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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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guilty verdict in derek chauvin's murder trial of a moment of victory in a history of injustice. overnight, spontaneous celebrations breaking out across the country. nearly one year after the murder of george floyd. >> being able to know that it's justice for african-american people, just people of color, period, in this world, this is monumental, this is historic, this is a pivotal moment in history. >> derek chauvin waking up in prison this morning the judge revoking his bail immediately after the verdict. sentencing takes place in eight weeks, the other three officers at the scene with chauvin go on trying together in august. president biden said he believes
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the conviction can be a giant step forward in the fight against systemic racism. although he insists it's not nearly enough. >> knee on the neck. we can't let his words die within. keep hearing those words. we must not turn away. we can't turn away. >> we can't turn away. let's go straight to minneapolis, we're live on the streets. good morning. a different morning in minneapolis and the country. >> reporter: indeed, john, a calm and quiet morning. was taken into custody wearing handcuffs derek chauvin is waking up if prison today, a place he could spend the next 40
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years of his life and as he wakes up in prison members of the floyd family say they were finally able to sleep. after more than ten hours of deliberation -- >> members of jury. >> reporter: the jury deciding the fate of the former minneapolis police officer who held his knee on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes last may. >> we the jury unintentional second degree murder find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: derek chauvin guilty of third degree murder and second degree manslaughter, the judge revoking his chauvin's bail before he was handcuffed and taken into custody. >> this is a victory for those who champion humanity over inhuman tip. >> reporter: marking the end of three weeks of testimony.
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centering around a bystander video showing the final moments of floyd's life. >> i would not call today's verdict justice because justice implies true restoration but it is a accountability. which is the first step towards justice. >> reporter: outside the cup foods store known now as george floyd square, silence erupting into cheers, a cautious celebration and sorrow. mixed emotions shared by floyd's family here in minneapolis and watching on screen more than a 1,000 miles away in texas nearly one year after his murder. >> i'm going to put up a fight every day. because i'm not just fighting for george anymore i'm fighting for everybody around this world. today we are able to breathe again. >> reporter: president joe biden and vice president kamala harris can speaking with them on the phone tuesday.
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>> we're all so relieved that guilty on all three counts. it's really important. >> reporter: biden and harris later addressing the nation but the president warning that while the verdict may be a moment of, quote, significant change, it's not enough. >> we can't stop here. in order to deliver real change and reform we can and must do the lreduce the likelihood of this happen. >> reporter: this morning, i spoke with his aunt they said that darnella frazier's courage that led to this moment. her 9-year-old cousin, she testified at the start of the trial about a month after floyd was killed, she told me that the
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entire day she asked darnella to take her to the store because she wanted to purchase some starbucks and she said, finally, okay, let's go. the little girl told me, if we didn't go to the store at that time on that day they would still kill us. i said who is "they"? she said police. through the 9-year-old she saw the magnitude of the video that captured. >> a heavy burden for children. thank you so much for being there for us. derek chauvin has been convicted but sentence is yet to be decided. here to explain what he could be facing a former state prosecutor. >> john, derek chauvin has been convicted of all three charges
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against him. murder in the third degree maximum 25 years and manslaughter, maximum 10 years. if these charges related to different conduct they could be run consecutive meaning back to back to back. all three charges relate to the same conduct the killing of george floyd. they're concurrent. as a practical matter the maximum sentence derek chauvin faces is 40 years. >> 40 years the maximum how much is he likely to be facing if fwl minnesota has sentencing guidelines, what these guidelines do where the judge should doesn't have to but should essential tensz any defendant. if we do the calculation, derek chauvin has never been convicted of a prior crime, the highest conviction the highest crime he was convicted of here this murder in the second degree unintentional. that leaves us with a
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recommended range of 128 to 180 months, the recommended sentencing for a judge is 150 months. 12 1/2 months. >> there are aggravating factors. the judge during this moment said he's going to take eight weeks to review the blakely matter here,ing iing a -- aggr matter. >> they're going to ask the judge to go up based on five factors. first, that george floyd was a particularly vulnerable victim because he was handcuffed when this all happened. second, that chauvin acted with particularly cruelty, the method of snuffing out a man with your knee. third, abusive position of authority. derek chauvin eye babused the badge.
