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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 19, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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-- and rapdeteriorating if hei d dies in prison.ñi ohá=5q=to ""newsroom.""
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i'm christine [oomans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's 5:00 a.m. inñi new york. and minneapolis and cities across the country bracing for what comes thise1 week as closi arguments begin today in the trial of derek chauvin a man on trial for killing george floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes. a verdict this week will begin this morning with joshñr campbe live in minneapolis. and tensions haveq been buildin for nearly a year now. >> reporter: absolutely. this is the day that we have been waiting for. wrapping up the trial fort( forr officer derek chauvin. we're expecting those closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense and the jury will be sequestered going into deliberation. we don't know how long it'll go. of course, it's happening against the backdrop of a city that is being turned into a fortress day by day. members of the national guard here have been called up.
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minneapolist(ñi police officers around the city. and you mentioned the tension in the building for some time. it escaladed over the weekend. shorts arei] talking about two members of the national guard here being fired upon by someon1 early sunday morning injuring two nonlife threatening injuries. that, obviously, very serious. authorities taking itok serious. we note that across the country in california the police there said oneqxd of the defense witnesses in this case had hisw said a perpetrator threw what believed to be animcxsd bld on the front door. they left a decapitated pig's head. you get the sense of tension that is uxdokunfolding. authorities bracing for whatq i to comeq this week. >> thank you so much, josh.
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e1 vigils okacross indiana t remember victims of last week's ♪ ♪p, eight people were killed in a mass shooting at a minneapolis fedex hub. the shooter bought two guns legally last year after police took another gun away from himq when his familyb.c reported he a threat. at one vigil, the mayor remembered a family friend killed in the!ue1 attack. 19-year-olde1 smaria álh÷wái]bl >> she's one of our bright, young citizens who has been calledt( home. now she is standing on the right hand of god. looking don on all of us. that is crushingq@ázokxd me --f
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sorry. >> it should not take another mass shooting in this country to recognize there is ançófá epide of gun violence. just look at the map. there has been at least 50 mass shootings in thefálp u.s. since atlanta massacre on march 16th. at least 150 in all of 2021. right now añiq manhunt is under in austin, texas. police say two women and a man were shot dead. the suspect a former sheriff's detective who resigned afterñr with the sexual assault of a child. in chicago, officials said a 29-year-old man is seriously injured and a 7 dead. in kenosha, wisconsin a prisoner in custody after three customers were shott( dead and three more were injured. the shooter was ejected from the qéy(áhp'd came back with a gun. i< columbus, ohio a vigil for the victim of a shooting axd ye
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ago was the scene of more gunfire saturday night. five people were injured. a shooter in an suv fired into the t((ájr @r(t&háhp &hc%tz+yrñ. another victim being remembered. 32 years old. he played baseball at avonn high school where his dad threwe1 ou ñ ñiweekend. >> i was there and i know you were lookingr 1u down.
