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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 16, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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there's major breaking news. we're getting new details in now. at least eight people were killed at a fedex warehouse near the airport in indianapolis. four others were taken by ambulance to the hospital, including one, we are told, in critical condition. this is the deadliest mass shooting in america in three weeks. the first mass shooting in america in eight days. one witness tells cnn affiliate wrtv what he witnessed when the shots rang out. >> we heard two metal -- loud metal clangs at first because they didn't sound like gunshots at first. then we heard three more shots, and then my buddy levi saw someone running out of the building and then more shots went off. somebody went behind their car to the trunk and got another gun, and then i saw one body on the floor. >> police say they quickly encountered the shooting when they arrived on the scene. the suspect then turned his gun
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on himself. >> we're going to bring you live reports from the scene throughout the morning. joining us now, the deputy chief of investigations at the indianapolis metropolitan police department, craig mccart. thank you so much for being with us. this happened overnight. we have scant details at this moment. can you just tell us, pete, walk us through what happened. >> so our officers received a run late last night, referenced shots fired at the fedex facility, and they arrived, obviously, to a very chaotic scene with victims and witnesses running everywhere. when they entered the facility, as you said earlier, they encountered the suspect who immediately took his own life. and then as they made their way through the facility and the parking lot outside as well, they were able to locate eight deceased victims and then they
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also had some other folks who were hurt and taken to the hospital. there were four others who suffered non-fatal gunshot wounds and then there was another who was transported to the hospital with an injury believed to be caused from shrapnel. >> eight deceased victims both inside and outside the facility? >> yes, that's correct. >> do you know if the shooter was a fedex employee? >> you know what, we don't yet, because we're still -- this is really just in its infancy, so we are still out there processing the scene right now, so we are still working to identify both victims and the suspect. so until that's done, we can't really confirm whether or not the suspect was an employee. >> do you have any information about the weapon or weapons that were used? >> again, we're still processing things, but we do believe that the suspect had a rifle of some
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sort. >> just one? >> we know that he had one. there have been reports, maybe, of two, but again, that's not confirmed at this point in time. >> do you ehave a sense of how many shots were fired? >> i don't at all at this point. >> do you know the duration -- or what information do you have about the duration of the event itself from when the shooting began to when the shooter took his own life? >> preliminarily the information that we have is that it was very short, that the suspect came into the parking lot, and i believe he exited his vehicle and quickly began shooting. it wasn't precipitated by any kind of disturbance or argument with anyone there, that he just immediately started shooting. so the first shooting occurred in the parking localt, and then went inside and did not get very far into the facility at all. so i think that it probably only
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lasted one to two minutes from what we're hearing. >> so the shooting began in the parking lot, continued inside. we do understand there are metal d detectors at this facility where they have to show their i.d.s, if i'm right about that. did the shooter get past that area? >> i don't believe so. >> we understand the families of workers, fedex workers, are gathered at a holiday inn express nearby, and it's been a long night, i know, for them because there's been little information at first. have families been informed? what's the process? >> there's been a night of frustration and uncertainty for those families, and i think that frustration was exacerbated by the fact that many of the employees did not have cell phones on them in the facility. so when this happened and when they left the facility to go to
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be transported to be interviewed or over to this hotel, which is the reunification site, they didn't have their cell phones with them to be able to contact their family. so certainly there was a lot of frustration and some uncertain times there. but we're working together with fedex to make those reunifications happen at that hotel, and we're certainly working with those families to do all we can right now to get them an update on their loved ones and family members. >> it's got to be so difficult for those families, particularly as you said, because those employees didn't have cell phones on them at the time. you said four with a pair of gunshot wounds, one with a shrapnel wound. anything on their conditions? >> the last i heard, those were all expected to survive. >> that, in and of itself, i
