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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 14, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ will the now former officer who shot and killed daunte wright face criminal charges? we expect to find out today. america's longest war will finally end. u.s. troops will leave afghanistan in the coming months. what it all means for the future of both countries. and an emergency cdc meeting today about the johnson & johnson vaccine. did health officials recommend pulling it too quickly after a handful of bad reactions? welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the
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world, we have reports from minneapolis, afghanistan, capitol hill and johannesburg. this is "early start," i'm christine romans. i should say we don't know if those reactions were because of that vaccine. very important to note that it is not clear. doctors have been telling us could be unrelated. so not really clear it's a reaction to the vaccine. good morning. >> yes, really, really important to be clear on that. good morning to you, christine, i'm laura jarrett. it's wednesday, april 14th, it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. and we begin in morning in minnesota where we expect to find out today if charges are coming against the former brooklyn center police officer who shot and killed 20-year-old daunte wright. protests continued for a third night, hundreds of demonstrators remained mostly peaceful, but there were some skirmishes at the end of the night. >> before that the brooklyn center protesters knelt for nine minutes and 29 seconds to honor george floyd. his killer, former officer derek
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chauvin is on trial ten miles away in minneapolis. now the city of brooklyn center is coping with big changes here. cnn's josh campbell is live in minneapolis. good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you say we are expecting a decision possibly as early as today about whether that officer who fired that fatal shot will be charged. it's worth pointing out that so much of this case has been moving so rapidly, not only the idea that we could possibly have a charging decision today but also as we mentioned the release of that body camera footage which you don't often see release sod quickly, again, we're waiting for that decision whether that officer will face charges. this comes after yesterday a press conference that at times raised more questions than it answered but we did glean some information and that is the police chief there in brooklyn center has resigned as well as the officer that fired that fatal shot although it's unclear right now whether the mayor has actually accepted that officer's resignation. still some questions there and
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of course the community here continues to demand answers. regardless of whether the officer is still on the force they want that officer to face charges. we're waiting for a decision from prosecutors. yesterday there was an emotional meeting between the families of george floyd and daunte wright, the 20-year-old shot there in brooklyn center. an emotional meeting, those families coming together, surrounded by protesters, demonstrators, those calling for racial justice, demanding an end to police brutality. laura and christine, those two families bonded by circumstances that no family ever wants to face, losing a loved one to what appears to be excessive use of force by police. >> josh campbell, keep you posted. in the derek chauvin trial a use of force expert testifying for the defense team tuesday said the former minneapolis police officer was, quote, justified in his actions when he bore down on george floyd's neck last may. remember, the jury has already heard from the current minneapolis police chief who testified that chauvin's actions
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absolutely violated department policies, but the defense called former police officer barry brat who defended the type of restraint chauvin used on floyd known as prone control. >> where a person's face and body are against a surface. he said even with floyd handcuffed on the ground that wasn't use of force, a claim the prosecution then ran with. >> what part of this is not compliant? >> so i see his arm position in the picture that's posted. >> right. >> that, you know, a compliant person would have both their hands in the small of their back and just be resting comfortably versus like he's still moving around. >> did you say "resting comfortably"? >> or laying comfortably. >> resting comfortably on the pavement? >> yes. >> at this point in time when he's attempting to breathe by shoving his shoulder into the pavement? >> i was describing what the signs of a perfectly compliant person would be. >> so attempting to breathe while restrained is being
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slightly noncompliant? >> no. >> testimony resumes in a few hours. closing arguments are expected as soon as next week. cdc advisers meet today to discuss johnson & johnson's coronavirus vaccine. the agency recommended suspending the sing hl-dose shot after it found six cases of people who developed rare blood clots after receiving the vaccine. important to note here as christine did at the top, not necessarily the case that those blood clots were caused by the vaccine, but this move immediately raised questions about whether the fda overreacted since we are talking about literally six cases out of nearly 7 million doses given in the u.s. so far and it all left states scrambling to pause planned vaccinations forcing some sites to actually shut down. >> super important to note that so far the johnson & johnson vaccine is not a big part of the federal rollout because of various production delays. the white house says the pause will not have a significant impact on its vaccination plans because it has he can urd enough