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he was a police officer. remember, three other police officers are charged here they're going to be tried in august that's the state's argument that this was a group of four people committing this crime together. fifth, there were children present. 9-year-old eyewitness testified at the trial. the eric nelson talked to derek chauvin in front of the judge normally the defendant has the right for the jury to find those factors. chauvin said no thanks. i'll have the judge decide those factors. >> what do you think the judge is likely to come up even with the aggravating factors? >> i got to tell you, john, in my experience, any time i do murder charges the judge goes to the top. now this is a state system.
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this is different. the argument is he took a man's life, 40 years is the appropriate factor. >> very interesting. thanks for helping us understand. joining us now cnn legal analyst joey jackson and paul callen. this case, joey, there's something different about it, many things that are different about it and even the 9-year-old who was a witness to what happened knows that the video is the biggest thing, how key was that? >> brianna this is a compelling moment in history. good morning to you. the bottom line here is you have a video capturing exactly what happened here, it was very difficult i think to watch the video for everyone waking up a year ago looking at this -- almost a year ago, how inhumane is this? is this even real?
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after looking at the video everyone had a visceral reaction to it. what now, what's going to happen? you had a case where everything was documented. not withstanding the documentation of this there was a level of discomfort based upon the history of police being prosecuted. we see officers if they're arrested they're not indicted. if they're indicted they're not convicted. so many examples. new york with the eric garner case. no indictment there. even though he said, i can't breathe. you have philando castile, four years ago. the lack of conviction there. the visceral reaction to that with the blue wall wall of silence crumbling down, saying, you know what, this is not what we do, this is not the sanctity
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of life that we value. you had other officers and that crumbled. as a result of that you had the jury having the courage and strength to see the evidence for what it is, coming back with a conviction, big moment in time and i think this represents a new era that everyone, everyone has to have accountability. no one is against the wall or above the wall and here we are with a conviction as to all three counts. >> you know, paul, what brianna is asking is, we look at this going forward, will it take all of this, though, to get a conviction? this was different. there was a conviction. look at everything that was required to get that conviction. you know, will future cases always meet this incredibly high bar? >> you know, john that's a great
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point because everything that joey just said i agree with completely, the blue wall of silence did collapse other police officers came in and testified. this was a case involving really very unusual degree of cruelty in the way the way death was inflicted on george floyd with innocent bystanders saying, please, he's dying, leave him alone. you had derek chauvin who just protected arrogance and cruelty throughout the act. extreme amounts of public pressure in the wake of protests. and there were enormous resources devoted to this case by the state of minnesota i have seen some estimates that there may have been anywhere 10 to 15 lawyers affiliated with the attorney general's office of
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minnesota devoted to developing this case. they went out and got the finest experts in the united states on expert force, the use of expert force by police officers, as well as med caical experts. they put it all together magnificently and then they brought in two outside lawyers, you know both of those lawyers who we saw most of during the trial were private lawyers who came into the a.g.'s office to try the case, all of that in one case, now we're not going to see that in other cases. i think this is a water shed moment, an important case because it demonstrates that if you put the resources into a case you can convict even a police officer in a commission of a murder like this. it sets a precedent of the nation. we can't expect that those level
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of resources will be devoted to those cases. >> he issued a plea yesterday after the verdict came down, he said that he was asked to help and he said to other lawyers if you're asked to help don't overthink it say yes, it's not going to be in every case, do you think in more cases that's a plea that's going to fall on the ears of receptive lawyers who will aid a prosecution or a defense? >> i think without question. i think even before taking the step of looking at lawyers and examining and by the way, paul being a former prosecutor, myself, a number of us we were in that position so let's not forget they're very competent lawyers to prosecute the case. what you do when you convict you