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suppose, is good news, welcome good news at this point. listen, officer, this is the first mass shooting in america in eight days, right? a month ago there were ten people killed. as a law enforcement officer, what are your concerns about the apparent frequency, increasing frequency, of these mass shooter events? >> well, it's very alarming, it's very disappointing. just to hear you give those statistics and how frequently those are happening now, you know, like you said, it's very alarming, and we wish that we -- you know, we knew more about why people were doing this and what the motivation is and certainly what the motivation is now that they seem to be happening so frequently. you know, we certainly know that there seems to be a lack of conflict resolution skills and people are way too quick to pick up a gun and try to solve their problems about a gun today. you know, everyone should be
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concerned about the frequency that these are happening. >> i just want to confirm, the shooter took his own life. once police arrived on the s scene? >> bwe're sorting that piece ou as well, but that's my understanding, that the first arriving officers, that he took his life when they arrived. >> did police fire any shots? >> no. >> what's the status of the investigation into the shooter? have you begun speaking with possible people connected with this individual? >> no, because that's something that we're working on, but it's way too early, exaand as we're working to still positively identify him, that's the first step. we have to get through processing the crime scene and actually positively identifying him before we can start any of that background and answer many of these questions that all of us have. >> yes, and i know these are
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early stages. i can't thank you enough for giving us the information you have because there's little information from the scene because you're processing it now. this is obviously an active crime scene. you said the shooter gparked an got out of a vehicle. what information do you ever fro -- do you have from the vehicle itself? >> in the vehicle? >> anything you have found in the vehicle. >> the vehicle isn't processed yet, either, so i don't have that information yet the. >> deputy, mccartt, i know this will will be a long day for you. please keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do. >> thank you very much. >> the important information you
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did get from him, john, is they're going through this all right now. let's bring in former police chief from aurora, colorado, daniel oates. you'll remember that tragic shooting at the movie theater. he was leading that in 2012. chief, if you could respond, actually, to the last question john asked, one that is so important. having led through a mass shooting in america nearly a decade ago and to see the frequency and repetition of them now, it feels like things are out of control in america right now. what do you think as you wake up to this news this morning? >> well, i'm just -- i just feel terrible for that community. you know, it's interesting, we all want answers, and of course it's so early in the event, and the deputy chief is explaining, as a department, they're still struggling with a crime scene, with reunification, with handling victims. i am sure the scene at that hotel is a bit of chaos with
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families who can't connect with their loved ones. there's injured people at hospitals and there's a major effort underway, i'm sure, by the department just to gather witnesses and get stories from whoever was anywhere near the scene. it's very early on and for me and for anyone who has been through this, it's stomach churning to see another community go through this. in terms of the frequency, i think it says something about where we are in america in terms of availability of guns and a combination of issues with regard to mental health exaand of those things, and as a society we're just wrestling with that right now. >> imagine the families at the holiday inn express given the policy at the warehouse is not to have cell phones on the floor because they want people working and concentrating. so no way for people to get in touch with their loved ones. the feeling of uncertainty, the
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despair. it must just be overwhelming at this point. >> it is gut-wrenching. what will happen eventually sometime this morning is the police will realize that there are eight families who cannot find their loved ones, and there are representatives of those eight families in that hotel waiting for answers. and there will be an anguished meeting where leadership in the police department will meet with those folks and tell them their loved ones will almost certainly be deceased at the crime scene, and then sometime after that, there will be positive identification. it's a horrific, horrific moment when all of that happens. >> one thing that strikes me so much is how quickly people were killed. now, to be fair, from john's interview, it sounds like what happened inside, and john, correct me if i'm wrong, but he said it was about one to two minutes inside. >> i think the total duration.