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moderna and pfizer doses for 300 million americans. covid variants are spreading and health officials are trying to combat lingering vaccine hesitancy. >> this morning johnson & johnson is pausing vaccinations in all of its covid clinical trials and delaying its vaccine rollout in europe. we get more from our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. >> reporter: later today vaccine advisers to the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention will meet to discuss what to do with the johnson & johnson vaccine. yesterday the fda and the cdc announced that they were putting a pause on the j&j rollout following reports of blood clots after people got vaccinated. in the united states nearly 7 million people have already received the johnson & johnson vaccine. the fda and the cdc pointed to six cases, six people who experienced rare and severe brain blood clots, one of those people passed away. they were all women ages 18 to 48 and they all experienced
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symptoms about 6 to 13 days after receiving the johnson & johnson vaccine. as you can see these blood clots were extremely rare, six cases out of nearly 7 million people vaccinated. still, people who have received the johnson & johnson vaccine in the past week should be aware of these signs. the fda and the cdc say to contact your health care provider if you develop any of these symptoms within three weeks of getting the j&j vaccine, severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain and shortness of breath. the vaccine advisers will take a look at the data and advise on next steps. they could recommend continuing the pause or they could recommend some kind of a warning or they could also recommend that people under a certain age shouldn't get the vaccine. laura, christine? >> thank you, elizabeth, for explaining that so well. there is good vaccine news this morning. the fda says a decision to green light the pfizer vaccine for children age 12 to 15 could happen within a few weeks.
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that would hopefully make it easier to get those students back in actual classrooms on the fall. moderna says it's vaccine remains more than 90% effective against covid for at least six months and 95% effective in preventing severe disease. pfizer recently announced similar results. president biden will withdraw all troops from afghanistan the deadline now set for the 20th anniversary of the 9/11. we are live in kabul next. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at are you managing your diabetes...
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that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. so you want to make the best burger ever? professional show you how... then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. after 20 years america's longest war will finally come to an end. today in the same white house treaty room where former president george w. bush declared the beginning of operation enduring freedom, president biden will announce the withdrawal of military forces from afghanistan this september. the 20th anniversary of the 9/11. the decision enormously fraught and complicated as u.s. senate
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armed services committee jack reed put it there are no good options in afghanistan. >> so what does this withdrawal mean for national security, for the future of afghanistan and what about the human sacrifice for our service members and their families? cnn's nick paton walsh was based in afghanistan for part of the war, is back in kabul today. almost 20 years later after 9/11, the blood and treasure spent in this part of the world and no good options is where we are 20 years on, nick. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and i think it is really down to joe biden's instinct that he has always had that this war didn't have a good final outcome that we're in this situation with a deep symbolism of declaring that american troops will be out before the 20-year anniversary it can be said that they've been involved in here. what lies ahead in the next few months is extremely key not just for the legacy for americans who have left lives, limbs even,
2:14 am
parts of their life here in this country and the many afghans who have died, too, in this awful ongoing war, but how the society here forms itself ahead. we may see peace talks which the biden administration are making part of their strategy here take some shape in the months ahead, although the istanbul summit he has called for saturday a week is something the taliban have said twice in the last 48 hours they are not going to attend yet. that may change, that may take shape, but they are militarily certainly in the ascendance here, a very violent few years frankly in the past in which they're taking lots of rural afghanistan often held back only by u.s. air power. the afghan government, they are the odds frankly with how the u.s. sees this process moving forward in terms of peace. the u.s. and the taliban are discussing a transitional government where they hope everyone will get together and work out the way forward and then hold elections. the afghan government won those elections first. that has to be overcome before
2:15 am
