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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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coronavirus cases are on the rise in some states despite a major vaccination push. we'll take a closer look at why places like michigan are sounding the alarm. plus, gathering to remember. what we're learning about the victims of the mass shooting in the indianapolis fed ex facility and a stilt on edge as protests over daunte wright's death continues and minneapolis prepares for closing arguments in the derek chauvin trial. we're watching here in the
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united states, canada, and around the world. this is cnn news room. >> three million and counting, just one day after the world passed a sad and staggering milestone the number of deaths from covid is still climbing. since then, another 11,000 people have died from the virus. in the u.s. the death toll is the worst in the world with 556,000 is killed by the coronavirus. they projection nearly 620,000.
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one of the things that could bring the number of cases down. it is almost a quarter of the population that is now filly vaccinated. michigan's third covid wave is so fierce that hospitals are running out of space. nearly 10,000 new cases on saturday alone. >> everything health care facilities in the state of michigan reporting that they have more to climb even exceeding those numbers and that is the case right now. the largest health care systems in the area saying they continue to see hospitalizations there
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climb. they are continuing to notice the patients get younger. and many of those have attended large gatherings. but the doctor also said that half of the patients that he is seeing right no are infected with that highly contagious b 117 variant. >> i'm worried that there could be others that have escaped the system. >> the others include recommendations to avoid indoor dining and that should be a requirement for now as the state
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tries to drop some of these numbers. michigan's health authority calling the situation that is happening here in michigan dire. cnn, detroit. dr. abdul alsaed is joining me now. thank you for joining us. the two questions is why issue and why now? >> what we're seeing here is the cull min culmination of variants. we have been the per capita leader in be117 cases. part of it has been policy, aggressive reopening.
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we have active indoor sports, we have gym and casino reopenings. and also the optimism that a post vaccine could usher in. we have about 26% of people that are fully fax nated. so between the cases and the vaccines and reopening. >> it is still perplexes, but you were talking about the vaccines there and the over optimism. and you heard them pleading about the vaccines.
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is p there no correlation there? >> so there is two points here. the vaccines are working and the fact that we're not seeing people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s that the vaccines are protective and it is great news on that front. imagine what it would be if those most vulnerable were hospitalized or killed because of this. we have to understand the dynamics. we know it takes about ten days from when someone is vaccinated to when they protect the antibodies. and we know it is three to three to five days. that would take something on the order of three weeks to get us to where we have heard immunity.
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so yes, we need a lock down here, and we need to reduce the spread of this virus among folks and do what needs to be done here even as we wait for more vaccinations. in the end they will be the key, but vaccines are really great at preventing surges, but not that great at responding to them. >> and the governor has taken some steps to litigate this. they were so unpopular do you think that political crisis we have seen there has discouraged a stronger response? >> there is no doubt there is a clear link between politics and
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public health, and the way it has been politicized by the right-wing extremists really accounts for the fact that covid is taking 560,000 lives overall. but what made the governor a national hero in the spring and the fall is how quick she was to lock down even in the face of that political pressure. we have hospitalizations and we need that same kind of heroism now. >> thank you so much for joining us, i appreciate it. at least a third of the death are from europe. let's bring in reporter from
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paris. >> that's right, a variant driven wave here in europe that has been particularly difficult for authorities to identify. now in partial lock down, france is beginning to see the fruits of the restrictions placed in 16 regions of france. pretty district restrictions that are seeing finally a gipping of a fall in the number of covid-19 patients in french icus. that is the good news. the bad news is it took some extremely strict ismeasures to t there. now the vaccines appear to be making progress. 400,000 people being vaccinated every day here in france. they saw a record this week, 700,000 in a single day. so the vaccination campaign
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that's have faltered on poor flies seem to finally pick up pace but it will take a greater pace to get to where europe needs to be. as a reminder the variants continue to cause questions and concerns here in europe. france announced that it was pausing flights from brazil to france, but that it is putting in a strict quarantine procedure. a remind near those variants are great concern here in france and they fear that they could once again prove to be a game changer as they did just before the third wave came. >> absolutely and the race to get a control of this for their own health, but also those countries desperate to revive their tournaism city that was basically wiped out last year. >> yeah, it's been a first wave,
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and so many countries that are heavily dependent on hundreds of millions in industry, they're not able to be involved at all. they have been at the store front for a push. and they will allow europeans to cross borders more freely until that heard immunity has been reached. they vowed there would be two doses available. and the rest is up to the member states. until that happen it's will be about restrictions to prevent new variants. and in the meantime, europeans really want to use vaccine pass ports so that small proportion can once again go enjoy the busy summer season.
