight on
3:38 am
scott on this issue. he's the one, of course, to negotiate on behalf of republicans. he's the only black republican senator. and he has now been tasked with responding to president joe biden's address to the joint congress next week where joe biden is expected to talk what about he wants to see in police reform legislation. so this is a huge job for scott that he's been tasked with. he's negotiated on behalf of it and will have to respond to the president on this issue. look, democrats and republicans are racing to cut a deal on this before may 25th which is the anniversary of george floyd's death. that's kind of where this stands right now on this issue. boris, christi. >> it's also a huge opportunity for scott, someone who may have 2420 aspirations. daniella diaz, thanks for reporting. let's get into the legal brief here, former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin as we have learned will be sentenced june 16th for the
3:39 am
murder of george floyd. chauvin is being held for second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. he could spend up to 40 years in prison for killing george flaoy. cnn's legal analyst joey jackson is with us. joey, thank you for being here. does this guilty verdict move the needle at all on what daniella was just talking about ending this qualified immunity. >> christi, good morning to you. you know, this is a big moment that we have. and in these big moments, i think, there are measures that can be undertaken because people then come together. it's been a day of reckoning, obviously. you know, i think it's so important as it relates to the verdict because we've seen in prior cases, right, officers are investigated, they may not be arrested in the ace of eric garner in new york, remember, "i can't breathe," he, of course,
3:40 am
the officer with regard to that case was not indicted. if i can shift back to fernando castillo in 2016 the traffic stop where the officer was prosecuted, indicted but not convicted. so, let's not forget how big of a moment it is in terms of accountability. so, these moments as you see all of the people gathered together provide a chance to do big things. i think it does move the needle. i think people looking at this in a very close way as it relates to police reform in general. i think people recognize and understand that this presents an opportunity. now that have this moment of reckoning what do we do now? do we pass the reform for no knock warrants and choke holds and explicit and imblist bias training. and the final piece and significant piece which they're hung up on is this qualified immunity. what is that? well, it allows for in certain circumstances officers to be
3:41 am
immune, right, not be held accountable in a civil content. not from a prosecutorial context but from a civil context, when people sue for police, police are generally not held accountable. if you can fix that piece of qualified immunity saying you're not going to be immune and it provides a chance to sue in civil court, i think that's a major step forward. we know what the house of representatives says, we'll see what the senate says. if ever there was a time to fix that piece to allow officers to be sued it would be now. and potentially, it could happen. >> okay. let's talk about ghislaine maxwell, jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend. she's pleaded not guilty. she was arrested last summer. her first court appearance, though, was yesterday. help us understand, joey, what evidence exists -- do we no what evidence exists to try to convict her?
3:42 am
>> well, you know, on that question, obviously, it depends on who you speak, to right? from a prosecute orial perspective, going back to the 1990s with regard to misconduct. just to be clear, to set the table what they're alleging is that she assisted, aided, abetted and conspired with jeffrey epstein to recruit and groom and really lead the path for these women, then children, to be abused. so when i say these women, it speaks to the issue, right? the question, what evidence? well, the evidence is these children are now women. and these women who have been interviewed have come forward and said this is what happened to me, right? miss maxwell was the one who really set up the stage who said we're going to go and meet jeffrey epstein under false pretenses. they turned into massages. they turned into whatever escapades they did. and she was the liaison is the
3:43 am
evidence in that regard. and the allegations will be the women that come forward that say hey, it happens to be. you find out, you track when it happened, how it happened, those records and you start to piece together what could potentially be very problematic, for those women, but problematic for her. as much as she's facing a world of hurt in the way she is pending the trial in july. final, final piece, christi, that is this new indictment that superseded. they added new conduct that occurred in the 2000s, as opposed to the 1990s. so there are four particular women who are going to come forward saying you did this. you brought us together, you set the stage and you should be accountable. >> yeah. we've got the 1990's case and the more recent accusations. and you mentioned the july case that's supposed to come to fruition. i understand she wants the judge to delay that schedule.