this peace process can move forward so there is a risk here frankly that now the third president in a row who has kind of said they're leaving, donald trump the most emphatic so far is going to find himself stuck with that promise and a taliban less likely to want to negotiate something that's favorable to the united states. >> you know, nick, after 20 long years here it's hard to say if the u.s. and its allies won or lost here but it certainly did not deliver what was promised. post-withdrawal what gains are safe and what's in jeopardy? in particular i'm thinking of a generation of girls who have been told that they will be able to live more freely in this post-9/11 world. what happens next? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, women's rights here were a key plank of the u.s. strategy, some possibly thought if you look at how much rule afghanistan functions this wasn't a great deal of realism in hoping to change this country that quickly over a number of decades, but some of the things you see
2:16 am
around here here in kabul, a city that was hundreds of thousands strong but now millions strong at the end of the us presence as it comes to an end here because of the billions spent much of this country has been transformed but it's been transformed also in terms of hyper charging corruption as well and also the many lives lost here to daily afghans are killed, afghan security forces, we often don't know the numbers frankly transparently as much as we used to as well. then of course there are american soldiers seeing this moment and wondering what it was for. what their lost friends were for. there must be some comfort in that al kied da wasn't the force it was when americans came in, less comfort in the u.s. declaration, the fourth saying they're growing in strength and cooperating with taliban as well. they are not gone they could still be a threat. there is the enduring feeling when all wars come to an end and a force comes into a country in
2:17 am
which it is not eventually normally has to leave. occupations don't often end with a great positive outcome. eventually this moment comes and so there is that moment of trying to assess quite what the benefits have been and i think many afghans will see a huge amount of money has come in but essentially there are two forces that have always been warring in the past decades in afghanistan, those in the north, those in the south and the desire for the west to impose its will and root out the terrorism that found a safe haven here, that will probably continue as a dynamic even after u.s. forces leave. you have to remember just because america leaves the war doesn't mean the war ends. back to you. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. the sports world remembering daunte wright at last night's basketball game. your "bleacher report" is next. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
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minnesota sports teams returned to action on the court and on the field to honor daunte wright. andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." hey, andy. >> good morning, laura. the twins and timberwolves both returning to action a day after postponing their games due to the shooting death of daunte wright. the timberwolves against the nets, before the team both teams wearing custom t-shirts with the message with liberty and justice for all during pregame warm ups. after the game players and coaches shared their ainge and frustration. >> we have a platform right here to bring awareness to it. there's nothing we can do from this conversation right now, i think the biggest thing is like
2:23 am
i say bringing awareness and action going out. >> i can't imagine what it's like to be african-american, to be an african-american parent, you know, it's -- it's unacceptable, you know, and it's devastating to put yourself in their shoes and it's devastating just to be a part of t we're all a part of this community, civilization, culture and, you know, it's the same thing over and over again. >> twins meanwhile holding a moment of silence in honor of wright before their game against the red sox. on monday the indians lost to the white sox and indians first brace man yu chang revealed he received several messages on social media after his throwing error caused them the game. in his post he wrote he accept
2:24 am
all comments positive or negative but definitely not racism ones. he also posted t the #stopasianhate. a source tells cnn major league baseball cybersecurity team has been in touch since being aware of the post. most of the team received the johnson & johnson vaccine in st. louis on monday, the cdc called for a pause this distribution yesterday after six women reported blood clots. the nationals have already dealt with the covid outbreak on the team this season, they had to post own their first four games. finally the nfl says it expects all employees who work directly with players to get vaccinated unless they have a bona fide medical or religious reason not to. that's according to a league-wide memo obtained by cnn. the memo also outlined relaxed protocols for vaccinated individuals.
2:25 am
an nfl spokesman tells cnn players will not be required to get vaccinated but are strongly encouraged to do so. christine, today actually marks 100 days until the summer olympics. so getting closer and closer after having to wait an extra year. >> start your clock. all right. thanks so much, andy. 25 minutes past the hour. could new york democrats be the biggest hurdle to an infrastructure deal? that old salt in the wound, we will explain next. real progress? when you're affected by schizophrenia, you see it differently. it's in the small, everyday moments. and in the places, you'd never expect. a little sign of hope. the feeling of freedom. and once these little moments start adding up, that's when it feels like so much more.
