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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 23, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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is the johnson & johnson vaccine safe enough to resume in the u.s.? we should find out today. the u.s. now helping the desperate search for a missing submarine, 53 crew members will run out of oxygen by tomorrow. and in less than an hour four astronauts from three countries will launch into space. cnn is live from the kennedy center, that's coming up. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is "early start." a big day, i'm laura jarrett. >> it really is. nice way to end the week with a space launch. i'm christine romans. it is friday, april 23rd. happy friday, everybody. it is exactly 5:00 a.m. in new york. it's also 5:00 a.m. at cape canaveral where in less than an hour crew 2 will launch to the
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international space station. the latest joint venture between nasa and spacex. our rachel crane is there. cabrera-b we know the mission was delayed for a day because of the weather. conditions look good today. tell us what you are seeing and what the mood is there. >> reporter: that's right, christine. all systems are a go, it has been a smooth countdown and we are track noog issues for the scheduled launch today at 5:49 even time this morning. let me tell you about where we are in the countdown of today's launch. the astronauts are currently suited up, strapped into their seats, the hatch of endeavor is closed. there has been a series of systems checks, coms checks, leak checks that have been conducted. the next major milestone is 45 minutes before launch, so we're just minutes away from that, when spacex launch director will do the go for propellant call.
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35 minutes before countdown is when they will start loading up over a million pounds of propellant, liquid oxygen which they called locks and rp 1 which is the rocket grade kerosene. so that will be loaded into the system here and what's really unique about the rocket today and the spacecraft is they are both flight proven. they have both flown to space already. the falcon 9 booster, you can see the scorch marks and soots on it which is spacex they decide not to repaint it, why spend the money, why waste the time. they are proud of those scorch marks because that is a tent pole of their strategy, reusability, reusing the systems they fly to space. let me tell you about the astronauts that are on board, we have a multi-national crew, we have a jaksa astronaut and we
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have two astronauts shane kim brow and megan mcarthur. megan's husband is bob benkin. back in may of 2020 her husband was on that demo 2 flight, i was lucky enough to witness t that was the first crewed mission from american soil in nearly a decade. megan is flying in the exact same seat as her husband did nearly a year ago. a lot of excitement here, christine, at the kennedy space center. i was starting to get the launch butterflies, the astronauts are cool and composed but i'm sure they're getting jazzed too. you can start to feel the energy is changing as we are within an hour of that launch window. >> literally a power couple at work and really exciting. we know there is a lot of energy there and we will be back with you shortly. we know a lot of people are up early or staying up late so they can make sure they don't miss a
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single moment of this launch. thank you. >> you can just feel rachel's excitement. the cdc's vaccine advisers meet today to discuss the fate of johnson & johnson's single-dose coronavirus vaccine. in the last few hours cnn has learned officials in oregon are looking into a death that could be linked to that shot. in texas a woman who received the vaccine is now hospitalized with potential blood clots. still important here, no official link between these rare clots and the vaccine has actually been confirmed. out of nearly 7 million shots the number of reported clots remains remarkably small. south africa and the eu have decided to start using the johnson & johnson vaccine. dr. anthony fauci said last night he wouldn't be surprised if the u.s. makes a similar decision as europe, opting to have the vaccine carry a warning but finding that the shot's benefits ultimately outweigh the risks. all those shots, warmer weather, money flowing to americans a multi-pronged boost to the economic recovery. we know weekly jobless claims
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hit the lowest of the pandemic 547,000 people filing for the first time for jobless benefits, a claim far higher than pre-pandemic levels but we can see the layoffs are slowing. about 17.4 million people receiving some sort of jobless benefit, that shows you the depth of the crisis. but we are seeing a spring thaw in the jobs market. the irs and treasury sent out another 2 million stimulus checks bringing the total to 161 million payments, $397 billion, money going into americans' pockets. travel is picking back up. american airlines says the recovery is beginning. earlier this week american said it's bringing all of its pilots back on the job and hiring new pilots for the first time since the pandemic began. its top executive stressed to the employees the pandemic far from over. fears of a capital gains tax increase rattled investors thursday, the dow fell 423 points. we knew higher taxes for