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>> at least one shot and today's president biden for states to open up vaccinesxde1xd to all a. the white house isok launching media campaign to awarenesse1 aboutxd eligibility targeting blacks and latinos ini] rural communities where there's vaccine hesitancy amonge1 republicans. >> the way you get rid of thei] restrictions is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly and as expeditious asxd possible. it's almost paradoxical ontq one hand, they want to be relieved of the restrictions, but on the other e1hand, they don't want to get vaccinated. it almost doesn't make any sense. >> now despite the impressive vaccine rollout, many states are still battling spikes in new cases.s%cg zuhp &e average casehc% count has doubled in just over a month. driven mostly by all theó variants of the virus. but dr. fauci said sending more
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vaccine to places like pennsylvania and michigan could make other states more vulnerable. he also predicts the johnson and johnson vaccine will return to market with new?nm jlqi%ions or warnings by the end of the week. early start has the pandemic covered coast to coast. >> i'mjf evan mcmorris santoro. if you're over the age of 16 and live anywhere, you can get vaccinated in the state of new hampshire. the governor is opewuz up the vaccine to any adult who wants to get a shot, regardless of residency. new hampshire y of vaccine to go around. the move comes on the heels of other big changes to that state's pandemic rs3vonse. including this weekend where the same governor lifted new hampshire's statewide maske1 mandate. i'mq polo sandoval in the city of detroit where public schools are closed forw3 in-pern ypéeaching at least for now. detroit's public school board announced the temporary pause remaining in effecthtil the
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next school board meeting scheduled for the second week of may as began continues to with a sharp increase in hospitalizations and infections. the current test positivity rate about 12%. we recalled recently the xuejtcalled recently the calling for the temporary suspension of in-person high school teaco+ as they have recently in the state of utbrea michigan.t( i'm qathena jones in newlp york. the curfew for food and beverages extended tome midnigh and catered events fromñi midnit to 1:00e1 a.m. the seven-day statewide positivity rate falls to 3%. more than 40% of all new yorkers more than 40% of all new yorkers ó of a covid-19 vaccine. i'm philler have cam men. the governor of alaska saying june 1st anyone going through the state's major airports can
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get a free covid-19fá vaccine. the idea is to kick start t( alaska's slumping tourism industry, which has suffered during thee/q pandemic. they will give thz(e shots outse the security zones so thatq meas that anybody who is dropping off and might be from alaska can also get a shot. thatxd goes for people picking or swinging by. they are definitely targeting overseas clients, perhaps anybody who is coming from a country where there just hasn't been a lot of vaccineçó supply. the alaskans saying come to our state and we can get you the first covid-19 jabxd in the arm. he couldjf die at any momen. alexi navalny in bad shape. cnn is live in moscow. real progress? when you're affected by schizophrenia, you see it differently. it's in the small, everyday moments.
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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at punish russia if alexi navalny
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dies in prison. and the press secretary said he's dying and his doctors are worried about his heart. >> reporter: indeed. in the last half hour, we've had information from the russian federal penitentiary services, they have moved mr. navalny from prison colony number two to the hospital in prison colony number three, about two hours outside of moscow. so dramatic move there in which the russian medical authorities within the prison system have clearly assessed that mr. navalny in is in danger. they believe his medical condition to be satisfactory in their words, and this is their claim that their patient agreed to some vitamin treatment, as they call. this follows a statement from
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over the weekend a group of doctors, supporters of navalny said they're worried result of blood tests they had access to indicating high levels of potassium. clearly there has been a sufficient deterioration in mr. navalny's condition to warrant the russian authorities to move him into hospital where he can be subject to greater care. it's day 20, now, christine, of his hunger strike. >> the stance from the u.s. is a major shift. the warning from the national security advisor. we have new sanctions last week. it speaks to the difference of how biden handles russia versus his predecessor. >> reporter: yes, it does. there was something approaching a bro-mance of mr. trump to vladimir putin. a different tone coming from the
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biden administration. swiftly moving to call out the levels of interference that resulted and cyber hacking, which resulted in the recent expulsion of ten russian diplomats from the united states. europe has matched this recently in the last day over the weekend. the czech republic are throwing out 18 people from the russian embassy in prague that they allege are members of russian intelligence services. some of whom -- organizations they hold responsible for ammunition blasts in 2014 that killed two people. so both in europe and the united states are much tougher, in a sense, more traditional reset back toward the sort of respectful rivalry versus the bro mance we've seen historically between the obama administration and vladimir putin's russia. but these are getting very, very tense certainly in the european theater and more widely in the
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relations with the united states. but little glimmer of hope that the two leaders might meet perhaps in the summer. i think what we're seeing in the international stages, an attempt by the united states to reset and reconfigure almost an old fashioned sense back to the days it was -- were, prior to the trump administration. >> all right. sam kiley this morning in moscow. thank you. historical landmarks destroyed as a wild fire is burning out of control in south africa. it nine buildings have been damaged at table mountain. hike ve hikers have been evacuated. and two firefighters injured. a historic windmill, the oldest working wind mill in south africa has been damaged. one person i detained overnightn connection with the fire. could a top ally help biden
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president biden trying to build bridges at the white house to move his infrastructure plan forward. now a key senate ally is exploring a narrower deal to try to get at least part of the deal done. cn cnn arlett sign -- saenz reports. >> reporter: another round of infrastructure talks on the table for president biden today. this would be the second time in just a week where president biden had the bipartisan meeting
2:23 am
with lawmakers on his $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal. if you take a look at the list of people who have been invited to the meeting, it includes lawmakers from both the house and senate, and they also have a common thread there. there are many people in that list who were former governors and mayors, which is part of the white house's push to try to make this appeal on infrastructure to people who have had experience dealing with infrastructure issues and federal spending in their states and cities. you will see mitt romney and john hogan, former republican governors, as well as john hickenlooper who were democratic governors. one thing that is playing out right now is this debate over what exactly infrastructure is. republicans want to see it more tailored to roads, bridges, and rails. democrats are really trying to enhance infrastructure to include broadband and clean energy initiatives.