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he got to the parking lot, started shooting getting out of his car. that was new, the fact he was shooting before he got into the facility, and the deputy didn't think he necessarily got beyond the metal detectors. >> to this point even more. if eight people were killed, four more injured, an additional one, it sounds like, with shrapnel wounds in the hospital in a matter of one to two minutes with a gun that all we know from the police chief there is they believe it was a rifle of some sort. those were his exact words. what does that tell you? >> there's a couple things going on here. if it was a rifle, it's incredibly more powerful and destructive. with regard to the metal detectors set up, whatever that was, a gunman who surprises whoever is handling the metal detectors can overcome whatever the human security is around the metal detectors. then as is typical in most of these kinds of shootings, the destruction occurs in seconds and minutes. and, of course, it takes time
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for police to respond, so it's not uncommon that the event is over even before the police respond. and as you heard, the officers didn't fire any shots and the suspect apparently took his life. all of those, unfortunately, are common kinds of themes in these events. they happen very, very, very quickly, and the ability of the police to intervene and prevent the destruction is limited by their -- by the reasonable issues around response time. >> chief, thank you for helping us understand what is happening. so much information still coming to light, so much still unknown at this hour. we appreciate you being with us. >> okay. thank you. we're going to bring you updates about the indianapolis mass shooting throughout the morning. also coming up, we're getting new details about another developing story. body camera footage shows the police shooting of 13-year-old adam toledo. we're going to break down what it shows and what police are now
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if you're just waking up, we're following breaking news, a mass shooting at a fedex facility near the indianapolis airport. at least eight people are dead, several others injured. we're told four -- we were just told moments ago by the deputy chief of the indianapolis police department -- four injured with apparent gunshot wounds, one other with a shrapnel wound. they all look like they're recovering, one, though, in critical condition. the shooter, we're told, took his own life at the scene. we're going to have a live report coming up. >> also, chicago police releasing body camera footage of an officer fatally shooting a 13-year-old, adam toledo. police said that body camera shows there is less than a second to the time toledo is seen holding a handgun to when
3:19 am
he is shot by this officer. ryan joins us from chicago with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. this is a very tough video to watch. we've watched it over and over, and the they are grappling with how the city will react with an officer being involved in another mass shooting. there were less than 100 protesters who showed up, but more protests are planned. the tragic final moment of a 13-year-old boy's young life unfolded in just 14 seconds. police released this body camera footage and we warn you that it's disturbing. officer stillman responded to a call before one of two suspects down and out. >> show me your hands! drop it!
3:20 am
>> get an ambulance up here now. >> reporter: the officer fired a single shot into the chest of adam toledo. he died at the scene. >> no parent shuould have a vido broadcast widely of their child's last moments. much less be placed in a terrible situation of losing their child in the first place. >> reporter: chicago police say toledo had a gun in his hand before the shooting and they recovered one just behind the fence, highlighted by this video and released by the department. the footage appears to show toledo held his hands up and was not holding anything at the time he was shot. a crucial detail their family attorney says is important in the investigation. >> if he had a gun, he tossed it. the officer said show me your hands, he complied, he turned
3:21 am
around. >> the family released the videos after viewing them earlier this week. now the officer who shot toledo is on administrative leave. his chief told cnn he had no choice, as toledo left him with no choice but to use deadly force. but to toledo's family, there are questions about his death that need to be answered. >> all i know is an officer is trained to not shoot an unarmed individual, not to shoot an unarmed child. >> reporter: john, as you know, we've been covering shootings in chicago for quite some time. there is obviously an issue with guns on the street. it was shot spotter technology that alerted police to the idea that eight shots had been fired. that was what the officer was responding to. so many questions. a 21-year-old was also taken into custody because that's who the 13-year-old was with when the shots were fired.
3:22 am
so many questions about this investigation. again, you have a city on edge. as we speak right now, they have salt trucks positioned around the city for protest fzs if the get out of hand. cedric alexander, the former president of black executives and public safety editor in the town of georgia. i have two boys practically the same age. we're talking about death of a 13-year-old boy here, and that in itself is horrifying. cedric, the details of what happened, though, as you're looking at this video, what are the major questions here? is it the timing of when he may have dropped the gun? what are you looking at? >> yeah, i think it's going to be the timing, and more importantly, though, i think what most people will see when