3:44 am
what would that reasoning be? and do you think the judge will do so? >> so, i think there's a good chance. so, there's a couple things. the first thing is because of this new indictment, it's called a superseding indictment where you add additional charges, this indictment alleges there was conduct as to a 14-year-old. defense is saying, hey, because of these new allegations, we really want you to, you know, delay this trial so we have now have an opportunity to review, evaluate, investigate and be prepared. the second thing, because of covid and the restrictions there's not the ability, defense lawyers say, to convey, communicate, meet with their client to be prepared for the trial. we'll see what the judge does. but those are the two bases in which the defense wants a post point from july 12th which is where it's scheduled. >> joey jackson, you're one of the hardest working men in the legal arena. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, christi. a major change to tell you
3:45 am
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breaking news in the search for and indonesian military submarine that disappeared this week. indonesia's navy said that the ship sank, saying that search teams found debris believed to be from the sub6 deep in the bali sea. >> cnn's blake essig is in tokyo. blake, if they found pieces that they believe to be the submarine, what does that tell us about any rescue efforts or the status of the crew and what happened there. >> well, you know, boris, christi, the indonesian navy didn't allude to any potential survivors but again this is heartbreaking news out of
3:50 am
indonesia. within the last two hour, the navy chief of staff addressed the media to report that several pieces of debris from the missing submarine have been found. a total of six pieces of debris presented including a bottle of grease which the gcrew would us to grease part of the periscope and part of the fuel. officials say the items were found in waters with a depth of 2800 feet and were confirmed to belong to the submarine, by former crew members, based on findings from the navy chief of staff. they were able to conclude that an explosion didn't occur. instead, it's believed that the submarine sustained a achieve crack under immense pressure which caused some of those items to float to the surface. no bodies at this point have been found. the 43-year-old sub with 53 people on board went missing wednesday morning with a tosh pidto drill within the bali
3:51 am
strait. it had a dive capacity of 3800 feet. and the big concern the sub descended to a depth of 2300 feet which is well below the limits and could cause the sub to implode. the navy chief of staff will carry out an evacuation process to recover the submarine and its crew once they find the exact location. they said they will try to find any survivors however there is virtually no hope of survival. indonesia has about 20 ships searching the area 25 norths of bali. singapore, malaysia and australia have sent ships. while the united states is sending an air asset, a p-8 poseidon which arrived earlier. the worst fears the missing sub, with 53 souls on board, has been recovered. >> tragic.
3:52 am
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3:57 am
sharing this photo, tiger smiling standing on crutches saying my course has come along better than i am, it's good to have man's best friend. the photo giving hope to fans who believe that maybe he'll be able to golf the same level again. let's go to differencemakers now. following the emotional guilty verdict this week in the case of george floyd's death, some of the biggest names are looking forward, sharing hopes about where our country can go from here. >> it's not okay to just be a bystander of justice or our political system or democracy. and i think democracy, we think of as a destination, it's a continuous journey. it has to be thought of that way. >> there's nothing that anybody on tv can say to change the fact that george floyd was murdered by a police officer. and the jury saw it that way, because that's what happened. but we also know that there are so many incidents that happened out there that aren't on video.
3:58 am
and aren't on tape, that you don't get the accountability. >> blacks have been dehumanized for a long time. to see a man go to jail for killing a black man should not be significant. but it is, so, i guess in that way, we're coming along way, but we still have a long way to go. >> imagine being 70, 80, 90-year-old black person who has seen so much ugly in their lives. in every way, shape and form, socially, economically, et cetera, what a joy it had to be for someone like that, to see this outcome in this trial. >> we just want to continue to help each other and be there as human beings, continue to support justice being served. >> i think it's a time to understand that that was maybe a victory, in a war that got to continue to be waged and said so demanding equality and justice
3:59 am
and rights. because it hasn't happened yet. >> it's one of those moments you worry that reform is not done, we'll be having the same situation again. and that's the most unfortunate left-hand disheartening thing. >> just because we're athletes just because we're stay-at-home moms or businessmen, doctors, lawyers, what are we are, we have to actively participate in it. because if we don't, we're not doing our job and we're failing the generation after. >> boris, candace parker, wnba all-star, mother of a 4-year-old girl, just trying to do the best for our kids. >> coy wire, love you so much. always love the inspiration you bring. "new day" continues right now. ♪ love those snazzy graphics.
4:00 am
good morning, welcome to your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm christi paul, waking you up there. i want you to take a look at the international space station, the spacex crew will be opening its hatch to dock and live on the space station for the next six months. we do expect to see the iss crew welcome the spacex crew aboard the space station. that's a live view there and we'll bring you that when it happens. now in an effort to eradicate the coronavirus. johnson & johnson is rejoining the race to vaccinate americans just as the united states seeing worrying signs that demand for vaccines is dipping. >> in a single dose vaccine label will include a warning about rare and


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