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president biden's infrastructure deal if they don't get it. on tuesday a majority of new york house democrats led by congressman tom swazy and jerry nadler sent a letter to leadership saying they would oppose biden's infrastructure plan unless it included a repeal of state and local tax limitations. the 2017 tax bill capped those salt deductions at $10,000, that was a big tax hit for families living in new york, new jersey and high tax blue states. lawmakers say repealing the limitations would be critical as new york recovers from the economic toll of the pandemic. they said the cap on the salt deduction has been a body below to new york and middle class families across the country. no salt, no deal. democrats want to move quickly to get infrastructure done but the letter shows there's growing support to repeal salt limitations as a way of moving forward with negotiations. on the other side of the aisle the republicans have not been open to raising taxes on corporations and undoing some of
2:31 am
those trump tax goodies from 2017. "early start" continues right now. ♪ good morning, this is "early start." on a wednesday morning, i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. about 30 minutes past the hour here in new york. will the now former officer who shot and killed 20-year-old daunte wright face charges in his death? we expect to find that out today. meanwhile, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators took to the street for a third night. now the city of brooklyn center left like so many other american cities trying to figure out a path forward. let's go straight to cnn's josh damp bell live for us in minneapolis. josh, a lot of anger at the now former police chief calling this incident an accident so quickly. he didn't want to talk about details, but he was happy to call it an accident. as you know a killing doesn't have to be premeditated, intentional to still be a killing. that's the whole point of a manslaughter charge, it's one of the charges that derek chauvin
2:32 am
is facing. what do you expect to see today? >> reporter: as you mentioned, the idea that this is an accident is certainly not comforting this community. another here in the twin cities, another person of color killed in an encounter are law enforcement which has this community on edge at this moment, demanding answers. what we're expecting to hear as early as today is a possible decision on whether this officer who fired that fatal shot into 20-year-old daunte wright whether that officer will be charged. authorities are moving somewhat quickly here and trying to render a decision. of course the community here wanting answers. last night there were additional protests, clashes with police. nothing like what we saw earlier in the week, but still there were upwards of 60 arrests that were made so, again, the community here there's obviously a lot of tension between some of these demonstrators and some of the law enforcement officers. there was also a very emotional moment yesterday where we saw family members of george floyd's family as well as the wright family meeting together, of course, coming together in these circumstances that are so
2:33 am
heartbreaking both losing loved ones to what is being called excessive use of force by police. >> it's the club no one wants to be a part of but so many are. a lot of questions in this case about how an officer could possibly mistake a taser for a gun, especially a person who is not a rookie, someone who spent 26 years on that police force and of course there is a difference in weight between a taser and a gun. you worked in law enforcement. what are police departments trained to do on this? my understanding is this is something that has come up before and so it is actually part of the training. >> reporter: absolutely. and, you know, thankfully it is rare, but any accidental loss of life because of a mistake by police is obviously too much. so this is something we've seen in the past, i think it comes down to the training. i was thinking about it when i was in law enforcement training we fired thousands and thousands of rounds on the shooting range and i still think to this day just to give you an example of the muscle memory, there was
2:34 am
this issue about people shooting their nondominant hand whenever they pull out their weapon, part of your training is when you pull out your weapon your hand goes to your chest. law enforcement officers receive much more training with deadly weapons than they do tasers. there has been this call to provide more training, to try to build that muscle memory because obviously when an officer is in a situation where the stress hormones are coursing through their veins they have to make the right decision and often have to go back to that muscle memory that only comes from training. that obviously is not going to comfort the family of daunte wright, it's not going to comfort this community but what we're hearing from law enforcement experts is in order to ensure this doesn't happen again there has to be more robust training for these officers. >> i think this is part of why there is a robust debate about whether this is really about training or whether it's about something far greater than training. thanks, josh. >> absolutely. absolutely. all right. this morning president biden confronting unrest over racial injustice for the first time since taking office.