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deter, you send a message that you know what, you're going to have your reckoning, you're going to have your coming to justice moment you're going to actually sit before a court and you'll have to account for your conduct so what this does i think even before getting to the courtroom it gets to the street and it lets officers know and listen, you have officers out there, my dad may he rest in peace, we all love our parents, he was out there on his beat doing his job and always told me the best tool he has was the ability to communicate, to have empathy, to have compassion, to have sympathy, to have understanding, what this does brianna to the heart of your question, it lets every officer know that values the life. on the street level from a
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cultural level, a training level, an experience level, let's get the officers who are doing the job well and respecting communities and not violating them. >> a widespread issue, a series of issues that need to be addressed here. thank you so much, joey, thank you, paul. there's new audio with president biden's phone call with the floyd family. plus another police shooting. the brand-new body cam footage coming up. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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accountable, they were today, one was, no one should be above the law and today's verdict sends that message. >> president biden addressing the american people after derek chauvin's guilty verdict calling it a potential giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. racial injustice is a problem for every american regardless of their race and harris called for change. >> today we feel a sigh of relief, still it cannot take away the pain. a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. this verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is we still have work to do. we still must reform the system. >> cnn's jeremy diamond is live for us at the white house with more. jeremy. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. president biden describing the killing of george floyd
2:22 am
yesterday as murder in the full light of day that he said that ripped the blinders of systemic racism. this is what we saw from president biden yesterday trying to measure the fact that on the one hand this was a giant step forward potentially in the march towards equal justice while at the same time acknowledging that verdicts like this are all too rare in the united states of america. vice president harris making similar comments saying, feeling a sigh of relief. we heard president biden yesterday also in the form of audio and video released by attorney ben crump as president biden after watching this verdict come down while he was sitting in the white house with vice president harris both of them then calling the floyd family. listen to this remarkable audio of president biden speaking with the floyd family. >> hello. >> hi, how are you doing?
2:23 am
>> feeling better now. nothing is going to make it all better. at least now there's some justice. >> right. >> i think -- i think my dad is going to change the world. start to change it now. >> yes. >> amen. >> start to change it now. you're incredible family. i wish i was there. and i could put my arms around you i'm standing here. we're so relieved. guilty on all three counts. it's really important. i'm anxious to see you guys. i really am. we're going to get a lot more done. we're going to do a lot. >> hopefully this is the
2:24 am
momentum for the george floyd information and policing act to get passed to have you sign. >> that and a lot more. >> that george floyd justice and policing act is what we heard from the floyd family and from president biden and vice president harris yesterday as they reacted to this verdict. this policing act would ban no-knock warrants, it's been passed by the house and the white house is hoping to use the momentum from the verdict to get it passed in the senate. that's the call to action we heard from president biden just yesterday. >> really interesting to hear the audio of that phone call. there does seem to be a connection between the president and the floyd family that now goes back a year. jeremy, thank you. former president obama and former first lady released a statement overnight it reads, today a jury in minneapolis did the right thing but if we're
2:25 am
being honest with ourselves we know that true justice is much more than a single verdict in a single trial. it requires us to recognize that millions of our friends, family and fellow citizens live in fear that their next encounter with law enforcement could be their last. again, the former president and first lady which was eloquent. amanda gorman, the poet, said, victory would be george floyd being alive. >> that's right, this is a turning point and i think that's why it's a turning point but it does not erase the tragedy of what happened. yesterday was so bittersweet because this may be bending that
2:26 am
arc but where do you go to get to the point where someone doesn't die in first place? >> necessary but not sufficient, it can't be anened, right, it can't be an end it has to be a step along the way. >> so just as the derek chauvin verdict was handed down, a teenaged girl fatally shot by police in columbus, ohio. we got the body camera video in overnight. we've had a chance to see it, what does it show? that's next.