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investors were coming. despite the decline stocks are still near record highs. more questions this morning about what happened to andrew brown jr., he was fatally shot by police in north carolina on wednesday. neighbors describing a chaotic scene, a car pulling away, then shots fired. the county sheriff's office claims its special operations and tactical team was trying to serve brown with a felony drug arrest warrant. >> the deputies' body cameras were activated but the state bureau of investigations says in north carolina body cam footage can only be released with a court order. in minneapolis daunte wright's family and friends remembered him at his funeral thursday. >> he was literally the life of the party. when he came in, you know, the smile, his laugh, his laugh was really contagious. >> i didn't get to tell him i loved him before he left. >> the joy that junior brought to daunte's life was truly
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amazing. he was so happy and so proud and he always said he couldn't wait to make his son proud. >> so hard to look at that baby there. and in columbus, ohio, the woman who was providing foster care for ma'khia bryant said they were arguing over their home being messy before police showed up. bryant appears to be lunging toward another person with a knife as an officer shoots her. some are asking if there is another way that he could have deescalated the situation. that investigation remains ongoing. republican senator tim scott of south carolina will deliver the republican rebuttal to president biden's joint address to congress next week. daniella diaz live on kplil this morning. why senator scott? >> reporter: christine, it's a big job and it doesn't seem like there's another person that can do it right now than senator tim scott. he has been tasked with delivering the republican message, response, to president joe biden's address to the joint congress next week where biden
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will lay out the priorities of his administration. so it's a big job, as i said, and, you know, i can't imagine anyone else doing it other than tim scott. it's incredibly timely because he is currently negotiating on behalf of republicans on police reform legislation given derek chauvin's guilty verdict this week. right now scott and congresswoman karen bass who is negotiating on behalf of democrats are working on a bipartisan bill to pass through the senate so that they can get ten republicans so sign on to this legislation. they are still trying to reconcile their differences on this issue. for example, scott opposes democratic efforts to lower the legal standard to prosecute individual officers and congresswoman karen bass is pushing to change federal law to ensure that police officers can be charged for reckless misconduct rather than willful misconduct under existing law. right now it's about trying to lower the threshold needed to prosecute individual officers
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but they are both incredibly optimistic that they will be able to reach a deal. it's incredibly timely given the fact that scott is negotiating on behalf of republicans on this legislation that he will deliver the countermessage on behalf of republicans to president joe biden's speech next week. >> we know you will be covering it all for us. thank you. laura? japan set to declare a state of emergency in tokyo to control a surge in covid cases. what this means for the summer olympics just three months away. someday i'll ask you a question that will change me forever. ( time after time begins to play softly ) yes. ( time after time continues to play softly ) start your someday with a ring from the neil lane collection. available at kay
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rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change. faster. vmware. welcome♪change. ♪ ♪ ♪ running out of air, the united states sending what it calls airborne has sits to help with this desperate search for a missing indonesian submarine. time is critical. oxygen on the sub about to run out and quickly with 53 crew members trapped on board. blake essig is live in tokyo for us. overnight we know the indonesian navy detected some sort of