3:23 am
they watch this video and they watch the still shot is that the moment the young kid turns, his hands appear to be empty. and that is what's going to be of question here. but i think what it's going to take, in all fairness, to get a better understanding of what took place in this shooting that happened very quickly is that when the forensics examination using the best of technology that can really slow those camera and video movements down, i think then the investigators will have a better opportunity to really be able to pinpoint what happened, how it happened and the circumstances under which it happened. but the bigger issue here, we ever another young child who has been killed. and certainly in this climate we're in, that's what's really tough for a lot of americans. >> also, for anyone just waking up to the news this morning, again, a 13-year-old who hit his
3:24 am
mother had put him to bed, believed he was in bed as this happened. it's the worst nightmare for every parent. that said, vacari, watching the video over and over, you hear the officer yell four times on that video, "stop." you hear the attorney of the family saying he didn't have a gun in his hand at the moment he was shot, but she cannot say whether he had a gun in his hand prior. she said that is irrelevant. is it? >> i think that because we ever a 13-year-old lost, the answer to is it relevant or not, it is irrelevant, i agree. to the criminal aspect of this, they're going to want to know the tick-tock and the timing. at the end of the day, i think we have to step back and look at it this way. there were two people in that alley. one was trained to handle these
3:25 am
situations, the other is dead and 13 years old. if an officer tells you to comply and you don't have an opportunity to comply, and your hand is empty when you try to comply, that in itself is a problem. so, yes, i hear your point or your question, poppy, i just have to push back slightly because he complied, his hands were empty, and ehe was still gunned down and he's the one in the alley without the training. but i also just want to take a step back, as my good friend cedric was mentioning, and let's look at this from a 50,000-foot view. you had a 16, 17-year-old white boy, cal rittenhouse, who had a long-arm assault rifle walk through a crowd, kill two people, walking past law enforcement and he is now partying at bars out on bond. his mother actually hosted gop
3:26 am
dinners. while we want to point out elements of flaws on this young 13-year-old boy who i have a problem with on its face, let's talk about this boy who is still living and breathing under the same consequences, the consequences that should have been afforded adam. >> could we interrupt coverage of a trial over the death of a black man by police because of another death in the same city to only be interrupted by the death of a 13-year-old boy on the street, and now this morning another shooting in indianapolis one state over. this is america this morning. cedric, if i can go to the first thing i brought up there which is the derek chauvin trial. the defense rested. we're days away from closing arguments there. you've been watchingclosely.
3:27 am
what do you think will happen and do you think the defense made any inroads? >> as a layperson, when i look at this, i think the prosecution is probably going to close, reemphasizing all of the witnesses that they have brought forth over the last several weeks and who made, quite frankly, a very convincing and compelling argument for the prosecution. i think this is going to be a tough case for the defense, but, of course, we can't predict what a jury is going to do. but to your question, i believe that the -- certainly i believe that the prosecution is just going to reiterate and remind folks, and don't be surprised if we see that video played again at the end in the closing of these arguments.
3:28 am
>> bacari, to your great legal mind on this as cedric pointed to, the fact that derek chauvin's knee was on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, and the defense's job it was poke holes in that and show the jury it was not substantial. did they do that? >> i had to take the bar more than one time. i don't know how brilliant this legal mind is, but i will say one thing that i know for a fact is that jurors are wild cards. i believe, and i think many people watching the video believe it was a substantial causal factor. the question is did the defense make it messy enough to raise to the level of reasonable doubt? i find that the defense's strategy wasn't too overly
3:29 am
complicated. their goal was to make this as messy as possible. some stuff was asinine, some stuff made a little bit of sense, but at the end of the day, they wanted to give the jury so much to think about they wanted to find some reasonable doubt. i don't think they were successful in that, because as cedric said, at the end of the day, you had this video and the video speaks volumes. >> we just heard from the first honest lawyer. bakari, cedric, thank you. we do have new details about the mass shooting overnight at that fedex facility in indianapolis. at least eight people have been killed. we'll take you live to the scene, next.