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guilty on all three counts. derek chauvin in prison this morning. a case that's really gripped america for nearly a year but deals with issues that have faced america, plagued america for generations. joining us is cnn political commentator bakari sellers. i had the opportunity to speak with you after the morning george floyd was killed. i remember the feeling of being overwhelmed by what has happened then and now talking to you the morning after the verdict you say, you take issue with the scores of people overnight who said this is justice. what do you mean, why? >> yeah, this is not justice, i don't want anyone to get confused about the journey that we're on, the journey we're on together. there are a couple things, justice would be george floyd alive. justice would be policy and reforms in place that ensured
2:32 am
that police interact with people of color they can live through those interactions. yesterday was a good step in accountability. finally we have accountability in a criminal justice system that hasn't been there before and that's why people are breathing easier and some semblance of help because of that accountability. let's think back to when george floyd was murdered. think back to the press release that was issued. from the police department. saying, that there was a medical incident. think back to the fact but for us having this young lady who decided to take out her cell phone and have the footage and but for the fact millions of people around the globe marching we would not be here today, so, no, this isn't justice but this is accountability. we have to take some pride and so hope that at least we've gotten that. >> you said something i think it was the summer that really stayed with me, i tried to find
2:33 am
it ver bat im, i couldn't, you said to the effect of i think as a parent that the nightmare is something that happens, there's some interaction with police and the next thing you know you're standing next to ben crump, i wonder if you think this verdict reduces the chances of that happening for families? >> i think joey was right in that this verdict practically speaking the number one thing it does it's a deterrent on the street but, again, we have to have the policy changes. that's why people talk about eliminating qualified immunity so officers take the heart beat and think about the action before they do it, maybe if you think what's your hand you won't confuse a taser for a gun. we talked last week and ben said he's tired.
2:34 am
he said i was on the way to studio doing "new day" in the morning. he said i'm tired. i am, too. we had this long pause but we understood our work is still ahead of us but brianna, two things, two fears i want you to be very clear about, the first fear is your young black child will have an incident with law enforcement that will go awry and the second fear is you may have an interaction with law enforcement that takes you away from your family that's the stress that black men in particular live with day in and day out in this country. that doubt leave us with yesterday's verdict but at least we can breathe a little bit easier. >> you mentioned the press release that came out from the police the day that george floyd -- i want to read it's remarkable to see at this point. among other things, two officers arrived and located the suspect
2:35 am
a male believed to be in iz 40s. ordered to step from his car. physically resisted officers. officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs. officers called for an ambulance he was transported to hennepin medical center where he died a short time later. it's stunning to read that. that's what the police told us happened. it's stunning to read that now after everything we've learned and after seeing the guilty on three counts in this verdict and it was only 11 months ago it's not like we're talking generations ago in america that was 11 months ago. >> so, i mean, this is a pushback on you and brianna i hope it transforms the way we do journalism in this country. i truly hope this moment, we learn so much from this moment, how we engage in law enforcement, jury duty, et
2:36 am
cetera. but i hope journalists take a lesson from this as well, like stop listening and just taking and printing verbatim. people ran with that narrative but for the video we wouldn't have known. so i think when we're dealing with these situations we have to be very cautious and careful about the messages that we take and espouse to the public and i think this is a reckoning moment for us all. truly a reckoning way that journalists cover these interactions with law enforcement. >> you can't do police say government officials say current all the time. you got to dig. you got to find out what really happened, here sometimes you have to wait to get a true sense of what happened. bakari, we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> to that end we want to be clear on how we report this next
2:37 am
story, just minutes before the derek chauvin sentencing came down, there was a shooting in columbus. we know that columbus police responded to the scene, they have released body camera video and if you watch the video there appears to be a confrontation between the people involved here before the shooting, before the police officer fires four shots we're going to play the video for you. we want to warn you this video is disturbing. >> again, just based on the
2:38 am
video we're seeing it appears that the 16-year-old girl who was ultimately killed was lunging at somebody else. we're trying to get much more information about that video and talk to witnesses as well. a crowd of protesters did arrive at the scene. the officer involved has been placed on leave. city officials are urging the public to be patient as the case is investigated. again, the issue was, was this an incident where there was someone else about to be stabbed there? was a life perhaps saved here? video captured by a 17-ye 17-year-old allowed the world witness george floyd's murder. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene