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object at the search site. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, laura, this search and rescue operation is focused on an area about 60 miles off the coast of bali. earlier today navy officials said that a ship with sonar capabilities detected an unidentified object with high magnetism 50 to 100 meters below sea level. we have not received updates regarding what that might be. sadly the facts as we know them right now don't paint a positive picture for the 53 people on board this missing indonesian sub. if the crews are still alive and that's a big if at this point navy officials say that the submarine only has enough oxygen for the crew to survive until saturday at 3:00 a.m. local time, that's about nine hours from now. navy officials say that this particular sub built in the late 1970s doesn't have a rescue seat and has a dive capability of 500 meters but it's believed to be at a depth of 700 meters. if that's the case experts say the submarine could implode
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under the pressure. with a submarine rescue expert telling cnn that its salvation is entirely in its own hands. contact with the submarine was lost on wednesday morning and an oil spill was detected after that. officials believe that the spill is a result of the submarine tank leaking because it is too deep or that the crew released all the fluid on board to help the submarine rise to the surface. all that being said this is still a search and rescue mission and the clock is ticking to bring the 53-person crew back home safely. >> nine hours is not a lot of time to get this done. thank you for staying on top of it. japan is expected to take serious any measures to contain a dangerous surge in coronavirus there. all part of a late push to salvage the summer leemps. selina wang is live for us this osaka, japan. >> reporter: that's right. it is extremely concerning, they are three months away from the tokyo olympics and the situation here continues to get worse. japan is struggling to contain
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the fourth wave of covid cases which is largely driven by more contagious covid variants. you have the prime minister imminently expected to announce a state of emergency that would cover host city tokyo, osaka, two other prefectures as well. this is not a hard lockdown but it is going to require likely large establishments like shopping malls to temporarily close, but the big question is is this even going to work? tokyo, osaka and many parts of japan have been under a quasi state of emergency that requires restaurants and bars to close early. japan recently revised its laws to allow penalties for rule violators but so far none of that has worked. covid fatigue has clearly set in, you can see that walking through the streets of japan, still major crowds on streets and trains and meantime you have less than 1% of the population fully vaccinated, the majority of health care workers also even haven't gotten a vaccine. here in osaka where i am right now this is the epicenter of
2:17 am
this wave, about 80% of the cases here experts say are driven by these more contagious variants. so concerning indeed just months away, christine. >> that statistic less than 1% of the japanese population vaccinated, that's a remarkable number considering the international even they are about to hold. selina wang in osaka, thank you. still ahead, no red carpet to walk, no hollywood parties. the pandemic upending award shows this year and many viewers have tuned out. so what does this all mean for the oscars this weekend? that's ahead.
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the basketball world is mourning the death of a 19-year-old nba draft prospect. carolyn manno has that story in this morning's "bleacher report." >> good morning. this is really difficult news to start with. terrence clark only 19 years old and it was just a couple months away from realize ago dream to play in the nba after finishing his freshman season at kentucky. there's been a lot of reaction on social media about this, he was killed after a car accident yesterday in los angeles. he was preparing for this year's draft there. one day earlier, in fact, clutch sports group announced that he had signed with the sports agency. kentucky coach john calipari among those tweeting i am absolutely gutted and sick. i ask that everyone take a moment to say a prayer for terrence clark and his family, may he rest in peace. brad stevens spoke about the loss of the los angeles native after yesterday's game. >> i had never met him, i know my son looks up to him and hard to talk about a basketball game
2:23 am
with even the idea that that's floating out there. >> we certainly wish his family the best. in dallas last night lakers star anthony davis returning to the court for the first time since early february, he missed 30 games dealing with injuries from ankle injuries. he played limited minutes in the loss to the mavericks. it's all about being healthy for the playoffs next month, lebron james out indefinite after suffering a high ankle sprain last month. tom brady is ripping the nfl over a new rule that let's players wear pretty much any number they want. calling it dumb and telling fans to be ready for a lot of bad football. at some point he must have realized how cranky he was being. he retweeted asking i would like to speak to the manager, please. take this bunny out to the ball game. this handsome therapy bunny's name is alex.