2:24 am
one thing that you have seen from a top white house ally, democrat chris koombs of delaware he's making the push to get a more narrow deal. maybe something in the $800 million range. he's trying to find ways to bring republicans on board. right now it's unclear if the white house would be willing to go that low in order to make this a bipartisan measure. >> all right. arlett, thank you so much. minneapolis and many other u.s. cities are beefing up security ahead of the derek chauvin verdict. both sides have one last chance to make their case before this case goes to the jury. ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my jojoints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®,, adults with moderate to severe plaque p psoriasis...
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the reality of climate is changing the reality for corporate america. companies have making million dollar donations to address climate change. apple is launching $200 million investment fund called the restore fund to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere and at the same time generate financial returns for the company. i spoke with lisa jackson, apple's vice president for environment, policy, and social initiatives about the importance of making climate change a corporate priority. >> the idea of having a return is important for the planet because if you really want business to engage, if you want business to turn around and do this at scale, to invest in working for us at scale, it has to be because there's a return on that investment. otherwise it's just philanthropy. so much of what we're doing at apple is about showing about the business of doing right by the planet is good business.
2:30 am
>> the restore fund is part of apple's to be carbon neutral by 2030. >> what we're saying with the restore fund is here is a way for us to invest in doing forestry the right way. it supports the planet, yes, it supports returns, and it supports the communities for people who work in the foresty industry. >> jackson applauded the green energy efforts in president biden's infrastructure plan but wouldn't comment on whether apple supports higher corporate taxe taxes to pay for it. president biden will bring 40 leaders together for a two-day climate summit this week. "early start" continues now. good morning, everyone. is why the early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. it's 30 minutes past the hour. in minneapolis and cities across the country on edge as closing
2:31 am
arguments begin this this morning in the trial of derek chauvin. a verdict could come as soon as this week. cnn's josh campbell is live for us in minneapolis this morning. what is the feeling this morning, josh? >> reporter: it is quiet tense here. this isn't a minneapolis most people recognize. it's turning into a fortress day by day with plywood on businesses downtown. police precincts are vounlded by fencing. there are members of the national guard posted in and around the city. again, out of an abundance of caution. we saw already an incident that would raise the tensions over the weekend. that is two of these guards members were fired upon, authorities say, early sunday morning. two injured. nonlife threatening. it shows what authorities are a grappling with. it comes down what the verdict will be in the trial of the
2:32 am
former officer. everyone here, indeed, around the world watching for that. the governor here in minnesota spoke out describing some of the tensions. he said the verdict is going to be a pivotal point in our state's history and how we respond to that is going to shape us. he said it is the assessment of public safety folks after we did the afteraction last summer to try to understand what was going to take. the advantage here, we had no preparation time last summer. this time we do. the point he was trying to make is that, of course, we saw the protests last summer after george floyd's death. something that turned violent. authorities were slammed for not preparing, not having enough resources here. this time authorities leaving nothing to chance. again, this city turned into a fortress right now. unrecognizable with members of the national guard and police here bracing for what is to come. >> josh campbell in minneapolis for us, thank you. laura, there was so much emotional testimony over the course of the several weeks. what should we be looking for here? >> i think you want to look for
2:33 am
the defense to do what it has been doing. deflect, distract, do anything to insert doubt here. because they know they are faced with this video of officer chauvin bearing down on floyd's neck for 9 minutes. the jury has seen it so many times now. the prosecution has to prove its case on each of those three charges. a phrase you'll hear a lot today is substantial causal factor. look out for that term. what it basically means, they have to show this former officer was the substantial cause in floyd's death. you might look and say it's obvious but you've heard the defense team inject all this doubt about his drug use, his heart condition, so they have to figure out how to package this for the jury so it doesn't get distracted by all those other issues. >> substantial causal factor. >> you'll hear it a lot. >> got it. three questions for three minutes. john, good morning. we're confronting america's culture of violence here.