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so. i chose to be proportionate. the united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of escalation and conflict with russia. we want a stable, predictable relationship. >> that is president biden calling for the u.s. and russia to try to de-escalate tension after announcing new sanctions on russia and expelling ten russian diplomats in the u.s. there is interference in two presidential elections. our alex marquardt joins us with more. alex, there is a lot of analysis from a lot of smart folks who say this is in many ways a punt, not addressing critical things in ways that would hurt putin the most. >> that's because these sanctions cover a number of different areas. they're wide-ranging but they are aggressive. you heard the president say he could have been harsher, and to your point, that's true. he made clear he didn't want
3:35 am
things to escalate with russia. this from russia covering a number of different areas, first on the unprecedented hack that was exposed late last year which is come to be known as solarwinds. russia's intelligence service, svr, was behind that hack. they were able to get inside nine u.s. federal agencies as well as around 100 companies. the other major response from the biden administration was for russia's interference in the 2020 election when they conducted a massive influence operation primarily against joe biden to help former president donald trump, so what the biden administration did was to sanction 32 people and entities for the 2020 election, not just in russia but globally, africa and pakistan as well. the u.s. also sanctioned six technology companies that are connected to russian intelligence. ten diplomats, including some known spies, are being expelled from the russian embassy here in washington, d.c., and then separately, for russia's
3:36 am
annexation of crimea, eight people were sanctioned. interestingly, there was no punishment for those bounties that were reportedly put on the heads of troops in afghanistan. that was a big thing for trump during the campaign. the white house said the intelligence community only had low to moderate confidence in that assessment, poppy. >> that's right. before you go, alex, the biden administration also did importantly reveal new information about connections between a russian agent and the trump campaign. what can you tell us? >> yeah, this might have been the most interesting piece out of what came out yesterday. it showed that for the first time, a new connection between the trump campaign and russian intelligence services. konstantin kilimnik, you may remember that name. he received polling data and campaign information, and he
3:37 am
then handed it off to two russian services. he then said it was ukraine, not russia, interfering in the 2016 election, something we heard from donald trump himself. kilimnik also interfered in the 2020 election, but they don't say how. poppy, i just have to add in the last few minutes we have heard from the kremlin. they have said that it is positive that biden wants to work toward what biden has called a more stable and predictable relationship, but the spokesman for putin also called these sanctions unacceptable. poppy? >> thank you, alex marquardt in washington with all of that reporting. of course we are staying on top of the breaking news. a deadly shooting in indianapolis overnight has left eight people dead this morning, another hospitalized. what we're learning this hour, next. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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the breaking news this morning, a mass shooting at an indianapolis fedex facility. at least four people were killed, one taken to the hospital in critical condition.
3:42 am
i spoke with the chief of investigations at the indianapolis police department who told me the suspect was armed with at least one rifle and took his own life after being confronted by police. >> the suspect came into the parking locat, and i believe he exited his vehicle and quickly began shooting. it wasn't precipitated by any kind of a disturbance or an argument with anyone there, that he just immediately started shooting. so the first shooting occurred in the parking lot, and then he went inside and did not get very far into the facility at all. so i think that it probably only lasted one to two minutes. >> our jason carroll just arrived at the scene in indianapolis. jason, give us the very latest. indianapolis, i'm sorry. >> i can tell you that at this point, a number of fedex employees are at another location at a holiday inn
3:43 am
express. they're still trying to get reunited with one of their family members, but let's set the scene with what happened here. you can see the parking lot behind me. that is the one you heard the official talking about the suspect entered the parking lot behind me and immediately started shooting. apparently did not get far inside the facility and also continued to keep shooting as well. the calls started to come in to the indianapolis metro police department at about 11:00. they quickly arrived here at the scene and described it as an active shooting situation. they said it wasn't long after they arrived here on the scene, john, that the suspect ended up taking his own life. one eyewitness who was here, a fedex employee, described what happened. he said he heard the gunshots, he was out on a break, but he wasn't sure they were gunshots at first. once he realized they were gunshots, he said he had to act very quickly. >> and he was firing in the open.
3:44 am
and i immediately ducked down and got scared, and my friend's mother, she came in and told us to get inside the car. >> police say at this point they have eight people dead, four people transported to hospitals, one of those people in critical condition. but what is also clear, john, is that there were a number of walking wounded. people who were injured out at the parking lot may have been shot and took themselves to area hospitals. this is a facility in an area that borders bafsically two jurisdictions, so some people went to one hospital in another county, and some went to a hospital in another county, so at this point police still trying to get an exact number injured. a little bit more about those fedex employees. they're trying to get unified
3:45 am
with their family members. they're at the hotel. i talked to a clerk in the hotel and he said there was a representative trying to talk to them, trying to get information, trying to get the investigation moving on. fedex said, we're sorry and shocked at the loss of our team leaders at the fedex facility in indianapolis. our most heartfelt sympathies are with all those affected by the senseless act of violence. the safety of our team members is our top priority, and we are fully cooperating with investigating authorities. so everyone is dealing with another tragic shooting. john? >> it's difficult also because the employees aren't allowed to have cell phones or use cell phones on the fedex floor, so a lot of communication that normally would have happened
3:46 am
between employees and families just couldn't. jason carroll rushing to the scene in indianapolis. we'll let you do some reporting now. please keep us updated as soon as you learn more. up next, details on when you may need a coronavirus booster shot. se daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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an update in the latest on the covid pandemic. nearly 74,000 new covid cases reported just yesterday alone. dr. anthony fauci telling a congressional subcommittee that number needs to get below 10,000 before really covid restrictions can safely be lifted. that led to quite a heated exchange with ohio republican congressman jim jordan. watch this. >> what measure, what standard, what objective, outcome do we have to reach before americans get their liberty and freedoms back? >> you know, you're indicating liberty and freedom. i look at it as a public health measure to prevent people from dying. you're making this a personal thing and it isn't. >> it's not a personal thing.