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greece is saying they will allow people to come in if they can prove their vaccinated status or their negative status, and grease wants to have people come through without quarantines. so trying to get some semblance back. something of a semblance of normality that the economy can once again start as europe continues to grapple with these numbers and fairly disappointing vaccination figures. >> cnn melissa bell in paris for us. thank you so much. >> india is fighting a devastating spike in covid cases. they are reporting more than
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66,000 cases. they say the city is facing a huge shortage of hospital beds. the surprise to me was how relatively well, and real stevely is the word. much worse and now more worries about if there will be enough vaccines. >> since you put that first question to me, the reason we're seeing more of the numbers, the second group and the first wave if you remember there was lock downs that were implemented across ind because there was a control on the numbers. this time the economy is open, there has been no restrictions really from october to february of this year.
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and the guideline that's are implemented by the government. this is a staggering number. and the problem is that we're concern it'd will peak in the coming days. he has asked for a supply of remdesivir and oxygen. also appealing to the deputies that are currently in a northern city attending one of the biggest religious festivals in the world. now let this be symbolic, but two top leaders have aagreed to this but that doesn't mean that it will end any time soon. over 5500 people came and have
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been infected in the city itself. imagine what this could turn into if some severe gouidelines were not put in place. it is the highest number that the capitol of the country has seen. there are very simple guidelines in place here with weekend curfews, and even the state chief minister came out to say yes, there is a sortage of oxygen supply. if you just look at election rallies taking place there are campaigns. unfortunately politicians that should be in the forefront are going ahead to flout social gooid lines.
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they are flouting what is happening and they are staying that way in the country. >>. >> indianapolis mourning the eight lives lost. it is filled with tears and prayers. we'll have the latest on how the community is coping and they are demandist police accountability. the george floyd case is going to the jury. stay with us. i air fry oven. make family-sized meals fast. and because it's a ninja foodi, it c can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the nininja foodi air fry ove, the oven that crisps and flips away.
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and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look. and whatever that look is. look like you... with fewer lines. see results at indianapolis is in mourning and people came together to remember the eight lives lost. the victims included two teenagers just out of high school. a retired engineer looking forward to his 50th wedding anniversary and immigrants seeking the american dream. they spoke of the resilient of indianapolis.
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>> i do want to thank the community. i received mess ams and i'm not the victim, right? i'm not a family of the victim, but so many people have contacted me and said their prayers are with us. the law enforcement and other groups all over the united states. indianapolis is strong. we are a great community, and we take care of our own, and that's what we will continue do do. >> here are the names of the vic victims. our jason carroll was there and
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filed this remorm. >> a vigil for those in the community that came out. there was members of the sikh community. four of the eight victims were from the sikh community. >> she was a very, very hard working woman. she devoted her life to her kids, to her family, she a family oriented woman. she had no issues with anyone. she was the nicest person ever. this is something that should not have happened to her or my other aunt. we're deeply saddened by this. she was an amazing person. the only reason why she joined
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working was she was bored at home and needed something to do. >> two of the victims were just 19 years old. the oldest victim was 74-year-old john weisert. >> jason just mentioned that half of the victims were members of the sikh community. the advocacy group says they were deliberately targeted by the suspect. they said they want the administration to acknowledge what this was. they talked about feelings in the community right now. these individuals are the backbones of their families and they were america's backbone.
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they were working families. as i hear them cry and hold back tears, i want to share that this is a feeling that i, too, have personally felt after oak creek. it's what we feel every time a sikh has been visually attacks. it's real trauma. >> authorities say they don't yet have a motive but heir learning more. his family released this statement. we're devastated by the loss of life caused by his actions. we tried to get him help. we're so sorry for the paint and help being hurt being felt by the entire indianapolis
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community. >> brooklyn center is under curfew right now following the police shooting of daunte wright. josh campbell reports. >> the aftermath of two controversies following the police use of form. former officer derek chauvin who is charged with his murder. to all of the police precincts, they are dispensing razor wire. they see demonstrations outside of some police buildings. they are leaving nothing to chance. setting up the security program ters and members of the national
2:26 am
guard and the police department here. not just what the government is doing, but also local businesses. you see plywood set up here. this community is certainly on education. as far as what we're expecting we'll hear closing arguments. we expect the jury to go into deliberation. the judge in this case telling them to pat a suitcase. this trial is being watched around the borld. >> we'll look back at some of the most gripping testimony in the past few weeks. plus, a huge rally in russia for alexi navalny. his life is on the line.