2:34 am
government failing in a basic core objective to keep the citizens safe. 50 mass shootings 234 a month. 150 this year. the polarize the culture and ideological divides making it impossible to address any of this adequately. you can wrap the story lines together and it comes down to the fact that, you know, we have this culture of violence in this country. >> we do and you can't look at those numbers at that scroll, which is still continuing, an not say there's a problem. of course, we get numb to it. this doesn't happen in any other country. that said, don't give up the ability -- the belief that it is impossible to improve this. however incrementally. gun background checks. supporting out percent of the people it's infour rating that congress has been able to do anything. specifically the senate. pat toomey and chris murphy said they thought it could go forward. there are things the federal government can do. the nra, once so powerful, is
2:35 am
hobbled by its own malfeasance. there's a chance we can make progress against these issues. it's not going to come from absolutists and maximumists on either side. >> one familiar face addressing this issue of polarization in the country is former president george w. bush. he has a new book out. he's giving interviews and talking about how immigrants are treated in this country. listen to this. >> the problem with the immigration debate is that what can create lot of fear. they're coming after you but it's a nation that is willing to accept a refugee or the harmed or the frightened. to me it's a great nation. and we are a great nation. i don't want to be prescriptive and tell congress what to do. i want to say please put aside
2:36 am
the harsh rhetoric about immigration. put aside trying to score political points on either side. i hope i can help set a tone that is more respectful about the immigrants which may lead to reform of the system. >> john, the former president wants a more respectful tone but his party isn't heading that way. progressives are mad at the president for how he's handling the situation at the border. so how do you move on anything when this is the dynamic at play? >> don't let the extremes dominate the debate. listening to george w. bush and remembering how much he was demonized by folks on the left at the time, i think has a force of revelation. that's what a compassionate conservative sounds like. an endangered species now. but he was also a border state
2:37 am
governor. there is room for progress on this. it may be a comprehensive immigration reform that folks don't like. it may be a skinny bill like daca, but a bipartisan bill passed the senate with eight republican votes within a decade. it can happen again. it will require the party realizing they won't get to determine the policy moving forward. otherwise this will continue to be a contradiction to the american character and something that irritates our divisions even further when it should be something that units us. it's a matter of shared heritage. >> yeah. it seems almost like the republican has a new motto hesitancy. the gop has been hesitant to evolve on guns. hesitant to evolve on the economy and the wealth gap. we talked about the border. explain this, the america first caucus. pushing for an an low saxson
2:38 am
political tradition. aparentally a hesitancy about, oh, say today current status of the world. what is going on here? >>, i mean, basically a resistance to actual american history and fetishizing the past. i think that's revealing. it goes way beyond hesitancy. this is about an anti-science impulse. an impulse to demonize the actual and fundamental diversity of america, which has been perpetual, by the way. it's reviealing when the curtai gets pulled back. your definition of freedom about being hostile to public health, if you can't think about the community adequately and setting around position papers talking about a caucus you might be the problem. >> otherwise known as white supremacy. that's one way to put it, too. >> yeah. >> john, thank you.