2:35 am
he met yesterday with members of the congressional black caucus. daniella diaz is live on capitol hill with more. what did they talk about? >> reporter: that's right. president joe biden is walking a very fine line right now. he is faced with the most prominent protests of his administration, his short administration of three months, following the killing of a black man at the hands of police in minnesota. he is trying not to inflame the situation, but he is acknowledging that there needs to be accountability following what happened on sunday with the killing of daunte wright. the 20-year-old black man who died at the hands of police in minnesota. in his vice president kamala harris actually went a step further to call for accountability. she said that daunte wright's family deserves an explanation for why their child died on sunday. and joe biden met with the congressional black caucus yesterday in the oval office where he said that this week has been very painful for minnesota and for the country and he is vowing for real change on how
2:36 am
police interact with black americans. here is what he had to say yesterday in the oval office. >> we're in the business all of us meeting today to deliver some real change. i signed an executive order every single aspect of our government including every agency has a primary focus dealing with equity. and not a joke. >> reporter: so as you heard there he's taking this incredibly seriously. and the congressional black caucus said after the meeting with biden that they were very encouraged by the conversations they had with him and are hoping that real change will come from these conversations. but, look, bottom line is that biden is facing a very tricky situation right now with these protests in minnesota and it's unclear what the white house is going to do to call for accountability or what steps they're going to take for accountability following this death of daunte wright in minnesota. >> changes in policing, in inequality, in institutionalized
2:37 am
racism in this country in the midst of a pandemic. a tall order for this administration. so the debate over how or even if policing should be reformed in this country once again dividing some congressional democrats. after police shot and killed daunte wright this week as we've been discussing all morning, michigan democrat congresswoman rashida tlaib tweeted this, policing cannot be reformed as it is inherently and intentionally racist. last night on cnn house majority whip jim clyburn offered a different take. >> this is not about policing, this is not about training, this is about recruiting. who are we recruiting to be police officers? that to me is where the focus has got to go. we've got to have police officers. >> clyburn went on to say talib is expressing her frustrations and what she hears from her
2:38 am
constituents. you are right if you notice this at the grocery store, everything is getting more expensive. consumer prices rose 0.6% in march, the biggest jump since august 2012. prices rose 2.6% year over year. gas prices a standout here, up 22.5% over the past 12 months. remember, oil prices were devastated last year during the pandemic as the economies around the world collapsed and didn't get back to pre-pandemic levels until just the beginning of this year. we've been expecting consumer price toss start to rise as the economy reopens, demand increases, people begin spending their money. prices for used cars and trucks rose for the first time since october. airline fares and public transportation jumped nearly 2% after three months of declines. it's not clear if this is temporary. after the reopening or the start of a new trend that could slow consumer spending. one positive sign in shopping, americans have stopped hoarding toilet paper and wipes. toilet paper sales dropped almost 33% from last year, sales
2:39 am
of wipes fell just over 15%. that decline allowed suppliers to restock inventory to keep up with demand. so that's a notable new moment where we are over the past year where you are not stocking toilet paper. >> i went in for my covid vaccine there was tons of clorox at cvs. that's how i knew things were different. it was a full circle moment from when you couldn't find any. >> what a year. now to this, iran says it will plan a huge cramp up in its uranium enrichment levels after an apparent attack on its main nuclear facility. the biden administration says the move calls into question iran's seriousness about nuclear talks. fred pleitgen joins us from berlin. this doesn't sound promising. >> reporter: it certainly doesn't sound promising and it is really a serious upping by the iranians of their uranium enrichment. they say they are going to start enriching uranium to a grade of 60% up from 20% that they've been doing so far and according
2:40 am