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welcome back. you're watching here in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn news room. the press secretary for alexi spds navalny says his shelt so bad he is now guying. u.s. president joe biden says what is happening to him is unfair and inappropriate despite the physical danger, he is sticking with it and one of his
2:31 am
colleagues tell us why. >> it's the last measure that an inmate can apply in this circumstance. it's not something that people do lightly and put their life in danger. all that he requests is that he is given proper medical care with a doctor of his choice. his recovery last ought is not really complete. and now we're joined from moscow. they are putting out some dire founding warnings. what can you tell us? >> without any ind -- independent medical assessment we can't say, but according to
2:32 am
sources witness his movement, they have seen the result, and they say that sound indicate that he is in emanate danger were or danger from a dance rouse or potentially fatal heart condition. we cannot get any kind of a respond out of the russian authorities nor any ind dependent medical treatment. it is still in recovery from an at attack. they denied responsibility with that attack, but it is coming at a time when his movement is
2:33 am
spacing socially being banned as a extremist organization as a result of prosecutors here in moscow and they have been hitting back with an attempt to get 500,000 signatures to an online petition. they're hoping to put together what they call the biggest protests against the putin re sh giem. >> we have seen a flurry of expulsions. we have seen another one just now. the check republic expelling 16 russian diplomats. what's this? >> it has been an extraordinary few days. in the last 24 hours, no less
2:34 am
than 18 rub shans, all identified as up with of two organizations. they have certainly been accused in the past of operating overseas. and 18 people, allegedly agents being exexpelled, it is a very interesting statistic. they have acknowledged it is more than double the numbers of chinese in the diplomats. that is perhaps an indication of what they see as a longstanding bridge head, if you like. and in poland a few days ago
2:35 am
they were expelled, and then you see ten russian diplomats from the intergeference of the 2020 elections. less in the world of signer. but actually on the sea and on land. it is a build up of russian troops on the same or familiar level into the ukraine and cry media ja. >> yeah, so many threats to follow. we appreciate it. >> u.s. president joe biden is increasing the country's refugee cap after he previously said he
2:36 am
wouldn't on friday. he said he would keep it at it's historically low level. we have more from the white house. >> president biden acknowledged he would keep the current cap on refugees at 15,000. a record low number that was set during the trump administration in ran counter to what president biden promised during the campaign and earlier when he said he would lift that number to over 62,000. and this announcement faced swift and fierce backlash. the advocacy groups across the political spectrum. the white house reversed course
2:37 am
and announced that they would be announcing a new figure for refugees allowed into the u.s. by may 15th. they told advocacy froup that's that number could come sooner. the white house said they don't think they will reach that figure. now this ep society all highlights some of the issues that the administration has been having when it comes to immigration as they deal with their refugee system and the minors and migrant that's have been coming into the southern border. people who had been working on refugee resettlement here but he did incest they will be raising that number after facing some backlash.
2:38 am
>> police across the u.s. are preparing for possible protests once a verdict is handed down. closing arguments are set for monday. we look back at what has been an emotional few weeks of testimony. >> from the beginning -- emotions and expertise. >> all of my research is related basically to breathing. >> defined the trial for former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. after a week's long process, the beginning took jurors and the countries back to may 25th, 2020. some witnesses that were steps away say they still feel the weight of the decisions they made that day. >> there has been nights i have
2:39 am
staid up apologizing and apologizing to george floyd for not doing more. and not physically interacting. >> the defense for chauvin has been hoping to paint jurors a picture of an officer distracted by the perceived threat of a crowd, but doing exactly what he was trained to do. >> i held him down, he was going crazy. would not go in the back of the squad. >> as testimony shifted from what happened to what happened when it did. >> is this a trained minneapolis police department training technique. >> another witness disagreed and felt it was the right thing to do. >> i felt he was justified. he was acting with objective
2:40 am
reasonableness. >> but maybe the most crucial testimony came from medical experts on george floyd's cause of death including from the chief medical examiner. >> have you certified death as an overdose where the level of fentanyl was similar to the level of fentanyl in mr. floyd. >> the defense claims drug use and his medical history killed him. prosecutors argue it is the knee on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. >> there was no evidence that he would have died that night except for because of the interact with police. >> one witness jurors never heard from. >> i will invoke my 5th
2:41 am
amendment privilege today. >> if i were you, i would plan for long and hope for short. cnn, minneapolis. >> coming up, britain's royal family bidding farewell to their patriarch. we'll look back at the funeral for prince phillip in a moment of unity that the duke would be proud to see. that's next. kinder bueno? woooooow. it's crispy. it's creamy. it's not your average chocolate bar. smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling.