2:24 am
he stole the show at the giants game last month. he's turning out to be quite of sports fan. went to a nascar race and said to be going to a warriors game as well. >> is it just me or is that bunny wearing a bow tie? >> the bunny is wearing a bow tie in giants colors. his owners, lawyer ration lost their restaurant during covid so he is a therapy animal for him and they say he has brought them a lot of joy. i'm here for it. >> he looks loveable. >> yeah. >> carolyn, thank you. appreciate it. well, we all know it's been a tough season for award shows struggling to keep viewers through this pandemic. will sunday's oscars be able to buck the trend? we have a look ahead. >> reporter: good morning. amid a global pandemic shuttered movie theaters and after a two-month delay the oscars are officially happening this sunday. the event will return to the
2:25 am
dolby theatre los angeles as well as live locations at l.a.'s union station, the uk and in paris. the show's producers have said they want as much of the show to be in-person not on zoom. as for who is hosting this isn't one. when it comes to the show history has already been made. women account for a record breaking 76 nominations and two of those women were nominated in the best director category for the first time. nomad land director and the director for "promising young woman." all eyes are on chadwick boseman to be awarded best actor for his role in "black bottom." for best actress there is lots of buzz for andra day and for the coveted best picture category nomad land is looking likely to take home that prize. back to you. >> i have a lot of movie watching to do over this weekend
2:26 am
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♪ ♪ up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. if you're committed to earning your degree, we're committed to making it accessible. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. and sometimes one chance is all it takes to change everything. see what scholarship opportunities you may qualify for at ♪ good morning, everyone. it's friday. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. it is 30 minutes past the hour here in new york. and these are live pictures from cape canaveral where we are awaiting a final count doun for the launch of the nasa spacex mission to the international space station. two nasa astronauts along with
2:31 am
one from japan and the european union all securely locked in awaiting liftoff at precisely 5:49 a.m. eastern time. cnn will go live to the kennedy space center in florida in a few minutes. stand by for that. >> we will have live coverage of that as it happens. now to coronavirus and encouraging new data there. the seven-day average of new infections is down 10%, cases are dropping or steady in 45 states. the problem is steady isn't ideal at these high levels, each with a dip this week averages are at the same level as early march. 60,000 cases per day opens the door to new variants that could extend this pandemic. >> between that and the vaccine supply starting to outpace demand, there's also a debate right now about whether masks outside are still needed. on thursday the cdc director said we will be looking at the outdoor masking question but also in the context of the fact that we still have people dying of coronavirus. >> still there are some signs of
2:32 am
normalcy here, the san francisco giants debuting a fully vaccinated section at the team's home game last night. they are the second team in california to do that. a third will start tomorrow. we have the pandemic covered from coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm nick watt in los angeles where this coming saturday the dodgers are going to debut for their game against the padres something called a fully vaccinated fan section. you have to prove that you are at least two weeks past your last shot. kids 2 to 15 can also get in if they've got proof of a negative test. now, you will have to wear a mask in that section, but you will not have to social distance. >> reporter: i'm jacqueline howard in atlanta. pregnant women with covid-19 face an increased risk of severe complications and even death. that's according to a new study published in the journal jam ma pediatrics. researchers look at more than
2:33 am
2,000 pregnant women this 18 countries, those who had covid-19 while pregnant were at a higher risk of preeclampsia, preterm birth and were 22 times more likely to die. this news comes one day after new data published in the new england journal of medicine saying that pfizer and moderna covid-19 vaccines do not appear to pose a serious risk during pregnancy, though more long-term studies are needed. i'm pete muntean in washington. federal officials are considering an extension of the transportation mask mandate. it is set to expire in three weeks on may 11th. the tsa issued an order that everyone must wear a mask on planes, trains, buses, boats, also in transportation terminals and hubs back in february. the tsa says it's received about 2,000 reports of violators ever since, but it cannot say how many of those people have been cited.
2:34 am
>> reporter: i'm lucy kafanov. chicago's public health commissioner said that due to an increase in covid-19 vaccine supplies all mass vaccination sites in the city will accept walk in appointments beginning friday. the commissioner says the move is part of an effort to accommodate chicago residents who can't or don't want to schedule appointments ahead of time. >> reporter: i'm brynn gingras in new york city. vacant office space in manhattan is at its highest it's been in nearly three decades and it could get worse. that's according to a recent report by real estate firm curb man and wakefield. it says that the vacancy rate is up move than 11% from a year ago. the good news to this is those unprecedented levels could drive rents down. we've actually already seen rents drop to the lowest price per square foot that we have seen in three years. according to that same report. all right. speaking of real estate, millions of you looking for a home and can't find one. if you do prepare to pay above
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asking. way above. home prices hitting records, the highest price since the national association of realtors started tracking prices in 1999. it's a heavy combination that spells sellers market. not enough homes for the rush of new buyers and homes are going fast. the typical home sold in just 18 days in march, 18 days. the shortest on record. 80% of all the homes sold last month were on the market for less than a month. now, there is more inventory at the higher end of the market, but the supply of homes between $100,000 and $250,000 is down 36% from last year. supply and demand the lack of homes pushing sales down and pushing prices higher, putting home ownership out of reach for more americans. all right. in just a few hours day two of president biden's climate summit begins. on day one a new white house pledge to slash u.s. carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, right in line with what the u.n. says is needed to avoid catastrophic
2:36 am
global warming. president biden urging other countries to go big as well an approach already showing results. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house for us. jasmine, good morning to you. the administration clearly trying to reestablish the u.s. as a leader on climate. what do we expect for day two? >> reporter: that's exactly right. look, president biden is trying to undo the actions of former president trump and actually go further. this time on climate, as you said, reemerging the u.s. as a world global leader. so on day two white house officials say that we can expect the white house to tie this issue to the economy and it's a similar playbook to what they did with the covid relief bill as well as an infrastructure package rollout, we're going to see that again today. already some of the administration's efforts are starting to bear fruit with global leaders. we have seen them really reup their commitments including china, the world's top consumer of coal, really trying to meet these levels that this administration is trying to set.