3:51 am
>> you are. that's exactly what you're doing. we're not talking about liberties, we're talking about a pandemic that has killed 560,000 americans. >> and i get that -- >> that's what we're talking about. >> william haseltine is with us. he's the president of harvard medical school. i watched the whole thing. it went on for six and a half minutes. i don't know if you've seen it, but that was emblematic of what happened there. what's your read? >> it's important that public officials get behind this pandemic. 75,000 people were infected yesterday in the united states, and about a thousand of those will die. we've heard tragic news of shootings throughout the country in your earlier program. but what about those thousand families that today will lose a
3:52 am
family member? it's as if 75,000 people go to a soccer stadium or a football stadium and there's a thousand hearses waiting for them when they return every day. how are we reacting? we're not on the same team, and that's a big mistake. our public officials, all of them, elected or not, have to get on the same team. >> jim jordan has to ask himself what did he do yesterday to save lives? what did he do to save lives? i want to ask you about some important information we received yesterday from the ce ceo of pfizer who said he believes now people will need to receive a third booster shot, a pfizer shot, what, within the year? >> 6 to 12 months. >> 6 to 12 months after getting two doses. explain that. >> i think people think covid today is a more serious version of the flu. we accept every year we have to take new booster shots because
3:53 am
our immunity wanes and the virus is tricky and mutates around it. that's exactly what's happening with government. we're seeing the vaccines wane a little bit. but they will fade, and you need either a booster shot with the same vaccine or a booster shot against the variants. think of that as more serious, about ten times more deadly infection than the flu, but it's behaving pretty much the same way. >> i'm like the one in my household, kids, get the flu shot. husband, have you gotten one yet? it's just an annual sort of fall ritual for us. does this become that forever? >> i think it is quickly becoming that, you're exactly right, and hopefully it will be a combination of flu plus this new shot.
3:54 am
it's another burden for mothers, it's another burden for families and it's something to worry about. in terms of the children, we are now moving down the chain, so babies and older are beginning to be tested for it. we're already very much -- very much closer to a time when 60-year-old plus can be vaccinated, so we're moving very much toward that situation that you describe. >> professor, as always thank you for being with us. we do appreciate your time on a very busy morning. >> you're welcome. thank you very much. the breaking news, eight people killed in a fedex facility in indianapolis. we got some new details about this in the last hour, and we will go live there next. ve reacd your destination.
3:55 am
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3:59 am
harlow and we are tracking breaking news. a mass shooting at a fedex warehouse in indianapolis. details are still coming in. we know that eight people are dead, four others suffered what we are told are non-fatal gunshot wounds, one other person in the hospital with shrapnel. police say the gunman took his own life. the deputy chief told us moments ago the killer began shooting outside, then moved inside. it lasted only a few minutes. so there was a mass shooting last week. less than a month ago ten people were killed in colorado, eight weeks since people were killed in georgia. it's come to a point where we can say there is a mass shooting situation in america. >> that's exactly right. we have no idea what led to the shooting. there are no details about who the victims are. families are desperate for answers. we also don't have a name of a suspect at this hour. family members have been
4:00 am
reuniting with loved ones. the president will be briefed on all of this today. let's go to the scene with jason carroll. jason, you've been on the ground, literally racing there overnight as this has happened. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with indianapolis metro pd just trying to get more information about the suspect, trying to push them in terms of any description, whether or not the suspect was a former employee, any sort of information, poppy, and they say it's just too early at this point for them to give us any more information about that. they did go into some more details describing what happened when the suspect got to this facility. he apparently started shooting the minute he got to this parking lot. started shooting in the parking lot. got inside, apparently didn't get very far inside and kept shooting as well. the calls actually came in to indianapolis metropolitan police department at about 11:00. once officers got here to the scene, they said that they were met with what they calle


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