2:39 am
mexico bringing forward a new proposal that ties together solutions for the climate crisis and migration. the plan would require central americas and immigrants who come to the u.s. to work planting trees and crops across mexico for three years. in return, receive a six-month u.s. work visa with a pass to eventually u.s. citizenship. mexico's president will present it on thursday. the biden administration recently sealed an agreement for mexico, honduras, and guatemala to toogten borders. a historic first overnight. a helicopter flight on mars! i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll takake that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty gramams of protei, one-gram of sugar, anand nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) bipolar dedepression. itit's a dark, lonely place. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression.
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coronavirus cases skyrocketing in india. more than a million new cases reported in the last five days. there were nearly 274,000 cases
2:44 am
monday and new record high and the fifth consecutive day of more than 200,000 new infections. india's capital faces a severe shortage of icu beds, in some cases, coronavirus patients are having to share beds in a hospital emergency rooms. >> that's so sad. the long awaited travel bubble opens today in australia and new zealand. visitors don't need to quarantine on arrival. tearful reunions filling the airports. this is also expected to help struggling travel and tourism business. former president barack obama and charles barkley and shaq joining forces to urge people to get vaccinated during coronavirus during an nbc special on sunday. black americans have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, president obama highlighted how certain underlying health conditions make communities of color more vulnerable to the virus. >> i want to make sure that our
2:45 am
communities, particularly ones african-american, latino, as well as young people understand that this will save lives and allow people to get their lives back to normal. and the sooner we get more people vaccinated, the better off we're going to be. >> i give my second vaccine shot tomorrow, i cannot wait! i think it's important for us to keep talking about the vaccine. >> i'm telling my friends, yo man, forget what happened back in the day. every black person, please go out and get vaccinated. >> i am vaccinated. >> starting today, the average mom and dad, nine states in washington, d.c., are expanding vaccine eligibility to all americans ages 16 and older to meet president biden's deadline. in new hampshire, schools are reopening for in-person learning five days a week. the rhode island public transit
2:46 am
authority is providing free transportation to people traveling to and from vaccination appointments. meantime, in georgia atlanta public schools are resuming in-person learning after a week of online classes. seattle and chicago public schools are returning to in-person learning, as well. now a check on cnn business this morning. a look at markets start a new trading week slight gains in asian shares. shanghai closing up more strongly. london, paris, frankfurt mixed on wall street. pulling back a little bit from the record highs hit last week. record highs hit on strong signs of the economy. the dow for the year is up nearly 12%. the s&p 500 up 11.4%. the latest episode in the crypto currency. bitcoin plucked nearly 14% in less than an hour before rebounding. an unconfirmed twitter rumor that the treasury department was planning to crack down on laundry schemes.
2:47 am
the agency did not respond to request. the decline is the latest example how the crypto market is still very volatile. airlines preparing for a busy summer and more people are vaccinated. more people ready to travel. american airlines calling back 200 flight taenlts on voluntary leave. southwest recalling more than 2700 flight attendants by june. unit willed restart the hiring process for new pilots. the exact number depends on the recovery. climate activists said commercials for oil companies should come with a health warning. client earth is accusing some of the biggest oil firms of misrepresenting the role they play in the climate's crisis. they want the advertising banned unless they include a warning. it argue ls fossil fuel should be identified like tobacco. we'll be right back. an of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes.