to the nuclear agreement that of course iran is still in they're actually only allowed to enrich to 3.67%. so certainly very much upping the ante here, the iranians. the president hassan rouhani was on iranian state tv earlier today and absolutely confirmed that all of this is a direct relation to that incident that happened at the natanz nuclear facility. the iranians have said they're going to start the process now and use more advanced centrifuges to really get that process going next week. they also say they've already informed the international atomic energy agency about this as well. the u.s. government spokeswoman jen psaki came out and said all of this calls into question the seriousness of the iranians when it comes to nuclear talks in vienna. those nuclear talks are still very much ongoing. there's supposed to be another session happening today, however, one of the members of one of the delegations had a positive covid test and that's why it's all being postponed, now set to start tomorrow. both iran and the u.s. have said
2:41 am
that they want to salvage the nuclear agreement but with the incident that happened at natanz it certainly seems as though it's becoming at least a loyal more difficult, both sides still say they still want to move forward with the talks, laura. >> fred, thank you for your reporting on this as always. we'll be right back. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building, and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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♪ and welcome back. the u.s. surgeon general is trying to ease the concerns of americans after the cdc recommended pausing the single-shot johnson & johnson vaccine. there were six reported cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot for people who got the shot. now, it's not clear if they're linked. remember, almost 7 million doses and six cases. >> the good news is that we
2:46 am
actually have adequate supply with moderna and with pfizer to be able to vaccinate the adult population by the end of july in the united states and even much of the adolescent population. i'm confident even with what's happening with johnson & johnson we will be able to vaccinate the country and do so effectively. >> over the last month coronavirus deaths are down pretty much everywhere, but cases, cases are up, and pausing the j&j shot right now that's tough when some vaccine hesitancy still exists. pausing the vaccine could also have a significant impact on college students who were targeted for the one-dose shot before leaving school at the end of the spring semester. cnn has the pandemic covered coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm lick valencia in atlanta. atlanta public schools says the district will hold its second dose covid vaccine event for all staff and contractors at mercedes-benz stadium. the district says they've secured enough of the two-dose pfizer vaccines for up to 8,000
2:47 am
staff and contractors of the district. meanwhile, the atlanta journal constitution reports that an employee vaccination event for the district scheduled for april 21st in which they had planned to use the j&j vaccine has been canceled. the event was canceled by the district after the u.s. cdc and fda recommended that the j&j vaccine be put on pause. >> reporter: i'm dan simon. the battle over so-called vaccine passports is intensifying with another republican governor coming out against them. the montana governor joins governors from the states of florida, texas and missouri who have preemptively banned them citing privacy concerns. no government entity has come up with a passport system yet and the white house says it's not trying to come up with a national version of one but you do have health care companies and technology companies trying to come up with a digital app where somebody in theory could show they're fully vaccinated to enter a business or an event. >> reporter: i'm alexandra field in new york.
2:48 am
in an effort to get more people vaccinated the state now targeting rural farmworkers, governor andrew cuomo announcing a plan to deploy mobile vaccination units to farms so that they can vaccinate workers and managers. the governor, again, urging all new yorkers to get their vaccines as soon as possible. >> for so many of those people already signed up for vaccines, johnson & johnson vaccines, they were automatically switched to others in new york. the johnson & johnson vaccine pause is being felt around the world especially in countries like south africa where it is the only coronavirus vaccine available. david mckenzie is live in johannesburg. here in the united states the administration quick to point out there are two other vaccines that are more widely distributed here than j&j. not the case in south africa. >> reporter: well, that's right. here in south africa it's not like the u.s. where they say they've got enough supply to avoid using the johnson & johnson vaccine and still meet their targets. this isn't the case here.