2:37 am
so yesterday when talking to reporters climate -- special climate envoy john kerry did not minut mince his words when he talked about how the effort went, what it took for this administration to get here after trump. >> we had to restore america's credibility. we had to prove that we were serious. and i think today does that in many ways. in a way that reinforces the fact that this is multilateral, that we need to bring all the countries of the world to the table and we all need to raise ambition. >> reporter: so, laura, that raising the ambition notion is already starting to take set in the u.s. we saw michigan governor gretchen whitmer a key ally of president biden saying that all of the state-owned buildings in michigan will be 100% clean by 2025. really a sim plick measure, but it is huge as it is the home of
2:38 am
car country. laura? >> jasmine, thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. the u.s. senate overwhelmingly pass add new hate crimes bill to combat violence against asian-americans. the bill passed 94-1. missouri senator josh hawley the only no vote. reports of violence against asian-americans have spiked since the beginning of the pandemic, this new bill creates a new position at the justice department to expedite review of potential pandemic-related hate crimes. kremlin critic alexei navalny's own doctors are pleading with him to end his hunger strike, the alternative they say is all but certain death. sam kiley has the latest, he joins us from moscow. sam, any indication here that navalny is actually going to take these doctors' advice? >> reporter: the short answer to that is no. late last night i was in communication with his chief of staff and his response to exactly that question was i don't know. now, he may be able to get more
2:39 am
sense of which direction mr. navalny is going to get in this literally life or death decision in many ways, which is also, of course, a political decision for him later on today if he's able to meet with his lawyers and receive the sort of information that everybody else has, which is the advice from his own doctors based on the survey of his health by a team of independent doctors at a civilian hospital, which indicate that he is in imminent danger of renal collapse, neurological damage and indeed possible heart stoppage. in short, he could die if he continues with his hunger strike. now, you will recall that his hunger strike was over access to independent medical health care. he has in some limited way had that, but it may not be being far enough as far as he's concerned, not least because he is still effectively under treatment for the novichok nerve agent poisoning he endured back in august last year, which the
2:40 am
united states and his own movement and the european union have blamed on the government of vladimir putin. >> the situation for his health is quite serious. he's facing potential renal failure, heart issues. so i know you're watching this closely. very disturbing. all right. sam, thank you. all right. t minus just almost nine minutes, four astronauts, the launch, the blastoff. history is coming up next. gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the fifirst strok so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home i knew there would be a lot of orders to fill and i wanted them to ship out fast that's why i chose shipstation shipstation helps manage orders reduce shipping costs and print out shipping labels
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to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. 5:44 eastern time. live pictures from the kennedy space center. we are just minutes away from launch of the crew 2 mission to the international space station. the four astronauts, they are on board. they are on board that spacecraft. they are ready to go. >> back with us now is cnn innovation and space correspondent rachel crane live at cape canaveral for us.