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show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. i can't say i expected it. myself and the team that was around the witnesses we all went out and told the truth, told what we seen. i believe the blinders are off now because of the verdict that was made together. >> that's donald williams one of the prosecution witnesses you may witness from the derek chauvin trial reacting to the verdict last night on cnn. darnella frazier also testified she was 17-year-old when she recorded the video of george floyd murder and this was her reaction to the verdict on facebook. quote, i just cried so loud the
2:44 am
last hour. to know guilty on all three charges thank you god, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, george floyd, we did it. justice has been served. could this verdict have happened without the video and without all of these people standing up for george floyd in court? >> brianna i think we can only assume that this video evidence weighed very heavily on the jury's decision. you know, i mean, this is a young woman, a 17-year-old girl who saw something that did not look right to her, she pulled out her camera phone and she began recording, after that she posted the video to facebook, protests across the country from people who were angry at what
2:45 am
happened to george floyd, george floyd has now become this symbol of racial equality we can only assume that this made a difference, you know, in the trial and ultimately led to derek chauvin being convicted on all three counts. this woman testified in court that she wished she could have helped george floyd in that moment but little did she know the video that she took made a huge difference in this trial. and when you think about it, so many black families have watched their loved ones died at the hands of police. and they have not gotten justice. there was no video evidence or cellphone videos to show this happening to people like emmett till. the hope in the black community is that recording these incidents as they happen will lead to more justice for black families that have to suffer
2:46 am
police brutality. >> i think that's one of things that stood out so much was the guilt that so many of these witnesses felt even though if them to intervene. you wonder if derek chauvin feels the same guilt that these bystanders felt? this morning, many big names in corporate america speaking out after the chauvin verdict. chief business correspondent christine romans joins us with that. >> reporter: the new era of purpose in the board room, the powerful business roundtable issuing a statement minutes after the verdict. our country needs to take steps to address its racial inequity in law enforcement.
2:47 am
tim cook quoting martin luther king jr., justice for black men won't flow into society from political decisions -- tim cook quoted martin luther king jr. businesses face pressure from their customers to take a stand at least not to stand back. companies face pushback from both sides, from the left not speaking up and doing more to address fundamental unfairness in american society. push back from the right for speaking too much. last week a show of force from hundreds of companies united in the voting restrictions. others paused all political donations. it's fine line to walk here, some companies are criticized for not taking a stance on china
2:48 am
but they weigh on u.s. domestic issues, broad agreement this is a reckoning in america. >> they were all here this last year, they're not in a vacuum and the people who run these big corporations went through the same thing that every other american did through the last year. >> these statements were all ready within minutes of the verdict. a judge has decided to keep a capitol rioter in jail in part because of former president trump, what trump said and what he keeps saying that influenced this judge's decision. up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids,
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developing this morning, a judge is keeping a capitol rioter who allegedly attacked police in jail citing the continued threat of violence
2:53 am
because former president trump keeps lying and saying that the election was stolen. cnn's whitney wild is live for us in washington with more on this. whitney, tell us what this rioter is accused of and what's keeping him in jail. >> reporter: well he's accuseded with several other people of assaulting metropolitan police officer using a met at the crutch and drugging this police officer face down across a set of stairs and basically leaving him to be terrorized by other rioters. a few elements that the judge pointed out look, i think you need to stay in jail even though a prior judge had said this person could be let out. but that being reversed. here's what the judge said about one of the glaring reasons. former president trump continues to make forceful public comments about the stolen election
2:54 am
chastising individuals who did not reject the supposely illegitimate results that put the current administration in place. what this judge is saying that he's actually factoring in these comments from former president trump about this big lie we continue to talk about, that this election was stolen. the judge pointed out during this hearing this defendant has shown absolutely no remorse, didn't have any emotional regret when it comes to this officer's well-being following this hearing. basically what the judge was saying, you're not sorry, you're not remorseful and you're staying in jail. brianna, what this shows there are members of the judiciary who are viewing comments by former president trump as literally dangerous. so dangerous in fact one of these defendants must stay
2:55 am
behind bars. >> we'll have to see if other judges feel the same way there. derek chauvin led out of court in handcuffs after the guilty verdict. the sentence that he could be facing, next. the sports world reacts. how dwyane wade reacted when the ruling came down. microban 24 doesn't just sanitize and stop. it keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours. just spray and let dry to form a shield that's proven to keep killing bacteria for 24 hours. touch after touch. microban 24 what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet.
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