2:49 am
johnson & johnson vaccine has been a key vaccine for south africa. you remember the astrazeneca/oxford vaccine was abandoned because it didn't work against mild and moderate cases here because of that dominant variant here in south africa. so the j&j vaccine also a one-shot vaccine that is easy to store is a key part of the strategy here. now, it must be said that the regulators here say they believe this will be a temporary stop, a pause, they're taking the cue of the fda and hoping that it will be unpaused in the coming base of the of the 290,000 odd health care workers that we witnessed getting the vaccine as part of a large-scale trial, this he haven't had a single case at this stage of that rare blood clot that has been reported in the u.s., but really there is a worry that vaccine hesitancy could become an issue. they abandoned one vaccine, now there is a question mark over another one, even though people are trying to allay fears and in the coming weeks 30 million
2:50 am
johnson & johnson vaccines will be rolling out in south africa. they are hoping that those vaccines will be into arms very soon and that this pause doesn't drag out. christine, laura. >> and they important to point out these are six cases in 7 million shots. you can't say it's a bad reaction. we don't know that. just six cases in 7 million shots could be unrelated that's what they need to find out and the utmost caution preceding here. thank you so much. back here in the u.s. republican congressman matt gaetz could have more reason for concern this morning. cnn has confirmed a former florida official, an associate of the congressman, joel greens berg, has been cooperating with the fed providing information since last year. now, "the new york times" first reported that information includes details about encounters greenberg and the congressman had with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex. greenberg had already been indicted for sex trafficking of
2:51 am
a minor and corruption. congressman gaetz has not been charged and denies all allegations. all right. breaking overnight, six people rescued from a capsized commercial lift vessel off the coast of louisiana as a storm moved in. 12 others who were on board are still missing. the coast guard says multiple good samaritan vessels assisted in the rescue. the national weather service issued a gail warning for louisiana's coastal warners advising mariners to avoid the hazardous sea conditions. two suspects arrested in a decades old missing persons case, kristin smart a california college student ace appeared in 1996. 44-year-old paul flores the last person to see her and a long time suspect now charged with her murder. his father, 80-year-old reuben flores, is charged as an accessory. police have not found the body but there's new forensic evidence police believe is linked to kristin smart. well, an emotional farewell
2:52 am
to u.s. capitol police officers billy evans. ♪ i will lay me down ♪ >> his daughter seven-year-old abigail wiping her mom's tears as the chorus sang "bridge over troubled water." the husband and father of two lay in honor at the capitol yesterday, the second officer this year to do so. he was killed in an attack outside that same building earlier this month. president biden and congressional leaders paid tribute during the ceremony. biden reflecting on his own personal tragedies as he tried to comfort the family. >> you're going to make it. by holding each other together, most importantly, by holding logan and abigail as tightly as you can because as long as you have them you have billy. >> president biden also jumped out of his seat when the little girl dropped a model of the
2:53 am
capitol dome handing it back to her and after speaking the president knelt down and handed a presidential challenge coin to evans' young son. >> that whole event, laura, so moving and just a reminder of the sacrifices that so many of these people who keep our country safe and the fact that the capitol building could have been politicized in these recent months as somehow someplace -- i just -- it just breaks my heart. >> and this is just a reminder of the human toll, the human loss. this is a real person with children and a wife and people who loved him. >> we send our very best to logan, abigail and her mom. taking a look 53 minutes past the hour at markets around the world. asian shares closed mixed here, europe has opened higher a little bit and on wall street, you know, barely moving essentially ahead of the start of earnings season. jpmorgan, goldman sachs, wells fargo report their first quarter
2:54 am
earnings before the opening bell. stocksed closed mix after the u.s. urged that because of the johnson & johnson vaccine. that pulled the dow down 68 points but the s&p managed a record high. relief check for you here, the critical enhanced child tax credit should start flowing in summer. the irs said it's on track to send payments to millions of families in july. expect an online portal july 1st that will allow you to get the irs to send that credit to families monthly instead of a lump sum at tax time. a major show of support, lawyer ration i want to show you this, for voting rights. this is in the "new york times," "washington post." so many names here you can't even see them, the print is so small. hundreds of companies and ceos including amazon, black rock, google, warren buffett they have signed this new statement opposing any discriminatory legislation that makes it harder for people to vote. "the new york times" says the statement doesn't mention any specific state's restrictions. kenneth frazier ceo of merck told the "times" respecting
2:55 am
votes of voters should be a -- delta and coca-cola strongly opposed georgia's voting law after it was passed but decided not to add their names to this group. the statement will run in the "new york times" and the "washington post" today. but a lot of names on here. >> so interesting to watch the domino effect here. they are facing so much pressure from their employees, from customers. just incredible how fast things can change sometimes. >> thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it.
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2:59 am
the police officer who shot daunte wright stepping down. >> i'm hoping this will help bring some calm to the community, full accountability under the law. >> where the chauvin trial was
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