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it was a somber day in the ug. queen elizabeth and the family
2:45 am
said they're goodbyes on a scaled down funeral. cnn's anna stewart has a look at the service to honor the man who served his queen and country for 73 years. >> an old school prince going out in his own style. the duke of edinburgh was involved in his own service. his sword and naval cap on top of his casket that was carried by a modified landrover that he helped describe. a decorated veteran more than 700 military personnel took part in the ceremony. his cap and gloves left point
2:46 am
yent pointiently on the seat. his staff walking behind him in mourning suits. prince harry and prince welcome walked with peter phillips, their cousin, between them. the lines of mourners and military guards a some per -- somber scene. >> we're here today to commit into the hands of god the soul of his servant prince phillip, duke of edinburgh. it was parred down to just 30 people. it included members of the royal family and the duke's relatives.
2:47 am
>> his casket was lowered into the royal vault where it will stay until her ma jesty dies an then they will be reunited. this is the funeral that prince phillip wanted but one part that he didn't orchestrate was perhaps one of the most moving. prince william and prince harry walking together and chatting after the service. a sign of unity that would have made their grandfather proud. >> so i want to look forward now, what next?
2:48 am
now will the death impact the future of the royal snaem. >> constitutionally, of course, nol will really change. the queen pledged sheeds would serve for her whole lifetime, but i think we all recognize this is the end of a major chapter of the queen's life. this was her husband and partner in work as well. she once described him as her strength and stay. and i think she will lean a lot on members of the royal family. also we have to recognize the queen's age, she is turning 95 years old on wednesday. she is utterly extraordinary for her age, but as a result i think we'll see what is already really started in recent years which is other members of the royal family picking up some of the work, for instance with overseas
2:49 am
trips. prince william and kate, the duchess of cambridge. we have seen other members taking up some of the work. so i think we will see a steady transition. i think the queen will possibly spend more time here in windsor as well but there is no retirement for a queen or king. and i think that is why there is so much love and respect for the queen and clearly for prince phillip as well. the sense that they dedicated their whole lives to service and duty. >> thank you for all of the great reporting. you're watching cnn news room, we'll be right back.
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because it protects differently. with two rapiddry layers that overlap, where you need it most. for strong protection, that's always discreet. it's time to question your protection. it's time for always discreet. so a british woman gave birth to twins. the twins were conceived trhree
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weeks apart. i hear you asking how is that possible. we have the full story on this medical miracle. >> baby noah spent his earliest weeks all alone. >> i had an early scan at 7 weeks, and another at ten weeks. both times they saw a tiny little baby in there and it was only ever one baby. until one day, a little sr.iste joned him in the woman. baby rosalee popping up at week 12. mom and dad taken totally by surprise. >> i got pregnant while i was already pregnant, which was absolutely crazy, that's not supposed to happen. >> when you heard that you must have been shocked. >> i could not believe it happened to me. but it did. and it's lovely. >> rosalee was conceived about
2:55 am
three weeks after noah. with fraternal twins, usually two eggs are released at the same time, fertilized at the same time. in rebecca's case, two eggs were released three weeks apart. each one implanted separately. >> what is unusual is the woman appears to have ovulated once for the larger baby, and then later for the smaller baby. >> called super fatation. for rebecca it could have helped that she was taking fertility drugs. the swings were born about six weeks early. rebecca's instagram documenting their development. after stays in the neo inatal
2:56 am
intensive care unit. they're certainly fans of each other. >> definitely they reach out to each other a lot. >> do you think of noah and rosalee as stwins? >> i definitely think of them as twins. they were born at the same time, they may not have been conceived at the same time but i carried them and they were born at the same time, so yeah, they're twins. >> cnn, reporting. double congratulations to them. that wraps this hour of cnn news r room. "transformed" is up next for those in the u.s. and in canada
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is. 3 million covid-19 related deaths worldwide. >> until everybody gets vaccinated, could there be other variants that now escape the immune system. >> the optimism about what the vaccines could deliver for us has, i think, eclipsed the amount of vaccinations that we've gotten in arms. >> there have been 45 mass shootings in the u.s. in just the last month. >> we never expected that, you know, they would go to work, and we would never see them again. >> we're still looking for them hoping that maybe they'll just


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