2:45 am
talk us through what are the astronauts going to be doing during this trip. i always wonder what are they doing up there. are they collecting data? what's happening? >> reporter: laura, you know, they're really busy while they are on this flight. they're collecting data, but they're also important to remember they need to sleep. this is about a 24-hour journey before they rendezvous with the international space station. they will be doing all kinds of data checks, but one thing to point out, though, is there is not much in terms of piloting the spacecraft because it's designed to fly autonomously. meaning that, you know, it can kind of fly on its own. but right now, lawyer ration i want to bring you up to speed on where we are on the tick tock here before this launch. we're under just about three minutes before launch. you can see the rocket, the sp vapor, the fuel and rp 1, that's what that spoke is coming off of
2:46 am
the rocket. that's what you totally expect to see on the crewed launches as well as the cargo missions. there is over a million pounds of propellant loaded into this system here. important to point out that the rocket, the falcon 9, you can see scorch marks and soot on it. that's because it's already flown to space. it was the exact same booster that flew crew 1 to the international space station in november. another first, that space capsule, spacecraft endeavor has also already flown to space, that was the space capsule that brought doug hurley and bob behnken to the international space station on that historic demo 2 mission in may of 2020. what's really interesting to moat is megan mcarthur who is the nasa astronaut piloting this mission, bob behnken is her husband. she is sitting in the exact same seat that her husband did almost a year ago flying this historic flight. this is of course the third
2:47 am
crewed mission for spacex and their crew dragon. this is all of course part of a multi-billion dollar contract with nasa to take over these ferry missions back and forth to the international space station. we've been reliant on the russians since 2011 when the space shuttle program was retired to get our astronauts back and forth to the international space station. so this has really been a historic program, the commercial crew program, relying on the commercial sector to take over for these ferry missions back and forth to the international space station. so nasa can focus more on those deep space missions, going back to the moon, going back to -- going to mars and nasa is hoping to bring us back to the moon as early as 2024, that's part of the art miss mission. you asked about what they're going to be doing on this journey. one of the things they're doing on space station is experiments, over 200 of them. some of those experiments are intended specifically to look into the kind of systems they
2:48 am
will need to pull off that mission and hopefully get to that 2024 date. laura, i have crazy launch butterflies in my stomach right now, you can feel the mood shifting here at kennedy space center, everybody gravitating, looking towards the rocket. we know this is about to take off any second. i'm going to, you know -- i'm going to stop talking so we can pay attention to the nasa feeds and watch this extraordinary mission take flight. >> let's listen. >> -- and can issue an abort if necessary. >> fts is armed. falcon 9 is in startup and is now controlling. >> dragon is in countdown. >> all right. 50 seconds to go. everything is ready for an on-time launch today. >> dragon, spacex, go for lau launch. >> copy. go for launch. >> ground teams are ready and the crew inside dragon is ready. 30 seconds to go until launch.
2:49 am
>> t minus 15 seconds. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. zero. ignition. and liftoff. endeavor and crew 2. >> copy, one alpha. >> endeavor launches once again. four astronauts from three countries on crew 2 now making their way to the one and only international space station. the vehicle is pitching down range, nine engines providing 1.7 million pounds of thrust. hearing good calls first stage performance so far. >> we are t plus 30 seconds into
2:50 am
the second rotational crew mission on board dragon and falcon 9. falcon 9 will be throttling down the nine merlin engines shortly here in preparation for -- in preparation for maximum dynamic pressure. and there's that call out for the throttle down. maximum dynamic pressure max q is the largest structural load that the vehicle sees throughout assent so throttling down does help us past -- throttling down helps us pass through this period which should be coming here shortly. >> max q. >> there is that callout that we have just passed through max q and we can -- >> copy, one bravo. >> all right. one bravo is the second abort mode on the first stage, the first stage continues to fire for 2 minutes 35 seconds.