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two men are dead in texas after a tesla crashed into a tree with no driver behind the wheel. one person in the passenger seat and another in the backseat were killed when this driverless vehicle hit a tree and burst into flames. authorities struggled to put out the fire because the batteries kept reigniting. police say the car traveling at a high speed when it failed to negotiate a cul-de-sac and ran
2:53 am
off the road. oh, god. >> all right. that's got to be what the pilot was thinking when the world war ii era plane had to make an emergency landing in the shallow water off cocoa beach, florida. the single-engine tbm aindividual veng -- avenger had a mechanical problem. >> that's some kind of skill to land that. and the canucks return to the ice for the first time in nearly a month after a covid-19 outbreak decimated their rosters. we have the monday morning bleacher report with andy sholes. >> good morning. the canucks is unof the worst outbreaks we've seen in all of sports since the pandemic started. they had 25 members of the organization, including 21 players test positive for covid-19 over the last several
2:54 am
weeks. they were finally back on the ice last night against the toronto maple leafs for the first time since march 24th. the canucks are originally supposed to return on friday but the nhl postponed the game after a player voiced his concerns saying the team wasn't ready. they got back on the ice and vancouver would win in overtime. yesterday 3-2. >> this isn't just your regular win during the regular season. yeah. it's a special win. we've gone through a lot here over the last few weeks. >> i couldn't be sprouder of our guys in the room. it felt great. >> all right. huge news in the soccer world overnight. 12 of europes biggest and richest soccer teams agreed to form a new super league that would change the landscape of the sport. top teams in england, spain, and italy have agreed to join, and
2:55 am
that means they would no longer take part in the champion's league. the new super league would have 20 teams and governed by the fou founding clubs. the plans were met with immediate condemnation from politicians, fans, former players, and the sports governing bodies. the new league plans to start in 2023. the lakers will not be visiting the white house next week to celebrate their title with president biden. a white house official telling cnn it's being postponed because of covid-19 protocols and scheduling issues. the nba champions have not visited the white house to celebrate since 2016 when the cavaliers met with president obama. today's scheduled game between the twins and a's has been postponed due to the ongoing covid-19 issues within the twins organization. it's the third twins game to be called off since saturday. major league baseball has been forced to postpone a total of seven games this season due to
2:56 am
covid-19 concerns. finally, stewart cink is having an amazing comeback year on tour. the 47-year-old winning the rbc heritage tournament for a third time yesterday. first since 2004. late last year scink and his wie lisa both battling covid. this made this win extra special. his son reagan was his caddie and his family was there cheering him on. >> it's great to have the family here. it means so much to me. it's a blast this week! i can't explain it. >> it's an amazing blessing. god blessed us beyond words. super grateful and i love him so much. >> it's so awesome to see him win again at the age of 47. second win this season. first golfer in 50 years to get two wins in a season at 47 or
2:57 am
older. so congratulations to stewart cink! cool to see his family there. >> yeah. if your son is the caddie, you can't lose. >> right. >> thank you, andy. i appreciate it. luke bryant winning top honor on sunday at the academy of country music awards. named entertainer of the year. >> we've missed touring, we've missed being on the road with everybody that makes me an entertainer. my bus drivers, my band, my crew. what a challenging year. >> but it was very much ladies' night! marin morris winning two awards for top female artist and song of the year. ♪ ♪ >> brought down the house performing a dynamic duet along c cc ryans.
2:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i'm drunk and i wanna go home ♪ >> and miranda lambert performed three times during the show. the academy of country music also made history with four black nominated artists, and mickey guiden the first black woman to host the award show. >> all right. cool stuff. a historic flight on mars. nasa overnight launching the helicopter into the mars atmosphere. the first ever controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet! the helicopter landed on mars with a perseverance rover back in february. the first flight designed to test conditions in the atmosphere. how "ingenuity" performed, they're waiting. >> i don't want to go there. i don't want to ever go to space, actually. but i find it all so fascinating. >> i think if we can solve problems like that, there are a lot of problems we can solve here, too. >> yeah. thank you for joining us.
2:59 am
i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. >> new day with john berman and brianna keilar starts now. on this new day, american cities on edge, bracing for a verdict in the derek chauvin trial, closing argument set to begin in just hours. plus a new report on biden's efforts to vaccinate the entire country despite hesitancy among many americans. >> he's said to be dying behind bars in russia. now a new warning. and qanon con sspiracy theorists and the man who played jesus.


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