2:51 am
one and a half minutes into today's flight. falcon 9 now traveling at more than 1,500 miles an hour. >> and the engine chill has started. >> all right. the engine chill for the second stage single merlin engine has started. about 30 more seconds of the first stage firing to bring our four astronauts into orbit. >> now from here coming up in about 20 some seconds we are going to have three major mile milestones. we will have shutdown of the nine merlin engines, we are beginning to throttle them down. we will then get stage separation and then we will get ignition of the second stage engine that propelled dragon and the falcon 9 second stage into
2:52 am
or orbit. >> two alpha. >> copy, two alpha. >> and we have ignition of the second stage. you can see the green flash of that fluid. the expansion nozzle on the second stage merlin vacuum glowing that bright red that we like to s.e.a.l. good performance on the second stage so far. >> and on the left side of your screen we saw the exhaust of the second stage engine streaming past the first stage as the grid fans are coming out. we also briefly had a view of the lights of central florida in the background. currently the first stage is continuing to coast up to apagy,
2:53 am
it is unpowered and will begin to descend back down into the earth's atmosphere will it will light three engines to slow down for a landing on a drone ship in the ocean. the grid fans are deployed. >> trajectory nominal. >> we're pulsing the thrusters. >> copy. normal trajectory. >> we hear a call out from the crew, nominal trajectory. we're beginning to move the first stage into position so it can do the entry burn. >> 4 minutes 15 seconds into today's flight. second stage propelling our four astronauts up the eastern seaboard. we will continue to fire. it's a six-minute burn to deliver the astronauts into orbit. we will wait for a cue for good orbital insertion after that.
2:54 am
we will be hearing check-ins on the vehicles trajectory and performance as well as ground check-ins as it passes over throughout the six minutes of the second stage firing. >> dragon spacex trajectory nominal. >> copy. nominal trajectory. >> getting good views of both the first and second stage from the on board cameras. the new hampshire tracking station has acquired the second stage telemetry signal. the first stage has reached apagy is and is now beginning to descend from a height, it's currently about 167 kilometers up. in a few minutes we will get the entry burn of the second stage -- of the first stage.
2:55 am
>> dragon spacex trajectory nominal. >> copy. nominal trajectory. >> right on cue those check-ins on the second stage performance, once a minute, everything is looking good on that second stage. >> propulsion is nominal. >> stage two continues to climb, the vehicle now exceeding 8,000 miles an hour at an altitude of about 124 miles. >> and just about one minute from now we will begin the entry burn of the first stage.
2:56 am
that will consist of lighting the center engine and then shortly afterwards two more engines for a three-engine burn to slow down the first stage in preparation for entering the earth's atmosphere. >> dragon spacex trajectory nominal. >> copy. nominal trajectory. >> another check-in, the crew confirming they're hearing the same thing, the vehicle exceeding -- or about to exceed about 10,000 miles per hour. >> meanwhile, first stage down at 90 kilometers, getting ready to relight three engines for the entry burn. >> stage 2 fts is saved.
2:57 am
>> we've got the center engine ignition and there come the two side engines. now, then tree burn will last about 29 seconds. it's going to significantly slow down the vehicle in preparation for hitting the denser part of the earth's atmosphere. entry burn complete, we are down below 35 kilometers, continuing to look good on the first stage heading to the atlantic ocean for a landing on the drone ship. >> second stage is less than a minute away from cutoff. >> stage two in terminal guid
2:58 am
guidance. >> shannon. >> copy, shannon. >> shannon called out at the back end of stage two, a few seconds until cutoff. >> shutdown. >> dragon spacex launch escape system disarmed. >> launch escape system disarmed. copy. >> dragon spacex nominal orbit inse insertion. >> copy. nominal orbital insertion. >> right. the falcon 9 second stage has done its job delivering our four crew into orbit. >> you hear the applause here in
2:59 am
hawthorn, waiting to get a video signal back from the drone ship. of course i still love you. and the view from the on board camera we saw it just briefly. looks like first stage on the drone ship, getting views of the dragon chart. so the first stage is on the drone ship, successfully landed, and more importantly second stage is in a nominal orbit with the dragon spacecraft getting ready for some important events coming up, gary. >> that's right. about two more minutes the dragon and the second stage of the falcon 9 will be in a coast phase. it will take that long until the spacecraft separates from the falcon 9. of course, both now in a nominal orbit. it's great to see some of the views of the earth as it passes by over the north atlantic ocean.


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